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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: doors opening and shoppers filing in. >> everybody, welcome in! discounts on everything in the store! >> reporter: this marks the start of a modern-day thanksgiving tradition. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> is this for christmas or for you guys? >> for us. [ laughter ] >> for us. >> reporter: these two women started early already scoring deals with up to 70% savings on clothes for their kids. how stressful is it? >> very stressful. we have been here since the morning. we haven't even ate. >> is it worth it? >> it is. have good deals. >> reporter: for a lot of us, thanksgiving means turkey and stuffing around the dinner table but for a lot of international travelers i'm talking to here, they tell me it means one thing: shopping. so you're from taiwan. what brought you out here? >> um, we visit here and we
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come here to buy something, yeah. >> reporter: at the san francisco premium out let's, shoppers waited hours for the high-end stores to open. at coach, the line wrapped around the building. >> want to get some coach. [ non-english language ] >> a purse. >> yeah, purse, yeah. >> reporter: do you think it's crazy that americans are lining up all night to shop on black friday? >> yeah. it's interesting. [ laughter ] >> reporter: shoppers out here can expect to see anywhere between 40 to 70% savings and these stores they don't close until tomorrow at 10 p.m. in livermore, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. those are people lined up outside the best buy in santana row. wow! getting ready to jump on holiday deals, all while the thanksgiving dinner table was being set. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live at san jose where people are getting deep discounts this holiday. hey, kiet. >> reporter: yeah. coming to you live from here
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inside the best buy at santana row this is how you do black friday in style here. you know, there's a sense of controlled chaos, some urgency here, as you got a couple of hundred people inside the store. this is one of the premiere spots really to do it in the bay area. all right. doors open promptly at 5 p.m. today. there were hundreds of people waiting in line. one group of friends even camped out overnight. after years of practice, retailers have their techniques and strategies down. best buy gives vouchers for some of the really popular doorbuster deals and they let groups of 50 people in at a time all to make sure there's not a stampede. as far as popular items best buy says drones, vr and tvs are big. >> we hear since 7 man hanging out man just counting money that's what we do my little nieces sitting out front man got our goodies and we're outta here. >> reporter: black friday opening hours started creeping into the actual thanksgiving holiday itself years ago. nowadays most retailers seem to be holding the line opening in
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the evening for now. it will be interesting to see how that changes in the years ahead. best buy, closing at 1 a.m. tomorrow morning. they waited in line this morning and look at now they will be waiting in line again tonight. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. some shoppers woke up early to get a head start. kpix 5's sandra osborne found out one hot seller today was ammo. >> good morning! >> whoo! >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: lines formed outside big retailers early thanksgiving morning. bass pro shops in san jose opened its doors at 8:00 with a line forming much earlier than that. >> i was here at 4:15 this morning. >> reporter: the big certainly at bass pro shops today? >> sale on ammunition. >> reporter: at kmart in redwood city, sales on toys like this certain dolls for three bucks. some more likely to get out on the holiday than tomorrowwhen major crowds are expected. >> i just don't feel like i want to elbow my way through to save a few dollars.
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i'd rather be with my family. >> reporter: bass pro shops' manager says his company has opened its doors on thanksgiving for decades. he tells us how employees scheduling works. >> we have a lot of folks here to take care of customers. a lot of folks are here voluntarily. we try to make sure we're sensitive to schedule people so they can spend time with families. >> reporter: while many big changes are touting decisions to stay closed on thanksgiving one thing is for sure, it didn't stop shoppers from getting out in the cold today before the stuffing and cranberry sauce. >> we'll be back tomorrow! >> reporter: in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> we posted a black friday guide on our website with some of the best deals this year. go to a developing story now. the manhunts for two inmates still on the run after a daring jail break in san jose. late last night, rojelio chavez and laron campbell escaped from the main jail after rapelling from a second-story window. kpix 5's devin fehely is there
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where investigators are now broadening their search. devin. >> reporter: this jail break raises questions like where did the inmates get their hands on the tools they would need to saw through the bars? and how did nobody notice that they were doing it? and most importantly, where are the remaining escapees now? two of the escaped inmates were recaptured quickly outside the jail. but two others rojelio chavez and laron campbell pulled off an escape that investigators say was equal parts daring and desperation. >> it was some act of desperation i'm sure. nent to get out. i'm sure, you know, they have been in there for whatever reason, they want to get out, that's motivating them. they're very sophisticated. >> reporter: they managed it saw through the steel bars in the cell and escape through the second floor window using bedsheets as a makeshift to rappel to the ground. >> the fact the bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something they thought of in a minute. it's something that took them planning.
