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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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powerful winds knock down trees.... and heavy rain leaves streets flooded as wet weather sweeps through the bay area. now at 5:00, po winds knock down trees and heavy rain leaves streets flooded as wet weather sweeps through the bay area. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. sheets of rain came down as drivers crossed the bay bridge this morning. [ no microphone ] >> the wet weather is expected to last throughout the weekend of winds could reach up to 50 miles an hour in some areas. and taking a live look outside ocean beach right now, the storm bringing in big waves along the coast. a high surf advisory in effect tonight through tomorrow afternoon. the hi-def doppler shows the brunt of the front pushing through today. low cloudiness at ocean beach and some drizzle left behind.
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there is a high surf advisory posted. on the hi-def doppler radar there's a good deal of rain coming down mostly in the east and south. it's eased up in the north bay at this hour. and as you can see, there's still some pretty good cells out in the central valley and the sierra and foothills where thunderstorms are also popping. it's all unwinding from a deep low off the pacific northwest and it's not over yet. more rain on the way tomorrow morning. we'll have details in the forecast coming up. first, though, the north bay took a big hit today. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live in sausalito. hey, cate. >> reporter: hey, brian. yeah. you're going to keep those umbrellas handy for the next few days. the wind now is picking up here at vista point in sausalito. we have seen a little bit of light misting on and off, although it's drying now. utility crews have been hard at work trying to repair damage from this storm. [ chainsaw ] >> reporter: there were two trees down about in bolinas. the marin department of public works spent a few hours trying
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to cut down this large cypress tree branch hanging overpower lines on ocean avenue. the roads were shut down for a few hours. and with this rain does come strong winds. the national weather service says it will be the strongest today with gusts up to 22 miles per hour in san francisco. 41 miles per hour in half moon bay. now, the north bay will see most of the rain, the weather service saying santa rosa can expect to see up to 1.2 inches of rain throughout the weekend and as brian said it is not over yet. forecasters are predicting two more storms are on the way for next week. reporting live in sausalito, cate caugiran, kpix 5. rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. this is a look at "sierra at tahoe" today getting a pretty substantial dusting. yesterday snowmakers were blasting as slopes opened at boreal. another foot is expected to dump later this week. squaw, all pine meadows, more start and heavenly all plan to open on wednesday and north
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star. closer to home football fans braved the wet weather for the cal-stanford game this afternoon. a parade of people wearing ponchos a lot of ps in one sentence marched into the memorial stadium in berkeley. steady rain soaked fans all afternoon. that didn't stop them from cheering on their teams. >> we were not thinking we were going to get this weather for the big game. we thought of watching it on tv but no, we wanted to come. >> we'll have more on the big game coming up in sports. well, it's the weekend before thanksgiving and the rain didn't stop hundreds of people in san mateo from waiting in line to get some holiday help. kpix 5's maria medina was there and says as the cost of living gets higher, so does the need. >> wouldn't know what to do without you guys. >> reporter: tommy price may not have much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: but what little does have he is thankful for. >> thank you ever so much. it's not always easy to have a smile on my face. but i said to myself, well, if samaritan house was to go out
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of business for a week or for a month, it wouldn't be no smile on my face at all. >> reporter: today tommy stood out in the rain for more than an hour to get groceries from samaritan house in san mateo county. the need just by looking at the hundreds in line this morning is apparent. >> they deserve a good holiday even if struggling. >> reporter: volunteers are giving out 50,000 pounds of food, carrots, rice, beans and milk, it's enough to feed 400 families. >> we are seeing more people in line because there are more people forced into poverty by the rental situation. folks can't afford to live here. >> reporter: tommy is legally blind. he says finding a janitorial job is tough. >> definitely need the corn. >> reporter: he gets food from samaritan house twice a month. >> i'm trying not to get emotional about this because you can't -- you can't find too many people that will just go out and give food like this on a rainy day. >> reporter: the tears felonyway, thankful for a
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cartful of food. >> hey, thank you so much. >> reporter: not much to many, but to tommy -- >> thank you so much. god bless you. thanks, man. >> reporter: it's everything. in san mateo, maria medina, kpix 5. >> every year kpix 5 teams up with local food banks and whole foods market to help those in need during the holidays. donate at your local whole foods or online at taking a live look outside at rain and wind, arriving flights delayed for an hour and a half. there are no significant delays at oakland though, just at san francisco. no delays at san jose. a new feature at a bay area airport aims to bring some peace to stressed out holiday travelers. da lin shows us the lounge that's now open for business at oakland international airport. >> you lied to me! i'm sitting here since 8:00!! with a 9-year-old waiting for
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our vacation!! >> reporter: airport meltdown will happen again. anytime you combine holiday stress, traveling, long lines and delays, yeah. it gets ugly! [ screaming at the top of her lungs ] >> reporter: one company is hoping to help passengers escape all this chaos. the lines, the noise and a packed waiting area. hence the name, escape lounge at the oakland airport. you go through two sound insulated doors and you're kind of in paradise. peaceful, calm, and comfortable. ah!! in fact, ah, this is more like it. >> relaxing, nice place to hang out before your flight and yeah, i mean, yeah, out of the hustle and bustle. >> reporter: there is a fee of $45. but it includes all you can eat gourmet food, drinks and wi-fi.
