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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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am i actually pushing these guys who ran out of gas six miles on a lonely highway? or is this a metaphor for how i'm constantly pushing myself to make a tastier sandwich? george michael dies on christmas day, late-breaking details in in what caused the death, coming up at 11:00. with spicy pepper jack cheese, spicy ranch, and spicy all-white-meat chicken. but judging from the third-degree sunburn, and the fact that i can't feel my legs, i'd say i'm actually pushing this car. there's gotta be a better way to get new customers. the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone.
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yep, i'm lost. in the sudden death of 80's pop star george michael. tonight, his manager is shedding light into how the singer died. on this christmas night, good evening...i'm brian hackney. i'm betty yu. george michael's long time manager says the singer died of heart failure at his home in england this afternoon. wellwishers placed flowers and candles outside the entertainer's home in london earlier tonight. george michael came onto the pop scene 30 years ago.. and never stopped making music. cbs's chris martinez reports. (nats - "last christmas"/wham!) "last christmas i gave you my heart. the very next day you threw it away." george michael soared to stardom in the british band wham! he formed as a teenager in 1982 with friend
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through his music.. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us: tonight, people in the castro are mourning the pop icon.. by celebrating his life. nats "last christmas, i gave you my heart" last christmas. the fact that he died today is just crazy. inside the san francisco
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that's according to a tweet from her mom.. on friday -- fisher went into cardiac arrest onboard her flight from london to los angeles.. she was rushed to a local hospital shortly after.. fisher was in london filming an amazon t-v show. london filming an amazon t-v show. new tonight: a fire broke out at a popular chinese restaurant in san ramon. it started at about 7:00 at uncle yu's restaurant on crow canyon place. at the time... the owner's friends and family were inside for a private party. the fire started in the kitchen and spread into a duct system. and smoke was visible from a half mile away. firefighters rushed to the scene with eight engines. and at one point... the fire threatened an ice cream parlor next door. "there's damage to baskin robbins... person complaining of smoke inhalation." everyone was able to get out of
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the restaurant. all the other businesses nearby all the other businesses nearby were closed... but some now have smoke damage. two people are dead after a head- on crash in the south bay. and one of the victims was a teenage boy. tonight... as jessica flores shows us... grieving relatives went to the spot where it happened. intro: two families devastated on what was supposed to be a joyous holiday... dozens of people now gathered here at the site of the horrific crash... pkg:
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a shooting.. and separate fight.. outside a nightclub. police were called to "the grand" on 4th street in san francisco's "south of market" neighborhood around 2-30 this morning.. when officers arrived.. they found two gunshot victims on the sidewalk.. both men were taken to a hospital.. the shooter got away.. separately, on the same block... police say a man attempted to break up a fight when he was assaulted.. one person was arrested.. all three victims are expected to be okay. this just in: san francisco police are looking for a 6-foot tall menorah stolen from washington square. the jewish symbol of the festival of lights was stolen some time within the last two days. it was installed two weeks ago along with a christmas tree. when they went to light the first candle of hannukah, the group "north beach chabad " noticed it was gone. the menorah weighs 150 pounds. vandals targeted a synogogue in southern california on the first night of hannukah. rabbis at the 'living torah center' in santa monica
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discovered the defacement at their front entrance this morning someone had thrown and smeared feces against a window. police are investigating. one of the rabbis pointed out that no other buildings in the area were vandalized. (rabbi boruch rabinowitz, living torah center) "why did you this place, this night? the night we lit the menorah in the window. (rabbi dovid tenenbaum, living torah center) "it's not nice to do. not just to our synagogue but any religious institution out there." the synagogue has been targeted before. has been targeted before. last month the organization received threatening phone calls and a note. and a man interrupted services with a hitler salute. police are increasing their patrols for the time being. palo alto's city hall has been getting a high tech makeover. kpix five's len ramirez shows us the interactive video wall... that constantly receives and shares information. [nats] palo alto city hall still looks the same from the outside... but pass through these doors and you get hit by a giant wave of color...bubbles of news...and floating ideas. [sot super: yoli deason/palo alto]"what used to be there was just a plain wall, it didn't have any moving parts or anything interactive." yoli deason says the city's newest piece of public art makes waiting in line to pay a bill or get a permit a lot less dull
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area... coming up, how the santa cruz area... coming up, how the santa cruz boardwalk is being freshened up now -- so it'll be ready for thousands of tourists this summer... the santa cruz beach boardwalk is one of the most popular beachside ,,,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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amusement parks..founded in 1907, it's also california s oldest. at the moment....rides are only open on weekends.. but as kpix 5's andria borba tells us: crews are working hard now... for you to enjoy later.. hundreds of kids got free toys this morning at a big giveaway in san francisco. but the crash of waves. >> this is our rehab season.
