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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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,, the santa clara police chief your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a new twist in the national anthem controversy. the santa clara police chief responds to a letter from the police officers association. the group threatening to boycott working games at levi's stadium over colin kaepernick's protest. and good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. >> first we want to start with breaking news near aquatic park in san francisco. the coast guard and san francisco firefighters had to rescue 15 minors and one adult after a boat capsized in the water. no injuries were reported. at this point, we don't know what caused the boat to capsize. we'll continue to follow this and bring you updates as we get them. now to the fallout over colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem. it has angered santa clara
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police officers union but now the police chief says cops should just concentrate on doing their jobs. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us from levi's stadium where officers are on duty right now. >> reporter: hey, brian. so yeah, absolutely. the santa clara police chief told us that his officers would be here at levi's stadium tonight. there's a coldplay concert going on and they will be here, expect to see them here for every event in the future. it's a stance that isn't to be taken lightly. the santa clara police officers association threatening to boycott all events at levi's stadium because of colin kaepernick's recent actions. >> you know, this is really the first time that i can recall that the unions actually made a statement like this. >> reporter: santa clara police chief mike sellers says he gets the union's frustration but threatening not to serve their community is not what the badge exemplifies. >> i can also understand that they are disappointed. but i think they really need to focus their attention and what their goal is to protect
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security for all citizens in our community. >> reporter: in a statement released yesterday, the union said, intentional acts and inflammatory statements by mr. kaepernick are insulting to the members of the scpoa. former oakland police chief and kpix 5 law enforcement expert howard jordan says politics need to be set aside despite raw emotions. >> it's foolish for them to, um, put the lives of the, um, thousands of people that are attending the, um, ball games in jeopardy because they don't agree with what he is doing. >> colin absolutely has the right to be able to protest or do things that we may not agree with personally but we still have a job to do. >> reporter: officers from the santa clara police department are never forced to work events here. anytime they are here it's voluntary overtime. earlier today, 49ers head coach chip kelly announced that blaine gabbert will be his starting quarterback. and colin kaepernick will be
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his backup. you will hear much more with vern glenn ahead in sports tonight. from levi's stadium, jackie ward, kpix 5. two correctional officers were critically injured after a shooting at the foothill county jail. investigators say a man shot two jail guards this morning. they say vang entered the jail and wanted to see someone. authorities say there were about 15 people around when he started shooting at officers. >> personnel were professionals ask in a reasonable manner and lawfully and that's what happened in this case. deadly force was no longer president the sheriff thought the personnel responded appropriately and now he will be held accountable for what he did. >> thong vang got out of prison after serving 16 years for raping three children. a man's body ended up in richardson's bay. a boater spotted it about 8:15
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this morning near sausalito. deputies say there weren't any obvious signs of trauma on the man who is described as white and possibly in his 30s. coroner's office will determine the cause of death. police in napa are looking for the driver behind a deadly car crash. it's believed the driver was in a vehicle similar to this one. a 2014 silver volkswagen beetle. it has california plate 7efyn13 -- 913, that is. police say the driver ran over a man at the intersection of monarch and byway east napa last night. the victim 54-year-old michael green, died from the injuries. police believe the car may be hidden in the napa area right now. anyone with information on the car's whereabouts should contact police. well, tropical storm hermine is nearing hurricane strength again and causing more damage along the eastern seaboard. the storm has killed two people. it's knocked out power to hundreds of thousands. and wendy gillette reports from the new jersey coastline reporter: hermine caused trees to crash into homes in
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charleston, south carolina, flooded roads in atlantic beach, north carolina, and left several hundred thousand people without power from florida to virginia. hermine hit florida as a cat-1 hurricane and is now a tropical storm. it could regain hurricane strength as it moves north over open water. the storm is predicted to hit the jersey shore sunday night. it's already creating high waves and dangerous conditions here. >> the beach is officially closed at this time. >> reporter: after that announcement, lifeguards locked the gates to seaside heights. they closed down the beaches more than 24 hours before hermine arrives. double red flags were posted warning of the danger. >> we're at 60-mile-an-hour winds at 10 to 15-foot waves so it's going to be even worse. >> basically just one big washing machine. >> reporter: but menacing clouds didn't keep crowds away from the boardwalk. this man brought his family from pennsylvania for a day at the beach. >> we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being
