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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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michelle griego kenny is off today. we have team coverage jackie ward is live in sonoma county where esack situations are in place and anne makovec is live and reporta -- roberta is tracking the storm and let's start with roberta. good morning. we remain on storm watch even though it's winding down. the atmospheric river is duest but lingering showers today but just because the bulk of the precipitation is out of here, we still are picking up a breeze and ground is saturated and we could see the potential of downed trees or power lines. right now we want to get you prepared on what's still to come. tomorrow, through thursday, we do have a flash flood watch in effect for most of the bay area. with more rain moving into the bay area. plus we have a high wind advisory in effect. here we go again with the winds. southerly winds at 35 gusts at 65 miles per hour through most of the bay. now, meanwhile as we take a step back we have to talk about
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today's situation. it's the russian river in guerneville anticipated to overflow its banks between noon and 2 this afternoon and napa river is a major concern as well. we anticipate anywhere from minetor to moderate flooding -- to moderate -- minor to moderate flooding. a little light precipitation off the north bay coast but otherwise you have a bit of a break but that won't be the case towards lunchtime when you will see some scattered showers. we have had this line of rain push through the tri-valley that 580, 680 corridor lining up against the diablo range pushing out of the district but it is wet into the san jose area. meanwhile, scotts valley into santa cruz is a vigorous cell that moved through the bottom line is you will need the umbrella today. lingering shower and a bit of a breeze but tomorrow we are setting the stage for a colder storm and windy conditions could see up to 3 1/2 inches of rain and the wettest locations.
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extended forecast more rainy days ahead. mostly cloudy skies temperatures right now that will greet you as you step on out into the 40s. and 50s and later today, with the occasional shower temperatures will be topping out in the 50s and in the low 60s. 58 redwood city back in all the way into antioch. we will track tomorrow's stores but right now michelle. >> all right we continue with our team coverage. now we want to go out to anne makovec and crews are working to clear a mudslide. >> reporter: yeah. big mudslide shut down northbound lanes of highway 1 but they just started one way traffic controls so let's show you how it is work at the interexception raina del mar. you can see the cars -- interception of raina del mar. you can see the cars going. every few minutes they stop the cars and they allow the people that are trying to go northbound go northbound on the southbound lanes so basically if you are going in either
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direction, of highway 1, in pacifica right now you are going to be impacted as the cleanup of this mudslide continues. part of a hillside came down at 11 last night leaving a big pile of mud and dirt and rocks about 15 feet high. the chp shut down both lanes of highway 1 caltrans moved in some heavy equipment. and they have been work on the cleanup all night long. this is one of many roadways at risk of mud slides this morning. >> oh you have to look at the composition of soil and then it's been saturated with heavy rains so it's just more increased likelihood of slipage. >> reporter: and between now and wednesday pacifica is expecting another inch and half of rain and according to roberta in mayof last year pacifica saw 5 inches of rain and geologists sent out the warning the potential for landslides was at a risky level. we could see the same thing happen here over the next couple days.
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and unfortunately, there are not a lot of ways around this area if you are trying to get to the north from pacifica. so, some people have been trying to go back to half-moon bay take 92 to 280. but that is obviously a real bear as well. so if you can avoid this area, pacifica, rain and -- raina del mar do it. another mudslide to tell you about this time in the sierra. crews worked overnight to dig out i-80 near donner lake road. the slide happened yesterday after 6. all westbound lanes are blocked and will be until at least noon today. >> we are just hoping we can get it done before we get too much snow on top of it and make a big mess. folks, they just if you don't need to coming up, you are not coming. because the roads are closed. >> a new strep of i-80 is bracing for a 1, 2 punch once crews clear the road they say several feet of snow is expected to dump on it the next few days likely causing more
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closures. and let's go over to rocky for a check on the morning commutenow-- roqui. let's talk about the sunol fremont area a traffic alert out there right now. chp issued the closure we told you about earlier and they said this will take a while to open up so they deemed it traffic alert. highway 84 niles canyon road is closed between sunol and fremont and this is due to flooding. see the slow downs on southbound 680 because niles canyon road a popular alternate route to the freeway. yone has to take the free -- everyone has to take the freeway and you are driving 30 miles per hour in the area. move to -- moving over to the altamonte pass out of tracy down to 15 north len road. north tracy to altamont pass up to 30 minutes along 580 westbound and south bay now in san jose northbound 101 that connector to northbound 880 is closed due to police activity. there's a chp investigation going on from an overnight officer-involved shooting.
