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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 3rd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. new video this morning of the fiery end to a police chase. this was the scene in oakland a few hours ago. police tried to pull over the driver of this suv on suspicion of car theft. he took off, according to authorities, and wound up here with the car engulfed in flames. he was arrested at the scene. new this morning, a police chase in santa rosa has law enforcement searching for a driver who abandoned his car on the side of southbound 680 and is now on the run. kpix5's sandra osborne is live where the car was left. and sandra, you got caught up in the middle of it all. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, kenny. we were actually on our way to another story when this driver
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was heading the wrong way down a road right towards our live truck. take a look. >> wrong way now. >> reporter: and the driver was going pretty slow at that point in time. we now know the blue vehicle that was abandoned where we are now was stolen. it was stolen out of millepedes -- milpitas. a deputy ran the plate. when they tried to approach the driver, he took off going down several local streets. deputies say at one point speeds reached about 100 miles per hour on the highway that was before traffic started getting heavy. deputies used spikes to blow out the car's front right tire. the driver started going on southbound 680 driving again in the wrong direction. he left the car in the embankment and took off but a woman passenger in the car is being questioned by deputies. and you can see here they actually just towed away that
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vehicle. still the driver is on the loose. one of the things deputies have had to deal with is heavy brush behind us. they say he was last spotted out here, went into the bushes. they do describe the man as wearing blue jeans, a black long shirt and wearing dark rimmed glasses. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix5. donald trump supporters are defending the republican nominee after a "new york times" report on his taxes. the newspaper obtained documents showing trump reported a $916 million loss in 1995. the report cited tax experts who said trump could have used his loss to legally avoid paying federal income tax for up to 18 years. former new york mayor rudy giuliani called trump a genius for taking advantage of lawful deduction and that's not sitting well with critics. >> the reality is, this is part of our tax code. the man is a genius. he knows how to operate the tax code for the benefit of the people he's serving. >> trump goes around and says,
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hey, i'm worth billions, i'm a successful businessman but i don't pay any taxes but you, you make $15 an hour, you pay the taxes, not me. that is why people are angry and want real change. >> the trump campaign released a statement saying the g.o.p. nominee has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in other taxes including property and real estate taxes. meanwhile, hillary clinton has picked up an endorsement from one of the most influential figures in the battleground state of ohio. cleveland cavaliers star lebron james published an op ed in business insider calling clinton the clear choice for president. today in san francisco fleet week gets underway with a first, a disaster drill will show how well the city copes in a 7.0 earthquake. kpix5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with details on the exercise and more on the ships and the planes that we will see this week. jackie. >> reporter: well, kenny, before too long the presidio will be filled with national guardsmen and volunteers for what they call a c pod, a community point of
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distribution. emergency preparedness is a big part of fleet week but so are the blue angels. the blue angels touched down at oakland airport yesterday. you may be able to hear the pre addition navy fliers practicing this week leading up to their three shows starting on friday. and the uss san diego dropped anchor at the mariposa yacht club and unloaded supplies over the weekend. so those supplies will be used for exercises happening here in the presidio today. everything will be geared towards improving disaster preparedness in the bay area, specifically how emergency responders would jump to aid if a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck along the hayward fault line. >> we live in earthquake country so it's important to have a plan to get supplies and so just like we would encourage you to do that at home, the government, the city, we need to do that as well. >> reporter: so that is clearly the more serious side of fleet week but there are plenty of family fun activities and we will break down a couple of events going on in our next half hour. in the presidio, jackie ward,
