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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  September 14, 2016 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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results. 34-year-old crystal cruz is 7 months pregnant. she joined a steady stream of residents at miami beach police station for free zika testing. it will likely be weeks before she knows if she is infected. >> is it a yes? a no? what is going on? it is going to drive me crazy. getting answers a blood-boiling wait for patients and doctors. results from the state funded zika tests have been taking more than a month to be processed. for those who can afford private lab testing the wait is much shorter. often less than a week. >> you have 500 test results you are waiting to get back. how long have you been waiting on that? >> some we have been waiting six, seven weeks. >> reporter: dr. david andrews head the lab at jackson memorial hospital, he has been waiting for test results back to july. he was told many were finished but paperwork hasn't been processed. >> hoping the majority of specimens have been tested and they're just trying to find the actual paper results so we can enter them into the system. >> crazy.
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find the paper results. did they get lost? >> is its surprising. i think there is an element of bureaucracy. recognize everyone is trying to do the best. piece maze not be coming together. they are now. public attention. >> florida's governor knew there would be increase in demand. once he offered testing free to pregnant women. the governor asked more processing of tests. scott, a short time ago, the florida governor's office told us they received that support. >> david begnaud, with breaking news. thank you. well, the cease-fire in syria tonight apares to be holding. more than 300,000 people have died in 5 1/2 years of civil war. under this deal, worked out by the u.s. and russia. the assad regime stopped bombing rebel forces and is due to allow humanitarian aid into aleppo, now once large largest city now
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in ruins. elizabeth palmer reports from inside syria. >> reporter: only a trickle of aid from turkey made its way into northern syria today where civilians who have been through hell are waiting. desperate for food and medicine. for months they have been sitting duck for air strikes from syrian and russian planes. or, living under fire from opposition rockets. but what a difference the day makes. the cease-fire held even in rebel controlled, eastern aleppo. these kids made the most of it. ambulance drivers had time for tea. there were even empty hospital beds. we hadded to change bloodstained sheets 1,000 times a day. said this medic. today only patients with flu. if the cease-fire continues to hold for the next seven day the u.s. and russia will coordinate
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air strikes against jihadist groups including isis. and crucially, the syrian air force will be barred from flying in rebel held areas. but one man's rebel is another's freedom fighter. and russia and the u.s. have not seen eye to eye on which opposition groups are legitimate torg egts. -- targets. there is plenty of scope yet for this deal to come unstuck. to underscore the problems, scott, the united nations massive aid convoys are all packed up and ready to roll. but they can't move because the u.n. its still negotiating their safe passage with the syrian government. and a dizzying number of armed opposition groups. opposition groups. >> elizabeth i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken,
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today a university of north carolina football player accused of sexual assault was suspended from the team and a warrant was issued for his arrest. the alleged attack was seven months ago. but the woman involved says that the police prosecutors and the university have been slow to take action. vinita nair has more. >> after i was raped i want to the hospital and gave an account of what i could remember. i was treated look a suspect. >> reporter: eleni robinson says the alleged attack happened on campus apartment.
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she said she was there with alan artist, a linebacker she just met. >> i was drinking, on valentine's day. i am underaged. i take responsibility for that. but that does not give any body the right to violate me. >> reporter: robinson reported the assault and rape kit was administered. she gave statements to law enforcement and university police. almost seven months later the university has the not charged the athlete. according to the department of education, there were 94 sexual assault cases on college campuses last year. this year, that number has jumped to 273. nearly 200% increase. robinson says she is coming forward to push for change. >> i am taking this public stand not for me but for other students on campus who are not protected despite what the university says. >> reporter: both the university and head football coach said they're aware of the allegations and are cooperating with the authorities. but cannot comment on the investigation. scott, we reached out to the accused player, but have not yet
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heard back. >> vinita nair, thank you very much. coming up next, fans are fed up with concerts selling out in second. congress may take action. oh, dishwasher,
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computer programs known as bots are snapping up tickets for sports and entertainment events. congress is taking action to stop it. here is ben tracy. ♪ hello from the outside >> reporter: when adele released tickets for her u.s. tour last december, 750,000 seats sold out in just minutes. some tickets for her new york shows next week are selling for $15,000 on resale sites such as stubhub. frustrated fans have posted videos about being priced out. ♪ $800 damn dollars ♪ ♪ adele that ain't fair ♪ >> adele with bruce springsteen and garth brooks have tried to take on online ticket scalpers with limited success. and those strange codes you enter on ticket sites supposed to weed out so-called ticket bots have not solved the
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problems. >> bots are computerized cheaters. >> reporter: at today's congressional hearings, senators were told computerized ticket bots buy up hundreds of seats in second and resell for exorbitant prices on various web sites. >> thinking past tomorrow. >> reporter: ticket scalpers made $15.5 million off just 100 performances of broadway smash hamilton selling some seats for as much as $15,000. jeffrey seller its the show's producer. >> i have received numerous letters from children and parents appealing me to help them get tickets to hamilton. these bots cut the line and buy up available product before a chance. >> reporter: an example of how crazy tech it prices have gotten. beyonce will be performing here at dodger stadium in los angeles tomorrow night. scott, some tickets or resale sites are going for $2,600. >> ben tracy.
