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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and i'm kenny choi. in some good morning, everyone. it is thursday, january 12. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. another rainy morning in bart of the bay area after another storm system rolled in overnight. this is a live look at the bay bridge. notice north bay the russian river is causing problems with hundreds evacuated because of the floods. this is yesterday from "sky 5 drone." parts of the town look like islands. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in guerneville this morning with more on the damage. >> the good news is that the river is on its way down. but yeah, check the damage at the mini golf course. you can see the ground floor of the building, the office floor, is almost completely submerged right now. and the russian river will remain above flood stage throughout the day today. we are seeing varying degrees
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of damage in homes along the river. at least people had enough flooding to actually boat through their home in guerneville. today the clean-up and damage assessment will begin. at its peak yesterday the river hit 37.8 feet and that's 6 feet above flood stage. as of 2 a.m., it had dropped about a half foot. but it is still enough to overwhelm some homes and businesses. the floodwaters went right up the highway 116 yesterday which is the main drag through this area. but it never actually flooded that road. still plenty of smaller neighborhood roads blocked today and our joe vazquez spoke with the captain of one of many makeshift taxis on the water. >> completely under water. >> what's going through your mind right now? >> just to help other people. >> reporter: the national guard
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will remain on standby today as they were yesterday i with water rescues of people stuck in their home. live in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. crews will be out picking up trees and branches that came down in the storm and if you live in san francisco, you could pay for it. public works says nearly 300 trees have come down in the city. crews are working overtime to clear them out. a new measure transfers all street trees back to the city's control. but it doesn't take effect until july. so that means homeowners might have to pay for this clean-up. >> if it's a privately maintained tree under their jurisdiction now, they are the responsibility, they will be the ones who are taking care of it. >> city officials say homeowners will not have to pay if it's just small branches and twigs. but they will have to pay for larger debris. all right. time now 6:02. roberta is back with a check of the weather. >> yes. we were just talking about it a
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little bit earlier about how the u.s. drought monitor service says officially northern california is drought- free due to the latest round of storms. >> amazing. >> it is. sacramento still moderate drought conditions. southern california still severe. but that is a big deal for all of us here. don't go crazy and take five- minute showers now. >> no, no. [ laughter ] >> we have all learned how to conserving wisely but that's huge! and i just posted on twitter, a comparison to the drought situation just even one year ago. and two years ago. , as well. so is it worth it? everybody week going through to get out of the drought? i would say so but we have moderate to heavy rain. right now at 6:03, taking a look at the snow falling around the mendocino national forest, rain from clearlake into the santa rosa area along highway 101, petaluma, making your commute into san rafael. east bay you have that pretty moderate cell right now. look at the pink! the pink is the snow on top of
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mount diablo. i can't wait until it brightens so we can see the dusting of snowfall on our local mountains. the mountains snow levels down to 3,000 feet. diablo 3800 feet. tassajara heavy rain. san jose all lit up! moderate to heavy rain from there through willow glen through cupertino and campbell along the san tomas expressway and through alameda and also i should say alviso rather. okay, peninsula you have your fair share of rain too. we are checking in with sfo for the possibility of airport delays. the russian river, it is already overflowed. we have significant flooding there. it will continue to gradually recede as the day wears on but boy, it's a messy situation and anne makovec is all over it and she will be reporting back to us. meanwhile, the red highlighted area is where we have the flood warning in effect encompassing the sacramento valley, also it does include at this time north- central sonoma county, solano, the vallejo area, southeastern santa cruz county, the blue
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area is the coastal flood advisory in effect due to astronomical high tide. we are in the 40s. it's cooler out the door, scattered showers throughout the day today highs only in the 40s and low to mid-50s. we'll tell you when the rain will end and when the sun will shine. that's coming up. it could be months before the city of pinole can re-open a road heavily damaged during the storms. the damage to alhambra valley road is where it crosses over pinole creek. it runs under the road through a pipe but the water was too much for the pipe. that caused the road to collapse. over highway 17, chopper 5 caught a commute with no end in sight for silicon valley drivers. some were in limbo for hours as crews cleaned up storm damage. kpix 5's maria medina is live in los gatos on the clean- up efforts and an overflowing reservoir that could be a concern for today's commute. maria. >> reporter: all right. so here is what highway 17