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kpix5. 6:04. get a check on the roads with roqui. how is it looking out there? >> fleet week means traffic in the water and on the roads so let's take a look right now at 6:05 -- 6:05, starting in vallejo westbound, 37 after mare island bridge, we have a crash there. traffic moving at just 30 miles per hour. also take a look over at westbound 80 here, slow traffic in vallejo area as well, traffic moving all the way down to just 14 miles per hour. so pretty slow conditions right now throughout the area. also southbound 880 after marina boulevard, this is -- this is in san leandro, two car crash, still out there being cleared right now, causing some slowdowns to just about 20 miles per hour. now if you want to take a look at a live nimitz here it is, 238 in san leandro to the maze northbound will take you 16 to 20 minutes but looking good in both directions currently in this area if you're headed to downtown oakland. now to the bay bridge toll plaza, backing up towards the
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maze already, car carquinez bridge -- 15 minute drive through the toll plaza to get into downtown san francisco. here's a look at heavy traffic along the altamont pass coming off the 205, very slow conditions at just 11 miles per hour. then you head into northland road, slowing down still to about 25 miles per hour, frees up into livermore and then back to dublin for slow moving traffic here if you're heading into the sunol grade but also a live look at the dublin interchange here, slow commute -- slow traffic in the commute direction. at pont pass to -- altamont pass to 680 will take you 16 minutes. the bay area mass transit, no delays to report. i hear you're part of fleet week. >> i am part of fleet week. everybody is going to get to enjoy fleet week but i go up in the air on friday at 10:00 a.m. so we will be able to report that back to you at noon on our newscast on friday. good morning, everybody. this is our satellite and radar imagery and it's updated by
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noaa every three minutes and so part of the glitch is there but i guess you get the general feel for the rain that's beginning to push into the northwestern quadrant of the state. our live high-def doppler radar is now picking up light rain showers just off the north bay coast and we are anticipating a lot of this to move onshore during the afternoon hours with up to about 1/10 inch of rain expected. live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid over the embarcadero, all lit up in blue to kick off fleet week here in the bay area. partly to mostly cloudy skies, the winds are currently under 10 miles per hour. we will be -- will be variable during the afternoon hours about 10 to 15. now 48 degrees in santa rosa, 48 degrees in livermore and later today our numbers with the cloud cover and light rain showers or sprinkles into the 60s. a few 50s at the beaches, more on your local forecast coming up at 18 after the hour. we have learned more about what robin williams was experiencing in the final months of his life. susan snyder, his widow, just
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released an essay called the terrorist inside my husband's brain. snyder says williams was misdiagnosed, instead of suffering from parkinson's he was struggling with a rare form of dementia. some of the symptoms included terrible insomnia and bouts of anxiety and paranoia. a ucsf professor say the side effects must have been very disorienting for williams who believed he had parkinson's. >> they were suffering with a lot of symptoms that they didn't have the answers to. this took over their lives and i undersnd from susan that this is why he decided to take his life. >> in her essay, snyder says a correct diagnosis may not have 15eu6d her husband but it could have provided the family more peace. in a few hours a civil rights attorney will take the stage to demand premeditated murder charges for the officers who killed joseph mann. recently released dashcam footage shows both officers plotting before they tried to run the victim over. they then opened fire on the
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mentally ill man, killing him. attorney john burris is arguing the officers have a history of violence citing a 1997 incident where one of the officers allegedly killed a man with his bare hands. a man is in critical condition after a fight at yesterday's raiders game in baltimore. the sister of the 55-year-old victim says he got in an altercation with a group of raiders fans at the end of the game yesterday. the man suffered brain damage when his head hit the ground and doctors say he is unlikely to survive. two raiders fans in new york were arrested after the incident. surveillance cameras working at an east bay park but for one family it's already too late. relatives of augustine gathered to remember his life. they released balloons as part of a sacred aztec ceremony when the 28-year-old was killed along with another man in august, nearby surveillance cameras were not working at the park. yesterday's ceremonywas an emotional one for the family. >> it was so beautiful.
