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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the victims and the investigation. we believe -- we begin with juliette goodrich on the news conference that ended short time ago. >> reporter: along the top priority was search and recovery and the latest information is they don't anticipate finding more bodies but they are still going to continue. latest information media briefing. this is where the d.a. nancy o'malley announced a criminal investigation is underway and this now is deemed a potential crime scene. 36 bodies have been removed from the warehouse after friday night's tragic fire. and now a criminal investigation into who was to blame has been longed. the range of charges could be murder, all the way to involuntary manslaughter. and until we know what the evidence shows us, there may be other charges if the evidence presents that. >> reporter: alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley says while the focus is locating more bodies, she says this is a potential crime
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scene. investigators have the painstaking task of preserving evidence to analyze bucket by bucket. >> that's being taken to different sites where it's being preserved in a way that we will be able to go in with experts to analyze all those pieces of information. >> and we are going to run a cadaver dog through the debris as well. to make sure every part of this investigation is taking care of. >> reporter: safety concerns in the warehouse halted recovery operations since midnight last night. the building deemed too dangerous for work to continue. heavy equipment has been brought in to shore up some of the unstable areas. federal investigators believe the area of origin of the fire is located in the back end center part of the building. >> infrared cameras will be able to show any heat remaining in the building. >> reporter: this photo was taken from above and inside the warehouse. >> the heat contained within those steel beams.
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>> reporter: we are told the 16 families have now been notified. officials are notifying other families as well. liz, as you can see this is a 24 hour operation. all of the lights brought him to continue working through the night. >> i noticed the sun has gone down. what's going on at the scene right now? still a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: let's right. not just counting the search and recovery efforts. they want to make sure but you might be able to see beyond the trees, some heavy equip and has been brought in. and that primarily to shore up one of the unsteady walls inside. making sure the firefighters are okay. thermal imaging and infrared cameras brought into this investigation. 15 people have been reported missing. does not necessarily mean they are inside. some family members contacting. they have not been able to track down loved ones and so they are trying to connect who's missing and actually who
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is inside the building. >> very tedious work. juliet, thank you. tonight, we are learning more about the victims of the deadly warehouse fire. donna kellogg was an aspiring chef from chico. cash askew was a passionate musician who played in a bay area band. brandon chase was an electronic music artist from heyward. travis huff helped the to through creative arts therapy. david klein was a fun-loving uc berkeley alum who played volleyball. sarah hoda hoop friends called compassionate was a teacher from walnut creek. nick gomez hall from coronado is described as a brilliant artist and music a loving genius. trayvon martin was the youngest victim. he was a junior at the school of the arts in san francisco. kpix 5's emily turner spoke to loved ones of some of those victims. emily? >> reporter: yeah.
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and they are heartbroken just as you can imagine. as is just about everybody who shows up at this memorial. with a death toll this high there's hardly anyone in the oakland community this fire has not touched. as the makeshift memorial outside the oakland warehouse fire grows, so does the list of names of those who died in it. one of those was 17-year-old draven mcgill. >> he was in several a cappella groups. he was going to a special school in san francisco. and he was just a sweet young man. pro he was a student at the school of the arts in san francisco. and his great aunt says the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> the whole family is obviously devastated and he was just a good kid. really good and cut off two short. >> reporter: she like so many others brought flowers to the memorial today.