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so we will let you know when it's back up to speed but it could take while so in the area, you are moving at just about 20 miles per hour. so avoid it if you can. moving over now to highway 17 in the scotts valley santa cruz mountain areas northbound is closed before vine hill road southbound at granite creek. that left lane is closed and this is an earlier closure we told you about it's now getting better and we have the right lane opened on the southbound side at granite creek. moving over to the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on traffic backing up towards the maze a high wind advisory across the span but a normal commute about 15 minutes. and the same story here across the span of the san mateo bridge in fr hayward into foster city 15 minutes and high winds along the way. that's the traffic michelle. >> thank you. our team coverage continues in sonoma county where evacuations are underway in low lying areas along the russian river. it is approaching flood stage right now. kpix5 jackie ward is live where schools and businesses are
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impacked in guerneville. jackie. >> reporter: -- impacteded inguerneville. jackie. >> reporter: no -- impacted in guerneville. jackie. >> reporter: no surprise. i have knee high boots on but i could walk for 50 yards total. so that stick here i am actually. just about i don't know 10 feet or so away from dry land at this and see that stick over there, to give you perspective, the photographer put it there at 11:30 last night so in the span of just night even 7 hours this water has crept up to that height. it's unbelievable and it's only supposed to get higher from now until noon. at that point that's when the river arel crest at 38 feet -- river will crest at 38 feet. it's affecting a lot of people here in guerneville and monte rio. about 3,000 people have been asked to evacuate and this is affecting a lot of homes and businesses. >> disaster a lot of them have to stay shut and they lose a
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ton of money. >> reporter: the low level homes have been's text by a -- has been affect by the rain. some are up on stilts and a lot of flooding is happening here with some schools being affected and they are closed as well. those include forestville union harmony union school district. geyserville unified school district and guerneville school district. so if we can zoom down here see the no trespassing sign that's probably 50 yards away from where i am standing now. and that's usually just the beginning of this beach front here. that is great summer spot to come and enjoy the beach. so, it's unbelievable it's very -- way worse than when i was here last year for el nino and that's saying something. jackie ward kpix5. >> that's saying something. thank you. the storm caused a big mess in santa cruz county. part of the creek flooded in the neighborhood in watsonville. people tried to put sandbags around their houses but in some cases it was not enough. >> when i got out i saw the
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neighbors house flooded. my big yard over there we got flooded too. >> the red cross has volunteers at core leigh leetos community church to help those evacuated. the storm caused a number of power outages. here is a look at the latest numbers. nearly 6,000 pge customers around the bay area are without power and you can see the breakdown by region. that number is down from 11,000 last night. a live look at san francisco international airport where the wet weather has been causing delays all weekend long. but, we have checked with the airport and they tell us they are currently there are currently no ground delays. but as always, if you are heading out to catch a flight this morning, double check with your airliner for updates. and we will have complete storm coverage throughout the morning in the meantime, be sure to down load the cbssf weather app and you can see live radar and get severe weather alerts. it's free to down load in the app store. later today, the suspect in
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the deadly shooting rampage at a florida airport is expected to make his first court appearance. surveillance video object tanned by tmz appears to show esteban santiago in the fort lauderdale airport on friday. 5 people died and 5 others are still in the hospital. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. new this morning french authorities have arrested more than a dozen people in connection with a robbery of kim kardashian. police reportedly tracked them down through dna traces left behind at the scene. french media reports some of the suspects were disguised as officers when they enterrered her paris apartment in october. they got away with nearly $9 million of jewelry. it's 6:10a star studded night in hollywood. coming up, the highlights and big winners from last night's golden globe awards. and we continue our storm coverage in yosemite. a story you will only see on 5. our cameras were rolling as the storm hit.
