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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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after police searched the store. and detectives say at first, no one realized a burglary had occurred. >> at the time the employees did go to the store to do an inventory for possible loss. . they discovered a jewelr case smashed and jewelry in excess of $200,000 stolen. >> reporter: and detectives are asking the public for help. if you know the man, call concord police. jessica flores, kpix 5. a hit-and-run driver struck and seriously injured a toddler walking with his grandparents in the south bay in san jose last night on roehampton avenue and vancouver court just two blocks from story road. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely says the little boy may have been trying to help catch the family dog. devin. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. investigators say that it was nearly 11:00 last night when it
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little boy and his grandparents were taking a walk in the neighborhood when he was struck by a car that just kept on goin. >> just that split second. one minute they're there, the next minute they're gone. things can happen so quickly. reporter: the chp says the 3-year-old darted into the street possibly following the family dog when he was struck by a car, which then left the scene. >> if the vehicle did stop then continued on and left the scene,en that would suggest that they were aware they hit something. >> reporter: paramedics rushed the toddler to valley medical center where he is being treated for cuts and bruises as well as a possible brain injury. >> during the day and during the nighttime there's a lot of cars passing by so fast. >> reporter: maria vargas has lived for a decade near the intersection where the hit-and- run happened. she said her neighbors have long been concerned about speeding cars but can't believe that someone would hit a child and keep driving. >> that person didn't stopped and it's like he or she didn't have feelings. >> reporter: investigators say the driver sped off in a silver dab possibly a honda but in the
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dark and chaos no one got the plate number. the chp says the driver would have been in far less trouble if he had simply stopped. >> we know a bad thing happened but it wouldn't have necessarily been the fault of the driver. but now what we have is a felony hit-and-run. >> reporter: now, the challenge for investigators is that they don't have a license plate number or a good description of the driver but that's where the public can help. the chp says that if anyone has any information about this case, you are urged to contact them. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. millbrae police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian last night. it happened at el camino real. a man in his 30s was struck and killed in a crosswalk. the vehicle is described as a silver or light-colored suv similar to a rav-4. the fight between california and the california dmv heating up today. a high stakes secret meeting on uber's decision to keep
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operating its self-driving cars. kpix 5's phil matier on the fiery conversation between mayor lee and the head of uber. >> reporter: we talked with the mayor today and he says he is the biggest supporter of tech you will find but this team uber is going far. what, if anything, can the city do about it? >> should not be operating his driverless vehicle technology on our streets without that permit. >> reporter: that was san francisco mayor ed lee relating his call to the chief executive of uber on uber's continued testing of unpermitted driverless cars in the city of san francisco. >> i'm a big supporter of ridesharing, car sharing, and driverless technology. but we're going to have a setback if people aren't putting safety as their number one concern. >> reporter: what was his response? >> he thought that he was still being safe. >> reporter: he made no signs of stopping, he is going to keep right doing it no matter what you say? >> well, in our conversations, um, we left it at that. >> reporter: it's not the first
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time that uber and other tech companies have flouted the rules whether it's picking up riders at the san francisco airport without permits or paying local business taxes. in fact, the city doesn't even know how many ubers there are operating in the city on any given day. >> we have asked for data to identify exactly, you know, how many cars are on the road and to this date we haven't received that information. >> reporter: but sightings of the automated cars blowing through red lights like this video has turned up the call for controls. >> i saw those videos and that was the reason yusef bey so adamant about him complying. >> reporter: but what the city can and do about the cars is unanswered. have you told the mr ist to stop them? >> again, i think there's jurisdictional things that i'm being advised by the city attorney. >> reporter: now, uber says in a statement that they are aware of the problems. they are not making any comments today. they said that they are working to fix them but where it goes from here remains to be seen. ken? >> yeah, phil. the real weird part of this
