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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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fire. a shelter was set up at mcdowell elementary school. no injuries were reported. report report john john is at the -- reporter john ramos is at the scene. >> reporter: you can see the fire here spread to the eucalyptus tree. firefighters fought the blaze from the freeway but the flames quickly moved into the backyards of homes on stewart street below. >> i will guess their are eight homes affected. all the backyards, a lot of exposure, their back porches and the back of the structures caught on fire. i think probably four, maybe five houses the fire got inside and up in the attic. >> at least two of the homes afear be total losses. >> reporter: no injury were reported. firefighters say they don't know a cause yet, but the fire was definitely aided by wind and the dry condition of the eucalyptus trees. fire units from ten different
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departments in the area responded, as well as the cal fire helicopter. in petaluma, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the fire was clearly visibly from highway 101. viewers send this video with the smoke and flames shoot from behind the trees. the thick smoke also seen in surrounding neighborhoods. firefighters are expected to be on the scene for some time so avoid the area if at all possible. firefighters are bracing to contain a fast moving wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. chopper 5 is over the scene. take a look. giant walls of smoke have been filling the skies as it ripped through rugged terrain. >> it threatens nearly 300 homes a short time ago. chopper 5 is showing us how close the fire is to one of the houses. you can see the flames burn tong nearby ridge. >> we are have -- burning on the nearby ridge. >> and it is completely engulfing this tree. >> and here is the gray, black
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clouds seen from all over santa cruz county and the santa clara valley. >> the fire broke out yesterday afternoon and has been spreading ever since. >> we have team coverage on this tire. but first let's go to kpix 5 news keit do on the firelines of the santa cruz mountains tonight. >> reporter: yes. i want to give you an idea of how unusual the conditions are. when you see a fire grow 500- acre, usually the wind is blowing at a good clip but check this out. there is virtually no wind out here. the firefighters say the conditions out here are so dry the fire is fueled and primed and ready to go. that means they have their work cut out for them. we hear it all the time, the wind is usually what drives the fire, but look carefully. there is none. blame this one on the drought. >> in the absence of wind, we
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are seeing explosive fire behavior just because the fuels are so dry we get these hot days and unfortunately it means the very rapid fire growth. >> reporter: we spent the day on the fire lines and got an up close lesson in extreme fire behavior. watch as smoke and heat from below pre-heats the brush and trees. once all that fuel reaches the so-called ignition temperature, look out. >> the smoke combined with the weather accelerates the whole process. >> reporter: then you get what? >> you get explosive fire behavior. >> reporter: crews cleared out brush and trees to get more defensible safe if the wind shifts and the fire crosses the ravine. it is hot, steep terrain and dirty conditions. a small army has assembled. they will do their best to hold the line. >> their jobs specifically is to make sure that the fire activity that you do see behind
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us doesn't make it to that side of the road. if it did, these crews would jump on it and get that put out as fast as they can. the. >> reporter: all right. you are looking at cal fire crews trying to put out hot spots on the left side of the mountain. that bare strip, line, you see there, that is the line they are hoping to keep the fire from crossing. they are trying to keep the left side of the mountain from catching fire. they are telling us there is a creek that runs parallel to the road. the fire has jump that had creek. it will burn up this road. that is what they are trying to prevent. they do not want the fire to cross this road. if it does, we have mainly problems tonight. >> we saw one firefighter get hit with the fire retardant they put out. but what is the plan for the firefighters tonight specifically? >> reporter: so, typically the fire beds down and it quiets down for the night. you can't fly airplanes and helicopters at night, so they will guard a lot of these homes
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that are threatened right now. they will make sure the fire does not cross the line, but usually daylight is when they do most of their work. they will keep an eye on this and try not to let this thing get out of hand overnight. back to you. >> keit do, thank you so much. we know at least one home has been destroyed in the fire. let's show you the split screen on the left. this is the flames surrounding this house here. today on the right, all that is left is debris and ash and the propane tank. >> the blaze also destroy this had small white outbuilding. the area around it is completely blackened. here is more coverage with people that had to scramble to save themselves and their animals. >> reporter: yes, that is right, veronica. this is jen. she is a 26-year-old rescue horse that when the flames and fire got a little too close for comfort last night had to be rescued yet again. for animal owners in the fast