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looks like right now. smooth sailing, but here is what it looked like just a few hours ago. basically, highway 17 was a parking lot as thousands tried to get home to santa cruz. some people told us it took them 4 hours just to get to santa cruz from the south bay when that drive usually takes 45 minutes. now, all of this happening because chp only has one lane open towards santa cruz as they cleaned up a mudslide right after lexington reservoir. what kind of commute have you had today? >> one of the worst ones i have ever had before. i left mountain view at 3:30 and what time is it now? it's 7:30. we're sitting here in campbell. >> reporter: and it's telling you up to two more hours? >> that's what it's showing on the "waze." what a traffic nightmare. those commuters just went through a few hours ago. >> reporter: take a look at this video, you can see just how full lexington reservoir is after the rains and that water is gushing into nearby los gatos river so right now
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lexington reservoir is at more than 100% capacity as well as -- [ inaudible ] [ lost audio ] let's check traffic throughout the bay area. and just to note what maria was saying before she got cut off, highway 17 is open in santa cruz mountains. but you still want to be careful driving that way. mudslides are unpredictable and it is still raining out there. okay, let's go ahead and head to the novato commute here. highway 37 is still closed after yesterday between highway 101 and atherton avenue. chp is diverting traffic off at atherton avenue and that's how you'll get directly onto 101. you see some slowdowns on highway 37. if you are taking the golden gate bridge into san francisco, here's a live look at that commute. smooth sailing but you will want to drive slowly. you see those wet roads and i want to show you the richmond/san rafael bridge. i like to show this when it's raining. you can see how much it's raining really well here. we have some traffic -- we have some delays in the cash lane but otherwise you're looking good if you are heading on the
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richmond/san rafael bridge. moving to the 80 freeway here westbound 80 at carlson boulevard, two-car crash here blocking the left lane and this is in richmond. we'll let now when that's cleared but otherwise it is causing delays along westbound 80 heading from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze. and here's a look at the traffic alert in fremont. northbound 880 that off-ramp to mission boulevard is still closed after 1:00 a.m. a crash involved a truck carrying pool chemicals so it's a hazmat situation. crews are cleaning it up. chp says it should be opening up around 7 a.m. thank you. congress has started the process to get rid of president obama's healthcare law. president-elect donald trump promised to replace it in his campaign. the senate worked overnight to pass a nonbinding measure to eventually repeal obamacare. but some republicans are worried about getting rid of it without having a replacement in place. the house will vote on the measure tomorrow. when it passes, a repeal will
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happen as soon as next month. president-elect donald trump continues to push back against reports about a recent intelligence briefing. a senior adviser is now suggesting that the president- elect didn't know about unverified claims that russia has allegedly compromising information on him until it became public. >> it's not true that was in any of the briefing documents? >> it's true that you have no evidence of it. >> president-elect has blamed intelligence for providing the information not media. yesterday the outgoing director of national intelligence called president-elect to assure him that that's not the case. just a few hours earlier president-elect donald trump admitted that he accepts russia was behind several elections related cyber attacks. >> hack is bad and it shouldn't be done but look at what's hacked that hillary clinton got the questions to the debate! and she didn't report it. that's a horrible thing! >> secretary of state nominee rex tillerson meanwhile faced tough questions about russia
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during his senate confirmation hearing yesterday. senator marco rubio from florida was critical of the former exxonmobil ceo for refusing to call president vladimir putin a war criminal for russia's bombing campaign in support of the syrian government. day 2 of the hearings begins in less than an hour. at the same time, the confirmation hearing will start for trump's pick to head the cia. congressman mike pompeo of kansas. new information on the job market in the u.s. an hour ago the labor department released new numbers showing that about 10,000 americans applied for unemployed benefits last week. the number of overall applications remains low around 247,000 which is a sign of a steady job market. time now is 6:10. today leaders in one bay area school district are expected to meet with the feds to address sexual harassment on campus. >> and we have a better idea of whether the raiders are staying
