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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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he answered directly the big question about how he'll come in as an outsider. >> first and foremost my job is to make sure officers get their support in everything they need do their job. with the person i am i can eresonate with the officers doing their job. that's in any dna. most of my years with the l.a.p. d. has been in operations. i get it. >> the new chief pointed out he's been through the same thing in his career with the l.a.p.d. chief. next up the major issue facing any chief today. the need for police to build community trust. >> to the community of the city of san francisco and the diverse communities that make up this great city, what you will find in me is the same person i have been all my life. the person that will listen to you, hear you, take action as appropriate. i'll be fair and consistent. >> the big issue are high profile police shootings. the last was an officer filing in a car and killing an african-
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american woman. that costed the former police chief his name. the new chief's job is to implement. a new use of force policy. >> law enforcement across this country we have challenges in the profession. let's start there. this organization, like many others, has recognized what those challenges are. the thing that attracted me to this job and this opportunity is that the organization did recognize there is challenges and things we have to work on o. >> that work is not going to be easy. as we know, san francisco is one of the most political cities in the country. its police department is just as political. >> you have a couple things going on here. one is reform. the other is policy. tasers, a good example. did he speak to that today? >> not at the meeting. later i heard his opinion was he supports the use of tasers.
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they use them in los angeles. in san francisco the police commissioner is reluctant to use them because they are afraid police will overuse them. that's the tight rope he'll have to walk. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. elizabeth cook has a closer look at chief scott's resume. >> bill scott is called the right man at the right time to lead the department. he has spent three decades in law enforcement. scott comes from a military family from alabama. he went to the university of alabama and got a degree in accounting. he's been with the los angeles police department for 27 years. he was named deputy chief in 2015. and put in charge of overseeing the area around usc, port of l.a. and south los angeles. an area ripe with gang violence. scott was in charge of more than 1700 employees serving a region that spans 58 square miles and is home to more than 600,000 people.
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l.a.'s current chief says quote the bay area's gain is l.a.'s loss. we credit his leadership in the successes we had stemming from the surge of violent crime in the south bureau. scott takes over from acting chief tony chaplain who has been running the department since may. emily turner is on personal notes from the chief as he was introduced today at city hall. >> reporter: chief scott is an outsider geographically and politically. that doesn't mean he hasn't always had his eye on san francisco. >> when my wife and i got married we talked about the places we wanted to live. number one on my list was the city of san francisco. [ applause ] >> reporter: it took san francisco's new chief of police more than two decades to get here. 27 year l.a.p.d. veteran gets to live in the city that was his first choice. he one looking for a job when the recruiting company came
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knocking. the chief of police in san francisco was in a position to pass up. >> we gained something unique in deputy scott. i look forward to his leadership as we move forward as a city. >> reporter: he has a wife and three grown children. two of this came today and without support he says, he never would have made it. >> they are really the force that drives my life. and i could not do it without them. >> reporter: he and his wife's 29 year anniversary was yesterday. as a gift he says their life story gets to come full circle. >> on our anniversary we end up in san francisco to accept this job. i thought that was kind of karma in the making. it is really a great thing. >> reporter: so now that the scotts are here finally, as far as the chief is concerned.
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he said he is looking forward to getting the know the city, getting to know the folks in it and especially his department. live in san francisco emily turner kpix 5 news. >> he was the last police chief hired from outside of the department. the new district attorney weighed in on the chief. >> the issue is not an insider outsider they need to have the ability to stand up for what is right. i believe he'll do so. >> he knows chief scott from his days with the l.a.p.d. many reforms san francisco is facing were put in years ago in los angeles. hundreds of retired san jose police and firefighters may be on the hook after they were overpaid nearly a million dollars in retirement benefits. this involved 300 retired public safety employees. overpayments were first discovered in 2009 during a city audit. but officials are justifying out now the extent of the front. they now estimate about
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$950,000 was overpaid to retirees. since as far back as 1998, the mercury news is reporting city officials gave the retirement office the wrong information. retirement board will vote next month on how to correct the issue. last month an audit found 12 nonpublic safety employees were overpaid $500,000. the board voted to go after the city to recover the funds. now to a developing story. two people were shot at a pawnshop. police are looking for two suspects. witness said they walked the pawn advantage store at 3:00 this afternoon wearing masks and carrying guns. shots were fired and the suspects took off. right now it is unclear if the victims were customers or worked at the store. no word yet on their conditions.
