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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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are dropping below 30 tonight, we'll show you where, next.
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bay area park. now, some are calling it - a hate live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this machine nora is missing -- menorah is missing. some with calling it a hate crime. >> good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> san francisco police think there could be another motive for the crime. kpix5 joe vasquez says they are putting out the alert. [ singing ] >> reporter: a small crowd of neighbors in north beach gathered where a large rye ledge gut symbol -- religious symbol once stood. two weeks ago, they put up a christmas tree next to the jewish symbol tore hanukkah. the tree is still here, but sometime? weekend, somebody stole the 6- foot tall menorah, that weighs more than a hundred pounds.
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>> to me, at the core of it, this is a hate crime. >> reporter: this may be a crime based on religion, but alerted metal recyclers. >> i think either way, the chance it was stolen for a hate crime, but it's so symbolic, it's like stealing a church or a cross. it doesn't matter why they took it. >> when something happens to our community like this, that a symbol of our joy is taken away, we add light. >> reporter: so they brought their own. members of the community brought their own menorahs, and little the candles in -- lit the candles in the place where the large one was stolen. [ singing ] >> that's how i know the message of the menorah prevails. when you come here, and you see the slight continuing -- this light continuing and people are filled with light. >> it sends a good message, i agree. everything about what we were trying to do is having the
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menorah next to the tree was about inclusiveness, about how inclusive the holiday is, and that's the message, everybody can come in and enjoy it. joe vasquez, kpix5. another chilly night out there. this is a live look in san francisco. and some part of the bay area are bee row freezing -- below freezing. in pleasanton, we spotted some folks walking outside, they were bundled up. >> santa rosa, few other places in the bay area are getting into dangerous freeze warning territory, although none are posted. oakland, 44, live more, within 3 of freezing, and santa rosa within a degree of freezing. in terms of how low we'll go, 29 in santa rosa, 29 for fairfield, and 29 at concord, so plenty cold for tonight, and
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yet a little of a warming trend on tamp, which we will cover in the forecast, and the next chance of rain, if we can spot it. >> we'll see you then. two families are grieving tonight after a deadly car crash in santa hose, and police believe alcohol was a factor. early yesterday, a woman who may have been drunk veered across the median on capitol expressway, and hit another car head on. that woman and a teenager in the other car were both killed. betty yu says people who knew the driver are acknowledging she was at fault. >> i'm hurt. my best friend. [ crying ] >> every day, every holiday we were together. >> reporter: she never got to see her friend on christmas, that's because in the early morning hours that day, santa hose police say the 25-year-old may have been driving drunk when she got behind of wheel of her white malibu. she was driving westbound on
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capital expressway just before snell. at some point, she crossed the immediate i can't be, and crashed into -- median, and crashed into the lexus, killing the 14-year-old boy in the back seat. >> she did drink that night. nobody's perfect. she was a good person. i get it, the little boy passed away. the prayers to the family. i'm sorry. >> reporter: she was a single mom of a 5-year-old girl. tonight, family and friends leaned on each other at her makeshift memorial. >> i know she would have felt really bad. it's just so sad that it happened. but i know where she's at, you know? i know god is holding her. >> reporter: on facebook, a man who identifies him selves at jessica's father, said today is the saddest day of my life. i'm crying as i write this.
