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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 2, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please.
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a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. out.. where an esc live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight we'll take you inside the bay area hideout where an escaped inmate made his last stand. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. betty yu is live outside the jail tonight where this wilder to got started >> reporter: detective -- wild story got started. >> reporter: detectives are unable to interview the two inmates because one was too high and the other is on psychiatric hold. today we got a look at the aftermath of rogelio chavez's
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capture. this two bedroom duplex is where santa clara county's most wanted fugitive spent his final hours of freedom. at one point the sheriff said rogelio chavez hid in the attack. this photo taken by a anybody shows part -- taken by a anybody shows part of the intense standoff -- neighbor shows part of the intense standoff. daylight showed destruction authorities left behind as part of the takedown. they tore down much of the ceiling throughout the home where chavez was found high on drugs. his new mugshot shows he likely used concealer to hide his prominent eye tattoo. his friend karla fernandez lives at the home and was also arrested for helping a fugitive. >> she's a very responsible person, but she had had a few incidents that really were challenging for her. >> reporter: a week ago chavez and laron campbell busted out of the medium security jail cutting through metal bars on the second floor and using bed sheets as rope to rappel to the ground. the two shared a cell with 18
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other men. the building was built in 1957. it's an older part of the main jail, so there are hardly any cameras. a brand new jail to replace this one is expected to break ground in the next two to three years. next week the santa clara board of supervisors will vote on whether to spend $300,000 to buy new security cameras for the plain jail cell behind me. it -- main jail cell behind me. it would take up to four months to get running. betty yu, kpix5. gunfire erupted tonight a block from city hall. police and paramedics responded to 14th and jefferson just after 5:00. they found one man shot multiple times in the abdomen. he survived. he's being interviewed by investigators in the hospital now, no word on suspects or a motive. a frightening medical emergency at a muni stop tonight, a 13-year-old boy waiting to board the bus at
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lombard and powell suddenly collapsed. cpr was used to get the teen's heart going. >> the police officers are with the family now and we're investigating to determine what happened. >> we just learned the boy suffered some kind of cardiac event. right now he is in stable condition at the hospital. the high school football player arrested for sexually assaulting a teen-age girl is home free tonight for now anyway. kpix5's andria borba has the new developments from de la salle high school in concord. >> reporter: late this afternoon kpix5 received word from the contra costa county district attorney's office that they would not be filing charges against the de la salle football player accused of sexually assaulting a carondelet teen in november. yesterday kpix5 spoke exclusively with the teen who said she was sexually assaulted during a de la salle varsity football game on campus november 18th. >> it's not okay for this to happen to anyone and it's not
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okay for like people around like society to make the person that's been hurt feel like they've done something wrong or feel ashamed about the situation. >> reporter: the teen arrested in this case was released from contra costa county custody at 5 p.m. this evening. the district attorney's office told kpix5 they could still file charges later pending future investigation. in concord andria borba, kpix5. an east bay high school teacher has been arrested accused of having sex with a student. 32-year-old corine audiat was a gym teacher at washington high school in fremont. police believe she and the student got intimate last spring after communicating for a few months. police were tipped off last week and arrested her on thanksgiving. she has been put on unpaid leave. tonight in cincinnati things got ugly during donald trump's first stop on his thank you tour. these protesters clashed with trump supporters in the stands.
