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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the feds.. over its emissions-cheating scandal. good afterno volkswagen reaches a landmark multi-billion-dollar settlement with the feds over emission cheating scandal. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. a news conference on the payout
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just wrapped up. jackie ward reports from san francisco. >> reporter: it's time for volkswagen to pay up. they will now give each affected driver $5,000 to $10,000 and they will be paying close to $15 billion to settle consumer lawsuits. volkswagen did admit that the 2- liter diesels were programmed to turn on emissions controls during the government lab test and then off while they were on the road. there is no way to fix the cars according to court documents to bring them into compliance with u.s. regulations so that's why as part of the settlement volkswagen has to buy back all the nearly half million cars affected. if you want to keep it you can have the car modified only if vw proposes a modification that meets stringent criteria. the state attorney general kamala harris called it a landmark deal. >> the way that i think about this case is that in essence vw cheated on the test and got
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caught. essentially what they were doing on a daily basis is flunking california's high standards every day. they got caught. >> reporter: volkswagen will spend $4.7 billion for environmental projects and zero emissions technology. california's share represents one-fourth of that total. that's the largest in the country. this isn't the end of bad news. the company faces billions in penalties and fines and could face criminal charges. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thank you. new at noon two families killed in a blazing crash with a big rig on i-5 in los angeles county, two mothers and four children died at the scene. two men believed to be the fathers are in the hospital and fire officials say the families' minivan was on the shoulder of the 5 freeway in gorman this morning when the truck hit the vehicle. it's unclear if the driver was hurt. the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. almost all lanes of highway 17 are back open through the santa cruz mountains now that firefighters have a handle on a brush fire. the fire began yesterday near redwood estates and for a while forced all lanes to shut down. one southbound lane is still closed at this hour. investigators say the blaze was sparked by a vehicle fire. crews are making slow progress on a devastating wildfire northeast of bakersfield. the erskine fire is now 45% contained. full containment is expected on thursday. it's burned more than 45,000 acres in the lake isabella area. about 200 homes are destroyed and another 75 are damaged. and at least two deaths are linked to the fire, which is being called the most destructive in kern county history. taking a live look outside from our roof camera in san francisco, a beautiful day it looks like there. but another warm and sunny days is ahead in the bay area. some people will be in the hundreds. >> we're going to be hot away
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from the bay. this is another live weather camera featuring the mount diablo area, danville, blackhawk, alamo. and we are seeing that from dublin which means the visibility is decent at this hour considering that we do have another "spare the air" day in effect. that's all because during the afternoon heating when we have those temperatures right there in the tri-valley that we are looking at into the triple digits, you get the commute going, you get a lot of pollution. temperatures now are in the out and for the most part we'll be seeing 90s and 100 away from the bay. 90 now in livermore. the full forecast is coming up. thank you. the san jose city council is tackling the homeless problem. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us what solutions the council is considering to get people off the streets.