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from the kpix weather center good morning. we have lingering showers this morning. but we remain on storm watch. because of the next storm. we will track that one together. >> and it's the mess on the roads right now so i suggest you go ahead and take mass transit all things are on time throughout the bay area. we will look at those roads when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because food is better when you start from scratch. blue apron. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. good morning welcome back to the monday. time check 6:14. want to draw are attention to this photograph it's a drone view of napa. it was compliments of my facebook friend darlene warner who was able to obtain this and share it with us just so you can get a aerial view of the flooding in the napa area. sure the picture was taken yesterday but the flooding
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continues. now we head over to the trans america pyramid lingering showers in the forecast today we will track the traffic and weather together in less than four minutes. the biggest fears were not realized at yosemite national park. the yosemite valley was evacuated friday in anticipation of major flooding but there'sbeen some flooding but not as bad as predicted. >> there are areas of interest we are looking at we are looking at the picnic area and the camp ground that border merced river including housekeeping camp upper and lower pines came ground. >> back in 1997, raging waters from the the merced river destroyed camp ground roads and hotel rooms more than 170 million dollars in damage at the time. california iconic pioneer cabon tree is no longer standing. strong winds caused it to topple over yesterday. it's at calaveras big trees
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park in calaveras county. visitors from all around the world would come to see the trees unique tunnel. we continue our team coverage of this storm and let's go out to devin feh ely. >> reporter: i am live in milpitas on the om on ram to northbound 680 at cal variousas. -- calaveras. on ramp is completely shut down. there's a chp unit posted here blocking the on-ramp and that's because there were two massive trees that toppled on to the on ramp completely blocking it. there are caltrans crews here that are working to remove the tree but so far, there is no estimate of when the trees will be completely removed. now the chp says obviously because this on ramp is closed down, the drivers are going to have to divert around this and are going to have to go south or north to jump on. and they say that it could still be you know they are not clear on when this is going to reopen because they say there
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are just so many weather related problems this morning that are lingering on downed trees and power lines and they say caltrans is quite frankly a bit stretched thin at this point and so they are trying their best to get the two massive trees this fell on on ramp removed so that they can reopen it. so live in milpitas devin fehely kpix5. >> we are doing flooding after flooding and trees down everywhere. and you even caught trees on video too right? >> yes i was driving home whenfrom the studio on saturday afternoon i was driving 680 south through pleasantton getting ready for the exit when the huge eucalyptus tree fell 5 or 6 cars in front of me and we didn't realize until we were able to go around the tree that there was a truck underneath that tree. so you's driving along minding your business in the low slain and all of a sudden a tree comes down. and we didn't have rain at that time. it was the gusty winds and that's what's going to be the problem. even though we have a bit of a break today, the soil is
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saturated and we have a little bit of a breeze today. we have a high wind watch in effect for tomorrow. there will be more downed trees and perhaps today and over the next 48 hours. >> we were talking about overnight what it was like and what we heard and it sound like a tornado last night. >> it was scary. >> it sounded like a train it did. >> the thing is the downed trees when you going grocery store shopping or you know grocery shoipg should say or going to the gym or wherever don't park under any trees because you could have a down branch. >> that's good point. >> you don't think about it. >> you said they were drought stricken and that's why they are falling. >> drought stricken and top heavy and we have the douglas firs that topple over. >> a break today but not for long. lingering showers today but i would consider it a break but in order for the soil to saturate you know we have saturated soil out there and in order for it to give it a good break we need a couple days not going to see it. this is the radar a little
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precipitation across the north bay. we have rain showers just exiting the east bay over the the diablo range and santa clara valley scattered showers around 280. just leaving the cupertino area and moorpark avenue and san tomas rain showers and wet pavement heading into the area this morning. santa crews cruz showers are moving out but you are getting inundated with rain around scots valley and mill valley scotts valley and boulder creek i should say where we have over 5 inches of rain. so the atmospheric river conditions are moving out but rivers are on the rise. napa river near napa we do have some moderate flooding anticipated as we overflow the banks and this is a major concern that reporter jackie ward has been talking about all morning long. we do anticipate the cresting and overflowing of the banks of the russian river in guerneville between noon and 2:00 this afternoon. mostly cloudy temperatures now dipping into the 40s in santa rosa where we have seen over 3 1/2 inches in the past 24
6:20 am
hours. otherwise pretty much in the 50s across the board oakland at a # -- 54. wind breezy but dialing back under 10 now. at the estuary calm in san jose 11 in pleasantton and 10 mile per hour wind at napa wind sustained 10 to 20 with stronger gusts at times. a colder storm moving in tomorrow with the wind and expect more rainy days ahead. that's the cold front right there that will breeze through the bay area. right there, there you have the rain across the north bay. this is a lingering shower at lunchtime during the afternoon same thing. evening commute and rain this is the morning commute tomorrow. rain for the morning through the evening commute. we are going to go ahead and tally up the next storm's numbers and tell you how much more rain to expect but right now, let's go over to roqui. >> thank you. okay so all of that rain looks like you want to take mass transit let's look at what's mass transit look like.
