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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the battle over minimum wage is [ chanting ] now at noon the battle over minimum wage is heating up it
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protestors calling for $15 to be the national standard. good afternoon, it is tuesday, november 29. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at sfo with more on the local "fight for $15" demonstration. >> reporter: hundreds of uber and lyft drivers just arrived here at sfo. you can see those big flags. that's the "fight for $15" movement. this protest here is a continuation of what happened earlier this morning. [ chanting ] >> reporter: right in the middle of the morning commute, a couple of hundred protestors closed down the intersection at 98th and international boulevard in oakland demanding a higher federal minimum wage. they say california is on the right path. >> we are not asking to become millionaires. we are not asking to, you know, retire on this income or
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anything like that. we're just asking that we're able to maintain a living. >> reporter: he is a single father of 10-year-old twins. he brings them to work with him because he says there's no other option. >> right now we're just existing, not living, not able to enjoy their childhood because of our struggles. that's not okay. >> reporter: organizers say this has nothing do with donald trump. they say this fight will complete until they raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. so the protests that happened early this morning the police did give two dispersal warnings before making arrests. about 25 people were arrested. no injuries. as far as this situation is concerned, we'll be monitoring it and give you an update tonight. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. as jackie mentioned, this is a national push. across the country from new york to chicago, tens of
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thousands of service workers walked off the job. some experts say workers are hoping that publicity from the walkoff will win them public support. today's events are scheduled at around 340 cities. turning to politics, president-elect donald trump continues to work towards his white house transition. as kenneth craig reports today trump is filling more positions in his cabinet. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence was back at trump tower tuesday morning after stating last night very important announcements would be made today. >> this is it. >> reporter: cbs news confirms president-elect trump has picked elaine chao to be transportation secretary following her meeting with his last week. she served as secretary of labor under president george w. bush. she is also married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. this morning, the trump team also announced georgia congressman tom price to lead the department of health and human services. price an orthopedic surgeon is
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a vocal critic of obamacare. >> this is lunacy. this is what happens when you put the government in charge! >> reporter: in a statement, mr. trump said price is exceptionally qualified to shepherd our commitment to repeal and replace obamacare. but incoming senate democratic leader charles schumer called it akin to asking the fox to guard the henhouse. the president-elect will meet for a second time with mitt romney. he will have a private dinner as mr. trump continues to mull over his pick for secretary of state. other potential candidates include tennessee senator bob corker with whom mr. trump meets today and retired general and former cia director david petraeus who was in yesterday. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> meantime, president-elect trump took to twitter about another issue this morning. he wrote that there should be consequences for burning the american flag suggesting loss of citizenship or a year in jail. the supreme court ruled back in 1989 that flag-burning constitutes free speech. in san francisco, right
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now, members of the board of supervisors and public defender jeff adachi are introducing a proposal addressing president- elect trump's threats against illegal immigrants. david campos said i am proud to join with our public defender and jeff adachi and community advocates and attorneys throughout san francisco to proactively ensure that immigrant families in san francisco remain together and that immigrants are protected from deportation without due process. this afternoon the oakland city council is expected to consider a resolution expressing its recommitment as a sanctuary during its meetings. the members of the block by block organizing network are planning to rally outside the meeting. and this comes as san francisco mayor ed lee and his counter parts in new york, chicago and seattle have already vowed to uphold their city's policies when it comes to illegal immigrants. if you thought your vote didn't count this election, think again. in santa clara county right now, key races are being
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decided by a few dozen votes. kpix 5's anne makovec shows us the recount process is raising hands and red flags. >> reporter: an automatic hand recount is now under way here in santa clara county for 10 races where the margin is razor- thin. this is the first year of a pilot program that requires recounts when the margin of victory is within one half of 1%, or fewer than 25 votes. >> this is the large recount in county history. >> reporter: over 150 county employees will be counting until at least next week. >> it seems to be a little bit of chaos there when it comes to who is checking in and out. >> reporter: this woman came in here yesterday to volunteer. >> i handled ballots. i worked all day. >> reporter: the only problem? only paid employees are supposed to be involved in the count. >> it raises a red flag in my opinion because if you get people coming like that, i mean, how does that look as far
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as who is doing the checks and balance here? >> reporter: she has worked many elections as a "cold volunteer" and a registrar spokesman doesn't consider it a security breach. >> absolutely not. everyone here was here yesterday. we can't have someone continue to work that's not an employee. >> reporter: there are 10 races too close to call in santa clara county including sylvia arenas versus jimmy nguyen for san jose city council. arenas is ahead by 78 votes out of more than 34. in santa clara, the race for the chief of police incumbent chief michael sellers is ahead of sergeant pat nikolai by only 87 votes. by law, counties center to certify the final election results to state election officials by december 8. in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. election officials still don't have an estimate on how much this recount will cost. but they do know it will be on the city's dime. in a developing story at least five people survived a
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plane crash overnight near medellin, colombia. 76 people died in the crash and as hena daniels reports the charter plane was carrying a civilian soccer team and more than 20 journalists to a tournament. >> reporter: colombian rescue crews worked in the dark using flashlights in rain and mountains. few survivors pulled from last night's wreckage were rushed to nearby hospitals. as daylight came there was damage, debris and workers carrying bodies of victims up the hillside. more than 80 people were on board the charter plane including a first division brazilian soccer team. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the players recorded a video in sao paulo before the flight took off. they were scheduled to play tomorrow after reaching the finals of a major south american soccer competition for the first time.