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thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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now the story of sole survivor of a battle against a wildfire last year in central washington state. carter evans tells us about the long road to hell and back. >> reporter: in this fire, daniel lyon faced the
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unimaginable. in blinding smoke, the engine he was riding in crashed. all you see at that point is flae. intense, feeling that, your entire body was burning. >> reporter: the only one to make it out of the crash alive. daniel's parents, dan and barbara, vividly remember the phone call from another fire fighter. >> he said it looked like daniel came as an angel came running out of the flames of hell. and just -- wow. >> reporter: this is what daniel looks like a year after the fire. with burns over nearly 70% of his body. >> i thank god i can see. >> reporter: his sight saved by the singed sunglasses. a watch still working is another reminder. >> i kind of have a natural tattoo on my wrist now. >> that's where the watch was? >> daniel has undergone 14 surgeries at seattle harbor view burn center. >> did you feel guilty for
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surviving? >> sure, survivor guilt is a real thing. constantly ask yourself. why am i here, why are they not? why was i given a second chance they didn't get a second chance. >> daniel's recovery is more than about survival. >> did you have a girlfriend before you got burned? >> i didn't. no i did not. >> megan lanfear was a casual friend. but the friendship turned into something more. even after all he has been through he always has a smile on his face. he its just super strong. really good person. he shows me love. respect. he's the best boyfriend. >> reporter: fire can destroy. but it can also regenerate. and here, out of the ashes, something special has bloomed. carter evans, cbs news, washington. that's the overnight news for this wednesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others check back with us a little bit later for the morning news. and of course, cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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york city. i'm scott pelley. this is the "overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. i'm jericka duncan. hillary clinton could be returning to the presidential campaign trail today. she is recovering from a bout of pneumonia that saw her nearly collapse sunday in new york city. donald trump meanwhile isn't slowing down. he has refused to confront clinton over her health, but trump hasn't been shy about throwing her own word back at her. specifically, her statement that half of trump supporters belong in "a basket of deplorables." major garrett reports. >> donald trump knows hillary clinton's health its now an issue. and he is going to release more information about his own health later this week, thursday on the
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dr. oz show. more importantly, trump instructed all campaign staff not to attack hillary clinton on the health issue. he is more than willing to found her for suggesting at least half of trump supporters are bigots of one kind or another. donald trump gave hillary clinton a pass on her health. betting reporters and voters will not. >> i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail. trump spared clinton nothing on her friday comments that bigotry motivates half of his voters. >> how can you be president for so many people. she talks about people like they're objects, not human beings. trump did not do all the talking in north carolina. he brought supporters on stage to testify and subtly assail clinton. >> my wife and i represent nondeplorable people. do i look deplorable? >> no. >> clinton said she was wring to
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generalize about trump supporters. >> she called these americans every name in the book. and stood by the suggestion, trump emboldened racist voices. among them louisiana republican, david duke, a former grand wiz offered the kkk. trump's runningmate pushed duke away, stopped short of describing him as deplorable. >> we don't want his support and dent want the support of people who think like him. >> you call him a deplorable? >> i am not in the name calling business. what hillary clinton did friday night was shocking. >> the controversy surrounding hillary clinton's private e-mail server, while she was secretary of state, took center stage on capitol hill. three witnesses called before a house committee refused to testify for fear of incriminating themselves. one a former state department computer specialist assigned to set up the server. he din't show up. the other two worked for a company that maintained the
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private server after moved to new jersey. they invoked their constitutional right not to answer questions for clinton herself, the big question remains about her health. nancy cordes reports. >> clinton acknowledged that her dizzy spell on sunday is something that has the happened to her, a couple of times before, when she has gotten dehydrated. but she shrugged off the notion that her decision to is neshlly keep her pneumonia diagnosis to herself signals lack of transparency. i just didn't think it was -- going to be that big a deal. >> in the eight minute interview from her chappaqua home. clinton described what led her legs to buckle beneath her helped into her van at ground zero. >> you know, i could feel how hot and humid it was. felt overheated if i did lose my balance for a minute. but once i got in, once i could sit down. once i could cool off. once i had some water, i immediately started feeling better. she said she has talked to her
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staff about the time it took to inform the public. >> in retrospect, we probably could have released more information, more quickly. >> clinton press secretary, ryan falen. >> was there a discussion among your communication team friday about whether or not to announce that secretary clinton had pneumonia. >> sequester terry clcretary cl this is a common thing that people have in terms of pneumonia. a lot of people will work through things like this. >> clinton rejected suggestions she had been too secretive. >> compare everything you know about me, with my opponent. i think it is time he met the same level of disclosure that i have for years. rallied to her defense. chuck schumer who was with clinton at ground zero, disclosed he was recovering from pneumonia. vice president joe biden campaigning in charlotte said there is nothing for voters to worry about. >> hillary's health its good.