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thing is that uber and the state, the dmv, are secretive about this meeting. we don't know where it is or who is at the meeting or any of that. is that unusual for dmv for a public agency to be doing that? >> it's very unusual. what we have here is not only the dmv, we called the dmv and we called the attorney general's office. the attorney general's office said we are just the lawyer representing the dmv. the dmv wouldn't tell us where or when the meeting is or the results of it which is pretty unusual considering this is the last time i looked the state of california and these are our streets. >> all right, phil matier reporting live from the streets of san francisco. thank you. we are getting new video of a violent confrontation involving bart police in san francisco. this is newly released body cam video showing bart police arresting michael smith at the embarcadero station last july. officers have been responding to reports that an armed man had tried to rob a passenger. bart officials say when police
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arrived on scene, smith bit, kicked and spit on officers. at one point, he became so violent when police tried to arrest his pregnant girlfriend, and last week smith was acquitted on battery charges. but san francisco public defender jeff adachi is now calling on prosecutors to drop remaining misdemeanor charges against him. artists are appearing to bay area lead -- appealing to bay area leaders in fact wake. oakland fire afraid they will be kicked out from unsafe buildings. we learned san francisco building inspectors did an inspection at this artist warehouse in bernal heights today. a notice was sent to the landlord and tenants nine days ago warning people of the visit. we spoke with the performance artist who says his landlord just evicted him. >> if we lose this, um, i can't imagine finding another place sort of comparable that i can afford in the city. i don't anticipate finding something else. >> sources say that the
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buildings are not permitted as residences. they are only recognized as commercial and shopping spaces. but as kpix 5's jackie ward explains, now the artists are appealing. >> reporter: julie spoke on behalf of her twin sister amy today, who lives in an art community in san francisco. >> she says it's a shame we are encourage to create as children but when older we are expected to fall in line and put the paint brushes down. >> reporter: following the ghost ship fire julie says artists are scared they could face eviction without any notice. >> by forcing inspections on to or theist wire houses you're conducting witch hunts. you're breeding fear and stress by causing evictions. >> reporter: the petition asks the building inspection commission to immediately cease unsolicited artist building inspections until more resources are in place for artists, not be so heavy-handed in inspections and enforcement that results in evictions, and waive permit fees associated with building upgrades. the initial feedback from the president of the commission surprised julie. >> in response, i'm an artist and live in an art space and, um, i agree 100% with this.
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and so does our board of supervisors. >> nice to know that there's some sympathy there. i was not expecting the level of sympathy that i received. >> reporter: deborah walker said an outreach program has been around for more than 20 years to make work and living spaces safer for artists and prevent evictions. but more could be done. still, is living in a potential fire trap worth it? >> i think it's something that's important to remember is this isn't common, um, right now there's a lot of fear and what happened was an absolute tragedy but this is not something that happens all the time. >> reporter: the building inspections commission is expected to release details of a new program next month. they will be working alongside the fire and health departments to get buildings safer for artists to live in. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. warriors star steph curry is using his feet to help raise money for victims of the oakland warehouse fire. he is auctioning off two special pairs of shoes on ebay. the pair on the right says oakland strong, on the left ghost ship with the initials of all 36 victims on both sets.
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as of this morning, curry's shoes have received 157 bids totaling more than $20,000. bidding ends next friday. a real mess on muni after an unprecedented number of operators called in sing. the transit agency says there was -- sick. the transit agency says there was an unexpected spike in sick calls on monday. 74 operators or about 10% of all the operators were out of work. the problem didn't get much bet they are week. 51 muni operators called in sick yesterday. 48 are out today. the spike in sick calls has led muni to consolidate services. something went wrong with this garbage pickup in benicia. take a look. this picture shows flames shooting out of the back of the vehicle. it wasn't clear what was burning inside. so neighbors were told to stay indoors. the cause is still under investigation. the death toll is up to 32 in blast that set off a chain reaction of fireworks in mexico city. 46 people are in the hospital