6:21 am
bart is on time ace train on time but expect possible delays throughout the day due toed flooding between stockton and san jose. muni is on time vallejo to san francisco will be serviced by bus and noon vry from vallejo to san francisco is canceled. let's go over to the roadways. starting with marin county community into san francisco this is the golden gate bridge to the golden gate toll plaza. that taking 14 minutes and fedheading into san francisco from the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on and maze to downtown will take you about 20 minutes. now to you michelle. >> all right thank you. it was glitz and glamour at 74th annual golden globes last night with the clear front- runner pulling ahead this awards season. >> and the golden globe goes to la la land. >> that's right it was the big winner of the night.
6:22 am
sweeping all 7 of the film's nominations. that included best picture director, actor and actress. and coming up, the battle of northern california. golden state warriors and kings of i-80 we have that and another miracle in green bay coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. good morning. the 49ers are on die 7 of the search for new head coach but they are no longer only area football team looking for new head coach. cal surprised a lot of people by firing their head coach. more than 6 weeks after the bears season came to an end he went 19-30 with one bowl appearance during four seasons
6:26 am
in berkeley nfl playoff giants receivers are not bothered by single digit temperatures in green bay. final seconds of the first rodgers has another hail mary prayer answered by cobb. rodgers and cobb hooked up three times green bay won 38-13 over the giants. and they will face dallas in big d next week. temperatures around zero in pittsburgh refs and players shared the heat. first quarter steelers up on dolphins 7-0 big ben and antono brown has the second touchdown of the game. pittsburgh won 30-12 and they are at kansas city next week. to the warriors making first appearance as the brand new golden center in sacramento. third carder cousins has the shock blocked by kevin and a chula no look pass to curry hits the circus lay-up giving golden state the lead. they win 117-106. the coaching search for the san francisco 49ers continues as does the search for a general manager. we will have the latest tonight at 6. i am dennis o'donnell
6:27 am
have a great day. it's 6:26. we are tracking the storm this morning. there is a lot of cleanup from all the rain flooding and even mud slides. we will tell you where the system is headed next after the break. ,,,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning everyone. it's monday january 9th i am michelle griego. this morning there's a lot of cleanup across the bay area. we saw a lot of rain flooding and even mud slides in the latest system. we could get a break today but another round of storms are expected. and we have team coverage devin fehely is live in milpitas and
6:31 am
ann mako development c is live and roberta is tracking the weather but we want to start with jackie ward live in sonoma county where there's school closures. jackie. >> reporter: yeah you know back where i am from in new england kids looked forward to a snow day but here and other ports of -- parts of sonoma county it's flood day. let's show outschools closed forestville harmony geyserville unified and guerneville. so i've only been here in the winter but i hear this spot johnson beach is a fun place to go in the sum he ever. let's call it the before photo. a sandy spot for people to hang out and today it's totally different scene. let's come back out here this will probably be the after photo i guess so even in the short time we have been here a couple hours or so, it's come up probably 2 or 3 feet. however, if you-- well you can't see the stick anymore. we did put a stick there.