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it felt good to let my brother's spirit go because i want him to be free and i know that he wants us to be happy and he doesn't want us to be sad and i'm going to try my best. >> the cameras were repaired after kpix5 revealed last month they hadn't been operational for years. the city is also planning on fixing cameras at other parks in oakland. time now is 6:10. a major hurricane is churning through the caribbean this morning. we will have details on matthews' potential impact. and a big decision expected tonight for north bay residents hoping for a little more peace and quiet. it's live as live high-def doppler radar cranked up, ready to go and we will tell you exactly when to expect today's rain. and we've got bay bridge toll plaza traffic, the altamont pass traffic and vallejo traffic. what's going on out there? we will keep you posted on that crash coming up. closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living
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in the caribbean sea... hurricane matthew is picking up speed... heading straight for haiti, good morning and welcome back to kpix5 morning news. time check, it is live, it is our camera looking out at the embarcadero all donned in blue lights to salute and kick off fleet week here in the bay area. we are going to talk about the conditions for the blue angels. will there be blue skies? we've got those details in less than four minutes. in the caribbean sea hurricane matthew is picking up speed heading straight for haiti, jamaica and cuba. water spouts were spotted offshore as gale forced winds churned toward the coast. jamaica's prime minister is urging for beach evacuations telling people to travel inland. deadly flash floods and downed trees are expected. >> this particular hurricane by
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virtue of its trajectory will have severe impact on jamaica. we are expecting that there will be landslides and that will mean also damage to agriculture. >> the storm is set to make landfall in cuba later today. u.s. authorities have already evacuated hundreds of employees and their families from the naval base at guantanamo bay. happening tonight a push in san rafael to quiet down noisy smart trains. the city council is pushing to establish quiet zones after numerous neighbor complaints. if approved, train engineers would not have to blow their horns as they approach and pass through intersections. the giants are celebrating a playoff berth. >> that's right. the postseason for the orange and black kicks off this wednesday in a one game wild card playoff against the new york mets. >> puts it away. and the giants are the wild card team. the city is going wild, appropriately enough, and they are heading for new york.
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>> players rushed the field after the final play of yesterday's game. they defeated the dodgers 7-1 on their home turf. and the giants won a -- went a little wild after the win, spraying champagne in the clubhouse. catcher buster posey looking forward to facing off against the new york mets. >> this inning the giants are allowing me a chance to get my feet wet as crawford swings and misses. >> and yesterday's game also marked the final game for legendary dodgers broadcast ervin scully. scully, who captured the hearts of baseball fans for generations received a standing ovation during 7th inning stretch. he signed off after 67 consecutive seasons. starting his broadcasting career in brooklyn and then came all the way to the west, 67 years, amazing. >> roberta made a good point earlier. she said he never mailed it in. after so many years, even towards the end, he never mailed it in. >> never. just a true professional. just class act.
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>> yeah. >> definitely. i was looking online here, if the giants -- or when they beat the mets on wednesday, tickets are already up for sale against the cubs on monday. >> okay. >> on monday, the 10th and start at $78 and go up to 1800. >> october baseball. >> postseason. october traffic. >> oh, okay. >> how is that? >> 6:17 now. take a look in san leandro -- or excuse me, here's the south bay drive times right now, getting slow in san jose, 101 northbound, 286/80 split to highway 237 should take you a slow 14 minutes and then looking good through downtown san jose and also the guadalupe parkway. now to the east bay, starting off here in vallejo, we've got slow conditions throughout the area right now, westbound 37 after mare island bridge there was a crash there, it has been cleared since but still slow conditions there all the way down to about 30 miles per hour and then moving over to the right here, here's a look at
6:18 am
westbound 80 if you're headed down towards the maze, 14 miles per hour, traffic is moving very slowly in that area in vallejo on westbound 80. now moving over to san leandro, southbound 880 before marina boulevard, two car crash out there being cleared and traffic is down to just 10 miles per hour. so very slow conditions in that area as well. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway, 238 in san leandro to the maze northbound, should take you about 16, 20 minutes and of course a different story along the bay bridge toll plaza, here is that traffic backing up towards the maze. the maze to downtown right now will take you a heavy 17 minutes. it's live high-def doppler radar and computer models all morning long have been suggesting the secondary system rolling into the bay area would arrive during the afternoon hours but we are already picking up some returns in the form of some light to moderate rain showers off the north bay coast. we will have the light rain in the forecast today measuring up to generally 1/10 inch in the
6:19 am
