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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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falling throughout the evening and overnight all ac you can hear it a little bit. rain falling throughout the evening and overnight all across the bay area. good morning, it is thursday, december 8. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's take a live look outside and we are looking at this -- is this the bay bridge? yes. >> it's hard to tell out there. but there you go. you can barely see the lights. >> and because you can barely see the bay bridge, this thing about pilots coming into sfo, that's why we will have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. visibility has been hampered by the low clouds, also the cloudy conditions from this area of low pressure pushing in. and the rain. >> and the rain. >> and the rain. >> you will be busy today.
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>> it's fun. it's really fun because we transition from extremely cold conditions to now the rain and now that it is raining, although we'll see some breaks in the activity, pretty much anticipate damp conditions each day through saturday. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. green on the screen means yes, you need an umbrella out the door today. the kids need the slicker. you need to buy some extra time to make it to work wore your morning commute or off to school. we're also featuring at this particular time -- i wanted to zoom in on the peninsula. we have rain from sfo through daly city, millbrae, pacifica, moss and montara beaches. you can see right now in san mateo it's wet over the bridge. now all this activity is streaming in off the ocean. it's lifting up in a northerly direction ejecting to the east but there's a lot more precipitation and unsettled air mass behind it so count on pockets of heavy rain. look at the golden gate bridge! definitely slippery when wet. temperatures compared to yesterday at this time when we were in the high 20s and 30s, we're in the 40s and 50s.
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the clouds acting like a blanket, insulating the air mass at this particular time. today's temperatures even warmer than yesterday. 50s and 60s. we struggled to get above 55 yesterday. today all the way up to 62 degrees in san jose. high 50s in vallejo, benicia, martinez, back through american canyon. antioch, concord, clayton and walnut creek, all at 60 degrees. we have the full forecast featuring your weekend coming up, but right now let's say morning to roqui. good morning, roberta. did you say this was fun? i think our morning commuters beg to differ! let's start with the san mateo from hayward to foster city that will take you 13 minutes. but, of course, those roads are very wet so be careful out there. and we have a crash in san mateo on northbound 101 before kehoe avenue. this is a two-car crash. and it is blocking a lane out there causing some slowdowns in the area at 12 miles per hour. now let's move over to the altamont pass, where usually it is slow but today, because of the rain, it's much more dangerous. so coming off 205 you're moving at 26 miles per hour. and as you head into livermore,
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where it usually frees up, we have a crash to tell you about. westbound 580 before north livermore avenue, a big rig versus a car crash here and it's causing a lot of backup. that backup is almost here to greenville roadblocking the two right lanes there. now let's move to mass transit throughout the area. bart, ace train one, muni and caltrain are all on time so this would be a good option for you if you want to avoid the wet roads. kenny? >> thanks, roqui. now to the latest on the warehouse fire in oakland. we now know that it started on the first floor and trapped victims on the second floor. authorities also say that those people on the second floor had no way of getting out. there's no indication that there were fire alarms. federal investigators say that the building hadn't been inspected despite the fact that the department of planning and buildings had been called to the warehouse earlier this year. kpix 5's anne makovec is live on the scene with the very latest. anne? >> reporter: yeah. today the city council will
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officially declare a state of emergency here in oakland. that means an easier time to access state and federal funds to help with the recovery process. in the meantime, the mayor and fire department working to find inspection records on that warehouse called the ghost ship where 36 people died friday night. despite of illegal interior construction and people living in the building only permitted as a warehouse, the building and planning department hadn't been inside the warehouse to inspect it in 30 years. in fact, the building isn't even listed in the fire department's database of properties. >> but it would be another tragedy if we did not learn lessons and take this opportunity to make decisive and immediate steps to improve our system. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says there needs to be better