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a journalist covers south american soccer. [ indiscernible ] >> it's heartbreaking. [ poor audio ] >> reporter: the plane was just five minutes away from its final destination weather the crew declared an electrical emergency. radar imagery shows the final moments as it circled over an area in central colombia before disappearing. the tragedy is hitting people into brazil especially hard. the team from the small city of chapecoense was in the mill of a fairy tale season. the brazilian government declared three days of mourning. hena daniels kpix 5. >> the civil aviation agency in colombia says three players, two staff and one journalist survived the crash. classes are in session today at ohio state university after a man tacked people on campus with a car -- man attacked people on campus with a car and butcher knife.
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four people are hospitalized. the attacker was shot and killed by a police officer. many who knew the suspect abdul razak ali artan are stunned. >> he was very kind, very well received around here by people for the most part. >> the somali student had previously made online comments critical of how muslims are treated. he recently told a student newspaper he was afraid to pray in public on campus. in the bay area, right now union city police are asking people to "shelter in place" in the area between railroad avenue and 10th street. police say this is due to a domestic situation. but there haven't been any reports of injuries. closer to home the san francisco police department is looking for some help in identifying a suspect accused of fraud. this is surveillance video from back in september. the person coming down the escalator allegedly used a stolen card to buy over $2,000 worth of stuff. police are hoping to nab the suspect before he strikes again. despite a close call the
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nearly week long search continues for two inmates who escaped from santa clara county's main jail. investigators say surveillance video shows rogelio chavez was at a day's inn in gilroy. sheriff's deputies followed tips and went there sunday night but he was gone. investigators believe chavez and laron campbell the other escapee at large have gone their separate ways. ♪[ music ] working to curb the drought. next the steps being taken despite the recent rainfall. >> plus, forcing evacuations. the wildfire fight under way right now in tennessee and the plan of attack crews have to try to stop the fast moving plane. >> from the kpix weather center, boy, the sky is blue, the air is fresh, and we have a big change coming your way. we'll talk about that coming up. of sunday's game. >> throwing punches, what led to this brawl between the 49ers and miami dolphins fans in the middle of sunday's game? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now - destroying popular resort towns in its wake. for some homeowners: flames cut off all safe escape routes. a massive wildfire is destroying popular resort towns in tennessee. for some homeowners flames cut off safe escape routes. cell phone video captured the danger of one man's evacuation. you can see fire shooting out from both sides of the road. this is in gatlinburg. on the other side of town, guests at a popular hotel filmed the flames feet from the lobby's entrance. they were told to "shelter in place" and were given breathing masks. >> we're dealing with some very difficult situations here in gatlinburg. if you are a person that pray, we could use your prayers. >> police say about 14,000
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residents and visitors were evacuated from gatlinburg alone. the national guard is now assisting the effort to knock down the blaze. the state department of water resources says california is still in a drought despite higher-than-normal rainfall in the early part of this season. based on the rainfall, the department is allocating 20% of water requests from the 29 agencies it serves. that number could fluctuate depending on rainfall figures over the next few months. be careful if you head to the beach today. we are under a high surf advisory until 6 p.m. swells could reach 14 we with breakers up to 17 feet. roberta has the forecast. >> we are also visited today by fourth grade class out of queen of all saints school. it's a good school. they have a lot of saints there. mrs. french's class. now, kids, when you go to the beach, what do i always tell you? >> never turn your back on an
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angry ocean! [ laughter ] >> whoo! >> never turn your back on a angry ocean and this is why. take a look at our map and that yellow area. that encompasses all of our local beaches. that's where we're seeing swells up to 14 feet breakers 17. this causes a very dangerous rip current. but onshore, it also causes a sneaker wave those long waves that run up on you so that's why you never turn your back on that angry ocean. this is our live weather camera look out towards, oh, ocean beach. see all those people? they obviously haven't heeded our advice and listening to us. they have to be very careful out there today. temperatures are in the 50s across the board now 56 degrees in livermore after bottoming out this morning at 37 degrees. satellite-radar shows that the coast is clear am we only have a little bit of stratus around the central valley. that's dissipating after the form of some dense fog. a dry weather pattern as an area of high pressure diverts the vigorous jet stream well to the north of the bay area. that's an area of low pressure right there. it's going to push up against
