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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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weather coverage in just a moment but first, we have some breaking news. worldwide manhunt for the berlin terror attack suspect is over. he was shot and killed by police in italy. officers were doing a routine check in milan when they spotted anis amri. when they asked to see his identification they say he pulled a gun. he died in a shootout. police say he was the man who stole a truck and smashed through a christmas market in berlin on monday. 12 people died, dozens of others were hurt. so we are under a storm watch this morning. roqui is here with a look at traffic but first let's get to julie watts. >> heavy rain out there. the front is actually passing through. we are going to go ahead and take a closer look at what we have seen over the last few hours. if i can loop this radar, notice we watch the front passing through. here we go. this is the heaviest rain and highest wind. behind the front we'll continue to see scattered showers
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throughout the day. but the heaviest rainfall right now the north bay the peninsula heading into the east bay, vallejo, you are getting hammered. as we take a closer look at the north bay santa rosa, and rohnert park, you did see that front just pass through. now showers starting to die down. this is the residual showers behind it but napa, american canyon, vallejo heavy rain over you right now. farther south to the peninsula, san mateo, millbrae, south san francisco, daly city, all seeing heavy rain. danville, walnut creek, get ready because really the eye of -- it's not an eye of the storm. if there was an eye of the storm of the front this where it would be. along the corridor berkeley, oakland, heavy rain moving your way, san ramon, livermore, pleasanton, tassajara. so right now expect the rain to increase over the next 20 minutes. travel delays 80 and 50s already seeing very slow no
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levels just above pollock pines and grass valley. i anticipate the snow levels to lower throughout the day today. that's a winter storm warning. it is in effect through saturday evening. so the heaviest rain for today is friday. even though the showers will taper down here in the bay area, we will continue to see snow showers in the sierra likely at very low elevations because we have a very cold air mass in place. expect gusty winds, travel delays, snow down around the corner 3,000 feet. probably delays at sfo. chicago snow so dicey travel connecting through chicago. new york okay. houston showers, atlanta dry. but you will probably still see delays through all the major hubs. highs today in the 50s areawide. showers ending this morning but a chance of thunderstorms later. more on that coming up. >> thank you. let's take a look at traffic right now. here's a beautiful look at the
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golden gate bridge. 580 to the golden gate bridge a quick 14 minutes. moving to 80 freeway, before willow avenue a solo car crash turned into two cars and it's off on the shoulder causing a little delay there traveling in that area. you will be moving about 50 miles per hour. on the westbound side of 80 down to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are heading into san francisco, you're looking good traffic-wise but you will have to drive slowly because that rain is coming down as you can see from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze about 19 minutes. the metering lights may turn on around 5:30. nimitz looking good. 238 in san leandro to the maze 16 minutes. southbound side of 880 to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that commute looking good in both directions, as well. ight-year, 80,000-mile warranty to 101, that's hayward to foster city, that will be 15
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minutes. mass transit is on time. check because we are on holiday schedules. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. trichell a estimates that more americans -- aaa estimates that more americans are traveling this holiday season than ever before. lisa chan is live at sfo where a very busy travel day could get more hectic with all this rain. lisa? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. so far there are no delays here at sfo. that's the good news. but six flights have been canceled. now, two of them were departing, one to los angeles, one to las vegas and four were arriving, two from palm springs, one from l.a. and one from las vegas. now, as you said, a record number of people will be on the roads today as they try to get to their holiday destinations. more than 6 million people are expected to fly but with gas prices low most are expected to drive. aaa says 93 million people will be on the roads this holiday season. at l.a.x. the country's second largest airport, 850 flights were delayed and more than 150 canceled over 48 hours. >> what are you going to do
