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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 7, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. de oakland. just about an hour ago authorities released the names of nine more victims of the deadly warehouse inferno in oakland and tonight we're learning how that fire may have started. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. here's what we know right now. in the past few hours the city of oakland declared a local state of emergency. city officials plan on ratifying the declaration thursday. authorities have now identified 35 of the 36 victims killed in the fire and tonight investigators are saying a refrigerator may have sparked the inferno. let's get right over to kpix5's andria borba in oakland tonight.
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>> reporter: well, ken that, local state of emergency will unlock state and federal dollars for the city of oakland and nearby businesses the oakland ghost ship that have closed since the fire broke out and throughout the recovery efforts. ene here until we can look the family members in thei m, "yes, we have from chopper 5 oakland firefighters can be seen on the second floor of the oakland ghost ship shuffling through charred rubble. >> the fire department will be on scene here until we can look the family members in their face and tell them yes, we have completely searched this warehouse and we can tell you that there are no more victims. >> reporter: the recovery operation slowed yet again this afternoon as the warehouse's stability was once again called into question. in a press conference this evening oakland's mayor libby schaaf. >> the permitted use for the warehouse is as a commercial space. it was not permitted for residential use nor public
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assembly use. >> reporter: schaaf also released 30 years of records on the 31st avenue building as well as the adjacent lot. the documents show that on october 7th, 2014, a complaint was filed about constructing a house or structure without permits. it was deemed by the city to be nonactionable. >> you go in that building and you turn left and look behind you, you cannot see the exit. it's amazing. it's amazing. it's very scary. >> reporter: this video obtained by the daily mail shows the inside of the ghost ship before the fire with mattresses up right, closed strewn everywhere and tiny footpaths leading the way through the clutter. tom who lives in the neighborhood showed up at the evening news conference carrying this sign reading must arrest. >> 36 people perished in a building, in of a structure anywhere, one person, someone has to be accountable. someone has to be liable. >> reporter: the cause of
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friday night's fire is under investigation. earlier today the alameda county sheriff said it was sparked by a refrigerator, a statement walked back tonight by atf agents. >> there has been no determination as far as the origin and source of the fire. >> reporter: sources tell kpix5 the fridge was relatively new to the ghost ship and began blowing fuses in the building almost immediately and that when smoke first appeared friday night, residents thought it was a fog machine. now smoke from that fog machine would have been appropriate given the concert that was happening. we're told residents realized it was fire when the power in thing kicked off. we've also learned tonight there were three weapons found inside the ghost ship. two rifles and one shotgun. live in oakland tonight andria borba, kpix5. this just in, authorities just confirmed these two cal students died in the fire. they are identified as 23-year- old griffin madden and 21-year-
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old vanessa plotkin. tonight the coroner's bureau also identified seven additional victims. they include 29-year-old aura joe of oakland, 29-year-old nicole seacrest of oakland. also killed in the fire 35-year- old billy dixon and 34-year-old johnny igoz both from oakland. 22-year-old alex vega of san bruno and 32-year-old hannah ruax of helsinki, finland. >> we have identified 35 of the 36 victims. we have onlyone unknown. of the 35 we have made notification to 30 of those families. >> many of the fire victims were passionate about art and music. one of them was a student at san francisco state. a young couple also among the victims. most of them were young mostly in their 20s, the youngest
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victim age 17 was the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. tonight friend and family of those killed in the fire are saying their good-byes. >> reporter: as more of the 36 names on that list of lives lost over the weekend becomes public, we see this memorial here grow and change. of course, grief looks different for different people. we talked to two people tonight who couldn't be grieving in more different ways. >> she had a way of making people love her. >> reporter: throughout this week we're getting glimpses into what grief looks like for those who lost loved ones in the ghost ship warehouse fire. at the grand lake theater their grief lights up the marquee. >> with all the chaos and poetry is a human in motion. >> reporter: eric martin says denaldo was a close friend and the heart of this theater. >> she was known for her wigs and hats and funny makeup.
