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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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studios this is "kpix5" news. good morning, everyone. it is monday september 19th and i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami maybe part of a cell and he is wanted for questioning after a pressure cooker device went off in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. everyone injured is now out of the hospital. five explosive devices were found in new jersey overnight and investigators are trying to determine if it is connected to the blast in new york city. last night someone spotted a bag with wires and pipe sticking out of it at a train station in the city of elizabeth. the fbi bomb squad stickered -- triggered a display -- triggered an explosion. it's about 40 minutes from chelsea in manhattan. isis coming responsibility for the attack -- an attack at a mall in minnesota. a man stepped nine people.
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and off-duty police officer shot and killed the suspect. investigators say he is a 22- year-old immigrant from somalia. a news agency linked to the terror group says the man was a soldier of -- of the islamic state. the recent attacks and police on high alert, although there are no known threats against the city, the department is asking the city to report anything suspicious. there was extra patrols at the giants games this weekend. starting today people in santa clara county can get a $1 right to work but you must be a county employee. jackie ward is live in sunnydale and is all through -- and it is author an app, jackie? >>reporter: exactly. it is all in the power of your handheld mobile device. this action has a pretty big impact. 17,000 workers have the chance to get to and from work for just $1 each way and it is thanks to this app called
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school. they hope it will cut down on traffic and parking. the city of palo alto started using it a few years ago. >> i can. him up. >> i get to ride with someone and i don't have to drive every day. >>reporter: the board of supervisors approved $10,000 in funding and the pilot program will last until one year end until the funding is launched. six at 2:00 let's get a check on the roads with rocky. how is it going? >> it is going to badly. we have a traffic alert and dixon right now. let's take a look at this fatal motorcycle -- crash and as i said fatal motorcycle crash and cars moving at 20 miles per
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hour. we will keep you updated as to when this clears up. all lanes currently block. now let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza 13 is bridge to the toll plaza 25-30 minutes and expect some delays through the toll plaza traffic picking up towards the maze into san francisco. headed to the altamont pass off the 205, slow conditions. 5 miles per hour and then it frees up into livermore. look at the slow moving traffic in the commute traffic along the dublin interchange. will take you about 20 minutes. here is a look at your peninsula pollute -- commute from hayward. 880-101 westbound will take you 15 minutes and no delays to report. back to you, roberta. >> rocky, you know today is one of my favorite days in the whole wide world? >> oakland a's? >> okay, yeah but it's talk like a pirate day. [laughter] i looked up your pirate name.
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it's jack tuna breath. >> i like that. >> i don't make this up. 6:03 a.m. we have michelle's pirate coming up. slow and cool, 64 in livermore and the coast is clear. the coast will have a westerly flow later today so numbers coming down. 70 still in pacifica. 80s coming around the peninsula today and we jump into the 90s. cam -- 93 morgan hill. yesterday we had a record high of 102 in gilroy. that will tumble back to 100 degrees. 80s coming around the san jose rose garden area into willow glen. 86 in san jose down from 94 yesterday. temperatures east of the bay 100 in brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay. it was 100 yesterday in livermore. today just a couple degrees cooler and same in walnut creek.