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>> reporter: it's not clear how they got their hands on the tools needed to saw through the bars or if they had help either inside or outside the jail. the sheriff's office launched a massive manhunt overnight. but by morning were empty- handed. >> the fact that these bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something that they just, you know, thought of in a minute. it's something that probably took them some previous planning. >> reporter: chavez was arrested in august campbell jailed since february of last year. both are facing a range of charges from robbery to false imprisonment to extortion. it's why investigators say they should be considered desperate armed and dangerous. the sheriff's office says they don't know who the mastermind of this escape was. they say they don't know which of the inmates were directly involved in planning it and how many simply seized the opportunity once it presented itself. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. a northern california woman who disappeared while jogging was found safe this morning.
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flyers popped up all over redding. . she was found on the side of the road in yolo county bound, restrained and gagged. we have the story from redding, the bizarre details. >> reporter: the community is overjoyed by the news. in fact, sherri papini is in stable condition in the hospital but she has been reunited with her husband keith. now, papini went missing after a morning jog and after failing to pick up her young children from daycare on november 2. what we have just fleshed this press conference is that she was -- just learned from this press conference that she was abducted and released on a rural road often i-5 in yolo county. she is bound are restraints but got a motorist to call for help around 4:30. >> it seems like the chances of survival were fading. and so on today of all days, thanksgiving, to discover that she has been found safe and
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alive, um, it makes us appreciate everything we have. >> i'm just very happy for the family. i think that's awesome. i'm sure they can sleep better tonight. >> reporter: at this time, no arrests have been made. here's what the sheriff had to say. >> we are looking for a dark colored suv with two hispanic females. >> reporter: deputies are warning the public to be cautious as they continue to search for the suspectses who are considered tomorrow armed and dangerous. it's not known if they are local or from out of the area. the sheriff asks for help leading to an arrest. details of the injuries are not disclosed but we are told that they are non-life-threatening and there are have been so many prayers for her and her family. they have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. in redding, kpix 5. a father and daughter are recovering after being swept into the waves at goat rock beach near jenner this morning up there on highway 1. lifeguards rescued them from the pounding surf.