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she was known to walk around singing. >> reporter: in the queer and trans community tonight the process was more quiet. >> we know there are people who sat with us and did this. we'll be grieving for knepp tonight. >> reporter: kin folk organized an open mic in 2013 as a safe space. part of the sanctity tonight meant keeping cameras out. >> we don't have a lot of spaces, so eventually we see each other. there has to be a space for the artists and geniuses to be the activists and promote their own self-character. >> reporter: for some the heart of this tragedy won't let up. we've watched the memorial morph and grow as those closest to the deceased grapple with reality. >> the worst part is what they lost. there was a lot of live cut short. >> reporter: at that open mic night a speaker read a poem about this weekend's tragedy and handed out seeds to everyone this encouraging them to plant new life in memory of the 36 lost.
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in oakland susie steimle, kpix5 news. she went by the stage name 33-year-old chelsea dolan, another talented musician, killed in the blaze went by the stage name cherusi. she was passionate about electronic music and ice cream. >> she scooped ice cream here almost 10 years and she was a vegan. too. they'd say what's your favorite flavor and she would just say something like oh, chocolate or whatever. >> tonight oakland mayor libby schaaf announced $1.7 million in funding for creating affordable space for oakland's arts community. those familiar with the warehouse describe the inside as dangerous and unsafe. so tonight we ask why wasn't it shut down? according to the firefighter union, the city of oakland doesn't have enough fire inspectors. budget documents confirm that the city allowed for eight fire inspectors in this year's
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budget, but the union says only six of the positions are filled. r the ghost >> i think that years of underinvestment in the fire marshal's office and in fire inspection by our fire chief and our administration has led to extremely dangerous conditions. >> the oakland department of building inspection tried to enter the ghost ship to investigate complaints but was unable to get in. the firefighters union says fire marshals don't have that problem. we reached out to the oakland fire marshal for comment but have not heard back. also tonight some painful glimpses into the final thoughts of some of the victims before they lost their lives. veronica de la cruz joins us now with more. >> tonight we're learning about one victim's chilling final text. >> a lot of their bodies are partially burned and there a few severely burned. >> appear immediate a county sheriff greg ahern doesn't believe any more bodies are inside the debris but share the final moment of 1 young victim. >> 1 female was able to text
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her mother and simply text mom, i'm dying. >> while responders recovered the bodies of a couple, michela gregory and alex vega. >> it appears as though the male was trying to protect the female and found her in a hugging position, a young man trying to what we think save a girl he was in love with. >> stories that are overwhelming visitors paying their respects. >> just saddened for all the families and victims, such a tragedy. >> alex and michela had dated for five years. their family said they worked together at dugan mortuary in daly city. there will be a service held in the family home tomorrow. this man managed the warehouse that went up in flame of tonight he has a message for the victims' families. >> million dollar homes for the homeless? tonight why that could become
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reality in an upscale bay area neighborhood. >> what is wrong with the water? some bay area customers are complaining about the taste and smell. tonight we trace the source of the problem. >> it is already down to 34 degrees in lafayette. it is already down to 34 degrees in santa rosa. close to a freeze, there are freeze warnings up for parts of northern california and it's also going to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cameras caug >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. for the first type since the warehouse went up in -- time since the warehouse went up in flames cameras caught up to the man known to own the ghost ship. some say he's at fault for this fire. kpix5's allen martin is following this part of the story. >> derick ion rushed past reporters, then granted an emotional interview with the today show. >> i'm a father.