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temperatures near 90 and 90 and camfield. take your pick from the 60s in bodega bay, 70s at the beach and into occidental and upstream you can go temperatures into the mid-90s. full forecast and pirate names coming up. we look forward to that, roberta. thank you. throughout the bay area many are remembering an activist. rose pak passed away. kpix is live in the newsroom. >>reporter: she was larger than life. although she never held political office she was loved, respected and feared at city hall for decades. rose pak was born in china and got a masters in journalism in
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the u.s. and made her mark on san francisco. first is a chronicle reporter and then as a community activist. as a longtime leader of the chamber of commerce she helped many immigrants resettle. she was known by many as the godmother who worked to bring them better living conditions and helped give them political power by sending a lot of folks to the polls. family and friends can -- gathered at rose. sway. she was discovered -- friends gathered at the street named after her rose pak's way. she was discovered by healthcare worker. >> she was one in a million. tough as nails. >> rose pak was known for her biting with -- with and blatant mockery of her political enemies. she was famous as a political kingmaker and notably started the run and run campaign for now
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mayor edley. her funeral is tentatively -- ed lee. her funeral is at -- is in san francisco. most recently speaking out against a proposal to shut down parts of stockton street to cars. we will hear what she has to say coming up in the next at -- in the next half-hour. the trial for the fairfield woman caught on camera throwing her dog is scheduled to start 31-year-old brandy chin through her pug at her boyfriend during an argument. police arrested her after they saw the video she pleaded not guilty to felony animal abuse charges. of that examined the dog and said he was not seriously hurt. a mother and daughter i said to be sentenced this morning for an incident involving a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. the incident in petaluma, --
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county was recorded. the two work convicted of resisting, obstructing or delaying a law enforcement officer. today president obama makes his final appearance at the un general assembly before leaving the white house. the crisis in syria is at the top of the agenda when world leaders meet today. candidates hoping to replace president obama is present in chief will be there. hillary clinton and donald trump are both expected to meet with egyptian president today. clinton will sit down with the president of the ukraine. the trump campaign is dealing with questions about his sudden shift on president obama's birthplace. and face the nation his campaign manager tried moving passed the controversy. >> donald trump advocated something for five years that was a lie. why did he do that? >> you have to ask him but again i think this is a sideshow now that the media seem obsessed with.
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>> the first presidential debate is one week from today. democratic vice president nominate tim kaine will's -- will attend several campaign fundraisers on wednesday he will attend two in appleton and two in san francisco. tickets go from $1000 to $33,000 . cities all over the bay area tried to get cars and trucks off of the road but apparently that effort is not working. and a sweet offer for donut lovers today. how you can get your hands on some free krispy kreme doughnuts. >> all right. good morning, everyone. from the kpix record -- weather center we had record heat yesterday. more temperatures in the triple digits and i will share where you can expect it. a traffic alert. if you're headed out how to avoid this major hotspot coming up. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police say a mendecino county teen was killed during a police good morning, everyone. it is 6:13 a.m., monday, stop at what you are doing and take a look at this. this is your last summer monday with autumn arriving on thursday. it's going to be a smoker again today in the inland areas chopped -- topping off in the triple digits. pinpoint forecast less than four minutes away. police say mendocino county teenager was killed over the weekend and a police chase. here is a look at the scene near highway 12 and fulton road. they tried to pull the car over around 3:00 a.m. the driver spread off -- sped off and plowed into another car . they say romero was killed but did not confirm whether he was the driver or a passenger. despite san francisco's many
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public transit options car registration has gone way up according to the dmv. the number of cars registered has jumped by over 27,000 in the last four years. san mateo county son even larger spike of 56,000 cars during the same period in contra costa county actually saw a boost of 86,000. still some san francisco supervisors maintain transit options need work but serve an important purpose. >> transit first is not about torturing people out of their cars. it's about giving so many great options. we need subways and get caltran all the way downtown. >> the mayor told us that he hates seeing just one person in a car. he claims he gives as many rides as possible. later today we will finally get to see gopro's new drone. it's called the karma. the company is unveiling it today. we find out when it will go on sale and you can watch the live