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[ crowd yelling ] [ crowd yelling ] >> they don't know that hillary lost a couple weeks ago. they forgot. >> during tonight's rally donald trump announced that he'll nominate this man to lead the defense department, retired general james mattis. he's a 40 year veteran for the marine corps. that announcement came the same day that donald trump publicly took credit for saving american jobs from going to mexico, but tonight kpix5's allen martin shows us the president-elect did not address the hundreds of workers still set to lose their jobs. the u-s. >> tonight we know exactly how donald trump convinced the air conditioning giant to stay in the u.s. today trump and vice president-elect mike pence toured the factory where he
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brokered a deal to keep about 1,000 jobs in america. >> the companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> according to fortune magazine, mr. trump personally called greg hayes, ceo of carrier's parent company united technologies, and promised corporate tax rate reductions which would dwarf the $65 million a year the company would have saved through outsourcing to mexico. >> he stood up for us from the get go. nobody else would. he made good on his promise. >> even though 1,000 jobs will be saved, hundreds of jobs are still expected to be outsourced. allen martin, kpix5. today bernie sanders wrote this op ed in the washington post. "united technologies took trump hostage and won and that should send a shock wave of fear through all workers across the country." here in california another
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appointment could make one congressman the first latino attorney general in state history. he's ready to take on the trump adminstration and hints at a showdown over sanctuary cities... javier bacera has been nominated to replace kamala harris. he said he's ready to take on the trump administration and hints at a showdown of sanctuary cities. >> what we won't do is use our local law enforcement to pursue women who are grocery shopping for their family's food that evening. >> bacera says he'll protect california's new marijuana law from federal intrusion and our version of obamacare, covered california. tonight president obama is coming out in support of requiring women to register for the draft when they turn 18. the white house also made it clear the president has no intention of bringing back the draft and any rule change would require an act of congress. earlier this year the defense secretary opened all combat
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roles to women. the homeless crisis in oakland, what's the solution? tonight christin ayers shows us it looks like the city has found an answer. >> reporter: johani lee spriggen has been living in a tent at this encampment about six months expecting any day police and public works officials would come to shut it down. instead he noticed that the city set up trash cans, then porta-potties, then traffic barriers to protect the camp. >> they do come and bring food and other, you know, clothes and toothpaste, toothbrushes and stuff like that so you can take care of your personal hygiene. >> reporter: it's part of a program called compassionate community. >> we have seen what we believe is an increase in the number of people living unsheltered. >> reporter: oakland city council member lynnette mc old happy says there are up -- mcelhany says there are up to 2,500 people living on the streets of oakland. the goal of the program?
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to keep the streets safe and sanitary and find homes here for these people within six months. >> we are beginning to see some successes. >> reporter: city officials say the pilot program is working. since october they've moved 22 people from this camp to permanent housing and they're not done yet. >> we are asking the public who may have houses that are in their family's trust that are not occupied that they may want to lend to the pilot. >> reporter: mc old happy says after get -- mcelhany says after getting the people in this camp housed, the next focus is other camps. we found a tent on highway 880 in much worse shape. jolani is grateful for changes seen at the camp. now he's on a wait list for permanent housing and is counting the hours until he gets a home of his own. >> i'm just waiting for next week to come, next wednesday, have an appointment. >> reporter: christin ayers,
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kpix5. this bay area father was shot while cleaning graffiti. tonight there's a big break in the case. >> guys like this could protect you from harm. tonight bay area police turn dog walkers into crime fighters. >> tonight we'll explain how donald trump will soon be able to text you any time he wants. >> do you know what's in your money? turns out some currency contains animal fat. that's right, and tonight some vegetarians are having a cow. ,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living
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spaces furniture. a bay area family is closer tote going justice tonight. there's been -- closer to getting justice tonight. there's been an arrest in the murder of a young father. jessica flores reports he was gunned down as he cleaned up the streets of san francisco. >> reporter: jermaine jackson's daughter is painting him a picture. he was just doing his job painting over graffiti at 25th and vermont street. jackson's aunt tells me from their bayview neighborhood his family is devastated. >> he had a bright future in front of him. we really thought he made it out of this mess and for him to be at work and someone to shoot him down, it's unfathomable. >> reporter: san francisco police today announced 26-year- old michael higginbotham has been arrested in connection with the shooting. they found the suspect in vallejo. >> it's bittersweet for us because it doesn't bring back jermaine, but yeah, we're
