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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> he walked on as soon as he saw her he started shaking. he was visibly shaking agitated. if i was sure the i wouldn't take the chance. >> reporter: security didn't take a chance at sfo either. ivanka, her husband, their three children and several other extended family members were taken off the plane on the tarmac and put in suvs. they were driven with an escort around the south si of the airport where they boarded a private jet. the jet took off at 3:30 this afternoon to kona on the big island where donald trump has a house. passengers in the jetblue flight say ivanka seemed to take everything in stride. >> she was calm. she was just trying to distract their children and she was really calm. so yeah, it was -- she handled it really well. >> reporter: according to passengers on that plane, ivanka trump said to jet brew employees, look, i don't want to make a big deal about this. but since then, she has also been very quiet on her social media feed. reporting live at sfo, emily
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turner, kpix 5. the last time president- elect donald trump was in the bay area, protestors made it impossible for him to enter the convention center through the front door! so his motorcade stopped along 101 and trump and his entourage walked past the barricade and climbed up an embankment to the back door. new at 5:00 california didn't want 'em if uber wasn't going to to play by the rules so now a fleet of driverless cars are on the way to arizona. they left on flatbeds today. uber plans to start and expanded pilot program there soon. why arizona? because the governor tweeted this. quote, here in arizona, we welcome this kind of technology and innovation. yesterday, uber ended its one week pilot program in san francisco after the dmv revoked the vehicle registrations. dmv wanted uber to get permits
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for the driverless cars uber refused. we learned a half-hour ago the contra costa county d.a. has filed felony sexual assault charges against a 15-year-old football player at de la salle high school. the player is accused of assaulting a teenaged girl from another school during a party last month in concord. san francisco's police union is going to court over new rules on use of force. a new policy approved by the police commission last night prohibits officers from firing their guns at moving cars. the union claims city negotiators agreed verbally to allow officers to shoot in exceptional circumstances like terrorist attacks but refused to put it in writing. and the says there's unfair labor practices. tomorrow the union plans more legal action. >> tomorrow, we'll file a temporary restraining order and we'll seek a judge's approval
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to force the department not to implement the policy until we either get back to the negotiating table or we let a judge decide or we let an arbitrator decide. >> late today, the city attorney's office said the police commission is under no obligation to continue bargaining. kpix 5's melissa caen will have more on the dispute coming up at 6:00. a suspected thief is under arrest after he led park police to a san francisco home then wouldn't get off the roof. it happened at 48th avenue and pacheco street near ocean beach. this man had outstanding warrants. officers had scanned the license plate on an abandoned car, then searched the area and spotted him. the men fell through a skylight -- the man fell through a skylight as police closed n his roommate saw it happen. >> i heard them run downstairs calling the cops, apparently there was someone breaking into
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the house. it was gnarly. then the cops were here in, like, three minutes. >> the man climbed back on the roof. he was taken to the hospital because of shortness of breath and then to jail. san leandro police are investigating an attempted robbery that turned deadly. two people were stabbed just after midnight on 143rd avenue near heath park. they were rushed to the hospital. one of the victims later died. it started as an attempted robbery before things escalated. firefighters sprayed down several spots this afternoon in san francisco's golden gate park after three suspicious fires. the fires all happened along john f. kennedy drive at around 1 p.m. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores is in golden gate park, where an arson investigation is under way. jessica? >> reporter: well, the fire happened right behind me, behind those bushes there along this trail in the park. and police believe this is the work of an arsonist. now they are looking for their
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suspect. firefighters quickly put out the three small fires that burned a few trees and bushes at golden gate park. >> at this point we had suspected it might be arson so we call the arson group. >> reporter: investigators are now searching for a suspect who they believe may have intentionally started the fires before getting away. >> there was somebody up in this area who might have been suspicious. >> reporter: it all happened shortly after 1:00 p.m. fire crews got the call reporting the cluster of small fires in a wooded area of golden gate park. within minutes, fire crews extinguished the flames. >> no indication that this is a homeless issue. this may have to do with somebody else who might be in this area. so we are doing the investigation on that trying to locate where that individual might be and police and arson are handling that at this time. >> reporter: and no one was injured here. no property damaged. but police are asking if you know anything about what happened here, give them a call