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stream on gopro's facebook page at 9:00 a.m. this morning. raiders fans gathered for the seasons home open yesterday with the team's future in oakland and out. >> roger goodell says much works -- work needs to be done before the nfl considers the raiders to move. a nevada oversight committee just approved $750 million in public funding for an nfl stadium in las vegas. vamps are bombed about another potential -- fans are not happy about another potential move. >> if they don't want the raiders we are gone. >> oakland mayor libby shaft does not support tax -- tax money for the project. today is the day to use
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your pirate banter. >> it's international talk like a pirate day. if you say plunder or maybe at any krispy kreme you will get a sweet reward. the company is giving out a free doughnut to every pirate impersonator. if you dress like a pirate like roberta does from time to time you can score 12 doughnuts. >> roberta is our unofficial pirate. >> what is my pirate nap? >> one eyed jim something. >> and yours? >> i can't remember. >> i know mine has to do with tuna fish. >> tuna breath. >> you are wrap scallion tuna breath. >> i like wrapped scallion. >> and you are meaty gold daily. >> you can go to our facebook state -- phase -- go to our facebook page and you can find
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out your pirate name. >> when are the krispy kreme donuts coming? later today? >> after you walk the plank. >> all right. tuna breath. >> come on, kenny. seriously we have a fatal motorcycle crash eastbound 80 in dixon before. school road and this is a chp traffic alert. investigators are on the scene tried to figure out what happened. as you can see traffic is moving all the way down to three miles per hour and if you want to avoid this we suggest you take midway road instead. let's head to the bay bridge on the other side of 80 westbound carquinez bridge to the maze will take you about 26 to 30 minutes and expect the backup towards the maze and it will be slow getting into the the altamont pass coming off of the 205 here very slowly
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moving. we had a crash earlier that caused major backup but it has now moved off of the shoulder and it clears up in livermore. more slow moving traffic on the dublin interchange. let's talk about the peninsula commute looking good on the san mateo bridge. hayward-880 westbound takes you 15 minutes across the span. >> roberta, how is the weather today? >> this is our live weather camp. absolutely beautiful. autumn arrives on thursday. this is your last monday. it's going to feel like summer time with temperatures up in the triple digits away from the bay. hey, san jose, computer models just come on. notice by lunchtime easily upper 80s. afternoon high of 84. southbay, a lot of ozone trapped
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very close to the service and lacking a good went to kick it out. therefore a bit hazy today away from the bay. satellite radar the coast is clear. yesterday san francisco 86 degrees. today is the recipient of a westerly float during the afternoon hours with highs in the 70s. high pressure is beginning to lose its hold and it's firm grip on the western state. this top ridge will flatten out and as it does show a little clouds rolling in for tuesday. the coast remains clear but here come the clouds from the south drifting up across santa cruz into the bay. tomorrow, partly sunny with additional cooling taking place. sunrise this morning, officially 6:55 a.m. the time it sets at 710 a.m. these are the temperatures we record. -- 7:10 p.m. -- 80s peninsula, wrap around towards rose garden district, 100 degrees. brentwood, tracy, byron,
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discovery bay, somebody's backyard will hit like 102. it was 100 in livermore and in concord -- concord 98. take your. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s north of the golden gate bridge. low 90s in santa rosa. 92 in cloverdale. here is your extended forecast. increasing clouds much cooler for the first day of autumn and the boys of summer are back in town after a successful road trip. we have cotton on the mound for the good guys and temperatures 70s and low 80s and here is a look at sports. and i am dennis o'donnell. the 49ers get a dose yesterday. the ball was not bouncing the raiders way. we will to get off of straight ahead. >> the sunrise report is brought to you by el camino hospital. hospital of silicon valley. ♪
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good morning, everyone. the raiders the last time we went to the post season it was following the 2002 season. everybody knows that, right? did you know the last time they opened it two-zero was also 2002. raider fans making a push to keep the team in oakland. forth quarter raiders go for it on 4th and gore -- 4th and go. they tied the game at 21. ensuing drive matt ryan's pass tip -- tipped putting atlanta back up on top and the falcons win 35-28. the raiders dropped a 1-1. the 49ers facing the reigning mvp cam newton and the panthers. newton through for four touchdown passes this one to been jamaican -- to benjamin. they both give up over 500 yards. this is the giant playoff folks.