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for $45, what are they really buying? >> you're buying the atmosphere that you're in getting out of the hustle and bustle. >> reporter: the oakland airport anticipates 8 to 10% more travelers this year than last year. the hope is there will be less of this and more of this. at the oakland international airport, i'm da lin, kpix 5. ah! >> don't get too relaxed there, da. a british-based company owns the escape lounge. it's the first one to open in california. and they hope to open more lounges in other california airports in the near future. an east bay electronics store is robbed again for the fired time in nine days. berkeley police say a group of people in their late teens or early 20s ran into the apple store on 4th street grab what they could and fled. with the holiday season under way, police are making sure the streets are safe. >> we do have additional officers out in the area to go along with 4th street's streetlighting and a number of holiday-related events going on
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in the city. we always staff additional officers. >> last week a group of thieves stole at least 70 devices right off the counter. officers say the thieves got away with at least $100,000 worth of property in their most recent heist. bart ridership is down for the first time in 6 years. from july to september, overall ridership was down 1.3% compared to last year at this time. the drop was larger on weekends, more than 4% on saturdays. and with less money coming in, in fares, bart will have to cut its operating budget even though voters just approved a $3.5 billion bond. so why are fewer people riding? bart assistant gm says the system has reached its capacity. coming up, mike pence gets an unwelcome surprise at a broadway show. the actors' message to the future vice president. >> and some changes in store for facebook. the steps the company is taking to block fake news from their website. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new york.. he was met with boos at the performanc >> boo! >> vice president-elect mike pence became part of the show last night in new york. he was met with boos at the performance of the broadway hit "hamilton" and during the curtain call cast member brandon dixon had a message for him. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> boo!! >> whoo!! [ simultaneous speakers our children, our parents or defend us [ indiscernible ] >> sir. >> by the way, the vice
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president-elect had left the theater. president-elect trump says they are harassing the violent. he said the theater is a safe and special place. the cast of "hamilton" was rude encouraging them to apologize to a very good man. the show's creator complimented dixon's handling. situation and agreeing with trump's statement that everybody should be welcome at the theater. representatives for vice president-elect mike pence have not commented. he has been in new york assisting with the trump transition. before the president-elect took to twitter, he met with more potential cabinet appointees and other visitors. roxana >> reporter: president-elect trump met with his outspoken critic and former gop nominee mitt romney at his golf club in new jersey. >> was it a productive meeting? >> it went great. >> reporter: after the meeting romney who once called trump a con man and phony didn't discuss any potential role in the new administration but said the two had a far-reaching conversation about america's global interests. >> very, um, thorough and in
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depth discussion in the time we had. and, um, appreciate the chance to speak with the president- elect. >> reporter: mr. trump also held sitdowns with retired marine general james madden a candidate for secretary of defense, education advocate michelle rhee and sacramento mayor kevin johnson. mr. trump will hold more meetings here in new jersey tomorrow with former new york mayor rudy giuliani and new jersey governor chris christie who was demoted from chairman of the transition team. on friday, the president-elect tapped alabama senator jeff sessions to be his attorney general. and congressman mike pompeo will head the cia. he reached a $25 million settlement in fraud lawsuits against trump university. today he tweeted, the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on "trump u." too bad. as the president-elect builds his team hundreds gathered in washington to protest trump.
