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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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kaepernick about the national anthem contr visitors packed a san francisco church waiting to hear from colin kaepernick about the national anthem controversy that's made headlines around the world but they left disappointed because he was a no-show. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i i'm juliette goodrich. nearly one week ago colin kaepernick confirmed he'd speak at the third baptist church this morning. as kpix 5's christin ayers reports, he never made it to the service. >> he had every plan of being here. >> reporter: 30 minutes in to the sunday morning church service, reverend brown told the congregation of third baptist church the special guest they'd been waiting for, colin kaepernick, would be a no-show. >> the rigors of his training
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and getting ready for those other games. >> reporter: the disappointment in the room, palpable. this is a church known for its activism in civil rights. people packed the church in support of kaepernick after he refused to stand for the national anthem. some churchgoers trading their sunday best for his jersey. >> i'm disappointed he's not here. >> reporter: perhaps no one more disappointed than a group of two dozen students from mission high school who came from all over the bay area to be here. >> i'm just kind of sad. >> at least he tried to come and make a stand. >> reporter: their teacher jeremy vasquez gave them extra credit to be here. he even brought essays the kids wrote. kaepernick, he says, let them all down. >> he has training camp, other responsibilities. but when you take a stand like that and make those kind of waves, the least you can do is commit to your word. >> he says the pressure is on kaepernick now. his protest has become bigger than football. >> what he's doing, we're all
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watching. >> reverend brown said he would invite kaepernick back at a future date. he did not say when that would be. christin ayers, kpix 5. a moon is behind bars in connection with a fatal hit and run in napa. officials found him driving along highway 80 heading in to vallejo. police say he was driving this 2014 silver beetle when he struck and killed michael grown. happened in the area of monarch drive and byway east early friday morning. he'll be charged with vehicular manslaughter and hit and run resulting in death. a man is in critical condition after he was found floating in the san francisco bay. kpix 5's john ramos spoke with a couple brave tourists who rushed to help. >> reporter: the water in san francisco's aquatic park is cold enough that most who swim here wear wet suits but two tourists from england took an unplanned plunge today when they spotted a
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man in his late 30s, early 40s floating in the municipal pier. >> he was face down with a lifejacket on. we thought he was going to go under. >> when we realized he wasn't going to come back out the other side of the bridge, we decided to jump in. >> reporter: steven hammond and stephen cuss dove in, pulled the man under a pier and began cpr. hammond is a lifeguard in the uk but said they were not able to revive the man before paramedics arrived and transported him by jet ski to an ambulance at the beach. >> does this shake you up to see something like this? >> yeah. >> even though you're a lifeguard. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: an hour later the coast guard continued to search the area, looking for a boat the man may have fallen from. the victim was transported from the hospital in critical condition. they're hoping the story of their heroism will have a happy
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ending. john ramos, kpix 5. >> this is the third water rescue in the bay in recent days. yesterday 15 sea scouts and one adult had to be rescued after their boat capsized near aquatic park. the scouts suffered bumps and bruises. the coast guard said the group's 30-foot catamaran flipped, leaving the scouts and one adult clinging to the side. they were wearing lifejackets. we don't know why the boat slipped. the powerful storm hermine has moved away from the east coast for the time being but as wendy gillette reports it's still whipping up dangerous rains and rip currents. >> reporter: the storm is bringing crashing waves to the jersey shore and as far south as virginia. only perfect conditions for surfers. >> if a wave knocks you off your feet, you could be in trouble. >> reporter: that's why it's a red flag day, warning of the
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dangers. lifeguards are patrolling the beach along with uniformed police officers. swimming is not allowed. edgar rivera is only allowing his 5-year-old daughter sofia to wade up to her knees. >> do you feel the pull of the water when you're in? >> you feel it. you've got to be careful. >> reporter: the storm could cause severe beach erosion. workers in belmar built these sand berms over the weekend to protect the area devastated by sandy in 2012. the storm has tracked east since saturday, improving the forecast. >> it could wobble further west or east. all those things will decide what impact it has especially on our coastal areas. >> reporter: hermine is now expected to hang offshore until as long as wednesday. high tide sunday night and monday morning could cause the most problems because of storm surge. erasing the summer fun. wendy gillette for cbs news, belmar, new jersey. >> tropical storm force winds are possible tomorrow in new jersey and new york city is keeping its beaches closed at least through monday because of