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at 6:00, east bay family praying for answers after a husband and father was killed as he was playing guitar in a church band. reporter jessica flores is on the crime outside of the doors of the church. >> reporter: gloria and her 12- year-old daughter are devastating. they were praying instyed the church of god in oakland for a funeral when the they heard the gunshots. she ran out to see her father on the ground. >> i went up to him. his heart was still beating. the last breath he had he was gone. >> reporter: the family says 32-year-old ignacio chavez has been playing guitar for the church band. he took a break outside. inside the church a fight spilled out. he was an innocent bystander when he was shot and killed. >> i really miss my dad. i can't get him back. the only thing i want is that that guy goes to prison.
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>> reporter: 11 years ago ignacio left guatemala for a better life in california. he worked in construction and focused on an education for his children. now without her husband, gloria wonders what will she do now? >> if you see something suspicious this is not the only family that's been left behind. [indiscernible] if we don't it will grow bigger and bigger. >> reporter: his life taken outside of the sanctuary where he prayed in the community he fled to near his family he tried to protect. now church members donating what they can in hopes of giving him a proper funeral. in oakland jessica flores kpix 5 news. an update on a turf war between south bay neighbors and a group of buddhist worshipers. the religion group has plans to build a temple on cline road
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near gross beck hill park. county officials say the group is at least three months behind on its payments. so, they issued a letter ordering the head monk to pay up or settle the matter in court. neighbors in the area long complained about the group's music and loud chanting. members of the temple have not commented on the issue. a carjacked porsche has been recovered after being involved in a crash. it was involved in a collision this morning on 880 in oakland. it is the same porsche stolen yesterday. a woman told police she was forced out of the car at gun point while she sat in a parking lot. the gunman got away as did the driver in this morning's crash. every day three million kids go off to school in california. a new did shows that some of san francisco's schools made the list of the most dangerous. kpix 5 news wilson walker explains why. enderloin comm school for instanc far the most pedestrian accidents and was in the top five for bike accidents as well." number five on the list - bessie charmichael at 7th & harrission... and
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number eight - marshall elementery - just off of mission street. talk to san francisco's pedestrian safety advocates and not one of these three locations comes as a surprise. {[nicole ferrara "no they don't. they re along some of our most dangerous streets in san francisco." and the tenderloin, mission and "south of market" neighborhoods have a high number of pedestrian accidents for a reason... they have have streets built for speed. {[nicole ferrara "so one way streets are particularly dangerous because they create this tunnel like feeling and you can really pick up speed." and faster traffic tends to produce more dangerous crosswalks - like this guy - who might have been killed had he actually followed the walk sign and used his right of way. {[nicole ferrara "you know schools are everywhere throughout our city, and many of them are going to be within a quarter mile of a dangerous street." in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. a bay area teenager, killed when a tree comes crashing down at a >> reporter: now if you talked to san francisco these pedestrian safety advocates, not one of these three locations comes as a surprise. >> no. they don't. they are along some of our most dangerous streets in san francisco. >> reporter: the tenderloin in addition in south market neighborhoods have a high
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number of pedestrian accidents for a reason. they have streets built for speed. >> one-way streets are particularly dangerous because they create a tunnel-like feeling. you can really pick up speed. >> reporter: faster traffic tends to produce more dangerous crosswalks like this guy two might have been killed had he followed the walk sign and used his right of way. >> schools are everywhere in our city. some are going to be, many will be within a quarter nile of -- mile of a dangerous street. >> reporter: in san francisco wilson walker kpix 5 news. a bay area teenager killed when a tree comes crashing down at a birthday party. it is a tragedy the family says never should have happened. the safety information the city kept under traps. the new plan to shake updraw these foster care system. the scramble to take children out of group homes and find them loving families. bay area mailboxes raided in the middle of the night. new at 6:00, a startup solution to help you catch thieves in the actor. a cold air on tap in the
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bay area. changes coming at the end of the week. we'll have that and a look ahead too the christmas forecast when the we come back. ,,
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outside oakland's fairyland died when a branch crashed down on him. kpix five's jackie ward reports, his family is suing the city, saying the deadly accident could have been prevented.