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tonight? >> um, watch netflix and hopefully not get my bag stolen. >> reporter: now, 103 million americans will be traveling for the holidays. that's 1.5 million more than last year. now, here at sfo, they tell me everything is full today. they are expecting 165,000 passengers to come in and out of the airport today. live at sfo, lisa chan, kpix 5. lisa, thanks. we'll have the very latest on the storms throughout our newscast and be sure to download our cbssf mobile app. you can see live radar and get weather alerts on your phone. we have new details on a house fire in the oakland hills. we are hearing now from the family who was inside the home at the time. firefighters were called to the scene at around 10:00 last night. this was on alhambra lane in the oakland hills. the man who lives there says he was watching tv when his daughter started screaming to get outside. >> so i went out the front door and checked what was going on
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and saw flames coming out from under the garage. and i guess it went up quickly. by the time i turned around to go back inside because i couldn't see her outside, the whole front door was filled with smoke. >> there is significant damage to both the house and the garage. the cause is under investigation. developing now. two people were shot along 580 and now police are looking for suspects. it happened in the eastbound lanes at harrison street in oakland last night. officials with highway patrol say that both victims were riding in the same car. they were rushed to the hospital. their conditions are not known at this time. investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the shooting. now, this is the third shooting on 580 in less than a month. on monday afternoon, gunfire erupted near lakeshore avenue in an apparent case of road rage. officials say that someone shot at two people but no one was hit. and on november 30th, a gunman shot at this car near the fruitvale off-ramp. police had to shut down the
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eastbound lanes for more than 2 hours during the evening rush hour. uber's self-driving cars are headed to arizona. since california state officials revoked the cars' registrations here, the company decided to load their volvos on to a flatbed truck and take them to arizona. uber started using them to pick up passengers here in san francisco last week. but it refused to get the permits. after days of negotiations, the dmv had enough. the governor of arizona heard about it and immediately posted on social media, he we had to, here in arizona, we welcome this kind of technology and innovations, he tweeted. starting today the odds will be longer than ever of finding parking by the golden gate bridge. closures are coming to the parking lot at both ends of the bridge. the lots at vista point and welcome center will be shut down from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. through january 2. it's to reduce traffic backups as the busy holiday weekend gets under way.
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christmas is only two days away. there is still plenty of time to help kids in need. >> that's right. there are several toy drives going on today. less than an hour lefty o'doul's is kicking off its last-minute christmas eve toy drive. it starts at 6 a.m. and will be going on all day and most of the night. you can drop off toys in the barrel at 333 geary. the goal is to collect 15,000 gifts for local kids. >> on the corner of geary and powell, a very cool atmosphere there. you can still drop off toys for san francisco's firefighters toy drive at the program's headquarters. that's at 2225 jerrold avenue. firefighters will start handing out presents to hundreds of kids starting at 8:30 this morning. >> and in san jose, parents will be able to pick up presents at sacred heart. the organization got thousands of donations this year doors opening at 9 a.m. time check, 5:08. talk about the right place at the right time. coming up, we'll show you what happened moments before this
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train smashed into this car. ♪[ music ] >> and we will introduce you to a little boy who is recovering from a rare skull surgery. we'll show you how 3d technology helped in his procedure. >> and we are watching the front pass through as we speak. but lingering showers, possible thunderstorms, certainly low snow continue for at least the next day. details coming up. >> and here's some pretty holiday vibes from our golden gate bridge cam but those are raindrops which can mean hazards on the real. more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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half moon bay. maria, how's it looking? it is a rainy morning and we are keeping an eye on conditions across the bay area. kpix 5's maria medina is live in half moon bay this morning. how's it looking? >> reporter: good morning, guys. it is raining out here. on our way here to half moon bay from san jose, it started raining about palo alto. and every few seconds you can see my umbrella being shaken by the wind out here. but that is not all. there is also some high surf as you can see behind me. waves expected to be as high as 20 feet. with people coming, you know, from out of town for the holiday weekend there is a warning for people to stay out