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the urban mantra score -- the teachers are also morning. sarah hoda was a support teacher for first through third graders there. >> she was a very kindhearted gentle caring loving teacher that will be sorely missed by her students and by the staff and the school community. >> reporter: her family came to school to talk to seras students and coworkers looking for solace among those who loved her too. the students made art and wrote notes and gave them to her parents. the school says they and all the victims have felt the love and support of those around them. >> happy that the community has wrapped its support around again everything from the classroom community and school community, the school district and receiving a lot of notes of support from the greater oakland community. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see the messages the community has left for these folks. with every passing hour. it continues to grow in size. we've also learned that in the
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last hour, that some of the victims were from other countries including finland, korea and also guatemala. live in oakland, emily turner, kpix 5 news. we have just learned as well uc berkeley student jenny morris was killed in the fire. that according to the daily california. two other students, griffin madden and vanessa botkin, have not been heard from since friday night. alameda county has ordered all flags at half staff in honor of those killed. and injured in the fire. at least two candlelight vigils are planned. one at 5:30 at harvey milk plaza in san francisco. another one 8:00 at lake merritt in oakland. the building's master tenant has had previous run-ins with the law. he goes by the name of derick ion. he ran the ghost ship artist collective in the warehouse that went up in flames. and he is currently on probation. kpix 5's devin fehely with a
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mixed picture from people who had known him. there -- devon? >> reporter: he had been staying at the marriott in downtown oakland since fridays fire. he's the man with ardent supporters and outspoken detractors. a popular and polarizing figure now at the center of the investigation into the deadly fire. >> nothing to say to you. get out of here. >> reporter: tensions ran high among friends of derick ion. the leader of the ghost ship collective. >> [ yelling ] >> reporter: online videos he can at times and -- appear erratic and others engaging if a bit rambling. >> build houses and grew lives. >> reporter: current and former friends say that's the essence of a man who created a cult of personality a goose -- living in a ramshackle warehouse that was the scene of friendly -- deadly fire. but records paint a darker
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picture. he was charged with receiving stolen property in 2015. pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to 36 months probation in january of this year. his partner mike allison posted on facebook around that same time in february about the efforts to regain custody of their children. including parenting anger management and dualistic violence classes in addition to twice weekly drug tests. friends tell kpix the couple's children have been removed from the home. because of concerns about living conditions at the ghost ship. the very same conditions that firefighters say turn fridays fire into a deadly inferno. ion had been widely criticized for a facebook post in the aftermath of the fire in which he lamented the loss of property rather than the loss of life. he hasn't said he was not aware of the time that people had died in that fire. and was not trying to be insensitive. in downtown oakland, devin fehely, kpix 5 news. a woman who used to live at the ghost ship says it was a disaster waiting to happen. kpix 5's joe vazquez continues our coverage. joe?
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>> reporter: talking about shelly mack. a former resident. she says the place was a dump and a deathtrap. and that the proprietor absolutely knew it. >> i would like to see the same thing happen to him that happened to these people. because he deserved to be in that fire. not them. because it was his fault. >> reporter: the proprietor derick ion knew the ghost ship warehouse was dangerous. she calls it a deathtrap. shirley lived there two years ago for four or five months. paid about $700 rent. as neat as the pictures look, the truth is the inside of the warehouse was a mess. >> there are all these cords and electrical cords and wires going across. if you're not careful, he will slip and fall and trip down the stairs. because you'll be falling all over electrical cords that are going to transformers and generators. gas generators in there. >> reporter: she did not realize the warehouse was an illegal residence until after she moved in.
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she says she was instructed to tell visitors it was a 24 hour for workspace. not a living space. she says it was clear the warehouse was a fire hazard and that she and others raised the issue. >> i spoke out and nobody did anything. now everybody says the police -- if they only knew. oh, gosh. if the people that attended only knew. but people did no. they were well aware. there are records, police records, showing people did tell them. they just didn't do anything. >> reporter: shelley says at one point there were half a dozen mobile homes parked inside the warehouse. inside. she also says at one point, they got electricity by illegally hooking up to one of the nearby residences. live in oakland, joe back as, -- joe vazquez, kpix 5 news. president obama is expressing sympathy. in a statement released today he said in part quote, oakland
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is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country. and his family and residents pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy, they will have the unwavering support of the american people. coming up a history of problems at the oakland warehouse. the numerous complaints filed against the building and why inspectors were there just weeks ago. plus a look inside the friday night party. this video taken just minutes before the fire broke out. we show you just want to search and rescue crews are up against as they continued to comb through the wreckage. ,,,,,,
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warehouse that burned.. people have been stopping by all day long.. leaving flowers and other momentos. this is the scene just down the street from the oakland warehouse that burned.