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>> the park is open weekends, but on the weekdays, the task of keeping a seaside movie museum that's over 100 years old operational is a frantic one. >> just kitting it in. >> because in addition to the test of time, the boardwalk is also victim to environmental damages like salt air, storm, sand. >> lots of sand. >> sand gets everywhere. >> gets carried on everybody's feet. it's gets on the rides. it's like having sandpaper scratching everything. >> like the carousel. those horses have to get a new coat of paint every year. >> i call this one gallant because he is very gallant. and this is one of the most complicated servings on the machines. >> and elsewhere, the boardwalk's screaming machine is getting 200 feet of new
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track. for maintenance manager, taking care of the roller coasters, that's a ride that never ends. >> it's like the goat en gate bridge. that's something that you continuously remain. >> there is the routine maintenance like on citywide jet copters and then there is the maintenance that's a little trickier like when a 100-year- old ride needs a fresh part. >> the manufacturers are no longer in existence. >> it's not just a matter of keeping the rides mechanically sound >> it's making the park a reality. >> you have a phrase here that we use called keeping our nostalgia current. >> to stake to that motto, the boardwalk is getting two new rides with construction crews working frantically to get the work done before the summer swarm arrives. >> the winter months are also when summer ordering has to
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happen. for parts of the amuseum. park, that seems to walk away. >> i order 40 to 50,000 rings every year. >> the are cade are open every day and the salt water toffees are getting tasted. >> it's easy find volunteers when you are sampling new stuff, all waiting for that moment when the violence is swept away from the boardwalk. >> it's much more subtle. you get -- it's been here over 100 years. >> at the board walk, k picks 5. >> hundreds of kids got free toys this morning in the bigaway in san francisco. more than 15,000 toys were collected. today, volunteers handed out some of them to kids and needy families. toys were also distributed yesterday during toy parties at churches and community centers. from putting up light
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displays to attending mass, people celebrate christmas in their own way. >> we have the celebrations from around the world. >> reporter: pope francis led the vatican's traditional midnight mass before delivering the message to 40,000 revelers. the pontiff used his christmas remarks to draw attention to conflicts around the world and draw for urgent assistance in aleppo. christians in bartela iraq, were able to hold christmas mass. the town had been held by isis until recently. in honduras, a nativity scene populated with the current events, like castro's death and the brazilian plane crash, and president-elect donald trump and a wall between
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mexico and the u.s. >> and these narrowly neighbors have a good natured feud over christmas lights. one spends weeks to put up his christmas lights. his neighbor puts ditto in his yard. >> ben hartman recreated a scene from christmas vacation complete with rv, food canal station wagon and cousin eddy. tonight is the second night of han cashing the jewish festival of lights. earlier this evening, a rabbi lit a second candle on a giant menorah in san francisco's union square. the structure is name after bill graham, the late impressario. today was the menorah day. we did the story on the beach boardwalk. it has been around since 1907. >> you could get into a train,
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at 8:30 in the morning and you would be right in front of the- - railroad track is still there -- right in front of the board whack at 11:00 in the morning. there was a tunnel that went right through the santa cruz mountain. there is a train tunnel that comes out at wright station and it cost two bucks round trip. wouldn't that be fun to take the train to the santa cruz boardwalk? we can't anymore because we blew up the tunnel at the beginning of world war ii so there is no way to do that now. >> 42 in concord, 42 in oakland, 39 in livermore. oh, the stuff we learn on television. may got rest its soul. the sunshine will not affect us. you can see in the future cast, there are a few high clouds offshore. it's the southland for a change that gets all the rain and we
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get shut out. so here is what we are expecting. cold tonight, chilly. night and morning fog, clouds will increase late in the week but does not look like it's going to lead to rain. 42 in livermore. 35 in san jose. travel weather forecast, we are looking for sunshine all over the place. some clouds around the yosemite and sacramento, because this is the time of the year that dense fog forms in the central valley. tomorrow, in the low 50s. that's about 4 degrees below average. late december, chilly. 50s will do it for just about everybody in the bay area. there is a few cooler spots. up around lake county where highs will manage only upper 40s. we get plenty of sun. it's not warming anything up. that will hold true right through the end of the weekend. high and dry through sunday. that's the way it's looking right now. time for the lady in red.