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of the water or just to be cautious of those high waves. the water is expected to be cold about 5 degrees. the good news is that those large waves, those 20-foot waves, aren't accessible to beach-goers. they are going to be in spots right off the shore like the famous mavericks surfing spot, not far from where i'm standing. but you can expect waves to be an average of 9 to 11 feet here along the coast throughout the day. back to you guys. >> thank you. in the weather center, we are tracking rain on hi-def doppler. the front is moving through right now. you can see it here continuing to head southeast throughout the morning. we will see continuing showers behind this front. but that will -- i think we'll be seeing the heaviest rainfall here over the next couple of hours. so let's take a look at where some of the heaviest rainfall is right now. as we take a look at the north
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bay, really santa rosa, rohnert park, petaluma, just got hammered as the front passed through. now you're seeing the lighter rain behind it with the front moving east, napa, american canyon, vallejo, seeing heavy rainfall right now. farther south the peninsula, moderate to heavy rain from san francisco through daly city, san mateo heavier rainfall here over the next 20 minutes or so. and then all this is continuing to push east. so we are seeing pockets of -- notice here this area of red here, heavy rainfall here. pockets of heavy rain in the east bay along 680 this morning, 24, we are going to continue to see these downpours here as the front passes through over the next couple of hours and if you are heading to the high country going to visit family today, notice this. we have very low snow levels. in fact, down just above pollock pines right now this -- temperatures continue to drop with the cold air mass in place. we'll see lower snow levels i think even tomorrow although we'll lose some of the moisture
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that we are seeing. snow will continue likely. grass valley we are seeing snow levels above grass valley as well and then certainly starting to see the snow into truckee, tahoe and south lake tahoe. winter storm warning is in effect for today through saturday even though the showers will die down by the end of the day today we'll continue to see some snow up in the sierra. so current temperatures are mild compared to this time yesterday. but overall, cold is the story in terms of temperatures for the weekend. so 45 right now in santa rosa. 53 in san jose. 59 concord. oakland at 50. this is primarily because we don't have clear skies. so we're starting off a little warmer thanks to that cloud cover. speaking of which, here's the source of all that cloud cover. area of low pressure that spun that front our way, notice this popcorn-like cloud structure indicative of a cold air mass, likely unstable later today, leading to the possibility of some thunderstorms. so here we have the front right now passing through the heaviest rain the highest wind. weather continue to see rain behind the front. i pause it here about 11 a.m. if you are hitting the roads, do anticipate showers to
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continue for much of the day. later on this afternoon, early evening, going to keep the possibility of some thunderstorms in the forecast because of that unstable air mass. and then we die down, showers start to to taper off overnight into saturday morning, lingering showers on saturday. overall saturday looks dry even more so into sunday. i think the weather headline saturday into sunday is going to be cold temperatures. in fact, i think we might see some freezing temperatures as santa is getting ready to deliver those presents overnight saturday into sunday. the first day of chanukah tomorrow, saturday, second day sunday, it is going to be cold both those days. how much rain are we going to see in the meantime? well, we' looking at anywhere between a half inch to an inch up in the north bay. three-quarters to 1.5" in the santa cruz mountains and up to three-quarters inch possible in the east bay. but we're talking pocket where we see those heavy downpours. the deal with this system is it's fast-moving. the heaviest rain will move through quickly. it's not going to stall. so we are not going to see huge rainfall totals but still pretty impressive a lot of rain
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in a short amount of time. a wet start to your day with gusty winds that's what to expect out the door this morning. showers will continue into the afternoon, possibility of some thunderstorms. and then mainly dry weekend but we are staying chilly with the possibility of some freezing temperatures overnight. your tahoe report, kirkwood current conditions snow beginning there. snow bay already at 28 to 54." the snow base for north star 18 to 36" anticipating several more inches of powder this weekend same story for folks heading up to squaw valley. sunrise today 7:23. sunset, 4:56. high temperatures around the bay today, not very high. topping out in the 50s for pretty much everyone. again, showers lingering throughout the day. that winter storm warning in effect. do anticipate delays. we are looking at snow down to around 3,000 feet. so could definitely see some problems. you want to grab the chains if you are heading up to the high