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right away. in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. and new at 5:00 doctors at stanford have a medical mystery of sorts on their hands. kpix 5's kiet do tells us they are trying to figure out what killed this high school football player who was rushed to the hospital days ago with what seemed like a cold. >> reporter: it was tuesday evening at lucille packard children's hospital. five days before christmas isaiah was taken off life support. his mother wrote on facebook, i will never forget the moment your heart stopped and my heart kept beating. his older brother had a quiet moment alone to say good-bye. >> i laid on his chest and i held on to his jersey and i said, no one will ever replace you, just know that. >> reporter: two weeks ago he had just finished his first football season with the menlo- atherton bears with a 3.8 gpa. he felt like he had a cold and collapsed december 12. after a week, his condition worsened. surgeons tried to reduce the
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fluid building on his brain but after the surgery, he never regained consciousness and could not even breathe on his own. the hospital says meningitis has been ruled out. health officials are investigating what looks to be a mysterious rare infection. the brother says if a cure is ever developed he will name it after his middle name bow jack. >> i know he going to be smiling down at us saying don't cry, stay strong, and i'm always going to be here for you. >> reporter: at 14 years old, 6 feet tall and more than 200 pounds, they called him the gentle giant. he was quick to help pick up groceries, read to young children in bible study or read a prayer. in the past three days nearly 700 people donated more than $70,000 to his medical fund. >> all the thoughts and prayers that they are sending him just made us feel like we had, like, that we had a family to fall back on and that he is really not gone, still with us. >> reporter: his cousin paul
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said it well. sunsets are proof endings can be beautiful, too. rest easy. kiet do, kpix 5. new at 5:00 good news for lots of workers out there. go ahead, enjoy your break. because today the state supreme court said if you are on a break at work, your boss cannot bother you. guards for a security services sued over a company policy that required them to keep their radios and their pagers on during break and the court just sided with the guards. dramatic new aerial video of tultepec mexico shows the charred remains of a fireworks market. at least 35 people were killed after a series of blasts ripped through the crowded area on tuesday. dozens more are injured. no word yet on what caused the initial explosion. but investigators are focusing their attention on safety violations. at least 12 people are still missing. and in germany new dashcam video shows the terrifying moment when a truck on the left
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side of your screen crashed into christmas market in berlin. 12 people were killed in the attack monday. 56 others were hurt. german investigators say the fingerprints found inside the cab of the truck belonged to anis amri. the tunisian man disappeared after the attack. there's a worldwide manhunt for him now. amri's family is now calling for the suspect to turn himself in. the last opposition fighters and civilians were bused out of aleppo today as syria's government regained full control of the city for the first time in four years. aleppo has been a stronghold in the rebellion against president bashar al-assad and here in the bay area a dramatic protest against the situation in syria. demonstrators staged a die-in over what they call russia's role in the crisis. meanwhile, members of the palestinian youth movement and syrian youth gathered at the russian consulate in san francisco. they covered themselves in fake blood and lay on the ground. they also read off names of
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civilians who died in aleppo. protestors say the deaths are at the hands of russian president vladimir putin. president-elect donald trump and russian president putin are calling on both countries to ramp up nuclear arsenal. donald trump said the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. the tweet came just hour after president putin told defense chiefs that russia can overpower any potential enemy but should also build up its nuclear capabilities. also today, president-elect trump rounded out his communications team. he named sean spicer as the new white house press secretary. spicer is the former communications director for the republican national committee. and worked closely with the incoming chief of staff reince priebus. mr. trump as campaign manager kellyanne conway was named a special adviser. she will help shape the message
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of mr. trump's administration. conway had previously said that she planned to move her family to washington to serve trump either inside or outside the administration. and the president-elect is sticking with one of his campaign promises. drain the swamp. in a tweet, he said, someone incorrectly stated that the phrase, drain the swamp, was no longer being used by me. actually, we will always be trying to dts! adviser and former house speaker newt gingrich told npr that trump disclaims the popular slogan. but he has since admitted he made a mistake. and a final election numbers are in. they show hillary clinton got 2.9 million more popular votes than donald trump. that's the largest popular vote margin of any losing presidential candidate. an analysis by the "associated press" shows that clinton won 48% over trump's 46%. well, it's a winter break