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some fighting for their lives. popular fireworks marketed where it happened is now a pile of ashes. 100 tons of fireworks were expected to be sold there for the holiday celebrations. but before the explosion, city officials claimed it was the safest market in latin america with safety equipment in each of the stalls. right now investigators say it's too soon to determine what sparked the first explosion. developing now, worldwide manhunt under way for this man, investigators say he drove through that crowded christmas market in berlin killing a dozen people. turns out an in this amri was under police surveillance for several months this past year. >> reporter: europe's open borders are under tight control as officials hundred dollars for the berlin christmas market attack -- hunt for the berlin christmas market attacker. police say anis amri is still on the loose with a two-day head start. his identification and asylum
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papers were found in the truck that mowed down dozens of people monday night killing 12 and injuring 48. german authorities say amri was born in tunisia in 1992 and has used at least six different names and three different nationalities. his request for asylum was rejected in july. he was deemed a possible terror threat and is to be considered armed and dangerous. while authorities are stepping up security measures around germany, critics of the country's refugee program say it was only a matter of time until an attack like this took place. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: outside government offices, protestors rallied to call for chancellor angela merkel to step down. more than a million immigrants have come to germany in the past two years. at the scene of the attack, work crews used heavy equipment to remove debris under strands of colored christmas lights while across the city, mourners remembered the victims. the "islamic state" claimed responsibility for the attack. germany's foreign minister says, we will not let them destroy our way of life,
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whoever is responsible for what happened here. riley carlson for cbs news, london. today president-elect donald trump made his first public comments on the rampage. on national securi ay. he held a series of >> it's got to be stopped. >> the president-elect is focused on national security today. he held a series of meetings with staff while on vacation at his florida estate including with national security adviser general michael flynn. mr. trump did take today's daily intelligence briefing on national security threats, something he has said in the past that he doesn't really need to do every day. we have seen cop impersonators but this one is new. >> bay area police say this guy was posing as an exterminator. what he was caught doing redhanded coming up. >> plus, caught on camera. a viral video star said he was kicked off a delta flight for speaking arabic. >> and a warning about a popular holiday gift for young
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girls. how this doll could expose your personal information. ,,,,,,
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help to identify this man.. posing as a pest control technician.. you can see in a w san francisco police need your help to identify this man posing as a pest control technician. you can see he is fully covered in a white hazmat suit. shows an ortho card and signs in at the security desk. guards found him with two laptops in his hand but chased him out of the building. ortho is a brand of pest and weed control products not a company that performs service calls. there's a new intersection in san francisco that has been redesigned to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe. the city's first protected intersection opened today at ninth and division streets.
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the new intersection was unveiled this afternoon. it features different designs concepts that slow down turning speeds among drivers and creates better visibility of pedestrians and bicyclists. that includes concrete islands at corners, green bike lanes and a new island at the north side of the intersection, the old design allowing drivers to make high speed right turns which often led to collisions with bicyclists. a youtube star known for his pranks says delta airlines kicked him off his flight because he spoke arabic before take-off. >> i cannot believe my eyes! i cannot believe it! i spoke a word, a different language, and you feel uncomfortable?! because i spoke a different language? i can't believe it! i can't believe my eyes! >> adam recorded the encounter as he and his friend were escorted off the plane. in the video, several passengers clapped and said, bye! he says he takes numerous delta flights every month and nothing
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like this has ever happened to him before. but another delta passenger says he knew what he was doing. >> not sure what has happened before but the way that he was acting in a very arrogant way, immediately drag out the camera, seems like it was prepared, um, before what he was planning to do. >> delta airlines released a statement saying two customers were removed from the flight after a disturbance in the cabin. more than 20 customers expressed their discomfort. delta goes on to say, it is taking the allegations of discrimination very seriously and its culture requires treating others with respect. on another flight this week grammy award winning singer richard marks sprung into action when an intoxicated passenger turned violent. marks' wife daisy fuentes filmed it. apparently the passenger hit another person and assaulted several flight attendants. marks and several others were able to tie the guy up with rope for the remainder of the flight.
