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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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griego. and i'm kenny choi. ned good morning the it's friday, september 30 i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> more problems for students after the shutdown of a major chain of trade schools. lisa chan is live in the newsroom with more. reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren accused the education department of trying to collect debt from thousands of former corinthian students. even though there's evidence the for profit college defrauded student. corinthian colleges filed for bankruptcy protection last year and closed all of its schools. it was one of the largest chains of for profit colleges. california's attorney general filed a lawsuit in 2013 saying the college lied to make students make it seem as though unemployed graduates had secured good jobs. senator warren sent a seven- page letter to the education secretary with the results of an investigation by her staff. in it, she says the department's approach is
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backward and many students are, quote, having their credits slammed, their tax refunds seized, their social security and earned income tax credit payments reduced or their wages garnished all to pay fraudulent debts that are likely eligible for discharge. she wants the department to immediately halt all collections of corinthian student debt and discharge their federal loans. in response to a letter the education secretary says he will make sure contribute yann borrowers know their options for student loan forgiveness. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. in the santa cruz mountains, clouds of smoke as the loma fire continues to burn. the blaze already destroyed several homes and threatened hundreds more. maria medina is live at base camp in gilroy and all crews are doing to stop the flames from spreading. >> reporter: evacuees met with firefighters last night hoping for positive introduces.
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-- for positive news. instead they learned that several more would not have a home to go to. the "loma fire" has burned more than 4300 acres and eight homes and nine outbuildings. it's 34% contained. and firefighters say that means there's still a window of opportunity for this fire to get out of control. in fact, they are expecting winds to really pick up today. last night, firefighters gave evacuees that update in person and that's when they told them hundreds would not be able to return home. >> can someone here tonight give us a answer so we can see if our home is tell you there or not? >> as soon as we can, our goal is to get --get everybody back in their home. >> reporter: more than 300 homes remain threatened at this time by the "loma fire." we also want to mention that a firefighter was injured yesterday but he is expected to be okay.
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there is a two-man team here at base camp that we met yesterday including a meteorologist. they are tracking the weather 24/7 as well as predicting fire behavior. yesterday they told us they are expecting winds up to 30 to 35 miles per hour at the top of the santa cruz mountains and that they are expecting those flames to shift in the opposite direction so that's the challenge they are facing this weekend live in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. a mexican national has pleaded guilty to starting a major wildfire. that burned tens of thousands of acres in kern county and tulare counties. he was driving off road illegally when his car ignited dead grass near the sequoia forest. he was ordered to serve 13 months in prison and pay $61 million in restitution. time now 6:03. let's check traffic with roqui. how are the roads looking? >> let's start with mass transit. we have another delay this time
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with the sf ferry. sfo line headed to pittsburg bart also to, um, richmond has been delayed 20 to 30 minutes so that's definitely something to keep in mind out the door. let's head to sunnyvale westbound 237 before mathilda avenue. it's a three-car crash on the shoulder now and not causing too many delays. westbound80 stalled car. bay bridge the lower deck roadwork on eastbound 80 that should be cleared up at about 6:45. it did cause some delays last night. hasn't caused much this morning but if it's still out there past 6:45, definitely will
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affect your commute out of san francisco. now to the upper deck of the bay bridge, the toll lights are on carquinez bridge to the maze westbound will take you about 24 minutes and then expect a 15- to 20-minute drive into san francisco via the toll plaza. >> just coming in we are hearing now about flight delays over at sfo on arrivals of more than an hour. so we have been talking all morning about the low clouds, fog. it's affecting airport flights. temperatures still in the 50s. 55 in concord, 53 in oakland. 52 san francisco. 57 in san jose. so you can see the visibility creeping in. that fog low clouds into livermore parts of the east bay concord, san jose, visibility still okay. 10 miles at sfo but obviously that fog is getting thicker and is now affecting flights as we just mentioned. so visibility about 10 miles as well in parts of the north bay. around the bay area today morning low clouds and fog, it
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will start to burn off by the middle of the morning. temperatures cool again today. in fact we are in the middle of a cooling trend. temperatures will feel cooler today than yesterday. bottoming out likely by saturday. then a rain chance for the weekend. our first bit of likely light rain as early as sunday. you want to stay tuned. we'll tell you all about it coming up. the autopsy in a highly publicized case reveals san francisco police shot a man six times including once in the head and once in the back. luis gongora was killed in the mission in april. the autopsy found that the homeless man had drugs in his system when he died. officers say that gongora came at them with a knife before they shot him. some witnesses dispute that. his family is suing the city two officers charged in a bay area police sex scandal will be in court. giovanni loverde of the oakland police department and former contra costa county sheriff's deputies ricardo perez face between 16 months to 3 years in
