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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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night. good morning. it is wednesday, october 5. i'm kenny choi. >> or if you went shopping until 8 p.m. not saying i did. [ laughter ] >> aha. >> maybe! [ laughter ] >> i'm michelle griego. >> bearing gifts this morning? >> or walking your dog at 8:30 last night. >> or that. >> it was so refreshing. i was thinking rocky because she loves uggs and i was wearing uggs walking down pleasanton main street. a couple of notches warmer today but look how cool it is. 43 degrees in napa. that's some good sleeping weather in vallejo right now 47 degrees. 50 in redwood city and in mountain view. our temperatures inch their way back up to near averages. still slightly below normal. we'll talk about the warming trend and the warmest day to come with your blue angels forecast. coming up. >> good morning. just some roadwork to update you on starting here in the
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hayward/fremont area between mission and whipple. we have some roadwork on 880 in both directions. moving to the webster tunnel it's closed. use park street or high street instead. it should be opening up around 5 or 5:30 a.m. and then to the bay bridge, we have a little backup in the cash lanes. but otherwise, smoothly going into san francisco now. carquinez bridge to the maze westbound will take 19 minutes. there is roadwork westbound 80 between the yerba buena tunnel and san francisco anchorage. >> all right, roqui. thank you. the 2016 presidential nominees and their running mates are on the campaign trail today after a heated vice- presidential debate last night. tim kaine and mike pence faced off in virginia and there were plenty of insults and interruptions by tim kaine as
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they defended their running mates. here's melissa caen. >> richard nixon tax returns when he was under audit. [ overlapping speakers ] [ simultaneous speakers >> gentlemen, gentlemen, the people cannot understand you when you speak over each other. >> reporter: tonight's debate was full of interruptions. the candidates for vice president didn't hold back. tim kaine repeatedly interrupted. >> i can't imagine how governor pence can defend the insult- driven selfish style of donald trump. >> six times tonight i have said to governor pence i can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position on one issue after the next. and in all six cases, he refused to defend his running mate. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> all right. [ overlapping speakers ] >> and yet -- >> i will give you an opportunity to do that. >> take them one at a time. >> more nations should get nuclear weapons. try to defend that. >> he never said that! >> there's a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton. and that's because they are paying attention.
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hillary clinton had a private server in her home that had classified information. >> reporter: kaine and pence sparred over trump's use of the tax code. >> so it's smart not to pay for our military. it's smart not to pay for veterans. it's smart not to pay for teachers and i guess all of house do pay for those things are stupid. >> senator, do you take all the deductions you're entitled to? >> the last thing -- >> i do. >> reporter: both candidates talk about religion and abortion. >> the very idea that a child that is almost born in the world could still have his life taken from him is just anathema to me and i can't conscience about a party that supports. families that can't have children can adopt children -- >> why don't you trust women to make this choice for themselves? we can encourage people to support life, of course we can. but why don't you trust women? why doesn't donald trump trust
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women to make this choice for themselves? >> we also asked melissa about fact checking and she pointed out a fewer. >> a couple of examples. so, um, tim kaine repeatedly said that the iranian nuclear deal that hillary clinton helped to negotiate would eliminate iran's nuclear program. and that's a lie. it actually put a stop to the progress in that program but it didn't eliminate it. and mike pencer, for example, said that hillary clinton wanted to create a single, um, create a single payor system healthcare system that's also not true. she advocated for a public option. that's not the same thing as a single payor system like canada. those are some examples. >> the presidential nominee also weighed in following the debate. hillary clinton tweeting, quote, couldn't be prouder of tim kaine. and donald trump said, mike pence won big. we should all be proud of mike. a lot of students were watching the debate at cal but as kpix 5's andria borba reports, some of them were not
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impressed reporter: after a minor geographical good afternoon in the beginning. >> thank you to longwood university for their wonderful hospitality. >> reporter: the candidates jabbed. at uc-berkeley a group of students gathered for a watch party. a much smaller crowd than last week's clinton/trump face-off and much of that time was spent listening to mike pence and tim kaine bicker. >> i don't think it's presidential at all. >> to wait until it is that the other is finished. >> reporter: while moderator elaine quijano tried to gain control. >> i thought she did well in moderating it. stayed very neutral. very fair and impartial. >> reporter: the zingers hit with a thud. >> throwing inassaults all the time it gets old and it just frustrates me and i'm just going to walk out because, you know, i know that insults, i read the headlines all these are in the headlines. i want to to hear depth. >> reporter: this is the only
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vice president debate before november 8. the only chance for candidates to make an impression. >> i thought pence came out very calm and collected while kaine came off as very jumppy and consistently interrupting mike pence. >> reporter: at cal, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the presidential nominees have another chance to make an impression on stage. clinton and trump meet for their second of three debates on sunday. you can watch it live right here on kpix 5 at 6:00. hurricane matthew proving deadly as it whips through the caribbean towards the united states. the massive storm is unleashing destruction and island nations including haiti and now the u.s. is bracing for impact. here's reed binion. >> if you think you're going to have to evacuate, do it now before the roads get clogged. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott warning residents to take evacuation orders seriously as hurricane matthew approaches the u.s. >> right now we expect impact along the florida east coast from the keys through
