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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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more to include women. . a fight for equality in one of the world's biggest surf contests. new pressure on mavericks to do more to include women. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. for the first time in history, mavericks is adding a women's heat. but some female surfers say they are still fighting a wave of sexism. kpix 5's len ramirez in half moon bay with the new idea to make the elite competition more inclusive. >> reporter: if anyone doesn't think women can surf the big waves of mavericks, come see bianca. look at her on the right surfing mavericks last year. the san francisco surfer is one of 6 females invited to compete in the first-ever all women's heat when this year's titans of mavericks surf contest is called. >> i think it's a great step and a great starting point.
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>> reporter: she was one of a handful of women who came to the california coastal commission hoping to put pressure on mavericks organizers to bring true gender equity to the event. >> there's definitely sexism out there. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: the committee for equity and women's surfing says mavericks' plan for a women's heat doesn't go far enough and says the prize money a total purse of $120,000 for the men and $30,000 for the women is obviously unequal. the group wants the commission to deny mavericks' four-year use permit application and cut it down to one year to leverage a full women's division in 2017 and beyond. >> i would like to see these women compete in semifinals and a final. >> i don't know why it doesn't go far enough that we had a very hard time finding six women to make up one heat. >> reporter: mavericks founder jeff clark said more women need to surf mavericks on a regular basis to qualify for the contest and mavericks worked
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hard to put women on an equal footing. >> 6 women, $30,000, $120,000, 24 men, divide it. >> reporter: women surfers are allegedly not trying to disrupt the contest. >> we are trying to pave the way for future for children to make a living surfing like serena williams and tiger woods. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the coastal commission meeting is going on. so far no decision on a mavericks permit. new at 6:00 a new study shows traffic is now worse in the bay area than it is in los angeles. chopper 5 live right now over the evening commute in the south bay. and that's typical. you're looking at slow traffic on highway 101 and mountain view. the study came up with the term mega-commute a solo driver stuck in commute of 90 minutes or more. based on that definition 5.3% of drivers in the bay area fall
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into the category and 4.6% of drivers face a mega-commute. experts blame it on job growth and a housing shortage. a big change is coming to how two bay area counties tally the votes on election day. the goal is to speed up the process. emily turner. >> reporter: it used to be the end of the election day before ballots got counted. now ballots will be picked up midday as well to get the final numbers in sooner n santa clara county, courier teams of two will pick up ballots midday from 210 precincts. they will bring them back even before the polls are closed. the county is also adding four more high speed ballot counting machines bringing the total to 18. >> all of our machinery will be working 24 hours a day with staff counting until we go final. >> reporter: in santa clara county, they have a record
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875,000 registered voters in this election. elections officials are earn couraging people to take advantage of early voting that's happening this weekend. in the newsroom, emily turner, kpix 5. the board of elections is letting you watch democracy in action. a live feed going out on the website where you can watch people counting ballots from now until election night. it's pretty quiet right now but on november 8 there will be a lot more going on. we all know san francisco's an expensive place. now there's a plan to make it more expensive. proposition k and g would raise san francisco sales tax from 8.75% to 9.25%. that extra money would go to muni and homeless projects but our phil matier is asking why a city that's raking in tax money needs more. phil. >> reporter: that's right. we put the questions to supervisor aaron peskin here at city hall. here's his answer. >> that's a very good question. >> prop j and k take the -- >> prop j and k fund more bart