wettest locations. it's live, it's our weather camera on top of the transamerica pyramid, looking due east over the embarcadero, all lit up in blue this morning for fleet week. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies as you get ready to head out the door and also we have cool temperatures, 48 degrees in santa rosa and in livermore, we are in the 50s in san jose, 55 oakland, low 50s in redwood city, you do require a sweater or a light jacket this morning. here's our satellite and radar, again, we have the returns on approach to the north bay. our satellite and radar from noaa does suggest at this particular time this system is going to fall apart as it continues to drift in a southerly direction but nonetheless after yesterday receiving trace amounts of rain to a full 10th in concord, we saw about 15 hundredths of an inch in santa rosa, we will have a secondary system, this one right here, falling right up on its heels. walk through this with your futurecast illustrating exactly when we should expect the precipitation. it does suggest we could have
6:20 am
more to the north by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon but meanwhile today hour by hour 10:00 in the morning could hear rain drops on the rooftops in santa rosa again as we walk you through the afternoon, it's a smattering, a hit-and-miss scatter light rain shower, enough to bring a lot of the oil up to the surface of your roadway so be mindful of that. it could be a very slippery evening commute. nonetheless all this moves out of here and by midweek our onshore push reverses to more of an offshore component in time as the blue angels are flying into town and practicing their maneuvers. we will see again up to about 12 one length of an inch -- today currently 30 degrees in lake tahoe. sunrise and sunset and smack in between, numbers are pretty much settling into the 60s. unseasonably cool today, 57 the coolest spot in colma, south san francisco and daly city, 70 in antioch, otherwise warmer weather by the end of the week. enjoy your monday. here's sports. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up there was a sad
6:21 am
moment in yesterday's 49er game. why san francisco may have to face their immediate future without their best defensive player. and the raiders beat the undefeated baltimore ravens. could oakland remain unbeaten on the road? that story coming up. ,,
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remembering good morning, everybody. giants fans, here is a programming alert. the giants will play the mets on wednesday night at 5:00 p.m. pacific time. winner goes to chicago, loser goes home. vin scully calling the final game of his 67-year career. how about that. say hey, kid in the booth. 2-0, giants 2nd inning. brought home connor gillespie and matt moore with a two run
6:25 am
triple. the champagne flowed in the clubhouse. in the as season finale, not the same champagne. finishing the season 69 wins and 93 losses. nfl derek carr and the raiders trailing 27-21 in baltimore. little over two minutes to play, but then carr finds michael crabtree, go ahead touchdown. oakland wins 28-27. 3-0 on the road, 3-1 overall. 49ers linebacker bowman left yesterday's game versus dallas after going down with a noncontact injury. fear is it could be a torn achilles tendon. dallas beats the 49ers 24-17. san francisco is now 1-3. tonight at 6:00 we will have an update on the condition of the 49ers best defensive player,
6:26 am
navorro bowman. have an mri. this could potentially be season ending for bowman. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it is 6:25. a bay area police department is targeted with gun fire. straight ahead, we will have the latest on the search for the shooter. plus san francisco is kicking off fleet week. lots of ships in town and the blue angels, plus emergency preparedness drills that we will let you know about. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a car chase overnight ends on nearby 680 in san jose but the driver is on the run this morning. we will tell you who deputies
6:30 am
are searching for. and a dozen people arrested as protests over a deadly police shooting in california stretches into a second week. rain is back in the forecast. i'll tell you exactly when and how much to expect. and an update on that slow traffic throughout vallejo, but now we have some pockets of slowing in walnut creek. exactly where it is, we will tell you coming up next. good morning. it is monday, october 3rd. i'm ken kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. today in san francisco fleet week begins with a first. teams will carry out a disaster drill to see if the city can cope with a 7.0 earthquake. kpix5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with more on the exercise and just what ships and planes will see this week. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, the presidio will turn into a disaster relief center as if a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on the hayward fault line has hit us. of course it's not the case today. so this is great training opportunity for all of the
6:31 am
volunteers and national guardsmen who will be here. in addition to the disaster relief, of coursefleet week has a lot of familiar things too, like the blue angels. they landed in the oakland airport yesterday and you may be able to hear the precision navy fliers practicing this week leading up to their three shows which start on friday. and the uss san diego dropped anchor at the mariposa yacht club and unloaded supplies over the weekend. those are the supplies that will be used for exercises happening here in the presidio today. everything will be geared toward improving disaster preparedness in the bay area. a spokesperson from the department of emergency management told me now under the best circumstances is the time to get ready for a massive earthquake. >> we can see how we operate, how we plan and how we communicate with each other. so when the emergency happens and things are going all over the place, then we already have a plan, we work together and we can hit the ground running. >> reporter: so that's the serious, more intense part of fleet week but, of course, there's a lot of family fun
