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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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this is a renowned raiders hang out. we got here just in time to watch the 4th quarter. we caught the moment when raiders fans erupted in cheers once they defeated the san diego chargers. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: after a 14 year hiatus, this will be the first time the oakland raiders are in the playoffs since 2002. the 1960 win over the san diego chargers combined with kansas city's lost to the titans puts the raiders in the lead in the afc west. the elation at this bar was palpable. never a dull moment. this has been a long-awaited victory for raider nation. >> fans have been rewarded for what we waited for, what we have been patient for and prayed for. and now, let's go to the super bowl. >> traders nation is real. we are back. we are back.
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>> reporter: the one thing fans did not want to talk about, raiders owner mark davis's plans to move the team to las vegas. a $1.9 million stadium has been approved. as you can hear, the fans are actually doing with signs that stay -- say stay in oakland. they say this will happen over their dead body and tonight is about celebrating now that the readers hold the second seed in the afc right behind the new england patriots. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> a lot of good luck in oakland. as for the game itself, it was a good one. dennis o'donnell has all the highlights in sports.>> a live look to a clear and cold night and the numbers will once again plunge into the 20s in spots. freeze warnings posted for part of the inland bay area. temperatures will chill to below freezing but not quite as cold as it was last night. still below freezing in santa rosa, fearful, livermore, and
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santa fe. oakland and 48 degrees by sunrise. take heart. won't be quite as chilly tomorrow. in fact, we will be near 60 degrees for highs by midweek. forget about throwing a log on the fireplace. no wood-burning allowed. the freezing weather caused a lot of problems on the roads earlier today. this pickup truck flipped over near marina vista road and shell avenue in martinez. a motorcycle also spun in the same area. slick roads caused another rollover in the we hope. it happened on highway 37 near columbus parkway. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it's not clear if freezing weather had anything to do with water main breaks. streets in san jose flooded one a 12 inch pipe burst near south seventh and alma avenue. a couple of nearby businesses
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closed nearby. another water breakdown mariposa lane and rodeo, shutting down 16 customers. the cast-iron pipe was more than 70 years old. firefighters and castro valley worked frantically to save a woman trapped in a burning home but despite their best efforts, she didn't make it on. kpix 5, jessica florez shows us the house near 580 and san miguel avenue was just steps from the fire station. the fire broke out in a townhome behind we just after 6 am. this is all less than 100 feet from an alameda county fire station.>> when we opened the door to respond, we could smell the smoke. >> reporter: within a minute of getting the call, firefighters were battling back heavy smoke and flames. working feverishly to reach the woman inside. >> we found david them on the second floor. the rescue company pulled the victim out and we tried to
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revive the victim but we were unsuccessful. >> reporter: the tragic outcomes at castro valley boulevard and san miguel avenue comes after another deadly fire and castro valley less than a week ago. last week's fire is being investigated as arson. the cause of today's fire is still unknown.>> it's hard on the firefighters because our job is to protect the citizens and so when we go in and try to rescue someone, and we are not successful, it's tough. >> reporter: the property owners stopped by but did not want to be interviewed for this report. alameda county fire is asking the public to do what they can to prevent fires this holiday season. >> please check your smoke detector is. don't leave candles unattended in the room. don't leave food cooking on the stove and then leave. we have had an array of fires in the bay area and we just want to make sure that our
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communities are safe. >> reporter: and castro valley, jessica florez, kpix 5. >> so far, the victim's name has not been released. in the wake of the goshen fire, there is concern about the safety of those where places -- warehouses. 36 people were killed in that fire. the ghost ship was so crowded, it was hard to know where the exit was. what do you do if you are attending an event and need to get out fast? event producers have come together to share their advice in any safety video. >> this video is intended to provide a few basic steps. >> reporter: the four-minute video gives a list of things to look for at a gathering.>> no exits is the main way people buy. make sure each room has two lays out. >> reporter: advice for not only organizers but attendees. >> when you see smoke, immediately leave the area. michael -- >> michael
