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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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criminal charges could be including murder. we have a series of reports about what we have learned from the victims and we began with juliette goodrich. truck we're just a few feet from the warehouse. we were told today this is not a criminal investigation. it has been confirmed and this area has been deemed a crime scene. even though they don't anticipate finding any more bodies inside, search and recovery is still a priority. before they can even do that, they have to make sure that that building, that warehouse, is safe. we want to show you some video we just got from chopper 5. crews have been brought in by crane and heavy equipment inside the warehouse. there have been working from a platform lower down to be able to secure one side of the building. that is when firefighters were able to continue search and recovery.
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one worker told me it's a tedious and mindful process. 36 bodies have been removed from the warehouse after friday night's tragic fire. and now, a criminal investigation into who was to blame has been launched. the range of charges could be murder all the way to involuntary manslaughter and until we know what the evidence shows us, there may be other charges if the evidence presents that. >> reporter: alameda county district attorney -- the alameda county district attorney says this is a potential crime scene. investigators have the painstaking task of preserving evidence to analyze. bucket by bucket. >> we are going to one cadaver dogs through the debris to make sure every part of this investigation is taking care of. >> reporter: structural weakness and safety concerns in the warehouse halted recovery operations since midnight last
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night. the building, deemed too dangerous for work to continue. heavy equipment has been brought in to shore up some of the unstable areas. federal investigators believe the area of the origin of the fire is located in the back and center part of the building. >> infrared cameras will be able to show any remaining heat. >> reporter: this photo was taken this afternoon from above and inside the warehouse. >> that's still heat contained within those steel beams. >> notifications have taken place throughout the region, throughout the state. we have three people from outside of the united states from finland, from korea, and from guatemala. all of those embassies have been notified. >> reporter: and so far, 16 families have been notified. officials are still notifying other families as we speak. i want to show you some live pictures where you can see crews are actually working to get inside the building from a
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crane being lowered in to secure some of the areas that are unstable. firefighters cannot continue the search and recovery until that area is deemed safe for them to go in. as we said earlier, officials are hoping and anticipating that there are no other victims inside. there are 15 people reported missing but they are not sure if it's connected to the warehouse or if families are just calling with concern. >> and now they are racing the weather because we are expecting rain. >> reporter: exactly. they brought in all the heavy equipment. they are going to try to make sure they have that area covered before the rain comes and i'm sure will have updates later in the newscast. >> thank you so much. let me give you a live look from the castro district. harvey milk plaza is glowing with candle lights. some of those killed in the fire were transgender and they
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want this to be a safe place for their friends to mourn.>> as many as 100 people attended the late-night party on the ghost ship. victims range in age from 17 to 35. draven mcgill was the youngest victim, just 17 and a junior. he was in the choir and sang with the pacific boys choir academy. is on says he had a voice like an angel. sarah hoda was a teacher in walnut creek, active in the arts community. friends called her compassionate and sweet. david klein was a uc berkeley alum who played volleyball and the clarinet. friends say he was fun-loving and an honor to know. nick gomez-hall was from coronado. friends call him a brilliant artist and creative soul. he worked at a publishing house based in berkeley. today, the daily cal reports student je -- julie moore's had -- has been identified as a victim. vanessa plotkin was her roommate. her status, still unknown.
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griffin madden has also been reported missing. were today of several bay area musicians listed as missing in the wake of the fire. kit dale spoke with several of those. >> ♪ >> reporter: danny brought his guitar to the makeshift memorial in anger and sadness. several medical -- musical artists are either missing or were killed in the ghost ship fire including nick lugo low -- lugalow is missing. and an electronic musician known as cherushi. cash askew, a number of them are us 2 was confirmed dead over the weekend. a local singer came down to pay her respects and says the fire is a huge blow to the community.
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>> for the community it's an incredible loss. it's a devastating loss. is a loss for all people. it is a loss for oakland. it's a loss for our art. >> reporter: there is hundreds of these partners -- parties happening all the time. the music director at live 105 used to plan the same kind of underground events and says the culture has been going on for decades with no major problems but now he hopes concertgoers will prioritize safety. >> it would be a tragedy and an insult to the victims of the oakland warehouse fire if they didn't. >> reporter: as for danny, he says the music community is resilient. >> it's just half-hour firms are dead and it's going to carry on like it always does. >> we are learning that the building's master tenant so to speak had legal problems in recent years.
