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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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michelle griego. 4:30 on a tuesday morning. >> right. [ laughter ] >> it's gorgeous weather-wise. last 24 hours, at least, huh? >> it was really refreshing yesterday. lots of clean air. same again today if not warmer. good morning, everyone. welcome to your tuesday where we have temperatures in the 40s. 45 degrees in santa rest. 52 san jose. mid-50s common around the central bay. today's highs will soar to 70. upper 60s, low 70s around the peninsula to 73 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. we'll regather and talk about the warmest day you can expect this week coming up. >> roadwork to update you on here on 880 in both directions. hayward, fremont area and that's between whipple and mission. that's opening around 5 a.m. moving to the bridges, the bay bridge toll plaza a backup in
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the cash lane, otherwise good into downtown san francisco. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze westbound will take you a quick 19 minutes. your peninsula commute very nice and easy over the san mateo bridge, 880 to 10115 minutes. a suspect is behind bars accused in a deadly hit-and-run in san leandro. it's being investigated as a homicide yesterday on williams street near 880. kpix 5's christin ayers reports on how police got a break in the case. >> reporter: the suspect, kadeem edwards wearing fatigue pants his hands cuffed, he is walked into a waiting patrol car. police say edwards was driving a pickup truck used in a deadly hit-and-run in san leandro. >> we have now located the vehicle responsible for today's homicide. >> reporter: it happened here at true world foods distribution center in san leandro. authorities say an employee at the center interrupted edwards as he was stealing recyclable wood pallets from the parking
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lot. >> tried to stop a crime today and paid the price. >> reporter: police say surveillance video shows an argument followed. edwards ran over the employee, left him for dead and kept driving. for hours, police staked out recycling centers like this one in oakland and around 5 p.m. spot the truck at 47th and east 12th. >> the man took off running. the officers chased him and found him hiding under a parked vehicle on 48th avenue. >> reporter: now he is under arrest. authorities say they will examine the truck damage and compare the driver to the man captured on surveillance video fleeing. in san leandro, christin ayers, kpix 5. jury selection is under way in the trial of antolin garcia- torres. the man is accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. her body has never been found. garcia is charged with abducting and murdering based
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in part on evidence found in his car. potential jurors at the san jose hall of justice were handed questionnaires yesterday. judge ladoris cordell says choosing a jury for this case could be a long process. >> social media has changed jury selection forever because it's a tool the lawyers use to find out really anything they want to know about potential jurors. >> this trial is expected to last six months. garcia torres could face the death penalty if convicted. a man's two-year-old son was shot earlier in the day. authorities are investigating. police say 41-year-old adam powell was covered in body armor when he targeted two officers at starbucks yesterday. he ran off when his rifle apparently jammed up. the officers chased after him and shot him. now the suspect's family says his 2-year-old son was shot
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about 5 hours earlier at his home in suisun city. [ pause ] >> the family says that the shooting was accidental but police are investigating. the suspect and son are in the hospital, the boy in critical condition. the president of a major law enforcement group has apologized for the historic treatment of minorities by police in the u.s. terrence cunningham spoke yesterday in san diego at the annual conference of the international association of chiefs of police. >> we must move forward together to build a shared understanding. we must forge a path that allows us to move beyond our history and identify common solutions to better protect our communities. >> cunningham emphasized that law enforcement and critics of police must work together to find ways to build trust. later today the city of san francisco is expected to cut business ties with wells fargo bank. two supervisors are holding a press conference on the steps
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of city hall to introduce a resolution. this is in response to the bank's fake account scandal. authorities say that employees opened up more than 2 million fake accounts without customer knowledge. the company's ceo john stumpf resigned last week. all right. weather-wise, we are hoping for another day similar to yesterday because it really was nice out. >> it was. it was below average as far as our typical temperatures are concerned for this time of the year. but it was refreshing. it was really nice. today very similar conditions again today. good morning, everybody. it's not even just a couple of degrees warmer. we are going to talk about temperatures now out the door. it's a cooler start to your day. look at the flat bay waters. the flag a little on the fly down at the embarcadero. temperature-wise we are now at 45 in santa rosa, to 54 in oakland. mid-50s san francisco. low 50s san jose. today numbers closer to average for this time of the year from the 60s with partly cloudy skies at the beaches. we'll have a gentle breeze late
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day at the peninsula. 68 san mateo. 70s santa clara valley from cupertino, campbell, los gatos, saratoga. san jose from willow glen through the rose garden district through alviso into alum rock temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s. low 70s in gilroy. east of the bay, closer you get to the bay of the waters high 60s towards fremont and union city. newark also in hayward. but then the further east you go temperatures high 60s and low 80s. 73 degrees the outside number in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay and mountain house. temperatures in the north bay north of the golden gate bridge, from 67 degrees in sausalito to the low 60s in santa rosa. boy, that's a climb from 45 this morning. and 67 degrees your forecast high in lakeport. we have the sunshine today. we have warmer weather on the way back into the low 90s. we'll talk about the day coming up in a matter of moments. >> oh, no, thank you, roberta. really. you can keep your 90s.
