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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored b >> ninan: a deadly fire erupts at a crowded party. it happened at a renovated warehouse in oakland, california. now comes the grim task of identifying victims and searching for answers. we're at the scene. also tonight, we're in china as the fallout begins from president-elect trump's phone call with the leader of taiwan. a bus carrying high school cheerleaders gets into a deadly crash with a truck. and. >> ho, ho, ho. >> ninan: the nation's largest mall hires its very first black santa. >> one child said, "santa, you're brown." and i said, "yes, i am." it's no big deal. i'm still santa. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan with the western edition of the broadcast. it started as a friday night party inside a senivated warehouse. it ended in what may be the deadliest structure fire in oakland's history. the fire destroyed a two-story building in oakland's fruitval. fruitvaledistrict. officials say many of the victims were in their 20s. carter evans is there. >> reporter: flames tore through this converted warehouse during an electronic music party late friday night. crews attacked the blaze from every angle as fire and smoke poured through windows and walls. dozens struggled to scaept crowded space. >> you tried to, like, figure out where the smoke was coming from, and then we saw where the fire was. it was on the back, left corner of the space. and started yelling and trying to get everyone out. i mean, it all happened really
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quick. >> reporter: he was a resident artist in the building. after the fire broke out, he and a friend split ways. >> i haven't seen him and there have been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes. so, i hope-- i hope he's-- i hope he's okay. >> reporter: as emergency crews sift through debris, alameda county sheriff spokesman ray kelly says they expect the death toll to rise. >> we're expecting the worst, maybe a couple dozen victims here. we've met with a room full of people, and, you know, they're holding on hope until they hear. >> reporter: aerial pictures show a gutted building and body bags. crews used drones to search for any remaining hot spots. family and friends posted messages on the party's facebook page looking for missing loved ones. some wrote messages of hope, others used the page to let friends know they're safe. at an information center, friends waited, desperate to fiend out if their loved one made it out alive. >> i want to be there. give me some gloves. i got work shoes.
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i'm ready. let me find my brother. that's all i want. >> reporter: the roof of the warehouse and part of the second floor collapsed, and that made the building unstable. so firefighters have spent part of the day shoarg it up. the problem is, all that debris blocking the door so they can't get inside to find all the victims. reena, crews are bringing in heavy equipment tonight, and the plan is to cut a hole in the side of the building so they can finally get inside and get those bodies out. >> ninan: another carter evans in oakland, california. thank you, carter. there are early indications the warehouse had a makeshift staircase made of wooden palettes. paula reid has more on the investigation just under way. >> reporter: officials confirmed the site of friday's deadly fire was under active investigation for trash violations and illegal construction. oakland buildings departments darin raneletti: >> the last designated use of the property was as a warehouse. >> reporter: investigators were also looking into whether people may have been living there illegally. >> permits would be needed for people to live in the building,
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and those permits have not been issued. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, investigators attempted to inspect the property but could not secure access. last night's party may have been another violation. >> such a party would have required a special permit from the city and such a permit had not been issued. >> reporter: the warehouse had been renovated into an artist studio filled with so many objects, officials say it resembled a flee market. deputy chier chief mark coughlin: >> so the whole billion was divided up into small areas that were basically work areas for artists. so it ranged from people doing woodworking to people doing sculpting to people doing kinetic art. >> reporter: officials say there was no evidence of working smoke alarms or sprinkler system. most of the victims were found on the second floor. when crews arrived, the only staircase, apparently made from wooden palettes, was burning. >> we knew people were in there, and we were trying to get them out, and it was a labyrinth. >> reporter: the a.t.f. will
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assist the local firefighters in this investigation. they say there is no reason to believe this was arson but they need to investigate for all possibilities. reena that could be everything from faulting wiring to something as simple as a cigarette. >> ninan: paula reid, thank you for that. another tremendous fire broke out this afternoon in cambridge, massachusetts. fire departments from across boston raced to the 10-alarm fire. no word yet about injuries or how it started. china has lodged a formal complaint with the white house after president-elect donald trump spoke with the president of the taiwan. errol barnett has the latest from washington. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: president-elect donald trump defended his break with decades of u.s. foreign policy tweeting, "interesting how want u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not accept a congratulatory call." that call came oned from from taiwan's new president tsai ing-wen. but defieded the u.s. one-china policy in place since 1979. it identifies beijing agz the
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official point of diplomatic contact for taiwan since its sovereignty is in dispute. the white house said it remains firmly committed to the one-china policy. >> and over the last two weeks, since our victory, i've spoken to many foreign leaders, and i will tell you, they have such respect for us. >> reporter: as mr. trump continues to speak with his global counter-parts, he's huddling with his transition team, trying to pick his secretary of state. he unofficially announced retired general james mattis as his secretary of defense, but former defense secretary leon panetta told cbs trump needs civilian perspectives in his cabinet. >> it doesn't mean that you-- you can't have a military background. but at the same time, in those jobles, you've got to exercise the ability to understand political issues, to deal with broader issues.