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communication within city departments and they need more code enforcement staff. the building department of 11 people answers 4,000 calls per year. the investigation into the cause of the fire continues. the atf is heading that up. they are saying it looks like it could likely be an electrical fire but they are not ruling anything out. they also don't believe at this point that it is arson. live in oakland anne makevoc, kpix 5. there is still one victim to unidentified of the 36 victims. we do know most of them were in their 20s and early 30s. friends and family say many of them were talented musicians and artists. some were performing the night of the fire. one was a student at san francisco state university. one victim was a student at cal. two others had recently graduated. the youngest was only 17 years old. he was the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. we also know three of the victims were from other countries. as anne said, federal officials
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are still working to learn the exact cause of the fire. here's some video from the scene yesterday. fire investigators and engineers dug through the rubble looking for any sign of an ignition point. we are told the ghost ship did have stairwells on both ends of the event space, but neither led to an exit. >> smoke traveled up the stairwell, trapping the occupants on the second floor. the fire was well developed by the time the second floor occupants realized a fire was going on, on the first floor. >> it is excruciating to walk through to possibly relive those last moments when persons knew there was a fire. and there was no way out. >> there's no decision yet if anyone will be charged for the fire. we will keep you updated on the investigation and what happened with the state of emergency declaration today. we have all the latest information at president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour in iowa today amid his
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latest feud with a union leader who criticizes his recent carrier jobs deal. with no evidence, mr. trump took to twitter stating that chuck jones had done a terrible job and suggested that the steelworkers union president was the reason companies were leaving the country. in an interview with cnn, jones accused trump of inflating the number of jobs being saved by the carrier deal. >> we have a lot of our members when the word was coming out of 1100, they thought that they would have a job. then they find out the next day that most likely they weren't, 550 were still gonna lose their jobs. >> the comments came as president-elect trump made another nomination to the cabinet tapping oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to head the environmental protection agency. he is a climate change denier and has repeatedly sued the epa over fossil fuel regulations. friends and family of a teenager found buried on the
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sonoma state university campus are offering a $4,000 reward to try to find his killer. a landscaper found the body of 18-year-old kirk kimberly in a shallow grave on november 2. he had been stabbed to death. he was last seen on october 17 when left his cotati home on his mountain bike. the sonoma county alliance is offering a separate $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. pittsburg police say they have identified four suspected highway shooters accused of murdering a pregnant mother. police arrested these two men in antioch yesterday. investigators say back in may, they shot and killed shanique marie on highway 4 near the railroad avenue overpass. the motive was gang-related. but the search isn't over. police are still looking for these two suspects. they both have murder warrants out for their arrests. these three men are wanted in campbell after police say that they ransacked someone's
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bedroom over thanksgiving weekend. surveillance video shows them going through drawers. they even lift up the bed to see if there's anything underneath that's worth stealing. they got away with jewelry, computers and other items. police say that they may have gotten into the house through an unlocked side door. a team of bay area doctors just performed a miracle medical procedure separating conjoined twin toddlers. kpix 5's maria medina is live at stanford with the big announcement expected two days after the surgery began. maria? >> reporter: good morning, michelle. yeah. what about, um, positive story this morning, right? the hospital staff is expected to announce that the twins are doing well after a marathon surgery and we're talking 18 hours. now, the twins shared much of their lower body but now today, they are two separate toddlers and their names, eva and erika. >> we have seen one gall bladder. we haven't seen the other.