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moving fire, the volunteers here in santa cruz have provided a refuge they are pets that need it and with it peace and mind. >> the last trailer came in. we got the horses situated and knowing they had food, walter, shelter and there -- water and shelter and there wasn't fire on the other side of the reasonably. it was really good. >> reporter: 15 horses were rescued in the dead of night as a wall of flames moved ever closer to his home. >> loading horse in a dark trailer with flashlights and head lamps is difficult. we were fortunate that all the horses loaded easily with that. >> reporter: volunteers at the horse show grounds are caring for two dozen displaced horses. and there are also four apac can as and they are embracing for more animals. >> every animal should plan what will they do? how will they get them out? are the animals capable to get
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them out? how do you get them in a trailer. >> reporter: now, jordan says the horses were rescued once by him. now the second time by an entire community. >> they have been through a lot of tough situations. they take it really well. we are really fortunate to have a good group of horses. >> reporter: as you can see some of the rescue horses are getting much needed exercise here tonight. now, their owners say they are planning to stay here for the next couple of day, they say until the fire is either contained, or out, or until they at least have some confidence the wind won't shift and drive it back toward their house. devi silvia, kpix 5 news. >> take a look at this picture. the fire was taken last night from the santa cruz boardwalk. the orange glow of the fire rising over the mountain. and this is time lapse of the fire taken from our shows camera. joints -- san jose camera.
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giant plumes of smoke all through the sky. yesterday flames came close to taking down a set of communications towers. >> here is a quick recap of the latest numbers. the fire burned nearly 1,500- acres. it is only 5% contain this had hour. nearly 300 homes in santa clara and santa cruz counties are being threatened. one structure has been destroyed there. more than 500 firefighters are out there fighting the fire. air tangers and firefighters have -- tankers and firefighters have been fighting the flames from above. >> the firefighters have their hands full but there is good news as we take a look at chop chop live over the fire right now. eather))) (((weather))) fficult cloudies of smoke have been filling the -- clouds of smoke have been filling the air all day but the temperatures have fallen into the 80s. winds out of the northwest at
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the most 10 miles per hour. as has been pointed out, the lighter winds have helped out. this will help out, too. temperatures will begin to cool after readings in the 90s inland today. still 79 in santa rosa and 79 in mountain view. look at what is on the way. low pressure on the pacific northwest will bring on winds. it will be much, much cooler as we head into the latter half of the week. in fact, we may even get some rain. we will have details in the forecast a few minutes from now. >> thank you, brian. the heat making it difficult for true crews to contain the saw mill fire in sonoma county. flames scorched nearly 1,500- acres there since sunday. it is 55% contained. no word yet on what start that had fire. and all the eastbound lanes on the eastbound san rafael bridge is finally reopened, nearly nine hours after a traffic nightmare
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wreck. a truck crashed into a guardrail and burst into flames. the rig was hauling 24 tons of contaminated soil from a construction site. no injuries were reported. and a driver share this is video on social media as he approached the wreck. you can see that giant plume of thick black smoke filling the air there from the lower deck. it took hours for crews to make sure the bridge sustained no significant damage and clean everything up. and here is video. you can see how difficult it was to get the charred big rig out. the frame of the rig was stuck to the bridge deck chp says. drivers trying to avoid the bridge are stacked up on highway 101. take a look at that. all the red arrows leading to highway 37. that is the other alternate route for people trying to head east. testimony in a case against a pair of drifters charged with two bay area murders. kpix 5's mohammed emwazi got
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out of -- emily turner got out of court. >> reporter: the prosecution's key witness, one the defense, took the stand. that is the attorney for lila olliegood's description of sean angle's testimony today, the third suspect in the morin murder ofstein carter, deafing against olliegood and lamply as part of the plea deal. the prosecution would not talk on camera but argued against cameras in court for fear of angle's safety. in his teary testimony he watched lamply shoot both audrey carrie, the canadian backpacker in golden park and steve in fairfax. during the cross examination, the defense went after angle's testimony, highlighting all the times he lied to investigator, been on drugs
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and changed his story. then sited his plea deal with the prosecution as a possible motive for more lies. hoping those questions could plant a reasonable doubt in the future juror's mind about who actually pulled the trigger is there that is clearly the big lie, but everything else, all this isn't that he is talking about. he with out himself in a position and that is not the way it went down. >> to save his own neck? >> of course. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing will resume friday at 10:00. in morin county, emily turper, kpix 5 news. >> angle agreed to testify in exchange for a 15 year sentence but it is contingent on whether the prosecution believes the testimony is truthful. and i am len len. what would happen if a real jetliner caught on fire. ahead, how this realistic training is making arrangements in the bay area safer. >> a bay area couple thought it was a halloween prank until they saw the guns.
