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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 9, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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pyramid but you can see is that fog or clouds or what is it? >> we have both. >> you know it was so eerie this morning is i was driving in and saw the clouds part and saw the beautiful glorious moon. >> the angel sing? >> they pretty much did. they said another storm is coming. we are sitting in the rain. but it was gorgeous and i thought i got to go inside and do my homework about how we are on our approach to the full moon and how that's going tie text the tide with more impending rain. >> oh, boy. >> it never stops you wouldn'tlike to live in this head. >> i would for one day to see what it's like. >> it was right after 11 last night i was texting paul who was driving our live high deaf doppler radar and i said the wind is blowing and he said go to bed but it's homework. and you said you heard it at one this morning. >> i heard it at one this morning and thought it was a tornado. >> sound like a train. >> it was pretty bad.
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>> yeah. >> and with weather comes you can sit down on your couch and watch the golden globes right? >> well, i was make dinner. and laundry was going. >> they were fun there's a lot of movies i still have to see. >> we will talk about that iterbut let's get to the business because we he believe that you are well informed and that's why we were able to dodge a bullet in some areas. now we want you to be able to be prepared with what's coming next. we have another storm producing up to 6 inches of rain. flash flood watch in effect for tomorrow for most of the bay area. from the coast to our inland areas and in addition we thought the wind were over no torment winds will blowout of the south up to 35 miles per hour. gusts to 65 miles per hour. immediately what we are watching right now today right here is the napa river. it's swollen and it's expected to overflow its banks today in
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napa. this is a dire concern as well. in gurnville russian river johnson beach which we were even able to do a triathlon there because there was no river now it's overflowing its flood stage which was at 32 feet and it's cresting at 36 where we expect it to go to 38 feet by 2 p.m. today. high deaf doppler -- def to have lar radar a little sigh of relieve in the east bay pushing- - pushing out of the danville. and the pass you have a nice cell. south bay a little bit of a activity towards the morgan hill area. 7 trees as well and peninsula scattered hit and miss showers that's scenario today. carry the umbrella. a shower from time to time otherwise we are in the backside of that atmospheric river and poised and in position to bring in a new storm. mild out the door temperatures in the 50s and winds have been picking up out of the west at 13 and later today,
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temperatures in the 50s and 60s we will tract incoming storm together but right now roqui. >> thank you. it's 5:02 let's start with the altamonte pass moving at 24 miles per hour and it doesn't get better. speeds pick up to 33 miles per hour. so, on 580 westbound from north tracy boulevard to the altamonte pass that's about 30 minutes into livermore but we have another closure to tell you about here in the sunol area highway 84 niles canyon road closed between sunol and fremont. high wind advisory across the span of the san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city takes 14 minutes. and expect the same conditions along the bay bridge into downtown san francisco from 80 westbound from carquinez to the maze that's 19 minutes and no delay heading to the toll plaza metering lights should be turning on in 30 minutes or so. otherwise cash lane backups. to mass transit throughout the
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bay area daily -- daley citybart is delayed in the pittsburgh bay point due to track minutence in and possible delays on ace train due to flooding between stockton and san jose. michelle. >> all right thank you. we have team coverage all around northern california today. our crews are spread out from the east to the north and all the way south of san jose. the hardest hit areas including guerneville where officials are urging people living near the russian river to evacuate. in the sierra, a mudslide has closed i-80. the napa river also at flood stage and mud slights causing trouble near pacifica. right now, evacuations are underway in guerneville as the russian river crest. it's hitting flood stage right now. torrential rain ace long with run off from other waterways are combining to produce the flooding. it's the worst in that area in more than a decade. and, it's been bad for business at local stores. >> disaster really. a lot of them have to stay shut and they lose a ton of money.