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i have had pneumonia. i have had walking pneumonia. what you do is take antibiotics and rest a little bit. >> charlie rose discussed clinton's health with her husband, former president bill clinton. >> how is secretary clinton? >> doing fine. she, she -- she was even better last night before she went to sleep. had a good night's sleep. she is doing fine. she just got dehydrated yesterday. >> is that what happened? got dehydrated. when you look at that collapse. that individually that was taken. you wonder if it is not more serious. >> no, no. >> than dehydration. >> she has been, well if it is, a mystery to me and all of her doctors. frequently, not frequently, not -- rarely, but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated. and she has worked like a demon as you know. secretary of state. and as a senator.
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and, in the years since. >> more importantly on a grueling campaign. >> yeah. >> if any body is concerned. you should be the one. if any body should tell us exactly what is going on, you are the one. >> yeah. >> i was glad. today she made a decision. which i think was correct. to, to -- cancel her -- campaign day. >> right. >> to take one more day to rest. but she looked like a million bucks this morning. could tell she is feeling better. >> she has pneumonia. >> yeah. >> some times that can take a while. the recovery. >> it can. >> is it possible she will be away for weeks from the campaign trail? >> no. not a shot. ha-ha. i'll be lucky to hold her back another day. >> the question is also -- why not. because of these questions. release every possible medical record you can. because there is a concern out there, because people saw that video. >> well, there are -- the campaign said they were going to release medical information. don't know what it is.
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>> wouldn't you encourage her to release everything. >> i have. encouraged them. >> why not do it yesterday? >> i don't know. the answer to that. not involved in it. >> you are encouraging her to release everything. >> yeah. >> but you know, if -- if a martian came down from outer space and watched america unfold over the last six, to eight weeks. it would be hard to see all of these earnest pleas for disclosure. which are entirely one sided. i mean we also released 40 years of income tax information. almost 40 years. >> people are demanding donald trump release income tax returns all the time. >> nowhere near the same kind of story. you know, we will just see. i don't know itch he f he is go or not. >> he will release his medical records. put more emphasis and pressure on her to release would it not? >> it would be refreshing if the there were one thing in life where he disclosed more than she has. i don't think there is so far. not even one.
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>> see more of charlie's interview with bill clinton in two minutes. the "overnight news" will be right back. although just 4 foot 8, simone biles is not to be underestimated. despite her size, simone's packed with power. refined, concentrated power. that's why she trusts tide pods. she knows small, can be powerful. tide. number 1 rated.
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the presidential race is tightening and could be decided by independent voters. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a two point lead over donald trump, among independents. 38% to 36%. last month she led by double digits. charlie rose discussed the state of her race with former president bill clinton. >> when you go a long time without a pay raise, when you think your future is bleak, when you worry that you can't provide for your children, and at the same time, your borders seem more like nets than walls in a negative way, terrorist incidents occurring, you have the biggest refugee crisis in europe since world war ii, massive cultural change. you have period of disorientation where people are often just reacting serially.