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i leave my three children down there every night. profit? this is not profit. this is loss. this is a mass grave. >> reporter: but for the families can you -- >> i'm only here to say one thing, that i am incredibly sorry. >> pressed about whether he should be held accountable, almena became more emotional saying he would rather be trampled by victims' parents. al mean a said when he sign -- almena said when he signed the lease three years ago, he believed the building was up to city of standard. as for the building owner, no sign or statement from the owner who also owns several other buildings in the area. >> our legal analyst tells us the d.a. would have to prove criminal negligence. >> did he have a duty of care to maintain the premises in a safe condition? and was it allowed under law
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with his contract with the owner to even sublet the warehouse? >> he could get one count for each of the 36 people who died and each count of involuntary manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of four years behind bars. alameda can. has activated its -- county has activated its disaster relief fund for the warehouse fire victims. in allows employees to donate their vacation time. we've posted a link on our website if you would like to make a donation. also in the news tonight investigators trying to figure out why a car slammed into an east oakland home while a family was inside. kpix5's devin fehely has more on the close call and the search is on now for the driver responsible. >> reporter: the homeowner says normally her mom and young son would be on the couch in front of the very window the car plowed through but got up to go to another part of the house a short time before the crash.
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neighbors could barely believe their eyes. >> i was flabbergasted seeing the whole car almost to the trunk all the way and it was like -- it's crazy. >> reporter: oakland police are investigating the cause of the crash but say the driver ran from the scene before they arrived. >> i heard that he booked. he didn't stay or nothing. right away. >> reporter: no one inside was hurt, but the house itself was severely damaged. the front window was shattered and the wood framing splintered. city officials yellow flagged the home until repairs could be made. the home owners were allowed to retrieve some belongings but say they simply feel blessed no one was injured. >> for a car to go through these walls. >> reporter: in oakland devin fehely, kpix5. tonight cirque du soleil had its first performance in san francisco since the death of a crew member. people trickled into the big top at at&t park to catch the 8:00 performance.
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last week olivier rochette, one of the son's of the co founders was killed when he was struck by a piece of equipment on the set. luzia runs in san francisco until january 29th. the president-elect is adding a new team member. he officially nominated retired marine general james mattis as secretary of defense. >> it is now my honor and privilege to welcome to the stage your next secretary of defense, general mad dogmatist. thank you. -- mad dog mattis. >> trump shared the stage with mattis today as part of his thank you world tour. >> donald trump's tweet sent boeing stock on a nose dive. he is now threatening to cancel the order for new air force one
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planes. boeing's share price fell $2 before the market opened this morning. however, the company was able to recover by the end of the day. trump tweeted this morning, "boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. cancel order." the two planes that currently serve as air force one are more than 25 years old. they are the last 747 200 series passenger jets still in use here in the u.s. in mountain view homeless people have set up camp along stevens creek. that's not too far from some multimillion dollar homes and there's a plan to give the homeless places to live, but kpix5's betty yu shows us some people are not too happy about that. >> reporter: some of the homes that we're talking about are right behind me here on derek drive. many residents are frustrated because they had no idea the water district was even thinking about this unusual plan. others say this is just not the
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right location for the homeless. these homes that sit in the waverly park neighborhood could be part of the santa clara valley water district's solution to its homeless problem. >> to me 12 properties in a 2 million plus neighborhood is not suitable. >> reporter: for homeless? >> for homeless. >> reporter: joy weaver has lived in the neighborhood 30 years and currently lives next to one of the district owned properties. there are 19 single family houses in the immediate area. the district has owned and rented out these properties for years and is floating a plan to lease them to homeless people if a rent leaves. the tenant qualification -- if a renter leaves. the tenant qualification and screening process has the been set. >> we're over a mile from a bus. we're 2 miles from a grocery store. if they're homeless, do they have cars? can they get anywhere? are they working? we don't have any of this type information. >> reporter: the district decided to spend more time