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one was airlifted to the hospital in santa rosa. the other was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. they are both expected to be okay. all while a beach hazard statement has been posted. the national weather service expects swells up to 17 feet along the northern california coast. winds expected to gust to about 35 miles per hour. boaters and beach-goers should take precautions when they head out to the coast and this man would certainly agree. absolutely. waves are rough today. they will begin calming down tomorrow. that advisory expires at 9 p.m. tonight. but as soon as the waves go down, the rain chances will start going up. there's one day in your holiday weekend that will be a washout. find out which one it is next. >> and a bay area neighborhood where people are often scared of police, a chance to share a meal and see a different side. thanksgiving tradition helping build bridges in a rough part of town. >> are you worried about politics ruining your appetite this thanksgiving evening? we look back in the history books at the tensions
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surrounding the first thanksgiving in california. the unusual meal on the table instead of turkey. >> inside the new northern california academy that's giving troubled teens a new purpose. how they are turning their lives around with a little tough love. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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aims to strengthen ties bet cops and community members. kpix five's cate cauguiran s
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the story. a thanksgiving event in san francisco aims to strengthen ties between cops and community members. and kpix 5's cate caugiran has the story. >> reporter: it's all the fixings for a big thanksgiving meal to serve not just one family but hundreds in one of san francisco's rougher neighborhoods. >> we're in the hood. we're in potrero hill. we are at the rec center. we are having fun. nobody is fighting. nobody is shooting at each other. nobody is arguing. [ applause ] >> reporter: neighbors, community leaders and dozens of san francisco police officers sitting alongside each other plates full of food. and a sea of smiles. >> so i will be there. >> reporter: the community awareness resources entity started it all. >> we're doing a barbecue in front of the house feeding everybody and my mom is like we're just do this for thanksgiving. >> reporter: this is the third year the community has partnered with san francisco police to provide hundreds of free meals for the neighborhood. now this meal is a neighborhood
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tradition. most of everything you see here donated. ♪[ music ] the goal, bring strangers together to break bread and help those who need it most. >> they don't have thanksgiving whether they are homeless or don't have the need. >> reporter: the event is also about partnering with the san francisco police department. they hope to break barriers and build bridges between officers and the community they serve. at times it may seem like a slow thaw. >> when i first started here, place was empty. there was a lot of death and destruction. now you see people enjoying themselves having a great time, jump house behind me. i almost didn't do this interview to get in that bouncy house by the way. >> reporter: they say it's working. >> the kids see this, oh, okay, i don't have to be totally scared of you. i can get to in somebody else in my community. >> i look everything.
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>> reporter: what was your favorite part of this event? >> the face-painting. >> reporter: it's a break for the officers. >> it's therapeutic for the officers after dealing some of the trauma in the community that they have to respond to on a day-to-day basis it is nice to interact with the community in a nonlaw enforcement way. [ applause ] >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> also in san francisco, firefighters sheriff's deputies and police officers got to do something very different today. they delivered 900 hot turkey dinners to homebound seniors. organizers with self-help for the elderly say officers have been volunteering for the program for 34 years. the officers say the reward is bringing a smile to residents's faces. if you are in the bay area or just visiting family nearby, we have a history lesson for you. kpix 5's melissa caen takes a look at the beginnings of thanksgiving here in the golden state. >> reporter: if you are
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avoiding someone or some group this thanksgiving, take heart. the birth of thanksgiving in california was also pretty divisive at first. but it did get better when people were able to finally find common ground. forget pilgrims and native americans. think miners eating jack rabbit. in california that's how thanksgiving started. >> the holiday begins the latter part of the 1840s when you discover gold. >> reporter: charles is an expert on bay area history. he says it all started when people began pouring in from all over the nation some of them from new england and did their best to approximate thanksgiving. >> jack rabbit. that was an easy kneel have. it's usually beef, deer, pork. turkey began later on. >> reporter: at first, other groups thought it was weird. >> people who came from other parts of the country other than new england thought it was an
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odd celebration. >> reporter: in 1847, the daily alta california newspaper reported that a group called the sons of new england had voted to hold something called thanksgiving. a peculiar festival of their land. >> you had a certain [ indiscernible ] between the sectional groups. the northernest didn't like the southerners and the southerners didn't like the northerners. when they came up with the idea, they didn't want to participate. >> reporter: the san francisco call in 1986 reported that non- new england people didn't take kindly to the puritanical celebration. does that testy environment remind you of something? >> i understand that those who voted for trump and those who did not are not getting together for thanksgiving because they can't hold themselves in. >> reporter: how did early californians resolve their differences? reportedly, once the skeptics realized it was eating and drinking they thought it was a good thing after all. it helped that the gold rush
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did not bring the most puritanical of new englanders. the first recorded thanksgiving in san francisco was in 1847. it was so drunk and rowdy that one reporter jokingly wrote, we sincerely hope that no actual new englander attended. now, as we add to a new chapter of california's crazy history, happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> i love the rich history of this area. it's so much fun. that's a neat story. you should be talking about that, not politics over the dinner table. >> let's talk about jackrabbit. >> so fun. >> as late as 1897 the call was reporting that some people did not like the puritanical ideas? >> 1896 and they put together an oral history of the first thanksgiving so it was a sort of look back based on the number of interviews of people who were there in the 1840s and 50s. >> but by the end of the 19th century they were okay with thanksgiving. >> drinking sounds good. >> it's a holiday.