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jacksonville. >> reporter: roadways already clogged in south carolina. governor haley also issuing warning amid coastal evacuations. >> if you don't get out in time you might get stuck. and i think that's worst-case scenario is to be stuck on the coast and have no place to go because you didn't meet the evacuation time. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders were also issued for parts of north carolina and all three states plus georgia have declared states of emergency ahead of hurricane matthew, which proved deadly on its rampage through the caribbean. with forecasters predicting that matthew will brush up against the east coast of the united states this week, residents in those areas are preparing and stocking up on everything from groceries and water to fuel and cash. >> i'm hearing a lot of screeching of tires. i'm just waiting my time because i know it will be worse tomorrow. >> reporter: i'm reed binion reporting. >> and for thousands of people from the mid-atlantic, hurricane matthew will be remembered as the storm that ruined their carnival cruise. this ship was meant to sail from baltimore to the bahamas on saturday but an email warned
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passengers hours before it left that the boat would have to stop in new york then new brunswick because of hurricane matthew. but the ship never left new york's hudson. today it returns to baltimore. some passengers are just glad to get their normal clothes back. >> we all have bathing suits, flip-flops, i'm walking around new york city with flip-flops and toilet paper in them. >> carnival cruise is giving them 50% off another cruise. >> there is a reason why they have discounted flights and cruises to the bahamas during hurricane season. >> yeah. exactly. >> you're rolling the dice. i took a look at a flight to antigua roundtrip yesterday, $250 because it's hurricane season right now. if you go during the regular season it's generally twice or three times as much. hurricane season generally ends november 1 but tell that to a hurricane. we'll keep an eye on matthew.
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right now we are taking a look at our live weather camera at the embarcadero all lit up in honor of fleet week. temperatures now have cooled. it's 43 degrees in napa. it is 50 apiece in redwood city and in livermore. 50s also in san jose and santa rosa. satellite-radar suggests the coast is clear. we are beginning to enter a warming trend in which we'll be recipients of an offshore flow. temperatures are going up today in comparison to yesterday when we are 61 degrees in san francisco. today 67. san jose 75 degrees today average high 77. so inching our way to where we should be for this time of the year. 60s with sunshine at the beaches. 70s peninsula to the santa clara valley east bay numbers warm up to 78 in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, byron and mountain house. mid-70s also common way from the seashore in the north bay. full forecast for the blue angels still coming up. but right now, let's send it over to roqui. thank you, roqui. time now 4:39. we have some roadwork out there between the south bay and the
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east bay starting in the south bay with milpitas here. we have roadwork on westbound 237 and that's between 880 split and first street that left lane closed and as you can see, it's causing some minor slowdowns. traffic moving in the area about 60 miles per hour. moving over to the east bay now, roadwork on 880 in both directions, between mission and whipple here. and that should be opening up at around 5 a.m. this morning. also, webster tunnel is closed from oakland into alameda. use park or high street bridge instead. bay bridge toll plaza looking good into downtown san francisco, carquinez bridge to the maze westbound 20 minutes. in east san jose some residents were up set to find their gas was out and then the water. now people who live at hometown eastridge are filling up containers with swimming pool water just to flush their toilets. the trouble started last week when a construction crew hit a gas line while fixing a road in
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the mobile home park. then on monday the same crew ruptured a water line. locals are struggling to adjust. >> it's been rough. we didn't get to shower. but we did get to go to our relatives' house and shower. >> hometown america management company told kpix 5 that they provided water and food to the community. they hope to get the water back on by this an and will safety check it -- on by this afternoon and will safety check it first. an arsonist has set more than a dozen fires. firefighters believe he is responsible for at least 15 fires in the warm springs district since mid-july. these pictures show some of the aftermath. authorities say most of the fires were set in bushes, trees and dumpsters usually on the weekends from saturday night into sunday morning. >> and the concern for us is, um, a few things, but one, that it's all been in a neighborhood
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community, fairly densely populated. there have been fire set next to bushes up against fences in this neighborhood. >> firefighters say the most recent fire almost spread to a house. they want to catch the suspect before it gets worse. floats los angeles got new insight into the deadly shooting of a black teen. the l.a. police department released security video showing 18-year- old carnell snell before he died. you can see him running through a strip mall with something in his hand. police say that it was a loaded gun. despite the video being released, demonstrators stiffly gathered outside a police commission meeting last night. >> these incidents are also tragic for the individual officers involved. >> yeah, right. >> oh. >> yeah, right. we're going home! >> if we continue to have disruptions, no one will have an opportunity to be heard because we'll be forced to end the meeting. >> police also released pictures from the crime scene that reportedly show bullets and the loaded gun. the mayor of l.a. police says that the police released the video to show
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transparency. time now 4:42. nearly 300 rabbits now in need of a good home. we'll talk to the man who had to give up his beloved pets.