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state prison if found guilty. the criminal charges stem from both of their alleged sexual relationships with this teenager, celeste guap, now going by her real name jasmine abuslin. dignitaries from around the world gathered today to pay final respects to former israeli president shimon peres. more now from cbs news' teri okita. reporter: thousands of statesmen and dignitaries honored the life and work of former israeli president shimon peres, who died wednesday at age 93. it was a state funeral fitting for a man hailed as a champion of peace. >> shimon lived a life of purpose. he soared to incredible heights. >> reporter: president obama came to jerusalem with a large u.s. delegation that included former president bill clinton. clinton helped peres and former prime minister yitzhak rabin broker a peace deal with palestinians in 1993. both sides won a nobel peace prize the following year. >> he lived 93 years in a state of constant wonder.
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>> reporter: current palestinian president abbas said despite a breakdown in peace efforts he attended the funeral to honor peres a long- time commitment to the cause. >> and with all our neighbors -- >> reporter: peres held nearly every senior political office in israel including president and prime minister. in 2012, mr. obama awarded peres the presidential medal of freedom. shimon peres's final resting place is at a jerusalem cemetery. >> the last of the founding generation is now gone. shimon accomplished enough things in his life for 1,000 men. >> shimon peres's final resting place is at a jerusalem cemetery. teri okita, cbs news, london. >> he will be buried near yitzhak rabin and other israeli dignitaries. 50,000 paid their respects to peres yesterday passing by his coffin. the san pablo police department is dealing with the
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sudden loss of one of its own. officer ken zink was killed on his motorcycle on the way to work. part of his job was a resource officer at helms middle school. >> there wasn't a single person who said he didn't talk to him yesterday. i swear that was the number one response i heard. >> zink spent the last nine years as a san pablo police officer. he was with el cerrito police for six years before that. he was also an officer in the u.s. coast guard. time now 6:09. donald trump's campaign is shifting strategy. why political experts say the republican nominee is playing a dangerous game! >> and multiple arrests overnight as protests continue over a deadly police shooting in southern california. >> and it is finally feeling like fall with these temperatures anywhere from 8 to 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. we'll talk about your rain chances coming up. >> and if you are not driving today through the bay area
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traffic, we have bart and ferry delays and cancellations. more details coming up. we'll be right back. closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. welcome back. we are seeing some increasing low clouds and fog this morning. with you visibility is still good enough that you can clearly see the bay lights there on the bay bridge. we'll talk about rain this weekend coming up. near san diego a protest over a deadly officer shooting turned destructive as demonstrators threw bottles and broke car windows. but others told the crowd to stay calm. >> everybody stay vigilant. stay on top. >> two people were arrested during the demonstration which officers deemed an unlawful assembly after the scene grew
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chaotic. there have been protests nearly every night since 38-year-old alfred olango was fatally shot by police on tuesday. a tulsa police officer will be arraigned today in a shooting that drew nationwide attention. officer betty shelby charged with manslaughter after killing an unarmed black man this month. prosecutors accused her of shooting terrence crutcher both unnecessarily and unlawfully. "usa today" has weighed in on the presidential race for the first time in its history. they published and editorial calling donald trump unfit for the presidency. trump is going after hillary clinton's husband. trump brought up bill clinton's affair yesterday and a memo obtained by cnn shows the trump campaign is instructing supporters to bring up figures like monica lewinsky and gennifer flowers. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen says many republicans are questioning the strategy. >> they say don't go there. someone like donald trump who cheated on his first wife with
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his second wife, um, is really not -- maybe doesn't want to open that door to talking about infidelity. in addition, women in this country the notion of being sort, um, blamed or, um, or shamed for her husband's infidelities may not sit well with, um, with women voters he needs right now. >> we're less than six weeks from election day and according to our exclusive kpix/surveyusa polhill hill leads donald trump here in california 59 to 33%. the same poll indicates california voters are in favor of more gun regulations. prop 63 would require among other things a background check to buy ammunition. 64% want it 30% don't. happening today contra costa county employment and human services department employees will start a three- day strike. they say that it is to protest
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unfair labor practices, low staffing levels and safety concerns. the department's workers have been operating without a contract since june when it expired. negotiations have been under way since then. and county offices will remain open during the strike. this weekend in san francisco, hundreds of thousands of people are finding a grassy spot at golden gate park to hear hardly strictly bluegrass. ♪[ music ] >> the free festival kicks off today and features over 100 musicians on 7 stages. boz skaggs and cyndi lauper are some of the big names. muni will ease traffic and food vendors will feed you. very popular festival. a lot of people heading out.