6:32 am
activities too, starting on friday there's an air show from 12:00 to 4:00 and you can catch the blue angels starting at 3:00 and on saturday and sunday check out some ship tours from 9:00 to 4 on piers 30, 32, 15, 17 and 35, a whole lot of cool things to see. so today's emergency preparedness drill starts at 9:00 in the morning and then mayor ed lee will be here for a press conference at 12:30 to kick everything off. in the presidio, jackie ward, kpix5. we have seen some whacky weather. check this out. a massive hail downpour in roseville. it only lasted about 10 minutes but it was long enough to cover the sidewalks with grape sized balls of ice. look at that. >> oh. hail. >> we saw up to 15,100th of an inch -- two 100th of an inch in san jose. i think if you were tailgating
6:33 am
for the 49er game, you go what was that? was that a sprinkle? and that was about it. >> that was over. >> cassandra walker at northstar said they had light snow there and they have the bacon wrapped chocolate smores ready to go. >> bacon wrapped chocolate smores? >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. we do have more light rain in the forecast today, it is our hi-def doppler radar up and going, tracking this right there. it's a second system that's also poised and positioned into the northwestern section of the state and california and providing light rainfall there, even light snow around mount shasta. here's where we have the echo returns right now off the north bay coast. looks like we have light rain wanting to move into the santa rosa area. some of this is virga, where it evaporates before it hits the ground but nonetheless we are forecasting up to 12 -- pleasanton, back in through danville and just a smattering of light rain around the santa
6:34 am
rosa area. currently we have temperatures into the 40s and 50s. it's 48 degrees in santa rosa, we will continue to track this system and talk about today's cool, high temperatures but right now send it over to roqui. 6:34, good morning, everyone, happy monday. take a look in vallejo, slow conditions there from a crash earlier but it is now cleared and that's on westbound 37 after mare island bridge. however, there are -- there is some residual traffic there, very slow conditions all the way down to just 3 miles per hour so as you can imagine, you will want to avoid that area and moving over here to the right we've got westbound 80 moving slowly in vallejo as well, traffic all the way down to about 12 miles per hour. let's move on now to the bay bridge toll plaza where it's the same story, slow traffic, traffic backed up all the way to the maze right now at the toll plaza. the maze to downtown san francisco will take you a heavy 30 minutes. can you believe that. >> thank you. new this morning, a police chase in san jose has law
6:35 am
enforcement searching for driver who abandoned his car on the side of southbound 680 and now on the run. kpix5's sandra osborne is lye where deputies -- live are deputies were searching for the driver. sandra. >> reporter: and i just spoke with investigators. they tell me that this car is confirmed stolen out of the milpitas area. the whole thing started when a deputy decided to run the plates of this car was at a shell gas station not too far from here on thole. when they tried to approach the driver, he took off going down several streets around here including mckee, story, 101 and 680. deputies say at one point thieves reached about 100 miles per hour on the highway. that was of course before traffic got heavy. deputies used spikes to blow out the car's front right tire. the driver, despite that, though, decided to still go down southbound 680 in the wrong direction. he left the car on an embankment and took off but a woman passenger in the car is being questioned by deputies this morning. i'm told that she is being very
6:36 am
cooperative with them. one of the things the deputies had to deal with out in that area, there is a lot of really heavy brush. they say that driver was last seen driving into one of the bushes, has not been seen since but they described the man as being between 30 and 40 years old last seen wearing blue jeans, a dark black shirt and dark rimmed glasses. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix5. today a bay area teacher charged with 90 counts of child molestation heads to court. 32-year-old ronald gwinnetto is suspected of sexually abusing boys aged 11 to 13 at his former school, rich richmond making waves academy. he was hired to teach sixth grade. in response to the case, west coast contra costa unified is now mandating reference checks on all staff including rehires. happened after 11:00
6:37 am
saturday night at concord police headquarters on galindo street. officers found the front entrance of the building riddled with bullets. at the time of the shooting dispatchers working on the third floor of the building say they heard loud bangs nearby. >> we just heard a bunch of bangs out in front and now we are getting reports of shots fired from a vehicle at the pd. >> right now it's unknown if they are targeting us, the police department, or if it was intended for somebody else. >> no one was hurt. investigators have reached out to nearby businesses to see if they might have the suspect or suspects on tape. in los angeles protests over police shooting grew chaotic last night with drivers doing doughnuts in the streets and a few demonstrators spraying graffiti on storefronts. >> everybody grieving different. if that's how they feel and want to do that, you can't do too much because the police it out here. >> crowds were grieving 18-year- old carnell snell.
