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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 30, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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york city. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's monday, may 30th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." at least six people are dead and several missing with widespread flooding and more severe weather on the way. outrage after a zoo killed an endangered gorilla when a little boy slipped into his habitat. this morning, the woman who shot this video says don't rush to judgment. and passengers stranded at jfk. a glitch grounds international flights and more than 1,000 travelers with a warning for passengers headed out of town today.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. memorial day will be a washout for folks in parts of texas and also along the eastern seaboard. in texas, flooding is blamed for at least six deaths. this morning, severe thunderstorm watches and flood warning cover central texas. some rivers could reach record levels in the next few days. hundreds have been forced to evacuate. overnight, the coast guard searched for a man who was swept away while helping to rescue a woman near houston. in kansas, a search underway for an 11-year-old boy who fell into a river friday evening. this morning, tropical depression bonnie is expected to move north along the south carolina coast. bonnie has sustained winds of 30 miles per hour but is expected to produce rainfall accumulations of two to three inches, and dangerous surf along the east coast. the cincinnati zoo says it
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had no choice. the only way to save a young boy who slipped into a gorilla habitat was to kill the gorilla. the enjoy home and doing fine. the family issued a statement thanking the zoo. zoo officials are heartbroken and devastated. brian webb is here in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. while zoo officials are heartbroken, animal rights advocates are outraged, believing the killing was unnecessary and the boy's parents should be held criminally responsible. officials say no charges will be filed. the incident was caught on video by a woman who said the zoo did the right thing. the little boy is barely visible under the gorilla, 15 feet below his mother. for a moment it seems like harambe is protecting him until -- [ screams ] >> oh, my god! >> reporter: kim o'connor shot the video and was near the boy and his mother before hearing a splash in the moat. >> the little boy, "i'm going to go in." "no, you're not."
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"i'm going to go in." "no, you're not." the mother turns to her other children -- >> reporter: the 4-year-old climbed through a barrier and dropped into the exhibit. two female gorillas responded to a command by zoo trainers to leave, but the 400-pound harambe did not. he ran toward the boy, dragged him through the moat twice, and then up a concrete section of the exhibit. >> when he scaled him up, his head's banging again the wall as he's climbing up. and so that's the part people didn't see. >> reporter: after ten minutes, employees shot and killed the 17-year-old endangered gorilla, fearing a tranquilizer might further agitate the ape. >> it seemed very much by our professional team, our dangerous animal response team, to be a life threatening situation. so the choice was made to put down or shoot harambe. in a statement, the family said, "we extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know this was a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla."
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doctors at a cincinnati hospital treated and released the boy just hours after the incident. >> reporter: facebook pages and petitions supporting the gorilla are getting a lot of likes and signatures. the group people for the ethical treatment of animals said the zoo should have a second barrier around the gorilla area. the zoo will be open today, but the gorilla exhibit will be closed until further notice. anne-marie? >> thank you very much. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will discuss the decision to kill the gorilla with jack hanna, director emeritus of the columbus zoo. a southern california beach was closed after a woman was apparently attacked by a shark. the woman was pulled from the water at newport beach yesterday with large bite marks on her upper body. she was bleeding heavily and taken to the hospital. she was swimming about 100 yards offshore outside the protected swimming area. a boy attacked by a shark
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off the coast of northern florida was badly injured. he was swimming off neptune beach, east of jacksonville, in two feet of water when he was attacked. the boy was bitten on the leg. police say from the size of the bite, the shark was probably about six-feet long. a computer glitch is causing a big-time holiday travel headache for some folks trying to fly out of jfk airport here in new york. the computer system at terminal seven failed late yesterday. british airways and other carriers have been checking in passengers manually, even issuing handwritten boarding passes. flights have been canceled or delayed. last night, more than 1,000 passengers were waiting to get checked in. no word on when the issue will be fixed. reuters reports that the iraqi army is trying to storm the isis stronghold of fallujah this morning. fallujah, west of baghdad, became the first iraqi city to fall to islamic militants back in january of 2014.
