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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> james: number eight: "i no paid to write, i paid to be wife of clown billionaire" number seven: "i played pokemon go until five minutes before the speech. i kill koala bear. is that not one?" ( applause ) >> james: po-kee-mon go. pokemon go. number six: "i did not have plagiaristic relations with the speech of that woman mrs. obama." number five: "the drugs i take to get through sex hadn't worn off." you know what she means don't you paul? >> tell me about it. >> james: number four. "chris christie ate my first draft." po-kee-mon go. po keemon.
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number three: "i'm just like you, i didn't think donald would make it this far." ( cheers and applause ) >> james: and number two. "who cares about plagiarizing? james corden's doing it right now." and the number one excuse that is three words, i speak no english. ♪ ♪ ♪ that's your top ten list, coming up we got jay walking, mean tweets and thank you notes. roll the titles. ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> james: i think it's going to catch on, that top ten list. >> what's that baby? >> james: are you just going to be paul schaefer for the whole show? >> why not, once you get in the groove you can't get out of it. >> james: shall we see who our guests are on the show tonight? in the blue room. a talented actress, you know from the blockbusters "avatar," "guardians of the galaxy" and the "star dazzling- the wonderful, the brilliant, zoe saldana is here tonight! hey, zoe, how are you? you okay? >> super, oh my god!
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i'm on my phone with, like, my gynecologist. >> james: everything okay? >> everything is good right? is everything okay? >> james: and in the red room we have an incredible actor, writer and director you know from "save the last dance," "10 things i hate about you," and the "bourne" franchise, the lovely the extremely talented julia stiles, is in the house! hi julia, how are you? >> i'm great. >> james: thanks for coming. >> pleasure to be here. >> james: look at that! >> i just closed the door. there we go, hey team stiles, julia stiles, everybody!
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and in the orange room, he's the director of some of the funniest movies from the last decade - "bridesmaids," "the heat," and "spy," he is not only a brilliant man, he is always impeccably dressed paul feig! >> i'm saying pokemon go. i got some stuff. hello. >> james: how are you? >> i'm here, how could i not be good? >> james: reg, we love him down here. >> reggie: he is one of my favorite humans. >> james: the favorite director of the "late late show." you're one of our favorite humans. >> it's good to see you reggie, or should i say paul? >> james: and in the purple room tonight. this is so exciting. an incredible new duo with a fresh, experimental indie-pop
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sound. i honestly think these are going to be one of the biggest bands in the world, so lucky they're here, lewis del mar are here tonight! how's it going? >> when i was googling you, i didn't know you had such a nice voice. >> james: oh guys! lewis del mar everybody! there they are. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget tomorrow night we're going to be showing you our carpool karaoke with the first lady michelle obama! we've got a great show, come on back everybody. ♪ ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> james: welcome back. thanks for being here guys. now we have only been on air like a year now, we've realized that reggie and myself lots of people come up and ask questions about the show, we had a little bit of time so i thought we'd maybe answer some of those
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questions from you. this is james corden's audience q&a. ♪ ♪ >> james: all right so i'm excited about this today. time for the magician to reveal his secrets! who wants to ask a question about the show or about me, about anything at all. who's got a question to be answered, the lady here in the flowery jacket, just wait for a -- flower being jacket just wait for a microphone. >> i just want to say i think you just lit up late night recently. congratulations. ( applause ) >> so my one question for you is, what's jason derulo like?
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>> james: you would think if you did the carpool, i didn't hang out with him a massive amount, nice guy, kind of exactly what you would imagined jason derulo to be like. anyone have a question about the show or me? the lady here blue dress is here, just wait there's a microphone going down. what would you like the know? >> thank you james, lovely to be here. first, i'm actually a psychic and i can reach people on the other side, and ever since you've come through the curtain i've been getting the letter h... and it might be an f but i think it's an h. does that mean anything to you? >> james: no it doesn't not at all. it's a q&a. it's questions and answers, so it's-- no, i don't believe in that stuff so we'll just cut that out. let's carry on.
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anybody have a question? the lady here beautiful dress. >> thank you, thank you. i'm very excited to be here. i don't think i've missed a single episode since you've been on and they're all brilliant. you are brilliant actually. i was just wondering what can you tell me about elton john? >> james: he's a great guy exactly what you wanted to be, fantastic, would like it to be about the show, about me ideally. >> i'm still getting a really strong message. there's a woman, and the letter h. and i cannot let it go. >> james: try and let it go okay? or we might let you go in the break okay? can't stress they need to be about me, anyone else?
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yes, the man in the blue shirt, yes, sir, yes. question about the show or -- >> yes, yes. i was just wondering, when you were growing up could you foresee how things are for you now especially considering everything that's going on and even though there's quite a lot of other stuff and sometimes with reggie, umm do you ever consider yourself and, you know, how are you doing with all of that? >> james: i didn't -- sorry i don't -- sounds like -- i didn't really understand the question. can you ask me what was the question? >> yes, of course. when you were growing up could you foresee how things are for you now, especially considering everything that's going on and even when there's quite a lot of other stuff, and sometimes with
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reggie, umm do you ever consider yourself you know and how are you doing with all of that? >> james: right so i don't know if it's -- i don't know if it's me. it sounds like it's a good story. what's the question? >> yeah i was just wondering when you were growing up could you foresee how things are going for you now and especially considering everything else that's going on and even when there's quite a lot of other stuff and sometimes with reggie, umm do you ever consider yourself a part of something, you know and how are you doing with all of that? >> james: it's not really a question. i really want a question about the show, this isn't the way i want it to be. we don't have masses of time but-- >> it's definitely h james. and there's a woman with long brown hair and i'm seeing a
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cottage in berkshire. >> james: my aunt harriet had a cottage in berkshire. >> she's made it here, she wants you to not feel bad that you couldn't make it to the hospital, and she understood you were busy. >> james: i was doing a voice- over for cat food, we all thought that she had longer, this was amazing. >> well, she didn't. she didn't but she wants you to know that she's very, very proud of you. >> and she has a question for you. >> james: are you serious? >> yes. the question is -- what's adele like? >> james: that's the question?