6:32 am
last night around 11:30. so not evenly 8 hours ago you can't even see the stick hardly anymore. and already, from our van or our camera to where i am standing it's almost knee deep water here. it's probably 10 feet or so but i am just a very beginning of where things have flooded here along the russian river. look over there. that's where the no trespassing sign is that's probably at least 50 yards away. maybe more. so at this point last year when i was here for el nino i could stand at that no trespassing sign there were ducks swimming around me and we thought it was bad then. it's far worse now. so that's why officials are telling about 3,000 people in the low lying areas in guerneville and monte rio to evacuate and head to higher ground. they have shelters in place for both people and where they can bring their pets as well. so definitely check out the county website for that. and, just get to shelters if you need to. they don't want anyone to take
6:33 am
any risk because this is cresting at noon today at about 38 feet and it will stay that way until 10 tomorrow morning. so, we are talking about more than 24 hour period from now until this begins to recede a bit. it's unbelievable to see in person. i am knee deep but i bet i would over my head if i continued to go back there so i won't do that. in guerneville jackie ward kpix5. >> you want to be careful. thanks so much. now let's go out to devin fehely hive in milpitas. >> reporter: i am leave at northbound ramp to 680. there's a chp patrol car that's posted here on the on ramp to the northbound lanes of 680. now the chp says two massive trees toppled on the on ramp completely blocking the road. that happened about 4:30 this morning. it's not clear if it was wind that brought the trees down or if the ground was so saturated that the roots couldn't hold
6:34 am
anymore. but it's ultimately going to be up to caltrans to remove the trees and get the ramp reopened. the problem is there's just so much storm damage in so many different areas caltrans crews are stretched a bit thin at this point. there is one caltrans crew that is down by the trees themselves but they are not actively removing them. so there is no firm eta on when exactly the on-ramp to northbound 680 is going to be reopened. now right now, chp is advising drivers if they need to get on northbound 680 and they normally jump on here at calaveras to go one on ramp south or north of this location in order to get onto the northbound lanes. in milpitas devin fehley, kpix5. >> you have good advice if you are out going to the grocery store or if you go to work, don't park by a tree. >> no. >> yeah. >> that's good. that's something to think about. >> an though it's not windy right now or raining right now
6:35 am
and most of the bay area we have drought stricken trees out there and either limb comes down or a tree comes down. that could be the case today. it will certainly be the case tomorrow because we have gusty winds moving back into the bay area and more heavy rain. good morning everybody. again we want to keep you prepared so you can plan in advance i wanted to show you this right now. that we do have a flash flood watch that goes into effect tomorrow morning through thursday. because the a rain still moving into the bay for the complete yellow high lathed area which is about the entire bay area. in addition here we go again. south wind at 35 gusts over 65in the highest elevation on tuesday all day. wind advisory for all of the bay area. here's the rushin river. it did reach the flood stage at 2 this morning. we are anticipating it to crest at 36 feet between noon and 2 and it looks like there will be some at least minor flooding as
6:36 am
it overflows its banks with road closures anticipated. here is the napa river that runs through napa. we also expect that to have a little minor flooding there. not moderate but there's that potential because we have more rain in the forecast. a little bit of light rain in the north bay. more coming especially towards lunch hour. hit and miss scattered shower backing up diablo range moving all the way into the altamont pass and hit and miss scattered showers through morgan hill and you need to know today is it's a lingering shower. atmospheric river is out of here. now we are making way for a colder storm for tuesday with windy conditions and more rainy days ahead. it's mostly cloudy right now. we have temperatures in to the 50s. and later today we are talking about temperatures holding steady 50s and low 60s and slightly cooler than yesterday with the wind 10 to 20 miles per hour occasional stronger gust. we will track tomorrow's storm tell you when it will arrive and right now let's go over to
6:37 am
roqui. we will taken ae in pacifica. >> reporter: oh okay thank you roberta. we have to let people know that highway 1 here in pacifica is shut down because of a mudslide. right now all of the traffic trying to go northbound at raina del mar is stopped and all theter knitly -- alternately they will using the other lanes. the cleanup continues on this mudslide that happened at the about 11 last night. a huge pile of mud dirt and rocks about 15 feet high. caltrans has been working with heavy equipment trying to move all of this mess back up on to the hillside and this is one of many roadways at risk of mud slides this morning. all the rain has saturated and then weakened the hillsides all over the bay area and in between now and wednesday, we