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morgenstern created the video after the deadly fire inside a warehouse. >> my hope was that people would watch the video and in six months when they are doing a party, they will watch it again and take those tips to heart. >> reporter: but joseph pratt, an emergency and risk manager, who is also in the video, says the advice isn't just for underground parties. >> lots of venues are not purpose built for large events and gatherings. the most important thing is not waiting to evacuate. >> reporter: but the group also has a goal for the video, to keep artists from being kicked out of their living and workspaces. in the wake of the fire, art collectives have been under scrutiny. >> everything is properly wired. >> reporter: john owns a live work building in oakland. he says he's converted warehouse is up to fire code, not only to keep tenants safe but because he has lost a
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business to a fire and a warehouse without sprinklers. >> whatever started it, by the time it got going, it burned down. >> a group of artists hoping to save lives. so far, the video has been shared thousands of times. >> we hope you take these steps for your parties. bay area musicians are paying tribute to the victims of the ghost fire. they gathered for a special musical performance in oakland. jon gray mouse was there. >> the memorial at the site of the ghost ship was silent this morning but in another part of town, it was anything but quiet. the chapel of the chimes in the oakland hills held a free concert this morning by some 40 local musical groups to honor the fire victims. it was as unusual as it was fitting. from the chanting of buddhist monks, to the rhythms of an indian sitar. everywhere you turn in the labyrinth, revealed
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yet another artist performing yet another form of music. >> they are randomly throughout our building playing music for the victims of the go ship fire. >> reporter: many of those victims were involved in what is called new music. a seemingly random expression of sounds like this woman striking a metal sculpture made of steel rebar. and while there were the beautiful harmonies of world music, there was also a group of snare drummers who played so loudly, it hurt the ears. >> i'm not sure music is quite what it is but it sets a nude. truck that's what performers -- performance artists like the ghost ship victims are trying to do, create an experience that raises questions without necessarily providing answers. >> it does express whatever way you are feeling inside and you
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don't really care what other people make of it. it's kind of like figure it out, you know? truck today's memorial concert was confusing and fascinating. and perhaps gave some insight into those who lived their lives marching to a different drummer. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. still ahead, a dramatic police chase leads to a standoff in los angeles. tonight, the guy is still up there. we will tell you what he is wanted for. hundreds of new metal detectors are coming to california prisons. the specific item guards are trying to keep out. and pint sized santa claus. by the city is hoping they can help bring the gift of some much needed dollars to the downtown area.
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dramatic turn this afternoon.... as police tailed closely behind this stolen car...the wanted man inside lost control... the car later flipping over on
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its roof. a high-speed chase involving a murder suspect in glendale taking a dramatic turn this afternoon as police tailed closely behind this stolen car. the wanted man inside loses control. the car leader flips over on its roof. the story doesn't end there. the man.out of the overturned car, and ran away. he was later spotted climbing a nearby building under construction and as of right now, he is still there at an impasse with police in a crisis negotiation. the team has been called to help get him down. we have new detail tonight on the wedding tragedy. the city is now bringing in an arborist to inspect the tree that cross country wedding party in a park before it happens again. >> last night, i couldn't sleep. >> reporter: leslie and her family were supporting their grandmothers birthday yesterday afternoon when they heard a loud noise. >> i thought it was fireworks but then my brother was screaming.