6:25 am
a two run home run of albert florez. the giants drop into the national league second wilds -- wildcard spot and in texas oakland chris davis hit two home runs to become the first player -- a's player to do it in the season. the giants in action at dodgers stadium tonight. i am dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the play of the day from the nfl saints and the giants in new jersey, the new orleans field- goal attempt led to an abrupt change of events. >> 48-yard attempt to the left and it is blocked. and it's a recovery and he will take it all the way for a giants touchdown [ cheering ] [ cheering ] kenny albert on the call. that was janoris jenkins with the run all the way to the end
6:26 am
zone and it helped the new york football giants to a 16-13 win. >> it is 6:25 in the popular destination for locals and tourists alike -- alike along the bay area coast is now a total loss. and santa clara county wants its employees to carpool and we will tell you about the sweet deal they worked out with this ridesharing and.-- ridesharing app
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. coming up, donald trump embroiled in another debate. but the candidate and his campaign are saying. plus samantha power, and what she has to say. live this is kpix news. >> she swore like a sailor and was tough as nails. i am anne makovec on how san
6:30 am
francisco is saying good bye to political powerhouse rose pak. hot weather creating. albums for bay area firefighters. kenny did you say hot weather? we will have triple digits again today. >> and from hot weather to hotspots we've got a fatal motorcycle crash in the dixon area and how slow is the traffic moving and how to avoid it. it is monday, september 19th and m kenny show -- kenny choi. and i am michelle griego. a suspect was comes after several this is -- suspicious devices were found in new jersey. hedda daniels is live with the very latest. >>reporter: good morning. there is an ongoing police presence here. we are told the nypd is at heightened alert. like you mentioned a lot of news broke overnight. the suspect is 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. he is a u.s. citizen and he lives in new jersey and while
6:31 am
the manhunt is underway police say he is armed and dangerous. >> the fbi is now looking for this man. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. sources tell cbs news ahmad khan rahami is a suspect in the manhattan bombing and he is armed and dangerous. the search for ahmad khan rahami comes as authorities suspended train service overnight after a suspicious package was found at a train station in elizabeth. the city's mayor said one device went off unintentionally is the bomb squad began inspecting it. the new development came as the fbi and nypd. >> reporter: several people into custody during a traffic stop in brooklyn and connections to saturday explosion -- nypd took several people into custody in brooklyn in connection to the saturday
6:32 am
explosion. so far it is not being called an act of terrorism. >> we have a lot of work to do to say what kind of motivation was behind this. was it political, personal. >> some intelligence experts are pointing to connections between chelsea and and boston marathon bath -- bombing. >>reporter: a pressure cooker device was used in the 2013 attack. unlike that one the ones in new york had cell phones attached. >> that gives them the ability to detonate from anywhere and it is troubling. >>reporter: they are trying to figure out whether the chelsea bombing is connected to another bombing in new jersey which also may have used a cell phone as a trigger. >> there were two bombs placed here. one here on 23rd street that went off and injured 29 straight and another one on 27 that did not go off. police say as of this morning they have secured the scene. hedda daniels in new york, thank you.
6:33 am
the owners of the popular store in pescadero hoping to read it -- rebuild. this fire destroyed their shop early. police say the country store was a popular restaurant and hang out. neighbors say they want to help the owners rebuild. >> write down in the north bay crews are monitoring these flames just outside of fairfax. the fire started around 5:00 p.m. near a boy scout camp and burned about 10 acres and was roughly 60% contained by late last night. firefighters say no one was hurt but they are still investigating the cause. and an 11-acre brush fire brought this to dublin yesterday crews used dozers and fire drops to put out the flames. now this is a september i remember. >> yeah. >> record heat again to gay.