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country. the extended forecast shows again rain and wind today drying out for saturday. cold saturday into sunday. this holiday weekend. right now we are looking dry for monday and tuesday. we had a weather system that looked like rain sunday into monday right now backing off. but i reserve the tri-state change that forecast. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> more than three days out? i'm not going to bet on it. >> that's fair. let's check the roads right now with roqui. >> thank you, anne. they are not too bad. because i won't see you guys on christmas day i wanted to give you a christmas gift early. so let's take a look at the altamont pass traffic. look at that! smooth across the way. you're moving at 60 miles per hour throughout. so you're welcome. don't mention it. okay. moving on to the dublin interchange altamont pass to 680 will just take you 14 minutes. now if you are traveling across the span of the san mateo bridge here's a live look from hayward to foster city are, a quick 15-minute commute between 880 and 101. and the same story across the span of the bay bridge. looking smooth, but wet, so you
5:19 am
want to drive slowly on 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze. that will take you 20 minutes and then expect no delay as you head through the toll plaza. okay. are you ready to talk about mass transit? because we have some holiday schedule changes for you starting with bart. it's a modified schedule on the pittsburg-bay point line. now they are running for 10- to 15-minute intervals instead of five-minute intervals during the peak commute times through january 2. and then moving over to ace trains 3 and 5 this morning will be running afternoon trains 4 and 6 will be running but 1, 7, 8 and 10 will have no service today. the larkspur ferry now 8:45 out of larkspur is canceled due to mechanical problems. the 4 p.m. out of san francisco is also canceled due to mechanical problems. otherwise, you're looking good. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. new video shows the moments the train smashed into a car in a suburb of los angeles. officials say the driver was trying to turn around to follow her gps. she didn't realize she was on the tracks. firefighters were on the way to
5:20 am
another call when they noticed the car. they ran up to the driver and pulled her out just in time. no injuries. so a very special holiday for one family in new york. >> marlie hall shows us how 3d printer technology is giving them a real reason to be thankful. >> reporter: oh!! >> reporter: 7-month-old vincent bow snow celebrating his first christmas. his parents say it's more than a milestone. it's a blessing. >> when i was pregnant i was worried every day. >> reporter: he was born with a birth defect that causes a ridge on the forehead. for some children, surgery is necessary to allow the brain to grow and develop normally. >> if it's not fixed in infancy it becomes a deformity that limits their ability. >> reporter: doctors reconstructed his skull using 3d printing technology. >> fits in here exactly. >> reporter: with the help of "ct" scans, these models of
5:21 am
vincent's head were created showing doctors the before and after surgery results. >> the 3d modeling technique makes the operation considerably safer. >> reporter: doctors also used the models to practice taking the skull apart, removing the deformity, and put it back together again. >> this template tells you exactly where to cut. >> correct. >> what's the benefit of that? >> precision. >> and hi! >> reporter: for the parents, it was a nerve-wracking five- hour procedure. but they say the results made it all worth it. >> surgery went well, you know, so we're very thankful for that. >> reporter: now they're looking forward to spending time with family this holiday season. marlie hall, cbs news, east patchogue, new york. >> he is a real cutie, too. doctors say one in 15,000 babies is born with that defect. >> they say that another benefit to using the 3d technology is a shorter procedure which means less time under anesthesia. ♪[ music ] coming up in sports,
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college hoops both stanford and usf in action with one of the teams trying to pull off an upset. draymond green was missing in action as the team starts its three-game christmas road trip in new jersey. it's all coming up. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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draymond green has left the warriors to return home to the bay area because of the birth of his son draymond jamal green, jr. congratulations to the entire family. golden state trailed the nets by 16 at the half in the game but in the third, kevin durant draws the foul and throws one down on brook lopez. later in the quarter, now tied at 70. klay thompson knocks down the three giving golden state the lead. they outscore brooklyn 39-19 in the third. in the fourth, the warriors pull away off the turnover steph curry dishes it to shaun livingston for the dunk. 101-91. golden state outscores the nets 68-36 in the second half to win 117-101. stanford hosting idaho down on the farm last night. the cardinal trailed by 11 in the second half but with under 8 to go, stanford nailed one of seven at least to give the cardinal a 64-62 lead.