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relieved and hopefully justice will be served. >> reporter: jackson was an apprentice with the department of public works since 2015 expected to graduate from the program next year. he was proud of his job posting about it on social media. his family says he got his life together for his two young children. >> and we don't know what we're going to say to his children. they don't understand. they just know he didn't come home last night. just hearing them ask for him over and over again, don't know what to say. >> reporter: his life taken while he painted. now his daughter working on a brighter, happier picture for her father. in san francisco i'm jessica flores, kpix5. there has been a rash of burglaries in hillsboro. the question tonight, does this video you're about to see have anything to do with them? you'll see an suv pull into the driveway there on wood ridge road. the passenger gets out and goes to a side door and a second clip the driver appears to
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notice that surveillance camera is watching help and quickly leaves. the homeowner did not recognize these men and called police. it's exactly the sort of activity police in south san francisco want dog walkers to be on the lookout for. veronica de la cruz explains this one. >> tonight the south san francisco police department started training dog walkers to help fight crime in their community. the goal, to have guys like this serve as extra eyes and ears on the street. tonight the police department held its first training session for its dog walker watch program. re around town w egularly or walking >> the mr. department was -- department was looking to put together a new program to get the community involved and i did some research and thought it might work because a lot of people around town are ought walking regularly or -- out walking regularly or walking their dog. >> next training period thursday at 6 p.m. look at the right side of the road. you'll see a car there moving
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along and all of a sudden it veers off the road. this happened just north of petaluma at around 3:30 this afternoon. we haven't heard of any serious injuries or what caused that car to drift off the roadway. a public parking garage near oakland city hall is closing down because of some seismic safety concerns. the clay street garage has been around for 55 years, but it's closing indefinitely tomorrow. a recent assessment raised safety concerns in the event of a major earthquake. now the city council will have to decide what to do with that site. trouble on the tracks for b.a.r.t.'s much anticipated expansion, the new warm spring station in fremont is now expected to open next year. b.a.r.t. has predicted a november opening, but that door has closed and with just four weeks left in 2016 there's still no opening date scheduled. maybe you've visited it, snapped a few selfies out front. tonight one of the most famous houses in san francisco, the
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full house house, has a new owner, the creator of the hit tv show. >> i wanted to check out the full house house. it's like one of my favorite shows from back home. >> reporter: every single day tourists stop by 1709 broderick street to take a picture of the full house house. >> it's really lovely. it's just such quintessential san franciscan house. >> reporter: neighbors will tell you after 30 years of this it can get pretty annoying. >> over the last five years it's become more hassle than fun. >> sometimes it creates a bit of a traffic jam and makes it difficult. >> i live upstairs till about 3:00 in the morning ♪ any way you look ♪ >> reporter: unfortunately this street night be even more crowded with tourists. show creator jeff franklin just purchased the home for $4 million. he plans to use it for the sequel fuller house making for
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an even fuller street. >> i personally believe there should be two spots in front of the full house to be taxi only and spots for cars. >> reporter: the parking problems will only persist tomorrow. this street will become a no parking zone as netflix hosts a promotional event for fuller house season two. there will be cast members here at three 30. donald trump is famous for his 3 a.m. tweets. starting in january the president-elect will be able to text you and the rest of the country any time he wants. this is not new. this is part of an emergency alert program that congress passed back in 2006, about 10 years ago. this is why you sometimes get amber alerts or buzz on your phone during severe weather. it's meant to inform you of dangerous situations. you can block those texts, but you can't block texts from the president. in case you are wondering, president obama has never used the emergency alert system to
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text. fr . good news for all you crab lovers out there, it's now safe to eat dungeness from along most of the sonoma county coast. starting tomorrow the fishery is expanding for 50 miles from point reyes up to salt point near sea ranch. crab fishing is still banned between salt point and humboldt bay, but it's allowed farther north as well as south from point reyes. got that? the department of fish and game has been monitoring levels of a toxic algae that derailed the season last year. check out this amazing light show, niagra falls going hi-tech. engineers added 1,400 l.e.d. lights. the rain bow colors lit up tonight providing a spectacle that can be seen from a 1/2 mile away. and our own lighting ceremony tonight in golden gate park, the switch thrown at mclaren lodge. how they kicked things off for the holidays.
