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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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as police search for more victims. 's now at noon, a suspect child sex predator appears before a judge for the first time. good afternoon, it's friday, november 18. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. officers hope publicizing this arrest will bring other victims forward who could be in the bay
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area and in the central valley. kpix 5's anne makovec reports from the courtroom. >> reporter: ian teager has still not entered a plea to four felony counts involving sex acts with a minor. the 40-year-old from patterson appeared in front of a judge without a lawyer two weeks after investigators say he tricked a 14-year-old girl on the social media app kick pretending to be a 14-year-old boy. court records say he told the girl he had a proclivity for 13 to 14-year-old females. they arranged to meet in san leandro and once she got into his car, police say he took her to this motel in east oakland and sexually assaulted her. teager was arrested that night and today, the judge advised him to get a lawyer. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the judge says teager doesn't qualify for a free public defender because he
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has too much money. >> you need more time? [ inaudible ] >> i'm kind of at a loss at this point. >> if there are other child victims in the san francisco bay area and central valley who may have been victimized by mr. teager. >> reporter: he is due back in court on november 30. in hayward, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> authorities are complying a law which helps fund task forces to stop crimes online against children. right now in the monterey bay area, police are looking for a man suspected of kidnapping and raping a child. police want to arrest william ruiz on several charges. investigators say he kidnapped the victim october 5 and held her against her will at a motel. police have not released the age of the victim. an emotional day at santa clara university as some powerful names joined together to discuss sexual assault on
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bay area college campuses. kpix 5's maria medina is at scu with a recent case at the center of the discussion. >> reporter: the brock turner case was at the center of this event convicted of sexual assaulting a woman outside a frat party last year. he was then released after three months in jail. >> that i am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster. >> reporter: actress sharon stone read the now famous letter written by the victim in brock turner's case. >> the isolation at times was unbearable. [ crying ] >> you cannot give me back the life i had before that night. >> reporter: a letter she says touched her emotionally. >> i felt that emily doe was very claiming just. >> reporter: as well as cnn as ashley banfield. >> i thought other people need to see this a lot of other people need to see this because she is going to shed a light on this issue that no one has been able to shed before. >> reporter: both women wanted
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to be part of santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen's event today about sexual assault on college campuses. >> we have known for a long time that campus sexual assault is rampant and not being record to law enforcement. >> reporter: rosen's office and several college campus leaders in his county as well as law enforcement signed an agreement to work together on sexual assault education and cases. he says he doesn't want to see a repeat of the turner case. >> we believe that brock turner should have spent more than a semester in jail for what he did. >> reporter: the message today for rape survivors, they are not alone. >> if people can see that this many -- in the infrastructure of our society care, yeah, i think it's going to give them that push they need to find justice. >> there are many emily does, many women who have not been heard and we need to change the culture and the law. >> reporter: and really the goal of today's event was that agreement signed by law
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enforcement and the d.a. and college campus leaders. the event goes until about 4:00. it is invitation-only. live at santa clara university, maria medina, kpix 5. we are following breaking news in the south bay where a small plane has crashed. >> this happened just minutes ago. kpix 5's allen martin is live in the newsroom with the very latest. allen. >> reporter: michelle and kenny, san mateo county fire units are responding to this. it happened just north of the half moon bay airport which is really the moss beach area. we'll show you a map of this area. we are told the aircraft is right on the border of a residential neighborhood. i'm told it came down on parkway near oroville avenue right at the edge of some homes. chopper 5 is now over this plane crash and you can see that it came to rest up against that home. there is heavy damage to the house. we are confirm that one person is dead in the plane crash. at least one other person is injured. we don't know the extent of the
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injuries. but the coroner is on the way and it appears that the plane came in so low it hit a truck and trees and then hit the home. debris is scattered throughout the residential area. expect traffic delays on highway 1 near the half moon bay airport. again, this small plane crash happened about 11:15. the first calls came in at about 11:20 to 911. but again, it's a small plane that came in and crashed up against that home. we are told the home is heavily damaged. the fatality we have to assume is the -- someone who was on the plane. there is one person hurt. so one killed, one injured this is small plane crash near half moon bay. we're working on getting more information for you but chopper 5 is over it. we have crews on the way. it's confirmed, one dead, one injured. we'll bring you updates later.