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the husband describes the terrifying homes robbers pistol whipped him and shot his wife in their own driveway. >> and what the candidatesdy and didn't say, including name calling. experts weigh in on the hidden maning in the images, coming up.
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when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall.
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that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. area safer. and it's happening right in our backyard. kpix 5's len ramirez gives us a close-up look at the simulation.. from moffett field. [nats] fire on the runways at
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this aircraft is a mobile life-sized mock up of a jet liner, complete with passenger dummies inside and rigged with pumps and propane tanks to shoot flames from the wing, engines and fuselage. >> it is a big difference from squirting water out of a fire truck and pretending you are an aircraft fight her than being able -- fighter than being able to stand there and visualize what is actually going on. >> reporter: the san jose fire departments came in for the specialized training, part of a yearly requirement for hot training by the faa. instead of making firefighters travel cross country to simulation sites, it comes to them, saving tax payer's money. >> they get to use their own equipment which is beneficial. they could not be familiar with somebody else's equipment. they are working as a team. and here you are sending two or
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three firefighters on a fixed site but here we are training a whole shift. >> reporter: these firefighters may not actually see a actual event in their career, but if it happens in the bay area, the training will help save lives. len ramirez, kpix 5 news. a new report found out violate crime in oakland is at its lowest rate in more than a decade. according to fbi violent crime dropped in oakland each year since 2013. between this time last year to now it is down 9%. however, oakland was named the 9th most dangerous city in america with one of the highest robbery rates in the country. in orinda robbers shot a 70- year-old woman in the driveway of her home and pistol whipped the husband. they. >> reporter: attacked last night on claremont avenue. he told the reporter he thought the robbers were playing a prank. jewels? >> reporter: veronica, they thought the robbers were
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playing a halloween prank because they were wearing halloween masks. the couple had just gotten back from the grocery store. they were outside the home when they were con fronted with the unexpected. >> we thought they were my son and buddy doing a pre-halloween prank on us. then i saw the guns and the guy said give it up. >> reporter: 63-year-old tom spalding was pistol whipped in the driveway of his orinda home and his wife, 73-year-old carol brown was shot twice in the shoulder and pelvis. she is still in the hospital. the suspects were wearing halloween masks, catching the couple offguard. >> sort of shaken. nobody expects this to happen. >> reporter: he gave up his wallet but was still pistol whipped. carol thought it was a joke and was fighting to keep her purse but the suspect eventually got it and shot her twice before taking off. she is the vice president of
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the orinda school board. the family has lived in this quiet community for more than 35 years. it is likely the suspects followed the couple home, police say, but they knew the neighborhood because they parked their car facing down the street because there is only one way in and one way out. >> this is very rare in orinda. >> reporter: the chief of police in orinda -- do you have any car or suspect description to go on? >> the neighbors obviously heard the shots and heard a vehicle leaving at a high rate of speed. that means engines revving and tires squealing. we are canvassing the area and looking for witnesses. >> reporter: the couple's son was inside the house at the time. he heard the commotion but never would have suspected this. >> this is a whole "black lives matter" movement going on. it makes me think all lives matter. you don't really hear about stuff like this happening. >> reporter: and police are reviewing surveillance video in the neighborhood. the suspects have already used the victim's credit cards which they put a hold on right
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now. as for carol, she is still in the hospital but her husband tells me she is diligently checking her emails because she has a job to do as school board vice president. a homicide in san jose tops our bay area headlines. police say a man was found stabbed to death in a filed behind an apartment building on gene avenue. the call came in at 10:20 this morning. no word on a motive or suspect. two motorcyclists dies from injuries after crashing in separate races sunday at the sonoma county fairgrounds. identified as a 20-year-old and 17-year-old. the questions are now being raised online about the safety measures and track conditions at the event. alameda county is getting a $1 million federal grant to help outfit officers with body camera, one of 106 national, state and local grants announced by the justice department this week for that purpose. the foothill community college district also received a
