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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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as the mayor promised change but said city workers won't be the scapegoat here. >> reporter: that's right. as we speak three fire experts are flying to oakland to join the task force that the mayor is putting together to go over the city regulations. she also wants to step up training and procedures for city workers to if they identify a problem how to handle it and third going to convene -- reconvene a task force to try to handle this dicey question of how to go forward when you have artists living in questionable conditions. clearly the mayor found herself flustered by lack of information coming from her own department and stumped by questions about early warnings that possibly under funding led to cuts that led to trouble in "fire and building inspection." >> this fire has been a devastating tragedy but it would be another tragedy if we did not learn lessons and take
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this opportunity to make decisive and immediate steps to improve our system and to make our residents safer. >> reporter: still, five days after the deadly fire, the mayor was still unable to say when the last time the ghost ship warehouse had a fire inspection. >> still, i do not know the answer to that question. and i don't need to not answer to that question to tell you that we can improve our fire inspection and prevention process. >> reporter: so the mayor is calling for a task force of experts to be brought in. but in the meantime, she made it clear what would not happen in the wake of the deadly fire. >> i want to be clear that we will not scapegoat city employees in the wake of this disaster. rather, we will provide them the guidance, clarity and support that they need and deserve. >> reporter: are we ordering inspections of other warehouses in the oakland area? >> this incident has caused a new flood of complaints and
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concerns coming into the city and we are addressing those promptly. >> reporter: however, in the same breath, mayor schaaf also said. >> we will not let our emotions lead to hasty decisions or witch hunts. >> reporter: as for the 2014 grand jury lorton that found short staffing meant that only a third of the city's 12,000 commercial buildings like the ghost ship were being actually inspected -- [ no response ] >> reporter: noel gallo had a comment. >> it's extremely extremely, um, disappointing. >> reporter: now, the mayor says that so far, they have been been busy with recovery efforts and dealing with the families and that answers to the questions will be forthcoming. at the same time new questions are arising about ensuring safety of the buildings and at the same time possibly allowing people to stay in them. it's going to be a tightrope for the mayor to walk . back to you. >> thank you. in the wake of the fire
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east bay artists are making their voices heard. some interrupted a press conference today. take a listen. >> my friend died. i can tell you whatever i want. >> i sympathize with that. >> okay. well -- [ simultaneous speakers the shouting match erupted after a restaurant owner at jack london square went public with her concerns about an artist warehouse down the street. new at 6:00 kpix 5's emily turner on members of the arts community defending their way of life. emily. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. this fire left a lot of heartbreak in its wake but it also exposed a nerve in oakland's society. something that's triggered by this debate over affordable housing over where artists can go over the people who live on the fringes of society and the fact they feel like their only options are places like the ghost ship. >> shut your mouth! you don't anything you're talking about! you never set foot in one of these places! you don't know what it means to our community! how it kept us alive! how it kept our friends alive!!