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and muni trains to ease crowding. >> reporter: they are being billed as a solution to two of the city's biggest problems. >> this will generate $100 million for street pavement. it will give us $50 million for homeless services. >> reporter: but it means raising the city's sales tax at a time when the controller says that the current economic boom is already bringing in record dollars. >> we have seen growth in sales tax, hotel tax, business tax and property tax. we have seen general fund revenue grow well over $100 million. >> reporter: why don't we have enough money for muni and homeless? >> that's judgment call for the voters the mayor and the board of supervisors. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin was lone vote against putting the tax on the ballot. >> we have a -- an amount of money that's larger than a third of the nations in the world and yet we cannot solve our basic problems. >> reporter: the priority is keeping up with the pay and benefits for the 30,000 city workers which already takes up
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half of the city's budget. >> we have had higher health and pension contribution during the last couple of years as well as wage increases. >> reporter: tax advocates say how the city spends money is part of the problem. they just offer a different cure. >> they will not be able to reallocate that money for tree trimming or for trash collection. >> it's about real solutions for san francisco. >> we are going to hit it out of the park. >> it is sinking faster than the millennium tower. >> reporter: now, it's interesting to put up there, is that this is two measures in a ballot with 25 local measures many asking for money 17 state measures some asking for money plus the bart bond. this is a heck of and ask in san francisco and elsewhere. find out whether it's worth it. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is putting some big money behind his soda
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tax crusade in the bay area. bloomberg has poured $9.1 million into the tax measure in oakland and another $9.3 million into the measure in san francisco. he tried the soda tax in new york back in 2012. it was struck down by a judge. he bankrolled the soda tax initiatives in berkeley and philadelphia. hillary clinton's chances of win the white house are tied to her bay area volunteers. kpix 5's melissa caen is at clinton campaign headquarters in san francisco where supporters have a critical mission turn out the vote in key states. >> reporter: yeah. veronica, i am standing in what's ground zero for the clinton campaign's final push to win the election. staffers say starting saturday this room is going to be filled with hundreds of people making phone calls on behalf of clinton. follow me, i'll show you what's going on next door in this large room. they are going to be again hundreds of people sending text messages on election day making sure voters get out to vote and
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turn in those ballots. all of this because the rooms the volunteers are in right now are too small to handle the people who want to help. >> hillary! >> reporter: clinton is sliding in the polls. susan pfeiffer works the phones for barack obama and has been doing the same for clinton. she says that recently democrats have been motivated. >> it took a while for them to become enthusiastic. i think they felt we had this locked up. last night, we had an overflow crowd here of people streaming in to say where can i get on the phone? i have to make calls. i have to help. >> let's make sure that when the polls close, we have done everything that we can. >> reporter: the president of the san francisco board of supervisors was one of those people. today she was at the clinton campaign in northern california headquarters. >> i'm very concerned. that's why i want to make sure that people know that she doesn't have it in the bag. we want everyone to be working
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to the last hour to call people. >> reporter: those volunteers are doing a lot of work including sending thousands of text messages each day. the san francisco office is one of only 4 clinton campaigns text center. this person runs the san francisco operation. >> some people have changed their vote to republican. we have people conversing with one person as well as sending text messages to thousands of others. >> reporter: who is on the other end of those phone calls and text messages? not californians. >> we are calling outside of california. california is going to vote for hillary. >> reporter: thanks to technology, these california volunteers are calling people in other states. >> the role california plays is we bring extra volunteers to help other states. so we have been calling everywhere. >> reporter: not everyone has
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been nice. >> worst is definitely people who will cuss you out. there's some power of anonymity behind a keyboard. that doesn't necessarily have the same function over a phone. >> you'll reach the member of the household that's not supporting hillary and they will let us know that they are not. >> reporter: still, the effort is going on. early numbers in nevada show democrats voting. members of the campaign say the festivities that will be here on election night are being planned at a different location. that's because they want phone calls and text messages to be sent right up until the very last second. melissa caen, kpix 5. melissa will be on facebook live tonight talking about medi- cal hospital fees, school bonds and more. go to that's at 7:10 p.m. to join the conversation.