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vice president-elect mike pence will join john dickerson on "face the nation" tomorrow. president obama is in peru for a summit of leaders on the tail end of his last foreign trip in office. he said he expects donald trump to maintain existing policies in latin america including the restoration u.s. relations with cuba. but at a town hall event with people he said trump will make changes to trade policies but president obama believes once the new administration looks at how the policies are working, it will only make, quote, modifications. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is also in peru for the trade summit. and he says his company is taking new steps to combat fake news which may have been a factor in the u.s. presidential election. facebook will make it easier another users to report and flag stories that are false. and the company will use those flags to develop algorithms to detect fake content. >> we can work to give people a
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voice but we also need to do our part to stop the spread of hate and violence and misinformation. >> zuckerberg says his company is also looking into working with established fact check organizations. earlier this week facebook and google said they will no longer display ads on fake news sites. well, a mall santa now on the naughty list. the comments he made that caused him to lose his job. >> more rain tonight. tomorrow morning it's not bad. details on the rain coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in a facebook post, a mother says she took her daughter to it's not evening thanksgiving but a mall santa is already getting the boot. in a facebook post, a mother says she took her daughter to visit santa at a mall in florida. after her daughter told santa what she wanted, he said, she was on the nice list. he then said there's only one name on the naughty list. hillary clinton. the mom told the management
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what happened and the santa was quickly replaced. the man says he was fired and says it was actually just supposed to be a joke. well, the bay area's largest holiday tree now standing in downtown san francisco. workers used a crane to lift the 80-foot tree into place at 555 california street. the white fir tree comes from shasta county and will have 200,000 lights. a concert and lighting celebration happens later this month on the 29th. >> oh!! ♪[ music ] >> all right miss goodrich. we have some rain again this weekend. and a fairly good amount in the north bay and next to nothing in parts of the south bay as you will see in a minute. first let's revisit the all- important kpix 5 hi-def doppler with its transmitter up there on the top of mount vaca as you can see it's sweeping your screen right now. some showers moving from vallejo down through, oh, around sears point and then across san pablo bay. south bay shows that there are scattered showers from around morgan hill down through gilroy
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and across to castroville and beautiful highway 156. but the heaviest cells are out in the central valley. as we have a look high above the west coast we have more showers on the way for tomorrow morning when a sharp cold front comes through and we could get some thunderstorms with that too as you will see on the futurecast, unstable air coming in. meantime a third of an inch in san francisco, half inch at the airport but mountain view and san jose and livermore not too terribly much. oakland picked up .17." santa rosa almost 2" of rain, yikes! more than an inch in napa. fairfield .35" at travis and half inch at san rafael. high surf advisory posted large breakers swell to 15 street strong rip currents, as well. as we look toward the bay bridge the numbers now have settled back down to about 60 degrees for much of the bay area. futurecast. so most of the showers out of the way tonight and overnight. we go to cloudy skies. then look what happens tomorrow morning 7 a.m.
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sharp cold front comes through that will probably disturb your slumbers early in the morning and in the wake of that front, look at all this kind of popcorn-like activity. all these pop-up showers and some unstable air and a thunder bumper or two with not be a surprise. so stay tuned on that. we'll clear it out sunday night. futurecast shows we have one to two inches total in the north bay half inch in the east bay and the south bay with the second front could get up to a half inch in some of the upper elevations and an inch in the santa cruz mountains so here's what we're expecting. unstable weather continues tomorrow morning. a few showers overnight. later on sunday tapers off dries and clears for monday. at the same time, the snow up in the mountains, heavy nighttime snow travel delays with 8 to 16" possible and that snow level is right down to lake level at about 6200 feet. 49ers are taking on the -- i forget -- the -- vern? >> the new england patriots! >> okay. >> tom brady! >> tomorrow 1:25 p.m. where's that game being broadcast, vern? >> levi's stadium on channel 5!