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this, you know, tall. but i would imagine the undertow would take you right out. >> reporter: there is concern here. this is the same town where sandy knocked a roller coaster into the ocean in 2012. hermine won't be near sandy's severity but it could stick around for days intensifying flooding and beach erosion. wendy gillette, kpix 5. >> the storm surge that could be dangerous is expected along the coast from virginia to new jersey tonight. the storm has triggered a tornado in the outer banks of north carolina. a strong earthquake shook oklahoma causing building facades to fall with no major injuries. this morning's 5.6 quake was near pawnee. no buildings collapsed. people are not allowed inside several buildings. the worst damage is at an old building in the center of town. >> it's an old historic sandstone building and some of
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the outer wall has fallen on the sidewalk. and that's just from a drive- by. >> today, oklahoma's governor ordered a shutdown of 35 underground wells. state officials cite evidence of the disposal of waste water from oil and gas production makes earthquakes more likely. the governor of louisiana says his state has nearly $9 billion in damage from last month's massive flooding. he says the figure will increase as officials finish assessing damage to roads and other public infrastructure. in a letter to president obama, governor john bel edwards asked congress to approve two billion dollars in federal aid. the storm dumped as much as 2 feet of rain in some parts of louisiana over two days. back here in the bay area, authorities in alameda county are searching for a missing man. 57-year-old kent murray was last seen two days ago at his home in san lorenzo. none of his friends or children have seen him since. he is not considered at risk. a man who was set free by
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has now turned himself back in to the san francisco county jail. 20-year-old victor rodriguez walked into the lobby of the hall of justice about 9 a.m. this morning more than two days after being mistakenly released. on wednesday, a clerk filed paperwork dismissing all charges against him mistakenly. rodriguez is still facing charges of robbery and battery but there will be no new charges linked to this week's release. now on the campaign trail for the latest donald trump traveled to detroit to seek support from blacks while hillary clinton is trying to distance herself from an email scandal. craig boswell has the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump clapped his hands while a choir sang gospel music during his visit to a black church in detroit saturday. he vowed to fix the problems facing blacks across america. >> i'm here today to learn so that we can remedy injustice. >> reporter: it's the first
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time he addressed a large black audience since winning the republican party nomination. the pastor wrapped a special shawl around trump. >> go, trump! >> reporter: protestors gathered outside with signs saying no hate in the white house. security set up barricades and exchanges got heated between trump and hillary clinton supporters. hillary clinton is a liar!! >> donald trump should be killed! >> reporter: on friday the fbi released 58 pages from its investigation of clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. the documents show clinton's memory was spotty when agents showed her classified emails from her personal account. many she didn't remember. clinton didn't recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system and repeatedly said she relied on state officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information. clinton's campaign says the materials only prove why the justice department decided not to move forward. craig boswell, cbs news,
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washington. >> most polls show trump support among black voters to be under 10%. coming up, an update on a fire danger in monterey county. the area now off limits to the public. >> in rome, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend tomorrow's canonization of mother teresa and how police are preparing for the huge crowds. ,, ,,,,
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weekend ... as crews battle a massive wildfire. is about 60- a warning for hikers. more parts of los padres national forest are closed while crews battle the soberanes fire. it's 60% contained and burned more than 95,000 acres over the past month. firefighters expect to fully contain the flames by the end of the month. well, add an hour tower trip if you are taking bart to
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sfo this holiday weekend. add an hour to your trip. there's no train service through the daly city, balboa park and glen park stations. bart is repairing tracks. shuttle buses are available. normal service will resume tuesday morning. still ahead, a popular park in the east bay taken over by drug users and filled with trash. the new push to clean it up. >> well, weather department looks good if hazy. we'll see that in a minute as we look toward coit tower and the bay beyond and even further than that, the seven-day forecast coming up when we come back. ,,