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berkeley teacher who was force the out of the classroom following a violent protest in sacramento is now back at work. yvette felarca was caught on camera in june pushing and shoving a man as she protested against a neo-nazi rally. a few months later, berkeley unified school district placed her on paid leave which prompted the teacher to file a lawsuit. she claims the district retaliated against her because of her political beliefs. today was her first day back at king middle school. felarca spoke to kpix 5 and says she stands by her actions at that protest. >> it's clear that the nazis and the fascists are the dangerous violent ones and i'm very proud that we stood up against them defended ourselves and defended each other. >> the district won't say why felarca was allowed to return to class but she is still suing the district. and a victory for students at another bay area school. last night the palo alto school board voted unanimously in
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favor every reporting weighted gpas on current student transcripts to help they get scholarships for college. and they are creating an advisory committee to decide whether to weight gpas for all students. a bay area mother demanding answers. she claims officers broke up a fight and tased her teenaged son in the head. 24 hours later her frustration with the lack of an explanation. >> plus why a man who lived in one of the richest cities in the bay area left a windfall to his local library. >> and you can get a fisheye view of the journey. the tunnel that has turned a bay area river into a unique aquarium. >> skies are always gorge. it's especially gorgeous, especially gorgeous right now. beautiful view looking toward the beach. looking good over the bay bridge, as well. we are coming up on sunset. when this november dry streak ends coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tased her 15-year- old son... in the head. e heard about this a bay area mother says an oakland police officer tased her 15-year-old son. in the head. as soon as we heard about this story this morning we called oakland police to them for comment and they said they would get back to us. we still haven't heard anything from them. so in the meantime here's devin fehely with the mother's side of the story. >> i think they went about it the wrong way. he didn't have a weapon. he wasn't a threat. he just ran. >> reporter: she says oakland police use excessive force and poor judgment when this arrested her 15-year-old son after a fight broke out between a group of students outside a school yesterday. >> somehow my son ended up involved in it and he ran and they tased him in the back of the head. >> reporter: the prong from the taser davis says lodged in the back of her son's head and had to be surgically removed at
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highland hospital this afternoon. >> that's so appalling. why would you aim for a child and they knew that there were kids in the back of the head. >> reporter: she said her son spit at one of the officers but never touched him and believes the evading arrest and assault charges are as inappropriate as the department's handling of the situation. in oakland, devin fehely, kpix 5. two men accused in the beating death of a san francisco homeless man have pleaded not guilty. one of those suspects joseph stull was in jail in idaho for grand theft. in september, investigators say dna evidence linked him to the 2014 attack in the financial district. stull then identified the other suspect as david peters. surveillance video captured the attack, shows the men viciously beating a 67-year-old homeless man as he slept on the sidewalk. the two suspects are due back in court in january. a former 49ers player told the judge today that he didn't do it. bruce miller pleaded not guilty to charges connected to an
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attack at a san francisco hotel. surveillance video showed miller in the hallway of the north bee marriott on september 5. prosecutors say he mistakenly tried to get into a room that wasn't his then beat the 70-year-old man and his 29- year-old son who were in the room. a pretrial conference is set for later this month. pedestrians and cyclists will soon have a safer way to board caltrain at one south bay station. today the transit agency broke ground on a $14 million tunnel at the santa clara station. people will be able to access the tunnel from brokaw road. the injured to allow passengers to reach the station's platform without having to cross the tracks. money to pay for the tunnel is coming from previously approved tax measures. new at 6:00 a bay area man has left behind a large donation to a library in marin county. kpix 5's john ramos [chuckling] on the $2 million gift. >> reporter: you can tell by how worn the mat is that the
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larkspur public library is a welcoming place. that's what it became for john zimmer after the death of his wife jan. >> he would come in and read the paper and, you know, check out materials. he liked to spend some time here. >> reporter: he was a low key guy who only once raised a ruckus when they tried to get rid of some of his beloved mystery novels. so most here never paid him much mind until he died last summer and left a little gift for larkspur and the libraries in mill valley in corte madera. >> in total it was over $2 million. we each received a check for $661,000. >> reporter: it is the single largest gift ever for these folks. and they say just the interest earned from it will allow them to set up an ongoing fund to expand educational programs for young people and buy new technology. >> and we will perhaps put some more programming and books in that he would approve of like mysteries. [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: mr. zimmer also donated to whistlestop, a program that provides seniors with meals and transportation in nearby san rafael. and the funny thing, the zimmers were not wealthy but they had no children so the sale of the couple's marin county home raised millions for this amazing gift. perhaps the lesson here is, always be nice to that old guy reading the newspaper because you just never know. or as they like to put it -- >> you should never judge a book by its cover. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in larkspur, john ramos, kpix 5. >> a distant relative of mr. zimmer said the family had no idea he had that much money. >> one of the best investments mr. zimmer or anybody could make. >> libraries are awesome. >> great deal. >> nice to see them packed. they are packed nowadays. you think in the digital age, they are still humming along. >> with their laptops. >> in marin county they are going to have really nice libraries! >> it's already spectacular.