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>> there you go. holiday rink, 63 degrees. the embarcadero ice in walnut creek as well that will be fun for the family and downtown ice this weekend in san jose, cloudy and a few showers. overnighted lows tonight, well, 50s will do it with a few showers and tomorrow, we manage nothing better than low 60s. and a chance of rain coming in tonight and tomorrow morning, before we go to partly cloudy on monday. stay tuned for rain chances later in the week. it's looking maybe, maybe not. and that could be said as much for the 49ers season, vern. [ laughter ] >> maybe not for the 49ers. >> well -- no. come on. hey, ahead, upsets the thing these days in college football. and andre ward fighting tonight in las vegas. unbelievably, for the very first time in his career. is
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kovalev , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...lets sort through some of this pac-12 division ...shall we??? college football up top. cal, stanford, big game, still in business. so we'll have the story moving pictures on the late show. let's sort through some of this other pac-12 division stuff. pac-12 showdown. get out of here! colorado, man, host to washington state. final minute of the third, buffalo struck quarterback l upa out. for the go-ahead. colorado beat washington state 38-24. mike macintyre's team 9-2. f washington state wins next week they win the pac-12 north.
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oregon on the road at utah and trailing by four. seven seconds left. watch this catch. darren carrington. >> wow! >> was he in? they ruled him out. but upon further review -- touchdown! got a foot down. that's all you need in college football. one foot down. oregon upset 12th ranked utah 30-28. got a college basketball gem for you. randy bennett st. mary's gaels on the way to a blowout at dayton. calvin herman son. they led by 20 points. 20! and then they blew it! they use a huge run, charles cook and he cut it to 2! same score now, same score, 20 seconds left, it's a turnover by bennett! but an offensive foul. and that is how saint mary's was able to hang on to win. gaels 3-0 this young season. tonight oakland's andre ward fights in las vegas for
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the first time in his career. the unbeater light heavyweight fights champion sergey kovalev for the wba, ibf title and he had this message at the weigh- in. >> i have been a champion for many years and i'm trying to become a five time world champion and two division world champions and i'm not leaving without the belt. >> you go get him, champ! nfl, san mateo tom brady and the patriots have arrived in the bay area for tomorrow's game against the 49ers on kpix 5. and this game been a long time coming for the original brady's dad. tom brady, senior. >> we had so many wonderful times at the stick. i get a little melancholy thinking about it. where did those years go? >> reporter: this sunday, the brady family will be back together at a 9er game. but they will be cheering for the opposing team as brady,
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jr., or tommy, will be playing what is likely his first and maybe last road game again the 49ers. >> he said he could play until he was 50 if he wanted. >> he will be a little too long in the tooth then i think. >> reporter: brady may be 39 but he remains one of the top quarterbacks in the league and comes home feeling good after what his dad called a september vacation for the "deflate-gate" suspension. >> as far as i'm concerned it was not only a setup but a sting operation, but we let that go. that's in the rear view mirror. >> reporter: earlier this month he was under scrutiny again for his support of president-elect trump. tommy has been put on political shutdown, is that right? >> i think so except yesterday i saw the odds of him being president of the united states are 100:1 in 2020. >> i talked to my wife. she said i can't talk about politics anymore. so i think that's a good
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decision. >> i don't think there's a chance that you'll see tommy in the political arena in the next 35 years. >> reporter: for now the focus is on winning a record tying fifth super bowl. when he returns home to san mateo he is the same old tommy brady. just a hypothetical. tom's in the room, garbage has to be taken out. can you look at him and say, hey, tom, take out the garbage, and he'll take out the garbage? you. >> bet your life! >> i love it! [ laughter ] >> super bowl ring be darned. you're taking out the trash. >> there's no pedestals in our house. [ laughter ] >> got to love tom brady senior. i'll tell you this. how about him? he -- he has tom brady as a son. future hall of famer. >> yes. >> his daughter-in-law is giselle bundchen. >> his son-in-law is -- >> no pedestals. how about that. great family. thanks for watching.
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captions by: caption colorado captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: political enemies joining forces? president-elect donald trump meets with one of the most outspoken critics, mitt romney. who else might join the trump emotion? ( booing ). >> ninan: also tonight, vice president-elect mike pence gets booed on broadway and hears from one of the stars of "hamilton." >> we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values. >> ninan: what's behind the spike in hate and harassment since the election? ♪ 100 days 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart >> ninan: and she was 4' 11" of sheer power. we remember soul singer extrord


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