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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 22, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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for uber's self- driving can san francisco... at least for now. good evening, i'm elizabeth i'm ken bastida. after a showdown with the state, it's the end of the road for uber's self-driving cars in san francisco, at least for now. >> let's get to susie. susie? >> the dmv -- >> reporter: the dmv put it this wake no permits, no driveless vehicles. now the registrations have been pulled and the driverless car program has been pulled. >> safety cannot be trumped. >> reporter: the head of the
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dmv echoed that sentiment by punishing uber again for violating the lawsuit law. mayor ed lee say he is spoke with uber's chief executive, who still doesn't think his company has done anything wrong. >> he thought that he was still being safe. i said, you know, that's what dmv is there for and you better comply. belle we'll be working with our attorney general and the dmv to get the compliance. >> reporter: the dmv released this statement. uber is welcome to test its autonomous technology in california like anyone else through a compliance test that can take 72 hours to continue. uber said, we're looking to where we can redeploy these cars but remain 100% committed to california. kpix 5's political insider phil mateer says it was this video of a self-driving car running a
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red light last week that sent regulators in motion. >> a car blowing flu a stoplight is just not something you can ignore. $we know uber has a history of skirting the rules and san francisco has a history of looking the other way, but this time, uber went too far. >> there's also been this tug of war in the innovative argument, it's innovation against regulation. they're saying, you're stopping us from regulating, but others are saying, no, it's called safety. >> reporter: uber launched the autonomous car program a week ago. that's the same day the video of the car running the red light was shot. nchts a bay area taxi driver is facing charges. police say he sexually assaulted 2 women.
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julio sanchez was arrested. police say one woman got into his car wile intoxicated and woke up inside his home. >> we believe he used his position as a taxicab driver to prey on those individuals who may have been intoxicated. >> reporter: >> this is the car sanchez was driving. during the investigation, police found a second woman who also said she had been assaulted by him. we have some new video of a violent arrest that raises the question, did b.a.r.t. police go too far? criminal charges were filed after a man and woman got into it with b.a.r.t. police. san francisco's public defender told andrea borba that the video is proof that all charges should be dropped. >> reporter: he calls it a waste of taxpayer money. >> get down on the ground. down on the ground. >> reporter: this b.a.r.t.p.d.
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video shows the takedown by officers of michael smith. smith can be seen kicking toward an officer at least once. smith wise quitted of 4 misdemeanor battery charges in a case last week, though a jury hung on 4 other counts. >> this case was a classic case of racial profiling. >> san francisco public defender jeff addachi says the incident began with an argument on train between smith and another man who called 911 and said smith tried to rob him and was armed with a gun. >> the person that made the false report has gotten off scott-free. that's the real injustice in this case. >> reporter: addachi also says that smith's girlfriend was detained by officers and miscarried while in her first trimester as a result. >> the officer had a knee in her back for 21 seconds. >> reporter: a b.a.r.t. spokeswoman say it's not against b.a.r.t. policy to detain a pregnant
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woman. at this point, it was not clear if she was pregnant. she was not visibly showing. after she said she was pregnant, the officers treated her with respect, sat her up in a more comfortable position almost immediately, and asked if she needed medical detention, which she declined. this is the first case of body- worn camera video reaching trial in san francisco. >> it helped, because we were able to show the jury the officers were not truthful. one of the officers says he tried to walk wake you look at the video he's standing in one place the whole time. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. say theirs internal investigation is ongoing. there's a new use of force policy for san francisco police. it passed unanimously. the new policy bans officers from shooting at moving vehicles and they will not be able to use the carotid restraint. it's a move that's that's similar to a chokehold.
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>> it is an antiquated police practice i believe needs go eliminated. it's a question of timing. do we eliminate it now or later and give ourselves time to evaluate other options, particularly for female officers and smaller officers? >> the commission says the use of the carotid restraint is rare but effective. the concern was over training. after a contentious debate, the commission voted it down. in san jose, a 3-year-old darted into a street, possibly following the family dog, and then a car dlow plowed into the little boy. list are searching for the driver of that car. the crash happened on hampton avenue just before 11:00 last night. chp says the boy what was with his grandparents. the driver sped off in a silver sedan, possibly a honda. >> a bad thing happen, but it wouldn't necessarily have been the fault of the driver, but now what we have is femaleny
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hit and run. >> the toddler possibly suffered a brain injury. san francisco's mayor paying a visit to victims of last week's horrific crash at a chinatown bus stop. mayor ed lee beet tweeted this picture of himself with one of the victims. he said she's he's thankful to see them in good spirits. surveillance video from last friday -- tweeted this picture of himself with one of the victims. he said he's thankful to see them in good spirits. surveillance video from last friday shows the moment of the impact. >> one of them was 92 years old and another was 75 years old. they're strong women. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation. an international manhunt own for an international
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immigrant from tunisia. he's the prime suspect in the terror attack in we're plin allen martin tells us german police had them on their radar months before the bloodshed. >> reporter: today, we learned the suspect had been under surveillance by counterterrorism police for 6 months this year, but that surveillance was dropped 3 months ago. police say anis amri is on the loose with a 3 day head start. police found his papers inside the car that killed 12 and injured 48. amri was born in tunisia in 1992 and has used at least 6 different aliases and 3 different nationalities. his request for asylum was rejected in july. he was deemed a possible terror threat and considered to be armed and dangerous. >> it'sen a attack on humanity. that's what it is. it's an attack on humanity and it has to be stopped.