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it will be that much better. chopper 5 is up because it's sunset. every once in a while we like to give you' reminder of our beautiful -- to give you a reminder of our beautiful area. that's a reminder because that's where we live, folks. that's san francisco in the digs stance i'm seeing mount tam a plane coming in at sfo. great sunset shot. a view from the ground oakland to san francisco sutro tower the left of our weather information oakland 71 gorgeous degrees today. san francisco 68 today. 65 at the beach. napa 69 degrees. fremont 70. nothing on the radar which is not wonderful news because we got the rain in october. it's wonderful things are greening up everywhere. this is the time of year when we expect rainfall. average rain in september .25". in october we only average a little more than an inch. in november we get more than 3." we are getting into the heart of our rainy season and
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temporarily we've gone dry. it will be chilly tonight with valley fog especially in our north bay valleys because overnighter lows are going to drop down into the 40s. some of you in mendocino county inland along 101, 38, 39 degrees this morning. santa rosa 42. healdsburg may make it to the 30s tonight. napa, saint helena, 45. fremont, milpitas, 48 degrees. san jose 47. and concord 45. but the afternoon will be milder because a ridge of high pressure is working its way closer and there will be a lot of sunshine. chances are this is right in the wheelhouse of the comfort zone in november for you. we'll be the envy of weather all around the country. mountain view 71 with sunshine. livermore 73 with sunshine. even 70 in san francisco, santa rosa 73 degrees. there will be some changes by the weekend. some of that much-needed rainfall will move in but i think the timing is going to be great. because it's going to be late saturday night and early sunday morning with the rain likely gone by sunrise on sunday. so yes we get the rainfall but it won't impact outdoor plans. the collest day will be sunday highs not hitting 70.
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the rest of the day is the goldilocks forecast. not too hot, not too cool every cold, it's just right. 70s for highs. >> love it. >> and we fall back. >> and we fall back this weekend. you get a bonus hour of sleep. does it get any better? win the lottery. there you go. >> nobody has it better than us. >> nobody! samsung pulled its galaxy note 7 over explosive batteries. now a new lawsuit claims the company's other phone models are also ticking time bombs. the demand for even more recalls. >> and a helping hand for fish with an added feature. how you can be eye to eye with salmon underneath a bay area river. ,,,,
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it.
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pa a bay area water agency is giving us a spectacular look at nature's strongest swimmer. >> i love this. pacific salmon on the move right now and many returning to the russian river. don ford on how you can get an
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underwater view as these fish swim upstream. >> hey! >> reporter: sonoma county water agency has finally finished their $12 million fish ladder on the russian river. it's part of an upgrade to help salmon get a helping hand past the agency's inflatable dam. but there is an added feature. >> this is one of the few in the bay area, few projects where you can go underground. >> reporter: under the river. >> under the river and get eye to eye with a salmon. >> reporter: yes! the agency has a large under water viewing room next to the ladder. you are below the river looking in using 8 windows, each four inches thick and after last weekend's rain, the russian river is brown but under that brown water are salmon making their annual migration upstream. >> not only do we deliver water but we make sure that the watershed we get that water from is healthy, it's in excellent condition and the fish are great indicator of that. >> reporter: these images from last week show that most of the
6:26 pm
time the river is pretty clear. salmon are using the new ladder and the agency researchers record the fish. and then there's this. >> let me show you this space in here. >> reporter: a special room not on the tour equipped with red lights to allow special cameras to record the fish at night without spooking them. >> a lot of the fish like to travel through the river at night. >> reporter: keep in mind, while all of this was built, the river just didn't go away. how did you build it in the middle of the river? >> it's hard to describe right now but essentially we had to go and build a facility that was cycling off the river and make sure it was dry. >> reporter: a complicated series of diversions manage the river and the low drought levels were actually a help. so if you think would you like to come take a walk -- you would like to come take a walk under the river and watch salmon switch upstream it's open to the public. just sign up for group tours on
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the website. in sonoma county, don ford, kpix 5. coming up in the next half- hour the presidential candidates going all out in states where they are neck and neck. now there's talk a prominent bay area leader could be headed to washington if hillary clinton wins the white house. >> and two officersambushed in their squad cars. the alleged killer is caught. his past troubles with the police involving the national anthem.
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the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet, and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly.
