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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> breaking news in the warehouse fire investigation in oakland as the death toll continues to rise. tonight we're hearing from two women who were inside when the fire broke out and survived. plus, new information about the man behind the artist's collective known as the ghost ship. good evening. the fire ripped through a converted warehouse on 31st avenue and east 13th east street during an electronic dance party friday night. at least 33 people are now confirmed dead, making in the deadliest fire ever in oakland. and so far firefighters have searched 35 to 40% of the building. the families of two victims have confirmed that they died.
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35-year-old travis huff, 32- year-old donna kellogg was studying at a local culinary school. >> jessica flores is outside the warehouse with new information for us. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney's office investigative team's office is on the ground should this turn into a criminal investigation. there are two priorities. the first, of course, finding those victims. the second is preserving the evidence. >> as this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency, one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. >> reporter: firefighters worked all day using shovels and buckets to dig through the debris and reach the victims. among the dead at least one as young as 17. >> we have delivered the unacceptable and horrific news of losing a loved one to seven of our families. >> reporter: at least 33 bodies
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recovered. more left to find. crews uncovering bodies in every section of the warehouse. when they reached the middle, they found a group of ten bodies within feet of each other. the weight of the devastation overwhelming. >> it was quiet. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the focus now, recovering bodies, but investigators say the attention will soon shift to how and why. the building wasn't permitted for events like the dance party friday night when the fire ripped through the warehouse, and it wasn't permitted for living, but many artists called it home. >> everybody is being forced to live in situations that are unsafe to have a roof over their head at this point. >> reporter: melissa matheny says they are friends are among the victims. >> just like feeling that loss for the community, for artists, and just for oakland in general. >> reporter: fire officials are saying be prepared for more
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loss. some bodies are unidentifiedable. >> i would like to ask the loved ones of out missing, sources of dna. that could be hair brushes, combs, or toothbrushes. >> reporter: fire investigators along with the atf are now combing through the devastation, working to determine a cause. and fire officials tell us it will take days to get to all of those bodies. they say it could take weeks to determine the cause of the fire. in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> jessica, thank you. >> joe vazquez talked to two women who were inside the warehouse when the fire broke out. joe. >> reporter: brian, we are here on the perimeter of the fire. you can see behind me people are gathered to pay their respects, to mourn, to talk about what happened here, and this is where we found two women right here on the perimeter. two roommates who survived this disaster. >> i was asleep in the back and
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i woke up to smoke and an entire wall on fire. >> reporter: carmen escaped only with the clothes on her back. >> i was dreaming when i put on my coat and all of that smoke, and i felt like i woke up on the sidewalk. like seeing this, like seeing everything, like this orange wall of fire, it was -- i don't know. it felt like seeing a monster. >> 15 feet of flames getting into my loft and just being, like, hit in the face with black smoke that i was immediately, like, blinded by. >> reporter: nicky kelber lived inside and escaped the flames. she and other residents immediately began giving instruction toss help people who were trapped. >> everyone get down, you know. get down, get down, low to the ground, get below the smoke and trying to get people out. getting outside and realizing that there are no fire trucks
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here yet. >> reporter: nicky sprint today the firehouse a block away. carmen says overwhelmed residents tried their best to tame the flames. >> there were people trying to put it out with fire extinguishers. we had smoke alarms. we had fire extinguishers. it would have been like trying to put out a bonfire away water pistol. we tried, and at some point we were just trying to get people out of there. >> everyone is turning to us and saying, oh, you should have done this or that differently. it's like, don't you think we feel bad? don't you feel like how many died in our home? we are going between grateful to being alive and realizing so many people have died. >> reporter: clearly, an emotional time right now for the people who knew people inside this warehouse, and especially because we are starting to hear some of the victims' names. some people confirmed by family members. confirmation that some people
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simply didn't get out alive. a lot of people. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> people who lived near the warehouse say they knew it was trouble and they told the city. kpix's devin seely has that part of the story. >> it's a tragedy. i should have complained before. >> reporter: long before this burnt out building found itself in the harsh spotlight of tragedy, neighbors had been complaining often. >> everybody knows about this. it's been a problem. they have had multiple complaints. i don't understand why they didn't have the doors shut. >> reporter: in fact, kpix has learned the complaints from neighbors stretch back nearly a decade. last month on november 13th the city received a complaint about trash being dumped next door to the warehouse. city inspectors visited the site and even launched a separate investigation into the makeshift construction apparently going on inside. but when inspectors returned four days later for a follow-up visit city officials say they couldn't gain access to the building and the investigation appears to have stalled.