6:38 am
are expecting another inch and a half of rain here in pacifica. now unfortunately, there are not a lot of ways around this. if you want to avoid it, best bet is to go back down to half- moon bay and take 92 to 280. and that is certainly a drag so plan on extra delays if you are going through this area and actually in a lot of spots around the bay area. let's check in with roqui theus who has been busy tracking the commute. thank you everyone is a weather and traffic reporter today. let's start here in san jose. we have a south bay problem chp issued traffic alert northbound 101 connector to northbound 880. that's closed due to police activity the chp investigation going on right now from an overnight officer-involved shooting. the eto they said it should open around 9 a.m. so pretty soon. but you want to avoid the area. moving over now to the scotts valley area northbound 17 closed at granite creek road
6:39 am
and southbound 17 that left lane is closed at sugarloaf road. we have been reporting about this closure all morning long so it has had progress but you are driving at 20 miles per hour in the area. and traveling along the altamont pass you are moving at just 12 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass up to 34 minutes and expect major slow downs on southbound 680 because highway 84 that's niles canyon road a very popular alternate route to 680 is closed between sunol and fremont. now to you michelle. >> thank you. time is 6:39. it's going to be a busy week on capitol hill. after the break political reporter melissa cain will tells how a california law makers is promising to put up a fight in washington. and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's look at big board right now you can see the dow is down about 51 points coming up an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
6:40 am
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6:43 am
that story and more... from k-c-b-s radio a couple more retailers are filling the pain after a sluggish holiday season. that story-more from kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks good morning. >> good morning. it's been a tough start to 2017 for a lot of big retailers who didn't have murray holidays. we have seen store closures from macy's and sears. and now urban outfiters is reporting the -- outfitters is reporting profit margins were skeesed as -- squeezed as more focus on lower cost products. shares are taking a big tumble in the early going. lieu will you lemon what solid holiday he season. however because of the investor bearishness over retailers it shares are heading lower this morning. stock market came very close to
6:44 am
seeing the dow hit 20,000 for the first time on friday. just within one point but couldn't get there finished 40 points lower than that. and market reacted to solid wage growth in the december jobs support vonsest in over 7 years. the key to the stock market rally continuing beyond the current 2 month it's on is corporate earnings we get a taste later this week from the -- we get a taste them later from the financial market. wells fargo could have grim numbers after the fake account opening scandal and had less banking activity. market off to makesed start this morning. let's go to the big board see how we are doing so far. dow pulling further away from 20,000 down almost 60 points right now. nasdaq positive it's up by 4 and s&p down by 6 points in the early going. back to you guys. >> all right jason brooks from kcbs radio thank you. time is 6:44. let's check traffic with roqui it's been busy. thank you. let's he look at the bridges
6:45 am
first and then we will get to the road closures and all the craziness going on around the bay area. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza high wind advisory ace cross the span in downtown san francisco so the maze will take 20 minutes which is normal. and then across the span of the san mateo bridge we have a lot of slow traffic from hayward and foster city taking about 25 minutes. moving over to the altamont pass the slowest traffic in the morning out of 205 moving at 13 miles per hour inching through and into livermore where it'sfrees up a bit but we have some trouble here in the sunol area. highway 84 niles canyon road is closed between sunol an fremont and that is chp traffic alert because it's shutting down or not shutting down but it's slowing down southbound 680 to 22 miles per hour because niles canyon road is a popular alternate route to the freeway. everybody is piling onto southbound 680. if you can avoid the area, definitely try to do that or give your is sea of lot of extra time. moving over to the south bay we have another traffic alert here
6:46 am
in san jose. northbound 101 connector to northbound 880 this is close heed due to police activity from the chp investigation of an overnight officer involved shooting the eto is 9 a.m. so it will be opening up later this morning but if you can avoid the area, i suggest you do that as well. moving to highway 17 northbound 17 is closed at granite creek road southbound 17 the left lane is closed at sugarloaf road and this is the scotts valley santacruz mountain area criesk at 20 3450eu8s per -- area driving at 20 miles per hour. if you want to avoid the roads bart ace train muni and san francisco bay ferries are on time. but however you do consider ace train could be delayed this morning because of flooding between stockton and san jose. now to you roberta. we havep some lingering showers in the forecast today with a passage of yesterday's atmospheric river duest of the