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teresa is named a saint. pope francis will lead the mass in saint security has been tightened in rome one day before mother teresa is named a saint. pope francis will lead the canonization mass in st. peter's square. hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are expected to attend. mother teresa was known for her work with the poor. critic say it was medicine and
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not her prayers that healed the woman with a stomach tumor. the party is just about over at a popular gathering spot in pleasant hill. for years teenagers have gone to dinosaur hill park to smoke weed and drink booze and play loud music leaving behind trash. now as kpix 5's da lin shows us, there's a plan to keep everyone out after dark reporter: stay at this tiny lookout point in pleasant hill long enough, most likely you will smell and see people lighting up. michael pierce has been coming out to dinosaur hill park since he was 14. >> there's only so many places we can go to and do our thing and not get harassed by the police. >> reporter: on some nights, michael says this parking lot is filled with pot-smoking teenagers, partying, drinking booze and playing loud music. it's nothing new. been a problem for decades. >> kind of a safe zone away from houses and other people. >> you can just see the cans and bottles and all the other trash. >> reporter: but workers are
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sick and tired of cleaning up after the parties. they find bottles, trash, graffiti, even used condoms. walk up the hill from the parking lot and you will see broken glass all over the place. and these things are pretty sharp. workers are constantly picking them up. >> this is a hazard for dogs, kids, anybody. >> reporter: in the first six months of the year the park superintendent says it cost $5,000 in staff time to clean up the park. they will now install a 30-foot gate at the park entrance and lock it at night. >> it kind of sucks because it like i said it's one of the only spots that we have to go to that's close by to get away and smoke weed and do our thing, hang out with friends, whatever. >> reporter: michael says he is respectful of the park and blames the bad apples for ruining it for everyone. police say so far this year, they have taken 11 reports here. most of those are noise complaints coming from neighbors. back in may, police say someone robbed two teens who were smoking weed. the gates should be up in about a month.
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in pleasant hill, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a convention for comic book and movie enthusiasts is happening this weekend in san francisco. sf comic-con is a celebration of pop culture, vintage comic books for sales and actors from movies and tv series are on hand including some in full costume. there are interactive booths and discussion panels. the event at the marriott runs through tomorrow. also this weekend, scottish people from across the world are in the bay area for the 151st annual scottish games. it involves 30 bagpipe bands, a heavyweight championship and also a dance competition. the games take place this weekend tow alameda county fairgrounds -- this weekend at the alameda county fairgrounds. >> i'm going to mention that. >> a lot of kilts in pleasanton. >> in the east bay? >> in pleasanton. >> no weather problem there. closer to the shoreline it might be cold with that wind up
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your kilt. 69 in concord right now. oakland 64. livermore 70. san francisco 60 degrees. and at san jose 72. santa rosa 79 degrees. very pleasant saturday under way in the bay area. tomorrow afternoon a repeat performance. 62 degrees along the shoreline. tomorrow the bay will have sunny afternoons and 70 degrees and sunny and warm inland in the low 80s again tomorrow. and as we pull back from lake tahoe, here's why. a little brisk because of that deep low pressure over the pacific northwest. that means that unusually mild temperatures will continue especially with that cold ocean temperature with the buoy offshore, that's what that icon represents where it has 55 degrees. that's pretty chilly ocean temperature. but northwesterly is going to be setting up. so watch what happens. first, low clouds kind of favor the south bay tomorrow. there is tomorrow at 7 a.m. watch what happens. you get northwesterly winds just scour those clouds, push them to the south, and bring a few more low clouds in to the south san francisco shoreline tomorrow afternoon. but i think we'll see more sun
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tomorrow than we had today with that dry flow. so to sum it up, we will get night and early-morning low clouds at the coast but probably more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will remain in the low 80s inland. and we'll continue with mild temperatures, which is where we have been for at least april month. that will continue into the first full week of september. hey, the a's are taking on the red sox. >> yes indeed. >> tonight. >> red sox nation! >> partly sunny skies and 58 degrees at game time. and there is this weekend if you are thinking about something fun to do, how about the millbrae art and wine festival? it's broadway avenue. it will be breezy but 71 degrees, very pleasant. i don't know if you -- if we mentioned this but the scottish gathering and games this weekend in pleasanton, 77 degrees. sun-up tomorrow at quarter to 7:00. if you are heading out of the bay area, it's cooler in the central valley finally. temperatures there only in the 80s. and for us tomorrow, 77 for napa. in san francisco, 65 degrees.