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the rip currents. officials in oklahoma worry about another aspect of mother nature. they're closing down dozens of underground wells concerned they may trigger earthquakes. this comes after a 5.6 quake struck yesterday. the 37 wells being shut down are all used to dispose wastewater but there's still more than 4,000 like them across the state. new poll results show hillary clinton maintaining a lead over rival donald trump especially in key battleground states. reporter marlie hall look at the numbers and how they may be impacting trump's message. >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton leads donald trump 45% to 37% in pennsylvania, but trump's campaign says he can still win without the state in november. >> we're taking pennsylvania very seriously. we have several paths to victory. >> reporter: in north carolina, our poll has clinton ahead of trump by four points. the democratic presidential
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nominee also leads trump by 2 points in the 13 most competitive states including arizona. trump gave a major immigration speech there last week after visiting mexico. >> they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: jeff blake has refused to endorse trump and reviewed trump's hard line policy on immigrants. >> it's not clear at all. some said it was hardening, some said softening. i say it was just confusing. >> reporter: voters are still concerned with clinton's explanation of why she used a private server while secretary of state. 46% say the answers are getting less believable. >> she said look, by using one mistake i made a mistake. i apologize for it. i learned something and i wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: voters head to the polls in 65 days. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> the news poll found more than 60% of the outreach is for
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votes. president obama is trying to downplay talk of a diplomatic snub by china. tensions over protocol began when air force one touched down in china yesterday. no mobile staircase was ready for president obama to exit the front door of the plane so he had to use the lower backdoor to get out. also he was the only national leader not to be provided when the proverbial red carpet. the president said similar things happened while visiting other allies. a u.s. spy agency is apologizing for a snub. the defense intelligence agency posted this picture of the airport incident with the line, classy as always, china. the dia says someone meant to send the tweet from a personal account but mistakenly used the agency's. new questions about security after two correctional officers were shot at a fresno jail. what police are saying about any changes. >> plus, elevating mother teresa
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to sainthood. we'll take you to the special ceremony. ght now: ,,,,
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plans to step up security at a jail in fresno where two fficers were shot. right now there are no plans to step up security at a jail in fresno where two correctional officers were shot. it happened in the jail lobby yesterday. police say ex-convict vang shot the officers in the head and neck, critically wounding them. vang was released from prison two years ago after serving 16 years for raping three girls. the coroner has released the name of a teenager killed in an overnight crash on 880 in hayward. 17-year-old izaiah mease was killed when the honda he was driving collided with a pickup truck. it happened around 1:30 this morning near the west a street exit. four other people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word on what led to the collision. a wild chase through two
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counties ended with a man arrested. santa cruz police, the chp and santa cruz sheriffs surrounded the van. just before midnight they got a call about a van driving erratically. that led to a two-hour chase on highway 17 and city streets. officers eventually cornered the driver in cupertino but he had a gas can he was trying to puncture and he was also waving a hammer. >> the gentleman was yelling out the window on many occasions that he wished to be killed by the officers. the santa clara sheriff's office does know him. they've had prior contacts with him. we tried to coax him out of the vehicle with talking. he didn't want to comply. >> the man did eventually climb out of the car. he was taken to a hospital before being booked. coming up, huge honor for the nun who devoted her life to helping the poor. a look at the ceremony where mother teresa was named a saint. >> i'd ordinarily say the back to work forecast, but it's labor day tomorrow.