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>> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, mr. deanno. >> if there's stuffing and turkey there, that's a good holiday. whatever you want to call t thanksgiving high temperatures today not really that high. but the average high is the low 60s and that's where we found ourselves today in san jose with the high of 62. happy thanksgiving in oakland. high today 60. san francisco and napa 58. it's not going to rain tomorrow. i am going to show you a satellite review with rainfall up to the north. sprinkles in the north bay. i'm talking about rainfall for saturday. the closest the rainfall is right now is humboldt county. toward ukiah you may get sprinkles tomorrow but the main event is saturday morning and saturday night. it's potent. the oregon coastline has had winds of 75 miles per hour today. that's a stormy thanksgiving. snoqualmie pass in western washington had two feet of snowfall. that's a stormy thanksgiving. we had sunshine today, we'll see an increase in cloud cover tomorrow but all of this will take time before it makes it down to the bay area and
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basically saturday morning we serious rainfall in the bay area. by saturday afternoon, this is a futurecast predicting how much rain will have fallen in town, about .33" in hayward, more for san jose, quarter inch in concord and the farther north in the north bay the more rain you get. ukiah more than an an inch, half inch for santa rosa. next rounds of rain saturday night into early sunday morning. that will be an additional quarter inch to half inch of rain making a total a little better. three-quarters inch for concord by the time the rain is finished, almost one inch of rainfall for new san jose. nearly an inch in san francisco. the rain begins late tomorrow night into saturday morning. saturday will be soggy. so tomorrow it will look lick it's going to rain but it's not -- so tomorrow it will look like it's going to rain but it's not. napa 59. san rafael, san francisco, vallejo, martinez, all highs in the low 60s. your extended forecast calling for rain saturday. low 60s. rain likely. not an all-day washout but it will be wet. sunday we'll see sunshine in
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the afternoon. highs in the low 60s. next week, much drier but not really warmer. this is a chilly pattern for the first time in a long time a good part of the country below average when it comes to temperature. it's been super warm for the calendar year. the western half of the u.s. and, of course, including the bay area, will stay chilly but when it comes to rain, it's saturday and that's it. >> thank you. a thanksgiving feast under a freeway. bay area teenager opens her heart to give people on the street a true holiday to remember. >> and while some cook others check out cars. from a ride fit for james bond to the newest in hydrogen vehicles, what's drawing the crowds at the san francisco auto show? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helping the needy today in e tenderloin. glide memorial church is seg meals to the homeless and spreading love this thanksgivi bay area volunteers helping the needy today in the tenderloin. glide memorial serving meals to the homeless and spreading love this thanksgiving evening even acting police chief toney chaplin and mayor lee put on
6:24 pm
apes to help out. what volunteers are helping make this holiday special, glide serves 2400 meals to the homeless every day. in the east bay one high school student used her savings to make the holiday memory football homeless. kpix 5's da lin tells us how she served up turkey in berkeley. >> reporter: the homeless encampment before the gilman overpass it's a cold dark place. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> reporter: but not quite forgotten. throughout the day, neighbors stopped by with food and blankets. >> got it? >> yeah. >> reporter: but one teenager wanted to make it special. 15-year-old allyah washington enlisted her family and classmates to make sure the folks under the bridge would have a true thanksgiving meal. >> they need to have champagne and beautiful china and great food, great people that love them. >> reporter: from silverware to the menu, even the handwritten
6:25 pm
note, they transform the sidewalk into a warm classy restaurant. >> treat them with dignity and with respect and i wanted them to feel like family. >> a little bit of everything. >> a little bit of everything, exactly. >> reporter: turkey, ham, dessert, drinks. and even blankets and clothes. >> it makes me feel special. >> i do matter. everybody matters. everybody matters. >> cheers you up. >> you get guests and it's a lot of love. >> reporter: it's the high school students' fourth year feeding the homeless. she knows the struck. she was adopted and her uncle and grandmother were homeless. >> a smile on the face, see them light up, just beautiful. so beautiful. >> i'll remember this for the rest of my life. >> reporter: she saved up money all year long to pay for the food and clothes. she received some donations, as well. she will start saving again for the next big meal. in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
6:26 pm
>> incredible. it was quite a bit of work. it took her three days to shop prepare and cook the food. in all she served about 20 homeless people this afternoon. good for her. coming up in our next half-hour drug users dropouts and any students struggling to stay on track inside the boot camp style academy recruiting its first class in northern california. how it's helped some of the most at-risk teens find a new purpose in life. president-elect donald trump is getting round-the- clock security and so is his hollywood walk of fame star. the measures to prevent future vandalism.