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he goes by the name of derick ion and wherein the ghost ship artist collection -- collective and is currently on probation. devin fehely with a mixed picture of that man. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the friday deadly fire, he was staying at the marriott in downtown oakland. he is now at the center of the investigation into that fire and he is the man over the course of his life who has courted controversy and flouted convention. breathing and fiercely protective, their popular and polarizing leader. friends of derick ion lashed out at the media in oakland. ion who is at the center of the investigation into friday's fire, has created a charismatic -- >> bill firms, grow lives. >> reporter: quirky, controversial online persona. appearing downright erotic at times. current and former friends say that is the essence of a man
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who created a personality a mixed bohemian artists working in a ramshackle warehouse that was the scene of friday's fire but court records painted darker picture. he was charged with receiving stolen property in 2015 but pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to 36 months probation. his arrest along with concerns about living conditions at the ghost ship cost him custody of his children at one point. his partner make a allison posted about the couple's efforts to regain custody of their children including parenting, anger management, and domestic violence classes in addition to twice-weekly direct testing. the children were spared the dead land chaotic scene that claimed three dozen lives. ion was short -- was sharply criticized for a facebook posting in the immediate aftermath of the fire in which he lamented the loss of property rather than people's lives. he has since said he was not aware people had died in the fire since he made the post and did not intend to be
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insensitive. >> the district attorney says part of the investigation will focus on how the warehouse kept operating in spite of complaints. we have learned there are many others just like it. buildings, where people have created illegal homes. one woman lived in one that was shut down earlier this year.>> reporter: that's right. oakland is known internationally for its thriving arts and for the warehouses but when tenants tried to bring in the building department to fix problems, it can have unintended consequences. check it out. >> i have been homeless for almost a year and i've had friends that have been nice enough to let me stay in their homes. >> reporter: choreographer joy newhart was one of 100+ artists who lived in this warehouse. >> i built bedrooms for people so that i could have a bedroom and i had to roommates. >> reporter: but concerns over a leaky roof, unsafe wiring and
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unsanitary conditions, caused her to call the city building department and helps the problems would be fixed. >> i had been assured on many levels that we would not be evicted. that it was not in the interest of the city to throw people out. >> reporter: instead, the building was red tagged. >> they closed it down? >> pretty much. they targeted the building and went after it and within six months, we were out. >> reporter: have you been able to find another place to live? >> no, i haven't. >> i have been passionate about preserving and lifting up the incredible, creative community that makes this incredible city -- the incredible city it is. >> reporter: while the local mayor has been a booster of the art scene, council members say it's a catch-22. >> fire code, building part, planning codes, and it's one of those like on the street. catch them if you can. >> reporter: so going after these places is a political challenge because then you got another problem on your hands.
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>> and sadly enough there are young people desperate for a place to live. >> reporter: people like newhart, given the chance would move right back in. >> even with the infections and the leaks and the open electrical? >> yeah. i know that sounds ridiculous but i did feel safe and i recognize what happened over the weekend could have happened here quite easily. as an artist, it's a trade-off. >> reporter: it's also a trade- off politically. on one hand, they want to keep the art in the community thriving. on the other hand, it's a question of safety and today, safety seems to be trumping all. new proof police have been to the warehouse before. he repeated complaints and confrontations at the space and when none of those visits resulted in a shutdown. and former tenants reveal what it was really like living inside the cluttered ghost ship warehouse, the safety concerns and who they think is to blame. daytime temperatures today only in the low to mid 50s
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now being used. kpix 5 weather is brought to you by mancini sleep world. visit we're back of the scene that deadly warehouse fire. chopper 5 showing a train is
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now being used. they had to move that in today. workers have been lowered down in a basket. it looks like they are assessing the front of the building. there was concern earlier that the wall could collapse. earlier today we saw firefighters using shovels to dig through what was left of the building and pockets to carry away the debris from the second floor. they have also been marking of areas with orange and green paint. new video shows oakland police inspectors inside the warehouse two months ago investigating complaints by residents. it is not the first time police were there. in 2015, there are reports officers went to check out an allegation that the head of the ghost ship had stolen a cell phone. of course, there are questions of life building inspectors didn't crack down. here is what jessica florez found out. >> reporter: before the deadly fire, there were signs something wasn't right inside the oakland warehouse. visitors say the upper floor contained a stay tuned event space.