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>> reporter: the ghost ship fire killed 36 people. but tonight, there's not only the pain of grieving but the oakland artist community is also angry, defensive and hurt. >> the world is a [ censored ] death trap and you're partially to blame for that! these spaces keep as you live and shame on you! shame on you!! >> reporter: the fire has turned the spotlight on those living in artist collectives like the ghost ship. some legal, others not. affordable housing for those who otherwise would be forced out. >> i sympathize with that. >> you are hurting us. this is hurting us. >> reporter: artists who live in a collective similar to ghost ship called the salt lick interrupted a press conference today to make sure we got that message. they worry evictions will begin or worse. a mass exodus of artists will follow. a neighboring business just wants to make sure they are safe but at this point no a
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publicity is appreciated. >> behavior typifies what many journalists and observe verse called the wrong response to this -- observers have called the wrong response to this tragedy an example of marginalizing artists. >> reporter: libby schaaf dedicated $1.7 million towards real estate to go to the artist community for safe and sustainable places. but the folks here say it might be tool too late. live in oakland, emily turner, kpix 5. many artists feared this. a fire bringing new scrutiny to their work spaces. kpix 5's jessica flores on the san leandro warehouse that just received a visit from the fire marshal ... >> reporter: sheryl edison walked me around the gate 510, a work space and art collective in san leandro. today they are working on
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tearing it down. >> and an entire room in fact of neon which is considered to no longer be safe. >> reporter: edison says after the fire that tore through the makeshift art space in oakland, killing dozens of people, the fire marshal paid this art space a visit. >> first thing monday morning, and ever since it's just been threats and threats and threats. >> reporter: alameda county fire department confirmed they have an ongoing inspection at the property formerly a factory. now it includes several businesses. >> this property is a concrete and steel building with sprinklers throughout. that property was a warehouse that was not up to code in any minimal way. >> reporter: the county says their inspection has nothing do with the oakland warehouse fire. edison who works for the building owner skb to bring in new tenants disagree. >> as a result, there's been a backlash from the fire
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department and city officials to essentially shut down [ voice breaking ] what is grown here to be a vibrant community. >> reporter: no one lives in the san leandro building. and the property owner isn't kicking anyone out. but an official with the company says they are taking down the art installations as a preemptive response to the city and county scrutiny. >> wood on the wall and it will be coming down. >> reporter: in san leandro, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> we did reach out to the city of san leandro about its involvement with the building and we are waiting to hear back. alameda county fire says the inspection at the property is ongoing. in the past few hours authorities have released the annapolis of several more people -- the names of several more people killed in the fire. jacob mccarty was a sound artist from iowa. he got his masters from the san francisco art institute. >> also among the victims a woman and her fiance. she was from finland. came to oakland to reunite with him. alex had been working as a
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documentary producer for kqed. his mother says the city of oakland is partly responsible for the tragedy. >> i hole the manager, the business owners and the city -- hold the manager, the business owners and the city responsible. i don't think they did their job thoroughly. everybody that's involved in making the artists the most beautiful people in the world, without them life wouldn't be even present. >> she shot this chilling video inside the warehouse minutes before the fire broke out. he was also the father of twin 4-year-old girls. another young couple killed in the fire alex vega and michela gregory. according to the east bay times, the pair had been dating for the past five years and shared a passion for music. their parents believe they died in each other's arms locked in an embrace. our christin ayers will bring us a live update on the warehouse fire investigation coming up at 6:30.
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go to our website for up-to-the- minute information at san jose police looking for a man who witnesses say set fire to this home this afternoon. this abandoned home is on west san carlos and sunol streets. the fire started a day after squatters living inside the home were kicked out by officers first the cold, now the rain. live look from pacifica and, yes, it is raining right now. the first storm of december moving in on the bay area. meteorologist julie watts tracking several days of wet weather for us. >> that's right. this is just the beginning and so far we haven't seen very impressive totals. take a look at hi-def doppler this midday. a radar loop over the last four hours or so you can see it looks like it was a soggy day. but, you know, all in all we haven't actually seen that much rain. we'll take a closer look here at the area over santa rosa and parts of the north bay. notice we are seeing a little rain-snow mix over some of the north bay mountains. santa rosa is seeing some moderate rainfall at this hour but as we take a look at the rainfall totals again this is
