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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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people get a glimpse into just how scary these circumstances can be. >> what are you doing! >> reporter: that's exactly why the video is coming out now. he was arrested for domestic violence and false imprisonment in the case but a grand jury didn't indict him and those charges were dropped. now mcdonald and his girlfriend are in a custody battle for the baby and the victim's attorney says she wants the world to know exactly why. >> this little boy is only 20 months old. so we are to say the least extremely concerned, research shows a high correlation between people who are violent to their spouse or mother of the child [ woman screaming in the background ] >> we tried to reach out to mcdonald and his attorney the one who represented his last. no longer works for the former football star. emily turner, kpix 5. that incident is not ray mcdonald's first run-in with
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the law. he has a history of legal problems dating back six years. in 2010, he was arrested for driving under the influence. in august of 2014 he was arrested or suspicion of domestic violence at his home during a birthday party. those charges dropped because of a lack of evidence. he was then indicted for raping a drunk woman. that incidents in december of 2014 was what got him fired by the 49ers and that case is still pending. earthquakes in the nevada jolted people out of bed hundreds of miles away here in california. kpix 5's brian hackney with more on where those tremors hit. >> veronica, nevada was jackhammered overnight by three magnitude 5-pluses in the space of 60 minutes. 5.7 at 12:18 a.m. near mono lake. then the area rocked by two more 5s in 60 minutes felt as far away as tahoe and parts of central california!
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when you have had three magnitude fives within 60 minutes -- >> the question everybody wants to know is there going to be a fourth or larger one? we don't know. but historically in nevada we have seen trends where that's the case. not most likely case but then again, three 5 1/2s in a row is not a very likely case either. we have is to keep our heads up and be prepared. >> good violence. the state park near the epicenter is closed because of quake damage. there was no warning they were imminent. the general region has been rocked in the past with quakes in two days in is the 1980 near mammoth lakes. had quakes this big hit under a big city, damage could have run to $1 billion! this time they didn't. next time -- stay tuned. allen? >> thank you. a developing story out of lake tahoe. one of the sierra's most
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popular resorts gutted by fire. that fire struck the homewood mountain ski resort just north of tahoma on the west shore early this morning. and it destroyed the south lodge. as drew bollea shows us, what's next? >> reporter: all operations are closed as firefighters put out hot spots and investigate the cause. homewood mountain resort hosts a few thousand visitors a day but on wednesday the slopes were empty the resort closed while staff scrambled to salvage what they could from an administrative building that also had a restaurant and bar. the fire happened around 3 a.m. firefighters got to the scene after an alarm went off. the building was covered in flames. and it's a total loss. people who vacation and live nearby came to see the damage that was done. -to-a place where they had fond memories. >> it's just devastating, you know, because they had to close the entire resort and people are up here for holidays.
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>> reporter: they will re-open tomorrow. if you had a ticket today inquire about a refund or changing tickets. >> homewood has a number of events scheduled in the next few weeks including big parties on new year's eve and day. an east bay family is grieving tonight after another family member is taken from them. kpix 5's jessica flores on the man shot and killed in broad daylight. >> reporter: a grandfather, a father, and a man all too familiar with burying his loved ones. >> he was always there for us kids. >> reporter: last month melvin johnson lost his 8-year-old son to cancer. >> my boy jamel. >> reporter: yesterday around 1 p.m. the 39-year-old was shot and killed while driving near mcarthur and 89th avenue. the shooter fled. the family ravaged by gun violence once again. melvin's son and baby grandson were also killed in an oakland shooting three years ago. >> this one right here was very [ indiscernible ] [ crying ]
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>> he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: the wife believes whoever shot her husband got the wrong guy. police haven't released a motive. >> he was the one who put everything back together, solved problems. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she says today would have been their anniversary. celebrating 18 years together through the thick and the thin. now she says the only thing she can hope for is justice. [ crying and indistinguishable ] >> reporter: in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. two suspects accused of stabbing a man to death inside a target store made their first court appearance this afternoon. tyrone was killed christmas even. police say the archuleta brothers stabbed him in front of the children. he asked the two men to turn down some inappropriate music that was playing on one of