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two levels of rickety stairs led to the bottom level, which was used for illegal residents. >> it was a fire marshals nightmare. >> reporter: we have been looking for the building owner to ask about conditions inside the warehouse. no answers. according to open city records, building inspectors went to the warehouse at least five times in the past three years. in 2014, there were two complaints about construction debris and a third complaint about construction without permits. the city's finding, non- actionable. most recently on november 13, 2016, the city received complaints about garbage piled on the sidewalk and sent a notice of violation. the day after, another complaint about an a legal interior building structure. according to city records, that investigation is pending and investigators couldn't get inside. >> all that i know is we were not able to gain access to the
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interior of the building. i at this time do not know the reason for that. >> reporter: the oakland building department did not return our calls at san francisco's department says because the warehouse is private property, without a warrant for some and letting them in, inspector hands were tied. in rare cases, a judge can issue an inspection warrant but in this case, no inspector saw what so many now call a death trap. in oakland, jessica florez, kpix 5. >> what was it like to live inside the ghost ship and how much were people paying and rent? wilson walker got some answers from people who used to live there. >> you could never tell how many people were in there because there was too many places for people to be.>> reporter: for five months, shelley was one of the residents inside the go ship. >> there are people that paid $1500 a month. >> how much did you pay? >> 700.>> reporter: and for the money paid to mike allison and
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derick ion, anywhere from 10 to 15 residents were given their own corners -- quarters in the warehouse. an entirely improvised living and event space described as makeshift utility. >> they were heated by propane. shortly after i moved in, the transformer blew. that's when i found out it was illegal. >> there was times they didn't have running water at all. >> reporter: daniel used to be a regular visitor. she says the living conditions produced disagreements with residents and a lot of turnover. >> moving in and moving out was constant. >> there is a high turnover because everybody that disagreed, they kicked out. it was like a whole that sucked in people who needed a face to stay, that needed affordable housing. >> reporter: but one poster president defended ion and allison in an interview with cbs news. >> ultimately nick cbubb on the
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property owner. they are the ones that give us a space with messed up electricity with no sprinkler system. >> reporter: as investigators try to resolve questions of safety and legality, another discussion has erupted here and that is the role communities like this one play in the greater fabric of oakland. just where are struggling artists supposed to live and who should be looking out for them if they land someplace like this? >> the people that are saying it was just a wonderful place, they either didn't live there and didn't know, or they get along really well with derek and micah. >> the idea that the artist were so poor they had nowhere else to go, he exploited those people and took advantage of them. that's how i feel about it. >> reporter: in oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> much more on the warehouse fire still ahead including stories of lives cut short. also, the people who are now in legal jeopardy as a criminal investigation gets underway. plus, the bay area problem that some believe contributed to
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this problem. here is a look at the weather. the temperatures are dropping. >> some rain coming in. >> chilly with rain on the way. it finally feels like december. did you feel the chill outside? the average high is around 60 degrees. we want that far below normal but we have been warm for the past couple of november and december months. we even had a few low 70s. this is a change and certainly a chilly one. san francisco 55 degrees, livermore 53 degrees, san jose and napa, two of the warmer spots, mid-50s. there was no please watch in effect for the immediate bay area but there is one for lake county and the entire central valley below 2000 feet in elevation. not tonight but tomorrow night,
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a widespread freeze event is likely there. we're going to flecked with that freezing mark between 32 degrees and 37 degrees. one exception would be santa rosa. rather than showing you the high temperatures, let's talk about the low temperatures. the low this morning, 36 degrees. normal 37 degrees. normally a chilly place. tonight, 34 degrees. tomorrow night, 30 degrees for a low. that is the call might in santa rosa and helzberg and cloverdale. you will drop a degree or two below freezing but look what happens wednesday night and thursday morning. we are back to the 40s because that is when we have rain moving in. we have an area of low pressure causing lowland snowfall for the pacific northwest. this is what is dragging down the air and will keep us rather chilly through wednesday morning. then we transition to a weather pattern both -- where rain will move in. that's talk about those specific lows tonight. those will be chilly. this is a gym pitcher you will wake up to tomorrow. san jose 39 degrees, vallejo 37 degrees, we stay chilly tomorrow with rain moving in late in the day on wednesday. if you had to circle one day for the wet day, that's thursday. it is going to be quite soggy on thursday with highs around