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okay? [ laughter ] >> time now 4:36. let's take a look at the roads. roadwork southbound 880 between whipple and mission, that should be opening up around 5 a.m. altamont pass traffic from 205 in tracy about 30 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass, westbound, will take thank you minutes. -- 25 minutes. dublin interchange, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze westbound will just take you a quick 18 minutes. and those metering lights will be on around 5:30. 880 to 101, 14 minutes and here's a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. heading into san francisco, 580 to the toll plaza will take 14 minutes. demonstrators are pushing san francisco city leaders to take action to help the homeless. they set up tents outside of city hall yesterday.
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they want the city to set aside more money to get every homeless person off the streets and into a shelter or housing. voters are going to decide on a measure called proposition q next month. that would make tents and encampments illegal on city streets. with exactly three weeks to go to election day, the latest poll shows hillary clinton is leading donald trump by nine points nationwide. and ahead of the third and final debate showdown, donald trump is in colorado over the last two days he has said that voter fraud poses a significant threat at the poll places. at the same time, his wife melania is defending him against sexual assault allegations. >> i was surprised because that is not the man that i know. he was lead on from the host to
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say dirty and bad stuff. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton's email use is certain to be an issue at tomorrow night's debate. fbi records show a close clinton aide during her time as secretary of state contacted the fbi and tried to get the classifications lowered on clinton emails. the fbi and state department deny it. >> any really assertion that this was somehow, um, um, "tit for tat" or quid pro quo, exchanges, in that manner, really frankly is insulting. >> clinton is not campaign this week. but other people are had making multiple appearances in her place. one of silicon valley executives is feeling the heat after contributing to the presidential campaign of donald trump. betty yu explains why peter thiel is getting flak. >> reporter: he is one of silicon valley's most powerful and the most high-profile tech
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player to support donald trump. billionaire investor and paypal cofounder peter thiel is making his first donation of $1.25 million to his campaign. he last spoke at the republican national convention. >> thiel had gone quiet. no one was sure whether he was going to cut ties. what's is significant about this donation is this comes after allegations of women. >> reporter: kpix 5's melissa caen says the gift is not likely to change who the valley picks as a candidate but the announcement puts the spotlight on relationships in his tech work. there have been calls for one company to cut ties with him who is a part-time partner. president sam altman said he thinks trump is abusive and erratic but yc is not requesting to fire someone for
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supporting a major presidential nominee. another group that promotes diversities in startups ended its rips with y culminater because thiel's values are not ours. this other person believes facebook should reevaluate whether thiel could sit on its board. >> this goes beyond that. this is an existential threat to american democracy and threat to over half of the people who live in this country. and so i think >> betty yu, kpix 5. >> the third and final presidential debate is tomorrow night at unlv in las vegas. watch it live starting at 6 p.m. here on kpix 5. city leaders in vallejo say that they are caught off guard by plans to build a large casino in their city. the casino is being proposed by the scotts valley band of pomo indians 100 miles way in lake county. the plans have been in the
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works more than a year but city leaders say that because these matters are handled by the federal government, they only found out about the project three months ago. >> we were stunned, stunned. >> the proposed site is 37 and 80. critics say it would worsen traffic but the tribe says that the casino would create jobs and become the largest employer in vallejo. time is 4:42. the search is on this morning for a pilot missing in the sierra. more on the effort under way to try to bring him home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sierra. as shirin rajaee .. the search area this morning crews are expected to resume the search for a small plane believed missing in the sierra. the search area is southwest of lake tahoe in el dorado county reporter: >> we're work in about 9,000 feet elevation upwards. >> reporter: for more than 48