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last night, my daughter was in a car accident, and didn't make it. a memorial for that little boy who was killed in the crash just popped up not far from the memorial for the suspected drunk driver. friends have identified the 14- year-old as andrew, and the police say his parents were in the front of the car, suffered non-life threatening injuries. in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. president obama says if he could have run for a third term, he would have beaten donald trump. the president made that remark in an interview with former advisor david axlerod in his podcast. >> i'm confident in this vision because i'm confident if i had run again, and articulated, i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> trump awe response, he
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tweeted: -- trump's response. the prime minister of japan is in hawaii, ahead of a historic visit to pearl harbor. ly stand alongside president obama, paying respect to those killed in the attack. >> reporter: this there be the first visit by the leaders of both the united states and japan together since the attack 75 years ago. >> reporter: the the day before his visit to the site of the 1941 bombing, president obama will join the japanese leader at the memorial honoring sailors, marines, killed in the attack on pearl harbor. johnny gordon was stationed on pearl harbor the day of the attack. >> it hit the arizona, i turned to look at it, it just went to smoke. >> reporter: 2400 americans died in the surprise bombing. the japanese leaders's visit is
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called symbolic for u.s. japan. but one that took more than 70 years. the prime minister's aides have said he will not apologize for the attack, but will be there to pay respect. the visit comes 6 months after president obama became the first u.s. president to visit hiroshima since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city, killing 150,000 people. >> there were other people, my brother -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: we spoke with sako days before president obama's visit to the memorial. a visit she called historic. >> i didn't think in this world i could hear, i can see the
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united states president go over there. >> reporter: he is not the first japanese leader to visit. the former prime minister went to pearl harbor after japan surrendered. the ceremony will start at 11:35 a.m. tomorrow our time. >> history in the making and we get to watch it. incredible. think the oil shopping season is -- who will -- holiday shopping season is over? the day after will help move sales above last year. online sales will bring in $80 million alone. that up nearly 11% from 2015. jessica fleers is in pleasanton to show us the crunch of bargain hunters. >> reporter: the rush is on for the post christmas deals, we talked to a lot of shoppers looking to score major discounts. packed stores, sales everywhere you look the day after
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christmas marks another peak shopping time. >> it's madness. i just want to shop and shop and shop. >> reporter: the hunt is on for the christmas list items that weren't underneath the tree this year. >> 70% off, 50% off, it's been good. >> we're looking for good deals. i mean, anything that's reasonable and is presentable, we will buy it. but obviously we're not here to buy the whole mall. >> reporter: turning the gift cards into brand new possessions. according to stone ridge mall, while mi lend yells like experiences, general -- millennials like experiences, generation b wants the stuff. >> taking some of the christmas money to buy? >> what are you buying? >> batman, bat cave, lego set. >> are you going to return any gifts or keeping everything? >> i'm keeping everything. >> reporter: while most everyone here is on the hunt for good deals -- >> me and my friends are having
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fun. >> reporter: haley is on the mall scavenger hunt for her birthday. >> there were a lot of people outside the parking lot. we could not find a parking space. >> reporter: it might be the end of one christmas, but for some, it's never too early to start planning for the next. >> it's good to start shopping for next year. >> reporter: holiday shopping is to exceed $1 trillion. this car is blasted by. tonight, you'll hear from a bay area uber driver targeted by gunfire on the job. >> soon, it will be illegal just to touch your cell phone while driving. but tonight, we found out there are exceptions. >> hundreds if not thousands of needles washing up on a california beach. the question? where did they come from?
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the driver based in sacramento now has injuries to his face glass. manhunt for a man who opened fire on an usual better driver in san francisco the driver has injuries to his face from broken glass, but is expected to recover. on saturday, he was waiting for a passenger at oak and buchanan what when a man walked up and fired through the windshield. >> reporter: san francisco police say they found the victim here at the intersection of oak and got. they say he drove a few blocks after being shot in the face, and then called 911. >> take out the gun, and shoot me. and fortunately, the bullet just passed from my face. first time that they are trying to kill me. >> tonight, uber official said the individual reported this to us directly through the app, and we've been in contact with them over the weekend. we are very relieved he is okay. so far, there is no suspects or
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arrests. solving cold cases, the goal of a new website. a bay area teen's murder is the first to be future. cargill was kidnapped in campbell in 1975. her body was found in santa cruze. no arrests were ever made, but one defendant is not let -- detective is not letting go. >> reporter: somebody knows something, you know? over 41 years, somebody knows something. the family remembers, and the cops remember. and i want to close a few things for some people. >> investigators hope someone will provide the tip, and advanced technology will lead to a quick. a law take -- conviction. next week, a new law takes effect. >> reporter: some drivers might want to hit up these after-
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christmas sales to pick up a cell phone mount for the inside of their car. starting january 1, new law take effect that drivers who want to touch and interact with their cell phones have to have the phones mounted on the inside of their car so that they can see the road. the story begins with a man in fresno who refused to pay a ticket. drivers looking down at their cell phone screen. it's something california highway patrolman sees every day. >> i see it every time i get in the car, whether on duty or off duty. >> reporter: in 2012, spriggs was stuck in traffic, so he pull out his cell phone and started to check the map application. an officer spotted him and gave him a ticket for $165. spriggs fought the ticket, and in 2014, an appellate court ruled in his favor. it said the law just bans communications while driving, so anything else drivers do on their phones, like look at maps, take selfies or scroll twitter is legal.