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>> reporter: they have separate hearts, lungs and stomach but only three legs and it was as you can imagine a long journey for the twins. they have lived with skin expanders since this past summer to stretch their skin and get them ready for surgery. and on tuesday, they were separated. now they each have one leg and they are now recovering in the pediatric icu. but you know what? they were born and doctors thought the children and mother would die. >> with every day, every week that passed, for me it was just like we have made it. we made it. you know? >> reporter: so later today at 12:30, a team of doctors are expected to stand right here to release more details on how the twins are doing and when i say team, i'm talking about a huge team. we're talking 50 doctors and nurses who helped separate the twins. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] time now 5:10. a major change coming to the
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bart schedule that will affect your morning commute. we'll run down the details next. >> and the force is strong this morning in southern california as this star fighter lands right on hollywood boulevard. >> now, that is pretty cool. hey, everybody. good morning. it's not as cool this morning as it was 24 hours ago. but the wet morning commute, a wet evening commute, i'll tell you exactly when the rain will end. >> and we've got wet roads so get ready to drive safely and drive slowly because we've got a lot going on in the traffic center. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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operation. a little bit, at least. starting bart just announced that they will be scaling back their hours of operation a little bit at least. starting in 2018, trains will start running at 5 a.m. on weekdays. that's an hour later than its current schedule. the reason? so that bart can start construction on its transbay tube retrofit. the project is set to last for 2 1/2 years. former astronaut and u.s. senator john glenn is in the hospital this morning. the 95-year-old was admitted last week to the james cancer hospital in columbus, ohio. no word on the illness or his condition right now. glenn had heart valve replacement surgery two years
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ago. he was the first american to orbit earth back in 1962. he later represented ohio in the u.s. senate for 25 years. all right. this is pretty cool. can you imagine walking down hollywood boulevard and seeing this land right in front of you? some people got the treat yesterday [chuckling] when the "star wars" x wing star fighter replica showed up. it landed as preparations began for the premiere of the next "star wars" movie, "rogue one" premiering at hollywood theater on saturday. the film will be released nationwide on december 16. >> very cool. >> you're a big "star wars" fan. >> a big "star wars" fan. you called me a "star wars" nerd! >> i'm loving some "star wars." no star fighters on the roads in the bay area, right, roqui? >> i'm sure some commuters wished there was so we could commute then and fly them over to where they're trying to go. the roads are wet and causing problems. let's take a look in san mateo here at the bridge from hayward into foster city.
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that will take you 14 minutes but we see some slowdowns because of the wet roads. crash in san mateo before kehoe avenue a two-car crash causing traffic to move at 28 miles per hour blocking a lane. slow on the southbound side as well due to an earlier crash so expect delays on 101 in san mateo currently in that area. now moving over to the altamont pass, traffic coming off 205, you're moving at just 18 miles per hour inching your way to north flynn road where speeds pick up to 40 miles per hour. but don't get excited because once you hit livermore we have a crash here involving a big rig versus a car and that's westbound 580 before north livermore avenue. that backup is well beyond greenville road and connecting with the altamont pass slow traffic, as well. the bay bridge toll plaza if you can see it because of the raindrops there from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 20 minutes and expect no delays through the tolls. those metering lights will turn
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on around 5:30. again, the roads are wet. so make sure you're driving slowly. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. they are definitely wet, we definitely have some hydroplaning going on out there. good morning, everybody. it's our hi-def doppler radar. it's green on the screen raining from the north bay into the santa cruz mountains. i wanted to zero on in. i was just trying to queue up my map here when roqui tossed it on over to me because i want to zero on in on where it's raining the most right now. from marin to san rafael you have pockets of heavy rain to moderate rainfall heavy over san quentin, as well. so east bay was really laden with the heavy rain right there that 580/680 corridor but now it's traers ising toward the easterly direction but if you are driving that 680 commute anywhere out of the tri-valley in towards sunol grade making tracks towards 237 right there in milpitas, the heart of the silicon valley, it's going to be a very wet morning commute. meanwhile as weigh look at the peninsula at this particular time, perhaps you're beginning your commute through 101, sfo into san mateo, it's definitely