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>> reporter: mr. trump is making progress in his promise to prevent some jobs from being outsourced. last week, he announced tax incentives for the carrier manufacturing company, which he says prevented more than 1,000 jobs from going to mexico. well, now, reena, the ford motor company is reportedly interested in negotiating a similar deal. >> ninan: errol barnett in washington. thanks, errol. we're getting more insights now on the trump taiwan phone call and why china would perceive this as a threat. china considers taiwan part of the territory and would retake it by force if it were to seek independence. more now from adriana diaz in beijing. >> reporter: it's not just that donald trump spoke to taiwan's leader. it's that he spoke to this leader in particular. tsai ing-wen is a member of the taiwan's independence leading party, and since she took office, china has cut off communications with what it considers a renegade province. the call lasted just 10 minutes but it brokades of precedent.
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no u.s. president is believed to have spoken to the leader of taiwan in 1979 when the u.s. recognized the people's republic of china instead of taiwan. the two have had a complicated relationship since 1949 when communists took power and china's former leaders fled to the island. since tsai was elected in january, relations have stalled because the cornell grawrkt who also studied in london, has not endorsed the one-china principle. it's a pivot from his predecessor and caused beijing to suspend contact with taiwan in june. ironically, former secretary of state henry kissinger was here in beijing to meet with china's president xi jinping when the call between trump and tsai took place. kissinger is the architect of the one-china policy and has recently consulted with president-elect trump. reena. >> ninan: in west texas a bus carrying high school cheerleaders crashed.
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several girls remain in the hospital. the cheerleaders were returning to the town of ira anne after their football team won a play-off game. the cause of the wreck is under investigation. a male student is under arrest for the fatal stabbing of a psychology professor at the university of southern california. investigators believe yesterday's attack was the result of a personal dispute between the u.s.c. student and professor. in los angeles, the f.b.i. captured a fugitive just a day after he was added to the 10 most wanted list. marlon jones of jamaica was wanted for allegingly killing four people at a birthday party back in october. the foeb captured him on a 4thof july yesterday after getting a tip from a witness. hundreds gathered in san bernardino last night, exactly one year after a deadly terror attack. 14 people were killed and 22 others wounded when a couple inspired by isis attacked a holiday party. the couple was later killed in a shoot-out with authorities. a wave of thunderstorms could dump nearly a foot of rain on
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parts of texas this weekend. further north, ice and snow are falling on the central plains. storms also dropping rain and snow in the pacific northwest and in the northeast. hawaii's big island could get more than two feet of snow this weekend, but only on its highest peak, around 14,000 feet above sea level. hawaii's mountains usually get about three feet of snow in an entire year. this weekend, kids are lining up at the nation's largest mall, the mall of america, minnesota, to see santa claus. he happens to be the mall's very first african american santa claus santa claus. marlie halmarlie hall introduce. >> ho, ho, ho. merry christmas, everybody! >> reporter: larry jefferson is as jolly as any sant saquib can be. he's got the traditional red coat and white beard but this old saint nick is black. >> it's no big deal. i'm just santa, you know, but i just happen to be a santa of color. >> reporter: for the first time in 24 years a black santa
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is greeting families for christmas photos at the mall of america. jefferson started his four-day stint on thursday after he was discovered by the santa experience, the company that runs the mall's photo studio. co-owner landon luther conducted a nationwide search for a diverse santa. >> at the santa experience, we're looking to have a santa for everyone. >> reporter: jefferson has been a professional santa for about 17 years but has been donning a red suit to make people happy since he was a kid, a tradition he continued when he joined the army and served in the gulf war. but some aren't ready to welcome a black santa. an article about jefferson on the minnesota "star tribune's" web site, received so many hateful posts, the comments section was shut down. but this santa for hire has gotten lot of love from kids who get a kick out of seeing a santa who looks like them. >> most of them just say, "thank you. we are so happy that we found a sant of color." >> reporter: but whether you're black, white, naughty or
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nice, jefferson says he's a santa for everyone. santa jefferson will be at the mall of america through sunday. after that, he heads home but not to the north pole. reena, this santa lives in irving, texas. >> ninan: i love it. a little bit warmener texas than the north pole. >> reporter: definitely. >> ninan: marley, thank you. new drone footage reveals the damage done by isis to ancient relics in iraq.