6:34 am
after yesterday 104 in vallejo, -- again today. it's a record high of 89 in oakland and if you were at the raider game we felt the heat. i know this shot is a little blown out but i wanted to share with you. you can see the beautiful soft -- beautiful skyline in san francisco to the span of the beautiful day ridge and east bay hills glowing. official son up 6:55 a.m. temperature wise low to cool. 57 stay santa rosa. -- 57 in santa rosa. raise your hand if you want free ac and that's why you're going to work. another day of temperatures above average along the seashore. san francisco you should be right around 70 today. calm and you will beard -- barely feel the difference today. sunday temperature anywhere from 87-94 all around the rose
6:35 am
garden district including willow glenn. 67 at the beaches which is nice. it's 93 and morgan hill and east bay will sizzle to 100 again today mid-90s walnut creek and 60s, 70s 80s and 90s and take your pick across the north bay. 48 after the hour but rocky you are busy. >> i am busy, you are right, roberta. let's take a look at this traffic alert and dixon. a fatal motorcycle crash and all lanes have been closed. the left lane is open while chip is out there investigating. this is eastbound 80 before pitt school road in dixon and a fatal motorcycle crash. conditions -- very slow conditions. southbound 880 in hayward right before the bridge which is highway 92, a four car crashed blocking lanes. very slow headed onto the san mateo bridge and here is a look
6:36 am
at that commute. eight 80-101 westbound will take you about 20 minutes. i will send it back to you at the desk. thousands of employees and santa clara county can now catch a ride to work for $1. it is all because of a car pulling at -- app. jackie ward is live in sunnyvale with all of the details. jackie? this is part of an effort to cut down on the congestion on the roads that we all face each and every day and parking issues. the app is called scoop and it matches drivers to carpoolers to share rides. starting today 17,000 santa clara employees will have a chance to use this app at an introductory rate of $1 each way to and from work. county government is the second largest employer. and this has the potential to make a big impact. our average ship is around 20 miles or more. as part of the contract scoop is
6:37 am
giving santa clara data in the savings it's temporary and it can be used on both ios and android devices. in sunnydale jackie ward keep yaks five. jackie, thank you. many are remembering rose pak and activist who -- an activist who always left a good impression. >> her health had been in question for some time but because she was one of those people that was larger than life. rose pak was born in china that she burst onto the san francisco scene first as a reporter for the conical and then as a community activist. as a longtime leader of the chinese chamber of commerce and has helped many immigrants resettle in the city. family and friends gathered
6:38 am
yesterday next to the street named after her, rose pak weight . caretaker dis -- rose pak's way. a caretaker discovered her home and she had recently received a transplanted kidney overseas. >> she was the friend and enemy of mayors and board of supervisors but at the end of the day she was a lovely person and i will miss her. >> rose pak was known for her biting wick -- wit and beating mockery and always delivered with a smile. she kept her eye on the prize. last month she was upset about keeping stock in street blocked off so she threatened her own blockade. >> we had thousands of trucks and cars blockading the hall for one week and see how they like it. nobody could get in and out. and that's a promise, it's not a threat.
6:39 am
>> rose pak who was famous as a political kingmaker, never for herself but she got other people elected. she kicked off the run, ed, ron campaign for current mayor ed lee. her funeral is scheduled for saturday. in the newsroom anne makovec. the race for the u.s. senate in california is getting personal and donald trump is one of the major reasons why. political analyst melissa kaine will join us to explain. keep yaks five mobile weather lab powered by toyota. see your local toyota dealer to test drive one of our award- winning vehicles. toyota, we go places. ,,
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- the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. joining us now... k-c-b-s radio financial reporter jas it looks like the flammable phone problem is far from over for samsung. joining us now jason brooks. good morning. good morning michelle and kenny. samsung's headaches continues and at least two devices caught
6:43 am
fire in china. those would be the first cases in china and would come after samsung had said that the galaxy note seven sold in note -- in china were just fine. this global recall has cost them about $10 million in market value, it will cost $1 billion for the recall and that means samsung has to raise money. it is selling stakes it has a number of companies it has investments in including a couple of silicon valley companies as samson has to raise all of that money.twitter has been dealing with investor angst on its inability to grow the user base and now it will answer in court. a lawsuit has been filed via a shareholder who says that twitter misled investors with its growth plan. sing two years ago it would have .5 billion users in the intermediate term and over 1 billion in the long-term.
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it's been stuck at 300 million users and the suit looks to ghost -- lexical class action. twitter stock not impacted by the report this morning. stock market heading higher ahead of the critical fed meeting. let's go to the big board and see how well we are doing. -- it's going class-action -- s&p up by nine points in early going. michelle and kenny back to you. jason brooks from cape yes radio think you. >> 6:44 a.m. and let's get a check of the roads with rocky. let's to hayward right now we have a crash to update you on . if you're headed onto the san mateo bridge it's going to be a slow way to get on their picks up on 880 four highway 92. it's a four car crash and it has moved to the shoulder but is still causing slow moving traffic at just seven miles per hour. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. not a different story here. slow moving traffic into the foster city and peninsula.