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british columbia and the pacific northwest. now, futurecast clearly illustrates that we do have a weak disturbance tomorrow. mostly cloudy for your wednesday with maybe a spotty shower but everything will be minimal and about under .500 of an inch of rain. 50s as the fog lifts in the central valley. 57 degrees in monterey. in the mountains 36. we have snow in tahoe. many of our resorts are open, as well. that's a live weather camera looking towards "sierra at tahoe." it's currently 32 in truckee after a temperature today of only 10 above zero. 56 to about 60 degrees across the santa clara valley today my forecast high temperature. mineta international airport, 60 one of the outside numbers. there's your sunset at 4:51. sunshine today, clouds tomorrow. sunshine thursday through monday. thank you. a proposal for a new football stadium is on the agenda this
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afternoon as the oakland city council meets. it's the latest effort to keep the raiders in the city. mayor libby schaaf will also meet today with former nfl player ronnie lott who organized the investment group that came up with the plan. schaaf says that taxpayer money will not be used to help cover stadium costs. and all this comes as raiders owner mark davis hopes to move the team to las vegas. the state of nevada has already approved the plan to help finance a stadium using a las vegas hotel tax. warriors star kevin durant whose team plans to leave oakland for san francisco posted this on twitter. he said, i'm a washington redskin until i die but that atmosphere in the coliseum for a raider game is just wow! lott responded to durant's post following his first raiders game saying, quote, he got it right away, the raiders have some of the very best fans in the nfl. and the team belongs in oakland. speaking of the nfl, there was serious unsportsmanlike conduct in the game between the
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49ers and dolphins. cell phone video. taunting became a brawl. [ screaming ] >> witnesses say it started when the man in the dolphins jersey started yelling derogatory remarks about colin kaepernick, then he started swinging. other fans tried to stop the melee but ended up getting caught in the middle. the dolphins are looking into it. ♪[ music ] still ahead, changing the look of the iphone. what's the next device and what it's reportedly going to look like next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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screen, as soon as next year. that's according to t new at noon cupertino-based apple could start selling an iphone with a curved screen as soon as next year according to the "wall street journal" which reports that apple is testing more than 10 prototypes of the iphone 8. a curved screen would offer greater resolution than the current iphone models. curved screen rumors have been circulating for a few weeks now. samsung is considering a change. executives will use the next six months to decide if it will split into a holding company and separate operating businesses. experts say it could be a potential jackpot for
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investors. the announcement comes after a recall of the washing machines and galaxy note 7 smartphones. taking a look at stocks on wall street, the dow is up 22 points 19120. a day dedicated to giving back, the social media giants taking part in "giving tuesday" and the causes you can help support with a touch of a button. >> and a reminder if you have a problem or question, call or email us. coming up all- new at five: a bay area city fighting waste... not trash... but pigeon poop! *where it's so bad... street >> coming up at 5:00 a bay area city fighting waste, not trash but pidgeon poop. where it's so bad the streets are being closed to clean it. that and more at 5:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two days that revolved around "getting" but today, its all about giving. if you've logged on t first it was black friday. then cyber monday. two days have revolved go getting. now today is about giving. on facebook today it's part of "giving tuesday." that lets you donate and raise money for your favorite charities. twitter is joining in, too. many nonprofits are pushing social media today for donations like this one from the aspca. the american cancer society put out this tweet with a link to donate. >> all right. i love that. >> did you hear all of those
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guests in the background? >> yeah! >> we have special guests. >> a studio full of fourth graders from queen of all saints catholic school. it's so nice to have mrs. french's class. >> wah! >> there they are! >> and aren't they fun? [ laughter ] >> thanks, guys, for coming! >> thank you. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> bill: [ grunting ] >> steffy: oops! i, uh, i'm -- i'm sorry. i'll just -- i'll -- i'll come back. >> bill: w-what? it's okay. it's not like you've never seen me with my shirt off, is it? [ breathing heavily ] ♪ [ seagulls calling ] >> ridge: you can't do this. you can't marry the guy. he's a joke. just like this ring is a joke. come on. for once, just put me out of my misery. say it one time. say, "i am not marrying bill spencer." >> bill: no, no, you can't use my -- my office while i'm gone. what you can do is keep alison in line for me. what?


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