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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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tribute to the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. a toll of mourning. today a san francisco church is paying respects to the victims of the oakland fire. >> the church bells climbed until they rang 36 times one for each victim of the fire. we have the story. [bell ringing] >> reporter: the sound of the bell at grace cathedral fell over the san francisco streets. 36 tolls to be exact. each one to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. [bell ringing] ,. [bell ringing] ,. [bell ringing] >> in the lost possibilities of the things they could of created and could have done
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with their lives. >> it is rare for the church to have a toll of mourning. many here are artists. >> it is part of the cathedral. a way that people transform lives and connect with god. >> reporter: art insulation called jackobs dream. a ladder symbolizing the connection between earth and the afterlife. >> connection between ordnary life, human beings and the transcendents. >> today, people came to find comfort inside the church. outside the sounds of 36 steady solum rings. [bell ringing] >> reporter: a brief but powerful pause to remember 36 young lives lost. >> each one of those people had a mother and father who loved them and cared for them, lovers and friends, just how much pain
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and hurting there is wherever a disaster like this strikes us. [bell ringing] >> reporter: in san francisco, jessicaa flores, kpix5. and the -- jessica flores, kpix5. >> they believe they figured out where the fire started but not what has caused it. today, atf announced they completed the work at the site and will release new details at a news conference on tuesday. coming up at 6:00 we will is have a live report of a fundraiser held tonight for the fire victims. you can visit our web site for the up to the minute information on the warehouse fire. it is all on new tonight, two people are dead after a fiery crasha that happened at 4:00 -- crash that happened at 4:00 this morning. the car hit the sound wall and caught fire. kpix5 talked with a man who
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heard the impact. >> right at my house. >> i hearda a boom. i go outside, i see a car. >> now, he racedda across the street to see if they can help anyone who might be trapped inside of the car. his cell phone -- raced across the street to see if they can help anyone who might be trapped inside the car. his cell phone has pictures. >> there is nothing that we could do. [sirens] >> reporter: firefighters arrived but they, too, could do little or free the two people who would die in the crash. investigators say for some reason the driver lost control of the car, crossing the center divider and going into the sound wall that toppled on to it. it is too soon to know if speed or alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. neighbors say they are haunted by the horrifying scene and their own inability to help. >> the whole front was smashed in. we tried to ask if anyone was
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in there. no one responded. >> reporter: back to you. >> the crash was the fourth deadly traffic accident since friday. >> another driver has been killed fleeing from the police. patrolmen pulled the car over at fruitdale last night at 8:30. they say the woman inside sped away and minutes later the car slammed into a light pole. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. her identity has not been released. san francisco's great highway back open. yesterday's rain flooded the roadway forcing crews to shut it down. work officials thought it might take several days for all of the water to drain. but they got it reopened today around noon. >> crews are searching for the missing skier. had his body was found. he was reported missing after an avalanche. he was with another skier that was able to escape. the search was suspended last night because of dangerous
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conditions. crews resumed the search this morning and found his body a few hours later. the identity of the skier has not been released. moving on to presidential politics. trump is dismissing intelligence reports that russia had helped steer the election. we have more on that and some up coming appointments. >> reporter: bipartisan group of senators is calling for a congressional investigation into u.s. intelligence assessments that russia interfered in the presidential election to get trump elected. >> the investigation is should be tough, strong, bipartisan and should have acis ses to all materials classified and not. >> john mccain says it is clear they interfered. >> it is clear. if they tended to interfere to the degree they were trying to elect a candidate i think that is subject to an investigation. >> reporter: the president- elect dismisses the
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intelligence report. >> it is ridiculous. another excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: trump spent a quiet sunday here at trump towers. gop sours say mitt romney's niece will be chosen to lead the rnc. trump's top choice for secretary of state is exxon mobile's ceo whose ties with russia could complicate hearings. mr.trump has announced he will hold a news conference on thursday to speak about another issue how he will separate his businesses from the precedency. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. the president elect tweeted today about him calling him a world class player and dealer maker and to stay tuned. new numbers show that in last month's election california's rate of voter turnout was an 8 year high. the secretary of state's office more than 14 million people cast ballots.
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that translates to 75% of registered voters and it is 3 points higher than in 2012. four points below the rate in 2008. coming up, charity in need of a helping hand this holiday season. their plea for more bell ringers. thousands of people in the bay area gathering for one of the largest events. ,,
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the first since the vote to legalize recreational marijuana in california. kpix five's john ramos went to new at 5:00. the state's biggest pot sayer is the first to legalize recreational marijuana. we went to see what is the latest buzz. >> this is it for us. this is our main huge gathering of everyone. >> welcome to the emerald cup.