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he said the tree was falling down. >> reporter: this large eucalyptus came crashing down on a wedding party who had come to the park to take photos. >> people were running. >> reporter: leslie says her father helped the groom, who appeared to have trouble breathing but other people were trapped until firefighters could cut through the tree. five people were taken to the hospital including a four-year- old girl with head injuries, an older woman who a family friend told us was the mother of the bride, did not survive. >> i heard screaming and a pool of blood. i didn't know what to do. i just started crying. >> reporter: pen park remains closed today. jeff collier says they went to bring in any consulting arborist to find out what caused the tree to trouble.>> i know that we have had a few trees, some of our street trees collapse. we believe that is drought related over the last several years with an increased rate of limb breakage. >> reporter: city workers are constantly checking the health
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and safety of the trees. >> we have staff out in all of our parks on a daily basis, not necessarily our arborists but maintenance staff that are trained to identify or look for any issues with trees. >> reporter: the four-year-old who was hurt, is still in critical condition tonight. the other injured victims are expected to be okay. after decades of debate, construction of a suicide barrier along the golden gate bridge is finally moving forward. a contractor for the project is expected to be named this friday and construction start next year. a stainless steel net will extend around the bridge. it is expected to take three years to put into place and cost $200 million. california is installing 1000 new metal detect is and scanners at state prisons. it in an effort to thwart cell phone smuggling. they are expected to be in
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place by july. this comes as thousands of illegal phones get into the hands of inmates. prison guards say the devices can be used to plan attacks and commit crimes on the streets from behind bars. with more tuition hikes being discussed, many californians think public universities and colleges are already too expensive. a recent public policy poll found that 72% think the price keeps students who are qualified from attending. tuition levels more than doubled after the 2008 recession so the university of california and to be cal state university system says the costs have been frozen for the last six years. it's an annual dilemma for downtown san jose. how to keep the crowd come back after the holiday events are over. devin fehely shows us, they were literally trying to run some much needed dollars into the downtown area.
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>> reporter: they are trying to get creative. thousands are out tonight to join christmas in the park but the real challenge for the city has been convincing these same folks to come back for the rest of the year. it's a beloved christmas tradition, bringing more than a half-million people to downtown san jose each year. >> we come out here every christmas and walk around with the family and look at the lighted trees. >> reporter: but convincing the same crowds to visit downtown set has struggled to add retail space has been a struggle the rest of the year. downtown is about people and the vibrancy that they bring. carl, a silicon valley leadership group, helped organize the reindeer run. it's a fundraiser for christmas in the park and a chance to showcase what downtown has to offer. >> in recent years we have seen an impressive revitalization of our downtown so we're not going to see a lot of retail until we have many thousands more people living in downtown.
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>> reporter: san jose mayor -- we san jose mayor says the blueprint for a more vibrant downtown begins with housing. some of that is already underway but whether it truly leads the foundation for more retail remains to be seen.>> i am not going to come shop but i will come explore an event like this or an injury or something else where i can spend a few hours just kind of enjoying the atmosphere. >> reporter: the san jose mayor says about five years ago, christmas in the park was in real jeopardy after the state did away with redevelopment agencies and its funding source went away. since then, the city has managed to get creative and found money in its budget and generous donations from the business community. >> downtown san jose where it is 45 degrees under clear skies. it's going to get down to a little below freezing in the south bay tonight. freeze warning for posted for much of the inland bay.
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right along the shoreline, not as big a problem as it was last night. those freeze warning's will be extended until 8 am tomorrow morning and it's going to be cold. overnight lows, 21 degrees in napa and 30 degrees in redwood city. livermore gets down to just 28 degrees. not as cold us last night, though. it is sure looking pretty out there toward the bay bridge and city hall and all of san francisco displayed in holiday splendor. concord 43 degrees, oakland 47 degrees, and san francisco now a chilly 49 degrees. what does it look like from space? won't be as chilly tomorrow with high pressure sending a nudge of high pressure over northern california. as a result, the results are going to warm. when i was just starting the weather business and i said things would degrees in too warm, the next day would be in the low 50s. people said that would be warm. what i say now is it's not going to be as cold as it was
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and that should be true tomorrow. they are quality forecast, unhealthy levels of pollutants. spare the air tomorrow. futurecast, believe it or not this is a time lapse. clear for much of the bay area. a few high clouds in the north bay to just proof we do have the computer models up and running. big chill tonight, lows in the 20s. little warmer, not as cold through wednesday. a slight charge chance early thursday. near 60 degrees inland by thursday. we have more clouds in northern california tomorrow but fresno escapes with sunshine. numbers tomorrow mostly in the 50s. with temperatures and opened up 55 degrees. a fairly uniform hermas. 50 to 55 degrees big wide tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. maybe a few high clouds by sunset.