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>> already official told about 3,000 people in guerneville and in the nearby town of monte rio they should leave about 650 homes and businesses. several sonoma county school district are canceling classes due to the flooding including forestville union school district harmony union school district, geyserville unified school district and guerneville school district. on the peninsula a morning mudslide is causing a mess for the morning commute. kpix5 reporter anne makovec is live. >> reporter: highway 1 here behind me is closed downright now at raina del mar and that's going on for about another hour. possibly longer and it's causing some traffic trouble around here. take a look at the video we shot just a few yards from where i am standing right now. part of a hillside came down at about 11 last night leaving a
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pile of mud dirt and rocks about 15 feet high. the chp shut down both lanes of highway 1 northbound. caltrans moved in heavy equipment and they have been working on the cleanup all night and this is one of many roadways at risk of mud slides this morning. all of the rain has saturated and weakened hillside all over the the bay area. and unfortunately here, there are not very many ways around highway 1 so people are being told to go back to half-moon bay take 92 and then 280. so if you are trying to get through the air yacht peninsula highway 1 this morning trying to avoid it and hold off on yourcommute. there's a vehicle to my side one of many basically trying to wait it out because they don't want to go back to half moon moon bay. another mudslide shut down niles canyon part of state highway 84. caltrans says they have crews
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on the scene and three no estimated time for reopening -- there's no estimated time for reopening but it could take several hours. more mud slides this time in the sierra. the slide happened near donner lake road last night spilling onto i-80. and as you can imagine, it caused a traffic nightmare. it's blocking westbound lanes of the interstate near truckee. a caltrans crew member says this is the biggest mudslide in the last two decades which means it won't be a quick cleanup. those lanes are expected to be closed until at least noon today and possibly later. >> we are just hoping we can get it done before we get too much snow on top of it make a big mess. folks, they just if you don't need to coming up, you are not coming. because the road are closed. >> on top of this mudslide and wet weather caltrans is expected -- expecting three or four days of of heavy snow and -- of heavy snow likely leading to more road closures flood warnings are along truckee river and flood stage is 4 1/2 feet but the river second sp to
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crest at 7 -- is expected to crest at 7 feet. the warm storm melted snow sending run off acrossroads and into houses. residents have been stock up on sandbags to protect their homes. meanwhile, highway 50 is back opened after a small mudslide there last night. dirt and debris fell in thewestbound lane near kai burst. kai burs. they were able-- kyburz. the deputy-involved shoot something under investigation in san jose. it happened before midnight on the northbound 101 transition to highway 880. right now that on ramp is shut down. and we are told one person was shot shortly after chp deputy called for backup during a traffic stop. that person was taken to the hospital. their condition is unclear. time is 5:08. we are not the only ones dealing with bad weather. we will go to other parts of the country bracing for rain and snow next.
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and our storm coverage continues here with a look at some of the rescues taking place after a weekend of rain. lingering showers but we areare on storm watch and we will track the next storm coming this way. and here's live look at the nimitz freeway look good but we do have trouble in milpitas a traffic alert when we come back. ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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right now, it's not just the ith wicked wint good morning welcome back to kpix morning news time check is 5:12 on this january 9th. looking out towards a very wet golden gate bridge. even though we are seeing a little bit of a lull a break in between storms, the pavement is wet. there's ponding on the roadways. please be very he mindful of that. hey, how about if we track the incoming system together traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. all right now it's not just the bay area getting hit with wicked winter storms. nevada is dealing with rising waters due to the torrential downpours. in reno a rising river has forced the evacuation of nearly 40 homes. the storm system is blanketed parts of oregon and snow causing whiteout conditions and hundreds of accidents dumping as hutch as a foot and half of snow in southern new england
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and left behind frigid temperatures. >> conditions continue to remain dangerous. >> parts of north carolina are expected to see well below freezing temperatures today for just the 15th time in 113 years. a driver was killed yesterday after his taxi plunged into the estuary the car sank about 4 feet. crews were able to put the tackies -- taxi from the watt wert driver inside he was -- water with the driver inside e was rushed to the hospital but later died. another submerged car crews rushed to save a 12-year-old girl trapped inside it went into a creek off highway 49 in auburn. the driver managed to get out. she started to scream for help saying her daughter was trapped. crews pulled the girl out and they had to perform cpr and we are told that she is expected to be okay. a lot of people decided to try their luck and ended up getting stuck in rushing flood waters. this was the scene along old