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bart delays to worry about on the sfo line heading into pittsburg or richmond. you have a 20- to 30-minute delay. and then let's talk about san francisco bay ferries right now. 7:30 a.m. out in alameda canceled to south san francisco. there are some alternatives for you. take that 6:25 if you can run out the door right now or that 8 a.m. as your alternate. also 7:40 a.m. ferry in oakland headed to south san francisco is also canceled. try to catch the 6:40 or the 8:10 a.m. ferry. now, moving on to traffic, westbound 237 before mathilde in sunnyvale a three-car crash causing minor delays in the area. we'll keep an eye on that as it is cleared. then we'll look in the east bay now. westbound 80 at the southbound 880 connector, there's a stalled car there causing some major delays as you can see. traffic moving at just 20 miles
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per hour. once you get past the connector at 55 miles per hour, but also on 80 here's a look at roadwork on the eastbound side the lower deck of the bay bridge the roadwork out there until 6:45. major delays last night but not too bad just yet. so hopefully they will get that out on time. now, on to the altamont pass, slowing up continuously throughout the morning coming off 205, just 26 miles per hour slow into north flynn road and then it looks good heading out to the dublin interchange. liz, to you for weather. >> thank you, roqui. yeah, rain. i know that's what i was talking about on sunday. maybe a little tricky for an outdoor festival. in san francisco low clouds and fog. it's clearing a little bit in san francisco or at least the level is raising a little bit. you can see the top of the transamerica pyramid. you couldn't see that even an hour ago. but the low clouds and fog are still out there. even causing some flight delays at sfo. temperatures still in the 50s, concord still 55.
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52 in san francisco. 51 out the door in santa rosa. so this is the reason why for the cooler temperatures there's an area of low pressure bringing some breezy conditions as well by this afternoon and continuing into tomorrow. it's going to remain dry checking our futurecast today going to see mostly sunny skies. going to feel pretty comfortable in parts of the inland areas to the far east bay where it was hot earlier this week. saturday remains dry on the cooler side as well and then sunday by early to midafternoon, that's when we do have a good chance of rain all across the bay area. light rain, your best chances are in the north bay but pretty much everyone should bring the rain gear just in case. as you can see, that futurecast showing us a wide bit of green all along most parts of the bay. south, east and north bay. so here's what to expect today. sun today with cooler weather temperatures 8 to 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. dry on saturday and then that rain chance on sunday.