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60 degrees. showers continue friday and after a one-day break on saturday, we have more showers. nature seems to like to pile things on. we go for a week of dry and now we are back to a week of wet. >> all right. >> here it comes. coming up, they area apple heist getting more brazen. this time, burglars ramming their weigh in. what police say about the suspects who pulled it off. second more stories about the victim's guild in the deadly warehouse fire. a relative remembers the 17- year-old son of a sheriff's deputy. and a school copes with the loss of a beloved teacher. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland warehouse the night of the deadly fire. it was taken just one hour before flames broke out. this grainy video offers a look at what it was like inside the oakland warehouse the night of the deadly fire. the video was taken just one hour before the flames broke out. some people inside were standing, others sitting of electronic music party is underway. meantime, a picture is beginning to emerge of the
6:25 pm
victims. >> emily turner on how they are being remembered. emily? >> reporter: i can show you in fact. it's right here, this makeshift memorial. a lot of people are writing messages, leaving notes and messages, lighting candles. they want everyone to know that these victims and their families have their support. students and teachers at the urban montessori school are in morning. sarah hoda was a support teacher for first through third- graders. >> she was a very kindhearted and gentle, caring and loving teacher. she will be sorely missed by her students, by the staff, and by the school community. >> reporter: her family came to this school to talk to sarah's students and her coworkers, looking for solace among those who loved her. the students wrote notes and gave them to her parents. the school says they and all of the victim's families have felt the love and the support of
6:26 pm
those around them. >> i think it was very touching for the family to come in and receive the gifts directly from a children. >> reporter: is a makeshift memorial outside the oakland warehouse memorial goes, so does the list of the names of those who died in it. one of those was 17-year-old draven mcgill. >> he had the voice of an angel land he was in several a cappella groups -- voice of an angel and he was in several a cappella groups. >> reporter: his great aunt says he was the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> the whole family is obviously devastated. he was just a good kid, really good. cut off to short. >> reporter: as you can imagine, i -- as more show up, this memorial continues to grow with the death toll as high as 36.
6:27 pm
there is hardly anyone in the oakland community that hasn't been touched. emily turner, kpix 5 coming up in our next half-hour, the site of the deadly fire now a crime scene. the investigation that could and an murder charges. now we take a closer look at who could end up in jail. and is the oakland fire a tragic symbol of the housing crisis? the spotlight shifts to the lack of affordable living solutions. ,,
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you are watching kpix 5 news. >> our top story at 6:30 pm, the death toll in the oakland warehouse fire, now stands at 36. late this afternoon, the alameda county sheriff is saying he doesn't expect to find any more victims in the building. the da says a criminal investigation could result in murder charges. juliette goodrich begins our team media coverage at 6:30 pm. >> reporter: we had just a few hundred feet away from the warehouse. this is where we are getting our media briefings. you can see the dozens of news crews. this has really taken center stage in the national spotlight, this tragedy. search and recovery is still a priority but we want to show
6:31 pm
you video from chopper 5. until they can continue the search and recovery, they hope not to find any more bodies inside. they have to make sure it is deemed safe to go inside. crews have brought in cranes and heavy equipment to shore up one side low warehouse that was unstable for firefighters to go in. right now, crews have been lowered by a platform to go inside and shore up that side to make it stable and earlier today from this media briefing, district attorney nancy umali says they are interviewing people, revealing evidence, and looking into potential terminal charges. >> the range of charges could be murder. all the way to involuntary manslaughter and until we know what the evidence shows us, there may be other charges if the evidence presents that.>> reporter: so far, 16 families have been notified and city officials are still reaching out to other families to let them know. again, three of the
6:32 pm