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a wet morning commute. and how about out of south san francisco 280 in towards redwood city? again, you have to use those windshield wipers and make sure whenever you use those windshield wipers you have your headlights on, as well. it's the law. all right. golden gate bridge, we do have raindrops on our camera lens and we have currently temperatures into the 40s and low 50s. it is now 51 degrees in san jose, 39 in fairfield. linda mather has light rain and winds that are out of the northeast at 16 miles per hour. it's a raw chilly morning. in fact, let's take a look at some of the wind speeds right now. up to 12 in antioch. 13 in napa. winds are going to be out of the south 10 to 20 gusts up to 30 miles per hour. a raw day, but not as cold as yesterday. pockets of heavy rain at times. scattered showers through the evening commute. and, in fact, once the rain continues to fall throughout the day today, it's going to rain on-again, off-again all the way through saturday. it's a wet weather pattern. here's your evening commute
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again scattered showers. here's your friday morning commute. scattered lingering showers. during the day we'll get a bit of a break even some rainbow weather before a secondary system works into our forecast on saturday. looks like a chance of rain showers for sunday. when we tally it on up, by friday, easily a half inch of rain in pleasanton. by saturday, we start to close in on over an inch of rain in accumulation all the way back through the hayward area. winter weather advisory is in place for the high sierra. we are talking 10 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. up to 5 inches at lake level at about 6200 feet. temperatures 50s and 60s across the board. here's your extended forecast. again, in and out of the rain all the way through the weekend. we are talking about chance of showers on sunday all the way through wednesday. don't forget the umbrella and you need an extra liner under your jacket, as well. yes. some good advice there, roberta. okay. here is what is trending today. madonna drove around new york city with james corden in the
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latest carpool karaoke. she sang along and even showed us some of her best dance moves. ♪[ music ] madonna is working. she also admitted she had a little relationship with michael jackson. if you want to see the full segment we'll post it online later. and from twerking to bell ringing an officer is getting attention for his dance moves outside a walmart to raise money for the salvation army. ♪[ music ] >> that's how kenny dances. officer sean was in a friendly competition with the local sheriff's office to see who could raise more money. and his moves might have paid
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off. he helped raise more than $1,100. that's good. others are apparently putting their money towards throbbing. the now famous or infamous however you look at it $85 rock from nordstrom is officially sold out. it's described as a smooth los angeles area stone that's wrapped in rich american leather. [chuckling] it went viral on social media this week with people mainly asking, why in? it's unclear if the company plans to restock the item in time for the holidays. we'll ponder that. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. good morning, everybody. hey, we got the nba up top. and the warriors last night, man! they went to the l.a. clippers and just pressed play on a five-game road trip. jay z and 9ers terrell owens, stars came out last night to watch the "dubs" rock and roll. steph curry inside for a 15- point lead. curry for the second time this season no three-pointers. clippers got some ridiculous shots off. jordan crawford, are you kidding me?! that's just to stay 13 behind. the "dubs" worked it around. set the table up for draymond green! he thundered through.
5:25 am
warriors rolled 115-98. the 7th straight win over the clippers. they are in utah tonight. meantime, iconic raiders, warriors, a's broadcast erbil king was voted to the baseball hall of fame as the ford recipient. so many great calls. a fan favorite. how about the raiders and the holy roller? against the chargers in 1978. >> grabbing the ball, it is a fumble, recovered in the end zone, the oakland raiders are scored on the most zany unbelievable absolutely impossible dream of a play! madden is on the field! he wants to know if it's real! they said yes, get your big butt out of here! he does! >> eight great years behind the mic for the raiders. part of five bay area titles in his career. king passed away in 2005 and speaking of the raiders, three- point underdogs at the chief
5:26 am
tonight. a critical game. this game could be the difference between first in the afc where the raiders currently are and fifth should they lose! they could be in the play-offs by the close of business at the end of the weekend. that is sports at this hour. everybody, have a great thursday. i'll see you around. ♪[ music ] the investigation continues into what caused the ghost ship fire in oakland. the city council tries to deal with some big questions about how inspections are done. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland was last inspected... and it's begging the question -- who should be held responsible for the deadly fire? we're learning how long it's been since this warehouse in oakland was last inspected and it begs the question, who
5:30 am
is responsible for the deadly fire? >> plus, residents of this neighborhood in san jose have had enough of the illegal dumping. their plea for help to the city. >> it is live, it's our hi-def doppler radar. it is raining now. it will rain for the evening commute. and we'll tell you just how long all this rain will last. >> okay. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and all those raindrops out there. coming up, we have updates on crashes and also a new crash to tell you about. a very rainy cold night throughout much of the bay and it will stay this way for your morning commute today. we'll get to weather and traffic and weather in just a moment. good morning, it is thursday, december 8. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we want to start with the latest on the warehouse fire in oakland. federal authorities say they know where the fire started but they are still trying to figure out how. and the city council will meet today to talk about the state of emergency declaration. kpix 5's anne makovec is live with details.