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$27,000 grant for police body cameras. >> and a sign that there is a change coming to our weather. fog is now moving back into the bay area. take a look at this time lapse video taken earlier today. that fog rolling in right over the bay. all right. well, brian will tell us that is a lot of relief for folks, firefighters and folks inland? >> yes. really, first the coast, and then it will spread to everybody like thursday. tomorrow more of a transition day but there is relief on the way so that is good news. temperatures will come down as much as 25 degrees between instead and tomorrow night. so, that is probably a step in the right direction as we have a look outside right now. another vantage point of the fog spreading through the bay. a beautiful shot here. the numbers we achieved. 100 degrees at morgan hill today. concord 99. san jose was still 95. along the shoreline the numbers really dropped. 71 in san francisco. look at half moon bay, the
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influence of the fog and low clouds offshore will keep the game moderate tonight. dennis o'donnell is there. he will have a live report in a few minutes. game time will be 64 degrees. the low coming down from the pacific northwest as the high pressure gives way and the pressure falls. in the futurecast you can see the bank of low clouds offshore. as we roll this along it is coming right through the gate. it is persistent much of the day. we wake up tomorrow morning with overcast skies over the peninsula and south san francisco. it will pull back to the shoreline later in the day. it will be milder inland but definitely mild along the shoreline. the coast and bay fog tonight, near seasonal tomorrow and much cooler by late in the week. the forecast highs for tomorrow warm in the east bay, just not as warm as it has been. 87 at fairfield, 89 in concord, san francisco 66. 64 in pacifica. in the extended forecast,
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finally we get a little breath of fresh air in the bay area. the warmest temperatures tomorrow about 90 degrees. then they continue to drop until the weekend is only in the mid 70s inland. and the low 60s around the bay. that will be dramatic turn around. for the first time it is really going to feel like fall by the time we get to friday, saturday and sunday. there is a hint maybe of some rain sunday and monday. >> okay. my goodness. i am wearing a white sun dress. i am trying to soak it all in before we get that rain. >> i hear you. >> all right. >> brian, thank you. wells fargo executives making hefty bonuses while employees and customers pay a hefty price. now the plan to pay back millions over the fake account scandals. ,,,,
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soil experts representing the tower's homeowners are drilling 3 holes that will be used to collect data on the water and soil conditions under the luxury high- rise. . testing is under way for the sinking millennium luxury high-rise in san francisco. the tests are expected to last about three weeks. they come nearly two months after homeowners learned that millennium tower had sunk 16 inches and tilted 2 inches since opening in 2009.
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an investigation is under way into who knew about the problem beforehand. a last minute change of venue for next month's treasure island music festival. the two day event will be relocated from the great lawn on the west side of the island to a space near the pier on the southeast corner. the festival is october 15th and 16th this year. and it will be the last on treasure island. the festival has to find a new location to make way for a $6 billion redevelopment project about to get under way. coming up in our next half hour, a race to protect homes from a raging wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. hundreds of people forced to pack up. we will have an update on the extreme challenges that fire crews are facing tonight. >> and the first presidential debate shatters tv records. now we break down the secret signals and the high stakes showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump.
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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over another fire... this one burning in novato... this is at novato boulevard and wilson avenue... we are told.. this started w and we begin this half hour with breaking news. chopper 5 over another fire. this one breaking right now. this is novato and wilson avenue. you can see all those homes there in the smoke rising.