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in oakland after a meeting of nfl owners. >> here we go again! we are on storm watch, heavy rain and snow are pounding the bay area. i'll tell you just how much more to expect and when it will move out of bay area. >> and here's a live look at the nimitz freeway looking pretty good in both directions but we are dealing with a traffic alert on the nimitz freeway. where exactly it is and what's going on when we come back. . >> clos ed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ released report shows -- most of the state is no longer in a drought. new information on california's drought status. the report shows that most of northern california's no longer in a drought. it shows for the first time in six years the state's reservoirs are above average. as far as precipitation and snowpack, the state is far
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above average. the bay area and farther north has the most water right now but researchers do caution that some parts of southern california may never recover to predrought levels. right now, 6 children are unaccounted for after a house fire in baltimore. the fire started this morning in the three-story home. the fire department says a woman and three children escaped and all four are hospitalized. firefighters can't get in the home because the upper floors collapsed. today officials with the palo alto unified school district plan to meet with office for civil rights representatives. the district is working on plans to address sexual harassment complaints at its campuses. those plans stem from two complaints filed against the district back in 2013 and 2014. by the end of the week, the san diego chargers will reportedly announce that the team is moving north to los angeles. and fans are lashing out at owner dean spano. >> he has given nothing back to
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the city of san diego. and i wish he would leave, the charger would stay. >> angry fan through eggs at the front door of the team headquarters today. if the move goes through, the chargers would share a stadium in l.a. with the rams. and it's looking increasingly unlikely that the raiders will remain in oakland. a committee of nfl owners met yesterday to discuss the proposed move to las vegas. patriots owner robert kraft told the l.a. daily news it's a good possibility the plan will be approved. and here's a sure sign that spring isn't too far away. tickets for giants spring training games go on sale to the public today starting at 10 a.m. the first game in scottsdale, arizona is on february 24. anytime you see spring training baseball video, that means we are close to some warm weather. >> it's great. we're not even over football yet and we're talking about baseball. >> and basketball season, too, that's right. >> we have basketball and
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hockey, baseball coming up! it's good! and the drought is over! i can't jump up and down about that enough. we have been waiting for this for years. i heard a great story. a teacher teaches third grade classes 8-year-olds and with the rain the kids have the noses pressed up to the window because they have never seen rain like this before, children of the drought. >> great point. >> amazing. >> isn't it? >> when you think about it like that, yeah. >> so let's emphasize only part of the state is now out of the drought. the drought is only for parts. >> most of the northern california. >> we said here in the bay area. extreme drought and exceptional drought is in southern california, moderate drought in sacramento. >> we'll keep thinking about them. but for now, we'll start with -- traffic-free bay area. when is that coming? i don't know. richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza i like to show this when it's raining because you can see how much water is on the road so well but otherwise,
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traffic moving smoothly on to the bridge. moving over now to 80 westbound at carlson boulevard, two-car crash out there blocking the left lane causing some major slowdowns right there in that area just 17 miles per hour. and traffic is backed up over into crockett near the carquinez bridge here so if you are traveling from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze, expect some delays and give yourself some extra time. all right. moving over to this traffic alert, on the nimitz freeway here in fremont, northbound 880 that off-ramp to mission boulevard has been closed since 1 a.m. after a crash involving a truck carrying pool chemicals. it's a hazmat situation with the icon on the screen and chp and hazmat are out there trying to clean it up. but it could take a while. they are saying it might open up at 7 a.m. but we'll definitely keep a lookout on that for you. otherwise, if this is part of your morning commute, we suggest you avoid mission boulevard because it's closed and take auto mall parkway the next exit for you. moving over to mass transit, we do suggest you go ahead and use