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anne? >> reporter: yeah. you can see it is raining here in oakland so it's a good thing that the recovery workers did so much work to clear out that site of that fire on 31st and international over the past few days. the emergency declaration you just mentioned is going to help free upstate and federal funds for the recovery process. in the meantime, the mayor and the city council here in oakland as well as the fire department are really scrambling to find records of exactly what went on in that warehouse called the ghost ship where 36 people died friday night. despite reports of illegal interior construction and people living in the building that was only permitted as a warehouse, the planning and building department had not been inside for 30 years to inspect it. in fact, the building isn't even in the fire department's database of properties. the atf continues its investigation into the cause of the fire and has released new information about how it
5:32 am
progressed. >> smoke traveled up the stairwell trapping the occupants on the second floor. the fire was well developed by the time the second floor occupants realized a fire was going on, on the first floor. >> reporter: now, as far as what's left at this site, authorities have been moving all of the debris, the rubble, to an undisclosed location because they are trying to preserve any evidence in this case since the cause has not yet been determined. we'll let you know as soon as they come out with any information on that. it could be weeks. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. friends and family are remembering those fire victims. there was a memorial service last night for the couple who reportedly died in each other's arms. >> "hail mary," full of grace, the lord is with thee ... >> hundreds of people came together in san bruno last night. they were honoring, 20-year-old michela gregory and 22-year-old alex vega. firefighters believe they got trapped in the fire and died hugging each other. the families say they had been
5:33 am
together for five years. >> they were perfect for each other. they always complemented each other. they were great together. like we thought they would be together forever. you know, she was a vega. >> both of them grew up in san bruno. the families are working on funeral arrangements. another couple who was killed in the fire is hannah and her fiance alex. hannah was from finland and came to oakland to be with him. alex had been working as a documentary producer for kqed. his mother is heartbroken. >> i lost my only child. nothing can replace that. my granddaughters don't have a father. my husband doesn't have a son. my family doesn't have alex. >> he shot this video from inside the warehouse minutes before the fire started. in about a half-hour, the house of representatives will observe a moment of silence for the victims of the warehouse
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fire. ♪[ music ] time now 5:33. let's get a check of weather with roberta. >> it's been an interesting week. we started off on a chilly note. yesterday we had temperatures that actually dipped into the upper 20s and low 30s for overnight lows and we struggle to see highs up to about 53 and 55 yesterday. now, today we're replacing all that cooler air mass with a blanket of clouds and some rain. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. you see a lot of green on the screen that's light to moderate rainfall. san mateo bridge, you are wet right now. hayward, very wet conditions all the way across 880 as you make that switch on over to highway 84. look at the morning commute around 680 out of that 580/680 corridor in the dublin- pleasanton area. that's always a nasty commute to begin with and you toss in some wet conditions, very slippery when wet all the way to the sunol grade as you make tracks into the silicon valley for the morning commute. now, this area of low pressure, it is now moving onshore from
5:35 am
the west, precipitation is lifting to the north, and it's ejecting to the east. snowfall in the high sierra today. today spotty hit-and-miss scattered showers. this is your evening commute as wet as the morning commute. throughout the evening hours you will still hear the raindrops on the rooftops and then by friday morning's commute, wet conditions, scattered showers throughout the day. this is only the backwash of the front once it passes through on friday. so don't look for a lot in accumulation but nonetheless, you will still need that umbrella. now, this is the secondary system that will work its way into our saturday morning forecast. notice the pockets of heavy rain, as well. then on saturday afternoon, it looks like all this begins to dive south. we'll see some wet conditions during the afternoon but then all should taper off by sunday with only a chance of rain. we have a lot of raindrops on the camera lens looking towards the golden gate bridge right now. temperatures are into the 40s.