6:38 am
mourners held a candlelight vigil for snell. police in france are looking for the robbers who held up kim kardashian. the reality tv star was tied up and locked in a bathroom after gun men dressed as police officers. kardashian was not physically harmed. ♪[ music ] >> i'm sorry. an emergency. i have to stop the show. >> her husband kanye west brought his performance to a sudden end last night after hearing the news his wife had been robbed. he was performing at a festival in new york. abruptly ended his set after telling fans he had an emergency. 6:38. donald trump responding to a new report suggesting the republican nominee may have gone a decade without paying federal income tax. melissa caen will join us to
6:39 am
explain what it all means. ,,
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe.
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this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. developments in the sale of finally good news this morning for tesla and new developments in the sale of twitter. >> financial reporter jason brooks joins us with those stories and the rest of the day's business news. >> tesla posting its best ever quarter for deliveries. it delivered 24 1/2 thousand cars in the third quarter. that was much better than what analysts were expecting. it was much better than the second quarter. keeps tesla on pace to meet its 2016 production goals and that's key for the company as it gets ready to unveil the model three in about a year's time. that's the mass market car that tesla says it could be selling and delivering up to half million by 2018. shares tesla up about 3% in the early going on that report.
6:43 am
been a lot of speculation over the future of twitter. for the past week and a half a number of companies have been mentioned as possible suitors for the company, sales force, microsoft, at&t, disney and google parent alphabet. bloomberg reports that alphabet hired advisors to consider a potential offer for twitter. we don't know what that would possibly be at this time but all the speculation is helping lift twitter stock. it's up almost 30% in the past week and a half. and we will see if any of these companies winds up actually putting an offer on the table for twitter. stock market is pulling back after a pretty rough -- pretty good day, i should say, on friday. right now the dow lower about 84 points, nasdaq down by 11 and s&p is falling by eight points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. get a check of traffic with roqui. >> good morning to you guys. take a look right now out at
6:44 am
bridge checks, starting with the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights on and backing up traffic towards the maze right now, we've got a heavy commute into downtown san francisco from the maze to downtown. it's going to take you a heavy 30 minutes. now for the golden gate bridge a different story, looking good in both directions right now if you're headed from marin into the city it will take you about 15 minutes or so and the peninsula commute looking very slow from hayward into foster city, 880 to 101 westbound will take you 25 minutes or so and we've got very slow conditions coming off the toll plaza right there. now moving into vallejo here, westbound 37 after mare island bridge, that crash is cleared but still some residual traffic backing up right there on highway 37 -- westbound 37 at just 4 miles per hour. also to the right here westbound 80 very slow due to a stalled car here, southbound 680 before north main street, a stalled car backing up traffic along 680 and 242. now moving over here to
6:45 am
westbound 24 before camino pablo, this is in orinda, atwo car crash off to the shoulder -- a two car crash off to the shoulder. 30 miles per hour and just 15 miles per hour along westbound 24. now to the altamont pass. we've got coming off 205 at 16 miles per hour so very slow conditions here. 205 to the altamont will take you a heavy 40 minutes and then you can breeze through livermore but expect that slow traffic headed into the sunol grade on westbound 680 here -- excuse me, southbound 680, 20 miles per hour and then the dublin interchange altamont pass at 680 westbound will take you about 20 minutes but it is pretty slow in that commute direction. now if you want to take mass transit throughout the bay area, no current delays to report but roberta, i will send it to you for weather. it is live, our live high- def doppler radar, picking up light precipitation now beginning to enter the north bay. when you see the green on the screen, that means you need an
6:46 am
umbrella and that's certainly the case around the santa rosa area, might be hearing a few rain drops on the rooftops this morning. and then some of this is virga but we do now have the clouds sweeping into the bay. gorgeous. get a good look at that. this is the secondary system that's rolling in with the passage of yesterday's rain event. we saw .0015-inch of rain in santa rosa. 48 also in livermore, 54 in san francisco. napa, 44 degrees. a couple of downpours yesterday. he saw about length .10-inch of rain there as well. satellite and radar suggests we have this incoming system poised and position ready to push into the north bay a little bit earlier than what our computer models were suggesting an hour or two ago. this is a leading edge of a system that promises to produce a minimal rainfall. we do have yesterday's system kicking out in an easterly direction after producing a few