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>> reporter: president-elect trump says the attack proves that he's right on cracking down on muslim immigration to america. >> you've known my plan all along. it's been proven to be right, 100% correct. >> reporter: a reward of more than $100,000 is being offered to anyone that can help police track down anis amri. tonight, the warning about a deadly batch of lsd. >> police on the hunt for this suspected bay area jewel thief. >> this bay area mayor got caught plagiarizing a speech from president obama. why he tells us proud of it. >> we have rain come together bay area. we'll get hit pretty good as we he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight.. a local city saysy all have one thing in commo bad l-s-d.
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and betty yu reports.. the warning is going out tonigh. to watch out. a deadly police police shooting, a fight on a freeway, and a fight in the woods. they have one thing in common, bad lsd. as betty yu reports, the warning is going out to watch out. >> reporter: there have been 3 cases of bad lsd trips. in most cases, the drug has caused people to become violent. in one case, a teen died. >> reporter: in the most recent case, a young man reportedly took the drug placed on a mint and started to act erratically. chp officers fought with with a man high on lsd on highway 17. another man was so so high, it caused the car he was riding in to crash into a forest. a week ago, it sent a girl to the hospital for a seizure after she took a hit off a popsicle. >> many of us have kids, so we look at this like what would we
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hope for for our kids? >> reporter: luke smith didn't get that chance. authority says he was so high off a bad batch of lsd he stabbed his uncle and father in this home and was enterally confronted by deputies. after he refused to drop the weapon, a deputy says he e had no choice but to shoot. >> pretty alarming. i'll talk to my daughter about it for sure. >> reporter: a school sent out -- the department of education september out an alert to all parents of children in the county. >> you need to speak to your children, pay attention to what's going on, if you see something that's happening, you have to nip it in the bud. the search is on for an
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impostand waning in -- imposter and wannabe thief in atlanta. he flashes a security badge and people allow him inside. the suspect even signs himself in. turns out he was trying to rob the place guards later found him with 2 laptops in his hand, so they chased him out of the building last week. ortho is actually actually a bran of pest and weed control product, not company that performs service calls. a guy guy walked into the sun valley call in concord, but he wasn't there to shop. as jessica flores reports, he pulled off a spectacular heist, and tonight, he's still on the run. >> reporter: take a good look. concord police are looking for this man who is believed to have smashed a jewelry case inside the concord sears, stealing dozens of rings, a total value of more than
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$20,000. this all happened after the store closed last saturday. police believe the suspect hid in a back hallway. then detectives say he broke into the jewelry case triggering the alarm, which alerted police. >> when when we got there, we conducted a check inside of the store. >> reporter: police believe the suspect got away with the rings after police searched the store. at first, tbhown realized a burglary had occurred. >> employees went to the store to do an inventory for possible loss. they discovered a jewelry case smashed and jewelry in excess of $200,000 stolen. >> reporter: detectives are asking the public for help. if you recognize that man in that surveillance picture, you're urged to call concord
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police right away. there's a new push to turn california public schools into a safe haven for undocumented students. the state superintendent said in statement, "safety is my top priority, and my strongest commitment to you, your student, families at schools -- makes sure that school schools are a safe place to learn. first, melani trump, and now a bay area mayor has been caught plagiarizing one of the obamas. glenn ramirez says not only did the mayor fess up, he's proud of it. >> reporter: >> absolutely -- >> proud of it. >> absolutely, there are part of the speech that are word for word. >> reporter: from the first words he spoke, it's nearly a stlaight lift from this speech. >> hello, chicago.
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>> reporter: president obama's 2008 victory speech. >> if there is anybody out there -- >> if there is anyone out there -- >> who still wonders -- >> who still wonders -- >> if the dream of our founders is alive in over time -- >> if the dream of our founders is alive in our time -- >> tonight is your answer. >> tonight is your answer. >> reporter: a lot of people would look at that speech and say that you copied it. >> i didn't do it to copy it. that's very obvious. for me, it was an opportunity to carry out bah's leg spip. >> reporter: he's a medical social worker. >> i don't think the apology needs to be given. >> reporter: we showed the two speeches to a veteran could be sill member who tran defeated for mayor. she downplayed the incident.