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your best bet for outdoor plans is to stick to saturday if you can. a quick look at your high temperatures around the bay. mid-60s around the bay. low to mid-70s in your inland spots. chance of rain sunday. and then temperatures bounce back becoming more seasonal by the middle of next week. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up from at&t, it's going to come down to the final three games against the los angeles dodgers beginning tonight. and the crazy play in st. louis last evening that could impact the giants wildcard chances. that story straight ahead. ,,
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good morning, everybody, from at&t. it appears that final wildcard spot in the national league is
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going to come down to between the cardinals and giants and it was controversy in st. louis that could impact that final spot. tell you about that in a moment. but first, johnny cueto back after missing one start with a groin strain. not a good sign on the 1st inning. david dahl belts a run scoring triple to center. 2-0 colorado. and it looked like it was going to be a long, long night. but the giants scored two in the sixth to tie and then cueto lays down a great bunt that arenado tries to play. 5-2. the ball ended up in right field. two runs scored. the error. hunter pence loving the 5-2 lead! cueto spectacular after his rough start to the game. he strikes out the player in the 7th inning. carthe 11th punch-out of the night for johnny cueto who gets the win. giants score 7 unanswered and win 7-2. >> certainly wish we were in a better position but you don't stop fighting.
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and you saw that today in the guys. we got down two runs off a guy that was throwing very well. it's exciting. it's been like this for a while. it's play-off baseball before they start. it's how it is right now. a crazy ending to the reds- cardinals game. two out 9th inning. molina hits one to the wall. matt carpenter comes around from first base to score the winning run for st. louis. right? but look again! the ball hit above the padded wall which means it should have been a ground-rule double. carpenter should have stayed at third base. but manager bryan price had ten seconds to ask for a challenge. he did not. so the game was over. >> you have a 10 second time limit. that's ludicrous! it's ludicrous. i'll tell you. i mean, san francisco giants, i --they are going to be all sorts of upset about this one. >> reporter: had the game continued and the cardinals lost, they would have been down 2 games to the giants. instead, it's one with three to play.
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and we know against whom the giants are playing. the los angeles dodgers. tonight, a great matchup, ex- athletic rich hill on the mound against madison bumgarner for the giants. you couldn't have scripted a better finish to the three games giants and dodgers tonight at at&t. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. it is 6:26. governor brown has signed off on a law creating new requirements for bathrooms in california. >> the latest numbers on the "loma fire." we'll bring them to you after the break plus why one woman says what she is going through is hell. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that was initially called a hoax. - topic two senator elizabeth warren wants new allegations against law enforcement in the kidnapping case that was initially called a case. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren wants the education department to stop going after the former students of the now defund corinthian colleges. she says they are being hounded by debt collectors and how it's affecting their lives, coming up. >> it's feeling very fall like around the bay today. a lot cooler even compared to yesterday. we'll talk more about your rain chances for this weekend coming up. >> and are you taking bart this morning? we have delays. are you taking ferries? we have cancellations. coming up i'll have details. good morning. it's friday, september 30, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. in the santa cruz mountains, the "loma fire" burns acre after acre and hundreds of homes are right in its path. kpix 5's maria medina is live
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at base camp in gilroy. maria. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. firefighters in the fifth day battling the "loma fire." we just got an update. the "loma fire" has burned more more than 4300 acres including eight homes and nine outbuildings. because it's only 34% contained, and firefighters say that means there's still a window of opportunity for this fire to get out of control. in fact, they are expecting winds to really pick up today. and into tomorrow. last night, firefighters gave evacuees that update in person and that's when they told them hundreds would not be able to return home. >> can someone here tonight give us a answer so we can see if our home is tell you there or not? >> it's like hell. like health came in and it's burning everything up. my children's house and all our -- all the paintings i had done and my photo equipment and my grandma's stuff and just -- [ pause ] >> everything we didn't want to lose. [ sobbing ]
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>> reporter: heartbreaking. the "loma fire" continues to threaten more than 300 homes. we also want to mention that a firefighter was injured yesterday but he is expected to be okay. there is a two-man team here at base camp that we met yesterday including a meteorologist. they are tracking the weather 24/7 as well as predicting fire behavior. yesterday they told us they are expecting winds up to 30 to 35 miles per hour at the top of the santa cruz mountains and that they are expecting those flames to shift in the opposite direction so that's the challenge they are facing this weekend live in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. >> do we yet know what caused the wildfire? >> reporter: you know, firefighters are saying right now that the cause is unknown. but i wouldn't be surprised if they already know what the cause is or at least the origin of the fire from past experience of covering these wildfires, we have seen some