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on may 23rd, the iraqi army and iranian-backed fighters began an operation to retake that city. an iraqi military officer tells reuters explosions and gunfire can be heard south of the city. reports from mexico say a kidnapped soccer star is safe. 25-year-old alan pulido is hospitalized for evaluation. federal and local authorities secured his release. gunmen abducted him sunday in his hometown. the city is in a northern border state that's plagued by violent drug gangs. pulido plays in greece and for mexico's national team. houston police don't yet have a motive in a random shooting spree but aren't ruling out anything, including the possibility that the suspect was targeting police. at least two people are dead including the suspect. we have the story. >> reporter: heavily armed police officers took cover behind trees while searching for a man who opened fire sunday in
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a west houston neighborhood. >> they were shooting randomly, not only just at whoever happens to come upon the scene. >> reporter: one victim was shot dead in this mercedes at that auto detail shop. five others were injured including two officers. both are expected to be action. the suspect riddled five police cars and a police helicopter with holes. this driver dodged a bullet. >> see where the bullet entered that door? then it went through that seat. come back through that seat, grazed the back seat. >> reporter: another driver miraculously escaped with his life. >> the dude looked and seen me across the street and shot at me. >> reporter: police blocked off streets and warned residents in the neighborhood to stay inside. >> we went house to house to ensure that nobody else was shot or wounded. >> reporter: one suspect was killed during a gun battle with a s.w.a.t. officer. a second suspect was critically injured. it's unclear if he was connected
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to the rampage. police recovered a high-powered assault rifle and pistol. cbs news, new york. while hillary clinton sat the weekend out, donald trump and bernie sanders campaigned on opposite coasts at opposite ends of the political spectrum. wendy gillette has more. >> reporter: make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump focused on the military and veterans sunday while speaking at the annual rolling thunder event in washington, d.c. >> when you think of the great general patton and all of our great generals, they're spinning in their graves. when they watch we can't beat isis -- we're going to beat isis, we're going to knock the hell out of them. >> reporter: thousands of motorcyclists took part in the ride around the national mall, honoring members of the military missing in action or killed at war. protests have become increasingly common at trump speeches. on the democratic side, bernie sanders appeared sunday on "face the nation" where he discussed a proposed debate with trump.
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trump said he wanted to debate sanders, then decided against it. >> i think the american people should be concerned about somebody who keeps changing his mind not only on this debate bow virtually every issue he's been asked about. >> reporter: trump's spokeswoman defended his change of heart. >> now that he has secured enough delegates to be the republican nominee, it just doesn't make sense anymore. mr. trump should be debating the democrat nominee. >> reporter: sanders held events in california sunday and has more scheduled there monday in advance of the state's primary next tuesday. wendy gillette for cbs news. coming up on the "cbs morning news," healing with horses. we'll show you how horses are helping veterans overcome the scars of war. and words of wisdom from supreme court nominee merrick garland. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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return from combat wondering why they survived. how horses are helping some come to grips where w life again. >> reporter: kevin did not expect to find healing on this rural virginia farm. >> it's relaxing. >> reporter: the retired marine suffers from ptsd and says this former race horse, clayton, is helping him cope. sikaki was diagnosed after serving tours in iraq and afghanistan. >> i just had a shorter temper. as a sergeant in the marine corps, it's that expectation that you're doing your job well when you're on that edge a little bit. the problem was carrying that home. >> we came to him. >> reporter: susie landolphi leads this equine-assisted therapy program. she says veterans learn how to handle stress and begin to feel at peace through walking and grooming the animals. >> you've gone through traumas, you have to put up defenses. you have to find a way to deal that's not always helpful to yourself. you think it is, but it's not. what the horses offer is an opportunity to let down all your
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defenses. >> reporter: one thing the veterans don't do with the horses is ride them. >> we're about relationship, companionship, partnership, and connection, not about control. >> reporter: when army reservist mike king returned from iraq, he struggled with alcohol abuse and anxiety. he says spending time with horses is calming. >> you guys start to feed off each other, and the energies intertwine. then that's when the work starts. >> reporter: after spending a week at the ranch, some with their families, many vets say they're moving in the right direction. cbs news, bluemont, virginia. supreme court nominee merrick garland returned to his alma mater, and tragedy at sea. those are stories on the "morning newsstand." the "washington post" reports the death of more than 700 migrants during the last three days on the mediterranean. they drowned while trying to reach europe from libya. officials say the exact number of dead will never be known. the "wall street journal" reports murder and terrorism
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charges against the u.s. the case was filed by the family of a pakistani taxi driver killed in a drone strike this month. he was driving taliban leader mullah akhtar mansour. the driver's relatives said he had no ties to militants. "the new york times" reporting a supreme court nominee's advice to graduates. merrick garland gave the commencement speech yesterday at his old high school north of chicago. >> instead of taking a selfie, turn the camera around, you know, the way you used to take pictures. you'll have a much more fulfilling life if you turn the focus outward to helping others. >> garland is president obama's pick to succeed the late antonin scalia. republican leaders insist the next president should choose a nominee. still ahead, no fuel, no problem.
