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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now, at 11:00, the bay area getting hit by one of the biggest storms in a decade, tonight, rain and wind leaving behind a path of destruction. >> we have team coverage for you tonight. our crews watching rising rivers and rain-soaked mountains, but first, brian is checking the hi-def doppler. >> reporter: we've got heavy cells over the santa cruz mountains, and into the south bay and east bay, east of livermore, strong cells, heavy rain between livermore and tracy, and right around san francisco. over in oakland, in marin and offshore. this is the trend for tonight. it's already been moderate to
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heavy, and look, all over march written -- marin. 3-5 inches bay wide, wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour. so you've got plenty of rain, you've got powerful winds, and you've got the recipe for a lot of problems in the hours to come. we'll have a complete forecast, including more storms coming up later in the week in just a few minutes. it's raining heavily in the santa cruz mountains, and it will keep coming down tomorrow, but the high wind advisory and flash flood watch is in effect. some areas could get a foot of rain by monday. now, on the upside, that could put an end to 6 years the drought in santa cruz county. the summit of highway 17. kit? >> reporter: we are in the
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thick of it right now. the big fat raindrops following for the better part of six hours. the good news is that the sheriff's dispatcher says no major incidents going on right now. but, we know from experience if this rain keeps up for next couple hours, we're going to have some problems. by dinner time in the mountains, the pine amend express was going full steam ahead with a sustained rain starting at 7:00 p.m. the reservoir is approaching 103% capacity, and is now crested over the spillway, dumping nearly 300 cubic feet of water per minute into the already swollen uvis creek, flooding downstream is likely. the san lorenzo river has risen. the current is cold, swift, and rising. sharon has been keeping a close eye. >> it's come up so quickly. i looked at is it about an hour ago, and -- at it about an hour
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ago, and it's probably worse than i anticipated to see it. >> reporter: highway 18 went from bad to worse. foggy skies during the day, to white knuckle driving. south of the summit, chp saw almost no crashes all day. sharon knows the pine amend express has -- pineapple express has just gotten getting. >> praying that the rain will stop, and the water won't get into many homes around here. >> reporter: that big storm that rolled through on tuesday, that dumped about a billion gallons of water into lexington reservoir, we are on track to get more than that by the end of this weekend. >> flooding is expected in the next 24 hours along the napa river. the heavy rain expected to push the river over its bank sometime tomorrow afternoon. kpix5 andrea borba is live
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where people are watching the river. >> reporter: alan? the past 15 minutes, the rain has picked up in earnest in downtown napa, and 20 hours from now. the napa river will crest at 18 feet. that will be a moderate flood. something that has not been seen around here in quite some time. in a land where this water literally turns into wine, no one can seem to remember when the napa river had quite this much water in it. >> probably in the late '90s. it's hard to say. >> i haven't seen water like this, it's been at least six years. >> reporter: the first wave of the pineapple express bearing down, the river was rising towards flood stage. >> we keep getting calls from arizona, families, wondering if with your sea flooded in the napa valley. not yet, but tomorrow probably.
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>> reporter: the -- in wet ford. bobby and irene are playing close taken to the napa river. they remember 1997 when floodwaters swammed the area, and rushed into a relative's home. it's why the retakenning wall exists. >> it's a bitter sweet, you know, we're happy in a way, that we're getting the water, but are concerned. >> reporter: it's not just the rising river people are worried about. it's the rising water table after a series of storms, the ground is sat. bobby -- saturated, they say if the wear continues to rise, the garage will become flooded. probably tomorrow morning. live in downtown napa, kpix5. >> we will be keeping a close eye on other rivers as well. including the russian river, and the napa river. as well as guadalupe along highway 101 in san jose, and san lorenzo in the santa cruz
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mountains from major road block in marin county. four trees toppled on the road, and took out the power lines. that's why some people lost power this afternoon. the roads closed, and they tell us it won't reopen until tomorrow morning. the outages from the incident in margin were in the -- marin were in the hundreds, and pg&e has restored service. but there are hundreds of outages in san jose. nearly 500 customers in the dark southwest of downtown. there are still delays tonight as well at san francisco international. so far, 258 delays, 74 cancellations. the weather affects the arriving and departing flight, and travel through sfo not looking much better tomorrow. flooding is a major concern long the truckee river. it will crest at 7.2 feet tomorrow afternoon that flood stage is 4.5 feet. the rain with the melting snow is to cause problems and projected to be similar to the flood on new year's eve in
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2005. kpix5 emily turner is in south lake tahoe where crews are scrambling to prevent flooding. emily? >> reporter: they are working 25 hours around the clock. in the last hour, the rain has picked up, but tuesday and wednesday, it was snow that was falling from the sky. that snow, the one, the snow on the road is now piled up hyped me out of the way. -- behind out of the way. >> these piles of snow once the streets, but tonight, thanks to caltrans, it had been cleared by 5:00 p.m. allowing bill's crews to concentrate on the current form of precipitation. rain. and all the issues it brings. >> we got all the snow, and once it starts raining hard, it's hard for the water to get off, because it turns the snow into slush, and plugs the drains. >> reporter: the rains began this morning in south lake
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tahoe, but the weekend is to teethes -- to see totals of a foot or more. rain called for chain restrictions and donner pass, and keeping crews clearing the roads. >> we got the plows out, and they pussed the snow to the side. the -- pushed the snow to the side. the blowers take everything from the right to the graders, we have full width? the employees for that 90-mile stretch of 80 as 80 swelled to 250. and in south lake, the number goes from 35 full-time, to 130. for the 80-mile stretch. 12 hours on, 12 hours off. with the weather heading this way, caltrans said they're going to need every single one of them. >> going to get rain, on top of this snow pack. it will melt at once, we could have tsunamis up here. bottom line, when there's a lot of water on the road, slow down and be safe. >> reporter: this snow dump as
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it's called is off highway 50. and. [ inaudible ] when the water snow melts, all that water goes into a pond at that end of the parking lot, as opposed. >> reporter: the lake. so not only is the snow clear of the road, but also of the lake, clear of the sediment it has with it. more storm watch coverage just ahead, including what looks like a tragic weather- related accident on east bay golf course. >> visitor bulb turned away from -- being turned away from one of california's most famous park because of flooding concerns. and a live report in yosemite. >> taking a live look at the storm from the hi-def doppler. more storm coverage coming up next.