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so far, we are not seeing anything significant only about .01" for most of our reporting stations. about .03" for bodega bay and more rain is on the way and we'll timing it out for you coming up in just a bit. thank you. a major security breach at sfo. a man makes a beeline for the tarmac and then the chase is on! what it took to finally catch him. >> can i help you? >> oh, i'm sorry. does emma live here? >> no. >> a bay area man scares off a prowler but the homeowner wasn't actually home. the smart doorbell that let him keep tabs on his porch. >> his job is to prosecute crime. now he is paying up for breaking the law. the bay area district attorney using campaign money as his own personal slush fund. ,,,,,,,,,,
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,, as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, ,, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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trucks.. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is at s- f-o to tell us what led up chaos on the tarmac at sfo after a man breached security and ran around dogging police in trucks. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live at sfo to tell us what led up to this chase. kiet? >> reporter: that man was taken straight to the hospital so that he could sober up and undergo a mental evaluation. the witnesses who saw this man evade police are simply amazed at his speed, strengths and athletic skills. >> we want to learn what we can from this incident and that
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will be our focus moving forward. >> reporter: airport authorities are talking about the man in the gray top. in this cell phone video, he was bloodied and bruised but wasn't ready to give up just yet. he had just hopped a security fence with sfpd close behind when they move in he bolts and officers spend the knicks minute or so trying to catch him. at one point an officer opens the passenger door and almost hits him. here it is again in slow motion. and check it out. at one point, the suv nearly hits the man but he dodges out of the way just in time. here's that scene again also in slow motion. sfo spokesman says it all began earlier up at terminal one. >> what began was a police response to an individual that appeared to be under the influence of a substance. >> reporter: witnesses say the man was sitting on the benches with his beanie nearly pulled over his eyes acting erratically. agents called security but then he took off running down the terminal jumping over the black line dividers like an olympic hurtler. officers tried to jump them too
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but tripped and fell. he then ran out through traffic and jumped from the upper to the lower level, about 30 feet down. and he kept on running! >> who survives that kind of thing? >> , you know, i don't -- someone who is crazy with no fear. the adrenaline kicks in and gets you go. >> reporter: the man gave up finally and was arrested. it is not clear how he got on the tarmac but his hands were cut so he may have injured them while jumping a fence with wire. >> every incident like this every access control event, as we call it, is a learning opportunity, as well. >> reporter: and so the airport says it got lots of cameras and high-tech sensing devices all around the perimeter. they are very interested in where and exactly how this man was able to break that perimeter so that they can make sure it doesn't happen again. live at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. new video this evening of a crime that almost happened. the south bay man noticed this woman on his porch perhaps casing his house. but he managed to scare her off
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even though he wasn't home. only on "5," kpix 5's devin fehely on the act that stopped the woman in her tracks. >> reporter: the woman in the video appears to be looking for a spare key hidden somewhere near the door. >> can i help you? >> reporter: she is startled when she realizes the homeowner's security system allows him to see and speak with her directly. >> i saw you in the neighborhood couple days ago. i think you -- you shouldn't be in the neighborhood and i'm going to call the police. >> reporter: the homeowner who posted the video on social media as a warning to his neighbors says he believes he stopped a break-in before it got started. >> we think it's important that homeowners and businesses engage the person they don't recognize and advise they are watching and recording and they called the police. >> reporter: morgan hill police sergeant says sophisticated security systems with realtime video monitoring and two-way communication all of it connected to your smartphone is a game changer for homeowners. but he says it's still important to call police even if you think you scared off the