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their cell phones in the toy store. griffin's wife was in court today for the suspect arraignment. >> my husband's life could have been spared. you know? that one last gift he had to go get, i understand that it's -- whoever thought something like this would happen? this is a tragedy. >> both frank and jesse archuleta have been charged with murder. police are looking for suspects who rammed a patrol car with a stolen u-haul truck and started a high-speed chase. the three suspects were using the truck to rip off motorcycle gear from east bay motorsports on foothill road. when officers showed up they hit the vehicle and took off on 880. they caught the driver in west oakland but two other suspects got away. long-time san francisco political activist rose pak's cremation will be tomorrow with months of feuding over her
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estate. her sisters have been at odds since the death. the estate is worth $650,000. two more members added to the trump administration. as julianna goldman reports, one of the selections may be encouraging for republicans who want to see trump take a tougher approach with russia. >> there's no doubt in my mind that russia hacked into our political system. >> reporter: senators lindsey graham and john mccain believe the president-elect will soon have to acknowledge russia's efforts to interfere in the u.s. election. >> i think he will be presented with the overwhelming evidence change his view. >> we'll have the hearings and we're going to put sanctions together that hit putin as an individual and his inner circle. >> reporter: they may have an ally in the trump administration. thomas bossert is a george w. bush alum with an expertise in cyber security. >> if the government doesn't step in and address the issues of the threat. >> reporter: as the president's homeland security adviser he will be equal to the national
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security adviser general michael flynn. according to a statement from the trump transition, bossert will focus on domestic and transnational security priorities, while flynn will focus on international security challenges. >> the time for action is now. >> reporter: and following last week's u.n. security council condemnation of israel's west bank settlement, mr. trump has announced a new international negotiator, jason greenblatt was also a campaign adviser on israel. the president-elect said greenblatt has a history of negotiating substantial complex transactions on my behalf. something that may appeal to republicans like graham. >> i'm very encouraged that under president trump israel is going to get a better deal. >> reporter: mr. trump has said he supports more settlement construction in his choice for u.s. ambassador to israel is also a staunch supporter. >> the president-elect tweeted this morning his support for israel. he wrote, quote, we cannot
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continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. adding, stay strong, israel. january 20th is fast approaching. just hours after his surgery in los angeles, tmz caught derek carr having dinner with his family. carr not happy are the run-in with the paparazzi and let out his frustration on instagram. [ screaming ] >> video showing carr's son punching that balloon there with the caption, what you really want to do when you just want to eat dinner with family and walk outside and tmz has to get the first shot but you don't. because god's got you. kpix 5's vern glenn joining us with a look at carr's replacement after that little -- >> his name is matt mcgloin. they didn't just pick him up. he has the second best offensive line in the game.
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expensive offensive weapons but here's the thing. number 14 just has to run the offense and not turn the ball over. it will be mcgloin's first start since 2013. amari cooper can make plays. the raiders 3-point underdogs in denver and he is not interested in reading about this team being finished without derek carr. don't even think about taking shots on social media. >> i'm not searching out people -- i don't sit there on my phone and do that. if i come across somebody's sarcastic tweet or an article bashing the oakland raider organization or bashing the guys in the locker room i don't want to read that. that's what get people blocked on twitter. [ laughter ] >> it's nothing personal. >> good sense of humor, too.
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>> they are playing for the west division crown and first round bye. mcgloin has a lot to gain from a nice post-season run. a mess for muni. the number of operators calling in sick is growing. >> now it's a problem for taxpayers. coming up, how much those absentees are cost the city. >> plus, a chosen counter for a tesla on autopilot. how one suv was able to prevent a driver from being involved in this high-speed crash. >> and rushed to the hospital just a day after her daughter died. what we're learning about debbie reynolds' condition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hospitalized.. just a day a her daughter carrie fisher . at 84-years-old.. reynolds s planning fisher's memorial service at her son's home wn mily debbie reynolds has been hospitalized a day after her daughter carrie fisher died. at 84 years old reynolds was planning fisher's memorial service at her son's home when
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family members say reynolds complained of breathing problems. no word yet on her condition. in the meantime, we are learning more about carrie fisher's struggle with bipolar disorder addiction and body image. jamie yuccas shows us how the actress and writer helped fight the stigma for millions of americans with the same problem. >> i recognized your foul stench when i was brought on board. >> reporter: the role that made carrie fisher a cultural icon also led to a life of drug and alcohol abuse. ♪[ music ] >> i don't trust landdo. >> reporter: when this scene was filmed she told the daily beast she and harrison ford were still drunk. she spoke to charlie rose in 2009. >> i would like to be a good role model and in some of the ways, you know, i'm a good role model of what not to do. which would be pills, et cetera. >> reporter: fisher wrote about her partying ways in her books like postcards from the edge. >> i'm in a rehab.