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we warm it up to near 60 degrees by wednesday, stand a slight chance of a shower or two on thursday. we might get showers moving in on christmas day. we shall stay tuned for that. the raiders are in the headlines but dennis is going to talk about the 49ers. the 49ers tried to avoid their 14th straight loss. the raiders had a chance to clinch their first playoff appearance in 14 years. kickoff is next. ,,,,,,
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kansas city were they lost their grip on the division... facing a chargers team that w the raiders were coming off a somewhat underwhelming performance in kansas city, where they lost their grip on the division. facing a chargers team today and a cool quarterback and philip rivers who have done 10 interceptions over his last four games. raider nation turning qualcomm stadium into the black hole. a great start for the chargers. opening drive, philip rivers to
6:23 pm
travis benjamin. on 3rd and 8, that's a 47 yard touchdown. 70 to zero san diego. less than 5 minutes in the game. second quarter, 7 -3. derek carr picked off by the goal line by read. second red zone turnover for oakland of the game. oakland's second turnover would be a problem or what it? 30 seconds left, derek carr to crabtree but the pass is rolled incomplete but they are going to review it. look at crabtree. both feet get down and that the touchdown. the game is tied at 10 at the half. that mcwhirter, 13-10. rivers finds hunter henry for a touchdown but the chargers missed extra point so their leaders at -- is at 1613. same score, 4th quick, katie ferrell fumble. recovered by malcolm smith. san diego 16, oakland got a field goal to tie the game. a little over 4 minutes left, derek carr avoids the pressure, takes off, thanks he has got the 1st down. the ref spotted him short.
6:24 pm
oakland challenged again and it was ruled that derek carr did get the ball over the 1st dunn before going out of bounds. oakland got another field goal and led 19-16. could rivers and san diego respond? 4th and 15, rivers under pressure, picked off, reggie nelson seals the deal. the raiders win 19-16 and the playoff drought is over. oakland clenches their first postseason spot since 2002, proving -- improving to 11 -3. >> it was one of our goals. we are going to take this place, some are they haven't been in 14 years. that was a part of it. we said we are going to make the playoffs. >> give us the reaction in the locker room. >> a lot of excitement, ma'am. this is what we play for. to be in so we can play for the big one. we needed this one today and we got it.
6:25 pm
we are excited. still a lot of work to do. >> and i've got more good news. three degrees with the chiefs trying to stay atop the division. tightens with 5 seconds left, 53 yards out. it is short. the game is over, right? no, andy reid called a timeout prior to the cake. 53 yards out, in the freezing cold this time it's long enough and it's good. what a shocker. tennessee winds and the raiders are alone in first place in the afc west. tom brady and the new england patriots in denver. the denver broncos are the only team brady has a losing record against. second quarter, tied up 3, the gair blunt into the end zone. he has a record for the most rushing -- rushing touchdowns in a season. patriots win16-13, edging the afc east for the record eighth straight year. a big day for the raiders. they clinch a playoff spot, take over 1st in the division
6:26 pm
and move into the 2nd seed. they are one game behind the new england patriots. seems like every week we are saying that the 49ers hit rock- bottom but today's game marked a new low. san francisco set a franchise record in rushing yards allowed in a single season. head coach chip kelly looking to snap their 12 game losing streak, facing the falcons. with client already up 14-0. matt ryan to austin huber, three touchdowns on the first three possessions to start the game for atlanta. a drive for the 49ers, 16 yard touchdown. second quarter, 1st and go for the falcons. look at devonte a freeman go. look at him go. bowls his way into the end zone and that's the day it was for the 49er defense. that mcwhirter, falkins looking to put it on ice. this is from 34 yards. he had 139 yards and three
6:27 pm
touchdowns. that's the most yards in any nfl game this season. at least colin kaepernick got to reminisce about the nfc championship game that was played in the georgia dome. >> when i first walked in the locker room, my locker was the same locker during the championship game. there is a little bit of a nostalgic moment and then it was let's get ready for today. let's get prepared. let's get focused. >> lost the focus somewhere. coach mccarthy trying to figure out which play to call in a tie game against the bears. aaron rodgers of top for jordy nelson. 60 yard play inside the 20. rogers races of despite the fall and he does it in time. that is a 32 yard field goal. veteran kicker nails the game- winner. green bay wins their fourth straight in their back in the