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people have been stopping by all day long leaving flowers and other mementos. we have heard the warehouse described as dangerous, a deathtrap, so why didn't the property owner do anything about it? or the city for that matter? that's what kpix 5's jessica flores wanted to know. >> before the devastating fire, the ghost ship warehouse was a labyrinth of art spaces. visitors say the upper floor contained a stage and event space. two sets of rickety stairs, led to the bottom level. which was used as an illegal residence. >> for how beautiful and lovingly generated it was, was unfortunately the fire marshal nightmare. >> reporter: we were looking for the building's owner to talk about the conditions inside the warehouse. >> anyone home? >> reporter: no answers. according to oakland city records, building inspectors went to the warehouse that the -- at least five times in the past three years. in 2014 there were two complains about construction debris. 1/3 complaint about construction without permits.
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the city's findings? non-actionable. most recently on november 13, 2016, the city received complaints about garbage piled on the sidewalk and sent a notice of violations. the day after, another complaint about an illegal interior building structure. according to city records, that investigation is pending and inspectors couldn't get inside. >> all that i know is that we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i have this time do not know the reason for that. >> reporter: oakland's building department did not return our calls but san francisco's building department tells us the warehouse is private property or someone letting them in. inspectors hands were tied. in rare cases a judge can issue an inspection warrant but apparently in this case, no inspectors saw what so many now call a deathtrap. in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. we are hearing from the man
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who describes himself as the warlord of the ghost ship. he helped set up fridays late night dance party and lived there for two years. he says he knows who is to blame. >> ultimately it should fall on the property holder. they are the ones who gave us the space with messed up electricity and no sprinkler system. with no beams of addressing the grievances. in a way that would solve anything. >> reporter: max ohr claims that he never saw inspectors visit the property while he was living there. >> the cameras caught up with the warehouse resident who first saw the flames. bob was one of the people who barely made it out alive. we first spoke with him friday night. the back of his jacket was scorched. today he told us about how he was not able to save a friend. >> i wasn't able to get my friend pete out. i tried. last one out downstairs.
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i'm sure you saw me on the news. it's about the community. we lost a lot of really great people. in the community. a lot of bright souls. >> mule says he and other artists lived in the warehouse because they had no other affordable alternatives. this is video taken just one hour before the deadly blaze broke out. >> ♪ >> that's a bit grainy but you can actually see some people inside. some standing and other sitting. as the electronic music party was just getting underway. the video was taken and posted on instagram by film producer alex cassano, just before the fire occurred. he is among the people still missing tonight. he is a father of twin girls who splits his time between brooklyn and oakland. investigators say their primary focus has been the search and recovery of the victims. but as alan martin shows us,
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the process has been extremely difficult. >> reporter: right now structural engineers are trying to figure out how to secure the week and part of that building. it's the front side. not where investigators believe where the fire started but at one point they thought there could be victims trapped. firefighters had to step away from the charged shell over fears the wall could cave-in. power to 10 customers in the area turned off while crews bring in heavy equipment to help with the search. earlier today with chopper 5 we saw firefighters using shovels to dig through what's left of the building and then using buckets to carry away that debris. they've also been marking off areas with orange and green paint. the engineers have been on the roof of a neighboring building keeping a watchful eye on the condition of the building as well as the search efforts and the goal is to get that needed equipment in place so search efforts can resume as soon as possible. investigators say it's a 24 hour effort and they want to
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continue tonight. >> thank you for that. the dj who headlined the warehouse party calls himself golden donna. he canceled a show in san francisco that was scheduled for tonight. it was set to perform at underground sf. but the event page on facebook said canceled. we are closed is monday. please be with your friends. golden donna is a wisconsin- based dj on the label 100% filth. he is credited as a big influence in the electronic dance music scene in los angeles. the party on friday night was part of his tour. but the label claims it had no involvement in the party itself. our coverage continues online on our website. there we have up-to-the-minute information as well as links on how to donate to fire victims. all at time to talk about the weather. it was a chilly day outside today. we'll talk about how long the chill sticks around and we have a soaker of a day in the seven-