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looking clowns. as k-p-i-x five's joe vazquez reports... it's now spread to the bay a peculiar hoax is popping up across the u.s. involving evil looking clowns. as joe vazquez reports it's spread to the bay area and police are not amused reporter: modesto, california this twitter video shows a clown in a field. a group of kids eventually chase him away. it's one of dozens of clown sightings reported to police and school districts around the country. is this for real? a prank? an overreaction? >> the threat is serious enough for me that i would put it in that violence category. >> reporter: oakland's school police chief says creepy clown messages were posted on instagram and directly targeted oakland schools. >> we have had two specific threats to two specific schools. >> reporter: he is not saying which ones. antioch school district also put out a notice saying schools
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were targeted there. this instagram post tells students to wear blue to stay safe. the fairfield school district also received online threats. >> we take this seriously and yet we also rely heavily on the expertise of our police department. we didn't want to overreacted and cause, you know, too much hysteria. >> reporter: officials in the bay area insist there is no credibility to any of these threats and that the schools are safe. the clown trend began in south carolina last month. children told police the clouds tried to lure them into the woods. >> nobody knows how to defend against it because we don't know if it's a prank or if they are trying to hurt people. >> reporter: at least 12 clowns have been arrested and the trend continues. a clown in philadelphia threatened to blow up schools. one connecticut school district says it will ban clown costumes for halloween this season. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the trend has caught the attention of stephen king who posted this message.
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hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria. most of them are good. cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh. one bay area woman feels the same way because sarah moore is a director of a school called the clown conservatory. the training program has been around for 15 years and moore says that clowning is an artform. the program stems from the vaudeville tradition. and she says clowning is about physical comedy. more than anything she stresses it's not about scaring people. >> the whole clown horror thing is a very specific thing that has nothing at all whatever to do with real clowning. clowns are part of the world's solution, not its problems. we are here to make children laugh. we're here to enlighten people. we're poets in action. that's what clowns are. >> moore also says that clowning is especially valuable because it's a way to mock and mirror the awkwardness of being human. >> but all those costumes have
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the bad teeth. scary clowns freak me out. all right. something not scary a big crowd in sacramento last night to hear music legend paul mccartney. more than 15,000 fans showed up for his concert. >> good evening, sacramento. [ applause and cheers ] >> can't buy me love ♪ >> this is the first concert at the new golden one center. it's the sacramento kings' new $557 million arena. he plays again tonight. both shows are sold out. >> no surprise there. yeah. no surprise there. >> how amazing. >> yeah. >> he sounded terrific. >> he sounds great and still looks great. >> doesn't age. >> we have the 50th anniversary of when the beatles last performed at candlestick park so he is rocking it. good morning. as you get ready to rock yourself out of bed out the door this morning, you will have refreshing temperatures that will greet you. right now let's focus in on the
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latest on hurricane matthew. its winds #115 miles per hour a category 3 hurricane. gaining strength and momentum as it shows right there becoming a hurricane category 4 by the time it slams up against the state of florida. keep in mind hurricanes have minds of their own. this path could change 20 miles in either direction. we'll keep a watchful eye on hurricane matthew. we have clear skies temperatures in the 50s except right now napa at 43. it is 47 degrees in vallejo. calm winds. will remain calm for the most part throughout the morning hours. satellite-radar suggests the coast is clear. low to the north. it's a human dome of high pressure and our future cal shows it's going to come closer -- our futurecast shows it's going to come closer to the state until we see above
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average temperatures in time for fleet week celebrations this weekend. temperatures today, santa clara valley in the 60s and then afternoon high 71 degrees in downtown san jose. 72, 73 however towards mineta international airport. and levi's stadium. numbers going up today but slightly below average, 60s and 70s, overnight 40s and 50s. today outside number 78. friday nearly 90. 93 degrees inland on saturday. roqui do you like the boats or the planeses ? >> i was driving along the bay bridge this morning and i saw a massive situation in the water. i was like, oh, fleet week the cool. i like both. let's take a look at slow- moving traffic along the altamont pass coming off of 205 here. just about 30 miles per hour