6:47 am
flurries around the high sierra, northstar reporting some light snow yesterday. for us, a few light showers or sprinkles and that's what's in your forecast for this monday. so here we go, go ahead and walk you through your futurecast. we see the light rain in the north bay this morning, lunchtime is scattered. it's very light precipitation all the way in the santa cruz mountain areas and by the time it pushes out we are going to start to see the makings of an offshore flow by wednesday in time for all the air shows by the end of the workweek. nearly .10-inch in san rafael,, .2 -- by the time the sun sets, these have the numbers, into the 60s, perhaps 70 in antioch for our outside number, 57 degrees, that will be in colma, south san francisco and daly city. notice the warmup begins on wednesday, we are talking 86
6:48 am
degrees inland on friday, bay side for fleet week and the air shows, boy, it's going to be gorgeous. have a great day. tomorrow is the big vice presidential debate and the stakes just got higher. >> a "new york times" story about donald trump's taxes opened up a new front in the fight for the white house. political analyst melissa caen is here to break it down for us. >> just when we thought it could not get any weirder, this session keeps going and going. yesterday the new york times published several pages of donald trump's 1995 tax returns and they show that he reported $916 million in losses. because of those losses he may not have had to pay federal income taxes for 18 years. now, in response to this trump tweeted, i know our complex tax laws better than anyone that has ever run for president and i am the only one who can fix them, #failingatnewyorktimes. his campaign released a statement saying he has paid
6:49 am
millions in taxes. the clinton campaign wasted no time firing back tweeting, quote, three pages of trump's tax returns confirm he's a business failure who has gotten rich at your expense. imagine what he's hiding in the rest. getting dicey on a sunday. >> sounds like it. is all of this legal? >> two legal questions. the first legal question is whether or not the new york times broke the law by publishing these tax documents. and the answer is probably not. now, there is a law against publishing federal tax returns but these weren't federal. they were state tax returns. plus the first amendment protects speech that's in the public interest. i think there's a good argument that trump put his finances at issue by relying on them as a qualification for office. there's this public interest in the tax returns that probably protects him. the second legal question is whether trump actually broke the law and the answer there also seems to be no. this was all legit. and for some people bernie sanders, for example, that is the problem, that this is all legal.
6:50 am
now, the debate between vice presidential candidates is tomorrow night and you n bet trump's loss, his taxes and tax reform are going to come up again and again because of this. >> so we are looking forward to that vice presidential debate tomorrow night. >> i am. >> we have had memorable exchanges in the past. '88 was lloyd benson, right, you're no jack kennedy. >> exactly. a bunch of malarkey, that was joe biden, that was a good one. >> what can we expect tomorrow night? >> tomorrow night basically, in american politics there's this conventional wisdom that vice presidential candidates are these attack dogs. they are the people who say the things, those mean, nasty things that the candidates can't. think about richard nixon's vice president sara agnew but this year it is hard to believe that either tim kaine or mike pence are going to fight harder or say worse things than the candidates have already said. two men representing two candidates who have lots of you know favorable. kaine and pence going to be vouching for their candidates saying i know this person, i trust this person, you can
6:51 am
relax and vote for my candidate and everything is going to be fine. there are going to be the great cosigners on our contracts with the candidates and in just a few weeks we will know whether that is enough for voters. >> it should be interesting. >> thank you. >> melissa, thanks so much. be sure to stay with kpix5 for complete coverage of the debate. our live coverage begins tomorrow night at 6:00. we will be right back. ,,,,,,
6:52 am
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6:55 am