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jack lewis' family says they remember the 16- year-old as an exuberant, creative boy who was on his way to becoming an eagle scout. "this is a tragedy that did not need to happen." last december, jack was on lake merritt at a birthday party..when he climbed the tree that once stood here to talk to some friends. it was a tree that had been marked with a blue dot just like this one .. tagged for removal. "his adventurous ways were everything we had hoped for him to be. you know, the kid who went out and jumped first in the water, jumped first in everything he did in life. he was just being himself when this tragedy occurred." a 20-foot limb snapped when jack was climbing it..sending it crashing down on top of jack's head..killing him on the scene. john winer, the lewis' family attorney, says the city of oakland knew this was a dangerous tree. "they topped the tree, which means they cut off the top of the tree a long time before this incident ever happened. and the only reason to cut off the top of the tree is because it's dead." consulting arborist denice britton has been examining trees for 35 years. she says she sees several hazardous trees in the immediate area where jack was killed that need to be taken down. "and some have been taken down. they're obviously, actively managing this site. but i presume that the funding is such that they can't get to some of the problems as soon as they would like to." ward/@jackie_ward "i spoke with the city attorney's here in oakland and they said they can't comment on pending litigation. from lake merritt in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5." the lewis family filed a claim against the city five months ago .. >> reporter: it crashed down on
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top of this arborist sees several hazardous trees in the immediate area where jabbing was killed that need to be taken down. >> some have been taken down. they are actively managing the site. but i presume that the funding is such that they can not get to some of the problems as soon as they would like to. >> reporter: i spoke with the city attorney's office in oakland. they said they can not comment on pending litigation. in oakland jackie ward kpix 5 news. >> lewis family filed a claim against the city five months ago. oakland did not make an effort to settle it. that's why they filed the lawsuit. today the board of supervisors honored the men and women who rushed to the oakland
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warehouse fire. 36 people were killed in the fire december 2nd while firefighters knocked down the fire as quickly as possible. for days after the fire dozens of firefighters searched for victims sifting through ash and debris. the board of supervisors wanted to recognize the crews for their hard work. >> the dangerous conditioned they had remarkable courage. >> also honored the mental health workers two had been assisting family and friends of the victims since the tragedy. a new state law kicks in next month to fade out group homes for foster care. john ramose met a former foster child who is hopeful the law will create a more family-like atmosphere for foster children growing up. >> reporter: contra costa county has 1100 kids in the foster care system. 100 of those live in group homes. private businesses that house up to six kids at a time.
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justice woods says christmas in a group home holds little magic. >> you wake up. they give you your stuff and that's it. you go on with you day and do your chores. you just sit around the house and do nothing. >> reporter: justice is 19 now and on his own. he never had anyone who could care for him for long. he thinks group homes do more harm than good. the state of california agree with him. in january a new law requires the phasing out of group homes which has counties scrambling to recruit enough foster parents to fill the void. >> we want people who really care about children, who want to help them succeed in life, two want to keep them in our community who can open up their heart and home for these kids. >> reporter: that's what kate and ron did. they took in these two siblings. it wasn't easy at first. it took a while for everyone to bond. now these four are happy. with an adoption on friday they
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are a family. >> open your home. it is doable. it is worth it. they matter. the kids need a chance. >> reporter: the county says it is not looking for perfect parents just people with room for one more in their homes. justice says he never really had that. he still believes that's where the magic is at christmas or any other time of year. >> i feel like you come in with open arms and you'll have a connection just like a son and a father or mother and daughter. >> reporter: in contra costa county john ramose kpix 5 news. the new state law gives counties two years to end the use of group homes for foster care. contra costa county hired two full-time recruiters to find people to be foster parents. the mayor of richmond has a possible solution for horse owners facings election from a
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stable. more than 100 horses called this stable home for 17 years item city says the stables were never permitted. in the midst of the stable's impending richmond the mayor hoped to discuss a new solution at tonight's city council meeting. brian is joining was a look at the weather. hates been cold outside. >> it will better. stick around until summer time. we have a chilly night on tap for the bay area tonight. we are gaining five degrees a night. now overnight lows are in the 40s. as we overlook the city of san francisco, looking awfully nice tonight. the numbers are as warm as 53 degrees at oakland. livermore has 47 degrees. san francisco 53. santa rosa 50. santa rosa will plunge into the 30s tonight. 36degrees.
