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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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doing it openly and transparently makes me wonder why they are trying to do this subversively to our city. >> reporter: gillmor thinks but says she cannot prove that the money ultimately came from the 49ers. the team issued a statement saying, this organization does not make a practice of commenting on political matters and will not begin doing so now. in response to unsubstantiated rumors that support personal agendaing of local politicians." city council candidate patty mahan says she knows nothing about the money and feels that her campaign and character are being unfairly smeared. >> i have vowed not to take any money from any of the 49ers team members, personnel, management, related companies, whatever. i have not taken any money from the 49ers in this election. >> reporter: we reached out to attorney douglas chan and left several messages for him. he hasn't returned our calls. we also reached out to the four candidates for the city council
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who are called out at today's press conference. two of them mahan and rafah did call us back. they said they didn't know about the money, didn't ask for it and steadfastly deny they are pawns or would-be potential pawns the 49ers. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. campaign 2016. the vice-presidential candidates are ready to rumble. about an hour from now, republican mike pence and democrat tim kaine will hit the debate stage in "farmville," virginia. get out your tablets and smartphones. we are asking, which vp candidate helps his running mate the most? go to to participate in our snapshot poll. meantime, cbs reporter u is live at longwood university where excitement in the small rural community is building tonight. weijia. >> reporter: liz it has been all week long. you can feel it in the community. they describe this as a sleepy town that's now come alive with
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the international spotlight on them. we are told that governor mike pence just arrived and we expect senator tim kaine to do so as well in just a few moments. they were here earlier today. we want to take you inside the debate hall show you around and see what they sauteed. each candidate had an hour to look around at the stage where they will be performing. they will not only be defending their running mates hillary clinton and donald trump but they have to protect their own records, as well. these are lifelong politicians who we think will talk a lot more about policy rather than getting down and dirty attacking each other. so it is a very highly anticipated conversation to -- to introduce them to american voters and explain why they are ready to be commander-in-chief if called upon. but as they were getting ready, meticulously preparing, the
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presidential candidates were out on the campaign trail. my colleague jamie yuccas has more. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea discussed family issues at a town hall near philadelphia. the former first lady urged women to empower themselves against attacks based on their appearance. >> my opponent insulted miss universe. [ laughter ] >> i mean, how do you get more acclaimed than that? but it wasn't good enough. >> reporter: clinton is enjoying a bump in the polls. a new monmouth university poll shows she has opened up a 10- point lead over donald trump in pennsylvania. the latest cbs news poll shows clinton has only 4 points over trump nationally. trump discussed energy at a roundtable in colorado. he told ceos of more than a dozen gas, oil and mining companies that electing clinton will hurt their operations. >> if hillary gets in, she will double your regulations and put you all out of business. >> reporter: trump and clinton
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have the second debate sunday. jamie yuccas, cbs news. again, right now, on we are asking you which vp candidate helps his running mate the most. so far it looks like most of you think mike pence will help his candidate donald trump the most. keep voting on and new at 5:00, authorities in fremont are on the hunt for a firebug. police and firefighters have responded to 15 small fires in the warm springs district just since mid-july. and there's a common theme here. most of those fires are in bushes, dumpsters or trees. and this is some of the aftermath we are showing you. almost all the fires were set on weekends and during the late evening and early-morning hours. new at 5:00 berkeley was a mess this afternoon after a water main break and power outage that left nearly 400 customers in the dark. the break happened near university avenue and grant
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street. pg&e is investigating if the two incidents were related. power has since been restored. a mobile home park in san jose has been left high and dry. just days after losing gas service, residents of hometown america mobile home park are now living without water. the culprit? nearby construction. crews ruptured a gas line last week while trying to repair the road. and yesterday, that same crew ruptured a water line. >> all of a sudden the water was shut offer with no notice. that was frustrating. without water you don't have anything. it's a mess. >> managers of the park promise to have the water back on today but that deadline could be pushed back. they say they have supplied residents with bottles drinking water. six people have been arrested in a series of east bay armed robberies. contra costa county deputy d.a. barry grove says the unnamed men are tied to home invasion robberies in livermore, fremont and danville.