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would-be burglar. >> maybe this is the second or third person who called and this woman or male has accomplished a crime. so this will strengthen our case. >> reporter: the homeowner says he called police and hopes getting caught on camera will make the woman think twice about coming back to the neighborhood. >> we are definitely preventative. we would much rather a person not be a victim than be a victim and us catch the individual. >> reporter: in morgan hill, devin fehely, kpix 5. the south san francisco officer who was attacked on thanksgiving has been released from the hospital. officer robby chon was escorted from san francisco general by a motorcade from the south san francisco police department and california highway patrol to a rehabilitation center. after a foot chase a suspect hit him in the head with the skateboard and knocked him out. the suspect is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. the top law enforcement official in contra costa county
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is facing a hefty fine! district attorney mark peterson is accused of spending more than $66,000 of his campaign money on himself. as kpix 5's len ramirez shows us, there's a new push for peterson to resign. >> that's because it's reserved for the worst of the worst. >> reporter: this is districts attorney mark pederson arguing in favor of the death penalty earlier this year. >> it's not vengeance. it's just. >> reporter: but now contra costa county's top law enforcement official is facing penalties of his own for illegally using $66,000 of his campaign contributions for his own personal use including travel, hotels, restaurants and movie tickets over a five-year period. >> i really think that is wrong. and i think at this point he just needs to step down. >> reporter: edie moore isn't the only one thinking that. the east bay times wrote an editorial saying mr. peterson a 30-year prosecutor should resign. >> what kind of credibility do you think he has now in the
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community? >> very little. very little. i mean, his reputation, um, it's tarnished. >> reporter: the state's fair political practices commission slapped him with a $45,000 fine after investigating his finances. mr. peterson was not available or camera today but in a written statement released earlier this is week he said he considered using the campaign money as a personal loan. the statement went on to say, quote, it is with disappointment and regret that i acknowledge the mistakes i made regarding my campaign financing account. as a result of these mistakes, i agree to pay the fair political practices commission a $45,000 administrative fine. >> he makes a decision on who -- what cases get filed on which ones don't. >> reporter: he says the d.a. should be held to the highest standard. >> he shouldn't be the d.a. if he is doing illegal things. >> reporter: the commission is expected to finalize mr. peterson's penalties on december 14. in martinez, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> mr. peterson was first
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elected to district attorney in 2010. and then re-elected in 2014. julie watts is in for paul deanno tonight. and we have some rain in the forecast. it's currently raining right now. >> we have showers and we have a little bit of north bay snow. cold air. isn't that exciting? it is for me! [ laughter ] >> i get excited about these things. yeah, so we have a cold air mass in place and we also have a relatively dry air mass so a lot of what you see right here on hi-def doppler actually evaporating before it hit the ground. we call it virga. overall we are going to continue to see these showers over the next, oh, off and on really through midweek next week. we get a break this weekend. take a look right now over san francisco. we are seeing some light to moderate showers not all of this actually going to be hitting the ground. so it does look a little more impressive than what you may anticipate at first glance here on hi-def doppler. but take a look up north. a little bit of rain-snow mix for the north bay mountains. highs today didn't get that high an indication of why we're
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seeing snow. temperatures only topped out in the 50s. livermore at 49. didn't even make it to 50 today. so definitely a cold start this morning and not a invest warm end to the day -- not a very warm end to the day. temperatures will feel warmer tomorrow morning thanks to the cloud cover we are seeing. in fact, temperatures overnight down to the 40s. 46 pacifica, 48 san francisco. so chilly. not as chilly as this morning. an area of low pressure offshore will spin around waves of rain. the area of high pressure has now sunk to our south. we are going to get waves of rain around this for the next couple of days and then another system waiting in the wings right now out in the pacific that moves in sunday into monday bringing more rain for early next week. timing out the next 24 hours we are going to pause it here 7 a.m. tomorrow morning the morning commute, we are not talking a washout but enough definitely to mess things up for the commute slick roads for tomorrow and then unsettled throughout the day thursday continuing through much of the
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day on friday. drying out by this weekend. so rain tonight not as cold, wet for the thursday morning commute staying unsettled through friday. and we'll look at the weekend coming up in just a bit but high temperatures in the 50s and 60s tomorrow. 56 in santa rosa. 59 san rafael. 60 oakland and freed month. warmer than what we sauteed. and the extended forecast shows again unsettled through the end of the week. right now the weekend looks mostly dry. we might see some rain on the beginning or end of the weekend. and then showers once again early next week. >> thank you. a risky bay area operation on conjoined twins. two girls separated for the first time in their lives. how they are dog after the marathon surgery. >> and actress sophia ba gar ra sued by her own embryos. the bizarre custody battle with actress sophia vergara. ♪
