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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 6, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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the san francisco giants are celebrating their victory - in a live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. the champagne is flowing. tonight the san francisco giants celebrate their huge victory in a wild do or die game. >> this is what sealed the deal, that three-run shot in the 9th out of the park into the division series. let's get right to kpix5 joe vazquez at at&t park tonight. joe? >> reporter: ken, what an exciting game. it was 0-0 most of the game. the tension was building. then there's a three-run homer in the top of the 90, but i have to tell you the -- 9th, but i have to tell you the fan here at public health did not start celebrating until the
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very last pitch. [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: how would you describe the mood where that home run was hit? >> oh, it was like electric, man, yeah. it was just euphoric. it's awesome. >> reporter: we've been through this a few years. where does that one rank? >> pretty up there. >> let's go giants! let's go giants! >> look around here. look at this. look at. this we're all so fired up of it's the most exciting thing i've seen -- fired up. it's the most exciting thing i've seen in a long time. >> reporter: before the game not a lot of people including giants fans thought they could get through this, but now after this victory, ken, we're talking about maybe the fourth world series title in six years. people are talking about it
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again. it is october, after all. >> looked like there was some navy guys in there, maybe a couple marines, some blue angels celebrating fleet week. >> reporter: not that they needed a reason to celebrate, but they were always -- as excited as the die hard fans. giants fans were cheering all around the bay area. baseball fans at this san jose bar say they are confident the giants can beat the cubs. >> a little scary, but you know what? the cubs, they got their curse. that's all i got to say and we believe it. >> san francisco certainly has an orange glow about it tonight for sure, check out coit tower lit up in giants colors right now. sport director dennis o'donnell joins us now and what an awesome game. >> yeah. in the history of baseball there has never been a postseason pitcher as good as
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madison bumgarner. when the giants are facing elimination as they were tonight, bumgarner pitched 23 straight scoreless innings, but he was not the only star this evening. giants started another playoff run in new york. in the 5th inning joe panik was struck out to end the inning. bumgarner got cespedes in the 5th. connor gillespie connects for what would be the game winning three run home run. giants win 3-0 and just like 2014 bumgarner threw a complete game shutout in the wildcard game. now it's on to chicago for the division series beginning friday. >> we had a battle to get here. we had to play well the last two series and get a sweep in
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the end. that's all you ask is a shot. you never know with these guys, as you know. they find a way. we're looking forward to the next series and it's good to be moving on, trust me. >> in his last nine postseason appearance 6-1, three shutouts, earned run average of 0.79 and oh, yes, that one save this won the 2014 world series. >> somewhere travis ishikawa is saying i've done that. >> it's a host of unlikely postseason heroes and that adds to the magic of it all. right now this is one of the strongest hurricanes to threaten the u.s. in nearly a decade and tonight half a million people in coastal cities from florida to south carolina are warned get out or be prepared for the worst. hurricane matthew is a category
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3 storm right now. it could grow. airlines are cancelling more than 1,200 flights through friday. amtrak is shutting down service to the southeast. that hurricane is packing winds as high as 120 miles an hour and it's blamed for as many as 25 deaths in high it i and the dominican republic already. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the hurricane tonight. moving right through the bahamas. in the past two hours in the southeastern bahamas one unofficial report of a wind gust to 144 miles per hour. this is a significant storm heading directly toward florida and the southeastern u.s. as of this minute sustained winds around the center of the storm are category 3 strength, 115 mile-per-hour winds with stronger gusts. it's only 100 miles south, southeast of nassau capital of the bahamas and this track is a category 4 hurricane not
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moving over land but staying a few miles offshore but parallelling 300 miles of florida coastline bringing the worst of the wind right along the coast from palm beach county up to jacksonville and the georgia border. if that were to happen, we would see several million people in the path of a major hurricane just in florida alone. details of our local forecast coming up. some people in san leandro noticed something suspicious and called the cops. tonight after a three month investigation police say they put it a sophisticated marijuana operation out of business. officers say they found 2,000 plants growing inside four houses. street value? about $400,000. . robert mcman police also found more than $40,000 in cash. so where was all that for the going? police still don't know. >> but what we do know is it is so elaborate very, very capable of producing hundreds of pound
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of marijuana per year. they could be sold illegally on the street. we really don't have that answer right now. >> five adults were arrested of one man took off, crawled through a hatch in a door and hid in a crawlspace. officers talked to him for nearly an hour before using a k- 9 to arrest him. new trouble tonight for theranos, not that long ago the blood testing startup was worth millions. tonight veronica de la cruz tells us it's laying off workers and closing labs. >> it's all amid ongoing criminal and civil investigations. the ceo announced today the palo alto county will close its clinical has beens and wellness centers in california, pennsylvania. more than 40% of the workforce will be laid off. the company will focus on their mini lab platform which uses a robot to run tests on samples which is not yet approved by