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but keep in mind, at north flynn road we have some debris in the road. it's a camper shell that a car left there in the middle of the road and we have crews on the way to remove it for you. free moving traffic through livermore and then some slow traffic along the dublin interchange. altamont pass to 680 westbound will take about 15 minutes. let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza. looking good if you are heading into downtown san francisco right now. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze westbound will take 20 minutes. roadwork on the bay bridge westbound 80 between the tunnel and san francisco anchorage. that should open up around 5 a.m. and that right lane is closed. to the peninsula commute if you are heading from hayward to foster city here's a look at the san mateo bridge. looking good so far. 880 to 101 westbound will take about 15 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. in orange county a man
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named rick loves rabbits so much that he took care of 300 of them. >> until this week when 278 of his bunnies were put in special boxes and taken away. the bunnies were carted off because a neighbor couldn't stand their smell and finally phoned animal control. rick had been raising the bunnies for several years and at first he started off with two. but the animals got along so well that two became hundreds. >> doesn't take long to get that way. okay? they, um, like say, they're very romantic and they do sneak out. it's hard to keep the males from the females. >> they are rabbits. rick says he looked after them not-for-profit but because he loved them. he won't face charges because animal control says all the rabbits are completely healthy. time now 4:52. nike's high-priced self-lacing shoes hitting stores next month but get a pair for ten bucks. we'll tell you how next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. time check, 4:55. i want to walk you through the seven-day forecast. so much going on around the bay area this weekend. temperatures climbing to an outside number of 78 degrees today. look at thursday through the weekend. 70s and 80s across the bay for the boats and the planes for fleet week. milpitas westbound 237 there is some roadwork to know about between 880 split and first street that left lane closed and it is causing some slowdowns. all right. attention, all travel bargain seekers. southwest airlines big semi airline sale is going on now. you can find one wayfares for as low as $49 and most are
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under $100. there's a catch though. the holidays are blacked out. eligible travel times are november 30 through december 20 and january 4 through february 15. but you have to act quickly. the sale ends thursday at midnight. speaking of airlines, several are waiving flight fees because of hurricane matthew. american, delta, united, jetblue, all say that they will waive change fees for trips scheduled for thursday or friday to or from multiple cities in florida. airlines will likely issue waivers for most u.s. airports as matthew continues to track closer. a lawsuit is moving forward over those credit card chip readers you see at some stores. a judge is allowing small businesses to sue major credit card companies for forcing them to use the chip readers. they say the machines are expensive but don't fully protect them or customers from fraud. if class action status is granted for the lawsuit, 8
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million small businesses could make it a $6 billion case. if you want to go "back to the future" just like marty mcfly here's your chance. nike is raffling off 89 pairs of its "back to the future" self-lacing sneakers. the special edition kicks are replicas of the sneakers worn by marty mcfly in the iconic "back to the future" movie. tickets for the online lottery are $10. the lottery closes on october 11, all proceeds from sales will be donated to the michael j. fox foundation. beam me up, scotty, has a new meaning this morning. the latest "star trek" film has gone into space. paramount has beamed up a copy of "star trek: beyond" to the international space station for the astronauts to watch. fans here will have to wait to get a copy of the movie. it comes out on blu-ray and dvd november 1. time now 4:57. the vice-presidential debate had plenty of memorable moments. who the experts say "won" next.
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today is the international "walk to school" day so why does the san jose mayor care? how he is using today to push for politics.
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and i'm kenny choi. good morning, it's wednesday, october 5. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's head outside check out the conditions this wednesday morning. a live look at the embarcadero all lit up in blue as we start fleet week. blue angels coming on friday. >> yes! can't wait. [ laughter ] [ simultaneous speakers this looks better. i have been noticing the past few days that roqui is a lot taller than me so i'm trying to get a bigger box. >> you don't need one, roqui. >> if i didn't have the box -- [ laughter ] >> all right. >> plus, i have large high heels on today, too,. >> i have to sit up taller too. >> no, not so much. >>


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