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that several bay area teens will never forget. >> coming up the wild joyride involving a stolen jaguar that ended inside a thrift shop. >> plus, like the ease of a gift card but want to give something more personal? the new hybrid option just ahead. >> 'tis the season for giving. how a community effort is making christmas wishes come true for thousands of bay area kids. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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found this jaguar sedan insa san leandro storefront call a luxury car plowed into a bay area building at 1:30 a.m. police found this jaguar sedan inside a san leandro storefront called thrift town. police believe the car was stolen. witnesses say they saw four teens who were inside the car get away on foot. those teenagers still on the
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run tonight. an ecigarette explodes in a man's pocket on a bus in fresno. the 53-year-old was left with burns to his hand and leg yesterday. kenny choi says it's not the first time this has happened. >> hey, you can't vap on the bus, man. >> reporter: a fresno city bus driver notices one of his passengers broke the rules. he is using an ecigarette on the bus. and take a look at this. just moments after the man puts the device away, in his pocket -- >> oh!! ah! >> reporter: chaos, it explodes! sending him to the hospital. first responders took pictures of the battery. it's probably the source of the blast. >> these batteries are fragile. they have a wrap on the outside that needs to stay intact. if that battery gets torn and touches metal like loose change it can short out the battery. >> reporter: this man is familiar with ecigarette explosion cases across the country including this one a
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few weeks ago also in a man's pocket inside a new york liquor store. >> it's terrifying to see, you know, people hurting themselves and blowing up. there's a lot of videos out there. >> reporter: woody says this ecigarette blast in fresno is another example of the real danger ecigarettes can pose if not carried properly. >> i have always told people make sure you know what you're doing when you get into this. it can be dangerous. >> i had no idea those things would explode. i thought it was just like any other thing. i guess they are dangerous. we should be careful. >> reporter: experts say the best practice is to remove the batteries between uses and place them in a protective case. in the newsroom, kenny choi, kpix 5 news. draymond green has a good reason for missing tonight's warriors game against the nets in brooklyn. he is a new dad! the power forward flew back to the bay area just in time to attend the birth of his son early this morning.
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he posted this photo of his son. no older on the older draymond's status for the next game. the gift cards are often the go to choice for people who don't get their holiday shopping done in time. but this year some retailers are offering a twist on the gift card idea that's making it more personal. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: stores are crowded, people are cranky, shipping deadlines flying by. >> frantic at this point. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: but this year some retailers are offering procrastinators a new option a new kind of egift. customers can pick out and pay for a gift, say pants, pajamas or perfume, then the store emails a gift notice to the recipient on the day you choose. >> you can actually now deliver anything instantly anywhere. >> reporter: the cofounder of a bay area startup provides the technology to retailers. he points out, once you get the gift email. >> then you're able to select your own size, to choose
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whatever color you want. >> reporter: and said it's a win-win because if you don't like the gift you can use the money for something else. >> it's a hybrid between gift card and an actual tangible present picked out. >> reporter: this consumer psychologist says product- based egifting is likely to catch on because it's more thoughtful than just a gift card. >> you give the perception that you considered the person. >> reporter: the notice will arrive on time and that could be a gift in and of itself for procrastinators. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. >> right now, about a dozen stores offer the service including macy's and nordstrom, saks fifth avenue and coach. christmas came early for thousands of low-income families in the south bay. >> kpix 5's maria medina reports that thanks to the generosity of others, moms and dads got to pick out some gifts that otherwise probably
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wouldn't be under the tree. >> like this one. >> reporter: she can contain her excitement and happiness as she chooses christmas gifts for her five children. >> so i think that one is perfect. >> reporter: normally the holiday season is a struggle. >> it's really sad. you cannot [ indiscernible ] what they want. >> reporter: her husband works. flora is a stay-at-home mother. it's similar to the thousands who will line up at sacred heart in san jose to get free christmas gifts they can't afford. >> a lot of the parents coming here they are struggling to pay for rent and it's leaving little for holiday traditions. >> reporter: for the next two days christmas gifts will be handed out for 6200 santa clara county children but there is still a need. >> this morning we were short about 2,000 toys. >> reporter: the toy store sacred heart sets up every year is full of donations, gives flora knows comes from the heart. she is also a volunteer here