5:26 am
he finished with 25 and stanford wins 86-80. first year usf head coach kyle smith facing utah in the first round of the diamond head classic in hawaii. he hits the three to make it a 5-point game. the dons knock down 16 threes in the game upset the utes 89- 96. the-2 on the season. the warriors playing today against the pistons. have a great day. ♪[ music ] rain, wind and high surf. how large the waves are expected to get today. >> a record number of people will be traveling this holiday season. six million people will be trying to catch a flight. coming up, we'll give you an update on the delays and cancellations here at sfo. ,,,,,,,,
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manhunt.. for the berlin terror attack suspect.. is finally over. we have the very latest.. on how authorities tracked him do breaking news. the worldwide manhunt for the berlin terror attack suspect is over. we'll have the very latest on how authorities found him. >> and the election was nearly 6 weeks ago but the race is still tight in san jose. one candidate is calling for another recount. >> we're tracking rain and wind and snow on hi-def doppler. how long it will last and what's your holiday weekend looking like coming up. >> and we're tracking about how those conditions are affecting your roads this morning. so far pretty good but we have a new crash to tell you about in oakland. we'll tell you about it coming up. good morning, friday, december 23. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. we want to start with the news in italy where police say they shot and killed anis amri. officers say that they were doing a routine check in milan when they spotted him. they asked to see his id papers and he reportedly pulled a gun
5:31 am
on them. he died in a shootout. police believe he stole a big rig truck and smashed through the christmas market in berlin on monday. 12 people died, dozens of others were hurt. ♪[ music ] now to our storm watch. we have team coverage this morning. maria medina outside in the rain in half moon bay, lisa chan keeping an eye on conditions at the airport, but we want to start with julie watts who is tracking the storm in the weather center. julie. >> we are tracking the storm on hi-def doppler this morning and i want to show you the front passing through right now. you can see it right here really just north of the bay area. as we loop over the last hour, the heaviest rainfall moved from the east -- excuse me, from the west to the southeast. so here's a look at where some of the heaviest rain is falling right now. heavy rain in these areas. rohnert park earlier this
5:32 am
morning but as the front pushes off to the southeast, we are going to see showers behind it. heavy rain right now the over much. peninsula, daly city hammered with heavy rainfall. san francisco heavy rain. this will continue to push to the east and we are seeing heavy rain right now in through tassajara, san ramon, cells moved over you. walnut creek heavy rain as well as san leandro and along the 80 corridor, as well. 680 seeing heavy rain this morning. hopefully a lot of folks not commuting this morning. you may be traveling to see relatives and if you are, we have a winter storm warning in effect low snow levels down just above pollock pines and grass valley lowering throughout the morning. travel delays in any of the higher elevations foothills included snow down to 3,000
5:33 am
feet. up to 10" there. 36 inches above 7,000 feet. wet and windy at sfo. we are talking cooler temperatures topping out in the 50s. and we will likely see delays as well thanks to inclement weather in chicago and houston today two major hubs. more on that coming up but first here's maria with a check of what's going on at the coast. >> reporter: good morning, julie. yeah. decent amount of rain coming down now and every few seconds we are shaking in the wind. but that's not all. there's also high surf as you can see behind me. waves expected to be as large as 20 feet high. and as you know, a lot of people coming from out of town for the holiday weekend, there is a warning for them to stay out of the water or watch out for those large waves. the good news is that those large waves, the 20-foot waves, are not accessible to beach- goers because they are expected a little far off the shore like
5:34 am
the famous mavericks spot not far from where i'm standing here. the water is cold at about 50 degrees but along the coast if you are going to visit the beach you can expect waves up to 9 and 11 feet high. we'll see how the weather is affecting holiday travel with roqui. >> yeah. thank you, maria. actually that weather is affecting our holiday travel. starting with some flooding in san francisco, already, so let's take a look at that map. eastbound 80 before 7th street this is some standing water flooding in the two right lanes. not causing delays but you will definitely want to drive safely through the area so that you get to your destination on time and safely. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take 21 minutes and then no delays through the toll plaza, the metering lights should turn on soon. we'll keep an eye out on that. it's already 5:34. now a live look at the nimitz freeway from 238 in san leandro to the maze. that's a 17-minute commute. if you are taking the southbound side of 880, to the
5:35 am
san mateo bridge -- or the southbound side of 880 to the crash here, this is after high street, it's a solo car crash being moved out of the left lane right now actually chp on scene and causing some minor delays traffic at just 30 miles per hour. now if you are taking that. but the san mateo bridge is looking good traveling into the peninsula and let's end on a good note. altamont pass traffic 60 miles per hour all the way through and the dublin interchange is looking good, as well. altamont pass and 680 will take you 14 minutes. tthat's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence.-- that's a look at traffic. lisa chan is live at sfo where the holiday travel rush is under way. >> good morning, so far, the good news is, there are no delays here at sfo. but it is still early. however, six flights have been canceled. two of them were departing one to l.a. one to las vegas.