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redwood highway in roaneer park two cars were stuck and further south in marin county firefighters helped out a few drivers along lucky drive. the fbi reportedly arrested a volkswagen executive in connection with the automakers's emissions scandal oliver schmidt ran the regulatory compliance office in the u.s. in 2014 and 2015 "the new york times" says he is charged with conspiracy to defraud the u.s. and uber is sharing information about the rides and launching a website called movement it will have data showing average travel times they bleed believe it will help make better decision about road chosures and transportation improvements and will eventually be opened to the public. hollywood honored some of the biggest stars in film and television during last night's 74th annual golden globe awards. la la land took home 7 awards including best actor and actress and moonlight earned the biggest honor of the night,
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best drama. meryl streep who was awarded the cecil b demill award used her remarks to call out donald trump. the show was a preview of the celebrity style we can expect to see over the next few weeks. >> reporter: the golden globes red carpet is the ultimate catwalk. >> who are you wearing? >> tom ford. >> gucci very, very gratefully. >> who are you wearing sweetheart. >> i don't know i got it from a tux rental place. >> reporter: glittered sequin and beaded gowns in rich tones sparkeled. >> i think sparkels are a trend every year we are girls. yeah. and diamonds yes. >> reporter: designer dressedtracey ellis ross and sophia have a garra. ver garra. a wink and nod to the role divorce of the nicole kidman
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would have alexander mcqueen with a choker. the evening's ultimateaccessory. haley signfeld what diamond choker with the sheer vera wang. pants was a trend. >> one it looks great and two in honor of hillary clinton. >> reporter: the most popular color a. few leading men like ryan gosling wore it and leading ladies as well white. >> i was scared to wear white because i am such a messy person but it was a perfect this is the mires fipple at golden globes and thought -- first time at the golden ghoabs and thought it was a virginal color. >> reporter: cyst -- globes and thought it was a virginal color. >> reporter: christy white says curvey girls need more option. >> when you are not the size zero or sample size you know it's going to take education but it's coming around. >> reporter: perhaps the most meaningful look was evan rachel wood suit any tribute to david bowie's birthday. he would have been 70. susan marquez cbs news.
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>> and let's check traffic with the golden globes expert roqui the ladies looked pretty good. >> i watched the red carpet and i watched the golden globes and it was a fabulous night and i love it and oscars coming up. the award season go see all the movies so you can get ready for the oscars 5:17 let's look at the roads right now. we have a chp traffic alert in milpitas westbound calaveras and northbound 680 it's closed due to a down tree and it's not causing many delays just yet but we will keep an eye on that for you. moving over to the altamonte pass entreesy on 205 you are moving at 23 miles per hour and it doesn't get better so you go up to 30 miles per hour. frees up through livermore and a new closure in the sunol fremont area highway 84 niles canyon road closed between sunol and fremont and because it's closed this might cause a lot of chaos here on 680 so we will keep an eye on that.
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there aren't many cars out there just yet. it's still early. looking at the bridges from hayward into foster city a a cross the san mateo bridge a high wind advisory. drive slowing. 880 to 101 will take 13 minutes and same across the span of the bay bridge into downtown san francisco. high wind advisory but you have toa quick drive through the toll plaza. metering lights are not on yet cash lane back up. moving over to mass transit ten minute delay out of daily sit -- daley city and pittsburgh bay point lines due to track maintenance and ace train expect possible delays due to flooding between stockton and san jose. 6 a.m. 8 a.m. san francisco bay ferry from the vallejo to san francisco will be serviced by bus. noon vallejo to san francisco is canceled. that's traffic. roberta. you can't just talk about the women and the the fashion you have to talk about the men ryan gosling in the white tuxedo jacket was show stopper. hi good morning. rise and shine 5:18. we are going to remain on storm
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watch here. not so much because of this morning. we are seeing the passage of the atmospheric river but some lingering showers not there in the north bay. your breathing the sigh of relief giving you a opportunity to dry out but there in the eastern portion of the bay area, the morning commute taking you on 680 out of the 580 corridor making tracks past sunol and castlewood and takes you on to the sunol grade. wet there this morning all the way to mission san jose. we have seen on santa clara valley near champagne fountain live precipitation and that's the scenario today a hit and miss scattered shower. this pushed off stanford off campus drive into palo alto making tracks towards the bay and santa cruz mountain nothing right now but that's pretty nice cell that is poised and positioned and ready to push into the mountainous area and make tracks towards san jose. again carry the umbrella as you head out this morning. lingering showers throughout
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the day and because of yesterday's copious amount of rain we saw so ever 7 1/2 inches of rain over 31/2 in santa rosa we are watching the napa river near napa. it's forecasted to overflow its banks and the russian river in guerneville you will see some flooding there and road closures due to cresting at 36 feet and perhaps rising as much as 38 feet by 2 p.m. later on this afternoon. this is the live weather camera mostly cloddy skies a tad bit of fog. temperature wise 51. 56 in oakland and winds have picked u up out of the west southwest at 15 in oakland and around the estuary it's breezy livermore at 13. upstrep napa at 10. today's winds will be pretty much the same 10 to 20 with stronger gusts at times. this right there, that is an area of low pressure that's a colder storm and the core of it look at wrap around moisture. we are tracking it because we have more rain in the forecast.