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>> thanks, frank. coming up in sports, the first meeting between the warriors and the cavs since the nba finals. and for the ducks, not much has -- the dubbs, nothing have changed much in terms of their fourth quarter performages. ,,,, i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens. who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show.
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to give the cavs a gift in their 1st meeting since the nba ed all but 42 se this is the season of giving but for the warriors, they have to plan to
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-- the dubb put a bow on another fourth quarter collapse. dubb nation well represented in cleveland today. draymond green not spreading christmas cheers after picking up two quick falls on a technical. seven durant throws it down and the huge dunk over kevin love. but back come the cavs. fourth quarter now. the warriors trying to pull away. the floater puts them up 14 with 9 1/2 to go. he led the warriors with 36 point. but cleveland would not go away. the dunk brings the cavs back to within 2. less than 2 to go. kyrie irving to lebron and nobody is stopping that freight train. lebron with 31 points. now tied at 105.
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durant, scurry all alone and he drills the 3 to put the dubbs back on top. a rare bright spot for curry who was 4 for 11 shooting and held to 15 points. cavs down 1. and kyrie with another clutch shot. just like he did in game 7 in the finals. he scored 13 of his 25 in the fourth. three seconds left. last chance for the dubbs, they don't get the shot up. durant falls down with a him help from jefferson. cavs beat the warriors. >> i don't care if it's kr-ts game. any time you blow a 13-point lead, that pisses you off. of course, we are upset we lost. we should have won that game. we had that game in our hand. but nobody is sobbing in the locker room. golden state will turn home and play the next nine of the ten games. and why derek carr ended up spending christmas at home instead of at the hospital.
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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place sometime this week... alex smith and the chiefs taking on the broncos... a li wasn't derek carr's surgery to repair his broken fibula was delayed because of the holidays. and alex smith and the chiefs take on the broncos. smith with the quick pass to kelce and the reality show star does the rest. 80-yard townsend that ended any
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hopes -- touchdown that ended any hopes of the raiders chinning the division with a chiefs loss. and this is a defensive player here. the 346-pounder goes with the jump pass to dim truss harris and the chiefs win 33-10, eliminating the broncos from the playoffs. mike tomlin and the steelers trying to clinch the afc north. less than 90 seconds to play. pittsburgh up by 4. ravens fullback stays on his feet to give baltimore a three-point lead. but no panic from big ben. he marched the steelers right down the street and hit antonio brown with nine seconds left with the game winner. pittsburgh wins 31-27 clinching the division and ending the ravens' playoff hope. the six teams are set in the afc with seeding to be determined. raiders can clinch the afc west and a first round bye with a
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win in denver but if they lose and kansas city wins, oakland would drop to the number 6 seed and charles minland led the don with 18 but he was the only player in double figures. san diego state would pull away late. part of a 10-1 run to close the game. aztecs beat the dons, 62-48. congratulations to get to the championship game. we'll be right back after this break. ,,,,


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