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>> i think it's recognized that this is not the appropriate way to give a speech unless you credit those that you're quoting. >> reporter: but that's just it. today, tran refused to say he erred by not crediting obama's speech. >> reporter: did you make mace take? >> i'm not going to say i made a mistake because i'm what i did. >> reporter: tran admitted that as a first-time public official, he has a lot to learn. some concord police officers went above and beyond to help out a former homeless man. the man in the center of this picture, named chris, had been homest for years. when the officers learned that he don't afford to buy her a christmas present, they all pitched hi to help him buy her a jacket. the officers say they were impressed that chris was able to get his life on the right track so they were happy to help him out. this may be the cutest fight you'll ever see. a panda versus a snowman. the zoo coopers at the toronto
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zoo built that snowman after a storm as a gift, but when the giant panda saw it, he went after it and knocked its head off. that's the end of the snow man. but wenter is just beginning and probably some more opportunity for snow. >> it's a jungle out there. as we have a look at mostly clear skies around the bay area tonight, we now have a live shot from treasure island looking toward the city of san francisco on this crisp with clear light. that is just beautiful. so nice. that is how it looks from treasure island. concord has gone missing. oakland at 59 degrees. san francisco is 52. tonight, we'll be looking at santa rosa down to 35.
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sent up tomorrow at 7:22 a.m. fairfield will be get down to 36 degrees. because of the continued cold weather, we have another spare the air day for tomorrow. air quality continues pretty poor up in the north bay. dry for now, wet on friday, though. we have a system that's moving in from the gulf of alaska. tomorrow, we've we've got high clouds that will increase. when it gets here, it went from 3 quarters of an inch to an inch and a half of rain. by noon on friday, we go to scatter showers. it continues unstable for the rest of day through friday until it begins to go toward clearing for saturday, but still a few rogue shower.
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saturday, we'll call it partly cloudy there on christmas eve. on the futurecast, 3/4 of an inch to an inch and a half. that's the bay area friday. it looks good not as warm tomorrow. rain and wind on friday. high temperatures tomorrow from 55 to 60 degrees, extended forecast, a-ok for thur. increasing clouds, wind and rain on friday. on christmas eve, we'll clear up the showers. christmas day looks cloudy. in one city, cops are pulling over drivers, and instead ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but some police officers ha turned it into a hit for everyone on the holiday tradition of secret santa and the gift exchange, it's hit and miptsz.
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>> but some police officers have turned it into a hit for everyone on their list. troopers from the el secundo police department pull over unsuspecting drivers. instead of giving them a ticket, they give them a present, a crisp $100 bill. one man got a little extra. he lost his wife to chance and is now raising 3 kids of his own. >> a little bit of money for some christmas presents for your kids. >> thank you, thank you. >> wow. people in the community raised about $6,000 to fund the special program to allow officers to be the bearer of good news for a change. >> that is so cool. >> i love that. love programs like that. >> they always do that some to some other driver, never me. >> and unfortunately, i done have that much good news to share today. coming up in sport, a
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special rematch for karr and luck, and cal has won 27 straight games ,,,,,,,,
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with 27 straight wins at hoa new record... with 27 strait wins at home. i saw a little college hoops. >> yeah. >> i saw sacramento playing. >> sacramento because was playing. >> that was about it. >> there wasn't a lot going out tonight, but not a good college hoops night. cal set a new record with 27 straight wins at home. the biggest test of the season at home against 12th-ranked virginia. jabari bird and the bears looking for revenge. bird sinks the floater, and 1. bird had 15 points in the game. cal down 3, sam singer drives down to tie the game, but on the ensuing drive, virginia gives it to isaiah williams,
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who powers through to give them the whip. the 15 game home winning streak comes to an end. karr and luck. a battle of the best 2 young,s in the nfl. but this isn't the first time luck has played against derek karr. >> we played against each other in high school once in my senior year. i've always been very, very impressed with him and admired him as a qb. he's had a great start to his career and is playing very well. >> that high school game played 9 years ago when both quarterbacks played in texas. karr moved to bakersfield but remembers how good luck was although karr beat him that day. >> i remember their fans chanting karr sucks. rib him just running all over us. i remember he ran over somebody. i was like, quarterbacks can do that? i just remember him being super
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talented. it was a fun think we got beat the next week or something shortly thereafter. >> the cardinals -- good good luck to karr, but i think the raiders have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny ci will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night. the late show with stephen colbert is next. colbert is next. our next newscast is ,,,,,,,,,,,
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