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thousands of people filled saint ter's square thi mother teresa is now a saint. tens of thousands of people filled st. peter's square as pope francis held a canonization mass. >> we declare and define blessed theresa of calcutta to be a saint. >> reporter: pope francis declared mother teresa a saint before a crowd of more than 100,000 in st. peter's square under a clear blue sky. the pope described mother teresa as a defender of the unborn, thesick, and the abandoned. people watched the ceremony canonizing the woman who cared for the poorest of the poor. others gathered around her tomb, adorned with a single candle, flowers, and her photo. among the faithful, they say it
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only confirms what they already believed. >> when you think of mother teresa, what comes to mind? >> i think -- i don't know if i have the quote right, but she said one drop of water in the ocean, if you do one small thing, it just ripples outward, causes massive change. >> mother teresa is an example. she's one to see immediately. her mercy goes beyond borders. >> reporter: the so-called saint of the gutters was awarded the nobel peace prize for her work with calcutta's poor and sick, a labor that continued well after she herself became ill. two miracles were attributed to mother teresa in order to reach sainthood. she's credited with curing a tumor stricken alcuta woman and for the recovery of a brazilian man suffering from a potentially deadly brain infection. >> teresa died in 1997 at the age of 87. after the canonization, pope
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francis offered some 1500 homeless people a pizza lunch at the vatican. most of the homeless live in shelters. back in the bay area, catholics are honoring mother teresa's legacy. an exhibit has been set up at the cathedral of st. mary of the assumption. large pictures display her life's work. some people say they vow to follow in her footsteps. >> she's very special to me. she's done a lot of miracle things to my life that i cannot even explain to people. it's such a blessing. >> mother teresa said i'm but a pencil in god's hands. she said that if she hadn't picked the first homeless person, the first person in calcutta, she wouldn't have picked up the 45,000 others. >> the cathedral held a mass and special reception to honor the newly sainted mother teresa. big news for wildlife
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conservationists. the giant panda is no longer an endangered species. the announcement comes at a meeting of the world congregation congress. it's reclassifying the animal as only vulnerable. scientists say there are 2,000 giant pandas in the wild thanks to efforts by the chinese government to protect their habitat. on the subject of weather, let's get right to the headlines first, which is forecast for tomorrow and labor day is looking nice. in fact a little bit of a warmup on the way as high pressure builds not in a big way but in a big enough way so we get temperatures in the mid 80s inland. even as we continue to be chilled at the shoreline. golden gate bridge looks nice at this hour. 79 degrees at concord right now. oakland, 67 degrees. livermore, 76. and in san francisco, it is 62 degrees. warm up in santa rosa. 84 degrees.
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begins to warm up inland as the low pressure that's been bedeviling the state, high pressure begins to build. as the pressure builds, numbers come up so we'll be back in the 90s inland this week. that's a bit of a change from what the weatherman said yesterday. the futurecast tomorrow at 7 a.m. we've got mostly clear skies. we've got a sunny start to monday morning. labor day looks clear around the bay area. hardly even a puff of low cloudiness out there. even in south san francisco there will be sunshine. low clouds at the shoreline in the early nights and mornings but the temperatures will warm to the 90s inland midweek. by the time we get to next weekend, we'll introduce fog and low clouds again. in the meantime warms up a little bit. nice day for the as taking on the singing cowboys old team. gene autrey. angels will be in town. overnight lows, numbers in the mid 50s. sun up tomorrow morning quarter
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to 7:00. if you're heading to the central valley, 93 in redding. 91 for sacramento. 87 in fresno. getting to be a little autumn-like in the mountains. 63 at yosemite. for the city tomorrow, we're still just a notch below average closer to the shoreline but look at concord, above average. first time in a while. as we head down to the south bay the numbers will be in the near 80-degree range. that part of it looks a-okay. over the east bay tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful labor day with 89 degrees at brentwood. 85 at live more. 78 degrees for benecia. sunshine to start out monday with 84 in santa rosa tomorrow. 81 for petaluma. 71 for sausalito. and plenty warm for lakeport, ukiah, and cloverdale. numbers in the mid 80s. here come the 90s again. not a bad decade. temperatures will be in the mid 90s by wednesday before beginning to cool it down next weekend and around the bay, it
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looks mighty nice. great labor day. speaking of laboring away, vern glenn. >> did you know that when autrey bought that team, they were the los angeles angels, then the california angels, now the los angeles angels of anaheim. anyway, when we come back, critical series. giants and cubs went extras. each game just gut -wrenching in the series. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baseball up top. nine innings, not enough to settle the giants and cubs in chicago. series finale today, a knock-out blow, pretty good to brandon crawford. nunez, he tried. he doubled, stole third, then scored on the suicide squeeze . gave the giants a 5th inning 2-1 lead. a blown save. his 7th after jason hayward drove in addison russell. top 11. the aroldis chapman show. how about a 102-mile-per-hour fastball that brandon belt couldn't get to. bottom of the 12th, joe nathan back in the giant uniform for the first time since '03. giants drafted him 17 years ago. he struck out kris bryant. how about that. capped off a 1-2-3 inning. look at the face pillows.