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>> the phones have caused all the accidents, put all these people and families -- >> reporter: the 2014 ruling makes it impossible to enforce what law is left. >> right now, because of the court case in 2014, any time our officers see someone using a phone, all they have to say is i was not communicating with that phone, and we can't prosecute them. nothing will stand up in court. >> reporter: bill clark worked with law enforcement to write a new law. it says if drivers want to touch their phones for any reason, the phones have to be mounted. >> you can't hold your phone and interact with it. so if, and the whole point of this is to say it should be mounted, you can then touch it and swipe it. >> reporter: here are the law specifics. it does in the apply to systems installed in a car by the car manufacturer. if the phone is in your hand, it has to be voice controlled.
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if you need to touch your phone while driving, the phone has to be mounted up. you can still see the road. mounted on something like your windshield, dashboard, console. and once assets there, no fiddling. everything you do has to be accomplished with one touch or one swipe. chp helped to write the law, they might be eager to start enforcing it. penalties for the first infraction, are $25, second, $50. but with court costs, even violating the law once could be up to $200. in san francisco, kpix5. the public libraries are offering amnesty for people with overdue book. for about six weeks, anyone can bring a week back to the library -- book back to the library without paying fees, even if they have had it for year. the goal is to get the item back, which are usually worth more than the fees. the amnesty run from january 3 to february 15. the city librarian says it
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could be many years but before -- before an offer happens again. the last amnesty 2009. needles are showing up along a beach which is popular with dog owners. >> it makes me nervous. >> yeah, it's amazing how many i found. >> reporter: robin can't believe hundred of hype determine, needles -- she picks up as many as she can find and throws them away to protect her dog. >> if they doesn't have the tops, they could step on it. >> reporter: bruce patterson brought his dog to the stretch of sand. at new board peach. >> i -- newport beach. dan is a regular at the unofficial dog beach. he says he may wait to come back with maybe, until the city
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-- mable, until the city get rid of them. >> i understand there's trash on the beach, but you don't want anything dangerous for the dogs, or four people, little kids. we all runaround, so you don't want anything that could hurt people. >> reporter: on social media, it is drawing criticism. one woman said she collected handfuls of them. saw thousands of needles, anse dogs and humans -- and said dogs and humans should stay away. they were surprised the nightly walk with littered with needles, but surfers and beach visitors are removing them, not the city. >> i think it's horrible. i don't know where the trash is coming from. >> reporter: it's unclear just where all the needles have come from. i tried to call the city, but it's a holiday. so no word yet on when they'll be cleaned up. stacy butler, kpix5. talking about what the rough travel time is, if going
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to the east coast. kind of a nor'easter that is moving toward new england is producing an ice storm, but for us, we will continue with highs near 60 out west, and that's why everybody wants to move here. we look to the bay bridge, concord, 37, livermore, 35. if you are heading out, sfo shouldn't slow you down. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies in the offing. wind from the northeast, little of an off show flow, and offshore flow. sometimes you can take colder air from the interior, and cool things down with the on shore flow. chicago for a high will be a degree above freezing, and rain for new york. tomorrow, looks okay. some high cloud around sonoma county, but for most of the day tomorrow, another beautifully clear day. we had crackling clear visibilities, and more for tomorrow. sunny, chilly, morning fog is a
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possibility, and some patches. clouds will be on the increase late in the week. at this point, it didn't look like rain. overnight lows, it will get cold in santa rosa, 29, napa 32, fairfield, 32. san jose, 36 so a chill in the air, and tomorrow, things warm up. however, slightly to 52 degrees in san francisco and 59 degrees for oakland. down in the south bay, lots of sunshine, and cupertino, 61. 54 at walnut creek, north bay, ditto. temperatures in the mid-50s. cooler for coverdale, but in the extended forecast, we look for numbers to get near 60 degrees before retreating hastily. what goes slightly up must come slightly down, and it will be by the weekend. one thing that won't be coming down is rain.