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stock markets in this country are closed for memorial day. on friday, fed chair janet yellen signaled a hike in interest rates within months if the economy continues to gain strength. stocks had their biggest weekly gains in months. the dow jones industrials gained 369 points. the s&p 500 finished 46 points higher. the nasdaq composite added 162 points. we have the business report. >> reporter: americans are more optimistic about the economy this month. the university of michigan says its index of consumer sentiment rose to its highest level in nearly a year. analysts say a more optimistic consumer will likely spend more, sparking greater economic growth. mayvorn usa is recalling more than three million sippy cups because mold could possibly grow in them. the recall involves five types of spill-proof tommy tippy sippy cups. the company received 68 reports of sick children. memorial day has become
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synonymous with sales. that's why nerd wallet compiled the biggest and best retail discounts. topping the list, ashley home store is offering 25% off online purchases. and consumers can get 35% off major appliances at best buy. that's your cbs "money watch." in new york, i'm marlie hall. at the box office, "x-men apocalypse" came out on top in the opening weekend. the seventh installment of the franchise pulled down an estimated $65 million in ticket sales through sunday. johnny depp's "alice: through the looking glass" came in second but finished well below expectation. that's partially because of miserable reviews. and the film adaptation of that app that you're addicted to, the "angry birds" movie, came in third. a 12-year vigil came to an end for a massachusetts church this weekend. worshippers occupied st. francis xavier cabrini church in
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scituate to stop the archdiocese their last legal hope died when the supreme court refused to hear their case. they plan to form a new parish unaffiliated with the boston archdiocese. still to come, in sports, acing it. golfer james morrison makes a once-in-a-lifetime shot to win a brand-new red sports car. brand-new red sports car. defiance is in our bones. our citracal bones. easily absorbed calcium plus vitamin d.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ the 100th running of the indianapolis 500 turned out to be a stunner. 350,000 fans saw the race won by a long-shot rookie driver thanks to fuel strategy. when many cars stopped for gas in the final laps, andrew rossi
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moved into the lead. he stretched the final tank, taking the final lap at a snail's pace of 179 miles per hour. rossi crossed the finish line on fumes, and he had to be towed to the victory celebration. rossi is the ninth rookie to win the 500. in golf, jordan spieth won his first pga event in his home state of texas. >> perfect. [ cheers ] >> perfect! >> spieth birdied the last three holes of the invitational including a chip-in on the 17th green. he closed with a 34-foot birdie putt. spieth defends his u.s. open title in three weeks. in england on the european tour's bmw pga championship, james morrison hit a hole in one on the par 3 177-yard 14th hole and won himself a bmw. i'm anne-marie green.
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here's another look at the top stories. the cincinnati zoo said had t had no choice but to kill a 17-year-old gorilla after a 4-year-old boy fell into its enclosure. the boy climbed through a barrier saturday. the zoo said he was in imminent danger. he's all right and home with his family now. animal rights advocates blame his mother for not paying attention. and severe weather has killed at least six people in texas. two more bodies were found along flooded streams yesterday. one woman died when her car was swept away by a flash flood. on the east coast, tropical depression bonnie is expected to move north along the south
4:26 am
carolina coast leaving up to six inches of rain in its path. a new study finds colon cancer rates are declining overall which is good, but among americans under 50 years old, the rates are increasing. dr. jon lapook explains why. >> reporter: three years ago, at age 33, dave went to the doctor with a stomachache and was diagnosed with widespread colon cancer. >> i'm still perplexed as to how this all happened. >> reporter: he's part of a disturbing trend. over a decade, the number of colon cancer cases in people under age 50 rose by more than 11%. at the same time, cases in people over 50 dropped 2.5%. likely because colonoscopy in the group removes benign polyps before they turn cancerous. guidelines suggest starting routine screening at age 50. the reason for the rise in younger people is unclear. possibilities include the epidemic of obesity, lack of physical activity, and america's high-fat diet. risks for colon cancer. >> as we learn more and understand the genetic defects
4:27 am
that go on with early colon cancer and study some of these younger patients, perhaps we can hone in on which population of the younger population that we need to screen closer. >> reporter: he says it's important to be aware of symptoms. >> first and foremost is we're going to educate that any time that there's a symptom for colon cancer, bleeding, change in bowel habits, unexplained abdominal pain, that needs to be followed up closely and not ignored just because the patient is under 50 years old. >> reporter: after 12 rounds of chemotherapy and three surgeries, he's been in remission for two years. >> i don't know what it was about that particular like dull pain i had that prompted me to go the doctor. i'm glad i did. >> reporter: screening earlier than 50 is suggested for those with certain risk factors such as a family history of either colon cancer or precancerous polyps. in addition to colonoscopy, there are other less innovative methods such as new tests to
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look for suspicious genetic fragments in the stool. coming up on "cbs this morning," senate majority leader mitch mcconnell joins us in the studio with his new memoir. plus, we'll meet the creator behind the comic strip that pokes fun at the marine corps. that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great memorial day. memorial day.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it is monday, may 30. a live look outside as we
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commemorate memorial day. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's check in with roberta for a look at the weather. hey, where's your box? you look so short! i know the feeling. [ laughter ] >> every day. >> good morning. the coast is not clear but we have clear skies around the bay. we have a bit of a sea breeze, as well. the flag is now beginning to lay flat there you have it. 50s in the area. clouds at the coast. pacifica 60. 70s and 60s around the bay. fairfield 90s. 880 santa rosa. 80s tri-valley. 80s santa clara valley. close to seasonal temperatures for this memorial day. we'll talk more about your local forecast and the beach outlook right now. let's send it back to you. traffic shouldn't be too much of


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