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families gathered to enjoy a snow play area, cookie making, crafts and santa stopped by to chat with the kids. >> snow in san francisco, paul? >> yes. >> you let us down. it was not in the forecast. here's a look at the radar. tis the season with the cold, but where's the rainfall? i'll explain coming up. kpix5 hi-def doppler dry tonight. about more than half our average rainfall falls in the next three months. san francisco gets 30% of its annual rainfall in december, january, february. a little milder in evening, livermore 53, san francisco 54, beautiful shot from sutro tower, santa rosa 47, concord cool at 42. overnight lows drop to the 30s again for santa rosa, san rafael, concord, fremont, redwood city and close to the 30s in san jose. tomorrow it will be about 5
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degrees warmer. there will be a change in wind direction, the offshore wind. october, this means 80s and 90s. it will warm us up in december a few degrees. this evening winds are cranking at the higher elevations. mount diablo 3850 feet. what you'll feel? breezier tomorrow but milder day tomorrow. i'll show you a wider perspective of the same picture, big bubble of high pressure, blocking ridge of high pressure, steering storms in the pacific northwest. they get the rainfall. we are dry until monday. we're mild and dry the next couple days, these numbers 3 to 5 degrees warmer than today. sunshine in fremont friday, 60 degrees, vallejo 62, san rafael 63, concord and san francisco, 59, santa rosa hits 64 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. saturday milder, very nice weekend day, mid- to upper 60s. sunday cloudier. monday, our one chance of rain, scattered showers and as we've
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talked about, next week will be even cooler than this week. if you need the weather to get you into the holiday or christmas season, mother nature is obliging. next week will actually be kind of cold around here. getting closer to christmas. >> thanks, paul. tonight why some veg vegetarians are outrage ,,,,,,,,
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australia... it's in your money. the new 5-pound notes are made of where's the beef? well, you're in canada, the uk or australia, it's in your money? >> the polymer contains traces of animal fat. the polymer is supposed to make the bills last longer and make them more secure. the bank of england confirmed there is a trace of tallow in the polymer used in the
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substrate of the 5-pound notes. you throw them in the washing machine and they don't crinkle or tear. >> and harder to counterfeit, which is probably the bigger thing. tiger woods returned to golf today, why he wished he had a snickers bar on the course. >> and warriors/rockets a wris,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> a championship in 2015, 73 wins last year, kevin durant this year and charles barkley
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is still ripping the warriors. >> maybe i'm old school, but i'm never going to like that little girly basketball. i'm against girl basketball. >> hey, at least cam newton loves his girly basketball. warriors and rockets tied 113- 113. end of regulation, james harden? no. in overtime kevin durant at the buzzer? no. harden hits from downtown in double overtime. houston wins 132-127 and snap the 12 game warrior win streak. tiger woods was supposed to make his return to golf in napa last month. instead he delayed it, traded a wine glass for some rum in the bahamas. woods feeling the heat, the competition the first time since august of 2015. he finished the front 9. this is a pretty good tee shot, made the turn at 33.
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different story on the back, sand to sand, hitting the wrong way to get out of trouble and hooking his driver into the drink on 18, double bogeyed two of the last three holes, finished with a 1-over 73 and the back wasn't the problem. >> the only thing is i was coming down the last few holes really hungry. i forgot how my appetite gets revved up playing again how much i'm eating. who stole the bottom half of ezekiel elliot's jersey? elliott and the cowboys with a 17-9 lead. 13 seconds left. they need a two-point conversion to tie the game, but bradford airmails his receiver and the cowboys escape with their 11th win. did you see the usa today? they do their mvp rankings at the beginning of december or actually all 17 weeks. guess who is no. 1, mvp, usa today rankings as of today. >> steph curry. >> derek carr. >> derek carr.
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>> oh, okay. >> that will come in the usa today rankings sometime around february. >> they wait. got it. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> that would be friday morning. that would be friday. we'll have all the news you need right here. start your friday the right way. coit tower, we say good night.
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