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regulators. earlier this year the company was found to not be testing blood the way it advertised. holmes claimed her technology could conduct tests using just a drop of blood. after the journal report federal regulators banned holmes from operating any lab for two years. theranos is appealing the ruling. after more than three days today people who live in a mobile home park in east san jose finally have their water back on. last week a construction crew nicked a gas line. then monday that same crew hit a water pipe cutting off the supply to east ridge estates. neighbors had to bail out water from a swimming pool to flush toilets. today things were finally getting back to normal. >> i was happy i didn't have to go and get my bucket and load up on water, that i can take a shower, i can brush my teeth. >> the water was tested first to make sure there was no contamination and it was safe to drink. also tonight the candidates
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for u.s. senate here in california took part in their first and only debate. as dave brian shows us, both congresswoman loretta lynch and attorney general kamala harris went on the attack. >> reporter: it became clear early on that with only one debate in the california u.s. senate race this year there was no reason for state attorney general kamala harris or orange county congresswoman loretta sanchez to hold back. early on sanchez, the clear underdog, went on the attack pointing out harris refused to have her office get involved in looking at some of the controversial police shootings. >> when we discussed body cams, my opponent was absent. when there was a bill before the state legislature to take the evidence and take a look at the shootings that are going on, my opponent said no to that. >> reporter: harris fired back
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charging that sanchez talks about her leadership in washington, but it's hard to lead she said when you aren't showing up. >> she is no. 3 in the house 435 members most truant and failing to attend meetings. >> for the first 18 years in the congress i have a 9 five% attendance -- a 95% attendance record. come on, guys, that's a solid a. >> the record shows the congresswoman miss over 70% of the homeland security meetings in congress. the facts speak for themselves. >> for most of the night it was clear congresswoman sanchez was the aggressor in this debate and for good reason. she trails far behind harris in campaign funding and endorsements. in fact, harris has been endorsed by everyone up to president obama and including vice president biden. in los angeles, dave bryan, kpix5. a creepy clown tried to
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snatch a bay area girl from this bus stop. her mom tells us how she fought him off. >> panic in a plane after this started smoking, one of the samsung's replacement phones. >> some tickets for the bay area concert tonight cost more than 1 million bucks, but we'll take y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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east bay turns violent. tonight - one mo well, this is no joke. a creepy clown sighting in the east bay turned violent today. tonight one mom told kpix5's christin ayers the clown tried to grab her 1-year-old daughter. st >> i've never encountered something like this. >> reporter: tiffany martin was still in shock when we spoke to her this evening. shield just had lunch with her 1-year-old daughter at denny's in concord. it was at this bus stop she met the clown, a white male with dark hair covered by a curly blue wig wearing a full clown suit.
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you didn't think it was weird? >> no. i thought he was about to get on the bus. it's not weird to me because clowns are peaceful to me. we were standing there. he was playing with her. i thought he was going to kiss her hand. instead he pulled her arm literally. so i pull heard arm back and kicked him. >> blue hat, curly hair, polka dotted rainbow colored outfit. >> reporter: the clown is at large seen running running down willow path road and seen by witnesses who tweeted about it. i saw a clown by my bus stop at concord and another tweeted a clown was seen on willow road jumping around cars. >> we take it very seriously. this stranger tried to forcefully remove a 1-year-old child from her mother's arms. >> reporter: concord police spent the day trying to track down surveillance video and searching trails for any sign
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of a discarded clown costume. they say it may be a copycat situation. >> since you have all these clown stories going around, you'll have those copy contaminants who are trying to commit crimes in -- copycats who are trying to commit crimes in clown costumes. >> reporter: tiffany just wants the clown caught before he strikes again. >> i don't trust walking by myself right now. mass robbers kick open a door and steal the entire cash register around 6:30 this morning at the common conspiracy in sunnyvale. surveillance footage caught them in the act. the owner said an alarm sounded and likely spooked them. they cleaned out the register and stole a couple comic books. >> x-men, wolverine, a lot of books 25, $50 range, good vitals, recent such, nothing very old or expensive, --
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stuff, nothing very old or expensive. >> so far no arrests. there's a new way for san jose sheriff's deputies to store their gongs. the department will be issuing -- their guns. the department will be issuing gun vaults that can be stored in a deputy's store. they bought 750 of them. more than 940 guns have been stolen from law enforcement officers in california over the past six years. one of the most recent incidents happened in san francisco. someone broke into an fbi agent's car and stole a firearm. a passenger plane evacuated after a new samsung phone started smoking in a passenger's pocket. samsung recalled 1 million phones because of battery fires, but tonight's kpix5's allen martin tells us it appears this phone is one of the replacements that's supposed to be safe. >> well, we got smoke in the cabin. you said you've got emergency equipment over here? >> reporter: that smoke came pouring from the samsung galaxy
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note 7 smartphone forcing the flight to baltimore to be evacuated as it sat at the gate in louisville this morning. >> i was just trying to get it away from me and there's no good place to put it on a plane, of course. >> reporter: brian green just turned phone off. >> i heard a sound like a ziploc bag popping up and there was smoke billowing pouring out of my pocket. >> reporter: another passenger. >> someone said phone is on fire. >> reporter: samsung recalled more than 2 million galaxy note 7s made before september 15th. there have been at least 92 reports in the u.s. of the lithium ion battery overheating resulting in 26 burns and 55 cases of property damage including fires to cars and a garage. airlines have been asking passengers traveling with a note 7 not to charge the phone and keep it turned off while on board. a check of the serial number on green's phone showed it is not