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now to politics. president-elect donald trump has announced his choices for key administration jobs. kenneth craig reports from bedminster, new jersey, where mr. trump will spend the weekend. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump has tapped congressman mike pompeo from kansas to be the next cia director. the tea party republican is a fierce critic of the iran nuclear deal of and was a member of the house select benghazi committee that investigated the 2012 attack on a u.s. diplomatic compound in libya. >> it makes a difference in how you respond to an attack. >> reporter: earlier, mr. trump offered the post of attorney general to alabama senator jeff sessions. sessions was the first senator to endorse the president-elect and was a close adviser during the campaign. before his two decades in the senate, sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship but was rejected because of alleged
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racist comments he made during his tenure as u.s. attorney in alabama. vice president-elect mike pence says the transition is going smoothly. >> we have a great number of men and women, great qualifications, come forward to serve this new administration. >> reporter: the president- elect is moving his high- profile transition meetings from the trump tower in new york to the trump national golf club here in new jersey. tomorrow, he is expected to sit down for a highly anticipated meeting with mitt romney. the former republican presidential nominee is considered a potential pick despite his previous criticism of the president-elect. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud! >> reporter: the trump transition team described the meeting with romney as one to seek counsel. kenneth craig, cbs news, new jersey. >> both attorney general and cia director positions require senate confirmation. mr. trump has offered former defense intelligence agency director lieutenant general michael flynn the job
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of national security adviser. today new york security officials are expected to address safety concerns surrounding president-elect trump's penthouse. security around the skyscraper on fifth avenue is creating a traffic nightmare in the busy manhattan neighborhood. the skyscraper is posted with secret service agents as law enforcement officials come up with a long-term plan to protect the building. according to a former secret service agent, the security will focus most heavily on the floors surrounding trump's 25th floor office and the penthouse he lives in with his family. penthouse windows will be replaced with bulletproof glass. the president-elect has new support from rapper kanye west. he did not vote in the election last week. but at a performance last night in san jose, told the crowd that he would have voted for trump. [ inaudible ] >> i would have voted for trump. >> this is fan video from twitter. he performed last night at the s.a.p. center in san jose. the announcement was met with
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boos from the crowd. west says that if we can all hold out for another four years, he still is thinking about running for president in 2020. president obama has finished his visit to germany and is going to peru before returning to the u.s. in berlin today, the president met with german chancellor angela merkel and other european leaders. mr. obama has been calm allied concerns about the presidency of president-elect donald trump. preparing today for a potentially massive natural disaster. next the strategies emergency crews are working on for the next "big one." >> and opening day as snow heads to the sierra. a look at how shops and resorts are getting ready for a ski season. >> and we're look forward to some snow in the sierra this weekend. rain here in the bay area, details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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where a small plane has crashed.. we've confirmed.. one person is dead. we are staying on top of the breaking news in the south bay where a st. paul plane crashed. >> one person is dead. kpix 5's allen martin is live in the newsroom with the very latest. allen. >> reporter: what we know is this plane crash happened at about 11:15 this morning. san mateo county fire and san mateo county sheriff's units are all responding to this as is the coroner because one person is confirmed dead. it happened just north of half moon bay airport. it's the lost beach area which is to the north of half moon bay. the airport borders right up against this residential neighborhood. and you can see from chopper 5 that's one of the homes that borders the airport. the plane came down clipped a truck then went into the trees and then you can see the tail
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section of this small plane because it came in and hit this home. there is substantial damage to the home. two people were on this small plane. one person confirmed dead, another person apparently was trapped in the wreckage had to be rescued. don't know if they are out. we don't have the extent of their injuries yet but chopper 5 giving us a good sense of how that plane came into the corner of the home and near the garage. heavy damage to that house. the van next to it we also saw a work truck that was probably clipped by that plane as it came in low and passed the runway of the airport. there is debris scattered throughout this property. it's near parkway avenue in the moss beach area. this is going to affect traffic around the half moon bay, moss beach area and highway 1 which
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is about 20 miles south of san francisco. half moon bay airport has been operated for decades now as a private airport. it's funded entirely by the people who use it. there are about 160 flights in and out of that airport. originally, it was built as part of the army support for the salinas area. but there is the map that gives you a good idea that the airport is just north of half moon bay. we're working on getting some more information through the sheriff's department but the latest is -- chopper 5 gives you a good idea of how the plane just came in and hit the corner of that house possibly the garage but one person in the plane is dead, one was trapped, they had to be rescued. we are working on getting the information as to the extent of that person's injuries. so far, no indication that anyone in that home or on the ground was hurt but it did come
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in and put that one work truck out of service. back to you. >> thank you. today, california leaders are preparing for a natural disaster right now hundreds of scientists engineers and politicians are in los angeles to discuss the possibility of the next big earthquake. around 1200 emergency responders practiced yesterday. usgs scientists discovered recently that two of the country's most dangerous faults are connected in the shallow waters off the san pablo bay near san francisco. >> the longer a fault the larger an earthquake it can produce and if hayward and rodgers creek faults went together along the length it would be up to 7.4. >> what kind of damage, more damage than hurricane katrina in terms of loss. >> they are trying to predict the future from the past here's a live look from the "sierra at tahoe" ski area near the lake's south shore. not a lot of snow right now.