victims are from out of the country. we have learned there from korea, finland, guadalajara, and the embassies there have been notified of their deaths. worked to secure the building will continue into the night. this is a 24 hour operation and veronica, this is where we have been getting our latest briefings. we are told we will not get any more information until 6 am tomorrow and hopefully as investigators are saying they will have to go in without anticipate -- anticipating any more bodies are victims but they have not come to the formal conclusion. juliette goodrich, back to you. >> we appreciate it. thank you. >> this is what we know about some of the victims. cash askew played guitar in a golf pop duo called them are us 2. she was a passionate musician and described as a treasure in her oakland artist community. >> travis hall help students through art therapy. he was also behind the band ghost of lightning. friends describe donna
6:33 pm
kellogg as giggly and beautiful. she studied photography at san francisco state and later decided on a career in food and nutrition. >> brandon wittenauer was called a supportive friend and they genuine, sweet person. >> a live look at harvey milk plaza where a candlelight vigil is being held for victims of the warehouse fire. some of those victims were transgender. you can see the scandals -- the scandals spread out with a rainbow and i messages of support. it is possible people could go to jail for their role in the fire. melissa ken is here with a look at some of the factors that investigators will have to consider. melissa? >> reporter: after such a tragedy, it's normal to ask. is anyone going to go to jail for this? it will be a while before we know the answer but today we learned the district attorney could bring murder charges. >> we are looking at two things. one is if there is any criminal
6:34 pm
liability attached to this fire and secondly, if there is criminal liability, against whom? >> reporter: the site of friday night's fire in oakland is a memorial, a mystery, and a crime scene. alameda district attorney nancy o'malley said her office is looking at the most severe possible charges. >> the range of charges could be murder all the way to involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: in fact, if someone intentionally set the building on fire, that person could get the death penalty even if it was unintentional, due to a dangerous condition. we have heard about wood and electrical wires for example. the people who allowed the dangers situation to exist can be guilty of involuntary manslaughter. you might recall a fire in rhode island. pyrotechnics at a great way concert started a fire that killed 100 people. the concert promoter with -- promoter went to jail for four years find a -- for involuntary manslaughter. >> there me the other charges if the evidence presents that.
6:35 pm
we don't know entirely finish our investigation. >> reporter: there me be a number of smaller issues. lack of sprinklers and fire alarms, tapping into someone else's electricity, and using the warehouse as an artists collective can all mean small fines or misdemeanors depending on who knew or should have known about the problem. i want to be clear here, it's not just the owner or the main tenant who could go to jail. even the artists who work in the building could be charged if the fire was started by something obviously dangerous like dodgy electrical wires. anybody who knew about it and still invited the public could be on the hook. could be multiple people charged. >> still a ways to go before they get to that. >> that is true. you have seen the pictures. a lot to get through. >> thank you, melissa. struck today, we caught up to one of the survivors. we first heard from him right after the fire broke out. he was treated for burns when
6:36 pm
he tried to save a friend who didn't make it out. he blames the housing crisis for the fire.>> the transportation issue in the city and artists are forced to live in these spaces. we do it because we have nowhere else affordable to create. >> we are live. phil, what do you make of people blaming gentrification? >> reporter: it's a natural flow here in the bay area given the price of property. over the years, we have seen a number of places that have just been priced out of -- out of people's reach and it's an easy political target in a place were a lot of politicians and officials are going to go because the other question is regulation. as melissa ken just said, the station fire at the club in rhode island in which one of the deadliest fires in your's history. that was a question about whether rules and regulations were followed and there is
6:37 pm
serious questions in oakland about what the city knew and what the city did in the months and years leading up to this fire in regards to that building. that is not a gentrification issue. that is a regulation issue and i'm not sure one that we will be hearing from city hall for a little bit. >> we in the bay area know this is not a reflection of all of oakland but one can imagine how it makes oakland look to the rest of the world. >> reporter: that's right. i think that is one of the reasons why mayor schaaf did the round of national tv this morning. oakland is known as a vibrant area but it is also known for its shootings and occupy wall street, and now it's known for this. our image in the world is premixed and this is not going to be helping it. >> phil matier live in oakland. we appreciate your thoughts. still ahead, another bay area apple store targeted buy stores -- thieves.