6:31 pm
we told it started with a pg&e power pole on fire which sparked a vegetation fire which now led to a house fire. fire crews are on the scene. we will stay on top of this and bring you more as we get it. and at least four homes burned with a fire spread in petaluma. the fire started on the left shoulder ofbound highway 101 and spread quickly to the trees and homes. about 20 houses were evacuated. nobody was hurt. >> and a raging wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains threatening hundreds of homes right now. firefighters have been attacking the flames from the ground and air. about an hour a/c a dc-10 air tanker dropped fire retardant over the flames that scorched over 1,500-acres and is just 5% contained. here is more details from the fire lines. >> reporter: you are looking at the 500 firefighters out here today. the thin, bare ridge you see there, that is what they were trying to keep the fire from
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crossing today, keep it on the right side and from spreading to the left side. they are battling the hot spots and trying to keep the fire from getting out of control on the north side of the hill. if it does they will have problems tonight. keit do, kpix 5 news. >> one of the most dramatic moments happened yesterday as flames surrounded this house. take a look at that picture showing flames completely engulfing the house as black clouds of smoke filled the air. and this is what is left of that home. chopper 5 was back over the scene today. all that is left, debris and ash. a record-breaking 84 million people watched the debate last night according to nielsen. were you one of them? the ratings company also found a majority of the viewers tuned into the four major broadcast networks which includes here at cbs. in our snapshot poll we are asking if the debate had any impact often your motivation to vote. are you more likely to vote, less likely to vote or no
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change. go to to weigh in. in the meantime both campaigns are claiming victory today. hillary clinton celebrated her debate performance with a midday rally in raleigh, north carolinas. and donald trump was also upbeat in another state, he held a round table in miami. >> it was a fascinating period of time. i think we did very well. we won virtually every poll. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [ cheering & applause ] one down and two to go. >> the next presidential debate is october 9th. kpix 5 news political analyst melissa caen joining us now. >> yes. we asked language experts to weigh in in last night's debate. in the most watched political
6:34 pm
debate in history, words matters, beginning on what they called each other. >> in all fairness to secretary clinton, yes, is that okay, good? i want you to be very happy. it is very important to me. secretary clinton. hillary, hillary. >> the author of backlash, a book about gender, media and politics. >> she started out -- secretary clinton, there was a moment he got flustered and frustrated and referred to her in a dismissive way. i was sitting in a room full of women watching the debate. to a woman they all let out a gasp. >> and the uc berkeley linguistics provider says clinton's choice of names for donald trump was also specific. >> donald, donald. >> very conscious decisions. donald. and what that does is take away the power of the name trump. >> and sometimes it was the what the candidates don't say that is just as telling.
6:35 pm
for example, clinton avoided criticizing the republican party. >> she never attacked the republican leadership when the republicans are responsible for all that trump says has gone wrong she could have said the republicans this and that but what will that do to folks that are republicans, right? that is not a good idea. >> reporter: and trump made sure to point out what he didn't say. >> i was going to say something extremely rough to hillary, to her family, and i said to myself, i can't do it. i just can't do it. it is inappropriate, it is not nice. >> why didn't he just say it? >> because he would have been accused of being a below the belt, unfair, etc. if he says i am a good person by not saying this thing, which is saying it. >> reporter: well, on the subject of word, according to google analytics, during the debate there were more searches
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related to clinton than trump. we don't know if they are positive or negative, but it is only the fifth time that clinton has beat out trump on google searches during this race. other popular terms that people googled during the debate were bragadocious, lester holt and why is donald trump sniffling but the most searched term may not surprise you. the most searched term during the debate was voter registration. >> thank you, and speaking of, voter registration day is today. events were held in the bay area and across the country. at san rafael students at dominican university helped people vote. >> a lot of them are political science majors. they realize elections matter and their voice matters. in order to participate they need to be registered to vote. >> california officials credit facebook's reminder to register to vote for a surge in
6:37 pm
online registration in recent days. some wells fargo executives will give back tens of millions of dollars in the wake of the fraudulent bank account scandal. john stump will give up $41 million in equity. wells fargo paid a $185 million fine for opening accounts in customer's names without their knowledge. the incentive program that led to the phoney accounts has been eliminated but not before 5,300 employees lost their jobs for being involved. the pie wielding protestor that targeted sacramento's mayor is threatening to sue. sean thompson was in court today for a bail hearing. he admits planting a pie in mayor consecutive johnson's face last week but he wasn't expecting the mayor to hit back, punching him in the face. suing the mayor is not off the
6:38 pm
table. >> he wants to collect for my client's hospital visit and the severity of his injury. >> i would not go out and do it again now. >> thompson is under a restraining order to stay away by 20 feet of the mayor. focus on the roads. what you will soon not be able to do behind the wheel while driving here in california. >> and how far would you go to have a healthy baby. the medical break through that created a baby with three parents. >> a and there is still time to -- and there is still time to vote. has the debate had any impact on your motivation to vote. go to and we will share results after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their smartphones. that's because governor brown just signed a bill closing some loopholes in the state's hands free law. the new restrictions on mapping and music go into effect in january. violators will have to pay a 20 dollar fine... with fines going up for additional offenses.