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pretty amazing things firefighters are able to pinpoint the origin and the cause pretty soon in their investigation. back to you. >> thank you. in sonoma county, cal fire has finally gained the upper hand with the sawmill fire. officials say the 1500-acre blaze is now fully contained. all evacuations and road closures have been lifted. two people had minor injuries but no structures were damaged. the cause is under investigation. time now 6:33. let's get a check of the forecast with elizabeth wenger in for roberta. >> just for one day. it's been a pretty chilly morning out the door and temperatures this afternoon are going to be cooler. remember the 90s earlier in the week? those are gone. temperatures are actually close to 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. this area of fog and low clouds, some of low clouds are lifting a bit. you can see now the bay bridge, the bridge lights. and this is a live look over san francisco. temperatures have remained pretty consistent in the 50s
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t57 in san jose. concord right now at 55. 53 out the door in oakland. so visibility you can see the low clouds and fog creeping into parts of the east bay, livermore, san jose, oakland, we're hearing of delays over at sfo of more than an hour now on arriving flights because of those low clouds. even though visibility is okay, once again the low clouds creeping into parts of the north bay, as well. here's your weather headlines around the bay. we are going to see mostly sunny skies by later on this afternoon, once the morning low clouds and fog burns off. but temperatures going to remain cool like i said well below average for this time of the year. and it stays that way tomorrow as well and then we have a rain chance this weekend. we'll talk more about that, talk about how likely it is, what day, all that good stuff, but first we have some mass transit delays. here's roqui. >> we do. if you are heading out right now on bart or the sf bay ferry, listen to this. we have some delays and cancellations to tell you about. starting with an sf bay ferry to south san francisco out of
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alameda on that 7:30 a.m. service, it's canceled. and the 7:40 a.m. service from oakland to south san francisco has been canceled. take the 8 a.m. or the 8:10. if you need to get out specifically at that time, you can ride bart. now, bart delays, as well. sfo line you have a 20- to 30- minute bart delay heading to pittsburg or richmond. that's a look at mass transit. coming up we'll have more on traffic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. the bad news seems to never end for students for a nonprofit college chain that went bankrupt. kpix 5's lisa chan joins us live from the newsroom with sharply critical words from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren says thousands of former students of the now defunct corinthian colleges are being hounded by debt collectors even though they defrauded students. corinthian colleges closed it schools last year leaving thousands with financial debt and no degree this after a
6:36 am
whistle-blower in 2011 claimed employees of the college lied to make it seem as though unemployed graduates had secured good jobs. senator warren sent a 7 page letter to the education secretary after an investigation by her staff. in it she says she wants the department to stop all collections on students' debt and discharge their federal loans. she says, students are having their credits slammed, their tax refunds seized, their social security and earned income tax credit payments reduced or their wages garnished. senator warren says, quote, it is unconscionable that instead of helping these borrowers, vast numbers of corinthian victims are currently being hounded by the department's debt collectors. in response to the letter the education secretary says some students attended programs where there were findings of fraud while others did not. but the department would make sure students know their options for loan forgiveness. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. federal investigators are looking into what led to a commuter train wreck that left
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a woman dead and more than 100 people injured in new jersey. the train went off the end of the track in hoboken, new jersey yesterday. it smashed through a bumper made of concrete and steel and knocked out some pillars causing part of the station's roof to collapse. investigators say there are several potential causes. >> they will be examining the following areas: operations, mechanical issues, human performance, signals, survival factors, and track issues. >> the new jersey transit section of the hoboken train station is closed. the woman who died was on a station platform. the engineer was treated at a hospital and released. he is cooperating with investigators. fremont police are hoping for some help finding a potential witness to a hit-and- run that left a woman in critical condition on wednesday night. an trans transdriver spotted the unconscious woman on fremont boulevard near chapel way, a ac transit driver
6:38 am