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napa 40. 38 fairfield. 39 livermore. sun up tomorrow at 7:22 on what will be the shortest day of the year. just over nine hours and 20 minutes and winter solstice. cold air is stable. there is not much mixing in the atmosphere. forecast for tomorrow because of unhealthyfuls of pollutants in the north bay so in wood burning. in the high atmosphere we are taking a vantage point from the west coast. we can see high clouds in the northern quarter of the state. sunny now. tomorrow we'll get a couple degrees warmer. by friday we'll increase clouds. that will lead to a chance of rain coming in the bay area. friday looks wet. saturday lingering showers. christmas looks dry. that's the way it is shaping up now. it will be on the chilly side again tonight. wind solstice 2:44 a.m. rain and wind come back on friday. forecast highs for the bay area. we'll be look at numbers in the
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upper 50s low 60s down on the south bay tomorrow. warm spots will be coopertino at 63. same for san jose. 60 freemont. 60 hayward. in the east bay upper 50s. north bay looking good, as well, with a fair day tomorrow. plenty of sun ahead. at least through friday. extended forecast calls for things to get wet into the week. lingering showers on saturday. christmas day is partly cloudy. maybe a few showers coming in on monday, as well. on again off again kind of weather. something for everybody. >> looks good for christmas eve. >> not bad. >> we may get rain. thank you very much. it is a fee you pay every time you buy a carpet. where exactly is that money going? the crack down on a california program critics say is not living up to the recycling promise. a massive explosion at a fireworks market in mexico. at least two dozen people have been killed. the rush to help the injured at a very unstable scene. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but a landmark 20-10 california law intended to encourage recycling isn't achieving its goals. liz cook explains: it was haled as a step to make the car -- carpet industry greener. the program did not intend the goals. >> reporter: buy carpet in california and you'll pay a fee. extra 20-cents per square yard. that goes to a program called carpet america recovery effort. a program run by the carpet industry. >> it helps promote recycling. well, it is supposed to. >> reporter: a state review found 10% of old carpets are getting recycled far short of the program's 16% goal. the rest is going to landfills or being incinerated. >> it is not working well. most californians don't know we
6:26 pm
have a recycling program for carpet. >> reporter: a state agency that promotes waste reduction called care on the carpet. >> they are in violation of the carpet laws. >> i know people look at it as excuses but a lot of things were outside of our control. >> reporter: they blamed difficulties in recycling. a delay of getting a recycling plant online and a collapse in the price of commodities. it is promising to do more including stamping carpets with information that will help recyclers identify what is and isn't recyclable. >> we need to ask for more details. >> reporter: the state is skeptical. cal recycle director says he'll likely reject the proposal for how they'll run the program for the next five years giving care more time to figure out new plans to deal with old carpet. >> there were no easy and quick solutions. >> it has been six years. there has been lots of time
6:27 pm
given for corrections anded a justments. at this point it is not working. >> cal recycle will announce the decision tomorrow. care could face penalties for failing to start an effective recycling plant. coming up, dozens of killed after a series of blasts in a fireworks market in mexico. video capturing explosions in progress. the dangerous rescue mission as fireworks continue to go off. a rash of bay area mail thefts. now, new way to stop the criminals in their tracks from your smartphone. ,,,, ♪
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oppers in the outd in our top story at 6 2:30. dozens of people dead after a massive explosion at a fireworks market in mexico. it sent shoppers in the outdoor market into a panic. the blast was spark at 2:30 this afternoon just outside of mexico city. take a look and listen. rising you can imagine the noise this produced. a person driving by the blast got this video of the smoke rising up over the market with
6:31 pm
the fireworks booming around them going off all over the place. officials counted 26 people dead so far. dozens more have been injured. people on the ground got this cell phone video of people walking through the aftermath while fireworks were still firing off around them. the blast tore through stalls and stands where people were shopping. there was a similar incident in this very same market back in 2005 and 2006. isis is claiming responsibility for the doctors -- christmas market attack that killed 12 people in berlin. >> reporter: german chancellor visited the site where a truck crashed into a busy christmas market in berlin. the death toll is up to at least 12 with 50 injured in the attack. investigators treating it as an act of terrorism.