5:21 am
futurecast again today lingering shower and there's the lunch hour north bay with more rain. evening commute, it looks like it's pretty much combined to the north bay and san francisco peninsula and tuesday the cold front p. through the bay area. and it will be raining for the morning commute and it will rain throughout the day and that is evening commute and look at the frontal boundary. it slices through the north bay and it looks like it's going to produce anywhere between 1 and about 3 inches perhaps even 4 inches rain throughout the north bay where you do not need anymore rain. a inch and half easily in san francisco. a flood watch in effect tomorrow for the huge yellow air dwhreas about the entire bay air -- area that's just about the entire bay area. high wind alert an advasery tomorrow. some gusts up to 65. today temperature's -- advisory tomorrow. some gusts up to 65. a break with daily chance of rain friday through sunday that's the look and we will rye rei maine on storm watch michelle. >> you might like this. tf you can't beat the weather join it that's the
5:22 am
attitude a few young men had when they decided to take the skin boards on flooded roads in marchin. they did the best to keep their heads -- marin. they did their boast keep their heads above walter. enjoy the day in the water. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. the 49ers they are on day 7 of the search for a new head coach but they are no longer the only football team look for a head coach. cal surprised a lot of people firing the head coach. he went 19-30 with one bowl appearance during the 4 seasons in berkeley and nfl playoff giants receivers don't seem bothered about single digit temperatures in green bay final seconds of the first rodgers has another hail mary prayer answered by cobb. rodgers and cobb hooked up three times and green bay won 38-13 over giants. and they will face dallas in big d next week. temperatures around pittsburgh refs and players shared the heat. steelers up on the dolphins 7-0 and big ben antonio brown second touchdown of the game pittsburgh won 30-12 and they are at kansas city next week. to the warriors making their
5:26 am
first appearance. cousins has the shot blocked by durant and no look pass to curry and golden state gets the 12 point lead and warriors win 117-106. and the coachinger is the for the san francisco 49ers continues -- coaching search continues for the san francisco 49ers and for the general manager as well. have great day. there are rock and mud slides all over the bay area this morning. and a big one is stopping traffic on highway 1. we will tell you about your limited options for getting around next.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. live from the cbs bay area studios this is is kpix5 news. >> river levels are rising in
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sonoma county closing schools and causing concerns for those living near the russian river. and mud slides are forcing road closures all around the area. the scene in a sicka this morning. >> from the -- pacifica this morning. >> we have lingering showers today but we remain on storm watch for the next storm. i will tell you when to expect it. >> and here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza meter hing lights turning on backup towards the maze but we have closures around the bay area. good morning. it's monday, january 9th i am michelle gee arrow --eing ao we are on storm watch -- griego. evacuations are underway in low lying areas along the russian river. it's hitting flood stage and is expected to continue to rise. kpix5 jackie ward is live there now monitoring the conditions. jackie. >> reporter: we are here at johnson's beach in guerneville where water levels i never seen them so highism was here last year for el nino and i don't know if you can see right now how high the water has crept
5:31 am
up. this area sused -- is used for cay newing and kayaking this is a recreational beach and it's hard to believe a couple years ago if i am correct you were able to walk across this part of the river because it was so dry. that's certainly not the case today. so today, the national weather service is monitoring this area because of the flood stage. so, it's expected to peak at just over 38 feet around noon today. and it will stay that way until 10 tomorrow morning. one woman who lives in monte rio says once the river reaches a certain level that's when she gets concerned. >> 38 feet to 40 feet, it's going to put it all the way into the backyard and the bulkhead. >> reporter: torrential rain ace long the run off from other waterways are combining to produce this flooding. and it's the worst this area has seen in more than a decade. so because of all that, several sonoma county school districts are canseling classes today -- canceling classes including forest vil union school
5:32 am