6:28 pm
playoff picture. they are 8-6. the san jose sharks 4 echo 1 losers to the blackhawks. jeremy newberry will break it down. the end of a playoff drought. >> he always breaks it down. >> i was at that last playoff game. it was the super bowl in san diego. >> thank you. tomorrow, donald trump will officially be elected president but tonight, protesters are still trying to change the elect for us 'mind. if you're heading on the roads for the holidays, winter weather is causing chaos across the country. and less than two weeks after this heated confrontation over safety and oakland, but two sides are coming -- are coming together again as friends. ,,,,,,,,,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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e a woman trapped you are watching kpix 5 news. >> our top story tonight, firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames and castro valley to try to save a woman trapped in a burning townhome but by the time they reached her, it was too late. the fire broke out just after 6 am on san miguel avenue, less than 100 feet from a fire station. the cause is under investigation. if you are hitting the road for the holidays, or even just to work, your morning could be tricky. several roads slipped this morning. another freeze warning has been issued for tonight. our friends aren't even in the ground yet. >> a tense confrontation in the wake of ago ship fire. local artists squaring off with an oakland business owner over safety. less than two weeks after the emotional encounter, the two sides are coming together again
6:32 pm
in the spirit of friendship. >> joe vazquez is and oakland where they are putting aside their differences to honor the victims of the fire.>> reporter: we are right outside the q lounge and oakland. this is part of the everett and jones empire. folks are enjoying the music from a live band. remarks have already been said and this community is trying to come together right now after some tensions laid bare by the warehouse fire. >> we've got to join hands. >> reporter: love and peace. the providers of this oakland institution have joined forces with their neighbors in an event called a candlelight vigil in the name of love, honoring victims of the warehouse fire. >> our life in the city needs to come together. the white, black, bu republican, democrat. we feel like this event will set a good example. >> reporter: the vigil emerges after some tension in the community. >> you all are on the
6:33 pm
witchhunt. we are still briefing our friends. >> reporter: earlier this month, the owners of everett and jones held a press conference just before the -- just after the ghost fire to point out that the building next door, called the salt lake, which often host's music events with -- without permits. >> my friend died. >> i sympathize with that. >> reporter: the news conference was interrupted by friends of some of the fire victims. >> every single artist involved things that this is wrong and their calling you snitches and saying this is a witchhunt.>> if you want me to save lives, be quiet at the mouth. >> reporter: but now they're coming together to focus together on positive solutions. >> it was a miscommunication. that has been put to rest and where moving together, doing what is best for everybody in the city. >> reporter: so, so far we have only seen one representative from the warehouse. we are expecting to see more folks but clearly, everybody is committed to the unity that
6:34 pm
this event is bringing. a lot of people say this is a good first step. two sides that aren't coming together tonight, trump supporters and opponents protesting across the country. they want to urge electors to change their vote when they make their official pick for president tomorrow. as wendy gillette reports, some electors are asking to delay the vote all together. >> reporter: some members of the electoral college say they need more evidence about russia's involvement in the presidential election before casting their votes. >> what i want to see information to be out there so that the american public and electors, know who has been involved in to make sure that we protect the integrity of the american democracy. >> reporter: 80 electors, all democrats except one republican have requested an intelligence briefing before meeting monday when they are expected to formally elect donald trump president. the republican is chris supra who says he won't vote for the
6:35 pm