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hours, a number of air crews having working with a ground here of more than 40 people in rough conditions focusing the search on the last known coordinates provided by the air force. >> the visibility has just been terrible. it's very remote. >> reporter: crews are searching for 52-year-old tyrell kramer, a pilot from wilton whose plane a cessna 182 went missing saturday in the sierra. >> he is a good friend, one heck of a pilot, great father. just great guy. >> reporter: rick seifert is a close friend, with kramer in idaho friday night before he started his flight back to jackson airport in amador county the next day. >> he is an excellent survivalist. he has lived in idaho in cold climates for long, long time. he's one heck of a pilot over 25, 30 years. backcountry experience. so if anybody can make it, it will be him. >> reporter: he says kramer is a husband and father and so well respected in the industry. he works as a safety consultant
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for an insurance company and is so well loved that people who have worked with him from even the bay area are out searching. but as it got dark, the last air crews in the california air national guard and a chp helicopter out of auburn took off for one final search as multiple agencies gathered to debrief on their findings keeping the hope alive. >> a lot of prayers and keeping the family in mind because they need the support right now. >> the area has been pelted by heavy rain and winds over the past few days. it's october and feeling like winter in the mountains. the sierra nevada got an early snowstorm. it started on sunday and fell all the way through yesterday afternoon. you can see the kids were enjoying it. as for the adults, here's what they had to say. >> lived here for a long time and it's snowing. it's snowing early. it's always beautiful. >> the national weather service
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says the warmer weather should return later today. >> that's a nice thing that we have had the past week is winter was here and now it's back to fall and summer-like temperatures. >> you remember this. in chicago i would get home from work and i would shovel my neighbor's driveway and then they would come home and the next day they would shovel mine. you just get to know your neighbor really well and it's all through the weather. weather brings so many people closer together. it's always about the weather. [ laughter ] >> after three to six inches of snow on the high sierra on opening day just 32 days away, we have sunshine that will move into the high sierra today as well as for us here locally. now, right now, we do have some partly cloudy skies looking out over the bay waters. temperatures 45 degrees in santa rosa to 55 in san francisco. low 50s in livermore. this is some good sleeping weather here. 45. that's one of the coolest temperatures i have seen so far
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this autumn season. a little bit of stratus hanging very tight to the coast this morning. otherwise, here's what you need to know for this tuesday. we do have a very cool start to the day requiring a sweater, even a light jacket. it's going to be dry the rest of the workweek. and the mild-to-warm conditions begin to settle into our area beginning with tomorrow. here's your futurecast as we approach lunch hour, stratus is close to sunset beach at the san mateo coast and then it backs off revealing ample sunshine today all the way through the rest of the workweek. satellite-radar area of low pressure still well to the north of us. but our storm track is going to shift more and more to the south and then we have another storm track way to the north. we're probably right there smack in between as high pressure begins to nestle into our region. today travel wise sacramento, stockton, mercedes, modesto all near 70 -- merced, modesto all
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near site of. temperatures close 70. five to seven degrees below average inland. 71 in los gatos. 68 in fremont. east bay numbers topping off at 73 for my warmest locations towards brentwood and oakley and discovery bay. 60s and 70s north of the golden gate bridge. we are talking about 60s to nearly 70 towards the estuary in oakland. west winds 5 to 15 late day. warmer wednesday, thursday through saturday. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. roqui. >> thank you, roberta. we have a triple fatality in marin. here's the map. samuel taylor park entrance and the main road sir francis drake boulevard shut down. a car in a ditch and against a
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tree. we'll update you later. a triple fatality this morning just after midnight in marin at sir francis drake boulevard. roadwork southbound 880 in the hayward/fremont area is going to be out there until about 5 a.m. so in 10 minutes or so. it's between whipple and mission boulevard. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you a slow 25 minutes. slow on eastbound 580. bay bridge toll plaza, looking very nice into san francisco right now. carquinez bridge 18 minutes. and across the span of the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that bridge, 880 to 101 will just take you 15 minutes. a look at the golden gate bridge, 580 in san rafael to the toll plaza will take you 15 minutes, as well. so looking good throughout the bay area. i'll send it to you guys at the
