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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: it all happened steps away from where a row of apartments were condemned earlier this year. >> over 40 years. >> reporter: veera remembers when there was a lot more land on the cliffs. when the apartments had backyards, now all gone. >> losing the trail, it's kind of sad. we were here in august and walked down the trail, walked on the beach with my kids from florida. >> reporter: a costly restoration effort may bring the trail back win days, but for how long? >> it's kind of the exciting thing about living here is watching mother nature do its thing every year. >> reporter: this is all being paid for by the private company that owns the ocean air apartments, which are right here on the cliffs as part of its lease agreement. the company has to maintain beach access year-round. it could face fines for days when there is no beach access, which may be one of the reasons this work is ongoing.
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reporting live in pacifica, kpix 5. flooding will be a concern as more rain is expected later on this week as we take a live look at ocean beach. the rain coincides with seasonal high tides known as king tides. >> we need to enjoy the dry break while we have it because it's going to go away rather rapidly. zero rainfall right now. as soon as tomorrow, it is the north bay first. you're going to get a lost rain in a short amount of time. especially up near clear lake, u chia. we're talking three or more inches of rain. lake county, mend seeno county and humboldt county, heavy rainfall starts tomorrow. a flood watch is in effect for that specific area. we'll talk about which day is going to be the stormiest with
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both rain and wind. that's coming up. the atf wrapping up its investigation into the deadly oakland warehouse fire. over the weekend, investigators coupled through wet ash and debris to figure out what caused that fire. so far they have ruled out the refrigerator as a cause. but the agency is looking into other electrical systems that may have sparked that blaze. they are expected to release more details at a press conference tomorrow. right now we want to give you a live look as first responders are gathering to pay their respects at the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. there is a fire station right around the corner from where that blaze took place. that's what you're looking at rye now. dozens of people who rushed to the scene on december 2nd about to walk from the fire station. they'll gather for a short
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memorial service. for many people, the emotions still raw. firefighters tried to rescue those inside, but were only able to get a few feet inside the burning structure because of the heat and smoke. others spend days trying to recover the remains of the victims there state officials have praised the work done by the emergency crews both during and in the wake of that fire. we'll keep an eye on the memorial and have more on it in just a minute. public is now able to get a closer look at the warehouse itself and people are stopping by and creating a new memorial to the victims. susie has more on that. >> reporter: the more we learn about this tragedy in oakland, the more difficult the details are to discuss. and that's certainly how the general public feels. you can see a number of people gathered here in front of the ghostship warehouse. this is the closest people have been able to get to the location as 31st avenue was
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closed off until this weekend. you see flowers and candles and people gathering to hug and pray. even more difficult to look at is the building itself employ the roof no longer existing at this point. people have been coming through over the past 24 hours to mourn, many of the people who are coming here to drop off notes and say a prayer didn't know any of the victims but say it's cathartic for them to come here. >> i'm looking at the windows up there. i mean, there's no way they could have got out of there at all. there was nothing. no ventilation for them, no exits, no -- nothing. and i'm looking at it. it's not even a back door over there. it's all brick. >> just had to -- just had to come see for myself. it's -- it's just awful.
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it's just awful. and oakland is -- i mean, just coming back and for something like this to happen. >> reporter: it's important to remember that the memorial you're seeing here just popped up in the past 24 hours. so that's a sign of how the community feels about this tragedy. all of this is brand-new. you're getting a live look at some of the candles, people dropping off flowers here as we speak. most of the memorials we've seen on the past have been on the outside of this as 31st avenue just opened up. so this is a sign of the community coming together to heal in oakland, even if they didn't know anyone who lost their lives last weekend. we're live in oakland. the u.s. senate paying their respects to the people killed in that fire over the weekend. they passed a resolution in memory of the victims. this comes after the house representatives also held a moment of silence for the victims last week. the resolution also commends
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those first responders of the blaze. and a big benefit concert is planned this week in oakland to raise money for the victims' families. primus and two other bands are on the lineup. a man turned up dead in san francisco this afternoon with a knife sticking out of his chest. the castro district. police got the call about 3:00 p.m. about a dead body at 18th and diamond streets. oakland police investigating a couple of accidents. both happened early this morning. 40th and adline, a paratransit bus struck a person in a wheelchair. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. unclear if the victim was crossing the street or traveling in the street instead of up on the sidewalk. and police are looking for
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the driver who flipped a car at 23rd and foot hill boulevard. a passenger was trapped inside, but the driver ran off before emergency crews arrived. in san jose, police need your help finding a robbery suspect who targeted a disabled man. the suspect appears to ride up on a bike knocking the victim over. he then helps the victim up, but they get into a scuffle when the suspect takes the victim's cell phone. the suspect was armed with a gun. he kicks the victim and takes off on the bike. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. we're learning what prompted a sonoma county sheriff's deputy to shoot a man. the deputy says the man pulled out a black object, point today right at him, like a gun, so he fired off several rounds.