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>> heaviest cells up north, spreading from out in the ocean at fairlawn islands moving into marin. more on the way, for the santa cruz mountains. yosemite valley is a ghost town, rangers closed the part of the park because of expected flooding. kpix5 wilson walker, the only bay area reporter, one of the few people allowed to stay hyped tonight? behind tonight. >> reporter: if you're among the few handful of people that are left in yosemite valley, you're in one of two places.
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either here at yosemite valley lodge, which is deserted, or a little further up the valley at the village. all we can tell you is nobody really knows what is going to happen here tomorrow. >> this message will update as conditions change. >> reporter: as of 5:00 p.m., yosemite valley was closed. no one in, no one out. >> we are anticipating some flooding. we don't know, looking at the projections how high the river's going to come. >> reporter: well ahead of the bankrupt of the storm, and everywhere, water was raging into the valley. and not only was the water starting to swell hill sides along roads, showing signs of trouble, taking no chances, the park launched an evacuation, busting out about everyone. >> doing this for health and human safety, not only for the visitors, but for the safety of park staff, and other individuals who work in the park. >> reporter: just people left essential staff needed to
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manage whatever problems emerge over the next 48 hours. no one here is expecting a repeat of the 1997 flooding which caused nearly $200 million in damage, but as night fell over the valley, no one here was exactly sure what was coming on sunday. >> the storm is going to peak tonight into tomorrow, and we're going to have a good idea tomorrow into monday what course of action needs to be taken at that time. >> reporter: now, this is how it's going to unfold. the patch service will go out as soon as day break come tomorrow, take a look at the valley, and see what's going on, and we're told there's two scenarios. one, if the water does what it's supposed to, we should be able to get out and move around the valley a little bit which would give us a chance to show you how the valley is getting transformed by all this water. scenario two is different. if the water is higher than expected, the valley becomes just a couple. we would be stuck here -- islands, we would be stuck here, them there.
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either way, we'll be here, able to show you what happens in yosemite valley tomorrow. so in yosemite, wilson walker, kpix5. >> thanks so much. back here in the east bay, a woman was killed by a falling tree. it happened at canyon lakes golf course in san ramon. branches on the ground, the coast, was saturated and windy -- course was saturated and windy. she was taken to the hospital and died. people in marin county having been laying down sandbags. businesses in downtown not taking any chances. they know better. they remember what happened in 2005, when a flood brought in two feet of mud. farther north, sandbag stations were busy, these people not taking chances. plenty of people in the
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east bay stocking up on sandbags, this location in oakland saw a stream 6 residents. some stations open tomorrow if the fly of sand holds -- supply of sand holding up. pg&e crews trying to stay ahead. power lines were taken out. the road was closed briefly. we are live at christy field, and rain coming down harder now? >> reporter: yep, lucky me. the rain has picked up in the past hour. we were getting a slight wind, we know brian mentioned some places in the bay area could get winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. that increases the risk of downed trees, and downed power lines. >> i love rain, and i love -- the romantic feeling. >> reporter: it mishapped calming inside -- may sound calming inside, but outside, the wind by the golden gate
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crashing on the sidewalk. as the whipped picks up, we -- wind picks up, we could see damage. telephone lines knocked down, fire and police shut down the roads as pg&e crews cleared the area. near 17th and folsom, the buildings were lined with flood stops, interlocking plastic barriers to minimize any flood damage. >> just kind of pools here in this area. if you walk down and look up the hill, you see it comes down, it drains right here to this area. >> reporter: san francisco's public utility commission says there will be a crew staffed at the intersection overnight to keep an eye out for rising water levels. >> they are making an evident, really -- evident, really, i -- an effort, really. that's we are the tack money is going. >> reporter: -- fax tax -- it rose to mid-thigh. >> reporter: the cafe had to close for repairs. >> it swept over the fridge, and it like dismantled
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everything, there's sewage water everywhere. >> reporter: rain continuing to pick up in san francisco, there has been a flash flood watch issued for the city. we know the city can expect anywhere between 2-4 inches of rain, that could mean a number of thing, that could mean flooding, clogged drains, essentially a big mess. >> good way to sound out. that's probably the story for the rest of the bay area, as we get heavy downpours overnight, that will lead to pounding on the -- ponding on the roads. hi-def began to pick up cells just before 6:00. and now, there's heavy rain east of san jose. san leandro, and more on was for the north bay, which is the partnership that was suggested earlier today. -- pattern that was suggested earlier today. this is just picking up all the moisture stretching back to the hawaiian islands. it's capable of containing more