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this because it is raining out there. bart is on time. ace train is on time. muni is on time. but capitol corridor trains 521 is delayed 38 minutes so plan accordingly. all right, roberta. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. so the heaviest rain hag been pushing through the bay area for the past 60 minutes. this was supposed to really occur in the overnight hours sparing us the heavy downpour but we are seeing the rain now as a system kind of dragged its heels rolling into the bay area. when you see the shades of pink that's snow. that's been falling around mount st. helena back through the mendocino national forest. where you see the green area, that's light rainfall. the yellow and orange is pretty much a more moderate to heavy downpour and we have that at this particular time. anywhere from the san ramon valley drifting through the 580/680 corridor into fremont, milpitas and to the santa clara valley. look at san jose! moderate to heavy rainfall at this time. you probably hear the raindrops on the rooftops through the neighborhoods of willow glen and also the rose garden
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district. a bit of a break right here near mission springs but scotts valley, you have some pretty moderate rainfall into the santa cruz mountains and into the golden gate bridge. all this activity moving north and east translates over to and transitions into snowfall. 48-minute delays at sfo on some arriving flights. otherwise, it's a cooler start to your day into the 40s. winds have been picking up 12 at the estuary of oakland, 8 vallejo, 10 napa, winds today 10 to 15. so it's going to be raining again during the day a quarter to an inch and a quarter of rain but most of this is runoff not a lot of rain but the soil is saturated. this is the last of the system for the week. so here we go. futurecast, lunchtime today, spotty hit-or-miss showers. the core of the center is due east of us. a hit-and-miss shower then look what happens. friday sunny. we should see .75" of rain in
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san rafael, .50" in the tri- valley. winter storm warning effect expecting up to 18 additional inches of snow above 7,000 feet on top of the 7 feet already accumulated. 7:25 is official sunrise. temperatures today 40s and 50s. the extended forecast, sunshine friday, dry periods saturday through the holiday on monday. cloudy skies tuesday. and i'm banking on some rain to return by wednesday. that is a look at your storm watch report. we'll continue to monitor the situation. news and sports next. ,,,,
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good morning, everybody. los angeles in the span of a year, they are about to jump from no nfl team to two. take a good look at qualcomm stadium. it will no longer be the home of the san diego chargers.
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owner dean spano earlier today is going to announce a move back to los angeles his original home in 1960 ending a 56-year run in san diego. they intend to play at the 30,000 seat stubhub center in carson, before sharing a new stadium in englewood with the rams. a closer for the giants during three world series titles, santiago casillo going to the oakland as where he was there for six season two years with oakland. two-year deal. we have the canadian military night in calegari last night. flames hosting the sharks. sharks tied at 2. near the end of of the game, doug hamilton snuck one by the goalie dell. time running out though. the sharks had a chance. boedker no! flames won the game final of 3- 2. how much do fans love alabama football? look at this guy. look at this guy. look at this guy.
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[ man watching tv cursing ] boom! >> oh!! >> that's what he thought of clemson's win over the crimson tide in the ncaa title game on monday night. that's right. television's fault. [ laughter ] [ man continues to curse ] >> yeah, that's the wife and her reaction. >> oh!! >> we need a new tv. that's sports at this hour. everybody have a great one. i'll see you around. i would not be happy if i were that wife. 6:26. a group of bay area nuns goes head to head with neighbors over a soup kitchen. >> the russian river still several feet above flood stage. a lot of damage to show you here in the north bay. we'll tell you when the waters will recede next. ,, welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by the centers for disease control and
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prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. diabetes is an epidemic sweeping our nation. there are 29 million americans that have diabetes and 25% of them don't even know it. even more alarming, another 86 million american adults have pre-diabetes and 90% of them are unaware of their condition. if left untreated, pre-diabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes and other serious complications like heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, amputation, even death. type 2 diabetes can be difficult to handle alone. in order to properly manage the disease, it takes help from family and friends as well as the the medical community. to best support a friend or loved one living with diabetes, it is important to understand what they're dealing with and what kind of support they want and need. but living well with diabetes starts with good nutrition. this means more fruits and vegetables, less salt and
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these are just some of the ways that we can be supportive for those that we love. thanks for watching. i'm joan lunden. >> sponsored by naccd with support from the centers time is 6-- lly clear out good morning, it is thursday, january 12. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:29. the rain will finally clear out today but not before a wet cold morning commute. you're taking a live look out at the conditions out there also the flooding concerns in guerneville. it's a much different scene in the north bay where the russian river is flooding and this is the view from "sky 5 drone." it was over guerneville yesterday. as you can see, several homes and businesses are under water. kpix 5's anne makovec is live to show us how things are