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and for a day they forget the struggle. >> i'm so happy. >> reporter: and simply celebrate the holiday. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas! thank you. >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. i don't really think there is such a thing but the ugly christmas sweater always a popular theme for holiday parties. >> now pets are getting into the act. this fundraiser in washington, dc gave people a chance to put their pets in party outfits and support a worthy cause. oh, my gosh. cats and dogs decked out in sweaters and hats gathered for the event benefiting the humane rescue alliance. my cat would not go to that are. some even got to sit on santa's laps. >> it will be raining cats and dogs in the bay area tomorrow beginning after midnight tonight with some showers in the north bay and boy, do we get hit but good. as we look live now towards the golden gate bridge and the first hint of changes on the way. i will have the forecast coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a purple heart
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found on the floor of a bay area airport. the search to return this symbol of sacrifice to a fallen soldier's family. ,,,,
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hello, hi and welcome back on this thursday evening. you would never know it by looking at today that there's a fairly significant storm on the way but indeed it is and tomorrow will look what a difference a day will make, as dyna washington once sang. things are going to be changing as we look at the extended forecast. you can see that tomorrow we have some rain in the forecast and that's going to be just the way she goes. this is interesting, isn't it? right now, temperatures around the bay area -- right now temperatures around the bay area mostly in the 50s. it's electron poisoning. overnight temperatures in the mid-40s tonight. rain spreads out so far the rest of the bay area beginning after midnight tonight and the chance of a thunder bumper or two out there.
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47 tonight in san jose, 42 at livermore. 44 napa. rain and wind on the way. low pressure down south, giving the southland trouble tonight. but this is the thing. it will be driving our weather for the next 24 to 36 hours. moisture under that low going to be moving into northern california. and so we'll look for rain to begin developing after midnight tonight in the north bay and then spreading south over the rest of the bay area as the day wears on. amounts look good as we show you in a minute. you can see wham, things change. and this is by 6:00 tomorrow morning. so an hour and a half before sunrise, good cells up in the north bay some around the peninsula. baywide, so things change rapidly overnight tonight. day goes on, unstable air, and so we get heavy showers from time to time. and then we'll get a little bit of a letup and more showers on the way. look at this moist flow as it goes on even by friday night. we still have scattered showers around. it will take a while to clear
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it out. by saturday the clearing out is what will happen by saturday night. so after midnight tonight in terms of amounts from half inch to an inch not a huge rainmaker but it will get things wet just in time for the morning commute. winter weather alerts already posted for the mountains with winter storm warnings in the offing. a chilly night chance north, and rain and wind tomorrow before things begin to ease up tomorrow. mid-50s in the extended forecast, we look for that rain tomorrow, clearing it up for christmas weekend, and, in fact, after friday, early saturday morning, it looks like we are high and dry back into the mid-60s by midweek. that's weather. the news continues after a break.
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and some of our neighbors a helping others in a big way. today we receive it is the time of year for giving and some your our nations are helping others in a big way. today we received one of the largest contributions to date in our "food for bay area families" drive. take a look. >> flip it on over, guys. a million dollars! >> whoo! [ applause ] >> a million dollars. this is one of our hugest donations so far in our food drive! >> this donation alone will provide 2 million meals for our local hungry community. >> wow. >> incredible. >> wow. santa clara-based applied materials was behind the million-dollar donation. >> that's wonderful. the company along with others have long-standing commitments to helping bay area families in need. and you can donate too at any whole foods market or online at captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs of >> pelley: echoes of the cold war. fears of a new arms race today as donald trump and vladimir putin call for expanding their nuclear arsenals. also tonight, what is excessive force? ( screaming ) y:leep) >> pelley: a mother calls police, but she and her daughters are arrested. s e world's most vicious war is revealed through the eyes of a seven-year-old from aleppo. >> there is always bombing even at night. >> reporter: what was that like? >> bad. e? so the picture is in my head. my task is to get it out. >> pelley: and the photographer who shines a light on humanity. >> i'm your uncle.


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