3:41 am
>> why are they attracted to donald trump? >> well because he promises -- >> who lives high above manhattan in a luxury penthouse. >> because he told them that he, he is brilliant at rubbing salt in their wound. he makes them dislike other people. and says i will fix it all. and make it the way it used to be. >> why is secretary clinton who has an agenda, economic ajen darks havi -- agenda having less appeal to working class americans than you did. your constituency. she has a program. donald trump is getting more of that vote. why is that? >> that's been steadily the case. started in the 1960s. just kind of going on. a lot is cultural. trying to get the third term of a party winning a third term in a row is difficult.
3:42 am
and i will say again. the level of disillusionment with the economic, political and social order, all over the world is very high. >> you know how to speak to these people, why doesn't she? >> oh, she has done fine where she got a chance to. but, nobody hears most of this. >> last time you ran for president, 1996. you were elected. >> long time agem. >> 20 years ago. 20 years ago. at that time, you made the democratic party a centrist party. there seems to be a consensus today that it moved to the left. people say they witness that in the primaries of this democratic process. in which bernie sanders seemed to move hillary clinton to the left. on trade. on -- on health care. and on other issues. has the democratic party become a much more leftist party than you believed in as president? >> i think not much more.
3:43 am
it's slightly further to the left than it was. the republican party has moved way more to the right. than the democrats. >> true too. talking democrat party. > i know it. i know it. just want to point out. >> this is like physics. every reaction inspires an opposite reaction. but i think there are reasons -- good reasons, why the democratic party should be more populist than it was. and i and i would look to explain why. >> i want you to. that's the word they aplid to donald trump. populist. >> yeah, but there is all kind of populists. there is positive populism. and negative populism. >> go ahead explain. >> no nothing movement was populist movement. basically gave birth to the klan and all that. a populist movement. >> populist says throw the rascals out. >> yeah, throw the rascals out. play on popular passions. but bernie sanders i think was a much more positive populist.
3:44 am
he wanted to do things. had an affirmative agenda. so did hillary. they argued which was better. >> my question, why is this race so close? >> partly because of the time we live in. partly because it is hard for any party to get a third term. partly because -- of the design clammer of every day which doesn't allow people to really, i hope the debates will cure this. to make a judgment, if you look at what she is advocated and what she has advocated. she is advocating -- positive change. how do you build on the good things done in the obama years, but go well beyond it. he is advocating a return to trickle down economics. on steroid. which got us in trouble in the first place. >> of course, donald trump's supporters don't believe a word of that. we'll speak to a number of trump voters when we return. you're watching the cbs overnight news.
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both hillary clinton and donald trump have hard core supporters who would vote for them regardless of who the opponent was. this morning, major garrett has a look at trump voters and why they're backing the billionaire. >> if i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody. i wouldn't lose any voters. it's like incredible. >> reporter: donald trump a daily dose of exaggeration. not about one thing, the size and fervor of his following. >> wow, what a crowd. all across america, they line up for hours, waiting for the show. >> i got about two hours sleep. >> we met courtney modacet, 6:30 a.m. in westfield, indiana. perched outside the door for a 7:00 p.m. event. what possessed you to come here, 12 1/2 hours early for the trump rally. >> my kids are going to
3:49 am
remember. their kids are going to remember this. and, i grew up with my family loving trump. >> modacet like many trump voters we met in dozens of interviews. until trump came along. politics meant next to nothing. >> unfortunately, this is sad to say. this is the first time that i voted. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. >> trump's vis has been raucous, caustic, insulting and divisive. cindy lyons from jackson, mississippi. >> well donald trump has the a straight forward way that he communicates. awe hauz he ever spoke so plainly that you kind of cringed. >> i understand what is behind what he is saying. >> richard mackey from londonerry, new hampshire. >> you don't make $1 billion being an idiot. so he, i think he is smart enough to run the country.