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authorities are trying to connect the dots to see if these men are linked to last week's armed robbery in orinda. . >> the things that we have found in current cases and arrests that we have made are helpful to that investigation. but i'm not prepared to go into the actual content of what we are doing until the conclusion of that investigation. >> in the orinda case a school board member was shot twice and her husband was pistol-whipped as they returned home from a shopping trip. both are shaken up but are doing okay. new at 5:00 a south bay man pleaded guilty to killing and injuring more than 20 cats. over two months last fall, robert farmer stole the cats from the cambrian park neighborhood in san jose. he was arrested last october as he slept in his car. police also found a dead cat in the car. farmer is awaiting sentencing for 21 counts of felony animal cruelty. he faces more than 16 years in
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prison. well, stern warning from san jose's police chief. he says if measure f fails this november, it will decimate the city's police department. measure f would restore police pay and benefits that were cut several years ago. chief eddie garcia gave the media today a sneak preview of his report that shows the department is down to just 805 officers to patrol a city of a million people. if measure f fails, that number will drop down to about 600 police officers. the chief estimates passage of the measure would bring officers back to the department in big numbers. >> if measure f passes our projections are by 2020 we can be well over 1200 officers again. we would be competitive again. >> as we first told you last month the situation has gotten so bad in san jose that police officers are sleeping in rvs in the employee parking lot. the chief says that he supports rv parking for the officers and
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will look into how other government agencies in the bay area are offering it to their employees. a powerful hurricane is pounding the caribbean. hurricane matthew made landfall in haiti early this morning. the storm is packing 140-mile- per-hour winds. [ screaming ] >> and caused widespread flooding. the hurricane has already killed at least three people. let's check in with elizabeth wenger in for chief meteorologist paul deanno. the wind and the rain down there on the islands is amazing to watch. >> i know. that video is very scary and it's pretty scary from our satellite pictures, as well. you can see the eye of the storm now. this is a 24-hour loop. and it's leaving haiti and that category 4 storm is now right there on the eastern tip of cuba. so our very latest information we just got from the national weather service showing winds 140 miles per hour gusts at 165. so that's a crazy strong storm and it's moving right now north at about 9 miles per hour. so it looks like it's tracking northwest from there and as you can see, it is cutting straight
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through the middle of the bahamas. there's hurricane warnings already in effect there. from there track looks a little more uncertain but right now it's likely to parallel the florida coast. right there the southeastern coast. the next couple of days will really be crucial with this but obviously this is a very dangerous storm. we'll have more on our local weather forecast coming up in just a bit. ken and liz, back to you >> thank you. cbs reporter mark strassmann is in kingston, jamaica, where the storm has already flooded the streets. >> reporter: torrential rains and more than 130-mile-per-hour winds slammed into haiti. roads became rivers in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. across the island in santo domingo, dominican republic, the deluge dropped sheets of rain forcing cars to drive through floods. jamaica is also feeling the effects of matthew. this road was washed away in a mud slide. across the eastern coast of
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cuba, people were urged to head for higher ground. more than 300,000 people have reportedly been evacuated. >> if matthew directly impacts florida there will be massive destruction we haven't seen in years. >> reporter: the florida governor is taking no chances declaring a state of emergency. >> once this storm comes, we cannot put our first responders in harm's way. you must leave before it's too late. you can rebuild a home and business. you cannot rebuild a life. >> reporter: north carolina governor pat mccrory also declared a state of emergency for 66 counties. >> we can't gamble and we won't gamble with people's lives and the livelihood of many people on the coast. >> reporter: if matthew tears into cuba it could force the relocation of detainees at guantanomo bay but the folks today is haiti the island least equipped to handle a disaster like this. mark strassmann, cbs news, kingston, jamaica. new at 5:00 it looks like the city of of san francisco is
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bigfooting a much smaller neighbor. san francisco is basically telling brisbane, work with us on new housing development or else. people in brisbane the town nestled coastlinely into san bruno mountains say we may be small but don't try to tell us what to do. kpix 5 reporter susie steimle is at san francisco's city hall tonight to walk us through this fight between neighbors. susie. >> reporter: good evening, liz. the board of supervisors is wrapping up a meeting on this very issue as we speak. the crux of the issue is of course housing not having enough of it in the city of san francisco. they want brisbane to step in and help. but the people of brisbane say, keep your big city problems away from our small town. a few miles south of the hulls and bustle of san francisco, you'll find a quiet respite in brisbane. >> it's just a really small town. like, everybody knows each other. >> it still has a small town feel. >> reporter: here the population is just about 4,000.