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it happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. the man was hit once in his shoulder, still tried to attack the officers. he'll be okay, but will face assault charges. the object turned out to be a metal bike lock. the dispute centers around so-called quality of life citations for offenses like sleeping on sidewalks. back in october, a judge in superior court dismissed about 65,000 warrants for people who did not show up in court. now, mayor ed lee says the courts are shirking their responsibility, but the presiding judge is pushing back. he says the warrants clog up the system and are unenforceable. silicon valley tech leaders will hold a meeting with president-elect donald trump. elon musk will be there as will pay pal's founder.
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other executives heading to trump tower include apple's c.e.o. tim cook, larry page of alphabet. amazon's c.e.o. and intel c.e.o. much. reporter ken ethcraig has the story. >> reporter: the cia has concluded russia hacked leaked emails to help president-elect donald trump win the presidential election. but mr. trump believes the report is an attempt to discredit his victory. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. >> reporter: carly fiorina was at trump tower monday. one of a number of visitors meeting with mr. trump. >> we talked about hacking, whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking.
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>> reporter: congress is calling for a bipartisan investigation. >> i think we ought to approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russian ares do not wish us well. >> reporter: senators on both sides of the aisle also want to take a closer look at rex tillerson. >> he'll be questioned thoroughly, should he be the nominee. all of these allegations and talks about putin will come forward. >> reporter: tillerson worked closely for years with russian president vladimir putin which could put handwriting confirmation in jeopardy if mr. trump selects him. >> if trump chooses tillerson for secretary of state, it would take three republican senators joining the democrats
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to block the nomination. putin gave him an award called the order of friendship. during a speech at the university of texas in february, tillerson said he and putin are, quote, very close. >> so my relationship with vladimir putin, which dates back almost 15 years now, i've known him since 1999 and i have a very close relationship with him. i don't agree with everything he's doing. i don't agree with everything a lot of leaders are doing, but he understands i'm a businessman. >> trump says he likes the fact that tillerson knows world leaders. stanford's band is playing its last tune for the school year. >> why the university suspended all activities of the ensemble on and off campus. >> plus the perks of waiting in line as the hit musical hamilton hits the bay area.
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>> ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> and competing for the big screen. the finalists to sing the national anthem during a bowl game at levi stadium. ,,,,
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together, we can make the new rules work the greatest sports plays of all time. they're known for their wild behavior and running on to the football field during one of the greatest football plays of all time. >> now the stanford band has been silence. how some members are fighting back against a ban by the university. >> reporter: the stanford band known for not marching, not wearing any uniforms, not playing by the rules. but a university panel says
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it's gone too far finding the scramble band of students and non-students violated alcohol policy time and again. >> the alcohol violation is just one of many bottom of the barrel justifications for suspending the band. that overlooks what incredible positive change we've made over the past year and a half. >> reporter: in the spring of 1215, the university put the ban on alcohol. but the university says the band has failed to complete required reforms. that means for now, sam isn't allowed to put his stanford tree costume on. >> i think our culture is at odds with the university's overall image. >> reporter: all band activities have been suspended through the spring quarter of 2017. until the stanford changes its organizational structure. right now it's student-run. the university is calling for a
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professional music director. julia howl is the incoming drum major and says the band was already taking steps to hire a professional. >> as i see it, the suspension of the band is an effort to water down and honestly control. >> reporter: in palo alto, kpix 5. >> the band plans to appeal the decision. mean while, stanford officials say they will convene a committee to work on reorganizing the band's structure. are the musical hamilton is coming to town in a couple of months, but if you want to see the hit, get in line now and be prepared to wait. today at times, the line stretched at least two blocks filling the sidewalk outside. it started forming almost 24 hours in advance, but don't feel too bad for those waiting. some people are being paid to stand in line to get tickets
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while others are planning to sell them at a premium. stub hub shows tickets running between 1 and $3,000 a piece. >> i'm buying an extra set of tickets to sell them at my school auction. >> it will be playing march 10th to august 5th. wells fargo's phony account scandal seems to be widening to include life insurance. workers at wells fargo signed up customers with insurance from prudential without their knowledge. three employees at prudential say they were punished for not helping with a cover up. for its part, wells fargo says in a statement that it is, quote, deeply concerned about these allegations as they are completely counter to our values. the california insurance commissioner now launching a new investigation of wells
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fargo. the ski season at tahoe taking a deadly turn this weekend. two people were killed in separate incidents. a 35 year old ski instructor was killed yesterday in north star. he tied after hitting several rocks and crashing into a creek. a 64 year old man was killed in an avalanche near mount rose. officials say he was skiing in an area that has been closed off. only two out of every 5 people have gotten the flu vaccine this year. but it's not too late to get protected before flu season peaks. doctors say if you get the vaccine you may not get as sick if you end up with the flu. they also add that the more people get the shot, the less chance the flu has to spread. the finalists to sing the national anthem at the foster farms bowl at levi stadium got
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their last chance to belt out the tune in san francisco. kpix takes us on the audition. >> ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed >> reporter: 11 young finalists competing to sing the national anthem before a distinguished panel of 4 judges, each one an incredible voice. >> ♪ oer the land of the free ♪ >> reporter: an honor to be able to judge these people and get to hear the national anthem 11 times. i'm liable to be weeping before the time it's over. >> reporter: they come from all over northern california and central valley hoping to sing at levi stadium in the foster farm bowl this december 28th.