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so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best.
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ical. and may the day is going to be a long day! . >> our top story at 6:30, it's tough physical and may draw a few tears. but this military-style academy has been a wake-up call for at- risk teens to turn their lives around. the national guard run program is looking for recruits for its first class here in northern california. kpix 5's emily turner shows us how it's transforming the lives of young people who were
6:30 pm
destined for a different path. [ yelling ] >> reporter: this program in southern california changes the lives of young dropouts and soon it will be awakening the potential of youth in the bay area and across northern california. >> yes, sunshine, yes sir, yes. >> reporter: it will be one of three california national guard run programs for at risk youths. and this is discovery academy. the newest one. it's in lathrop. it's just in time to accept its first class of northern california cadets this january. >> the goal is to get students out of a negative environment to where they can learn and grow in a very healthy uplifting encouraging environment to make them productive citizens when they go on back to their communities. >> reporter: sends them your truant, your tardy, your dropouts, discovery academy hopes to turn their lives
6:31 pm
around. it's a 5 1/2 month live-in program full of hard work, discipline and plenty of pushups. >> the day is going to be a long day!! >> it was hell but it was worth it and i ended up loving it. >> reporter: private first class andre delgado was once a 14-year-old failing student who ran with the wrong crowd and got into the wrong things. >> it was very bad. i did a lot of bad things. with gang members, which led to doing drugs, alcohol, skipping school. just being, um, defiant, i guess. >> reporter: another attended academy in central california. he joined the national guard himself so he can one day work at discovery academy. he is one success story among many. [ yelling ] >> reporter: 90% of graduates go on to graduate high school. thanks to a follow-up and mentor program within a year almost that same percentage are still in school full time,
6:32 pm
working full time or in the military. >> yeah!! >> it was terrible. not going anywhere in life. i had no plans. i was one of those i was just going to be there. just taking up space is what i thought. and after, now i have big plans. i have dreams that i'm going to accomplish. um, i'm working toward things. i know what i want in life. so that's what i'm going to get. >> reporter: discovery academy is still accepting applications. if you are interested in applying, it's a 19-page application process. you can go to our website, to find out more. emily turner, kpix 5. >> we have more information about discovery challenge academy at troops are all about turkey and touchdowns today.