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ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. hour surgery to separate th. this is eva and erika sando. 20-year-old conjoined twins
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with doing well a a 17-hour surgery to -- after a 17-hour surgery to straight them. they were connected from the chest down. surgeons at lucille packard children's hospital separated them and then did reconstructive surgery. we brought you their story last week before the surgery. their parents say it is surreal to see their daughters in different beds. the girls are still in the hospital. they are expected to stay in intensive care for two weeks. sophia vergara is being sued by her own eggs. a new right to live lawsuit has been filed in louisiana by her ex-fiance on behalf of her fertilized eggs. while they were together, vergara and nick loeb signed a contract agreeing that neither party could use the embryos without the consent of the other. the contract didn't say what should happen if they were to
6:26 pm
split. >> i think he is trying to take advantage of a potentially more pro-life state and in, uhm, a political environment where things may be in flux. >> the court documents have named the two embree i don't see isabela and emma. in the state of louisiana, a fertilized egg is considered a person with rights. vergara has been fighting to keep the embryos indefinitely frozen. coming up in the next half- hour trapped with no way out. the final moments of the oakland fire victims who have no warning before the deadly smoke appeared. >> and the surprise no show as barbara boxer gives an emotional farewell to the senate. ,,
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there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost. we now know, city building inspectors hadn't been insi the our top story at 6:30, the oakland warehouse fire we now know city building inspectors hadn't been inside the warehouse for 30 years. 36 people were killed in the fire. federal investigators now say flames broke out on the ground floor. the smoke and the fire trapped people attending a music concert upstairs. there was no evidence of fire alarms. let's get right to our christin
6:30 pm
ayers in oakland with new details on the investigation. >> reporter: the atf still here on the scene tonight. you can see their van parked here near the warehouse this evening. they will be here for days piecing together what happened in the final moments of the fire and how it started. >> reviewing the scene here, it's sobering. >> reporter: a team of federal fire investigators and engineers combed the scene of the ghost ship fire today for any sign of an ignition point. what they found was a glimpse into the final moments of the 36 victims. >> it is ex-volusia iating to walk through to -- excruciating to walk through possibly relive those last moments when persons knew there was a fire and there was no way out. >> reporter: authorities confirm that there were no fire alarms at the warehouse and although there were two internal stairwells on either end of the event space, neither led to an exit. >> smoke traveled up the stairwell trapping occupants on
6:31 pm
the second floor. the fire was well developed by the time the second floor occupants realized a fire was going on in the first floor. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine whether a refrigerator at the warehouse sparked the fire. but that's still unknown. what is clear is that the property had been plagued by problems and complaints for years. in september and october 2014, there were complaints of illegal construction and construction materials blocking the sidewalk. in 2005 a complaint that a parking lot was used as a encampment. the home owner had 18 other complaints over a vacant lot he owns nearby. in november 2016 the city sent a notice to the owner about an illegal interior structure and garbage on the property. what is now clear is that police had been called to the warehouse in the past. mayor schaaf says she wants any responders to report trouble when they see it. >> to immediately clarify the
6:32 pm
responsibility of city employees, to properly report any observations of dangerous living conditions or illegal events along with a clear process for doing so. now, mayor schaaf said she is not looking to scapegoat any city employees. the atf meanwhile will stay out here and continue their investigation over the next several days. they say it could take several weeks to analyze all their data. live in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. warriors players and coaches are making a separate donation to help with relief efforts. >> we are all devastated by the recent oakland fire that claimed so many lives and affected so many others. >> on behalf of the entire golden state warriors organization, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones. >> in the video released today prayers announced they are donating $75,000. that's on top of the $50,000 the warriors franchise had already donated earlier this week. president-elect donald trump has another new title.