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desk. more than 5,000 pounds of food, equipment and other supplies are on the way to the international space station. nasa successfully launched a rocket along with cargo from virginia yesterday. the model malfunctioned after take-off two years ago resulting in an explosion. scientists suspected for years that an ultra violet glow exists on mars. nasa scientists just released these pictures taken from the maven spacecraft giving us a look at the night glow. the glow comes from nitric oxide caused by chemical reactions that start during the day and then settle close to the surface at night releasing extra energy that comes out as that ultraviolet light. >> mars appears to me all the conditions required for life or to have met them at the surface
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in the past. >> that's the question. scientists say maven's pictures bring us closer to knowing whether or not we can one day put people on mars. time now 4:52. the phones can explode but it turns out the customers don't care. the shocking number of people staying loyal to samsung following the note 7 troubles. >> and we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. ,,
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rose as much as 20 percent in after hours trading yesterday. the gains come after the streaming service announced three- point-six-million new netflix's stock is up about 20% in after hours yesterday afternoon the streaming service announced 3.6 million new
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subscribers in its 3rd quarter. that's a million more than expected. most of those came from netflix's international markets. the los gatos-based company credit the performance to its original content. visa ceo charlie scharf is resigning to spend time with families. visa is in san francisco but his family is on the east coast. he called it personal. the company's board will replace him with a current member of the board, alfred kelly. it is now a federal crime to take a galaxy note 7 on a plane in the u.s. samsung recalled the phones because the batteries can overheat and explode but as cate caugiran tells us, a lot of customers are still using them. >> reporter: you think after seeing this or hearing this -- >> i heard some popping. >> reporter: -- it might be time for a new phone but one
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san francisco-based software company found samsung users are still loyal to the brand. >> it's just surprising how much people are willing to risk holding a device to their face or leaving it in a pocket that could potentially explode. [chuckling] >> reporter: they say right now there are still close to a million still in use. >> even after the first three calls beginning of september usage is high. in fact, as of a week ago it hit a peak. >> reporter: that's the same time when samsung announced it was scrapping the note 7. consumer psychologist kit yarrow. >> denial is a very powerful thing. so i think there are people that just don't want to deal with it and they are in denial about the possible dangers. >> reporter: samsung is asking all note 7 users to send the phones back even sending customers fireproof boxes and gloves. but returning the phone isn't that easy. fedex is only accepting phones from retail stores. u.p.s. and usps will take them if they
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are in special packaging but only through ground transportation. other companies are benefiting. apple stock is at a 10-year high and google's smartphone is skyrocketing. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> samsung is sending reps to airports across the country to help customers affected by the travel ban. they will help customers make exchanges or get refund. it is 3 minutes before 5:00. donald trump says it's a rigged election. next our water insider weighs in. how much confidence should americans have in the election process? >> plus, medical marijuana delivered to your door? it could be a point in san jose. we'll tell you about a -- it could be a reality in san jose. we'll tell you about a proposal city council members are considering today. ,, ,,,,
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is ,,,,,,
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and i'm anne makovec in for michelle. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it should be another beautiful morning across the bay bridge. the lights are sparkling on the bay bridge and temperatures have been rising. you guys enjoy what we saw yesterday? >> yes. very nice. >> mm-hm. [ laughter ] >> i can handle that. >> we struggled to get to 70 yesterday. we are 9 degrees below average in the concord, clayton and walnut creek today. temperatures gradually climb. but we have partly cloudy


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