district harmony union school district geyserville unified and guerneville school district. so stay with us on kpix5 because we will monitor the situation throughout the day. in guerneville jackie ward. >> and where can people who are evacuated go. >> reporter: they have opened emergency operations center here in sonoma county if you want to head sot santa rosa veterans building you can head there for anything you need. there's a shelter in place and animals are welcomed as long as they are in crates. back to you. >> that's good information. thank you. this morning we are getting an aerial view of the flooding left behind in napa. take a look at this photo. this was taken from a drone. napa river jumped the banks up and down the valley. highway 20 and silverado trail were hit the hardest. area is especially flood prone. >> this is pretty typical for road crews. we are used to dealing with this it just we got complacent
5:33 am
over the last 7 years. >> the flood conditions were considered standard for big storms before the drought. luckily here no injuries or evacuations were worted -- reported a lot of wine country completely under water. and in jackie's live shot it was dark and it's hard to see the water but you can see the light off the surface to get an idea of where the level is. >> and she was spot on two years ago we had to cancel an ironman competition the swim portion of it because there was no water to swim in and you can walk across the russian river banks. and dana wagner sent the beautiful drone pictures there of what's going on in the napa area. she sent picture did -- pictures about the floodgates i never seen them opened or shut i should say. but those were great pictures and we thank you so much to our viewer dana wagner in the napa area. this morning, we want to keep you prepared and on top of what to expect. sure, this latest storm is out of here which is ling -- with lingering showers and you will need the umbrella but we want to give you a heads up what to
5:34 am
come. flash flood watch for the entire bay area tomorrow through thursday. that's the yellow highlighted area. the red is an indication of the warning that is going on the in central valley into the tahoe basin and a in addition to the flash flood watch we have another wind advisory for just about the entire bay area. another round of southerly wind to 35 gusts over 65 miles per hour. we will get buffet tomorrow but back into today we are talking about the russian river in guerneville it's already at the flood stage and we anticipate it to overflow the banks between noon and 2 p.m. today. and a very watchful eye on the napa river in napa where we are anticipating again a little bit of minor flooding to moderate flooding in that area. here we go we have lingering showers around the east bay. not so much the north bay. you are saying thank goodness but you will still have a scattered shower today. right here all this activity is lifting up and heading towards tracy and mountain house area and back in through fremont we
5:35 am
are seeing some rain showers around the irvington district and mission san jose so. so wet commute. and we have another batch of energy pushing onshore. we will be providing some rainfall around the boulder creek area within the next 15 minutes. live weather camera mostly cloudy. a little hint of some fog. temperatures are in to the 50s. later today with the breeze 10 to 20 numbers stacking up into the 50s and in the 60s so. relatively cooler again we want to track the next storm that's coming this way that's supposed to produce up to 3 inches of rain in some neighborhoods and that's coming up a48 after the hour but let's say good morning to roqui. good morning. it's 5:35. we have a lot of closures throughout the bay area. but let's start here in pacifica. highway 1 at raina del mar avenue is closed due to a mudslide and we will be there live with more details on moving to closures in the area. highway 17 is closed in both directions between santa's
5:36 am
village and sugarloaf road in the scotts valley area. and this is due to a mudslide and downed power lines. moving over to gilroy highway 101 closed between highway 25 and highway 125 due to flooding. and now let's look at the altamont pass. out of tracy you are moving at 23 miles per hour. along the way. freeze up through livermore and closing here in the sunol grade highway 84 niles canyon road is closed between sunol and fremont and this is due to flooding as well. now, if this gets is closed for while here we will see some slow downs on southbound 680 becauseit's a popular alternate to 680. chp traffic alert issued this morning westbound calaveras boulevard to northbound 680 this is shut down due to a downed tree and this is in the milpitas area now to you. as roqui mentioned a mudslide is causing a mess for
5:37 am