5:36 am
later today temperatures into the 60s. we'll talk more about that but first, here's roqui. thank you, roberta. it's 5:35. and let's take a look at your roads because as roberta said, it's raining so it's affecting your morning commute starting here in san francisco. we have a rollover crash involving three cars on northbound 280 before geneva avenue. now, we do have at least the right lane blocked. the chp may have multiple lanes blocked right now as they try to clear out this crash here. in the area, traffic is moving at just -- oh, it jumped from 3218 miles per hour there you go so if this is part of your morning commute, avoid it or give yourself extra time to get through there. leading to san mateo now, northbound 101 before kehoe avenue, this two-car crash still out there in the clearing stages. but traffic in the area is moving at just 9 miles per hour so extreme slow conditions and also slow on the southbound side due to an earlier crash, as well. moving now to the san mateo bridge, from hayward to foster city, that will take you 14 minutes. but as you can see, traffic is moving pretty slowly because
5:37 am
they are driving carefully along the wet roads. slow on the altamont pass due to the crash in livermore. it's cleared but the backup from north livermore avenue to the altamont pass is drastic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. new this morning, police are investigating a string of violent robberies in berkeley. the most recent happened on tuesday night. a couple was held at gunpoint near spruce and virginia street. the other attacks happened earlier. one happened on virginia and arch. the other was on virginia and walnut. in all three cases, the suspects got away with the victims' backpacks and phones. there is no suspect description. alum rock residents are fed up. problems like illegal dumping and crumbling roads are affecting quality of life. last night, they held a community meeting to get answers. about 60 people met at the foothill presbyterian church to talk about solutions with elected officials and community leaders from san jose and santa clara counties and figuring out
5:38 am
just who to talk to when there's a big problem is a big challenge. >> these neighborhoods that surround this area, some of them are county, some of them are city. people get confused. even county and city folks are confused as to who is supposed to respond. >> the county says it is committed to responding to each resident's complaints in some way and hopes to give real concrete answers or at least an update within a week or so. they were born conjoined twins but today, two young sisters are now leading separate lives after surviving a day long surgery. >> we have seen one gall bladder, we haven't seen the other. >> eva and erika sandoval were born sharing some organs and intestinal tract. for months, doctors at lucille packard medical center have used 3d printers to figure out how to safely separate them. they operated three days ago. >> there are challenges but
5:39 am
it's something that i want to help them through and they are going to show not only me but other people that disability isn't something that is going to bring you down. it's something that's going to make you stronger. >> the surgery was a success and the twins are doing well this morning. there's now just four weeks to go before the end of the year and big changes to the tax code looming. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says there may be some smart moves to make right now to reduce your tax bill in april. that sounds good. so jill, president-elect donald trump says that he plans to overhaul the tax system. so what should we know? >> reporter: if you are someone who itemizes your deductions, sit up and pay attention! the main theme for 20 16-year end is it may make sense to pre- fund your deductions this year. talking about state and local taxes, charitable donations, the reason is they are likely to be less valuable or
5:40 am
potentially go away with new tax law changes that are proposed in the -- at least in the pipeline. additionally, remember, many expenses can be deducted only if they exceed a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income. try to bunch your legal advice and tax planning, travel and vehicle costs into one year so you exceed that 2% floor. we want you to take advantage of the deduction as it exists and as long as it exists. >> all right. jill, what about retirement plans? >> reporter: now, here's something everyone should be thinking about. you know, a lot of employers, they let you change your contributions. right? and some let you go up to 50% of your pay into retirement. well, that means you might be able to top off your plan before the year end. this year the limit's $18,000 per employee. but even if you can't do that much, just try to boost your contribution as much as possible. you will save for retirement and reduce your tax bill. if you're over the age of 50, don't forget you got an extra
5:41 am
$6,000 catch-up contribution available. if you are age 70.5 or older don't forget you have to withdraw a specific amount of money from your retirement assets every year. because those funds have not yet been taxed. here's the kicker. the penalty for not taking that required minimum distribution can be up to 50% of what you should have taken. ouch! if you have multiple iras you don't have to take money out of each individual account. you can take one distribution based on your age and the total value of the accounts. but ... the rules are different for 401(k)s and 403(b)s so for more details go to my year end retirement and tax strategies at >> a lot to think about before the year end. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger, thank you. ♪[ music ] it is 5:41. a man hops a fence at san francisco international airport. then refuses to surrender. it was all caught on camera. >> and if you have been living by the rule, the hotter the
5:42 am
water, the cleaner the clothes, you will want to hear this story. turns out hot water might be doing more harm than good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tennessee wildfire that killed 14 people. since it started two teens are under arrest this morning suspected of starting the tennessee wildfire that killed 14 people since it started last month. over 1700 buildings have been destroyed and entire towns burned to the ground. the two teens are charged with aggravated arson. a manhunt is under way in southwest georgia following the shooting of two police officers, one died the other in critical condition. it happened at an apartment complex near georgia southwestern state university campus. about 138 miles south of atlanta. authorities have named miguel
5:45 am
launch embreck as the suspect. no word what happened. police in reno shot a 14- year-old boy after he threatened other students on campus with a knife. now he is in critical condition. it happened in the middle of campus at hugg high school yesterday. the student would not respond to their orders to drop the knife and that's when a school police officer shot and injured him. the campus was put on lockdown and parents were notified. some rushed over worried for their children's safety. >> there was a shooting at hugg? what? i run out of the house and just came. >> he is going around telling everybody he is going to shoot and stab everybody. so he finally did it. and he got shot. >> no other students or officers were injured. state police and the fbi are helping with the investigation. a wild foot chase on the tarmac at sfo. a guy hopped a fence, refused to surrender and now is having a psychological evaluation.