6:32 pm
the chancellor signed a book of condolences after saying she was shocked after saddened. police initially detained an asylum seeker from pakistan. he denied any involvement and was released because of insufficient evidence. authorities say they can not trial out a possibility that a suspect is on the loose. this man was selling jewelry at the market when a truck barreled in. >> we had to close all the shops quickly. so quick that i could not close. >> reporter: a polish driver was supposed to be using the truck to deliver steel beams. that man was found dead inside the cab shot and stabbed. after the truck attack, police in london are taking new precautions. for the next three months the roads around buckingham palace will be closed for the changing of the guard. in berlin is the fear of the morning. crowds gathered to leave cards and flowers. a toppled christmas tree marks
6:33 pm
a spot where a truck became a deadly weapon. cbs news london. families of the the pulse nightclub massacre are suing social media sites claiming they help spread terrorism. he posted messages on social media swearing allegiance toises sis. families of the victims say facebook and twitter and google give terrorist groups a platform for recruiting. twitter wrapped up efforts to shutdown accounts promoting terrorism. all three companies promise to track and remove any terror-related posts. a woman in pacifica makes a heart breaking discovery using a smartphone app. she activated the find my phone app and tracked her missing husband's car to the highway 92 connector to 101 in san mateo. she called emergency responder who is found his car underneath the interchange. he went over the barrier at
6:34 pm
that connector and crashed 30 feet down on to the roadway. he was in an area that is hard to get to. even hard to see. he may not have been found without the app. >> the vehicle went off the freeway and went down 30 feet on to a field. basically nobody would have been able to see it unless somebody was out there. >> investigators say they are still trying to piece together what caused the crash. dozens of east bay families are chosing to pick up packages at the post office. that's after their neighborhood was hit by a rash of mail thefts. some time overnight crocks swiped mail and packages from 40 homes near rolling hills. one of the victims says she woke up this morning and noticed several homes down the hill from her house had their mailboxes opened. >> christmas is here. you know there was tons of gift cards and probably presents that everybody lost for their kids or their loved ones. >> mail theft is a federal crime.
6:35 pm
the post office law enforcement arm launched an investigation into the incident. east bay startup is working on a solution to mail theft. we have information on how a new app could catch crook, red handed. >> reporter: what if i told you any time a stranger opens your mailbox a picture is taken and an alert is sent directly to your phone. >> our goal is to prevent the crime while it is in progress. >> reporter: david with deep sental developed software do just that. prevent a crime in progress. it is realtime artificial intelligence. >> it indicates a person topped standing in front of your mailbox loitering. >> reporter: deep sentinel will be launching the software in the new year. he walks us through it. >> in this case we have a criminal who walked up to the front of the mailbox.
6:36 pm
system identified he is loitering in front of the mailbox and alerts the homeowner via their mobile app. they have an opportunity to launch a drone intervention. the drone is programmed that this camera is protecting the mailbox. it sends the drone to protect the region in front of the mailbox. >> reporter: the software comes with interventions. >> everything from speaking to the person saying get off my driveway to using drones and copters to intervene with the person while they are committing the crime. >> reporter: it is live in a select number of homes during the research and testing trial phase. when someone approaches your front door the alerts go directly to your phone. only alert that warrants your attention like a security breach. >> when you get alert from defense mode you better listen to see what is going on. we have good accuracy. >> reporter: in the tech world it is called deep learning machine learning. >> that deep learning is identifying this is a man. it is not a dog or a deer or a
6:37 pm
cat. as the man standing at your front door. >> reporter: the company says says deep sental software works on a majority of home surveillance cameras. all you need is the actual software. here's the extra eyes and alerts as we ring in the new year. >> she called police to see what they thought of this. they said it is okay to do this and use a drone as long as it is on your property. tonight according to next door. com 42% of people report having had packages stolen. tonight we are asking you if you experienced package theft. send me a tweet now. we'll have results and best comments tonight at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw 44 scale 12. coming up, meet mark zuckerburgs personal home assistant.