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76 in san jose. and 77 at livermore. labor day sunshine around the bay and inland. temperatures range from the low 60s along the shoreline to the mid-80s inland. extended forecast will go with "stratus quo" the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. temperatures will remain in the low to mid-80s the rest of the week and low clouds will be hanging around the bay. hanging around the studios, mr. excitement, vern glenn. >> we have a full slate of college football saturday but still the nfl news and cutdown day will lead you off just right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday!
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a lot of information to give ya... for of all... nfl up top. as form joe starkey would say, what a bonanza? a lot of information to give you today. well, first of all, blaine gabbert is the 49ers starting quarterback. that's a fact according to coach chip kelly. at least for week one. that will be a week from monday against the rams. colin kaepernick is the backup. gabbert started the first three preseason games and started the remaining eight games of last season. that team's record over that time was 3-5. chip kelly today. >> you know, i think his grasp and command of what we're doing he is a fit of what we want to get accomplished. and have a lot of confidence in what he can do with us offensively.
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i think kap is not up to his playing weight. he missed a couple of weeks with the arm. that set him back. the timetable was the timetable. and right now we feel that blaine is the starter. >> rod streater my man number 80 with the raiders! best receiver never to get into a game is now a 49er. 9ers traded with the chiefs to get him today and in a funny way he could be the 9ers second best wideout right now. streater has signed with kansas city in the spring after four seasons in oakland. he got into only four games the last two years. some of the notable cuts making the 49ers, well, made by the 49ers, rookie quarterback jeff driskel he gone. kelvin taylor, harris, lemonier and rush. some of the players might return to the treatment on the practice squad. as for the raiders, they cut running back george attkisson
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iii. he had scored four touchdowns in the preseason. atkinson the son of former raider george atkinson, could return to oakland's practice squad where he spent the last two seasons. baseball. the giants and cubs beat the post-season. wow, what a theory. dead even match. no problem selling this one today. madison bumgarner versus jake arrieta. let's go! pick it up top 4. giants ahead and looking for more. nunez knocked in panik. it was then 2-0. 5th inning cubs dribbler runner going nunez overran it. but crawford knew what to do with it but baez is too fast! safe at home. giants lead cut to 2-1. next inning arrieta and the ball got awhat the. crawford tallied the three-run lead when the ball got away. no one ran and hit from this
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one. 3-2, bottom 9. sack bunt, runner rizzo overran the bag at second. they got him, too. we're done here. giants 3-2 winners. and they are now 1.5 games behind the dodgers in the west. l.a. is playing tonight. a's and red sox tonight, as well. now, division i college football saturday. first of these highlights was just here on channel 5. we're swaying! we are the 12th man. texas a & m against ucla tied at 24 in overtime. trevor knight walked in on fourth down. put them up 31-24. next possession, bruins got to do something on fourth goal. but josh rose's pash is incomplete. and the -- pass is incomplete and the aggies beat ucla 31-24 in overtime. you think red clad houston is a shocker of the day? check this out. hosting third ranked oakland, if it was an interception return we call it a pick six
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but jules, we call this one a -- >> hick six. >> that's right. brandon wilson he gone! 3rd quarter 100-yard return off a missed field goal. touchdown cougars. they beat the sooners by 10. 33-23. michigan's jim harbaugh, all fired up on his quarterback spate. michael jordan looking on. michigan against hawaii. spate threw three touchdown passes. this one to jake butt. to the pylon! hawaii, yeah, that same team that played cal in australia, was a sacrificial lamb at ann arbor the 7th-ranked babes in blue michigan rolled, final 63- 3. big upset today number 5lsu beaten by wisconsin 16-14. that game was played at lambeau field in green bay. >> i have never seen harbaugh do that. >> did it with the 49ers.
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>> okay. okay. >> beating up his quarterback. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado captioning sponsored by cbs obama and putin joining forces? breaking news on a potential groundbreaking deal between the u.s. and russia on the war in syria. also tonight, hermine hammers the east with torrential rains damaging winds and coastal floods. >> it looks like a big mower just came through and mowed down the trees. >> in detroit, protesters greet donald trump as he reaches out to voters at an african-american church. and with the anyone piece in place, this skyscraper is now the tallest building west of the mississippi river. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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