president-elect even though texas awarded him all 28 votes. >> this is the first time in american history where we have someone clearly unfit for office. >> reporter: the president- elect surrogates say intelligence findings that russia meddled in the u.s. election to help trump has been inconclusive and they dismiss the efforts of electors who want to delay the vote. >> it's about democrats that can't accept the outcome of the election. it's about delegitimizing the american system. it's not going to work. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of senators is calling for a senate select committee to investigate russian interference and cyber attacks. >> a select committee whose only focus is to get to the bottom of this, is what is called for. >> reporter: the president- elect laid low on sunday, beginning his holiday vacation in florida. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> a spokesperson her for republican leader mitch mcconnell says he will review the request to establish a new
6:36 pm
investigative committee. holiday travel could be a bit of a nightmare as blizzards and bitter cold sweep across the midwest and it's headed to the northeast. roads and families are slippery and temperatures in the northern plains have plunged to -20. in chicago, a passenger plane slid off a runway at o'hare. emergency crews rushed to the flight. no one was hurt at hundreds of flights have been scrapped at chicago's airports alone. many people ended up sleeping at terminals. some eventually decided to give up until weather conditions improve. >> i am kind of ticked off. me and my girlfriend were planning a nice vacation to vegas. our trip got pushed back 2 hours and then 4 hours, and now canceled. a nice little weekend trip just turned into a mess. there are similar scenes of stranded passengers across the midwest and travel by road is not easy either.
6:37 pm
street in chicago are forcing drivers to take it slow. i think the point of all of this is to say chicago is bad news. plows are trying to get the main thoroughfares cleared. actress and jet setting mobile zsa zsa gabor has died. danielle nottingham looks back at the life of the original celeb eton. >> reporter: a true tinseltown beauty, zsa zsa gabor became known for her offscreen life. married at least nine times, her husband's included hotel tycoon conrad hilton, the man who invented the barbie doll, as well as one of her own divorce attorneys. >> i am just a simple hungarian girl. >> reporter: born in budapest in 1917, she followed her sister and green eger -- greenacres store is a gaborik. her big break was starring in the original moulin rouge. she appeared in more than 40 movies and paraded her
6:38 pm
glamorous lifestyle on television, crating such memorable quotes as i am a marvelous housekeeper. every time i leave a man, i keep his house. her favorite accent was heard on many tv shows and an animated movies. her colorful behavior landed her in the headlines in the late 80s, when she spent three days in jail after slapping a beverly hills police officer during a traffic stop. the turn-of-the-century brett new challenges. in 2002, a car accident left her partially paralyzed. she suffered a stroke a few years later and then a broken hip and had part of her leg amputated. she also suffered a financial blow when she and her husband frederick prince juan all told in a ponzi scheme. she was on life support for the last four years of her life. in all nottingham, cbs news.>>
6:39 pm
zsa zsa gabor was 99 years old. still ahead, are you stalling on getting a flu shot? you might be dylan for all the wrong reasons. we will bust common myths about the vaccine. we need her for many more years. >> and a 12-year-old boy makes a heartfelt request to santa to save his mom. what local firefighters did when they found out. ,,,,,,,,,,
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like i said. the mayor. in a letter from a 12-year-old boy. arnulfo guerra junior's mom is on the list for a heart transplant. in his letter to santa, he said the only thing he wants for a group of texas firefighters learned the meaning of christmas from a 12- year-old boy. the boy's mother is on the list for a heart transplant and in his letter to santa, he said all he wants is a healthy heart for his mom. when local firefighters found out about it, they dropped by to drop off presence. >> and his letter, he made us aware of your health condition and that you're waiting on a heart transplant. >> that is the only thing i want for christmas. >> the firefighters even
6:42 pm
brought a gift for mom. if you haven't gotten the flu shot alone -- yet, you are not alone. the cdc says many people have misconceptions about the vaccine. brook silva-braga busts the myths. >> reporter: for years, j feldman didn't bother getting a flu shot. he figured he would get sick or the flu wouldn't be that bad. and than last year. >> about five days bedridden. missing finals. it was tough. >> reporter: this year, the cdc says only two of five people in the u.s. have gotten a flu shot. with flu activity on the rise, health officials are urging everyone six months and older to get vaccinated. >> can i get the flu from the vaccine? >> no. no. >> reporter: and the side effects, soreness in your arm, aches and fever, are not nearly as bad as the disease itself, and yes you need to be vaccinated every year. the shot changes to match the flu strains expected to be circulating.