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person of the year. according to "time" magazine. here's a look at the cover the latest issue. the sub headline reads, donald trump president of the divided states of america. time's editor-in-chief writes this is the 90th time we have named a person who had the greatest influence on the events of the year. mr. trump made more picks today for his administration. for head of the viral protection agency, former -- environmental protection agency former oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt. for homeland security john kelly marine core general. ambassador of china branstad. and linda mcmahon for small business administration. days ago president-elect trump saved jobs at carrier by keeping the jobs here in the united states. carrier has announced a price increase. so tonight we're asking you, are you willing to pay more for u.s. made products? yes or no? why or why not? send me a tweet at tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered
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on air. your poll results and your comments tonight. come join us for bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. stocks surged today to all- time highs. dow jumped nearly 300 points. nasdaq, s&p up in part due tow gains in consumer and tech stocks. drug companies took a hit with president trump saying drug prices are going to come down. barbara boxer thanked her colleagues today after four decades in congress and called them to keep fighting. >> this has been a dream to be in a profession that i think is noble no matter how beaten up it gets. for 40 years, for more than half my life, and i was able to do every day what i always wanted to do which was simply to make life better for people. >> senator boxer started her
6:35 pm
political career as a member of the marin county board of supervisors. from there, she went to the house of representatives. and then ultimately to the u.s. senate. one person who was not there for boxer's farewell today, fellow senator dianne feinstein. they are feuding over feinstein's bill to send more water to farms south of the delta. politics coming into play on the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor. how an admiral took a dig at 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
harbor. wed0136 46-4 today marks the 75th anniversary of a date that will live in infamy. japans assault on pearl harbor. ♪[ music ] >> survivors and thousands of others gathered to commemorate the somber anniversary in pearl harbor, hawaii. after a performance of the national anthem, an admiral took the opportunity to criticize 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick.
6:38 pm
>> you can bet that the men and women that we honor today and those who died 75 years ago on that fateful morning never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played. >> those remarks today generated lengthy applause and cheers for nearly a minute. japan's prime minister plans to visit pearl harbor with president obama later this month. hundreds of people in the bay area also held special ceremonies honoring the victims. a race car driver drove thousands of miles to honor the memory of his late grandfather who survived the attack. mike hill drove his custom california 38 race car from michigan to a memorial for the uss san francisco at lands end. his grandfather was on board the ship when the bombs hit. straight ahead, cooperstown is going to crown the king. >> holy toledo! >> stanford's running man has made it official. >> ever since they asked what you want to be when you grow up is a nfl player.
6:39 pm
>> who can stand in the way of hedd hot klay thompson. >> i'm holding him back. >> sports drops in after weather with julie watts. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but for one east bay countyt well, when you think of probation, you think of enforcement. something punitive. >> but for one east bay county the theme is rehabilitation. as sharon chin shows us, it's because of this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: james rivers was a marine who planned to go into law enforcement. but he ended up working in probation and becoming what some call the treatment guru. ♪[ music ] >> it's helped. reporter: 19-year-old sarah has a special message for james rivers. >> thank you. because like without him like none of this would have happened for me. >> reporter: james is a probation manager at the contra costa county probation department. he helped put in place in the girl residential family therapy programs that sarah says transformed her life. as a teenager, drug addiction kept her in and out of juvenile hall but now she is clean, has
6:43 pm