spotted the woman. this man appears to be in his 40s and his car is a light- colored one possibly a gold toyota camera. he left the scene before police arrived. another robbery targeting tourists in san francisco near the crooked part of lombard street. police say two people came up behind a pair of chinese tourists on wednesday afternoon and threatened to shoot them at greenwich and leavenworth about a block south of lombard. no guns were shown. back in june, two visitors were attacked and mugged on lombard street and last year, two people chased down a tourist, stole his camera and shot him in the shoulder when he fought back. a guilty plea from matthew muller of san francisco in connection with a high-profile kidnapping case in solano county. meanwhile, there are new accusations against law enforcement on how the 2015 incident was handled. >> right from the beginning, law enforcement screwed up this investigation. >> an attorney for victim
6:39 am
denise huskins and her boyfriend says an fbi agent failed to disclose a conflict of interest during the investigation. denise huskins has filed a civil suit and want and independent vogues. governor brown signed a bathroom law. the bill requires single stall restrooms to be labeled all gender. lawmakers sent the legislation to governor brown in august a day after a federal judge temporarily blocked an order by president obama. it requires that public schools let students use bathrooms that correlate with their gender identity. today a marin county judge will rule whether there's enough evidence to put two drifters on trial for murder. morrison lampley and lila alligood are accused of killing a canadian tourist in golden gate park and a man walking on a trail near fairfax. both shootings happened last october. the third defendant sean angold has already pleaded guilty.
6:40 am
he testified against lampley and alligood during this week's preliminary hearing. time now 6:39. another tech giant is stepping into the ridesharing wars. details on the new service from google. >> and a major change is on the way for the world famous mavericks surfing competition at half moon bay. ,, am an iraq veteran. lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it. am an iraq veteran. lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it. vets" in voting yes on prop 61.
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norah o'donnell joins us now coming up later on cbs this morning. we are trending cooler with temperatures 8 to 10 degrees below average. concord a high 72. typically, reaching a high of 82 degrees. checking temperatures all around the bay area, you can see in the south bay 69 in san jose is the forecast high. 67 in milpitas. even in the far east bay where we have seen some hot weather earlier this week, only reaching into the low to mid- 70s. feeling cooler and brisk around parts of the coast and bay. we have some breezy conditions picking up by the sound of
6:44 am
california with the high of 65 in sausalito and 66 in alameda. far north bay warmer in saint helena with a high of 77. your weekend weather forecast is coming up. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead we're in new jersey with the latest on the investigation into the deadly train crash. plus a closer look at positive train control and why the safety feature still hasn't been installed in most trains across the country. also, the new report that finds some officers misused police databases to run searches on everyone from romantic partners to business associates. and adriana diaz takes a walk on the world highest and longest glass bridge. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> looks scary but cool. thank you. see you at 7:00. a san francisco company is trying to block microsoft's
6:45 am
plan to purchase mountain view- based linkedin. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. good morning, kenny. microsoft beat out "salesforce" in that $26 billion deal to buy linkedin a few months ago. "salesforce" isn't letting it go. the company says it's going to push regulators in the u.s. and europe to block that deal on antitrust concerns. "salesforce" maintains that microsoft would gain an unfair advantage by gaining access to linkedin's 450 million users and be able to sell enterprise software to them while potentially blocking other companies from getting access to the client data. microsoft contends that "salesforce" is already the dominant leader in cloud business software sales and thinks the deal will go through. consumer spending flattened out in august according to the commerce department mainly because of weaker spending on new cars and trucks. it was the weakest gain though in a few months. and part of that was because
6:46 am
incomes were up only two-tenths of a percent. that was the weakest gain in seven months. but good news, the stock market is rebounding after a tough session on germany's biggest bank deutsch change. all sorts of worries about that bank. they are ordered to pay $14 billion because of mortgaged backed violations. the dow is up more than 100. nasdaq up 20. s&p is moving higher by 10 points. back to you. >> thank you. all right. google wants to help you get around town. the company just released a new carpooling app. the waze app went live in san francisco last night. it pairs riders with other users who are going in the same direction to carpool. anyone who wants to ride or drive can download the app. >> you were check it out last night. >> i was. i have been using it for a while but i guess this whole thing about the carpooling
6:47 am
could be the next big thing. find someone and get in the carpool lane. >> good efficient way to get to work. >> we'll never carpool together because we live way too far apart. but hey, roqui, we need more people carpooling, right? >> we do. but friday morning is not too bad on the roads. however, mass transit not looking too good if you are heading on bart from sfo into pittsburg or richmond. those are delayed 20 to 30 minutes right now. and then let's talk about this bay area cancellations. first 7:30 ferry from alameda into south san francisco has been canceled. if you have extra time take the 8 a.m. instead. if not, take bart. the 7:40 a.m. ferry from oakland to south san francisco, that has been canceled, as well. again, your alternate would be 8:10 ferry, but if you can't make that, go ahead and take bart, as well. those directions on bart are not delayed. let's talk about some traffic.