6:43 pm
doctor levine at mount sinai hospital says the more people who get the shot, the less chance the flu has to spread. >> by getting your flu vaccine, you are not only being good to yourself but your neighbor and your loved ones. >> reporter: but feldman isn't making -- taking any more chances. while the shot isn't 100% effective, doctors say if you get the vaccine, you may not get as sick of you end up with the flu. brook silva-braga for cbs news new york. >> doctors also say the flu shot is safe for pregnant women and can protect the baby after birth. we have new details on a kpix 5 investigation into sexual-harassment investigations -- allegations that a local va clinic. christin ayers found out the problem may be even more widespread than we first thought. and these kids thought they were lining up to find out who won a brand-new bike. boy were they surprised when they stepped inside this san
6:44 pm
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today. the san francisco firefighters toy program asked them to write an essay about why they should get a bike for christmas. then -- they invited up some toys. hundreds of kids in san francisco had their christmas wishes granted early today. the san francisco firefighters toy program asked them to write an essay about why they should
6:47 pm
get a bike for christmas. then they invited them down to pick up some toys. but the kids didn't realize until we got there, they were all winners of the essay contest, every single child. they all got brand-new bikes. >> it was happiness all around. >> the san francisco firefighters program collects donations and gives them out to thousands of kids every year. they gave away more than 400 bikes to say -- today. >> you would have to pedal pretty fast to keep warm. tomorrow, very nicely done. we still have freeze warning's tonight in the bay area away from the shoreline. not quite so cold overnight. overnight lows below freezing. napa down to 31. san francisco 41. san jose, down to 31 degrees. livermore, 28 degrees.
6:48 pm
the city of san francisco right now at 49 degrees. concord 43 degrees. clear skies and 43 degrees in santa rosa. high pressure now in command of northern california means we will have sunny conditions today, tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday and things will warm. skyrocketing all the way up into the sweltering upper 50s by midweek. the air quality is going to suffer for the north bay tomorrow so no wood-burning. a steadier forecast. futurecast shows we have fairly transparent skies with not much in the way of clouds tomorrow. this is a loop showing the way things should look tomorrow. maybe a few high clouds in the north bay and that's about it. still cold tonight with lows in the 20s. morning between now and wednesday and a slight shower chance on wednesday and more than a slight chance on christmas day. at least the models are hinting at it. heading out of the bay area, we have plenty of clouds, readings
6:49 pm
mostly in the 50s except in the mountains. in the extended forecast, we are looking for sunshine tomorrow and tuesday. mostly sunny on wednesday. a chance of showers on thursday but not much and then we keep it partly cloudy through the weekend when we introduce a chance of getting wet again on christmas day. don't worry, santa has his umbrella. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
clinics.. is getting national attention tonight. a kpix 5 investigation into sexual assault allegations that local va clinics is getting national attention. >> it appears to be a widespread problem.>> he would just be looking me up and down and i would just keep going like i didn't notice. >> looking you up and down -- >>
6:52 pm
like he can see me out of my clothes. >> reporter: this woman says her supervisor at the va medical center in martinez has been harassing her, even asking for sex in exchange for a job transfer. but when she reported the abuse, she says no one would help. >> they discouraged you from doing anything further? >> the va did. the federal government. whenever i would go to someone, it's like everybody says he is doing his job. >> reporter: she is one of three women who have come forward to kpix 5, all claiming they have complained about the same supervisor, darrell milburn. they say nothing has been done to discipline him. instead, he punished two of the women who filed formal complaints against him with writeups and emotions. a similar scenario played out at a va clinic in colorado.