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>> the neighbors are calling in constantly about the trash, you know? if they would stay on top of this stuff, this could have been prevented, i think. >> reporter: and there is deepening sadness and frustration amongst neighbors who say they have been trying without success to sound the alarm for years. >> they should have had that place boarded up, in my opinion. >> reporter: in oakland, devin feeley, kpix 5. >> we learned one of the owners of the property is listed as kor eng. leaseholders said multiple times she didn't live at the property. >> and oakland city council says it's a matter of time before there is another tragedy if the city doesn't step up. every weekend council men noel gallo and an army of volunteers pick up the garbage on the streets including around the warehouse. he spoke to the owner of the building before. he said the owner knows the issues. he said the warehouse that burned is far from the only one in oakland that does not have the proper permits.
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>> you know, there is complaints about these facilities. i mean, that's a city property. if i go in, there is people living in. i have had the city lock it up several times, but it's still a challenge. >> he can't say how many buildings are operating without the proper permits. >> for the families of those missing it is an agonizing waiting game. therapy dogs are being brought in to help. >> reporter: at this sheriff's substation in oakland, yesterday's mission was family support. today it was about organization. >> we were talking to our own red cross people about what's going on and how to staff and what we need to do. >> reporter: a slow and steady stream of red cross workers, county disaster managers, and first responders came and went. they are here to coordinate efforts to deal with the trauma of those still living. >> there has been some assistance giving to the people that were living in the facility.
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that was yesterday. and we will provide condolence services and so on for the families as that all plays out. >> reporter: as the slow recovery effort continues, families and friends must endure the agony of having to wait for the news no one wants to hear. >> i think it's the uncertainty at this point. maybe perhaps families want to be able to have some kind of closure to what's going on. but it's just a difficulty of being able to access the site. >> reporter: while many came to lend a hand, the softest touch came from those with paws. the valley humane society in pleasanton to offer the services of therapy dogs to those who have seen or heard more than they could handle. >> they seem to know who needs comfort and who doesn't, and they will walk up to someone and just lean against them. it absolutely provides care, comfort, calming, and they don't even know they need it a lot of the time, which is why the dogs are so valuable. >> reporter: for those who are searching and those who must
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wait, the need for care, comfort, and calming has never been greater. in oakland, john ramis, kpix 5. >> the red cross is supporting people who need help. a shelter is available at 2425 east 12th street. for those searching for a lost loved one, you can go to the shelter in person or you can call the number on your screen. (510)238-2181. we are learning new information about who ran the 24-hour artists collective at the warehouse. >> coming up, what we know about the man behind the so- called ghost ship. plus, big news tonight for the hundreds protesting the controversial dakota access pipeline. the obama administration now taking action. ,,,,,,
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social media is swirling around the man behind the 24-hour artist's collective.. known as the ghost ship. kpix 5's julie watts shows us who he is: einkaufszentrum. outrage on social media, it's swirling around the man
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behind the 24 hour artist collective known as the ghost ship. julie watts shows us who he is. >> reporter: understandably, the emphasis is on the victims right now. authorities focused on recovery to bring closure to loved ones. but soon the investigation will ask, who is responsible for this horrific tragedy, and certainly investigators will want to speak with the building's master tenant. [ screaming ] >> reporter: he goes by derick ion. reportly the head of the ghost ship artist collective. a live-work warehouse and the scene of the deadliest fire in oakland's history. >> [ screaming ] >> reporter: in some youtube video his behavior appears erratic. in others, like this one, where he talks about what he calls the festival culture, he offers a rambling description of his desire for a simplistic earth. >> farm and build houses and evolve and oh my god, that's a life. there we go. >> reporter: this video from
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2012 depicts an elaborate concert called living dead complete with flames. ion sparked backlash on facebook after this post appeared on his page saturday morning. quote, confirmed. everything i worked so hard for is gone. blessed that my children and micah were at a hotel safe and sound. it's as if i have awoken from a dream to be standing in poverty of self-worth. the post quickly drew thousands of comments chastising him for insensitivity and blaming him for the tragedy. ion and his partner were reportedly warned the building was unsafe, especially for his three urn ch. the two allegedly rented a handful of living and workplace spaces at the building which was not permitted for work or building. these photos before the fire show the ground floor filled with beds, tapestries, art work. rescue workers refer to it as it as a tinderbox.