commuters drivers must navigate major detours. kpix5 reporter anne makovec is live with new information. >> reporter: highway 1 closed here both lanes northbound at raina del mar. the police department says they hope to get at least one way traffic control going within the next maybe 15 minutes but so far that has not happened. so, commuters are just waiting until the roadway reopens as the cleanup continues. part of the hillside came down at about 11 last night leaving a pile of mud dirt and rocks about 15 feet height. chp shut down both lanes of hive highway 1 northbound. caltrans moved in heavy equipment and have been working on it all night. there are not a lot of ways around highway 1 so this is beaming issue for the early morning commute. >> this is one bad location. there are no other side roads that you can go around it. so, that's why we are trying to
5:38 am
work you know as quickly as possible. >> reporter: and this is one of many roadways at risk of mud slides this morning. all of the rain is saturated and then weak end the hillside all over the bay area. so crews hope to have this cleaned up by 6 in the morning. back out here live now in pacifica you can see one of many vehicles sort of waiting this out in the gas station parking lot. because the alternative right now is to drive all the way back down south to half-moon bay and take 92 to 280 and that's an extreme detour a lot of folks planning on hanging out here until they are able to at least open one lane of traffic which we hope will happen within the next 15 minutes. live in pacifica anne makovec. it's been a rough few days for highway 17 between san jose and santa cruz. the problems includes a massive old grove oak tree that toppled across the southbound lanes
5:39 am
yesterday. it shut down both southbound lanes and one northbound. doug brown says the tree fell into the path of a white lexus that had just passed him. >> all of a sudden i saw her brake lights and saw the tree and a lot of movement negotiated i think the tree -- in other words i think the tree fell and he she ran into it it was like simultaneous put the brakes on and that was it. >> right now on highway 17 lanes are closed in both directions at jarvis road. northbound lanes are closed between sugarloaf and granite creek roads and the scotts valley area and southbound lane is closed by a mud and rockslide at almabridge road near lexington reservoir. tree cleanup crews are work overtime after strong winds knocked down trees all over the bay area. this is in laurel valley parked car was no match for the toppled trunk and mill valley a family's front door is blocked in by fallen bran notches there was a car that got trapped
5:40 am
actually underneath the tree. -- branches. >> there was a car that got trapped actually underneath the tree. >> some trees dragged down power lines leaving customers in the dark for hours. new video out of reno where 400 hopes have been evacuated because of the -- homes have been evacuated because of the flood situation. more than,000 residents were evacuated from one south reno neighborhood after drainage ditches start odd overflow but the main concern is it could get worse as rivers around lake tahoe hit flood stage nevada governor is urging all nonessential state employees to stay home. it's 5:40. meryl streep getting political at the golden globes what she had to say about president- elect donald trump and how he is responding this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:41 am
5:42 am
in just a few minutes. our storm watch coverage continues...from yosemite valley. that's where waters are good monday morning well
5:43 am
dom a brand new -- welcome to brand new workweek. at 5:42 we are tracking the next storm coming this way. we will share the details together it's track and weather in less than 4 minutes. storm watch coverage continues from yosemite valley where waters are rising as the merced river continues to swell from the sierra storm run off. it has been a ghosttown since friday except for kpix5 reporter wilson walker who watts only bay area tv reporter allowed inside as the storm hit. he was able to get this video of the river with steady rain continuing to fall in the yosemite valley all eyes are now on this stream flow chart. >> specific areas of interest that we are looking at we are looking at the peck any area and camp grounds that -- picnic area and camp grounds including housekeeping camp and upper and lower pines camp grounds. >> fueled by raging water falls on all sides the river was expected to flood at some point
5:44 am
but when where and how severely is almost impossible to predict. back here in the bay, it's a day of cleanup. wind knocked over this scaffolding in san francisco. it came crashing down yesterday outside a hotel. firefighters shut the area down around market and 7th street as they worked to repair it. in burlingame a large tree toppled across the southbound lanes of 280 landing on a car. the driver got out with just minor injuries. and in santa cruz county one home owner stumbled on this when he got back yesterday morning. check out the tree on top of his home. this is a vacation renalth rental so -- rental so thankfully no one was there when it hooped. the iconic pioneer cabin tree is no longer standing after the wind knocked it down. this is what's left of the tree on the right-hand side. it is a unique tunnel drew visitors from around the w0r8d. tree -- world.