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largest gathering of outdoor organic marijuana growers in the nation. the sonoma county fairgrounds welcomes 30,000 people it this weekend with information booths, product displays and even a competition between farmers. >> looking at it. now, cause, effect, quality. you know, how well it was trimmed. just like any product. >> reporter: they say a win at the emerald cup can set them up in business. like winning an oscar or a grammy. linda grows cannabis and seemed equally proud of her daughter and her best bud, number 224. >> the world it is -- the world is it -- >> it is great. we are all open for the change and the exceptance, obviously with 3,000 plus people -- acceptance obviously with 3,000 plus people here. >> reporter: most using it did not seem sick or in pain but when proposition 64 passed
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legalizing recreational marijuana for adults opened the door to the business of weed. when it goes into effect in 2018, emerald's cup founder believes the debate will be over. >> the turning point getting over the roller coaster. we will see full legalization. >> it is still illegal in federal law. blake says he believes president trump may surprise his people by treating it as a state's right to issue. >> so, i am a liberal democrat that believes more in trump than the clinton family or the bushes or the obama's. >> reporter: in santa rosa, kpix5. one of the hottest items at the event, edibles. the organizers had had to limit the size of samples to prevent people from getting too stoned. holiday tradition coming up short. the salvation army says they
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are in need of bell ringers. last year they say there were 20-25 ringers working each day. this year, fewer than 5. >> this year due to the rains that we have had and the low unemment rate it made it difficult for the saling sraeugzy army to get tiny bell ringers. the red kettle campaign is the biggest fundraiser of the year. for more than 100 years it is providing feud, -- providing food and other items. helping needy families in an event designed to upon had. >> it is amazing. we look period to this day thought the year. when today is over and we look at next year's program that is it, we are make making the
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difference. >> they are still accepting toy donations at firehouses until christmas. insurance safety is out with the the list of the world's safetiest cars. this year they are shining a light on the new requirements. >> reporter: crash tests on the front and side are a major factor in tkerling the -- factor in this test. >> we raised the bar for auto manufactures. you have to had have headlamps to do a good job lighting up the road in front of you at night. >> reporter: iih president says light change prevent a crash. here is the view from a high rated headlight where obstacles are visible compared to a poor rated one. 38 received the top honor of safety pick plus. toyota and lexus with the most
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followed by honda and the acura division with. >> our car is safer now than before. >> absolutely. >> reporter: automatic breaking is part of the reason why. >> it is standard and has 12- month-oldels. two years ago when they made it news they know they will do it with improved head lineups. when consumers and what their priorities are safety is one of the top 3 items they mention. >> you don't have to break the perch. iihs cut it in the closet. most automakers agreed to emergency braking standard. still ahead, a group of star wars fans turned it into a
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battle it weekend. we will have details covering the forecast in just a few minutes ,,,,,,,,,, we live in a pick and choose world.
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if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. seem familiar. people gathered for an epic light saber battle in new york this weekend. the participants are members of 12 different saber guilds from the new "star wars" movie will be hitting the theaters next week. now, here are 12 sabre gills from across the country. they helped train young potowans to benefit charities and pass on the force. >> when i originally saw it, now i know the battle. that is an up down, up down. >> now, they are made out of plastic and led lights and they run $400. scary moments for travelers when their plane skidded off of the runway. the flight was arriving from buffalo when it landed. the plane slid on a turn as it was taxiing to the gate and
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ended up in snow-covered grass. fortunately no one was hurt. passengers his to deplane in the snow. chicago is a winter wonderland. forecasters say the city received 3-4 inches overnight. powder blanked the streets. a winter storm warning is in effect there. including 1200 at chicago o'hare airport. all right, we will have wintry weather problems of our own before the week is over. we will start with the can kpix doppler. you can see there is -- some light showers mostly aloft in the bay area coastline. that looks impressive and the intensity level of the radar is boosted and there is almost nothing. probably nothing instead of reaching the ground right now
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the only thing reported way up increase epbt city. for us we got a lot of clouds over us right now. heaviest rain on tuesday and thursday. for tomorrow afternoon we should just be most he cloudy and highs top out in the upper 50s. not a rainmaker for tomorrow. it will be by tuesday. golden gate bridge. numbers now in the 50s for the most part. santa rosa cooled. 48 degrees. it is a big pineapple connection going all of the way back to south and east, south and west of the bay area. low pressure. perfect corridor to spin moisture in the bay area beginning late monday and tuesday and then again wednesday and thursday. already there are flood watches posted for late monday for parts of northern california. 4-9 inches of rain possible by the time all is said and done. late thursday. river and road flooding possible. so, be aa wear of the forecast, gardenville, russian river, napa river, things like that this week. you will want to pay attention.