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getting feedback from neighbors before a vote. many say they've been left in the dark. the district said it bought the properties because the land will be needed for future flood protection projects. one neighbor would like to see other people get a first shot at renting in the city's competitive real estate market. >> one plan is to look at giving them to teachers, not giving them, but renting them to teachers. affordability housing for teachers and first responders is a huge issue. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district has no set date for a vote. it also adds that only one or two of their properties become vacant every year. in mountain view betty yu, kpix5. tonight people across palo alto are asking what's to blame for the strange taste in the water? eek, the san fra the city buy its water from san francisco which gets theirs from the hetch hetchy reservoir, but last week the san francisco utility began mixing in water from a
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different source, the water valley treatment plant, and sometimes that causes problems. >> you're increasing the furred by it turb -- the turbidity level. >> officials say the problem should settle down in a few days. got some water coming down in the next couple hours. >> if it was coming down now, it would be snow in lake county. it is 29 degrees in beautiful lake port now. danville close to freezing. of course, san francisco, bubba gump shrimp company in the background, fairfield, santa rosa, lafayette and danville all in the mid- to low 30s, coldest night since january 2nd. that's more than 11 months ago. vallejo tonight 34, fremont 37, redwood city 37, santa rosa 30 and san jose 38 degrees, the
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low in san francisco 44. sun-up at 7:12 tomorrow morning. that it's cold. only one of two weather elements which is heading our direction in one day. that's an active day in the bay area. in low pressure area over montana is dragging down that arctic air of yesterday it was moving over the association and moderating a bit. today it's heading right down i5. so it's just cold air tomorrow morning, but it will be kicked out by tomorrow afternoon because of this, the shield of cloud cover, leading edge of a rainmaker that may give us an inch to 3 inches of rainfall by friday morning. rain begins in the north bay late morning tomorrow. temperatures will rise throughout the day, even into the evening and overnight. the high temperature may be at 11:30 p.m. as this rain begins to move in. wednesday evening wet, thursday morning went, thursday morning commute, yup, thursday evening still raining not clearing out until friday morning. we'll keep the cloud cover. so a big pattern change coming
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up tomorrow, pick the region that's closest to you, the north bay up to 2 1/2 inches of rain by friday morning, east bay up to an inch, south bay up to an inch of much needed rainfall. we go from cold and dry to rainy over the next 24 hour. look at the highs tomorrow with the cloud rolling in, san rafael your high 48, napa 48, vallejo 49. thursday we are looking at rain throughout the day, soggy day thursday. friday morning it's gone. the weekend we're dry and more rain moves in next week. so quick transitions, 12 hours and out this cold air. >> bundle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> kpix5 news is sponsored by your northern california toyota dealers. tonight the nominees for the 59th annual grammy awards. >> these degrees as are going -- divas are going head to head with the top three categories, record of the year, song of the year and album of the year. james corden of the late late show hosts the grammys sunday, february 12th here on kpix5.
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if you haven't seen pablo sandoval lately, you want to stay tuned, trust me. >> and a bay area sports anchor makes an ,,,,,,,,,,,,e e nissan
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come up next on kpix5 -- coming up next on kpix5. >> city showdown tonight, division 2 san francisco state 8-0 taking on division 1 usf. i made this bowl prediction sunday night on gameday. >> the gators are going to
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shock the world. the keys are on tuesday night. >> usf honoring the national championship teams from 1955 and '56. sf state in the game early. the gators bank it in, upset in the making, but a career night for foster. he gives usf an 11 point lead. foster had 22. usf wins 91-59 handing the gators their first loss and draping my face with egg. cal basketball playing at pearl harbor. under three minutes. the reverse layup to bird, bird who missed a previous six games with a back injury had 13 points. cal wins 62-51. they are smarter than princeton. despite delivering one of the worst performances at quarterback in nfl history colin kaepernick will start this week against the jets.
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kap was sacked five times against the bears and completed one pass. the showdown against the 49ers and the 3-9 jets can be seen right here on channel 5. christian mccaffrey reportedly decided to clear for the nfl draft. mccaffrey, runner-up for the heisman trophy last season is projected to be a first round pick. do not adjust your television set. believe it or not, that is pablo sandoval. >> no. >> and he's dropped some pounds. despite his struggles in boston the last two years sandoval is expected to be the red sox starting third baseman. in fact, i have a prediction, no. i'm not going to make a prediction. >> you still have your pablo hat. >> absolutely. they're a collector's ,,,,,,,,,,
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