5:36 am
four of them were arriving flights, two from palm springs, one from l.a. and one from las vegas. [ inaudible ] [ child talking, unintelligible ] >> reporter: some people are trying to make the best of the situation. lots of people are on the move today. 103million americans are traveling for the holiday. that's 1.5 million more than last year. at l.a.x., construction and rain backed up the country's second largest airport over 48 hours. 150 flights were canceled, 850 delayed. >> how long you been at l.a.x.? >> 24 hours today. >> reporter: now, aaa says most travelers are driving. 93million people are expected to be on the roads. back here at sfo, they tell me on an average day about 123 passengers make their way in
5:37 am
and out of this airport today. they are expecting 165,000. live at sfo, lisa chan, kpix 5. >> we'll have the very latest on the storm throughout our newscast. we're on air until 7 a.m. be sure to download our cbssf mobile app. you can see live radar and get weather alerts on your phones. the u.n. security council has postponed a vote condemning israeli settlements under pressure from israel and president-elect donald trump. hours before the vote, trump called for a veto of the resolution calling it unfair to all israelis in a tweet. sources tell cbs news that israeli officials side-stepped president obama, who was going to allow the resolution and instead, they reached out to donald trump. this came just as the president- elect set off fears about a nuclear arms race! he tweeted, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes." trump's adviser kellyanne
5:38 am
conway downplayed any concerns about nuclear proliferation and discussing government business on twitter. >> he is putting the world on notice that he will do what he thinks he needs to do to keep us safe and secure. he was not trying to change policy through twitter. >> the president-elect will reportedly take a break from transition meetings today to play golf with tiger woods in west palm beach florida. some six weeks after the november election, a city council candidate in san jose is still hoping that a tight race will turn out in his favor. so the lawyer has secured a second recount. sylvia arenas has already been sworn in beating jimmy nguyen by 68 votes out of 35,000. an automatic recount ended with her still ahead but nguyen says 100 votes from his supporters were tossed because the signatures on file didn't match the ones on the ballot. now a second recount is under way paid for by nguyen's campaign donors. >> we're hoping to find some ballots here that are mistakes
5:39 am
that would either kick out a vote or give me a vote. >> we reached out to councilwoman arenas but haven't heard back yet. the recount will last another week. if you are planning to buy the newest macbook this christmas, think again. hena daniels of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. the united states is suing british bank barclays over its sale of risky mortgage-backed securities. the justice department filed a complaint accusing barclays of dishonest practices. officials say investors lost billions of dollars after the country's financial crisis. barclays denies the allegations. you may not want to be so quick to buy a new macbook pro this holiday season. for the first time of, consumer reports is not recommending that consumers buy it. apple claims the new macbook pro will garner about 10 hours of use between charges. during testing, however, the battery life was found to be
5:40 am
completely inconsistent, so much so that they are coming up with an average is meaningless according to consumer reports. aircraft manufacturer airbus is considering a future of windowless planes. the design would give airlines more flexibility with what they can do with the aircraft. suggestions include a sleeper seats, a coffee shop, gym, or a kids playzone. for now, just an idea. airbus said the design will cut down on maintenance costs for their planes. so hena, starbucks is spreading cheer, as well? >> reporter: and attempting to get a little more holiday profits. the coffee giant is hosting its 1,000 pop-up parties over the next 10 days. starting today from 1 to 2 p.m. customers at the right store can enjoy a free tall espresso. locations vary each day. to find a store near you at back to you guys. >> sounds good.