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>> reporter: which became a movie starring meryl streep. and a one woman show wishful drinking. >> if i could isolate the pain just to my [ censored ] -- it would be fantastic. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she also disclosed she had body dismorphi. when cast as leah she weighed 105 pounds and told to lose 10 more. she spoke openly about bipolar disorder and electric shock therapy. >> it's humiliating. you've lost control. you're not out of your mind. you can't get out. >> reporter: in her final column for the guardian newspaper published in november, fisher gave this advice to someone who is also bipolar. think of it as an opportunity to be heroic, she said, an opportunity to be a good example to others who might share our disorder. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. >> tributes to the late fisher continue here in the bay area. that includes one from the san francisco police department. the sfpd released this tweet last night. it reads, our force is with
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you, rest in peace, carrie fisher. in southern california, a makeshift tribute to fisher who never got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. as you can see here, "star wars" fans transformed a blank star near the chinese theater into a star for fisher. the hollywood chamber of commerce says they will allow the pop-up memorial to stay for at least the next few days. the high number of sick calls from muni drivers is costing the city of san francisco a small fortune. according to the new report by the city controller's office, the absenteeism has cost $42 million a year. last week some routes were cancelled. the sfmta is in the process of training 70 new drivers federal transportation officials have awarded san francisco $75 million in grants to go toward the van ness improvement project. the project will create a lane dedicated to buses to speed up public transportation. but it requires major sewer and
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water system upgrades. the project got under way last month and is expected to finish up in 2019. in the east bay two new surveillance cameras are being installed to monitor a downtown shopping area in concord. the city is replacing the pair of cameras in the todos santos plaza. officers can monitor the feed in real time and use them to investigate crimes by reviewing footage after the crime. one man in the netherlands thanking his tesla sedan for saving him from what could have been a bad crash. the tesla's autopilot feature started braking moments before the car ahead of it loses control. the owner says the car rapidly slowed down several seconds before the man could figure out something was wrong. the autopilot feature relies on the radar system in order to predict some accidents. love and light returns to san francisco's washington square park. a replacement menorah was flown in to replace a 6-foot brass
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one stolen on christmas eve. wilson walker reports. >> i think this year the hanukkah story became alive in a whole new way. >> look at this. >> it's been called a miracle arrived just before 10 a.m. >> it came out of the jewish blue. >> reporter: some assembly required. >> yes. a hanukkah project. with the kids out of school this is great. ha ha. >> reporter: in truth the family is reassembling a celebration that was stolen from washington square park. >> probably only got it because people like selling metal. >> reporter: a rather dark story that spread nationwide. >> it's all over the news. big beautiful menorah in the san francisco park was stolen! >> reporter: when mitch bogart of sharon massachusetts heard the news he had just the answer the very last version of his personally designed pop-up menorahs. >> so we got together and, um, i packed it up. >> it's $400 to ship this. aside for what it's worth there was no -- he said it's all on
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him. it's all hanukkah gift. >> yeah. i did my part. >> reporter: so just like the season itself this is a story of turning darkness into light. >> i feel like the idea of having a community as a global effort, you know, so to see that happen to me it's the ultimate hanukkah story. >> reporter: this family will be telling it for years to come. >> it's a miracle! just like the miracle of hanukkah came a long time ago, the miracle still spreads around the world. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> that mobile pop-up menorah will be in washington square on saturday for the last night of hanukkah. and here's a live look at ghirardelli square where people have gathered around for the fifth night of hanukkah! the ceremony for the lighting of the menorah for the festival of lights just about to get under way! but the festivities are going to continue until about 6:00 tonight. got rain on the way for the bay area and we'll cover the forecast in a moment and tell you about the rain as we look live over ocean beach as the sun sinks slowly in the west.