6:47 am
area. let's get to and -- due east of the area. let's get to this and that will continue throughout the day hit and miss scattered showers around the diablo range and south bay you had a cell that dried up there as in the santa cruz mountains but from time to time today we'll see the occasional shower lifting in off the pacific ocean streaming in over the bay area. now we are keeping a watchful eye on napa river and see moderate erosion around the bank level at flood stages and anticipated to crest later tonight. the russian river jackie ward has been reporting on this all morning long. and it has reached flood sustaining at -- stage at 2 this morning anticipated by 2:00 this afternoon to crest or overflowits bank with moderate flooding around the local roadways. cloudy skies around the bay area. temperatures, into the 40s and 50s. the winds have been dialing back. now west southwest at 6 in the oakland area around the port of
6:48 am
oakland calm mountainview inned 10 in vallejo martinez 10-mile- per-hour winds from napa and sonoma and a lingering shower from time to time a colder storm is slated and cued up to roll into the bay area on tuesday lingering into wednesday. we have more rany days ahead. let's get to it. this is the cold front the core of the center right to the oh let's say to the north and to the east of the bay area. and it looks like or to the west it looks like it wants to pull into the northwestern quadrant of the state and sag into the bay area. futurecast here you go. this is today still with the lingering showers here comes your evening forecast with the scattered showers. than we fill in nicely for tomorrow morning's commute at this time it will be rainy and it will continue to rain throughout the day. heaviest rain right there is the front as it slices through the bay area from the north to the south during the evening commute. wednesday morning, a lingering shower. so by wednesday high noon, we will see an inch and half of rain in the city of san
6:49 am
francisco. 2 to 3 inches of rain from santa rosa to the north a couple more inches throughout the santa cruz mountains a flood watch in effect for most of the bay area for tuesday. through thursday for that huge highlighted area and in addition we go again the winds will blow again. up to 65-mile-per-hour winds gust in the highellest elevations. 7:259 the sun is up and we will see a hint of it from time to time. a little peak through -- peek through the cloud cover. again, a cold front on tuesday. we have a lingering shower wednesday and another storm on thursday. lingering showers friday and then daily chances of rain showers over the weekend. so, we will stay right here on storm watch. all right roberta thank you. this week the u.s. senate will hold hearings on president- elect donald trump's cabinet picks. california's very own diane feinstein will be right in the the middle of all the action and she promises to put up a fight. political reporter melissa kaen
6:50 am
joins us with what to expect. >> reporter: so much it's going to be a big thing it seems like it took forever and it's happening quickly so more of that this week. now it's not the calm before the storm it's the storm before the storm. starting tomorrow a slew of trump nominees will be in front of senate commitees for consideration. including exxon ceo rex tillerson and betsy devoy tillerson who is up for secretary of state will be in front of the foreign relations committee. and devos up for education secretary will be in front of the committee overseeing education and so on jeff sessions who is up for attorney general will be at the judicialary committee and this brings us to the bay area diane feinstein is the highest ranking democrat on the judicialary committee and has made it clear session is going to get a grilling when this gets going tomorrow morning. >> so sessions was a senator who was on the judiciary committee. how hard do you think his
6:51 am
former colleagues will be. >> reporter: you know people are nervous they are going to treat him with kid gloves because they have known him for 20 years. they might be more polite to him than someone else maybe they won't yell and scream at him but finestein said she has an obligation to do her job and she wants this vetting to be fair. now here's one issue to look for trump said he wants to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton over her e-mails for potential criminal charges. that would be a decision for the attorney general. so feinstein said she will try to pin down sessions about this question. will he or won't be appoint a special prosecutor or in other way go after clinton over her handling of the e-mails. >> i think a lot of people want to know can feinstein and other dem vats stop session or anyone else for that matter from being confirmed. >> reporter: you know no they can't not by themselves. if they want to stop someone they need assistance from some republicans in the senate and that doesn't look likely at this point. now the democrats are in the minority in the senate and because of the wrinkle in the
6:52 am