5:46 am
the major security breach caught on camera. take a look at this! you can see the man running around dodging police and cars. witnesses say that he was acting erratically at the southwest terminal. then he took off running outside through traffic jumps from the upper level of the terminal down to the lower level and then on to the tarmac. >> who survives that kind of thing? >> i don't know. someone who is crazy. someone who has no fear. the adrenaline kicks in and gets you going. >> the man finally gave up and was arrested. officials believe he was under the influence but they are still trying to figure out how he got on the tarmac. all right. how do you wash your clothes? whites in hot,da, in cold? >> if you said yes you're doing it wrong. it your honor it outyour detergent is actually most effective in cold water. historically detergents needed hot water to work but the rule no longer applies. in fact, if water hits higher- than-75 degrees, the detergents
5:47 am
nowadays won't clean your clothes as well or remove stains and heat can actually help stain dig deeper. didn't know that. experts say the only -- >> what? >> -- the only time you should be using hot water to clean your clothes if you need to sanitize them. so i think the cleaning rags are still okay in the hot water but -- yeah, right? >> mind blown! >> you will also save a lot of money if you wash your clothes in cold. >> no, no, no. but you hit the keyword sanitize. if you had boys, you sanitize everything. [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't know. i have girls. >> i just throw everything in cold. >> i usually -- >> mix the darks, lights. >> nicer clothes in cold. oh!! >> take it from a woman who does about ten loads of laundry a week. no. >> i'm with you. >> when the clothes are stiff and you can smell them before you wash 'em, you got to sanitize them. [ laughter ] >> that's when you throw in the bleach. >> those are boys. >> what's wrong with you guys? >> my boys play hockey.
5:48 am
what do you do? you know? >> hockey clothes stink. >> the whole garage stinks. >> thanks for that, roberta. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> let's get a check of traffic. let's go ahead. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on and that traffic is backing up but hey, at least it's slowing you down because you need to slow down for wet roads. from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 26 minutes. and then expect a 15-minute drive through the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. now, in san francisco, we have a problem here on northbound 280 before geneva avenue. it's a three-car crash involving a rollover, as well. and it's blocking at least one right lane here but chp says multiple lanes may be blocked soon. in that area, traffic is moving at two miles per hour. so if this is part of your morning commute, you will definitely want to give yourself extra time to get through there. leading over now to san mateo, northbound 101 before kehoe avenue, this two-car crash still out there in the clearing stages and causing traffic to
5:49 am
move at just 30 miles per hour. so then a look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, that's westbound 92 will take you 15 minutes between 880 and 101. moving over now to our biggest hot spot of the morning, the altamont pass, we have a lot of slow traffic along the pass into livermore, where we did have a big rig versus car crash earlier. it's now cleared but that traffic is residual all the way on to the altamont pass. i'll moderate rainfall through san rafael, san quentin, fairfax, east bay. morning commute out of walnut creek, you will hit some hit- and-miss showers moderate especially the 580/680 corridor. it's nasty. toss in rain it's worse. then towards the sunol grade it's hit-and-miss scattered showers through the silicon valley. toward san francisco now we have had a cell roll in and out and right now again you can see that particular cell over the san quentin region. right now, over the sunset
5:50 am
district you're dry but more rain showers offshore in fact today, the most notable feature will be scattered showers but at times you can pick up a heavy downpour. all this activity is lifting off the pacific ocean then it begins to eject out east. but behind this, a lot of scattered showers light that right there. that's the scene looking out toward the golden gate bridge. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. you're right! not as cold this morning as it was 24 hours ago due to that layer -- that blanket of clouds over the area. but when you toss in rain and windy conditions it, feels raw outside. sfo 13-mile-per-hour winds. 16 at mineta international airport. we have an 11-mile-per-hour wind in fremont, 11 vallejo through benicia, 14 in fairfield, napa through sonoma. the winds are blustery up to13 to 15 miles per hour. this is what you need to know for your thursday. pockets of heavy rain at times. scattered showers for the evening commute, as well. and lingering rain showers with the passage of this front for your friday. here you go. it's a wet pattern that is