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heavy snowstorm winds when it develops. this will add to a nice season for rainfall. 119% of average. oakland, better than that. look at santa rosa. 56% of average. increasing the numbers by the end of the week. future cast for monday, another day like today. high clouds. but then the clouds increase monday night. look at what happens on tuesday. it does not come from the gulf but at the bay area. moisture continues for much of tuesday and wednesday. lifting to the north. pushing on thursday. looks like the rainiest day is thursday. so, cloudy tomorrow. rain will develop heavy at times. tuesday through thursday and then try and clearing next weekend. heading out of the bay area tomorrow. does not look bad. cloudy day. overnight lows tonight will be on the chilly side with numbers getting down to the upper 30s if in santa rosa a. the forecast is calling for tomorrow to be dry and cloudy.
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tuesday rain develops first in the north bay but spread south over the bay area on late tuesday or thursday. thursday, a stronger system comes in before we finally get a chance to drain and dry coming in by next weekend. but a wet week ahead. the optive word, phrase, really, stay tuned. >> dennis? >> the 49ers as well. yes. winning the first game from the opening season. break out to a huge lead against the jets. the question is, will they hold it? that is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jeopardy of losing his job.. baalke was happy to have the jets in town... one of only a couple teams in the league that might be worse t as the losses amount. cbs 4 is announcing, the general manager is in jeopardy of losing his job. he was happy to have the jets in town one of the teams that might be worse than the 49ers. out with a hamstring injury, string of 92 straight starts. they came out firing. after jimmy's interception. getting the defender in the end zone. now, san francisco. later in the quarter, now, carlos, could reach 1,000 yards this season. could need more runs like this. 47 yard game inside of the 5 yard line. now, finished off that drive with another touchdown. 14-0 lead. now, powell, breaks off four ore five tackles here. now, a problem, yet again. going for it again.
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now, getting the tackle and gets the twist in. after a 49er 3 and out. they got in the field goal position, jets 51 yards out. it is up, it is good, we are going to overtime. and chip kelly rolled the dice on 4th down from the 37 yard line. stopped him ins his tracks. now, they turned the ball over. then -- stopped him in his tracks. now, they turned the ball over. now, 20 unanswered points by the new york jets to win 23-17. powell runs for 145 yards and the 49ers drop 1-12 on the season. chip kelly admitted to play calling, that is conservative in the second half. >> you did say it was on you, the play calling. >> yes. >> and it implies you would do it differently if you had to do it all over again? >> i think you can always second guess yourself. i thank is what we always do. just like the last couple of games. i told the guys, that one is on
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my. my responsibility. i gave us the call to go forward. 4th and 1. we did not get it. i made the wrong decision in that situation. >> field goal would have been over 50 yards. 49ers hold the record in the league only better than cleveland remains winless. >> raiders withy are off after losing on thursday. oakland was at home paying attention to the rest of the playoff race. now, back in the bronco lineup. never in 1010 trying to pick up a game with the raiders. taking control on the opening drive. now, 9th touchdown of the year for him. final minute, 14-10. fires over to the the middle. now, the comeback bid would end there. fumbles the football. titans recover. hang on to win 13-10. so they improve 7-6. denver drops 8-5. it drops denver 2 games behind kansas city and oakland for first points in the
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afc west with 3 games on play. luck, texans and the battle for 1st place. now, down 13-3. he has all day to throw. nobody is open. instead of throwing it away he tries to make something out of nothing. bad idea. get hit from behind. picks him off. now, the interception. cutting it. less than 90 seconds to play. they are down 5. across midfield. they spring the pressure and luck passed on 4th down. it is incomplete. the texans beat the cults, 22- 17 to sweep the series between those 2 teams. so, here is a look at the playoff -- afc playoff picture. raiders are in the 5th seed. the season ended today it would mean a road trip to houston for the first round of the playoffs. soccer, stanford men going penalty kicks against wake
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forest in the national championship game. all they needed to win was one more. now, he is denied it. brad and the cardinals win 5-4 on penalty kicks to win the national title. they become the first school since indiana in 2003 and 2004 to win back-to-back titles. so, raiders lost on thursday, 49ers lose today. stanford yet another national title. >> all right, game day tonight, i am sure we will have an earful on the niners? >> well, out spoken newberry. cbs did report there were more changes possibly within the team maybe his his father and he is taking over some of the leadership of that franchise. >> he was not fond of that, either. >> he was not. [ laughter ] >> he has reason to be. you will had hear that on "gameday". >> all right, thank you. that is it for us at 5:00. see you back here at 6:00 for
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an hour of news. >> news update on our web site and cbs weekend news is next right after a look at the bay bridge. see you at 6:00 ponsored by cbs >> quijano: who will be the next secretary of state? president-elect trump is said to be moving closer to nominated exxon mobil c.e.o. rex tillerson but will tillerson's ties to russia get in the way? also tonight melania trump's defamation lawsuit against two websites. a skier lost in an avalanche near lake tahoe. >> this was a closed area and the skiers obviously made a decision that they wanted to make a run there. for the best. >> quijano: and winter weather cautions major pileups and sends a plane sliding off the runway. where are the snow storms headed next? this is the "cbs weekend news."


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