5:41 am
hena daniels of, thank you. 20 minutes before 6:00. still ahead, an explosion caught on camera. we'll tell you what was inside this man's pocket. ,,,,,, ,,
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5:43 am
good morning. welcome back. time of now 5:43. we are off to a wet and windy start this morning. here's a live look at sfo. travel delays are likely throughout the day. details coming up. video shows an ecigarette exploding in a man's pocket. this is captured on surveillance video surveillance video in london. it caught fire when it rubbed against his keys. he had burns but will be okay. we are getting a first look at what appears to be the
5:44 am
world's first solar panel road. it is in a small village in normandy, france. small electricity generating panels cover about 30,000 square feet. the panels are covered with a protective resin to protect them from drivers and bikers. officials are hoping this technology will provide enough energy to power the town's streetlights over the next two years. cool. >> imagine -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> real good protective coating needed there. our roads are not too bad but we have some situations to tell you about. the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions northbound 880 from 238 in san leandro to the maze will take you 7 minutes. southbound 880 to the san mateo bridge, we have a couple of things to tell you about along the way here in both directions. first, the eastbound side at the incline there's a three-car crash blocking the right lane and on the westbound side on
5:45 am
the high-rise there's a solo car crash blocking the right lane, as well. otherwise, traffic is moving pretty smoothly but your roadways are wet so you want to drive slowly and carefully. now a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on now so slowing traffic down into san francisco. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 21 minutes and then expect about a 15-minute drive through the toll plaza into downtown. now, once you hit downtown we have eastbound 80 before 7th street. there's flooding there in that area so you want to be careful if this is a part of your morning commute. and, of course, we have mass transit holiday schedules to tell you about. starting with bart, we have a modified skill between the pittsburg-bay point line. those will be running from 10- to 15-minute intervals instead of five-minute intervals during peak commute times through january second and then moving to ace train 3 and 5 will be running this morning, afternoon trains 4 and 6 will be running. but you have one, seven, eight and ten with no service today. and then the larkspur ferry 8:45 out of larkspur canceled and 4 prix fixe menus out of
5:46 am
san francisco ferry canceled and both due to mechanical problems. now moving over to our cap corridor delay we have systemwide delays due to a track problem out of the suisun and martinez area and moving to southbound 880 after high street this solo car crash has been moved off the roads and traffic is recovering at just 40 miles per hour in the area. julie, i'll send it to you for the wet weather. >> thank you, roqui. we are tracking a fast-moving front moving through the bay area bringing with it heavy rain and high winds at this hour. you can see the front here the heaviest rain in orange over the last couple of hours and really centered right over san francisco right now. it will continue to push southeast so anticipate these showers -- the heaviest rainfall continuing for the next, oh, couple of hours or so. we'll take a closer look at some of the heaviest rain. santa rosa tapering off to lighter rainfall. rohnert park still seeing moderate showers. heavier rain now moving south and east through american canyon, napa, as well. farther south, we are seeing
5:47 am
heavy rainfall for south san francisco, daly city, san francisco, the good news is the front is moving quickly. so it's not going to stall. we could still see, though, some localized ponding and flooding because we're getting a lot of rain in a short amount of time. farther east similar conditions in the east bay. keep in mind folks in san ramon, walnut creek, pleasanton, hayward, you're going to see the rain we're seeing in san francisco right now pushing your way over the next hour or so. right now, moderate rainfall anticipate heavier downpours here over the next hour or so. berkeley, oakland, seeing heavy rain right now, as well. heading up to the high country, winter storm warning in effect. take a look just how low this rain-snow mix line is here. just above pollock pines just above grass valley, i do anticipate we'll see this lower even more so as we make our way through today and even into tomorrow. in fact, the winter storm warning does remain in effect through saturday afternoon even though showers here in the bay area will taper off a bit earlier. outside right now, temperatures are mild compared to this time yesterday. mainly due to the cloud cover
5:48 am
we had, helping to moderate the morning temperatures. but later today temperatures will feel very cold, only topping out in the 50s. 59 right now in concord. 46 in livermore. 45 in santa rosa. taking a look at the satellite perspective, you can see we have that area of low pressure, this is really what is responsible for our weather system right now. it's spinning off that front. notice popcorn-like cloud structure underneath with cold air leading to thunderstorms this afternoon. right now, we have the front making its way to the bay area, heaviest rain, highest winds. lunchtime widespread rain, a little bit lighter in nature but certainly going to see wet roadways, not great for the travel day. later on this afternoon, possibility of thunderstorms again because of that cold, unstable air mass. and then showers linger starting to taper off by early saturday morning. most of the day saturday is dry with clear skies overnight saturday to sunday. could be very chilly might even