6:30 am
looking right now. >> reporter: the good news is that the river is on its way back down. you may remember this guy here behind me. he is still obviously very upset about the situation here in the mini golf course where he resides. but the water receded several inches from yesterday so that's the good news. it had gone up, now on the way back down but will remain above flood stage here until well after noon. the national guard is on standby as they were yesterday performing water rescues of people stuck in their homes. at its peak yesterday, the river was 37.8 feet, about 6 feet above flood stage. at 2 a.m. it dropped about 6" but it is still overwhelming some homes and businesses. the floodwaters went right up to highway 116 yesterday, which is the main drag through this area. but it never actually flood that roadway and there are
6:31 am
still plenty of smaller neighborhood roads blocked today. >> second blast kind of took me by surprise. i thought we were done with it and then it just came right back and this is the highest it's ever been for seven years. >> reporter: varying degrees of damage we are seeing in homes around the russian river. these people had enough flooding to boat through their home in guerneville so today, the clean-up and damage assessment will begin. flood stage is 32 feet. so this dinosaur should be on dry ground by the end of the day as the water continues to recede at this mini golf course. live in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. [ laughter ] [ simultaneous speakers anne has been taking one for the team all week, hasn't she? kudos to her. it's a good situation this morning because we have the river on the receding end now after cresting at 5:30 yesterday at 37.7. good morning. we have more rain. you know, the thing is, this
6:32 am
rain was supposed to happen overnight. it stalled and now heavy rain in the east bay but north bay seeing snow at mount st. helena through the mendocino national forest. we have a line of rain showers encompassing 101 also highway 29 to 128. that affects the morning commute and look at the heavy rain now tassajara, rock city, look at the pink zone. that's mount diablo with snow falling there at 32 degrees. 580/680 corridor very wet and messy right now. 680 as you make that jump across the sunol grade into the santa clara valley. very dire conditions right now with the moderate rainfall also encompassing 101 in the san jose area as you begin your commute up into 280 and head towards bird avenue. it is very wet and sloppy. as anne makovec has been reporting, the river has crested. it's still standing right now at 32 feet at flood level. flooding is occurring. we'll see those waters recede but that red highlighted area,
6:33 am
besides the sacramento valley that encompasses solano also portions of sonoma and santa cruz counties for a flood warning in effect. blue zone that's the coastal flood advisory in effect. we have had astronomical high tide, king tide at 7 feet, occurring around 10 a.m. beach erosion is happening. it's cool your out the door this morning. oh, behind me, sfo 48-minute delays on some arriving flights. okay. so we're in the 40s. the winds are up to about 10 miles per hour. later today, the showers begin to ease back. only a scattered hit-and-miss shower but we'll have runoff the potential of landslides or mudslides and downed trees a possibility, as well. we're going to talk about, um, the sunshine and the next storm heading this way but first let's send it to kenny. thank you. the sierra is getting pounded with snow. some resorts closed because of blizzard conditions. this is what it looked like at heavenly mountain resort yesterday. mountain got nearly 9 feet of snow in the past three days. caltrans officials are working around the clock to
6:34 am
keep the roads clear in the high country. i-80 opened back up for the first time since monday. but if you are heading up the highway, chain laws are in effect. over highway 17, chopper 5 caught an evening commute that looked endless for silicon valley drivers. some moved at a snail's pace for several hours as crews cleaned up storm damage. the heavy traffic stemmed from a lane closure as crews removed debris from a mudslide. caltrans took 24 hours to clear it. some drivers used apps like "waze" to get a sense of their wait and others took a detour altogether. >> awful. it's been a couple of hours. now we're going to turn around and go through 101 instead of 17. >> meanwhile, south bay reservoirs could be a concern for today's commute. here's a look at the bursting lexington reservoir with water gushing right over the spillway. the sonar reservoir nearby is also overflowing and already
6:35 am