6:45 am
880-101 will take you up to 20 minutes. altamont pass out of tracy slow- moving conditions. this is due to an earlier crash that is now moving but causing slowdowns onto the double interchange. here is a look at the chp traffic alert. eastbound 80 before pitt school road. a fatal motorcycle crash still causing very slow traffic. for miles per hour and traffic is moving. as an alternate please consider midway road instead. here is a look at the south bay. looking pretty good. back to you. >> it is talk like a pirate date so we are going to head to the coast. we do have a bit of light log along ocean beach is taken from our view from the cliff house. currently temperatures low-to cool. we could see record minimum temperatures this morning after a record high and sunday.
6:46 am
63 in oakland. 65 in san jose. we have seen a little bit of light stratus developing. -- record high on sunday -- san jose by lunchtime you experience a high temperature right around the 80s. upper 80s and then an afternoon high temperature -- in forecast -- an forecast -- an afternoon high temperature has linda in napa sporting 57 degrees. 67 at this early hour and slow to cool after high of 86 degrees in san francisco. hello, george. katie and he would good morning. 65 degrees and it is all because of high pressure
6:47 am
building in but now this upper ridge will flatten off with some of the clouds spilling in from the south. tomorrow we will all feel the difference with much cooler air mass here and effect today is going to turn out to be the hottest day of the work week 6:55 a.m. central. temperatures in the across the bay 70s at the beaches. 80s peninsula 93 morgan hill on east bay down from 100 yesterday to 98 in livermore. so you will barely feel the difference there. 60s 70s 80s and 90s north of the golden gate bridge and take your. . mid 90s and clear lake. seasonal weather returns on tuesday and by the first day of autumn on thursday, below- average temperatures. enjoy your monday. the race to be the next u.s. senator from california is getting the trump treatment. >> kpix political reporter melissa kaine is explaining the dustup.
6:48 am
>> donald trump is everywhere. you cannot get through a conversation without talking about him. earlier this year i reported that trump gave twice to carmella harris' campaign. in 2011 he get $5000 in 2013 another 1000. harris said she gave the money to charity sanchez has been bringing up the donations because harris, a state attorney general, has not brought charges against trump university for fraudulent practices. sanchez is basically accusing harris of going easy on trump potentially because of donations. harris did get a $1 billion judgment against corinthian college also a for-profit school so she says she is a great record protecting california -- californians from shady schools. sanchez will point out opposed tightening regulations on for- profit schools.
6:49 am
plenty of fingerpainting -- finger-pointing going on especially with donald trump. >> we've got these two democrats on the ballot and republicans who are about 1/3 of registered voters don't have a republican candidate to vote for. as you might imagine, sanchez who is not doing well in democrats has clearly embraced prominent republicans. she's been endorsed by a conservative republican and a talkshow host hugh hewitt. at the same time remember sanchez is trashing trump. she's is endorsed by republicans and against trump and it may explain why she is not getting big republican support. a new u.s.c. l.a. times report show 11% plan to vote for sanchez and 10% for harris. the rest weather would not vote or would not vote. it does not look like the change is translating into votes.