6:33 pm
some american soldiers are serving in iraq getting some of the comforts of home this thanksgiving day. they tossed the ball around at this airfield outside mosul before sitting down to eat. and, of course, they miss their families stateside but they are happy to celebrate with their fellow servicemen. about 5,000 u.s. troops are currently in iraq. president-elect donald trump is in thanksgiving with his family. he took to twitter to say he is still working hard to keep manufacturing jobs in america. he is also trying to determine who to appointed as secretary of state. mitt romney is on the short list despite his criticism of trump during the campaign. the president-elect is also expected to tap billionaire investor wilbur ross for commerce secretary. he became known as the king of bankruptcy for buying beaten down companies. meanwhile hollywood unveiled the president-elect's new star on the hollywood walk of fame. tourists have been posing for pictures today. the first star had to be
6:34 pm
replaced after a man destroyed it with a pick axe last month. tmz reports an lapd patrol officer will provide 24-hour protection for the star and a security camera will be trained on it at all times. president obama called on americans to remember the values that unite us all. >> that in america, we are bound not by any one race or religion but, rather, an adherence to a common belief that all of us are created equal. that we may think and worship and speak and love as we please. that the gift of democracy is ours and ours alone to nurture and to protect. never doubt, that is what makes us american. >> the president also spent part of the day calling nearly a dozen deployed troops. they are the reason many families don't go hungry during the holidays. the bay area food banks are desperate for donations. the one thing you can do that will help them all this year. >> protecting a thanksgiving
6:35 pm
tradition from terrorism along with santa and the balloons. the unprecedented security at macy's thanksgiving day parade. - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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6:37 pm
extra helping at the annual thanksgiving picnic at saint james park. volunteers cooked turkey dis for the less fortuna th in san jose the homeless are getting help at saint james park. volunteers cooked turkey for the less fortunate but are doing more than serving good food. >> we are giving them c.a.r.e. packages for the winters time, beanies, socks, simple stuff good food, turkey, pasta, all kinds of good food here lots of help. >> every year volunteers feed about 200 people for the thanksgiving tradition. and they are planning on a christmas picnic next month. well, local food banks made a big difference in the lives of many during the holidays but this year several are reporting a drastic drop in donations. kpix 5's john ramos on the one
6:38 pm
thing you can do that would help the most. >> reporter: with thanksgiving upon us, the alameda county community food bank is geared up to provide holiday meals for the less for the national, right? well, yes. but it's much more than that. >> not just reaching the homeless but it's reaching the down and out to get help. >> reporter: debbie martinez works at victory outreach recovery home a live-in addiction recovery program in hayward. the food she gets from the food bank year round gives those who have hit rock bottom more than just something to eat. >> it restores them in so many different ways not just the feeding but again bringing them hope from being out in the street to having a home. >> reporter: and despite being right across the bay from silicon valley, one in five people in alameda county eats food that originates here, but for an organization that so many rely on, this year the
6:39 pm
food bank is having a tough time making ends meet. >> we are about $60,000 short which is very unusual for the alameda county community food bank. >> reporter: while they welcome donations of food, there's a desperate need for cash. they can get six times the amount of food for the dollars you might spend in the supermarket and the donations they get during the holidays helps set them up to operate the rest of the year. so if your thanks is putting you in a giving mood, why not help out the organization that makes so many others possible? >> people who donate are changing lives in your own community immediately today. and that's why supporting us is so critically important. your donation will be meals on tables across alameda county tomorrow. please help us. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> here's a staggering number. beginning in 2014, the alameda food bank set a goal of providing 90 million meals to
6:40 pm
the needy. two years later, they have already provided 63 million. every year kpix 5 teams up with local food banks and whole foods to help those in need during the holiday season. you can donate at your local whole foods or online at coming up, a suspect on the run realizes he is out of options and then wait until you see the wild ending to this police chase [chuckling] in los angeles. >> maybe you are thinking about hanging up some green lights outside of your house? that green blob right there may make you have to think twice about which day you're going out to hang them up. that's the bay bridge lights looking good. weather forecast looking wet. next. ♪[ music ] >> coming up in sports, we have a lot of football on this thanksgiving. from the nfl to the turkey bowl at kezar stadium and two former all northern california linebackers will face off as coaches on sunday plus --
6:41 pm
>> to me, that's bad. >> former "dubs" assistant luke walton has a lot of work to do on this thanksgiving to prepare for round 3 against the warriors. it's all coming up in a few minutes. ,, ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people
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volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
6:44 pm
a high speed chase that ends with the driver.. on the ro! you can see the car ahead of l-a- p-d.. inten video out of los angeles. a high-speed chase that ends with a driver on the roof. you can see the car ahead of lapd and all of a sudden, the driver makes a u-turn. there he goes. he plows into a police car. the suspect then tries to escape by climbing through the window. then on to the roof. officers were able to subdue him and his passenger. both are now behind bars. in the bay area thousands of people headed to moscone center for a different holiday tradition. >> the san francisco auto show buyers dealers clubs collectors all came out today so if you are looking to buy a new car in the next six months, the auto show is the place to be. you can compare all of the models in one place. but if you don't want to buy, there are some you just have to see.