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there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost. and now that voice is echoing in the bay area home of one of the biggest names in tech. meet jarvis. 17 you probably recognize him from dozens of hollywood movies. that's voice is echoing in the bay area home of one of the biggest names in tech. meet jarvis. >> good morning. >> good morning, mark. it is saturday you only have five meetings. room temperature is set to a cool 68 degrees. >> how cool is that? legendary actor morgan freeman is the voice of mark zuckerburg's butler. the facebook ceo spent about 100 hours developing the system.
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jarvis acts as a an alarm, practices mandarin with zuckerburg's daughter and opens the front door of guests he recognized. he is named after the iron man action movies. metallica's welcome home taking on new meaning for the frontman. he said he's moved his family out of the bay area because it is too elitist. cofounders hatfield have been long-time residents but hatfield said he felt out of sync for some time. he said of the bay area they talking about how diverse they are and it is fine if you are diverse like them but showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn't fly in lorain county. my form of eating organic doesn't vibe with theirs. guess how many raiders are if the probowl? seven more than the 49ers.
6:42 pm
49ers signed prince charles today. why that hockey players was overcome with emotion. sports straight ahead.
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time for weather now. the national weather service says the surf is up. big breakers will be by the shore tomorrow. be careful if you are headed shore-side. we have the third in the row spare the air in the bay area. no wood burning. the numbers show things cooling down to 49 in concorde. 53 san francisco. last night 36 santa rosa. tonight 44 degrees. tomorrow we recover to the low 60s for the bay area and lots of sunshine. here's how it looks from high atop the west coast. high pressure offshore.
6:46 pm
high clouds working into the northern part of the state. clouds but no rain. the rain will be coming in by friday. did you hear winter solstice tomorrow morning officially. tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. good news daylights hours begin to get longer on thursday. it will be cold tonight. rain and wind return on friday. the bay area it is looking good in the mountains in the 40s. less where in the 50s. here's how it looks for the bay area tomorrow. 53degrees in san francisco. believe it or not despite all of the complaining about the cold weather it will be warmer than usual tomorrow. 63 in san jose. oakland 60 degrees. we are turning the tables on this cooling trend. numbers will be in the low 60s in the south bay. in tb the number -- the east bay the numbers will be in the 60-degree range with plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be falling into the low 60s for the north bay with a few upper 50s.
6:47 pm
58degrees in santa rosa. as we head up north 59 degrees tomorrow. 60 at windsor. extended forecast we'll be looking for nice day tomorrow. thursday increased clouds. friday rain and wind. we'll have gusts up to 35 miles per hour in the upper peeks on friday. lingering showers on christmas eve. it all clears out for santa on christmas day. sky conditions will be partly cloudy. temperatures will fall in the 50s. a big chance of rain coming in on monday. we'll have sun and rain. it all looks like good news. here's more with ken. >> it is raining donations over here. we are getting money coming in. time for our food for bay area families drive. joining us tonight is karen from dell emc and donna from the second harvest food bank.
6:48 pm
again, corporate bay area has been so generous. tell us about the check. >> on behalf of amc we are proud to have partnered with second harvest since 2012. this is our fifth holiday season where we raised half a million dollars. this cause is important to our corporation and employees to ensure families don't go hungry during the holidays. we are presenting $92,000. we are in our 31 days of giving for the holiday season. hopefully more for second harvest. >> $92500 not bad. there is a misconception that a lot of this need comes from the inner city. silicon valley has quite a few families that have trouble putting food on the take this time of year. >> we are serving a quarter of a million people every month at second harvest.