5:45 am
the tree named for the tunnecarved in the broad base was 137 years ago. happening today the bay area is preparing to welcome vice president joe biden at the annual jp morgan health care conference in san francisco to talk about cancer moon shot. it's part of his efforts to put more resources into cancer research. he launched the initiative after his son died of brain cancer in 2015. meryl streep got political while accepting the cecil b demill award her acceptance speech ran nearly 6 minutes and she used her remarks to call out president-elect donald trump. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitateed a disabled reporter someone he outraged in privilege power and capacity to fight back. >> she is comments were a reference to yale by trump in
5:46 am
2015 he reportedly imitated a "new york times" reporter who has a condition that affects his joint movements. trump responded this morning dismissing strep as one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden gloals globes she is a hillary flunky who lost big. it was la la land that swept the golden globes winning 7 awards. it won best picture for a comedy or musical and stars ryan gosling won best actor and another big winner moonlight the film took home best picture for a drama. watching some of this last night made me think i have a lot of movies to catch up on. >> yeah same. >> and la la land is one. >> i love ryan gosling's speech when he made the comment about his wife's brother. >> i like his tuxedo. >> you like him period. >> the men were styling last night. >> they were but they all had
5:47 am
the beards. >> yeah but. >> casey affleck was saying he felt out of place because he had the scruffy beard but couldn't shave because it's for a role he is working on right now. so. >> yeah. >> i am here for the scruff. >> yeah we like it. >> our stage manager paco has a nice beard and looks good. >> all right. how are the road looking. >> not too bad right now but we have some closures and a crash here in oakland westbound 580 to eastbound 8 0 connector the rollover crash was cleared out of the roadways but residual backups driving at 20 miles per hour if you are headed that way. moving to the bay bridge toll plaza meter hing lights are on and expect high winds across the span into san francisco. car keening ease along 08 westbound to the maze takes 2 minutes and expect 15 minute drive through the plaza and across the way there. moving over to the nimitz looking good in both directions on 880 northbound from 238 in san leandro to the maze that takes 16 minutes and then heading southbound 808 to the
5:48 am
san mateo bridge highway 29 expect high -- 92 expect high winds from 808 to 101 that should take 14 minutes but tough drive slowly because the roadways are wet and you have a lot of high wind in the area. moving over to mass transit updates for you bart is back on time and ace train expect possible delays today due to flooding between stockton and san jose. and if you take the ferry 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. vallejo is a san francisco will be serviced by bus and noon vallejo to san francisco is canceled. roberta. time check is 5:48. good morning everyone. only way you can be prepared is if you are informed so let's get to it. we do have a flood watch this goes in effect tomorrow through thursday for that huge yellow highlighted area that encompasses most of the bay area red areas leading up into the tahoe basin where we have flooding eminent and in addition to the flood watch we have yet another wind advisory in effect for tuesday. we will see some gusts up to 65
5:49 am
miles per hour. here we go again. more downed trees and we are watching this. russian river is anticipated to overfloat banks between noon and 2 p.m. today. meanwhile we are also watching the napa river which is getting close to flood stages and expected to overflow the banks as well. live high deaf radar no rain right now but it's lingering showers in the forecast and that's what's going on right now. sunol grade headheading out from the tri-valley towards san jose otherwise the other cluster making tracks towards the mountain house and tracy. there you have rain showers near mission san jose district drifting up into the diablo range and another round of activity moving into the scotts valley area encompassing the boulder creek and santa cruz where we have over 5 inches rain on saturated soil. a lingering shower from time to time on the backside of the atmospheric river am colder
5:50 am