3:50 am
>> $5. three for $10. >> trump is also the voice of a part of america that has given up on the two party. and the system. one that smells corruption everywhere. a long lost and so-called silent majority that is buying the political equipment of a lottery ticket. >> they're all part of the same deal, man. hold your nose. pull the lever. >> trump voters have had enough of holding their nose. >> me, i'm mad. i have been bad. i am one of the angry, you know, voters that they have been, discussing for the last year. so. >> we met ray at this trump rally in virginia, three-hour drive from his home. >> what are you angry about? >> oom any just angry that the republicans, you know, it's like, they're just milk toast. >> we talked to trump before the south carolina primary. and asked about his fawning crowd. and the weight of their
3:51 am
expectations. >> do you fool that ieel that i? >> a burden. i don't want to let these people down. >> reporter: trump supporters believe unshakably something else. that trump can't be bought. >> i didn't have to do this. >> jthis couple from massachusetts. >> he says the thing that needs to be said. >> about what? what's important to you? >> that nobody else says. >> trump is different because it doesn't have to answer to any, any donors. any lobbyists. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. you're fire. >> reporter: part of the trump phenomenon derives from fame, reality tv sizzle. >> you wanted law and order. you got it. low brow celebrity that former president ronald reagan was derided for. the comparisons crop up frequently. though trump supporters can't always explain why. lucas quinn from union, mississippi. >> he has a little reagan in him
3:52 am
too, always a good thing. >> what echos for you about reagan and trump? >> just, i don't really know. i mean i wasn't arrive when reagan was president. so i can't speak on reagan. >> reporter: details aside, quinn is convinced. trump has got whatever reagan had. >> everything he did, made america great. >> make america great again. >> make america great again. >> the slogan is part of the forlorn sense that america is losing something. we met ariel rob in west bend, wisconsin, selling trump product for months. >> they see a person that actually stand for, you know what they have been thinking in their head but were too afraid to say all the years. >> reporter: like defending the confederate flag which ierpicallier ironically, trump says belongs in a museum. she sells it in the middle. >> kind of works together. a lot of controversy about
3:53 am
trump. a lot of controversy about the flag. >> tremaine williams a trump fan selling gear at the next tent. >> there is a perception, a great distance between trump and african-americans in our country. >> believe it is portrayed through the media. in those terms. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. are you the greatest? >> trump rallies wherever they are, draw far more whites than blacks, a trend williams defied long before trump began his late campaign minority outreach. >> what do you have to lose the? >> because i'm black does that mean i live a certain lifestyle, fall into a category. if you are for education, regardless, black or white. i am for it. talking about building economic system. black or white. i support you. >> reporter: there is something else that works for trump. >> look hck her up. lock her up. visceral almost primal hatred of hillary clinton. on team shirts and cat calls.
3:54 am
>> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> often gets ugly on the trail. betsey wilson of virginia came to a trump rally in patriotic address and full of clinton skepticism. >> i don't believe hillary. i would like to see a woman president, but not her. >> which brings us back to courtney modacet and day-long wait for trump. >> what happens to the country if trump isn't elected. >> that is a" i cannot answer. i, you know with hillary. you don't know. you can't trust her. that's the thing. >> and we will make america great again. >> we want trump. we want trump. >> trump supporters don't know the exact direction, trump will take them. they only believe it is better than where they have been. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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samsung has an expensive problem on its hands, replacing 2.5 galaxy 7 smart phones, that could possibly catch fire. plans for an upgrade that could stop the units from bursting into flames. but it is not available yet. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: lithium ion batteries in every rechargeable device. phone charger has one. cell phones have them. laptop. recent report estimated for a flight with 100 passengers there would be 500 lithium-ion batteries on board. an explosion has concerned the faa for years. as this demonstration shows,
3:58 am
even a small lithium ion battery can pack a powerful punch if it malfunctions. richard hargrove is a software engineer at a canadian company that tests batteries for samsung and other companies. they're volatile. but with effective electronics. in october this flight made an emergency landing in buffalo after a hand held credit card reader caught fire. one of 11 incidents reported to the faa last year. five others reported on cargo flights. george crabtree, says the most serious overheating problems are caused by an out of control chemical reaction. samsung blamed the manufacturing flaw for the faulty batteries in
3:59 am
the newly released galaxy note 7. the faa says passengers should turn off the device and not charge it during flights. some foreign airlines have banned the smart phone altogether. lit yim-ion batteries are not allowed as checked baggage. they are found in just about every device, lap tops, tablets and children's toys. >> i don't think every lithium ion battery one has to were about. incidents occur in batteries not normal for one reason or another. now the airlines sayer use with the batteries are exceedingly rare. when they fail it can result in fires that burn extremely hot. in fact, some airlines have started carrying special containers that you could put a laptop or other device that is melting down inside. and would contain the fire. >> that's the "overnight news" >> that's the "overnight news" for this wednesday.
4:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, september 14th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." donald trump unveils his plan to make child care more affordable. >> it's going to be something special, like this country hasn't seen in many, many decades. olympic athletes' confidential medical data published by russian hackers. and tropical storm julia threatens the northeast florida coast with heavy rain and potential flooding. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cew


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