her g.e.d. and a job. >> changed everything since i got out, like, i don't, like, recognize myself, like, i'm a totally new person. >> reporter: over two decades he worked as county probation counselor, officer, supervisor and now manager ushering in a new era of reform for young people in trouble with the law. >> we had the same kids that would come back over and over again and we create our own in- house treatment program. >> reporter: sarah, for example, went to girls in motion, the county's first treatment program that keeps young offenders in a locked facility so they don't run away before they get the help they need. >> this place kind of like helped me learn a little bit of discipline and like respect. >> reporter: james has led the effort to incorporate so-called evidence based practices. treatments that have been tested through scientific study. james says there are no numbers but anecdotally those who have gone through the rehabilitation program are less likely to
6:44 pm
reoffend. >> they are returning to the community and they're returning to school. they're not using drugs. they're getting jobs. they are being productive. >> reporter: juvenile hall director says thanks to james, probation staff now teach young people how to problem solve to make better decisions like when kids want to get in a fight. >> we look at the pros and cons and what the long and short term consequences are for making those types of decisions. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: it's not easy training your colleagues to use new measures but his long-time service in probation and his people skills have earned him respect. >> he is very personable, very understanding. he list tones when people are talking to him -- he listens to when people are talking to him. >> we do treatment in this county with quality. >> reporter: so for changing the lives of young people in contra costa county's juvenile justice system, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to james rivers. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> and james says he uses the same problem-solving tools in
6:45 pm
his own home with his own kids. >> it works. >> this is a special day because today is the 45th anniversary of the jefferson award foundation. so why not mark the occasion with a donation? you can log on to our website, and now we're turning to weather. tracking rain on hi-def doppler doppler. we have moderate showers over redwood city, danville, livermore, a little bit of light rainfall but we have moderate cells heading your way. moderate rain for vallejo and rio vista. unsettled. something else to note the top of the screen here seeing a little bit of a rain-snow mix
6:46 pm
over the north bay mountains. cold this morning and still with the cold air mass in place. 47 in concord, 44 livermore, 50 in system tomorrow morning going to feel warmer than what we saw this morning. overnight lows in the 40s. some areas not as cold as yesterday. 48 overnight in san francisco. an area of low pressure offshore going to bring in waves of rain wrapping around this area of low pressure system. high pressure to the south. so unsettled the next couple of days. a break over the weekend. another weather system out in the pacific, that moves in sunday into monday bringing unsettled weather to start the
6:47 pm
workweek, as well. we can time out the next 48 hours. tomorrow morning not a lot of heavy rainfall but it will be enough to mess up the morning commute for you. so keep that in mind. give yourself extra time tomorrow morning. and then unsettled lighter rain scattered showers throughout the day on thursday. here we are for the evening commute. notice we're not drying out completely but you will get patches, periods of dry. same story for friday unsettled scattered showers off and on depending where you are. a winter weather alert through 10 a.m. tomorrow. winter weather advisory snow levels low again that cold air nas down to around 2500 feet. we could see over 10 inches of above 7,000 feet. so do anticipate those travel delays, grab the chains up to the high country. so headlines again rain tonight. not as cold overnight tonight. wet thursday morning commute. unsettled through friday. temperatures right around average for this time of the
6:48 pm
year tomorrow topping out in the upper 50s to 60s for portions of the south bay. upper 50s in the east bay tomorrow. 57 brentwood and antioch. around the bay 59 daly city. 60 sausalito. 56 santa rosa. up north 49 lakeport, 49 clearlake. could see a little snow in some of the north bay mountains. unsettled thursday, friday. a break saturday and sunday. then we do start to see more rain next week. that late sunday into monday and tuesday. now it's one of my favorite times of the year "food for bay area families" and joining us is leslie and a law firm representative. >> we're donating $40,450. >> that's a substantial amount. can you tell us a little bit about how you raised this money? >> we have a mock game show
6:49 pm
every summer and the partners have to play the associates and the way we choose the partners is by buying votes by donating to the food for the bar and hover gets the most votes huhs to play on the partner team which is not usually considered to be a benefit. [ laughter ] >> that is amazing. i mean, i think, how much can this -- tell me what this will do for the sf marin food bank? >> this $40,000 will help us provide food for 120,000 meals this holiday season. >> 120,000 meals all from a little fun and games at your law firm. thank you so much for all that you do and, of course, thank you so much for all that you do. folks at home you can donate as well at any whole foods market or online at we'll be right back. ,,