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but that could change in the coming days. sean bennett reports from near donner summit with more on the anticipation of snow as thanksgiving weekend is just days away. >> reporter: well, what a day here for opening day at boreal. the sun is out. the chair lifts are moving. and the snow guns are making manmade snow. boreal says they have 40 snow guns from top to bottom smothering and covering the hillside to create that nice base before we get tomorrow's real snow from mother nature big storm expected saturday and sunday, which will lay a nice amount of powder on top of the manmade snow. they have been going at it for the last couple of days. these guns are crucial. boreal says without the snow guns, they would not be opening today. >> absolutely critical. right now without that we would not be opening today. it's really snowmaking that's getting us there. the natural snow we are going to get over the weekend is going to help us. >> we have a little reservoir behind us here that we get water from and fire it on the
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mountains high pressure water a little compressed air and the right temperatures it falls as snow. >> reporter: if you are a veteran or college student, lift tickets are just $15. if not, they are $59 if you walk up and they have special deals online. back to you. looks like fun. julie is tracking the weekend snow. >> we have a winter storm warning in effect for the weekend. keep that in mind saturday and sunday heading up there could see up to 9" of snow in the lower elevations over a foot in some of the higher elevations. here, sunshine and mild temperatures the story this midday. temperatures in the 60s already 60 in san jose. this is where we're looking offer in the pacific. weekend storm is heading our way going to bring with it plenty of rain tapping into moist air from our south. so here we are futurecast at 6 a.m. widespread rain across the bay
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area. it will come in overnight tonight. 6 p.m. tomorrow, unsettled scattered showers definitely cloudy there. unsettled throughout the day at 5 p.m. on sunday. both days a washout. upwards of three inches possible for some north bay mountains. two inches in santa cruz. and then an inch in the south bay and the east bay. inch and a half on the peninsula. sunny and mild this afternoon increasing clouds tonight. rain and gusty winds arrive saturday morning. in the meantime, one more day with lots of sunshine highs in the mid- to upper 60s areawide topping out near 70 for spots like san jose and some east bay locations. rain saturday and sunday, drying monday and tuesday, chance of rain wednesday. that's the busiest travel day of the season the day before thanksgiving. >> hopefully people can still
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get out. it should be fun. >> hopefully. >> we'll be tracking it. >> thank you. fewer people are taking bart to get from point a to b. this is based on a quarterly report for the period between july and september of. ridership was down 1.3% compared with the same time last year. the weekend drop was sharp especially sundays when it was down more than 6%. and taking a look at wall street, the dow is down 13 points. we'll be right back. ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us.
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care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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crashed.. we've confirmed.. one person is dead. kpix 5's allen martin is live in breaking news in the south bay where a small plane crashed. one person is dead. allen martin is live in the newsroom with the very latest. >> reporter: it happened just north of the half moon bay airport. that's the moss beach area. the airport actually is west of highway one. we have now learned two people were on this flight as chopper 5 gives us a good idea of where this happened. one person has died in this wreck. the plane came in very, very low. it clipped a work truck and hit the tree that big oak tree and then hit the side of that home that's in the center of the picture. chopper 5 giving you a better
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angle as it moves around. one person was injured. you can see the wreck of the plane coming in and hitting the corner of that home in the moss beach area. there's heavy damage to that house. another work van damaged as well be no one on the ground hurt as far as we know. deputies tell us expect the traffic on highway 1 because it borders the airport to be pretty heavy. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. breaking news one person dead another injured a small plane crash north of half moon bay. >> you can go to our website for updates, and also we'll keep you updated on kpix 5 news at 5:00. have a great afternoon, everyone. ,,
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