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days until the election... hillary clinton and donald trump...blitzing key battleground states. our top story at 6:30 with just six days until the election, hillary clinton and donald trump blitzing key battleground states. the race is tight in pennsylvania. a new monmouth poll shows 48% of likely voters say they will vote for clinton 44% say they will vote for trump. and in wisconsin, a marquette university poll shows clinton leading trump by 6 points. 46-40%. today both nominees stepped up their outreach to black and latino voters. >> i see all these signs, cubans for trump, cubans! [ applause and cheers ] >> love cubans. >> reporter: donald trump did his best to single out minority supporters during one of his three florida rallies today. >> blacks for trumps, thank you! >> reporter: increased attention comes in as they pull in black and latino voters who
6:31 pm
usually vote democratic. the message is released by a new tv ad targeting blacks. >> this is our opportunity. we are asking for your vote. vote republican. >> reporter: hillary clinton focused on hispanics when she made a campaign stop in vegas this afternoon. she says trump started the campaign insulting mexicans. >> if you are latino, you know what life would be like because we would have a president who doesn't see you as american at all. >> reporter: arizona and florida are two of the final four states cbs news still considers a toss-up and hispanics could be the deciding factor in both states. if clinton becomes president reports say san francisco mayor ed lee could be in her cabinet. according to the hill website mayor lee could be a possible pick for housing and urban development or education secretary. lee has had to deal with affordable housing issues during san francisco's tech boom. for the first time president obama's weighing in on the fbi's recent disclosures
6:32 pm
in the ongoing investigation of hillary clinton's private email server scandal. >> we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. >> the president made the remarks in an interview with now this news. last week fbi director james comey disclosed the bureau is reviewing thousands of emails it discovered on a laptop that hillary clinton's aide huma abedin shared with her husband, anthony weiner. and i'll la man is in police custody -- iowa man is in police custody after being accused of killing two cops. 46-year-old scott greene is accused of killing them. he turned himself in. the officers were shot in separate attacks. police say they had no chance. >> definitely was no opportunity for them to defend themselves or respond to the attack. would were seated in their cars and shot while they
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were sitting. >> police are familiar with green. he was issued a warning for waving a flag during the national anthem at his daughter's high school. facebook is cashing in on your attention span. how the social network just defied expectations with a huge milestone. >> and he is one of the most recognizable giants players. why hunter pence is ditching a trademark look. ,,,,
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man: in cities big and small, newspapers all over say it's time. woman: time to legalize and regulate marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health, for law and order and for society." man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64.
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. facebook crushing wall street's expectations with its latest earnings report.
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but shares slid over concerns over whether it facebook is crushing wall street expectations with its latest earnings report. the shares slid over concerns over whether it can sustain advertising growth. from july to september the social network raked in $7 billion in sales. that's up 56% from the same period of last year. for the first time ever facebook has a billion active monthly users who only use it on their mobile phones. a crafts. attorney is going after samsung for its exploding samsung batteries and say there's more than the galaxy note 77. the california attorney filed a class action lawsuit against the company. the galaxy note 7 was recalled because the batteries catch fire. but he says the samsung s6, s7 and the note 5 are also dangerous and wants to keep california consumers safe. >> consumers should not have to
6:37 pm
live in fear that they are walking around with a ticking time bomb in their back to you or their phone is going to catch on fire and burst into flames in the middle of the night when they sleep in their homes. >> samsung says it does not comment on pending litigation. but that the issues with the next note 7 are isolated to that model. it is the battle for the road. flyover taxi is suing uber for antitrust violations. they claim uber uses billions to charge low prices to its customers. the suit claims the ridesharing company engages in false statements to the public. uber has yet to comment. giants outfielder hunter pence has the new goal for next year other than winning another world series title. >> six months growing this bad boy. i just want to say good-bye to you. i have loved you. i'm going to miss. >> you there it is. he shaved off his trademark beard over the weekend as he closes in on his wedding day. but he says he plans to spend
6:38 pm
the next six months growing it back. san francisco now has the second largest homeless population in the nation. and that number continues to grow. the latest government data shows complains of human waste and needles on the streets has ris inby 40%. is there a solution to the crisis in san francisco? if so, what. tweet me now at #veronicadlcruz. we'll have your comments on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, how do the 49er offensive coordinator end up back in high school? >> during that initial interview, i stopped several times and said mike are you sure about this? >> if the raiders quarterback keeps it up he might be on the cover of madden 18. >> it's like aid videogame. >> we have a record catch in tonight's sports segment. guess how much it weighs, the answer coming up.