6:50 pm
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fans know his greatness... ...a's too. 8 years, but iconic hall of fame business up top. long time raiders and warriors fans know his greatness, it took eight years by iconic broadcaster bill king is
6:53 pm
heading to cooperstown. >> holy toledo! >> king one of the best three sport announcers period. all bay area teams all in his prime to the baseball hall of fame. he was the voice of the raiders for 17 years. and the warriors for over 2 decades. speak of the warriors, they are running with the rival clippers tonight moving pictures coming up on "the late show." when i was growing up it was kings lakers now it's flipped to warriors. it's unique. but i think it's healthy for the nba to have rivalries. we respect them, don't have to like them. >> what is klay thompson going to do for an encore with 60 in three seconds? dribbled 11 times. coach steve kerr sat him down the last quarter so only the coach now could stop him. >> i'm holding him back. but like they said dean smith was the only guy who could hold
6:54 pm
mj under 20. i'm the only guy who can hold klay under 80 i guess. [ laughter ] holiday basketball tournament time. cal and seton hall playing in the pearl harbor invitational. second half, oh-oh! rodriguez have some! but cal had one of their own, allen. look at this. yeah! that's bird throwing it down. his 22 points though almost enough. final seconds bears needed a three. it didn't go. banged off the rim. seton hall won 60-57. socal is coming back to the mainland with a record of 7-2. nfl and the raiders! they are in kansas city. critical balance of power game tomorrow. three-point underdogs at the chiefs. now, temperatures tomorrow could be in the teens! quarterback derek carr said
6:55 pm
bring it on seriously. >> i honestly don't mind the cold. i like it. i don't mind the cold. if it snows a little bit that will be fun too. college ball three seasons was enough. stanford star running back mccaffrey will enter the 2017 nfl draft saying, quote, i have decided the time is right. mccaffrey had over 5,000 all purpose yards the last two seasons was a heisman runnerup in 2016. he is currently projected to be a first round pick. >> i love playing football. and a dream mine since i was 6. ever since they asked what you want to be when you grow up is an nfl player and it's right in front of me and it's an opportunity that i couldn't pass up. >> what he has done here at stanford is jaw-dropping a inspiring. it's up there with andrew luck and john elway and jim
6:56 pm
plunkett. >> still with football. san jose state named brent brennan as their new head football coach from oregon state where he was a wide receivers coach and before that a spartans assistance for six seasons. this is willie taggart the new head coach at oregon. big climate change coming from south florida where he led the bulls to 10 wins. he was an assistant for harbaugh. so much for chip kelly going back to oregon. he returned to practice today after being away from the team following the death of his father. paul kelly died over the weekend. chip was proud to send his dad out in style. >> he actually got buried in a 49ers gear. he did not want to wear a suit. in the coffin. he wore a suit for his whole career as a trial lawyer but he wanted to wear a 49ers sweatsuit when he passed away. >> 9ers favored over the jets.
6:57 pm
>> okay. captions by: caption colorado en, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, save $1, 000 on selected mattresses with flexfit3 adjustable base. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: all right, here we go. i appreciate that. thank you, folks. appreciate it. thank you very much. thank y'all, now. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from columbus, ohio, it's the huber family. [cheering and applause] and from silver spring, maryland, it's the jones family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and possibly drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go meet
7:00 pm
the jones family. ahmad. ahmad: yes. steve: how you doing? ahmad: i'm doing good. my name's ahmad, and this is my family. we are the "j..." malik: "o." khalil: "n." kimberly: "e." aaron: "s." all: jones family! steve: great job. how old are you guys? malik: 19. khalil: 19. steve: 19. kimberly: 20 next week. ahmad: 20 in a couple days, yeah. steve: 20? oh, man. so who's the leader? [all talk at once] ahmad: it really depends on, you know, what--what we doing at the moment, because, you know, i think it switches. it switches a lot. khalil: absolutely. steve: ok. who's the smartest? khalil: i don't know. that's probably me, steve. malik: i mean, he has-- ahmad: what class we talking about? what class we talking about? steve: who's smartest in math? kimberly: steve, 4.0. steve: 4.0? him? malik: he happens to have the best gpa right now. right now. kimberly: currently, currently, currently. malik: currently. steve: ah, ah, ah. ah, i think we're going to have to battle it out now. i think khalil got you, man0.


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