rules they can't filibuster on cabinet picks in the way they could on other issues. but they can do three things number one they can delay some of the confirmations using various procedural rules number two they can try to make the nominees commit to certain positions on the record. like this effort to get sessions to promise not to go after hillary clinton. and number 3 they can sort of create spectacle and try to hurt them the nominee so they take office banged up and we might see a combination of these various tax taughtics in the various commitees. >> we know you will be watching closely. >> reporter: of course and i will mention tomorrow is president obama's farewell speech so a lot of activity going on this week. >> yeah a lot going on thanks so much. time is 6:52. we are keeping an eye on the storm this morning. some communities are cleaning up, others are bracing for more. we have complete coverage after the break. ,,
6:53 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
6:56 am
whatever. well we are following breaking news in san jose. this is a live look from chopper 5 where authorities are investigating a deputy-involved shooting. it happened just before midnight on the northbound 101 transition to highway 880. and right now that on ramp is shut down. we are told one person not a deputy was shot during a traffic stop. that person was taken to the hospital. the condition is unknown. i am jk jay ward live -- jackie ward live in guerneville and i have only been here during the wintertime but i hear this is a fun summer spot so let's call it the before photo. well where i am standing now i would be in the parking lot but this is usually a place where people can come and hang out when it is warmer out. today it's a totally different scene. flooding here is worse than el nino winter i saw last year
6:57 am
right now, the water has come up i don't know 60 or so yards from where the river begins for the parking lot usually begins for here at johnsons beach and it's supposed to crest around noon between 36th and 38 feet asroberta has been telling us. national weather service is keeping an eye on the area. the sonoma county officials told about 3,000 people to evacuate who live in low lying areas here in guerneville and also in the neighboring town of monte rio. some scoodz schools cr closed and people -- some schools are being closed and people are urged to seek shelter. you pretty much spelled i'd out. we have the -- spelled it out. we have the russian river that reached flood stage around 2 a.m. and we anticipate it to crest between 12 and 2 with moderate flooding around the banks of johnson beach right there. and the potential of road closures due to the flooding.
6:58 am
meanwhile live hi hi-def radar a little precipitation around mount hamilton area and that's the scenario today. hit and miss scattering shower lingering with the passage of yesterday's atmospheric river. mostly cloudy skies temperatures 40s and 50s and it's a bit cooler today and it will pan out to be a cooler day with the breeze 10 to 20 starting gusts -- stronger gusts and 50s and 60s with the lingering showers today we will have rain showers for the morning commute on tuesday and through the afternoon and into the evening commute and anywhere between 1 and 3, 3 1/2 inches of rain expected. flash flood watch in effect for tuesday through thursday with lingering showers wednesday and a brand new storm on thursday. a high wind watch in effect with winds 20 to 25 miles per hour and stronger he gusts. we may -- stronger gusts. we may have a break friday afternoon into the weekend. thank you. let's look at traffic starting with a new crash in lafayette here. left lane is blocked that westbound 24 is a two-car crash
6:59 am
and that backup is solid to 680 interchange in walnut creek. and moving down to the altamont pass this traffic has been bad all morning out of tracy moving at 30 miles per hour and inching through into north len road where speeds are at 16 miles per hour. it will take up to 30 minutes along 580 westbound into livermore where it frees up a bit. the very slow conditions along the san mateo bridge from haywood to foster city taking up to 25 minutes. and high wind advisory there and another high wind advisory here the maze downtown across the bay bridge will take you 19 minutes. that's your traffic. all right if you look around at your decks and see clutter your work space could be bringing you down so clean up your act. today is national clean off your desk day a clutter free area is key to productive work life whether it's the office or home space today a good day to get organized. your desk looks pretty good mine needs help at home i think
7:00 am
it's worse. >> my apartment needs help. >> i can't do mess. i can't. no. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 9, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive storm swamps the west with what could be the worst flooding in a decade. rushing water tears through homes and traps people in their cars. we're in the hardest hit area. hollywood uses its golden night to attack donald trump. this morning the president-elect responds. you could be paying more online for the product or service as your neighbor. how to avoid price discrimination on the internet. we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> it's crazy how most of the years it's bone dry, tric


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