6:39 pm
,, want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
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businesses such as.. crocker, transamerica, and mondavi. now, as sharon chi no her executive career spans three decades in businesses such as crocker, transamerica and mondavi. as sharon chin shows us a north bay woman is using her skills to empower young people to find fulfilling jobs. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award winner helps under served youth discover what they want to do in life and gives them the support to
6:42 pm
achieve their goals. ♪[ music ] reporter: when helen mcdermott retired from 22 years as human resources vice president at robert mondavi winery, she turned to helping young people. >> people would refer their children or their people that they knew that just needed some advice and counsel. >> reporter: she found the yountville nonprofit called a voice found in 2005. >> i thought it was important for young people to find their voice and their voice would be a career that would be meaningful. >> reporter: as head of the program, helen gives free career counseling to disadvantaged teenagers and adults who face obstacles to education, training and employment. she leads about 30 volunteer mentors and offers scholarships. did you get the new amounts? napa high school assistant jeanette mulgrew says the scholarships allows many
6:43 pm
students to enroll in college studying fields from automotive technology to nursing. >> some kids have to go to work and help families pay for food on the table and the rent and just day-to-day living or helping babysit the younger children. >> reporter: valley oak high school graduate says the $1,000 scholarship paid for most of her 6 month course in medical assisting. >> it was like a miracle to me because my parents, they could not afford giving me an education. >> reporter: in all, a voice found has awarded more than $200,000 in scholarships and helped more than 200 young people in their education and careers. >> helen has just a magnificent love of people. and a heart to help. >> reporter: she has one major fundraiser, an annual letter to fanly, friends in her community service network requesting donations for student scholarships. >> they feel that someone believes in them and this they
6:44 pm
have a future, a promising future. >> reporter: so for helping disadvantaged young people find their voice in the career world, this week's jefferson award winner in the bay area goes to helen mcdermott. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> they must have a high school diploma or g.e.d. and go to school in napa county. each honors an everyday hero who overcame obstacles to serve their communities. >> so how do most of the students hear about her and voice found? >> she goes to the schools to job fairs and she also gets a lot of referrals from coaches and youth leaders. they know how to find her. >> i'm sure they do. she is very effective. >> yes. >> good job. >> thanks. nominate your local here roy for a jefferson award online at the clouds are not here now. we had very uniform high
6:45 pm
temperatures and look at all the temperatures outside currently. 64 in livermore and santa rosa. 63 in san francisco. 65 in concord. you get the point. get away from the bay concord 45. napa 45. these are the cities and the urban centers. you get just away from the concrete an asphalt subtract about 3 or 4 degrees which means for some spots, in pleasanton or dublin, or healdsburg, temperatures in the upper 30s. so bundle up the kids walking to school tomorrow morning. there is a ridge of high pressure which is not going to be the biggest or strong he was we have ever seen. it won't get warm. we'll be in the mid-70s but what it will do very efficiently is take the storm track which has been active spilling into northern california and kind of bend
6:46 pm
that storm track up toward the pacific northwest. a lot of rainfall for alaska, british columbia and pacific northwest. not a lot of rainfall for us because of that blocking ridge. for us, tomorrow, if you are heading into san francisco, 8:00, 9:00 we'll still be in the 50s. 60s by lunchtime beautiful day in san francisco. mid- to upper 60s all afternoon and we'll see filtered sunshine with some cloud cover but very little rain. with one exception, that exception over the weekend. saturday night into sunday morning, some showers will move through. notice you're looking at green on futurecast not the yellow and orangethat we have had with the past several systems. so no heavy rain. just some light rain and the timing is good unless you're out late saturday night. it will begin in the board bay just before midnight but be gone before sunrise through the bay area. so the majority of your weekend when you're up and out and about will be rain-free. highs tomorrow above average. san jose 73. normal 70. concord exactly normal which is 72 for you. and oakland 73 degrees. that's 6 degrees above average. campbell 74. union city 72. beautiful at the beach but
6:47 pm
there is a high surf advisory in effect so don't put your back to the water and make sure you're watching your kids that they put their toes in the water, as well. san ramon 74 tomorrow. vallejo 70. gorgeous in san francisco and sausalito and berkeley and richmond. everybody 70 degrees. novato 73. santa rosa 73. cloverdale 75. your extended forecast, the warmest day will be friday. but nobody hits 80 just 70s. cloudier saturday. that slight chance of a shower sunday morning. and then when that's gone, sunday afternoon will be dry. that's weather. sports next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight the raiders. >> if derek carr sold stock in himself, his stock is soaring. he had a game on sunday. needed it to overcome the raiders penalties. he has been named the offensive player of the week. he probably won't throw for 513 next week against the broncos vaunted past defense. it was the 20th time in league history that a quarterback through over half 1,000 yards in a game. he is the franchise record passing cotton davidson who threw for 427 yards during the johnson administration. >> it's crazy. i still think of myself as a little kid fan of the game. i can't believe it. it's like a videogame. your name is up there. is it really yours? so far it doesn't mean anything but i'm sure someday it will.