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weeks, nearly 400 people have been killed in the battle for aleppo, syria's largest city. tens of thousands have fled neighborods in eastern aleo, held pie antigovernment rebels since 2012. russian troops are helping syrian forces retake the city. across the border in iraq, new technology is revealing the damage done by isis.
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in the ancient city of nimrud, the terror group wiped out historic relics going back thousands of years before it was finally forced out. jonathan vigliotti has the story. >> reporter: new thrown footage shows what little remains of the ancient iraqi city of nimrud. the archaeological site once stood as a relic of the country's proof prosperous past but a place in iraqi culture made it a key target for the islamic state. ♪ ♪ they used sledgehammers, bulldozers and explosives to wipe history away. in november, iraqi forces retook nimrud. it's video like this that set the stage for this week's summit in abu dhabi, where today, representatives from 40 countries approved plans to establish a fund to protect heritage sites in war zones. french president francois hollande said participating countries would give as much as $100 million to the fund based
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in geneva. "what we have to do here," he said "and what he will succeed in doing is building a protection to ensure a future nor'easter precious possessions of humanity because it's already late." nimrud is among dozens of sites destroyed by the islamic state, including want ancient city of palmyra in syria. officials say the fund will help protect endangered sites and artifacts, combat the trafficking of stolen artifacts, and restore damaged property. in nimrud, archaeologists have only just begun assessing the toll of war. they say as much as 70% of the ancient site was destroyed. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> ninan: the "cbs weekend news" continues in a moment.
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>> ninan: tonight on "48 hours," a young man who claim that he was brainwashed by his psychiatrist to murder her
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exlover is speaking out for very first time. peter van sant has the chilling interview. >> reporter: jake nolan readily admits, he walked into a new york city high rise on november 12, 2012, with murder on his mind. >> i planned on killing michael weiss. >> reporter: dr. michael weiss is a psychiatrist. inside jake's duffle bag, a knife and a large sledgehammer that he used in the attack. and that's just the beginning of this bizarre tale. jake's attorney, bruce rogers: >> this is not a whodunit. he did what he was accused of door, but the big question was why? i saw can jake brainwashed by dr. pamela buchbinder. >> reporter: dr. buchbinder is another psychiatrist and jake's cousin. she and dr. weiss were battling over custody of their son. >> they hate each other. and in turn, she made me he
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him. >> reporter: jake claim dr. buchbinder manipulated him to kill by filling his head with horror stories about her ex. and he says he was vulnerable because he suffers from bipolar and other disorders. >> she morphed me into whatever she wanted me to be, and i obairkd just like a puppet. >> reporter: dr. buchbinder has not been charged with any crime. in court papers, she calls the claims against her "utterly baseless," and states, "i never asked mr. nolan to attack or harm mr. weiss." yet, right after stabbing dr. weiss, jake took this bloody selfie and sent it to dr. buchbinder. >> ninan: you can see the full report, "48 hours: the psychiatrist and the selfie" tonight at 10:00 right here on cbs. up next, therapy otters
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providing comfort for kids.