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drones are expected to be a hot gift this holiday season. but flying them in certain spaces could get you into trouble. reporter carter evans shows us how new technology can prevent drones from entering dangerous territory reporter: drones show the world from a new perspective but even as they push the limits, zone drone makers say it's time to limit their capabilities to help their customers. >> we have certain restricted areas that is in the drone already so you physically cannot go in there. >> reporter: willie chuck is the marketing director for dji that sells more drones than anyone. the company's flight control lap builds virtual fences around high security locations where drones have caused problems before like airports and nuclear facilities. the app monitors a drone's location using gps and prevents it from crossing the invisible barriers indicated in red. with permission from air
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traffic control -- >> okay. >> reporter: -- we tested the technology at burbank airport outside los angeles. as our drone headed towards the busy runway, the app flashed several warnings. >> going full speed ahead. >> reporter: and then it hit the wall. >> once you hit that wall you can't go up or out. it allows you to go back or down. >> reporter: but dji does allow customers to unlock restricted area. >> it's a system that can be bypassed, what good is it? >> the geo system isn't an authorization mechanism. the geo system is a tool for any pilot to just use to make smarter decisions on where to fly. >> reporter: most drone makers set any flight restrictions at all. so some companies are now using anti-drone technology to detect intruders and protect sensitive airspace. this device jams a drone's complete control signal allowing federal authorities to take over. while this drone mounted system
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shoots a net to catch other drones midflight. but law enforcement agencies in the netherlands are going low tech using specially trained eagles to take down drones. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> there is hope for humanity. [ laughter ] >> if you get a drone this holiday season you are required to register it with the faa unless it's under a half pound in weight. privacy advocates are urging parents to steer clear of a talking doll. [ doll talks ] >> how about a new hairstyle, ponytail? >> my friend kayla can respond to questions and play games. she listens through a bluetooth connection. now, privacy and consumer groups are warning those conversations could be eavesdropped and the doll could be vulnerable to hacking. they are calling on retailers to stop selling the toy. it's already been taken off store shelves in europe. and still ahead, we're looking at a chance of rain
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coming into the bay area as we head toward the holiday weekend. couldn't tell by looking toward the skyline of san francisco tonight. and we have a unique look coming for you from marina green after a commercial break. stay tuned for the forecast. >> and coming up -- [ music ] >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, the battle to bring down the noise in one of the bay area's busiest tourist spots. police taking away instruments to silence street musicians around union square. ,,
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wow, sorry, we're fastnated by this because we have sky drone five live right now at the marina green at san francisco being operated by our ace operations director don sharp and he is flying this around. alcatraz appears in the shot. this is all live as he will steer it now around the walkway
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in front of the marina green the site of the pan-pacific exposition in 1915. and you can see all of the traffic now that's moving along bay street. we have just giving you a 360 out there to show you not only that we have clear skies in san francisco, a beautiful view, but we love our gadgets as much as any other 9-year-old kid just opening one under the christmas tree. that's don sharp giving us a beautiful shot as the sun sank slowly over the golden gate bridge. that's cool! i want one. temperatures in the bay area will be getting down to the mid- 30s for santa rosa 37 napa, 36 fairfield, 38 in livermore. sun-up tomorrow morning, 7:22 a.m. the day will be one second longer than it was today. the beginning of winter today. air quality forecast for tomorrow shows more unhealthful levels of pollutants in the north bay so we have another "spare the air" day for tonight and for tomorrow. it will be dry for now but that low pressure sinks south and
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when it does, watch what happens. tomorrow looks okay. we have sunshine. clouds overspread the bay area. this now is friday morning at 7 a.m. just in time for the morning commute in the north bay. we have get some fairly heavy showers coming in and then a blustery day on friday. by 1:00 p.m., the focus of the action in the east bay and in the south bay, so friday is wet and windy. by 7 p.m. it will mostly be done with. lingering showers stick around until saturday morning. and then by saturday afternoon we clear it off. futurecast shows that we are going to be picking up from three-quarters inch to 1.5" of rain over much of the bay area. that is friday. so while tonight will be mainly clear and cool, it will be dry on thursday not as mild for tomorrow. temperatures cool a little bit. rain and wind are likely on friday. forecast highs will be looking at 59 degrees in santa rosa and in fremont 58 degrees. 59 for livermore and 57 in the city. 56 at pacifica. in the extended forecast, tomorrow is okay. temperatures plummet on friday. winds pick up. the rain comes down.
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and then saturday morning lingering showers. remember, about three-quarters inch to 1.5" by the time all is said and done so a good soaker on friday. christmas day looks partly cloudy. and then we get another chance of showers coming in by monday. we'll have more after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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allen and i will see you at. we leave you with a live lo from sky drone-5... thanks for joining us. cbs evening news with sc ott pelley" is next. we leave you now with a live look at the gorgeous san francisco bay. captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: calling out the terrorists. lectt's an attack on humanity. >> pelley: the president-elect says the berlin attack proves he's right about muslim immigration. we've learned that the prime dspect was being watched, but te surveillance was dropped. a new drug brings relief for the first time in a severe form of multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: in your mind, how big a deal is this? >> it's a very big deal. >> pelley: and a covert daeration brings them home for the holidays. >> daddy! >> is that why you haven't called me back? this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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