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>> reporter: they are considering a slew of measures throughout the day and a public hearing could get heated at 7 p.m. >> if you had it your way, i would be crucified. >> reporter: since "the jungle" was dismantled, 5,000 people have been scattered around san jose. >> we'll need a lot of tools to address this serious problem. >> reporter: some of the measuring being considered allowing churches to house people for 70 days a year without red tape or expensive permits. two of the more controversial proposals, one for temporary housing in manufactured homes on evans lane, another for permanent housing of 162 unit complex on "senter road." the planning commission approved it in april but neighbors appealed. mayor sam liccardo says he understands their concerns but -- >> the homeless already live in their neighborhoods. they just live on the streets in the creeks in the parks. and it is much safer for the
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neighborhood as well as for the individuals to get them housed. >> reporter: one councilmember wants to build a city sanctioned encampment after seeing one in portland. >> try to learn the good and bad. it's workable, just give it a chance. >> reporter: one of the less controversial measures in front of the council today, $5 million for capital improvements offered to landlords who are able to house homeless vets. in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. happening today, in san francisco a supervisor introduces a tax on tech companies that would help the homeless. the measure would reportedly force a 1.5% surtax on tech companies' payroll within san francisco. to make the ballot, six of the 11 members of the board of supervisors have to sign off by august 5. it would generate $120 million a year toward homeless. oakland is the latest bay
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area to take on the soda industry. they want to support a tax on sugary drinks. there is an event at the brown sugar cafe at 5:30. in november, voters in oakland will decide whether to impose a one cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. airbnb is suing its hometown of san francisco over a law it helped pass two years ago. the company and the city worked together to expand rental properties but last month the board of supervisors unanimously voted to fine airbnb $1,000 a day for every unregistered host to used the service. airbnb says it shouldn't have to help enforce the law it helped create. house republicans release their final report on the deadly u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. it's critical of then secretary of state hillary clinton. how her campaign responds. >> and a massive recall warning from ikea after several kids were killed when furniture toppled over. ,,
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town 25 miles northeast of new video of a fiery train crash in the texas panhandle. it happened this morning in a small town 25 miles northeast of amarillo. officials say two bnsf freight trades collided head on. two boz boxcars were involved. no word on the car or what they were carrying but the fire is probably diesel fuel. officials say there are injuries but they didn't specify how many. some ripple effects in the east bay from a rally that turned bloody by the state capital. here's a look at the vicious scene sunday when white supremacists faced protestors sickened by their cause. one berkeley middle school
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teacher showed up to defy the neo-nazis. besidesyvette felarca a teacher who was leading "black lives matter" protest, someone saw her at the rally and sent an email to her workplace martin luther king, jr. middle school. message said things could get violent at the school if yvette felarca isn't fired. berkeley plymouth and the fbi are taking the threat seriously. >> once they did their observation and their evaluation of the email, they stepped back and left it to berkeley police. so berkeley police are very actively involved. >> after boosting patrols in the area by the school, berkeley pd and the district also decided to relocate summer camp programs being held in the building. republicans reliesed a scathing report today on the u.s. consulate attack on benn. in it, they fault the obama administration for lax security. but house democrats say the report had an ulterior motive. mark albert reports.
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>> reporter: after two years, 107 interviews and more than $7 million, the house select committee on benghazi has released the report on the death of four americans including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >> no u.s. military asset was ever deployed to benghazi despite the order of the secretary of defense. >> reporter: the republican- written 800 page report found the administration was politically motivated to cite an internet video as attacks not terrorism. state department and secretary clinton failed to provide better security for the benghazi consulate leaving it vulnerable and members of the obama administration stonewalled the congressional investigation. >> i believe that the government failed its people and lied to the public latest in aftermath. >> reporter: the report is critical of then secretary of state hillary clinton but republicans say she was not the
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focus. >> speaker boehner asked me to find out what happened to our four fellow citizens and i did. >> reporter: demonstrators say it was aimed against the clinton campaign. in a statement they say the committee's chief goal is to politicize the death of four brave americans, perhaps the most lasting impact of the committee's investigation was a revelation that secretary clinton used a private email server during her time at the state department. mark albert, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the benghazi report also lists 25 recommendation aimed at strengthening security for american personnel living overseas. and we're just getting word, hillary clinton will be in san francisco tomorrow. she is hosting a lunch with actors jamie lee curtis and cecil richards, who is the president of the planned parenthood action fund. tickets go from $500 to $27,000. today all 28 european union leaders are in belgium to start planning a future without britain. british leaders were met with boos today at the meeting in