6:48 am
here's a look at the nimitz freeway. looking good in both directions. 238 in san leandro to the maze northbound should take about 17 to 20 minutes right now. and the altamont pass coming off tracy slowly at just about 30 miles per hour and then of course it's freeing up through livermore 205 to altamont pass westbound will take you a heavy 16 to 20 minutes, as well. now, let's take a look over here at the peninsula commute very slow conditions along the san mateo bridge right now 880 to 101 westbound will take you a slow 20 minutes so pretty heavy right there and it's looking very hazy and dark and gloomy over there, liz. what's going on. a lot of low clouds and fog out the door this morning. we told you a little earlier there's still those delays on arriving flights over at sfo more than an hour. it's about an hour 15 right now. so fog is an issue and you will want maybe a light jacket. temperatures are cooler, as well. sunrise officially at 7:05. we are getting closer.
6:49 am
here's a live look over the san francisco area. temperatures about 55 degrees still in concord, 51 in santa rosa. 54 in livermore. low pressure is bringing cooler temperatures to the area. cooler still today than yesterday. these temperatures are below average for this time of the year. some breezy conditions, temperatures on average about 10 degrees below normal for what we would expect. it's going to feel like fall. and then sunday we do have our first chance of some light rain around the bay area. so we haven't been able to say that in a while. so again it's just a chance likely light rain not going to be a huge washout but your best chance is in the north bay. and again, just on sunday. saturday is dry. so low clouds and fog to start. sun today for most. partly sunny skies. cooler weather, dry saturday, that chance of rain on sunday. make your outdoor plans on saturday if you can. if you are trying to pick a day this weekend. so high temperatures around the bay today, going to feel a little cool in parts of the bay
6:50 am
and around the coast. 65 in hayward, mid-60s at sfo. 60 your high in half moon bay. in the east bay things were warmer this week, low to mid- 70s in places like antioch, concord, vallejo, coming in with a high of 72. so it's going to feel quite comfortable in those inland spots. here's your game day forecast if you are looking for something fun to do this evening. there's a giants game tonight at 7:15. definitely jacket weather for that, as well. 55 degrees. low clouds going to be chilly but it remains dry. the rain comes on sunday. likely around midday early afternoon. that's your best bet for seeing some rain showers. bring that rain gear depending where you are. friday, saturday, sunday. then monday, tuesday we dry out. temperatures still below average for this time of the year. things don't bump back to more seasonal conditions by the middle of next week. that's your weather. back to you guys. women surfers are pushing their own division during the
6:51 am
mavericks big wave surfing competition. four women just made a request to the coastal commission. they will make their case in person when the commission meets in early november. mavericks organizers are already planning to have women go head to head with men for the first time when the next contest happens in february. but they have not commented yet on the idea of a separate heat. time now 6:51. a bay area community is honoring the life of a police officer who spent much of his time working with children. >> reporter: evacuees meet with firefighters to get the latest on the "loma fire." why some left in tears. ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. those that contain marijuana. colorado thinks it has the solution to solve confusion between snack foods and those with marijuana. a new law kicks in tomorrow calling for all pot based
6:55 am
brownies, candies and other edibles to be labeled. a diamond shaped stamp and the letters thc will be required on all packages and the food itself. ive things to know at the :55. world leaders are in jerusalem to bid a final farewell to former israeli president shimon peres. the 93-year-old died wednesday two weeks after a stroke. president obama spoke at the funeral earlier today. investigators are trying to figure out what led to yesterday's deadly train accident in new jersey. the commuter train plowed into a platform during rush hour killing a 34-year-old woman and injuring more than 100 people. the train's engineer is out of the hospital and cooperating with investigators. an oakland police officer and former contra costa county sheriff's deputy are scheduled to be arraigned today. they are just two of the officers facing charges in the on gene sex scandal involving a prostitute in the east bay. ricardo perez and giovanni loverde are accused of oral sex