sparked one mudslide yesterday. here's roqui with the look at traffic. >> thank you, michelle. yeah. we fix one problem on highway 17 and then we go to the east bay and have a new problem. let's take a look at westbound 80 in richmond here at carlson boulevard, that two-car crash out there still blocking the left lane and causing backups all the way to the carquinez bridge. so if you are heading from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze for your morning commute, make sure you give yourself extra time here. you're moving at just 10 miles per hour in the area of the crash. okay, now over to the altamont pass. lots of trouble here. you're moving at 60 miles per hour right, coming off 205 and that's such a tease because you head down to 27 miles an hour at north flynn road and it's supposed to free up through livermore but it's not usual because of a new crash in livermore. westbound 580 after north livermore avenue, it's a two- car crash blocking the left lane and causing you to drive at just with 50 miles per hour but the backup is where the problem is so make you're giving yourself extra time to get to where you're going, as well. all right. to the traffic alert in
6:36 am
fremont. this has been going on since 1:00 a.m. northbound 880 that off-ramp to mission boulevard has been closed all morning long because of an accident involving a truck carrying pool chemicals. so therefore, it turned into a hazmat situation, that's why you see that icon there. so hazmat crews and chp are on scene trying to clean it up for you. and they are saying that it should be reopened around 7 a.m. now, if you are heading out right now, take auto mall parkway instead the next exit. moving over to mass transit, bart is on time. ace is on time. muni is on time. but capitol corridor train 521 is delayed 38 minutes. so make sure you plan accordingly. thank you. a former sonoma county sheriff's deputy is facing charges for excessive force. 40-year-old scott thorne turned himself in yesterday. authorities say he was part of a three-month investigation. he reportedly beat a man from boys hot springs when he was called for a domestic dispute.
6:37 am
thorne is scheduled to be arraigned next week. some nuns are dealing with a setback in their effort to relocate a soup kitchen in san francisco. they couldn't handle the rent increase at the previous location so they found a more affordable place on mission street. but some folks are concerned that it will bring more homeless people into the neighborhood. san francisco's planning commission will discuss it later today. critics are blasting donald trump's long-awaited plan to separate himself from his business interests before taking the oval office. the president-elect has decided he will not sell his assets or place them in a blind trust as government ethics experts urged. instead, trump will move his assets into a trust controlled by his sons. they will not pursue new international deals and will hire an ethics adviser to oversee new deals in the u.s. >> as the president, i could run the trump organization, a great, great company, and i
6:38 am
could run the country i would do a very good job. but i don't want to do is that. >> he is going to donate all profits from foreign countries at his hotels to the government treasury. >> we need a clean sweep of government payments from the business empire and there is no evidence that that's going to happen with with respect to any of it other than the hotels. >> meanwhile, confirmation hearings began today for several more cabinet nominees. right now retired general james mattis is facing senate lawmakers. this is live look now from capitol hill. trump's nominee for secretary of defense is an outspoken critic of iran. general mattis needs a congressional waiver to serve because of a law requiring military officers to be out of
6:39 am
uniform for at least seven years before becoming secretary of defense. ben carson trump's nominee for housing secretary also began the confirmation process today. time now 6:39. one bay area city stepping up efforts to end a string of frightening highway shootings. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we take a look at the big board, the dow is down 83 points right now. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check 6:42 on this thursday, january 12. i'm so sorry! it is the morning commute "aversely" affected by this latest round of rain and snow. and, in fact, we have snow to the pink area right there on mount vaca also mount st. helena. heavy rainfall in the napa area. for your commute all the way across the golden gate bridge. check out that pink in the east bay mount diablo seeing a combination of slush and snow. it's raining at the 580/680 corridor backing all the wait through the sunol grade along highway 680. check out san jose. you have raindrops on the rooftops and wadsworth and south 3rd street wet for the morning commute and guerneville rain occurring, and lots of flooding. ucsf just received the largest donation to any american university ever with a gift of $500 million. the money comes from the family
6:44 am
foundation of the late helen diller a san francisco native and long-time advocate of ucsf. it will support faculty and students at the school. and the gift boosts the university's endowment by 18%. cupertino-based apple may expand to different industries that have been around for decades. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. good morning, kenny. apple may have its sights set on hollywood. the "wall street journal" says that apple has been in talks in recent months with movie studio executives including producers about acquiring the rights to tv shows. and also indicating interest in movie-making. apple is identifying its services as a bigger part of its future. smartphone growth has slowed worldwide. and that's including things like ipads, also slowing down. apple looking to grow its services. apple music subscription business has 20 million subscribers only half that of spotify.