6:49 pm
partnerships like this are pivotal so we can feed those families. this donation alone will provide 184,000 meals to our hungry community. >> that's fantastic. our appreciate coming from dell employees and management very generous. thank you very much for that. it is not just the big guys. you can donate at your local wholefoods market or go on and and do its. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,
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berth in 14 years on sunday, and tonight, the pro bowl rosters ced, and not since what a week for the raiders. they clinched their first playoff in 14 years on sunday. tonight pro bowl rosters were announced. not since the bush senior administration have the traders sent this many players to the pro bowl. also headed to orlando, that man. mcarthur the raider line backer has 7 sacks and five forced fumblings this year. the other five raiders include the following: 2005. the 49ers play the rams on saturday at the la coliseum, and not a single 49er was selected to the pro bowl for the first
6:53 pm
time since 2005. 49ers play the rams on saturday at the l.a. coliseum. there is a chance jared could play. the star has been in the concussion protocal all week after getting drilled by richard sherman in seattle. 49er fans fell in love with marcus rush in the preseason after he piled up six sacks in four games. >> if you don't make this roster and you don't hire a lawyer it is a crime. >> for sure. i'm hoping to make this team. whatever happens happens. >> rush did not make the team and was moved to the practice squad. today was signed away to the jacksonville jaguars. 49ers have the worse d in the league. why not marcus rush?
6:54 pm
defensive coordinator seemed baffled, too. >> why didn't you bring him up? >> decisions are above my pay grade. >> would your decision have been to keep him? >> i'm not going to second guess people in the building. i'm not going there. >> a guy getting a lot of second guessing has his picture over my shoulder. who cares about losing marcus rush when you have prince charles? not that prince charles. this prince charles. called up from the practice quad to replace the injured jimmy ward. god save the 49ers. sacramento kings demarcus cousins has a reputation for not getting along with coaches. now he has problems with the media. specifically a sacramento b-columnist who wrote about his
6:55 pm
brothers recent arrest. >> don't ever mention my brother again. you don't know my (bleep) brother. >> cousins was fined $50,000 for that episode with the reporter. but not suspended. he apologized earlier today but did not mention the sacramento b. players aren't happy. coaches aren't happy. 'tis the season. head coach sounded like grinch. >> what is most concerning about what happened out there? >> we got crushed at both ends. >> it was a disappointing performance. come offing a team meeting. >> team meeting my ass. that stuff means nothing. it is what you do on the court. talking is easy. >> give me something to smile about. oilers veteran patrick maroon had a deflection goal last night to tie the game against the blues in st. louis. his son was there to see his
6:56 pm
pop. maroon plays for edmonton he is always on the road and away from his little boy. >> the goal was great. i wonder what you think about this reaction by your son and family? >> it is cool. it is emotional. it is cool. i don't get to see him as much. it is special. >> he thinks that of you, as well. thank you very much. christmas is on the way. more time with anthony. >> absolutely. >> maroon is going home for the holidays. he'll have a break. we think about being a professional athlete and money. but there is another side to it. it is being away from your family for a long time. >> what he is doing now is making a sacrifice for his family that will pay off for them financially later on. >> it is a give and take. >> i think about the umpires sometimes. the umpires never are home during the season. they never go home. >> they are always out.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, buddy. good. hello. how you doing? i know. i see you, too. appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. yeah, i do. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] uh, we got a good one for you today, y'all. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from denver, colorado--it's the champs--it's the stephenson family... [cheering and applause] and from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the brown family. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. hey, let's go meet the brown family. hey, gerard, how you doing, man? gerard: how are you, steve? how you doing? steve: good. good. what you do for a living, gerard? steve: well, i'm a retired firefighter, steve, out of philadelphia. steve: ok. gerard: um, uh, i ser--served the service really well, and my unit got called to new york to help with the new york firefighters on 9/11, and i really was proud to be there. steve: yeah. great. thank you, man. thank you. that's pretty big. well, introduce everybody, gerard. gerard: ok. this is my lovely wife valerie. she's just--a 8-month-old, uh, child we have. she just had a baby 8 months ago, and she's still looking great. steve: yeah, man. gerard: absolutely. steve: absolutely. congratulations. valerie: thank you. gerard: this is my brother-in-law reuben. he's a fine, uh, gentleman who keeps dapper in the family. he's the dapper one in our family. steve: ok. gerard: that's his wonderful wife veidra. they're both, uh,


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