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moisture. not that cold weather. it's going to change later in the week. but futurecast, heaviest band of pre-cip is now over the north bay, and sits and just dumps on the north bay for a few hours, until about 6:00 a.m., you can see we still have a heavy band of rain up north, watch what happens. sinks south, back into the santa cruz mountains. it heads out of the bay and left with just scattered showers by tomorrow night, but in the meantime, on the rain futurecast, a foot of rain in the santa cruz mountains. of course, the higher up you go, the more rain. the flood at guerneville, guadalupe river, and carmel river. russian river will be looking for a crest monday afternoon about 2:00. it will go significantly above flood stage for moderate to
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significant flooding on fourth, fifth, mill street, the residences down there, close to the river, and the lower stretches of the russian can expect flooding by monday. napa river, saint alien is close to significant flooding with a crest tomorrow at 18.6 feet. it's no wonder there are flood alerts posted and flash flood flood matches. fierce rain, winds increase, we get more rain with a chance of thunderstorms thrown into the mix and after 4:00, we begin to ease it up from north to south. overnight lows tonight will be in the mid-50s, with plenty of rain around the bay area. and then tomorrow, numbers just top out in the 60s, and as we look ahead, there is more on the way after things taper off on sunday. monday, a lingering shower, monday night, tuesday, a storm, not as much rain.
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wednesday, taper off, thursday a break, maybe more rain on friday. so, had a care if you're travel -- have care if you're traveling. there will be plenty of hazards on the road. and now we have sports. possibly being super bowl bound to being booed in the first round, the raiders have the end of the season.
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to be in the hunt for a tri the super bowl... then to s q-b... and m-v-p ca everything changed so quickly in the last two weeks for the raiders, to be in the hunt for a trip to the super bowl, and see your qb and mvp candidate break his leg and season going down the drain. conner cook, the first quarterback to make his first career start in prayoff game. -- play-off game. cook's pass is intercepted. first of three interceptions by cook in the game. texans touchdown made it 10-0. later, oakland responded, murray scores from two yards out, cutting the deficit to 3. fourth quarter, houston quarterback brock osweiler rolls out, and scores it himself to make it a 27-7 game. texan go on to win 27-14 as
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oakland's first play off appearance since 2002 comes to a disappointing end. for more: >> reporter: it sounds simple when i say it, but the raiders, they just weren't good enough today. >> for myself, i looked at it like i was going to come in and play really well. confident with the game plan, confident in the guys around me, i could rely on them. and i sometimes try to do too much. for it to end this way, it just hurts. >> we're in the making excuses, but they know -- nobody in the league touching us. we're taking the loss object the chin -- on the chin. >> reporter: but raiders are coming back, and all they can do is look at the balance of the season, the season at the end that might be defined by
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injuries to key players, and over-the-counter what might have been -- and oh, what might have been. still to come, which other nfl team is going home for the years, and sharks trying to stop the three game skid as ,,,,
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it took the raiders about 14 years to get back into the post season, but they did make it to the super bowl that year. detroit looking for the first
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play off win since 1992, and first raid play off win since 1957. stafford was hoping to end the drought. seahawks go for it on fourth and goal, russell wilson finds paul richardson, and take a look at that catch! he makes an incredible one- handed catch for the touchdown to make it 7-0. seattle won 26- 6, and they move to face atlanta next week in the divisional round. to the ice, sharks honoring the bay area's first nhl team, the seals. san jose leading 5-2. the sharks win 6-3. to snap the flee game losing -- three game losing streak. it's a 9 point game, and
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st. mary's wins this one improving 14-1 on the season. we'll be right back. ,, we live in a pick and choose world. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep
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our storm coverage continues tomorow morning with kenny choi, michelle griego, before we say good night, one last look at hi-def doppler. as you can see here, up around oakland, in the north bay, that's what's going to be getting hit, especially hard in the next 4-6 hours, but bay wide, everybody will get dumped on and you combine the rain we're getting with the powerful wind, there's going to be problems overnight. >> and our storm coverage continues tomorrow morning. they are all in for special sunday storm coverage that starts at 7:30 a.m. >> thanks for watching us tonight, and be safe. we'll see you tomorrow. >> drive carefully you guys.
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