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part of the current recall. >> there's something else going on they need to look a little deeper into. >> in a statement samsung says it's working with authorities and southwest to recover that phone and determine the cause. one of the biggest acts in music wrapped up a concert in the bay area. sales force organized the event. the company's ceo told our betty yu tonight this is for a very good cause. >> reporter: u2 is rocking out on stage and people are checking them out from the inside where the after party tonight will be held featuring artists will i am and emcee hammer, but this night isn't about big star power. it's go raising millions for children. >> we're so lucky to have the ucf fbenioff children's hospital. >> reporter: tonight the
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software company transformed the cow palace into the cloud palace featuring food, drinks and -- this year's headliner is the world's most famous rock band u2. bono has a long history of giving back. >> they're definitely a great fit. sales force is founded on philanthropy. it's one of the major things of the company, so it's a fitting band to have at this event. >> reporter: tickets start at a grand for people not affiliated with sales force. >> how is the show? >> we're privileged to be here. ucf does great things and we love it. >> i love it. i'm irish american and always wanted to see u2. this is the first time i've ever seen them. >> reporter: for many donors politics was also on their mind tonight. are you getting on any other ceos to support hillary clinton? >> i think everyone has to realize we have a very clear
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choice in the election coming up. it's very much a choice that's represented by tonight. are you for children and for the passion, education and health of our children or are you going to vote with someone who really has never done anything for children that i can figure out? >> reporter: at the cloud palace betty yu, kpix5. plan on seeing a lot of orange around the city of san francisco the next company weeks. this is coit tower in the background, a chilly night out there. santa rosa 57 degrees, livermore 60s, oakland, concord and san jose. chilly for the kids walking to school tomorrow, napa 47, livermore 48, santa rosa 45 and yell, it is getting lighter later, sunrise 7:10 tomorrow. a big ridge of high pressure warmed some of you up by as
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much as 20 degrees today. santa rosa up to 79 because the ridge will work its way closer to us in control and the warmest day will be saturday. saturday we'll see some 90s, but tomorrow we are finally back to average, san francisco 1 degree below average, oakland 72, san jose 2 degrees below average and concord 79 degrees for you. santa clara valley tomorrow, lots of sunshine. we'll roll through the day, clouds off to the north, mid- 70s. right here on kpix5 a special broadcast from levi stadium at 4:00. the game itself49ers hosting the cardinals. it should be a great night for football, shine and 75 degrees. mid-70s for los altos, loss campos and milpitas, san
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rafael 76, richmond 68, sonoma 80, st. helena 83 degrees tomorrow. friday and saturday 90 inland, upper 70s near the bay. next week looks cooler, cloudier. the end of next week we may be talking about a few rain showers. >> that's not good. you know who is in town next week? tiger woods, phil mickelson. >> the giants, the cubs. you give us rain now? >> they play well in the elements. a minor leaguer to post season hero, we'll hear from the man who took a bite out of the big apple and sent the giants on to chicago next. our live pre- show coverage starts at >> tomorrow the 49ers take on the cardinals at levi stadium for thursday night football, kickoff 5:25. our live preshow coverage starts at 4:30. starts at 4:30. we'll also have
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6:15pm, pacific time..question >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living
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spaces furniture. giants play the cubs in the windy city. the question is will conor gillaspie be in the lineup? the unlikely giants hero was playing tonight only because eduardo nunez was hurt. the giants madison bumgarner lived up to the hype all right. brandon belt gets a home run but no. curtis granderson, the incredible catch holds onto the baseball. comebacker right still no score in the 8th inning, new york with a runner at second, but cabrera lined it right back to madison bumgarner to end the inning. next inning, conor gillaspie, a spring training newbie, giants win 3-0 behind bumgarner who just like in the 2014 wildcard game threw a complete game shutout. >> you know, i'd be lying to
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you if i said i had word to describe that moment, absolutely incredible i guess is the best i can do. as a kid and player at this level, you look forward to just getting a hit in the postseason just to help your team. wow, i mean i'm a lucky guy. >> reporter: can you put your finger on why you've been so successful in these win or go home situations? >> i wish i had an answer for you. i don't. he's just tough. that's why. he's a competitive guy with everything he does and that's -- you know what? it shows and not just in baseball but anything in life. >> game on friday night. still to come the arizona cardinals will be without one of their main offensive weapons against the 49ers and how derek carr has developed such a great chemistry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> cardinals quarterback carson palmer has been ruled out of tomorrow's game against the
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49ers. he's got a concussion. so backup drew stanton will start for arizona. raiders wide receiver michael crabtree has always been known for having great hands and he showed that off with his three touchdown game against the ravens last sunday. quarterback derek carr is so impressed with crabtree's hands he likes to press him in practice, too. >> i throw it extra hard and early because it's cool to me. he'll turn around and catch it with one hand, makes you feel like you can't throw the ball ,, i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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scast is tomorro the late show with stephen colbert next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll see you there. ,,
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