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beautiful finish to the day. not a bad forecast coming up. >> new at 6:00 what's in the water? the tap water in one bay area community may have more lead than flint, michigan. so is it safe to drink? and what's being done to pictures problem? that's ahead on kpix 5 news at 6:00. ,,,,,,
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but for now they say... it's still too early to declare a "state- wide" end to the 5-r drought. state water magers will issue a snowpack measurement on tuesday but it's still too early to declare an end to the five-year drought despite the recent storms which were some of the strongest in three decades. in fact, extreme northern california is already out of the drought. the early readings show the sierra snowpack is 72% of normal for this time of the year. state officials say that they should know by early april. >> i hope so. that's the last snowpack measurement. [ laughter ] >> bare fields, dry glass, that will be the first clue. >> good luck with that.
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mostly clear skies around the bay area right now and the numbers well they are beginning to tumble a bit. a fairly fight night for late december in the bay area. right now concord has 55 degrees. oakland is at 60 and livermore 51. san francisco 57. and san jose 56 degrees. overnight lows tonight, we are going to be looking for readings mostly in the 30s. there will be a few spots below freezing though including santa rosa and then fairfield gets below freezing, as well. livermore at 34 degrees though and 33 at concord and san francisco tonight 44, san jose 36. so brisk night on the way. this has not changed much in the last 24 hours. there's that bubble of high pressure right next to a little low that continues to sit and spin in the pacific. to bring that moisture over far southern california it would pick up some high clouds from that low as you will see on the futurecast. see that southerly flow with the high clouds coming into the bay area? this is by the way by friday, friday at 1:00 in the afternoon. for tomorrow we are going to
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get mostly sunny skies and then watch it come down from the north. float shifts as we get into the weekend -- the flow shifts as we get into the weekend and chance of rain by saturday. not a huge rainmaker and it being new year's eve might cause a little concern as it should but the rain if there is any that develops should be out of here by the night of the 31st so mainly clear and cold overnight. another mild day and then changes will begin on friday. that's when things are going to begin to cloud up and by saturday, maybe a few sprinkles. so for tomorrow, we are going to look at readings upper 50s low to mid-60s. it will be well above average in san jose at 64 degrees. 65 for morgan hill. 60 in san mateo and 60 at pacifica. over in the east bay the numbers again will be in the upper 50s for the most part. plenty of sunshine in the north bay. nice day for a little hike if you can swing it, temperatures in the upper 50s. and warm for ukiah and lakeport and cloverdale in the low to mid-60s. in the extended forecast we are going to be looking for sunshine tomorrow giving way to
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partly cloudy skies on friday. by saturday, putting in the old shower icon because that could happen. and then 2017 comes in with partly cloudy skies, another chance of showers coming in on monday. also coming up, more news after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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288 you know what time of year it is. crews are getting times square ready for new year's eve. 288 sparkling waterford crystal triangles being put together to form the big ball that will drop from one times square.
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the theme this year, gift of kindness. new at 5 alcoholic beverages moved beyond beer and wine. for people counting calories there's a new option spiked seltzer. they just launched this year. a flavored seltzer water with 5% alcohol. one bottle contains 100 calories and two grams of carbs similar to the average light beer. >> i like that it's not a strong acid taste so it feels like seltzer not like alcohol so it's easy to drink which might come back to haunt you. [ laughter ] >> the survey finds about half of all americans who drink alcohol say there are not enough low calorie options available. all right. so san francisco is going to be the most hung over city in the nation on new year's day. >> well, according to so-called hangover index which measures things such as the number of drinking establishments, party supply stores, the index finds san francisco has very high percentage of young adults who have had at least one binge
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drinking incident in the last month. captions by: caption colorado captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: parting shots. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. >> quijano: the battle escalates between the u.s. and israel over middle east peace. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace. >> quijano: also tonight, was it excessive force? new video shows police shooting a man who appears to be walking away. oww carrie fisher has empowered people with mental illness. >> if you declare something, it has less power over you, far arss. >> quijano: marijuana users are being hit by a mysterious illness. and... >> it's not every day you see a pig in the airport. >> quijano: for folks stressed out by holiday travel, lilou may be the answer.


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