6:38 pm
how police quickly tracked down the suspect in this smash-and- grab. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
of the building. police believe as many as ten people were involved in the the apple store in palo alto is boarded up after thieves slammed a car into the front of the building. as many as 10 people were involved in the job. >> police caught up to four of the suspects. len ramirez tells us how they did it. >> reporter: customers once again filled the apple store at palo alto but a large section of the iconic front glass wall was boarded up and an suv showed the damage after being used as a ramrod in a drive- through robbery wednesday morning. >> witnesses reported seeing up to 20 people running from the scene. >> reporter: notices were put out on social media showing the suv after a crash through the glass. police say it was a coordinated attack with drivers and people on foot converging on the store at once. >> they went around the store, ran around for about 45 seconds and helped themselves to phones
6:41 pm
and laptops. anything they could get their hands on. >> reporter: an hour later, police arrested two adults. +2 juveniles from oakland and put them all in cute -- into custody. police recovered another suspect's car filled with stolen property. they are still looking for the other suspects. it was the sixth robbery at this apple store in the last six months and one of several robberies that have happened throughout the bay area this holiday season. this apple store in san francisco was hit twice since thanksgiving. surveillance video shows young men in hoodies grabbing thousands of dollars of products and then running out, all within seconds. berkeley, burlington, corte madera have also been hit. one customer doubts apple will lockdown it's merchandise. >> they really like that kind of look of being very open,
6:42 pm
very pretty. it goes with the entire brand. >> reporter: apple would not comment on security measures but guards were posted outside the store for most of the day. in palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5 it is chilly out there. we will talk about how long the chill sticks around, when rain arrives, and when the first check presentation for bay area families is coming up, next. and coming up, giants fans remember the comments that their general manager made.>> no night goes unstaffed. >> with the richest closer contract in history. take a good look at this fish. the you know what it is? and a former 49er passes away at the age of 53. that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you just got in from a well, you know it's pretty chilly and it's not even 7:00. you are going to be down your freezing the next couple of nights. santa rosa already 45 degrees, livermore 51 degrees, concord
6:46 pm
53 degrees, and if you have friends or family in michigan, they will be buffing that is calling that cold. that in the bay area, it is chilly. the last time we have had a freeze in these three cities, you have to go all the way back to the first couple of days this year. january 2 in santa rosa was new year's morning. all three of those towns, you will be close to freezing not tonight but tomorrow night. it will be plenty chilly tonight but subtract about three degrees or four degrees moore park livermore, 38 degrees, mountain view 41 degrees, san francisco dropping below 50 degrees in san rafael 39 degrees. lots of cloud cover moving in with that front. that front did not give us widespread rainfall. a little bit of moisture but the big lake of this front is the low-pressure area over the pacific northwest that is now dragging down some canadian air. watch the difference between today and tomorrow. we are still getting an ocean
6:47 pm
influence. so chilly but not cold. once the flow slides a little bit more to the east, we get direct from canada, the cold air. that's why tomorrow night likely will be the coolest because we will not see any ocean influences due north to do south. that is the cold. by wednesday, it's gone because watch the change. tomorrow morning, a few showers from the north bay. by wednesday morning, the clouds have returned and there is a reason. there is another system coming in that will not bring us cold air. it is going to bring us rainfall. by wednesday at 5:00, raining steadily in the north bay. by wednesday night, it's raining everywhere in parts of the bay area and that rain will continue throughout the day on thursday and into friday, likely an inch or more of rainfall moving into the bay area beginning wednesday afternoon. highs running below normal but not by much. as chilly as it will feel in concord, only two degrees below average with a high 55 degrees, santa clara 56 degrees, redwood city 55 degrees, hayward 55 degrees, san ramon 55 degrees, dental 54 degrees, venetia,
6:48 pm
martinez, sausalito 53 degrees, cloverdale 53 degrees. how about we work? only 49 degrees for a high tomorrow. wednesday, we see the rain move in. thursday, we are wet. friday, the showers continue and after a dry day on saturday, more showers move in on sunday and monday. always a great time of the year not just because of the holidays but because it's time for food for bay area families. it's hour drive that we do every night. the president of wells fargo and paul ash, the executive rector of the sf marin food bank. even in an area with so much wealth, there is a need for food, something as simple as food. >> it feels like more people than ever need our help. so many folks are outside the economy so they don't really benefit. sometimes is overheated economy makes it harder for them to live here. >> how do companies like wells fargo help?