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there were no sprinklers. the party was held in an unpermitted second floor. survivors say the only exit a rickety staircase with pallets that collapsed trapping dozens in the blaze. ion did not request the required permit for friday night's party. we were unable to reach him for comment. >> and kpix 5 will stay on top of this developing story throughout the night and we will bring you any breaking updates immediately. a woman was sexually assaulted. she was walking home from the downtown berkeley bart station in late november when she tells police a man attacked her. she fought back. she managed to escape. investigators are looking for a suspect wearing a black baseball cap with sf in white stitching on the front. a big win for protesters of the dakota access pipeline after nearly four months of protesters camping out to block construction of the pipeline.
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today the army corps of engineers announced that it has decided to reject the construction permit. army corps officials say after talking to tribal leaders about concerns over how the pipeline will affect drinking water it's clear there is more work to do. the corps is exploring alternative routes for the pipeline. first cold, then wet. that's what's ahead in the forecast as we look live at the golden gate bridge. that's after this break. . it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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clouds around the bay area today. that sets the stage for what's going to happen this week. slowly increasing clouds, and that will lead to a chance of rain coming in the bay area late thursday and friday. but a long transition between now and then as high pressure is still in control of the eastern pacific. you can see the high clouds rotating over the top of the high. so cold air will spill south. numbers will be coming down. it will be chilly and eventually wet. we manage only mid-50s tomorrow in the warmest spots with fog a
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distinct factor along the shoreline as we look at the golden gate bridge. the numbers in the 50s for much of the bay area under fair skies. as we look above the west coast, it will cool down. rain due in on thursday. so prepare for that. tomorrow doesn't look bad. we have some clouds in the north bay. monday fair skies. a few clouds around. not bad. as the day goes on kind of a milky haze against the sun as we get towards sunset. a dry day tomorrow. temperatures come down a notch or two. so we're going to expect patchy night and morning fog. temperatures will chill. no better than low-to-mid 50s by tuesday and wednesday. rain is going to come back late thursday and friday. not a cold rain. it's a warm front that will be moving in and producing maybe 1 inch, 1.5-inch of rain over the central bay area. tomorrow though the only place you will find rain is eureka. otherwise, cloudy skies for tahoe, yosemite, sacramento and fresno. overnight lows in the mid-40s for the most part and
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temperatures in the upper 30s for santa rosa. 37 degrees. 38 at napa. 44 degrees in san rafael. 42 at santa rosa. 38 in livermore. tomorrow the numbers in the 50s. 54 degrees for san francisco. below average for this time of the year. concord 57. san jose 58. oakland 57 degrees. down in the south bay the numbers tomorrow with sunny skies -- well, fair skies really, temperatures will be in the mid-to-upper 50s in cupertino maybe 60 degrees with 56 at santa clara. the east bay dense fog to start out the morning before we get sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50s. brentwood 59 degrees, danville 58, and dublin 58 degrees. north bay tomorrow low clouds to start out monday morning with and then we will dispense with those and hit a little bit of sunshine. 56 in santa rosa. 56 in san rafael. time to put on the woollies in ukiah. clouds and 53 degrees. 52 for lake port and 54 at
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cloverdale. in the extended forecast we are going to be looking for temperatures to cool. we will be in the low-to-mid 50s by tuesday and wednesday, but we don't get wet until late on thursday and those showers linger into friday. at this point next weekend's up in the air. there is some models suggesting a continuation of rain. others back it off. but in the meantime, you know, it was supposed to be dry all the way through the end of the week, but the models just changed. on the other hand, the 49ers were, i think, supposed to win, dennis? wow! i tell you what. do we have another 49er quarterback controversy? what happened in chicago today that could shake things up. and the raiders were down 24-9 and then the fun began. incredible happened at the coliseum. kickoff is next. ,,
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♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation,
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don't count us out. that has been the raiders message to the league the past couple of weeks. today against buffalo completing their biggest comeback in 16 years. derek carr's finger injury last week against carolina, today he had that taped up. straight to the 3rd. mike gillis goes in to give the bills a 24-9 lead. this game's over, right? then comes the avalanche of raiders scoring. carr to michael crabtree to make it 24-16, right? later in the 3rd quarter latavius murray scores the first of his two touchdowns. the raiders now down just one point. move it to the 4th quarter. derek carr to amari cooper. this is a 37-yard touchdown.