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day forecast. find out when next. first the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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seeing wet weather later this week... kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno is here now with what we can expect. paul: we can sure use it and paul says we will be seeing wet weather later this week. how much and where? that's what we're going to do over the next two minutes. we got cold and rain. finally going to feel like winter around here. almost near 70 degrees over the weekend. no rain so far in december. things changing this week. first of the chill. look at santa rosa already down to 48 degrees. he will be down to about 35 tonight. low 50s elsewhere. livermore at 52. cloudy 54 in san jose. oakland 55. last time we had a freeze was right around new year's day. santa rosa january 2nd. livermore was new year's morning and conquered new
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year's morning. all three of those towns will get very close to freezing. not tonight but tomorrow night with temperatures around 33 or 34. santa rosa 34. napa 37. vallejo 37. san jose 39. chilly outside. not anticipating a widespread freeze tonight or tomorrow night but don't be surprised if both nights with a little bit of frost especially if you park outside. there will be frost out there. not the ridge to ourselves although that is steering and cloud cover. it's the low over british columbia. we're getting the influence from canada but noticed our air is still coming in over the pacific ocean. we see the low slide to the east which will drag down cold canadian air. so tomorrow and tomorrow night we'll see the coldest weather we've seen since january 1. futurecast tomorrow increasing sunshine throughout the day but watch wednesday. now here comes the rain. first the cloud cover by
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sunrise wednesday. rain for the north bay by 5:00 in the afternoon. rain for the entire bay area wednesday night. now thursday looks pretty soggy out there. thursday will be the wettest day we have had in the past couple weeks. cold first and then the rain shortly thereafter. rain arriving wednesday evening. highs tomorrow 55 for fremont. 56 san jose. concord and vallejo and oakland low 50s. that is it for the high. pacifica and san francisco. extended forecast. cold tomorrow night. wednesday evening here comes the rain fall. thursday will be soggy. thursday night likely an inch or more of rainfall throughout the bay area. scattered showers friday and after a one day break on saturday, more showers arrive sunday, monday. all of a sudden, we went from warm and dry and cold and wet. just like december should be. >> it's about time. >> hopefully we can make up what we did not get last week.
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>> yeah. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warehouse in oakland. temporary lights set up so the work can continue into the night. a live look from chopper 5 as the burned-out warehouse, temporary lights set up so the work can continue into the night. also a huge crane is now being used to stabilize parts of the structure making it safe for crews to go in. there was concern this morning part of it was in danger of collapsing. the goal now is to recover -- to get the recovery cruise back at work. the latest as we know it.
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the death toll now at 36 confirmed bodies. 33 identified. some from as far away as south korea. investigators do not expect to find additional victims but they hold out the possibility. the alameda county d.a. says murder charges are possible as this investigation proceeds. >> coming up. all new at 6:00 life inside oakland's ghost ship. former tenants reveal what it was really like inside the cluttered art commune. safety concerns and who they think is to blame. >> on behalf of the station our condolences go out to all the families and friends as this terrible tragedy -- to hit the city and the bay area as a whole. and we feel for you. that is it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. "cbs evening news" with scott pelley is coming up next. remember the latest news and weather always on our website and facebook page. cbss --
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the death toll rises as the search goes into another night for the victims of the oakland fire. >> by the time i grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran back, the entire back was engulfed in flames. >> pelley: also tonight, fake news nearly leads to a very real tragedy. >> this comes with consequences. >> pelley: a hold-out juror leads the a mistrial in the murder of a black man shot in the back by a south carolina cop. and the deadly shooting at a charleston church opens the door to healing for two long- separated congregations. >> you guys have been just arouhe


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