6:41 pm
a major medical breakthrough: the first baby in the world has be three parents. there will be new fines for mapping and music on phones while driving. governor rd the governor signed the bill. well, there is a goal to switch out a mother's faulty dna in a baby. the procedure is not approved here in the united states. so the baby's parents travel to mexico to have it performed. >> this situation is a desperate situation for the baby and family. >> the baby is nearly six months old and doing great. yea. let's go ahead and take a look at the results from the snapshot poll. we have been asking you has the debate had any intact on your motivation to vote. >> kind of interesting. 55% say they are more likely to vote.
6:42 pm
about 15% say they are less likely. close to 30% say no change. >> we will continue this poll tonight on night beat. tweet me and let in he know your thoughts on this one and weigh in on my poll on my twitter page. come join us for bay area night beat on our sister station. talk about an out of this world vacation, elon musk's plan to take humans to mars and how much it could cost. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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founder and c-e-o elon musk well, we have already been to the moon so why not set up shop on mars. that is the pitch from space founder elon musk at a conference in mexico. he layed out plans for a colony on the red planet. he thinks that will happen in the next 50 to 150 years. he plans to make an unmanned trip to mars before 2018 and
6:46 pm
send the first humans to the red planet in 2024. >> hopefully i suspect you would see mars travel time as low as 30 days in the more distant future. it is fairly manageable considering trips we used to do in the old days that roux teenly took six months or more. >> -- routinely took six months or more. >> hawaii is sounding better and better. musk hopes to reduce a trip to $200,000 a person and make rockets reusable. he says nichol any could grow crops and contain buildings and have the resources to send spaceships back to earth. it would have to be a round trip ticket. >> it would be nice to visit my friends out there. >> it is a long trip to mars and a round trip is even longer. you know, dream big. as we have a look at the
6:47 pm
waning moments of this tuesday afternoon, temperatures still climbed into the 90s today. look at the fog filtering into the city with a beautiful shot as we approach sunset. con ford is 81. san francisco is 63 degrees. the influence of the fog being felt close to the shoreline. inland not so much. tonight the fog will be near the shore. overnight lows mostly in the mid 50s. sun up tomorrow morning at 3 minutes after 7:00. the high pressure is finally giving us a record high for the past three days will give way to low pressure away from the gulf. as the low calms down, temperatures will come down, as well. look at the comparison between monday and the forecast tomorrow. in a mere 48 hours temperatures have dived by 25 crease. significantly cooler a -- degrees. significantly cooler along the coast. inland it didn't do much today in the cooling off department but it will tomorrow. we will be back in the 80s.
6:48 pm
the low pressure will come down and mix they thinks up. we should get moderate air quality, better than unhealthful which is what we have been at for three days in a row. tomorrow we will be near average and much cooler late in the week. san francisco 66 degrees tomorrow. 4 degrees below average. that is a switch. concord 5 degrees. san jose 83 and oakland at 70. in the south bay tomorrow we will have sunshine for the most part and 6 at mercedes hill, 72 degrees at hayward. notice the numbers inland will be in the 0s tomorrow. 5 degrees at walnut creek, and 87 out in fairfield. in the north bay for the most part we will begin the day near the shoreline with fog and low clouds. for san rafael 75 degrees tomorrow. 70 in alameda, 80 at napa. in the north bay the number, mostly in the 90s with yo chi ya and lakeport and clear lake in the low 90s. plenty warm up there. for us we get the numbers coming down.