storm ready to move into the bay area tomorrow with very windy conditions and extended forecast has more rany days. we have cloud cover right now temperatures into the 50s. it's a breezy start to the day and we have been picking up westerlys up to a good 13 miles per hour. temperatures across the bay area today in to the 50s and 60s and i wanted to spend a little time walking you through your 7-day forecast but we will go to that right there. here's satellite and radar. this area of low pressure that's the core and the the cold front taking a direct aim on the northern half of the state. with the rain we are anticipating a wet weather pattern with down trees again. and the poe section of -- potential of power lines backing up today lingering showers temperatures 50s and 60s. tuesday, we do have a new storm it will affect your morning commute and it will affect your evening commute and smack in between by wednesday morning, an additional 3 1/2 inches of rainin the wetet spots. wednesday lingering showers and new storm on thurrance -- thursday and a lingering storm on friday and bit of a break
5:51 am
with a chance of rain over the weekend. we remain on storm watch you grab an extra cup of coffee and we will be right back. ,,,,,, we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. six others injured. now to thely airport
5:54 am
shooting in -- deadly airport shooting in fort lauderdale florida. will the alleged gunman is due in court today. iraq war veteran faces federal murder charges. he could face the death penalty if convicted. in the past police had confiscated santiago's gun and had him committed for a mental evaluation for four days. about a month later, anchorage police returned the gun to santiago. >> there is a federal law with regard to having a gun by someone that's mentally ill but the law requires the person be adjudicatedmentally ill. -- adjudicated mentally ill. >> the motive is still unclear. four months after a spacex rocket ship burst into flames the company is pushing back another test run. this was the scene after the unmanned rocket exploded on the launch pad at cape canaveral in september. the team was ready to try again but bad weather grounded the launch. once they do resume the count
5:55 am
down experts say there's a lot at stake. >> this is extremely important they do need to restore confidence in the falcon 9 rocket after the failure in september. >> september was not the only failure back in 2015 a rocket broke apart midair founder eye lon -- elon musk vowed to keep trying until the program gets off the ground. new this morning fiat chrysler will create 2,000 new jobs in ohio and michigan saying it would be added in the existing plants in waren and toledo. that's where the production of future jeep wagoner suvs and pickup trucks gets underway. they say that the the new jobs will be in place by 2020 this comes as prz elect donald trump is turning up pressure on auto makers to keep jobs in the u.s. still silicone valley tech leaders will be at the detroit auto show. the 29th edition with more than 300 exhibitors will highlight
5:56 am
rapidly expanding technology. google with al showcase a self- drive car in partnership and. parts of sonoma county are seeing some of the worst flooding conditions they haveseen in years. up next we will go live to the russian river. >> and after a mudslide shut down some lanes of highway 1 we have good news for people going northbound but not good news for people going southbound. we will explain next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> i left for work, it was not bad and we had no water you know and all of is sudden within a hour this. >> the storm hit hard all across the bay area. now there's a lot of cleanup from the rain flooding and mud slides. and we could get a break today. but, it will be back. good morning. it's monday, january 9th i am
6:00 am
michelle griego kenny is off today. we have team coverage jackie ward is live in sonoma county where esack situations are in place and anne makovec is live and reporta -- roberta is tracking the storm and let's start with roberta. good morning. we remain on storm watch even though it's winding down. the atmospheric river is duest but lingering showers today but just because the bulk of the precipitation is out of here, we still are picking up a breeze and ground is saturated and we could see the potential of downed trees or power lines. right now we want to get you prepared on what's still to come. tomorrow, through thursday, we do have a flash flood watch in effect for most of the bay area. with more rain moving into the bay area. plus we have a high wind advisory in effect. here we go again with the winds. southerly winds at 35 gusts at 65 miles per hour through most of the bay. now, meanwhile as we take a st


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