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and most residents are on a first name basis. but if jane kim gets her way neighbors from the north will be moving in as soon as possible. she wants brisbane to help shoulder overcrowding that plagues the big city. the board of supervisors met today to discuss annexing brisbane making it a part of san francisco if it refuses to cooperate. they haven't budged and they don't like change. >> i don't like it at all. that would totally make it -- it wouldn't be brisbane. it wouldn't be a town. it wouldn't be small. i don't think our kids would be as safe. >> i just don't think that san francisco should take over brisbane. >> reporter: kim says the situation is too dire and that brisbane "has" to step up "or else." >> we all need to build housing. this just isn't a tenable situation. otherwise we are going to see people getting evicted not just out of san francisco but out of brisbane, as well. >> reporter: the hope is, of
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course, for some kind of applicable agreement. but if brisbane continues to refuse to cooperate, san francisco could go around them and go to san mateo county to get their way. the hope is to get some kind of an agreement, of course, in the next couple of months. live outside san francisco city hall, susie steimle, kpix 5. threats involving clowns, no joke. the creepy social media threats against bay area schools. >> the president of the philippines tells president obama where to go. the latest statement from a u.s. ally. >> i'm mike sugerman in new york looking for other giants fans to hang out with. there's 8 million people here. but you would be surprised how hard it might be. >> but first, another look at our kpix 5 snapshot poll. which vp candidate helps his running mate the most? go to, to make your voice heard. ,,
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people a creepy social media prank that started back east now popping up in northern california. people in clown costumes posting threats against schools and some cases lurking outside homes. and today new clown threats against a couple of schools right here in the bay area.
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>> kpix 5's emily turner is here with the details. emily. >> reporter: schools in oakland and fairfield have received creepy clown threats on social media. police don't take those threats lightly either. but they are saying these latest social media posts are a terrible hoax and that the schools are safe for students. police did step up patrols, though, this morning at several schools in fairfield. that after a twitter user named clown gang posted threats last night against grange middle school and fairfield high school. the tweets had a specific time, warning people to, quote, get ready. one signed off with the words, happy clowning. >> we, um, take this seriously. and yet we also rely heavily on the expertise of our police department. we didn't want to overreact and cause hysteria. >> the user also promised creepy visits to rodriguez high school and fairfield public safety academy tomorrow.
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meantime, creepy clown sightings are spooking the nation. police and homeland security are investigating scary instagram posts in philadelphia that threatened to blow up schools. the reports started surfacing in august in south carolina when children there told police that clowns tried to lure them into the woods. >> nobody knows how to defend against it because we don't know if it's a prank or if they are trying to harm people. >> police are using social media now to track down the clowns. in kentucky this man was arrested for trying to scare people in a ditch. as a result, connecticut school districts will be banning clown costumes during the halloween season. emily turner, kpix 5. the president of the philippines went on his harshest tirade yet against the obama administration at a conference today. duterte told president obama to go to hell. he is upset about the u.s. criticizing his country's crackdown on drug tracking.
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that's reportedly killed 3,000 people. >> instead of helping us [ indiscernible ] state department, so you can go to hell. mr. obama, you can go to hell. >> duterte then lashed out at the european union which is also critical of this crackdown. tomorrow night the giants will take the field in new york with hopes of keeping their play-off dreams alive. >> former kpix 5 reporter mike sugerman recently moved to new york to be closer to his family. we miss you mike. >> reporter: fa-get about it! i may have moved but i'm still a giants fan. a 9ers fan. a sharks fan. and here i am in a bar on second avenue not the second avenue that hits geary but in the east village. it's finnerty's bar where bay area sports fans in new york come to gather, which is good because it's tough being a san francisco fan in new york. i found that out.