6:49 pm
how do big companies help out? >> there's a lot of big manpower that comes with the wells fargo relationship. they see hundreds of not thousands of volunteers at the food bank every year. they help us do what we need to do to get the food out. >> greg tell us about the wells fargo commitment. >> thank you. the relationship we've had with the sf marin food bank has been 20+ years and it's one we value very much because we support over 317 nonprofits and san francisco alone but the food bank really does some special work. this is not seasonal. this is 365 day a year and probably multiple times a day, work that needs to take place. to be part of that is such a critical piece. he also mentioned team members. our team members also take part on an ongoing basis. the fact that they get to help out and help the food bank is something we are proud of.>> reporter: let's show office check. there is a lot of zeros.
6:50 pm
$80,000. you can help out as well. it could be $80,000 or eight dollars. thank you wells fargo and thank you paul for coming in. we will be right back.
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meltdown in the playoffs against the cubs, general manger bobby o the funati the giants thin blue 72 last year. they had that epic blowoff against -- blowup against the cubs. >> explore every opportunity to make sure that no 9th inning goes unstaffed. >> and the 9th inning now belongs to that guy. the team signed him to a four- year $62 million deal. he has been one of the national league's most consistent closers, racking up 47 saves with the pirates and the nationals last year. he had just 10 blown saves in the last two seasons and knows how to play the social media game. he will become the highest-paid closer in the sport for a couple days. this contract value worked out to $15.5 million per year. the raiders won their sixth
6:54 pm
straight game yesterday thanks to the biggest comeback in 16 years. according to michael crabtree, the team has a new rallying cry.>> we say that all the time and i think that's going to be our quote from now on. >> he was a mental part of the 29-0 raiders scoring run in the second half. at one point they trailed 24-9 and then stormed back to win by two touchdowns. watch derek carr run the raiders offense. they look like a basketball team that just can't miss. >> i would say it feels like the lakers. that's a job at staff for wearing a panthers jersey in our stadium. >> derek carr forgot that curry switched to a panthers jersey. former 49ers defensive end, larry roberts passed away today. he was drafted in 1986. he played his entire eight-year career in san francisco, winning two super bowl rings.
6:55 pm
roberts had been in poor health in recent years battling diabetes hand amputations to both legs. roberts was just 53 years old. 49ers fell to one to check 11 last night in chicago. who knows whether he will start this week were not. he had one of the worst games in nfl history becoming the first quarterback ever to take five sacks and throw fewer than 5 yards. he was benched in the fourth quarter for blaine gabbert if you were at one too many christmas parties like i was this weekend, here is what you've missed. >> and a pac-12 championship has some highlights. the halftime show not among them. keep your eye on the guy on the right trying to throw for a $100,000 scholarship was booed loudly. he better go back to high school. not much going right. matt fisher couldn't find his challenge back against the patriots.
6:56 pm
look at him. and 112 pound catfish in north carolina. wasn't even a state record. that's a lot of cajun catfish. the kings three penalty followed by the official flag. unsportsmanlike penalty flag and later called the bills a snitch on twitter. and the best story of the weekend was the return of tiger woods. he finished 15th of 18 players but he did have the most birdies. but also the most double bogeys. the return attire was these -- was great for the pga tour. >> he will be rack for more. >> the latest is always at kbcw 44 join us on cable 12 and back here at 11:00. >> see you then. ,, ,,,,
6:57 pm
c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! ,,,, i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor
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since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: how's everybody? appreciate y'all. thank you very much, folks. thank y'all now. yeah, boy. i appreciate you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total already of $20,000 from birmingham, alabama, it's the champs, it's the fitzpatrick family! and from nokesville, virginia, wherever that is, it's the holmes family.
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's play for some more money. give me quincy, give me susan. [applause] top 7 answers on the board. we asked, uh, 1en if yo were dating a clown, you might come home with a big, red nose-- susan: ohh. in your purse. steve: purse. [cheering] if you were dating a clown, you might come home with a big, red nose in your what? quincy: pocket. steve: pocket. >> come on, quincy. good answer, good answer. steve: pass or play? quincy: we're gonna--we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play.


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