6:49 pm
in the extended forecast that is all born out fairly well with top readings about 90 degrees inland. cool it down further thursday and friday. here is a suggestion of a hint rain could be coming in the bay area. by rain maybe some showers by sunday and monday. but one computer model says yes. the other says no. the third says i don't know. and neither really to we. as we get closer to weekend we will have a better idea of what will happen later in the weekend. we know it will get cool. we also know dennis o'donnell is live after the break.
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all of this with the global warming and the - a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it.
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so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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welcome back everybody to at&t. the giants game will be here at home field. if they don't win a majority of the games they won't make the play-offs and it will be remembered as one of the worst collapses in baseball history. >> talk about this final home stay and what rides on it here. >> a lot rides on it as we all know. >> bruce bochy knows the formula is simple.
6:53 pm
of the three teams battling for the two wild card spots, the giants are the only ones with opponents with a winning record, that team the dodgers. >> we are just beat on the good, feel as good as we can and play good, hardball. >> reporter: they ended the first half of the season 57 and 33. that was the best record in baseball. and on pace to win 103 games. and then the slide began. the cliff hanger. they are dead last and run scored post-all-stars break and the usually reliable bullpen has been a disaster blowing 30 save this is season, the most for any time since 2008. but maybe they found a solution in serum yo romo who has three straight save -- sergio romo who has three straight saves in
6:54 pm
his return. >> do you have confidence in him? >> i think so. you are seeing a veteran guy with experience. you know, he is really stepped up. >> more pressure on the joints as we speak. right now st. louis is leading cincinnati 5-3 in the 5th inning and the new york mets are in miami. the mets are beating miami, which means they will gain a half game on the joints if that remains. now, playing spoiler is second fiddle to the marlins right now. last night they said good-bye to fallen team hate jose fernandez by wearing his jersey. miami's first batter in the game was d. gordon. he had not hit a home run all season but on the third pitch gordon knocked one out to the right field and took a very tearful trip around the bases, something rarely seen on the baseball field. >> i know like as a professional athlete we are supposed to be like above,
6:55 pm
kind of, but yesterday, we were not robots. we are humans. we have feelings and we acted on our feelings today. >> you are look at the jose fernandez jersey right now hanging in the joint's dugout. they will do that tonight and also a moment of silence for the miami marlins pitcher tonight who died tragically in a boating accident on sunday. football. the 49ers defense has allowed 83 points in their past two games. today they announced one of the starters will miss some time. quarterback jimmy ward expected to miss the next couple of games with a hamstring strain. the third year veteran hurt himself in seattle covering a kick-off. he will likely be reevaluated after the october 6th game against the cardinals. as we reported earlier in the newscast, over 81 million americans watched the presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. and colin kaepernick was one of them. the 49ers quarterback was not a
6:56 pm
fan of either candidate. >> to me it is embarrassing to watch these two candidates. they are cheaters and liars and they are almost trying to debate who is less racist. at this point you have to pick the lesser of two evils. >> tom brady is still suspended by the nfl for deplait gait, but don't feel -- deflate- gate. but don't feel sorry for him. the paparazzi snapped these photos of brady sunning in the nude in italy. he will return to the team after this week. al and veronica, trust me, you will never catch me sunbathing nude at baker beach. >> thank goodness. >> good for you. >> man, i was worried about that. >> have a good night, on that note! [ laughing ] ♪
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? thank y'all. i appreciate you, folks. thank you very much. appreciate y'all. thank you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,870 bucks, from hanover park, illinois, it's the porter family... [cheering and applause] and from snellville, georgia, it's the williams family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly drive out of here
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in a brand-new car. give me john. give me caryce. all right. here we go, guys. we got top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 women, what would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and you were a man? john: scream. steve: scream. john: yes, sir! are we? are we? we're gonna play. we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. john: all right. steve: hey, john... john: how you doing, steve? steve: how you doing? y'all look pretty sharp in your red. john: yes, sir. yes, sir. steve: i like that. who decided that, miss becky? john: that would've been my sister karen. steve: yeah, yeah. the women usually decide like that. this is all interesting to these people out here. tom: they look interested. karen: well, you should look-- check out our lego. steve: huh? karen: check out our lego set. steve: "our lego set"?


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