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>> ninan: at a californian malsanctuary, oughters and children are swimming together. but this isn't just a cute romp in the pool. it's a form of therapy. chris martinez planes. >> put your arms out! >> reporter: seven-year-old hannah evans is having a great time with her two new friends, poppy and lilly. >> at the pool, having fun, and being so cute. >> reporter: hannah has a life-threatening gastrointestinal disorder. her play pals are therapy otters, trained to interact with children with severe or terminal illnesses. >> it was awesome. the hands-on experience with the animals has been great. >> reporter: the make a wish foundation arranged her visit to
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the animal sanctuary "nurture by nature." kevin yates is one of its founders. >> the most important thing is give them a positive day where they are free of thinking about maybe pain or the illness or the treatment they're going through. it's important to treat the psyche and have a good outlook especially when you're in pain or sick or scared. >> reporter: it gave hannah a boost. >> the otters, that was really cute. >> it's a memory her parents say she'll carry close to her heart on days she needs comfort the most. >> this is how you spin, everybody. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news, valley center, california. >> ninan: well, when we return, 75 years after the attack on pearl harbor, its oldest surveefer is returning to the scene and sharing his memories.
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>> ninan: finally tonight, the oldest known survivor of the
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attack on pearl harbor is returning to hawaii this weekend to commemorate its 75th anniversary. at 104 years old, this may be his last trip back. danielle nottingham has his story. >> reporter: as the first bombs fell on the u.s.s. "arizona" in pearl harbor, then sea man first class can ray chavez had just finish aid shift sweeping for mines. he rushed over to help. >> all the harbor was on fire, and all the ships were smoking, black smoke, because the japanese had torpedoed and bombed. >> reporter: more than 2400 americans died that day. at 104 years old, chavez is known as the oldest living survivor of the attack. the veteran didn't talk about what he witnessed until 50 years later. >> because i-- all the men that were lost and all the ships that were sunk. >> reporter: today, chavez has not lost his fighting spirit. three years ago, at 101 years old, he started coming to this gym. >> very good, ray.
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>> reporter: chavez weighed just 93 pounds, and after six months of working out with hisitarian, sean thompson, he gained 20 pounds of muscle. >> stretches me and pulls me and turns me around, and oh, my gosh. it's great. >> reporter: chavez's determination inspired the gym and local rotary club to raise $13,000 to send chavez, his daughter, and thompson to hawaii to attend the pearl harbor 75th anniversary ceremonies on wednesday. >> i'm very proud to serve and help and quite a few people have told me i inspire them. >> reporter: chavez knows this may be his last trip back, and he only has one request-- to go to a luau. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san diego. >> ninan: something tells me he's going to get that wish. well, that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. the news continues now on our 24-hour streaming channel, cbsn at
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i'm reena ninan in new york. we're expecting the worst, maybe a couple dozen victims here could be the deadliest ilding fire in oakland's history. i don't know where he is. >> we're expecting the worst, maybe a couple dozen victims here. >> this could be the deadliest building fire in oakland history. party-goers trapped in a maze of flames. >> we knew people were in there and we were trying to get them out, and it was a labrynth. >> at least nine people dead, dozens still missing. tonight the search for victims and answers. >> the fire tore through a warehouse in oakland on 31st avenue in the fruitvale neighborhood. that's where ken bastida is tonight to begin our team coverage. >> reporter: brian, thank you very much. you can see now that we are at
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the corner of international boulevard and 31st avenue here in oakland. they are just getting ready to start a news conference. we'll breakaway the -- the oakland police department is going to be giving reporters the very latest on this thing. oakland-alameda county officials are going to be holding their last briefing -- media briefing of the day. let's go ahead and listen in now. i believe they are starting. >> we like to share with you some updates. i'm going to turn it over to sergeant kelly. tomorrow morning we'll have another press availability at 8:00 tomorrow morning. press availability at 8:00. sergeant. >> our next update will be tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. so for the next -- overnight, we'll be working and so we'll have a lot more information for you tomorrow morning. where we are now, um, and, um, we are, um, we


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