6:45 pm
>> james bond, absolutely. bond, james bond. and that is gold finger, thunder ball and a host of other subsequent films. this is the 1964 aston martin db5, the most famous car in the world. >> love to see it. they only made about 1400 of those. you can test drive cars probably not that one or experience high performance racing in a full motion simulator. the san francisco auto show runs through this weekend. it close today at 9:00. millions of people lined the streets of manhattan to keep a 90-year-old tradition alive. there were there for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. [ chanting ] >> charlie brown! charlie brown! >> the giant floats did not disappoint with the support of cheerleaders and cartoon characters, they danced and marched their way through the city. the new york police boosted security after it was called an excellent terrorist target. in addition to 3,000 officers they walked through the cars with dogs and radiation detectors but it wasn't all work for one officer.
6:46 pm
he popped the question to his girlfriend along the nypd band on the parade route the department tweeted out this picture. that was followed by another tweet. she said yes. >> whew. at the vatican they are looking ahead to christmas. an 80-foot pine tree was put up in st. peter's square today. it will be officially unveiled on december 9. the tree will be decorated with 18,000 l.e.d. lights and it will be lit up until january 8. spectacular. >> there's tree pop-up stores around the bay area they are loading the trees up tonight because they will get a rush tomorrow. tomorrow rain-free. we'll have rain on saturday. chilly tonight. the clouds are not to livermore yet. already fallen to 49 degrees. it's brisk in san francisco
6:47 pm
right now. santa rosa 50 and cloudy. you haven't cooled off as much and you will drop to 41 tonight. san jose 43. 30s and 40s away from the water like the tri-valley, pleasanton, livermore, dublin around 38 or 39 degrees. maybe you want to take kids ice skating this weekend. san jose, san francisco, marin, san rafael at the mall. walnut creek on ice right next to civic park, it will rain on saturday. it will not rain on sunday. 59 degrees. pretty chilly coming up over the weekend. if you are a football fan you been watching the raiders they are hosting the panthers. you can watch the game right here on kpix 5. if you are going and/or tailgating, sun and cloud mix, midafternoon. upper 50s in oakland coming up sunday. pretty strong storm. we are not getting the brunt of this. the pacific northwest is and they are just getting hammered today. i-5 travel is horrible. over the passes, stevens, snoqualmie pass, rough in washington state. we could use the rainfall. we'll get some just not as much as our friends up to the north. the rainfall will get here
6:48 pm
about 24 to 30 hours interest now. tomorrow mid afternoon, look up and say it's to rain any minute? no, it's not. mostly cloudy but it's not going to be raining except lake and mendocino counties. tomorrow night it will rain. 3 a.m. heavy rainfall will slide through and on-and-off rain saturday before a second wave of some heavier rainfall moves in late saturday night into sunday morning. although it megyn before midnightsaturday will be rainy and we could get up an inch of rain in the bay area with higher amounts in the north bay. so tomorrow, cloudy, but mainly dry. steady rainfall coming up saturday morning with another round of some steady rainfall late in the day on saturday. tomorrow, though, on the cool side. very close to average which is the low 60s. 61 for redwood city and san francisco and vallejo. 60 for concord. san jose 64. santa rosa 58 degrees. we are wet saturday. by sunday morning the rain is
6:49 pm
gone. a little breezy partly sunny skies low 60s. as we head toward next week, drier with more sunshine. we'll have highs in the low to mid-60s monday through thursday. that is your forecast. happy thanksgiving. and we'll have sports next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