report suggesting the business mogul might have avoided paying federal income taxes for 18 years. the republican nominee has threatened to sue the newspaper. clinton hits the campaign in ohio today. investigators are still looking for the data recorder in the front car of the train that crashed in new jersey last week. yesterday officials revealed another data recorder recovered from the mangled train was not working at the time of the crash. one person died and more than 100 others were hurt in last thursday's incident. hurricane matthew is barreling towards haiti and cuba. the category 4 hurricane hit jamaica with the heavy rain and flooding yesterday. the storm is packing winds up to 145 miles per hour and it could head toward the carolinas later in the week. investigators are looking for the person who fired a gun at the concord police department. it happened saturday night just after 11:00. dispatchers were working on the third floor when they heard shots. no one was hurt. the san francisco giants
6:56 am
are headed to new york for a one game wild card playoff. the giants swept the weekend series with the dodgers to secure their spot in the postseason. the wild card game is wednesday at 5:00. the winner faces the cubs in the division series. i'm jackie ward in the presidio where before too long members from the national guard and volunteers will be here for what they call a cpod of community point of distribution. emergency preparedness is a big part of fleet week which kicks off today but so are the familiar blue angels. they are back in the bay area. they landed at oakland airport yesterday and you may be able to hear these navy fliers practicing this week leading up to their three shows that starts on friday. and the uss san diego dropped anchor at the marry posses yacht -- mariposa yacht club to unload supplies. everything will be geared toward improving disaster preparedness in the bay area, specifically how emergency responders would jump to aid if
6:57 am
a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck along the hayward fault line. >> we live in earthquake country so it's important to have a plan to get supplies and so just like we encourage you to do that at home, the government, the city, we need to do that as well. >> reporter: of course there are a lot of family fun activities, a little less serious that you can check out starting friday, air shows and tours of the ships, going to be a really fun weekend. in the presidio, jackie ward, kpix5. >> thank you, jackie. take a look at our bay area traffic right now, time is 6:57. let's start in the south bay. palo alto northbound 101 at ellis street, a three car crash blocking the right lane and still causing some pretty heavy delays here. also to the right here we've got slow traffic in san jose on northbound 101 due to a crash as well. here's a look at westbound 37, this traffic in vallejo that's been out there for a little while now after mare island bridge, the crash is cleared but that residual traffic still
6:58 am
causing some trouble. traffic moving all the way down to just 4 miles per hour so very slow conditions in vallejo as well westbound 80, you can see that traffic moving at just about 20. let's head over to southbound 680 now and this is in walnut creek before north main street. we've got a stalled car out there causing some troubles along 242 into 680 and then of course here's a look at orinda, westbound 24 before camino pablo, two car crash f to the shoulder but still causing some pretty heavy delays. you can see traffic moving all the way down to just 30 miles per hour. now same story along the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic backed up to the maze already. the maze to downtown westbound will take you a heavy 30 minutes if you're headed out so keep that in mind and slow commute to the peninsula as well from hayward into foster city, it's going to take you about a heavy 25 minutes but the golden gate toll plaza, looking good, 580 to the toll plaza should take you 15. roberta, send it to you. look at our live high def
6:59 am
doppler radar, picking up echoes to the north around the santa rosa area. we'd love to hear from you on our kpix5 facebook page if you've got rain in your neighborhood. cloverdale looks like you're getting rained on right now. could see light snow, shades of pink could be around the mendocino range, kind of hard to tell, the snow mountain wilderness area. see up to about .2 of rain in san leandro. look at the beautiful sunrise over the bay. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s and a cool day with highs today only in the 60s. roberta, thank you. [ laughter ] >> do we have time for another story? i think it's the end of the show, right? >> yes. we have time to say bye. thanks for watching. >> have a great monday, everyone.
7:00 am
>> bye-bye. >> and blue skies for the blue angels friday. >> look at that sky, wow. >> pretty. >> winner, winner, chicken dinner. good morning to our viewers in the west, it's monday, october 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump's campaign brags about his business skills after a leaked tax return shows he lost nearly $1 billion. the records show he may have avoided paying federal income tax for 18 years. we're in jamaica where the strongest hurricane in years is tear h the caribbean. matthew's path could threaten the u.s. and gunmen steal more than $10 million worth of jewels in the daring robbery of kim kardashian. kanye west stopped a new york concert mid-song whe


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