6:50 am
>> let's talk about debates. when will we see them again debate? >> the debates are such a mess. the whole debate issue has been such a mess. caramel harris wanted to do two debates, sanchez said she wanted four and the end result means only one debate on october 5th in los angeles. mark your calendars it is the only one in we are getting in general election in california. >> so, you know, we have been talking about this morning, all morning long about the death of trent -- the death of rose pak and we want you're take in your thoughts. >> she was such a force of nature. we take for granted chinatown voters are this important political force in the city of san francisco. that has not always been the case. historically chinatown was a city within the city and trent -- rose pak was essential bringing it into the mainstream of city politics making it into
6:51 am
the very important group. she will be sorely missed. >> thank you for the insight. time now 6:50 and we will be right back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the political spoof "veep" was na hbo took the top prizes in last night emmy award ceremony. the political spoof "veep" was named top comedy and julia louis dreyfus won best actress. and emotional dreyfus dedicated the award to her father who passed away just two days earlier. the fantasy saga "game of thrones" one 12 sagas -- 112 awards. the fbi is looking for 28- year-old ahmad khan rahami in connection with saddle --
6:55 am
saturday nights explosion in new york city. they believe ahmad khan rahami may be a part of a terrorist cell. they are trying to figure out who left a bag of explosive devices at a new jersey train station last night. syria will be a major topic of conversation today is president obama attends his final you and general assembly is commander-in-chief. the cease-fire brokered by the u.s. and russia has been violated repeatedly and the weeks since it took effect. opening statements begin today and the bridge gate trial in new jersey. two formal -- former aides are accused of closing lanes to punish a political opponent. jury selection scheduled to begin today of an animal abuse trial.the woman reportedly through her pug at her boyfriend. the dog was not hurt. road closures affect as the oracle world conference
6:56 am
continues in san francisco. howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th until saturday. billie jean king is the featured speaker at today's inclusive leadership summit. and jackie ward in sunnyvale where there should be an impact with 17,000 workers having the ability to go to work for just $1 each way. to and from. they worked out the deal in santa clara. it's a rideshare program that santa clara is going to hope to cut down on traffic problems. it was announced two months ago that several other cities are using it. >> if i can. him up. >> i get to ride with someone and i don't have to drive every day. >> the board of supervisors approved $10,000 in funding so the pilot program last for one
6:57 am
year or until the funding is exhausted. the app is convenient and comes on ios and android devices. thank you, time now 6:56. let's take a look at this traffic alert that was put out earlier this morning. eastbound 80 before. school road. a fatal motorcycle crash has been cleared and all lanes open. as you can see still very slow moving traffic. take midway road instead to avoid that there. another accident and he worked up on 880 before highway 92 at the san mateo bridge. a four car crash on the shoulder but still slow moving onto the san mateo bridge. also slow moving 88-101 westbound will take you 20 minutes and -- across the span there. altamont pass has been slow all morning long. coming off the tool five it seven miles per hour bring up through livermore up to dublin interchange and something to update you want for mass
6:58 am
transit. san francisco bay has cancellations, 730 oakland and 740 alameda are canceled into south san francisco and here is a look at the south bay travel times. back to you. stop what you're doing in take a look at this. this is your last monday of the summer. it is live and our weather cameron is live looking live to the east bay hills. that is just gorgeous. it is balmy outside. eigsti slow to cool.57 degrees in santa rosa for the cool spot. later today cooling along the coast and into the bay all due to a westwind projected to kick in. if it doesn't these numbers will be shattered again and back into the 80s in san francisco. 94 san jose, 80s and 90s to the north.down from 100 yesterday but 100 easily in brentwood. seasonal tuesday and cooler or the arrival of autumn on thursday. and michigan young man with down syndrome felt really proud of -- felt really proud is working as a waterboy.
6:59 am
>> this week he had a chance to score a touchdown of his own. >> [ cheering ] >> and there he goes with everybody cheering him on. robbie was ready for the biggest play of his life and he pulled it off without a hitch. he was pretty good. robbie's mom debbie has cancer and the wildcats wanted her to see just what robbie can achieve on the field. debbie was so moved she rushed from the stance to hug her football hero. >> it takes a village to raise my son in this village is really good and they have been outstanding. >> so sweet. rodney said it made him happy to master the play but his coach said robbie is the one who spreads joy to all of the team. >> that was so exciting. i love that story. favorite story of the day. >> on that no. talk like a pirate day. free donut if you talk like a pirate at a krispy kreme store.
7:00 am
that's right? >> roberta is going to get us some doughnuts. >> and one dozen if you dress up like a pirate.[ music ] ng to our viewers in the west, it is monday, september 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. police identify the suspected bombmaker behind weekend explosions in new york city and new jersey. a manhunt is under way. the latest blast happened overnight in new jersey when police tried to detonate bombs found near a train station. investigators are getting new clues from surveillance video of saturday's bombing in manhattan. >> only on "cbs this morning," we get an up close look at how the agency is dealing with isis and challenges to its own existence. >> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 sds


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