arrested for dui. you can't have thanksgiving without football. >> it's part of the tradition. you cannot have thanksgiving without football. well, just about a month before this year's nfl draft, dak prescott was arrested for dui. many speculated that arrest caused him to go to the fourth round. he led dallas to a 9-1 record looking for the tenth straight win. the cowboys redskins rivalry doesn't take a break. it continued after the game. late first after dallas leading 10-3. prescott avoids the rush and finds williams who does a great job keeping both feet inbounds for the touchdown. now it's 7-12 in the -- 17-12 this is 4th quarter. prescott takes it himself for a six-yard touchdown run to make it 24-12. dallas wins 31-26 for their tenth straight win. first game of the day on this thanksgiving the lions hosting the vikings with first
6:53 pm
place in the nfc north on the line. tied at 13, under a minute to play, minnesota's stamm bradford is picked off by darius slay who returns it to the viking 22 putting detroit in field goal range so matt on for the 40-yard kick on the final play and he drills it to win the game, the lions win 16- 13 it take over sole possession of first in the nfc north. san francisco city championship lincoln and mission in the 93rd annual turkey day day. lincoln 13-16. then mission takes off for a 32- yard touchdown run. the bears though fail to get the two-point conversion. so the must stacks still lead by one. little over 2 to play lincoln puts the game away with a 14- yard touchdown run and the mustangs win 22-12 to win the city championship for the first time since 2012. well jack del rio and
6:54 pm
panthers head coach ron rivera were standout linebackers at two different high schools. on sunday they will be opponents but being back at the coliseum will bring back some fond memories of the silver and black for rivera. sunday's game will be a homecoming for panthers head coach rivera who grew up in monterey rooting for the raiders and was a fan of quarterback judge plunkett. yesterday this is press conference rivera of cal alum campaigned for jim plunkett a heisman winner at stanford to finally be selected into the hall of fame. >> look at his record. the guy is a two-time super bowl winner, super bowl mvp, passing numbers better than some guys currently in the hall of fame, as well. i believe he deserves it. >> he is stumping for a guy who went to stanford. >> yup. >> for jim, yes. seriously for jim, i am. the rest of them i'm not sure about but most certainly for plunkett. the warriors got even after destroying the lakers last
6:55 pm
night. they will face l.a. again tomorrow. the lakers stole game one of the season series earlier this month but for former "dubs" assistants luke walton is back to facing realities. the warriors welcomed him back to oracle last night beating the lakers 149-106. golden state 80 points in the first half, 62% for the game, franchise record with 47 assists leaving walton very impressed with his former team. >> you give them a lot of credit. that was a beautiful exhibition they put on us out there. 47 assists on i think 50- something field goals is one of the greatest stats i have ever heard or seen. unfortunately, it happened against us. but to me, that's basketball at its best. it sure was a fun game to washington to college basketball. derek haas and stanford facing miami in the first round of the invitational in orlando. early second half the cardinal leading by 4 and they get the
6:56 pm
foul and the runner to go. free throw gave stanford a 7- point lead. now 41-40 cardinal but anthony lawrence, jr. steals it and finishes with the dunk. the canes win 67-53. stanford the first loss of the season. so not a good day for stanford but we'll see how the warriors do against the lakers again tomorrow. should be fun game. >> great game. >> yeah. >> okay. we are not going to hang our lights what day? >> saturday. >> saturday is a bad day. >> it's a two-day job. finish it on sunday. can't do it all in one day. saturday stay inside. >> for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather, always on join us for nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and you can see us back here tonight at 11. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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