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brussels. some eu leaders even asked directly why they were at the building but british prime minister david cameron said they need to start divorce proceedings. >> before we do that, we need to determine the kind of relationship we want with the eu. and as rightly something for the next prime minister and their cabinet to decide. >> the leave hasn't made a clear departure strategy. a special eu meeting is september to chart britain's exit. but the british prime minister will not be invited. a live look at the big board right now. u.s. stocks are up and climbing as the "brexit" crisis cools. the dow and nasdaq, s&p, all in positive territory. the dow up 241 points. ikea is issuing a massive recall of 29 million chests and dressers after three children were killed when the furniture fell on them. these are the products in question. the units affected are children's chests and drawers taller than 23 inches and adult chests and dressers caller than
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-- taller than 29 inches. you can get a repair kit or refund. volunteers are rallying around west virginiaians who lost everything in last weekend's historic flooding, which killed at least 20 people and the governor said thousands of homes are uninhabitable and thousands more need repairs. many communities are still under water and the national guard is flying in emergency tetanus shots and supplies to flood victims to help them recover. >> we didn't ask these people to come. people are just coming. they're bringing food, water, cleaning supplies, shovels, and we know we're going to be okay. >> the good news as clean-up continues the weather is expected to be dry for the next few days. >> that area is starting to get some relief. roberta, how about here the high temperatures? are we getting any relief? >> you would hope so. we have relief, some very refreshing temperatures at the coast right now. it is not clear at the coast. in fact, take a look at this. it's our live weather camera featuring ocean beach as siege from the cliff house where we have areas of low clouds and
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fog, even still a little bit of drizzle, as a result, san francisco is at 58 degrees. it's now 62 in oakland. but notice where the sun is shining brightly. 78 in san jose. it's 90 in livermore. hey, robert sullivan, he is in redwood city where the temperatures are in the high 70s. he says sorry! can't stay. got to get outside to play!! thanks, rocket -- thanks, robert, for checking in lighter winds in the area. so we have a "spare the air" day. we have an onshore push. you can see it will remain with us all week. west wind coming in. high pressure is contributing to the temperatures inland in the triple digits. so here we go. we have fog and low clouds.
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that's going to dissipate. bright sunshine everywhere. but the sizzling temperatures inland. there's the shield that marine layer. it's a thin layer but nonetheless it's keeping the coast cool. 101 today at the state capital. 106 in fresno. currently it's 94 there. 83 today on the south shore. the beaches will stay in the 60s in monterey. there's our spread today from 70 in pacifica to 105 in the brentwood area. there's your sunset and by the time the sunrises tomorrow morning, we'll see some pretty starry skies. temperatures come down gradually each and every day but it's a hot week ahead inland a little taxing on the system, you know, but by saturday we'll sigh' seasonal summer day before we go up again by the 4th of july. >> you always remind us key hype demonstrated, right? >> absolutely. don't forget the hat, too. >> thank you. pat summitt the legendary coach who led the university of
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tennessee women's basketball team for decades has died. her son released a statement today saying she died at a senior center in knoxville. five years ago she was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. she coached one more season after that. she led tennessee to 1098 victories becoming the winningest basketball coach in division i. >> the thing that i like so much about coaching is i get to teach on a daily basis. i get to influence. >> her teams won eight national championships. she was 64. the sports world has also lost a football icon. buddy ryan was a defensive coach for the bears. he helped them win a super bowl. he was later head coach of the philadelphia eagles and arizona cardinals. he had some recent health issues but no cause of death was given. he was 82. he is known for his
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this woman who is originally from concord, nickie freese is a physician's assistant also on the same flight. she jumped into action and immediately began performing cpr on the man. you can see freese next to tebow with the blonde hair. neighbors in hawaii are accusing facebook founder mark zuckerberg of being not so friendly. that's because he is constructing a 6-foot-tall wall around his 700-acre north shore property blocking off the views for other neighbors. here in the bay area we have had similar complaints. in 2014 he bought four houses in palo alto. chopper 5 shows the neighborhood on edgewood drive. he now plans on knocking them all down to built smaller ones. another big jackpot luring folks to lottery retailers today. the top prize for the multi- state mega millions game is $390 million for the drawing tonight. it's the fourth largest jackpot in the game's history. the drawing is at 8 p.m.
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item he thought he never would see again. his 106-year-old violin was stolen. it was just recovered. that and more at 5:00. >> that's a nice story! >> very cool. >> it is. >> battle of the bay tonight, about 53 degrees a's lead that series right now on the giants so go giants and go a's. >> ha ha ha. [ laughter ]
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