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new york he's a lonely town when you're the only giants fan around. how about those giants! [ laughter ] >> giants, baby. >> reporter: this is a big city. the national league play-off game can be held here with no one noticing or caring. >> hey, hulk, hulk man, are you a giants fan? >> reporter: a source said the giants were staying at the plaza so i headed there. >> let's go, mets! >> reporter: fred and eddie -- >> how you doing -- >> reporter: hadn't seen any giants fans but me. >> what is that?! [ laughter ] >> what's that at? >> reporter: it's a small city on the west coast. >> california somewhere? >> reporter: with a baseball team that's won three out of the last five world series. >> you have to brag about that? >> for years, supposed to be the odd year, this year, 16, not going to happen. >> reporter: apparently the giants are staying here? >> no. they at the palace. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> see how you guys from san francisco -- you guys all screwed up! you're in the wrong place and
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you gonna damn lose. >> reporter: apparentlily misinformed. >> they spelled new york wrong on your shirt. >> reporter: everybody is a comedian. george invited me to the game. how would you get in? >> throw a few $20 bills around, one here, one over there, next thing look where you are? >> reporter: jail? not here. this is new york, baby. yeah, i feel right at home here. i got -- they got the new hat for me. says finnerty's right here. got the shirt. 2500 miles to home plate from new york. and tomorrow night this place should be packed. can i get a go giants! >> go giants! >> the only place you may hear this in new york city n greenwich village, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> we miss you, mike. >> mikey! so far away. chance of the mets beating the giants? fa-get about it! [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back.
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good evening, i'm elizabeth wenger filling in this evening for chief meteorologist paul deanno. you can see we are drying out all across the bay area. we saw blue skies and sunshine. what a difference 24 hours makes. warming up now, concord 73 degrees. 307 in livermore. and santa rosa right now:4. 70 in livermore. yesterday we didn't see any 70s at all. we didn't budge out of the 60s. tonight it's going to feel a little chilly. we are not seeing as many clouds out there so just some patchy clouds and patchy fog mostly clear i should say so the overnight lows will chillier than what we have been used for the past several days. we'll dip into the mid-40s in some spots in the north bay. santa rosa overnight low 45 degrees. 49 in vallejo. and 47 in fairfield, livermore. your sunrise tomorrow is at 7:09. so satellite-radar showing the weather story. the low pressure system that brought us all that unsettled weather on sunday and monday, well, that's out of here. that's continuing farther east. now we're watching this guy.
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a ridge of high pressure slowly building into the bay area. it's bringing us actually a pretty quiet weather pattern over the next several days. sunshine even above average temperatures as we take a look at our futurecast by this weekend. so friday, saturday, sunday, it's going to be a pretty nice weekend all around the bay area. great weekend if you are planning on heading to any of those fleet week activities around san francisco. so here's your weather headlines. mostly clear tonight. once again on the chillier side because there's just not as much cloud cover out there to keep us warm. so mainly sunny, mild tomorrow. we are kind of continuing this warming trend so even though it will feel warmer still tomorrow, these temperatures are actually still going to be slightly below average even for tomorrow. and then continuing warming into the weekend where we'll actually see temperatures rise above average. so here's your highs for tomorrow. going to feel nice and mild pretty comfortable in fact in some of our inland spots. concord and fairfield mid- to upper 70s there. around the bay, pretty comfortable as well in san francisco a high of 67 degrees.
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still going to be chilly. cooler in pacificaing an lot coast with a high of 63 degrees. so here's a look at your forecast over the next several days. you notice not a raindrop in sight. that's completely out of here now for the next several days. the warming trend continues reaching a peak on friday, saturday and sunday with a few more clouds rolling in, a bit cooler by monday. we'll have more news right after the break. lowering drug prices. dollars to defeat it. vets" in voting yes on prop 61. when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote.
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vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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as part of fleet week... the for tours. fa it was all hands on deck at
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the uss san diego today as part of the fleet week. the warship opened for some tours to the public. families got to see the real life workings of a naval vessel. and even try on some of the gear. ha ha. in our kpix 5 snapshot poll, we have been asking you which vice- presidential candidate helped his running mate the most. most of our viewers say tim kaine is doing more to help hillary clinton. just about 28% saying mike pence helps donald trump. and you can watch tonight's vp debate live at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. and that's for kpix 5 news at 5:00. captions by: caption colorado and here's what else it does: bans marijuana use in public. permits sales only at licensed marijuana businesses, not at grocery or convenience stores. and prop 64 generates a billion in new tax revenue for california to fund after-school programs and job training and placement initiatives. learn more at
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vote yes on 64.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: matthew on the move. >> pray for us! >> pelley: a deadly hurricane s. ps through the caribbean. the u.s. prepares for the worst. >> if matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. >> pelley: also tonight, as kaine and pence prepare for their face-off, trump and clinton trade fire. >> he actually outsourced jobs to 12 different countries. >> hillary clinton made her money as a corrupt public official. >> pelley: prosecutors decide on charges in the case of a white north carolina police officer who got rough with an innocent black man. >> get on the ground! or i'll hit you again!


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