5:26 pm
cooper just does get the ball to cross it before he is down. raiders on top. they are not done. the defense dominated the second half. four minutes left. khalil mack to taylor. the raiders win 38-24. that is their sixth straight win. >> great effort, you know? go out there and play the full game, you know? and know that we believe as long as we stay together and give that kind of effort, we can have happy endings and a big smile. >> try not to smile when i say double-digit win! >> nobody thought that, bay bridge. >> the win keeps the raiders in first in the afc west. one game ahead of the chiefs. oakland will be at kansas city on thursday night. to the 49ers and the toilet bowl in chicago against the bears. the loser likely locking up the second pick in the nfl draft. the 49ers spent this week practicing in sunny florida. there were no palm trees at soldier field today.
5:27 pm
the snow in chicago coming down and the 49ers had no answer for it. 2nd quarter a hand on the punt, which deflects. dante johnson tightropes to the sideline, but steps out at the 4-yard-line before it got to the end zone. nobody in a white uniform realized it. they celebrate like they won the super bowl. that's a 15-yard penalty. a field goal. just before half 6-0 49ers. 3rd quarter 14-6. the bear defense kept coming after kaepernick. he is sacked. the capper was sacked more times than he completed passes. five sacks, one completed pass. by the 4th quarter kaepernick was benched in flavor of blaine gabbert, who didn't fair much better. 49ers loose 26-6 thanks to six yards passing. they are 1-11.
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>> just my decision to make, to see if we could get a spark, to see where we were at that point in time in the game. we were down a couple scores. maybe get a spark for the team. i didn't know there was no permanent decisions or anything like that. >> yeah, i was surprised. you know, it wasn't something that was expected. i am always, you know, prepared and ready to do everything i can to help this team win. college football. stanford will play in the sun bowl against north carolina on december 30th. they were ranked 15th in the top 25 poll. speaking of the playoff, pac-12 champ washington is in as a fourth and final team. they will face alabama in the semifinals. in the other semi, clemson will meet ohio state. and speaking of the playoffs, tiger woods sporting sunday for the first time in 15 months, and in the final round of this tournament in the bahamas his worst round.
5:29 pm
a chip shot over the green. led to a double-bogey. he shot a 4 over 76. finished 15th out of 18 players in the tournament. down to 17 because of withdrawal. as for the leader, he nearly holes out on 18. he won by two shots over henrik stenson for his third career pga win. i think everybody was watching this to see what tiger woods would do, and he had 24 birdies this week, which were most on that event. that's a good sign. but he also had six double- bogeys. there is a sign of life with tiger woods. >> the raiders are fun to watch. >> and the funnest team in the nfl. >> yes, it is. >> my news director is not happy because i am booking hotel rooms in houston. that's where they play the super bowl this year. thanks for watching. cbs weekend news is coming up next. >> we will see you back here at 6:00 tonight. thanks for watching.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the deadliest fire in oakland's history. authorities confirm dozens were lost when a party inside a warehouse erupted mes. we're learning more about the young victims and the building many warned was a fire trap. also tonight a series of reports from overseas. we're in rome for a european election some say could be bigger than brexit. we're in cuba to for the final farewell to fidel castro and aleppo, the city that could soon be recaptured by assad. plus the saga of the sequoia during a long legal battle the former presidential yacht has faded into squalor. what's being done to save this historic ship.


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