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>> it is cold, really. this cat is safe tonight after a 600-mile journey trapped under the hood of a truck. and here are tonight's guests on steven colbert.
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one lucky little kitten found a warm comfy spot... then his hideaway started to roll. he'd "stowed away" under the hood of a pickup truck... and 00 miles one kit ton found a warm spot, and then his hide away started to move. he was under the hood of a pick truck, and wasn't discovered for 600 miles, and four states. >> he was just sitting down here. >> we got it in a a cardboard box. >> it was the same kitten he spotted near his truck before he left. little guy was dehydrated and had some. the best part is, he has a new home with his family. >> good thing he didn't move around too much. >> i wonder if he was mike shipped? >> microchipped. >> coming up in sport, the nba admits it missed some calls in
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the warriors, cavaliers christmas day affair. and what if the raiders make it to the super bowl? it is that buy derek carr enough time for a come-back? his brother thinks so.
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lot of raider fans, sitting on pins and needles. >> it happened on christmas eve, they had super bowl hopes. >> looking so good. >> maybe still, maybe still. all right, derek carr is expected to undergo surgery tomorrow, and be out 6-8 week. while he can't play, carr is anxious to rejoin his teammate. >> it's all about the team, being there for the team and, you know, wishing us the best. he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us. but he was outstanding. >> carr is staying very positive about his recovery. his older brother david carr told the nfl network that derek superintendent ruling out a return in the playoffs. >> they say 6-8 weeks, and he does the math, that's the super bowl. do the raiders have a chance without him? for him, he feels so much love
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for the team, he thinks they could do that. >> there is a chance, so matt mcgloin has work to do in carr's place. if they win in denver, they will be the afc champs and get the first round buy. they could still earn the number one seed if patriots least in miami cowboys facing the lions on monday night football. with the ball lose in miami. dez bryant and the cowboys facing the lions on monday night football. third quarter, dallas with the ball, and bryant on the reverse. he throws the ball for the touchdown. third career pass goes for a touchdown. he had 70 receiving yard, and two touchdown catches as the cowboys win big. it won't change the outcome of the game, but the nba said jefferson should have been called for a foul on durant,
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and lebron should have received a penalty for hanging on the rim for like five minutes. >> too late. >> a little too late. >> at the time, weren't you screaming, he's hanging on the written! and the last -- rum. >> and the last play -- we'll see. ,,,,,,,,,, once i heard i was going to
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker.
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he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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michelle griego and kenny choi ws you >> the late show is up next. the next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> we'll have all the news you need to start your day. enjoy the night. >> good night. >> stephen: hey, can you help me out here? who ar r party: candidates for vice president? >> pence and kaine. >> stephen: okay, so if they were going to make a movie of mike pence's life, what do you think it would be called? >> old man on a bench. >> stephen: old man on a bench? >> yeah. >> stephen: and who would play him? who would you cast as mike pence? >> an old version of mark wahlberg. ♪ >> stephen: do you wear sunscreen? >> oh, yes. >> stephen: please tell me you are wearing sunscreen. >> doesn't it look like it? >> stephen: you look fantastic. >> for 68. >> stephen: what! no way. >> yes. >> stephen: i'm 52 and my face looks like a catchers mitt.


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