5:51 am
setting up. we are going to be in and out of the rain all the way through saturday. that's your evening commute. again, scattered showers throughout the day today, with gusty winds out of the south. that's your friday morning commute. there's your friday afternoon into the evening. we begin to buy a bit of a break before that right there. it's a secondary system that will provide some pretty heavy rainfall throughout the day on saturday. then sagging to the south by the evening hours setting the stage for a mostly cloudy day on your sunday. but before then, by friday, easily a half inch of rain throughout many of our neighborhoods. by saturday's system, we will have counting it up all the way over an inch of rain. but what does this mean for the high sierra? it means snow is on the fly. winter weather advisory in effect up to 10 inches of snow above 7,000 feet, 5 inches at lake level. official sun-up at 7:13. no, not going to see it. here's your temperatures for the day today. warmer than yesterday. 50s and 60s and there you have it. isn't it beautiful? an unsettled weather pattern each and every day.
5:52 am
don't forget that umbrella. we'll have a look at sports coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
of the safest cars. researchers says 38 vehicles got the top honor of "safety " the insurance institute for highway safety is out with
5:55 am
its list of the safest cars. researchers say that 38 vehicles got the top honor of safety pick plus. toyota and lexus had the most models followed by honda and its acura division. the iihs says that one new requirement that they looked into this year was headlights. >> we have raised the bar for auto manufacturers. you have to have headlamps that do a good job or an acceptable job of lighting up the road in front of you at night. >> the iihs hopes that improved headlights will eventually become a safety standard for all automaker. a lot of people are posting on facebook about a wine exchange but the better business bureau says it's illegal. it works like this. you get tagged in a facebook post and you're supposed to send that person a bottle of wine. in return, you are supposed to copy and paste the post and have people send you a bottle of wine. officials say it's better to just do a gift exchange in person. all right. if you miss the good old days. free meals on your flights, delta is thinking about going
5:56 am
old school. the airline is considering bringing back free meals in coach. the complementary meals will be available on delta flights from new york to california. continental airlines was the last major carrier to serve free meals in the main cabin six years ago. and if you have gotten bored with mcdonald's french fries a new twist for you. the fast food giant is selling waffle fries. bad news! only in canada. and only through the holiday season. so it's unclear if they will ever make it south of the border. ♪[ music ] three city of oakland prepares to make an emergency declaration because of that ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. the latest on the investigation and a lot of questions over city inspections. >> reporter: a miracle medical procedure. coming up, how once conjoined twins are doing after being separated. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell
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doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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night is making for a messy morning commute... good morning. it's thursday, december 8th. i m michelle griego. steady rain throughout the night is making for a messy morning commute. good morning, it is thursday, december 8. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's go right to roberta gonzales tracking the storm on hi-def doppler radar. >> it started raining yesterday. it tend to rain overnight. and now our live hi-def doppler radar shows that it still is raining. it continued to rain overnight. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! before you step out grab the umbrella with scattered showers around the peninsula causing delays on some arriving flights at sfo. you can clearly see that the san mateo bridge definitely is under right now a cell that contains moderate to heavy downpours. the scenario today will be that all this will be scattered throughout the day. there will be pockets of heavy rain at times and yes, it's raining for the entire morning commute and it will be equally as wet for the evening commute. we know that because of this right here, it's our futurecast. you can still see lots


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