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foster farms is also helping local charities. >> today's winner, foster farms will donate in their name another thousand meals to a local food bank. >> i think i was more nervous than she was. >> we were very nervous. >> any singer can hit the high notes if you just practice and have a lot 6 confidence. >> reporter: last year, a jazz choir from santa rosa won. they're back again this year. >> ♪ oh, say does that star spangled ♪ >> reporter: judges listened and scored. >> i got welled up when they hit some of those notes. i actually get emotional. >> reporter: in the end, someone must be chosen. >> this year's winner will be felicia diaz. >> reporter: 16 year old felicia from turlock is the winner. congratulations. right now, we want to take
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you back to oakland, give you a live look as first responders are getting set to pay their speculates at the scene of the deadly warehouse fire. these are the first responders who got to the scene. they are walking now, a bag pipe in the lead. walking from the nearby fire station, which is just on the other hand the corner. that's what's so ironic about this tragedy. they'll gather for a short memorial service. for many, the emotions, as you can imagine, are still very raw. firefighters who tried their best to rescue those trapped inside. while they were only able to get a few feet into the burning structure, which obviously took the lives of those 36 people. others trying to recover the remains of the victims later on. state officials have praised the work done by these emergency crews both during and in the wake of the fire.
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they'll be joining a memorial which has been set up in front of that building now, that 31st avenue is open to the public. a whole sidewalk of flowers and candles have appeared at the site. we'll keep an eye on this and have more coming up in a minute. ♪
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weather time. tell be another active week. we will have to wait until thursday for the majority of the bay area to receive heavy rainfall. tonight we are cloudy and we are chilly. livermore, 47 degrees already. santa rosa, 50. 53 in san francisco and san jose. 51 in concord. radar is clear. for most of the bay area, tell be clear once again tomorrow. the exception is from north sonoma and north napa county and farther north. there's a flood watch in effect in those counties because it's
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going to start pouring tomorrow. the bigger news is a winter storm watch is in effect for the western slopes of the sierra. little bit of snow tuesday and wednesday. the heavy stuff gets there thursday. we could see several feet of snow above 4,000 feet in elevation by the end of this week. tonight we're cloudy, not that cold. san francisco 48 degrees. here's the set up once again. ridge to our south, low pressure to our north. literally from hawaii into southern california and oregon. watch the rain building in the far north bay tomorrow evening. it stays there on wednesday. you're dry san francisco, livermore, san jose and morgan hill. the rain will consolidate and as a cold front, sweep down to the south. that is heavy rainfall. it is going to pour for several
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hours and winds will be up toward 30 or 40 miles per hour. tomorrow or wednesday -- that is thursday. north way rainfall tuesday and wednesday. the soaking rain on thursday and lots of powder in the sierra, heavy snow is likely there. highs tomorrow, upper 50s san rafael and san francisco. the rain stays north on wednesday. rain likely on thursday. and then we're sunny and cold friday through the weekend. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the news with scott el pasoy is next. new calls for a hacking investigation. the c.i.a. emlin tried to swing the election to donald trump. he says... >> i think it's ridiculous. >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news is inside syria where the rebels are outgunned and outnumbered. >> this is an opposition group. the government can launch attacks. >> pelley: he's fighting for compensation after spending half his life in prison. >> for a crime he did not commit. >> pelley: and she lost the love of her life in the oakland fire. now a photographer has given her a priceless gift.


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