6:56 am
with her while she was a minor. grief counselors will be at helps middle school in san pablo after a beloved school resource officer was killed in a motorcycle crash. ken zink was also an officer with the san pablo police department. students at the school knew him as a father figure who would take the kids to a's games on saturdays. a judge is expected to rule today whether two drifters will stand trial for murder. police say morrison lampley and lila alligood killed a tourist in golden gate park and days later a man walking on a trail near fairfax. live at the command post of the "loma fire" here in gilroy, i'm maria medina. firefighters just gave us an update an hour ago. they say the "loma fire" now burned more than 4300 acres. we are also learn it's burned 8 homes and nine outbuildings and because it's 34% contained, they say there is a window of opportunity of the fire to still burn out of control and, in fact, they are expecting
6:57 am
winds to really pick up today and tomorrow. last night firefighters met with evacuees to give them that update face to face. and that's when they learned that they would not be able to return home just yet. >> it's like hell came in and is burning everything up. >> can someone here tonight give us a answer? so we could see if our home is still there or not? >> as soon as we can, our goal is to get everybody back in their home. >> the loma fire continues to threaten more than 300 homes. we also want to mention that a firefighter was hurt battling the loma prieta. that person is expected to be okay. meanwhile, there is a two-man team here track the weather 24/7. they say because of the wind they expect those flames to shift in the opposite direction. so that's a challenge this weekend. but they are hoping to get the "loma fire" under control by monday. live in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. time now 6:57. let's take a look at some traffic in the bay area. starting in fremont here we
6:58 am
have a new crash southbound 880 at warren avenue it was a two- car crash on the shoulder now causing slow delays. traffic backed up into san leandro. bottom the sfo line was delayed on mass transit from sfo to pittsburg richmond for about 20 to 30 minutes but now it is canceled. no delays to worry about for sfo. also, san francisco bay ferry 7:30 alameda canceled. 7:40 oakland canceled into south san francisco. liz? >> thank you, roqui. we have a nice refreshing change coming to the bay area. temperatures cooling down 52 right now in vallejo. 54 in concord and your cool spot 50 out the door in pacifica. not warming up by much. 59 the high. low to mid-70s everywhere. over the next seven days saturday is dry and temperatures kind of a repeat
6:59 am
of today. and then sunday a chance of rain light rain and then looks like temperatures rebound to more seasonal temperatures by wednesday. living in florida most residents are used to seeing alligators but one sighting has everyone in orange county on high alert this morning. take a look, a cyclist took this video of dozens of alligators swimming off lake apopka bike trail. he was on the morning ride wednesday when spotted them. the bicyclist says that the gators didn't seem aggressive but from now on, he won't bike alone. europe's rosetta probe crashed into a comet. it's the end of a 12-year mission. it sent back pictures of the icy dirt ball. they expect the data gathered from the probe in two years will keep them busy for decades to come. all right. that's it for us. have a nice weekend. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
it is friday, september 30th, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning". what caused a packed commuter train to slam into a station during rush hour? we are getting new details on the investigation in new jersey. and witnesses describe how they pulled injured passengers from the wreckage. >> one of the country's most read newspapers urges anyone to vote for anyone but donald trump. the nominee launches an early morning attack against hillary clinton and a former miss universe. >> we are on top of the world's highest and longest glass bridge. china hopes the breath taking view will do more than shatter world record. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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