5:49 am
see some freezing temperatures in some of your inland valleys for christmas morning. so be mindful of that. you want to bundle up the kids as you open up presents christmas morning or on the second day of hanukkah. futurecast here showing that rain is ranging anywhere from a half inch to an inch possible for the north bay depending where you are. higher elevations generally see more rainfall. three-quarters inch to 1.5" in the santa cruz mountains. and quarter inch to a half inch in the south bay possible by the end of the day tomorrow. what to expect? well, we're off to a wet start with gusty winds this morning and then lingering showers into the afternoon with some possible thunderstorms mainly dry this weekend. but we are staying chilly. more snow anticipated for the high country, kirkwood 28 inches for a snow base there. 18 to 36" for north star. and we're looking at squaw valley 17 to 36" of packed powder ready for more power this weekend. your high temperatures not very
5:50 am
high at all topping out only in the 50s mid-50s for some of the warmest locations. extended forecast shows though the rain is not long-lived. wet and windy today, tomorrow we dry out same is true for sunday. a system looked like it was moving through sunday into monday. now those models are backing off so key call it dry for now monday through early next week. thank you. an 8-year-old girl loses her favorite stuffed animal at an airport and she was sure she would never see teddy the bear again. >> but then a family friend finds teddy and shows him the world. the world of the detroit airport, that is. steve works there and he happens to be a close friend of eleanor's mom so when he saw the family's facebook post about teddy's disappearance, he searched and found the bear relaxing on a trash can. then he photographed his grand tour with teddy before returning the little guy to
5:51 am
eleanor. >> she hoped somebody would find it and he was on a little adventure so why not. >> eleanor's mom said the reunion made for a happy girl, happy friend and a very happy christmas. ♪[ music ] time now 5:51. you can shop for gifts on amazon all the way up until christmas eve but what exactly does it take to get all those presents boxed and delivered in time? we'll show you after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:53 am
5:54 am
this is a look inside the amazon now you can wait until the last second to finish your holiday shopping. here's a look inside the amazon hub in sacramento. the company's prime now service is offering thousands of items that can be delivered right up until midnight on christmas eve. for prime members, two-hour delivery is free. if you want all that in an hour, it will cost you $8. >> then get a wide variety of items from daily essentials like toilet paper and toothpaste, to gifts and electronics and toys for kids. >> each amazon hub around the country features products specifically tailored to the needs of people in the area. >> no lines. it's a classic christmas tradition to find the most hideous sweater you can and put
5:55 am
it on for a party but people aren't the only ones wearing glittery disasters this year. pets are now in on the ugly christmas sweater fun. animal organizations are throwing fundraisers where pet owners can deck out their dogs and cats in awkward sweaters. [ laughter ] >> i love these pictures. >> at one event people paid $20 to see their pets wearing the sweaters on santa's lap and while attendees say the cause is worthy, one santa admits things can get messy. >> the opportunity i have to support any kind of charity especially when it deals with animal shelters -- >> kids don't p ee or drool on you as often. >> waterproof pants. rescue organizations say it helps with donations and adoptions. ♪[ music ] hey, surfers! high surf along the coast. how long it's expected to last. >> reporter: and we are live at
5:56 am
sfo this morning where they are expecting a very busy day today. coming up we'll give you an update on cancellations and delays. ,,,,,,,,,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models.
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. in for michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. we're getti good morning. it is friday, december 23. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. we are getting some wet weather heading into the holiday weekend. this is a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. you can see those raindrops on that camera lens. kpix 5 has complete coverage of the storm's impact. maria medina is in the south bay, lisa chan is at sfo. but julie watts is tracking the storm. >> we are tracking this storm on hi-def doppler and we are until the middle of this front passing through. as i show you the radar loop over the last three hours the
6:00 am
front slowly passes through. we see it here, it will continue to move off to the southeast. the heaviest rainfall and the highest winds right now right over san francisco and portions of the bay. so a closer look at what to expect as you head out the door this morning. right now, the heaviest rainfall again over the peninsula and portions of the north bay. we'll zoom in, santa rosa, petaluma, healdsburg they saw the front earlier this morning a couple of hours ago, this is what we were watching the heaviest rainfall now it's pushing southeast. here we are over san francisco. heavy rainfall, daly city, south san francisco, millbrae, san mateo, and heading east to san leandro. heavy rainfall there right now. and then the east bay oakland, berkeley, san leandro, hayward, san ramon, all seeing heavy rain, this is the front and really the heaviest rain right now passing through to the southeast. low snow levels down to around 3,000 feet even lower. take a


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