6:52 pm
>> big weekend at bay area football. 9ers and the saints here and then you got the raiders and the broncos on sunday night. it's been six years since the 49ers tried the mike singletary head coaching experience. and failed miserably. but! singletary's pain ended up being his offensive coordinator's gain. >> so whoever yahoo is, maybe he should come call the plays. >> reporter: mike johnson ended up being the yahoo who replaced jimmy raye. johnson lasted half season in santa clara before jim harbaugh was hired. >> it was an experience that, you know, i valued, one that definitely helped me out as a coach. >> reporter: johnson ended up staying in the bay area and took the head coaching job at king's academy in sunnyvale. johnson has coached in college and the nfl since 1997. so he seemed a little overqualified to go back to high school. athletic director joe m amone thought the same. >> i think during that initial
6:53 pm
interview i stopped several times and said mike, are you sure about this? he showed me his playbook with the 49ers. i mean, it's -- it makes war and peace look small. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with johnson's experience came his son. sophomore mike johnson junior is one of the bay area's most promising young quarterbacks. and it's clear there is no favoritism on the field. >> when you first think of your dad coaching you think it's going to be easier for me, this and that. i'm not going to have to deal with all like this hard stuff and whatever and then you come out here and you're like this isn't anywhere near what i thought it would be. >> i'm a very intense football coach and the expectations and the standards that i place on our football team you have to be careful you don't were them in the car with you when you go home. >> reporter: junior has received offers from several colleges. all the attention is like deja vu for his dad. >> i was compared to john elway
6:54 pm
at a young age and those type of things i'm accustomed to it and i have gone through it. >> mike johnson hurt his shoulder last week. he will misses the section play- offs. but he is only a sophomore. ivan rabb voted preseason all american and before you say, nobody cares, rabb is just the second player in cal history to get that distinction. the first? jason kidd. and jason is putting his money where his mouth is donating a million dollars to the athletic department for scholarship purposes. we have record-breaking stuff on a bay area body of water. >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> ryan reynolds of lake chabot, i couldn't believe this a small mouth bass. he broke a 14-year-old record by two pounds at lake chabot. this is 19 pounds.
6:55 pm
a small mouth. i didn't think that was possible. >> i don't think that's possible. >> i don't. >> anyway, three pounds off the world record. [ laughter ] >> game 7 world series under way right now. everyone waiting to see if joe madden's decision to pitch aroldis chapman last night will backfire. people on twitter were roasting madden you did the manager has a theory about -- but the manager has a theory about that. >> i think there should be two forms of twitter. the positive and negative and you have to choose one. if you choose to be on negative twitter then you're not welcome on positive twitter ever and there nice to be twitter police and the negative dudes you cannot infiltrate the positive people because we are going to kick you out of there very quickly. >> we could all relate to that. my twitter followers for, example, tina thanked me for posting a picture of my ice cream sundae. >> death threat. that's the exclusive. >> she would be positive on twitter but then you have guys
6:56 pm
like oscar, a raider fan who accuses me all the time of seeing the world through 49er glasses. >> they don't even fit. >> they don't even fit. >> kind of john lennon-like. >> i don't know how i'm associated with the 49ers. the raiders are on channel 5. we are the official home of the oakland raiders. >> correct. >> stop wearing those glasses, then, dennis. [ laughter ] >> take them off. >> but we want the raiders to do well. >> of course we do. >> i'm a raider guy. come on. >> wear your raider glasses tomorrow. >> i'll have them on tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> i hope so. >> come on. you guys have got some negative tweets. >> oh, yeah. the weather guy, never. >> all of us positive. >> mean tweets. >> like water off a duck's back. for news throughout the evening, latest news and weather, always on ,,,,,,
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