6:53 pm
>> he hung out at my desk quite often i would tell jokes. >> reporter: shall franklin is one of five nurses who say they were sexually assaulted or harassed by their boss. >> he would drop my shoulders and laugh about it if i would tell him to stop. he would say do you really mean it? i says yeah, i want you to stop. >> reporter: she says the supervisor eventually approached her in a stairwell, and tried to kiss her. >> he felt like he had me cornered and there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: in this report to the va, another nurse claimed the same supervisor kissed her on the neck and asked for oral sex. another reported he reached into her pants and pulled her underwear to give her a wedge he but when they decided to blow the whistle, they say no one believed them. >> we were the bad guys for reporting this sexual assault. >> reporter: debra was sent to a windowless basement to work alone. she shot pictures with her cell phone. >> you have to get a card to get into that room because it
6:54 pm
was always locked. i was petrified. >> reporter: to other nurses were fired and more than two years later, an attorney says the case is still not concluded. >> the other employees continued to work for the va and suffered all sorts of horrible retaliation including the va starting to investigate two of the women. the second investigation resulted in recommendations that they women be disciplined. >> reporter: the va has been in trouble before for retaliating against employees who blew the whistle. then it was about long delays in caring for veterans. our investigation of employee harassment and retaliation could put the agency and the hot seat again. >> my initial reaction is outrage. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speers sits on a whistleblower protection commission. >> we know that the va throughout the country has had
6:55 pm
very serious problems. we have spent a lot of taxpayer dollars trying to make the va system work better than it has. to make sure that veterans get access to the positions when they need them. and i find this retaliatory action within the va totally unacceptable. >> reporter: va officials told us they can talk about specific cases for privacy reasons but the medical director for northern california did agree to discuss the complaint process. >> we tried to take every claim seriously. >> reporter: david stockwell says the agency has set up resolution management to conduct investigations. >> the whole reason for the independent review is so we can't have the cronyism of protecting and circling the wagons. >> reporter: but according to the va's own data, less than 4% of employee complaints resulted in findings of discrimination in fiscal 2014. >> that is next to nothing. is it really a fair process if
6:56 pm
that's what the numbers show? >> we have made a very easy, accessible process for somebody to say i don't think i was treated fairly. so people take advantage of that. >> those numbers are heavily skewed against findings of discrimination. it is very difficult i think for a logical person to hear that of all the complaints you received that 96% of men have absolutely no basis whatsoever. >> we don't make that determination. it is done outside our medical center. >> reporter: and says if employees don't like the outcome. >> they can vote with their feet as far as their employment decisions working for the va. >> reporter: but the women we talked to say they are staying put to fight for their right. >> i want to expose him so this man won't keep doing this to women. >> reporter: and now they've got back up. >> i will do everything in my power to make sure they are treated as whistleblowers. they should be treated with respect. the cases should be handled appropriately and the perpetrator should be punished. >> reporter: christin ayers,
6:57 pm
kpix 5. the va's office of management is investigating the complaints of two nm employees who talked to us but as we previously reported, the process can take years. for now, thanks for watching. 60 minutes is up next. >> throughout the evening, the latest is always on we will see you back here at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
ord. we go further, so you can. ( shouting ) >> their only hope is the syrian civil defense, a self-appointed, volunteer force of rescue workers who call themselves the white helmets. this woman told us her entire family was buried." >> ( translated ): i didn't expect my son would survive," she told us." he was only ten days old." but after 16 hours of labor, her baby was brought into the world a second time. ( cheering ) ♪ ♪ >> it is the oldest choir in the world. evidence of its existence dates
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