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no wonder i didn't make it to the hospital. she didn't care about me. it was everything else. screw you, auntie harriet. this has been a disaster. forget the questions. we'll be right back, with zoe saldana, julia stiles and paul feig. ♪ ♪ ,,,,
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♪ ♪ >> james: welcome back. let's meet our guests tonight. she stars in "star trek beyond," zoe saldana! ♪ ♪ she stars in "jason bourne" please welcome julia stiles. he's the director and co-writer of ghostbusters please welcome paul feig. ♪ ♪
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>> james: thanks for being here what a wonderful cast. you are always so well dressed. >> go on james! >> james: you are, i don't know if people know this you dress like this all the time. >> when i'm directing when i'm showering, it's all good. >> james: just put on jeans opened sweatshirt. >> james, no one wants to see that. >> james: because of the mum jeans -- >> that's my superhero or superpower i should say. >> james: you all have superpowers this summer, ladies and gentlemen i don't know if you realize that, three blockbusters, what were you will you to see?
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>> adventures with babysitting, elizabeth shue dancing in her living room. >> i don't know i was six when i saw prince, purple rain, my mom would say, cover your eyes. >> james: what was your big summer movies? >> we lived at the movies, goonies, karate kid 1, 2 and 3, my mom was right next door watching the seventh sign. heavy, heavy. we kept going, my movie is over,
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can we watch it again? she would go go go, watch it again. we were in the middle watching beetlejuice, we were watching beetle just like seven times that day. >> james: zoe, you were dancing in movies, save the last dance which is an absolute favorite of mine. >> thank you. >> james: it's so good. i remember going to see it with my sister and we came out like - - we were in the parking lot, i felt like i could just flip over a car! we even got in the car like beep beep, everything was a dance move. so you were in center stage. >> yes. >> james: which is more stressful, is it acting or the dancing? >> acting for me.
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>> i was so in awe of you guys in center stage. oh i'm terrible. >> you danced hip hop on point shoes, no ballet dancer does that! it's crazy. >> james: you couldn't really do it before the film right? >> i grew up dancing but i was terrible at ballet. >> james: but for that movie, amazing. >> we called each other, we made sure we were it for your show, we wore red. >> we're like sisters. >> you heard it here, first. >> james: the show is taking a turn guys but i'm enjoying it. now we also i should tell you ladies, you are not the only dancers on this couch. because oh yeah, let's take a look at paul feig in the movie, "ski patrol."
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>> that's amazing! oh my gosh! ( cheers and applause ) >> james: woo hoo! there it is, ladies and gentlemen! unbelievable. >> like m. night shamalan. i knew i had to wear -- i had to wear it in the movie. >> you're so flexible. >> i was. >> james: do you still know any of those moves? >> yeah. >> james: we'd love to see them. oh yes! yeah! ♪ ♪
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>> james: oh -- my -- god! >> do you have any bengay around? >> james: huge congratulations on "star trek beyond." comes to theaters on thursday. so the words, did you enjoy working with chris pine? >> i love chris but he's always hungry. the man eats, like his stomach is a bottomless pit. chris is eating, and i can't fit the way he sits. chris sits like he has a super- huge package. he sits like --
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>> and then it's like -- then it's like there's food everywhere. there's always like the costumer on set are trying to wash something off his shirt. >> james: what about good food like sandwiches, pizza, like if i walk past a sandwich i gain three pounds. insane same shape. >> when you are working, you go to craft services and get a little cup of popcorn or potato chips. his assistant brings him a huge costco bag and god forbid you put your hand in, he doesn't share food. >> james: he knows you get lost in them. you could be reaching for a snickers, if he pings though baby blues on them, let's take a clip from star trek beyond appears everywhere this friday. ♪ ♪
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>> james: all right, stick around, more with these three when we come back! ,, my name is danita seaton. i'm a gas service representative for pg&e here in oakland. when i work in oakland, i feel like i'm home, because i grew up here in oakland, my family still lives here.
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>> parsons is at the statue of athena. >> copy that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> james: that was a clip from the brilliant "jason bourne" which comes out everywhere july 29th. congratulations on the film. what's happening with your character on this movie? >> on the bourne ultimatum, she has turned in this movie. work against the cia she once worked for. >> james: when you are shooting scenes like this is it ever scary? >> all the time. >> james: even with math damon? >> especially with matt damon. he is an actor.
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he was good -- >> james: i don't imagine i would never feel safe in matt damon's arms. >> i made the mistake when we were rehearsing, look like no hands? they took it very seriously. >> james: as which they should. you both grew up in new york city. >> yeah. >> james: i always think people who grew up in new york city are like street wise and smart. are you street wise and smart? >> i was yes. you have to grow up really fast. i had to be like seven when all of my friends were talking about shoplifting. >> i shoplifted too. >> so did i, this is amazing! >> what did you steal? >> i still a compact mirror from path mark, i don't know if it exists anymore, it's like a drugstore.


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