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nice. bottom 13. hayward at the plate again. it's a bloop. it's a drop. that's your ball game. cubs won it 3-2. they took 3-4 games in the series. giants' record since the all star break, wait for it. 16-30. meantime, the scene shifts to clayton kershaw and the dodgers. kershaw is going to be activated this week against the padres. yasiel puig back in a smash. he crushed a bottom 3rd homer. a three-run blast. his first homer since being recalled from the minors earlier this week. the dodgers beat the padres 7-4. what does it all mean? it means the giants trail the dodgers by three games in the west, 26 games left. and you see that wildcard. the giants with the lead there so nothing to be worried about there but you want to win the division. you really do. meantime, a thrilla, not a thriller, a thrilla in oakland.
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what a finish. red sox came to play. we've been honoring the retiring david ortiz all weekend. in his last game here, ortiz not happy. six and a third shut-out innings. took a no-hitter in to the 8th. couldn't find it, but by the time he did, semyon initially called out but upon further review call overturned. he was safe. that ended the no-hit bid because that was labeled a hit. bottom 9. still scoreless. and how about a walk-off by chris davis. off the wall. that's your ball game. as the as won it final of 1-0 to snap a nine-game losing streak against boston.
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for more from the coliseum, we'll have andrea getting the interviews she needs for game day later on tonight. meantime, actual talk about a 49er quarterback not named colin kaepernick. before the 49ers signed him august 16th, christian ponder here was out of the nfl carrying a paintbrush to work on his house. now he's carrying a clipboard as the 9ers' third string quarterback. >> were you able to finish your painting? >> no, i wasn't. my wife's not happy about it. [ laughter ] >> those chores are going to have to wait. number 5 made the 53-man roster as chip kelly has elected to have three quarterbacks on his team. his wife is a correspondent for football. tried to peel back the onion after thursday's preseason
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finale. >> how does your wife finish with the painting? how did the house turn out? >> i don't know. she's busy with work so i don't know if it's gotten done yet. if i head back home this weekend i'll get it done and maybe i'll post a picture on twitter. >> i hope you don't see that house in a while. >> we'll see. we have a few days off. if i make the team i think i'll go home anyway and get it done. to tennis. fourth round u.s. open. rafael nadal against luca pui from france. nadal wins the point. he did not give up. he's won the open twice. he knows what to do. in the final set, fourth match point for pui and he would get the winner. beautiful. he advanced to his second career grand slam final. nadal is out. it's all about the frenchman. >> thank you for watching. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news.
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>> you may wonder what's up next. cbs evening news. then 60 minutes at 7:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: where is hermine headed next? the deadly storm gained strength staving a path of destruction along the coast. also tonight, voters weigh in on hillary clinton's honesty issues, and whether donald trump's minority outreach is changing minds. a cold case solved in central minnesota. what lead police to the remains of a boy who had been missing for decades. a powerful earthquake felt in tven states rattled the oil & gas industry. and pope francis elevates mother teresa to sainthood. >> mother teresa was called saint of the gutters and before becoming pope francis was referred to as the bishop of the slum.


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