6:45 am
the big deal for apple would be that it would be very expensive. netflix, for instance, spent $5 billion on original content in 2016 expects to increase that by another billion dollars in 2017. weekly jobless claims on the rise. labor reports a gain of 10,000 to 247,000. this after claims were at a low last week and the unemployment rate at 4.7%. stock market off to a negative start today and that's pulling the dow further away from 20,000 after it got to within 50 points yesterday. let's go to the big board. dow dropping over 90 points in the early going. nasdaq down by 32. s&p lower by 9. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from kcbs radio. thank you. after a string of freeway shootings on 80, san pablo is installing three new surveillance cameras. city leaders are working with caltrans to put the devices up between el portal drive and san pablo dam road.
6:46 am
since 2015, there have been dozens of freeway shootings on the road. the chp says that many of these crimes appear to be targeted and gang-related. it is 6:46 right now. let's get another check on the roads with roqui. >> thank you, michelle. yeah, things are getting bad. so let's head to 80. from carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze, you need to give yourself a lot of extra time. this is because of a two-car crash on westbound 80 at carlson boulevard. the crash is now cleared out of the roadway, but that residual backup remains so from carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze that drive will take you up to 50 minutes right now and if you are heading into san francisco via the bay bridge toll plaza here's a look at that. heavy backup into the maze. the maze to downtown will now take you 30 minutes across the span of the bay bridge. okay, moving over to the san mateo bridge commute from hayward to foster city, another sea of brake lights here. from 880 to 101, that's going to be 27 minutes. and, of course, the traffic alert we have been reporting all morning long this has been
6:47 am
a traffic alert since 1 a.m., it's northbound 880 in fremont. the off-ramp to mission boulevard is still closed until 8 a.m. now because of a hazmat situation. there was a crash there involving a truck carrying pool chemicals so we have hazmat crews on scene cleaning it up. they say 8 system is now the estimated time of re-opening. okay moving, 8 a.m. the time of re-opening. usually free through livermore but not this morning because of a crash in livermore. it's westbound 580 after north livermore avenue. it's a two-car crash block the left lane so make sure if you are heading out to the altamont pass, give yourself some extra time to get through this. it does free up a bit right after the crash and again that's north livermore avenue. that's your heavy traffic throughout the bay area. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. it will get better. the heaviest rain has pushed through the bay area. we are still encompassing some spots but the rain will only
6:48 am
lighten up as the morning commute progresses. good morning, everyone! 6:47. live hi-def doppler radar. we have been picking up snow in throughout the mendocino national forest, right there you see that pink area, that is the snowfall around mount st. helena. also you see our radar site there. that's mount vaca. that's where we have been picking up some snow also can't remember the last time that's happened at 2800 feet in elevation. we have rain showers around yountville. look at the east bay. this is the front of the it was supposed to slide through around 1 a.m. it's stalled. it pushed through the peninsula. there you have it. that 580/680 corridor. also highway 84 leading into the niles canyon. and we have the rain now beginning to let up around 680 for your commute into the santa clara valley. we do have snow, do you see it over here? we have some snow around the diablo mountain range also mount hamilton. rainfall pretty earnest in mission springs into scotts valley. we'll keep an eye on that. rain is now around the san lorenzo river. all this active is in the high
6:49 am
sierra where it continues to snow. sfo delays at 48 minutes on some arriving flights. cloud cover, rain showers, temperatures currently cooler than it has been all week into the 40s. it will be a pretty raw day today, not stormy at all. just some light rain and cool conditions. winds will not be a problem. right now, 7 at the estuary of oakland. 6 santa rosa. 7 novato. three things you need to remember today. it's raining again. you should see up to an inch and a quarter of rain but most of it will be runoff. prolonged dry period friday through monday. so this is the last system in a series that's pounded the bay area placing officially the bay area out of the drought for the first time in six years. here you go, futurecast, spotty hit and miss scattered showers mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon and evening commute. watch this thursday tonight, 11 p.m. clouds retreat. clear skies for friday as we "pushhhh" towards the weekend. this is a look at how much rain we should expect for this latest storm. i think we should even bring down these numbers considerably but when you get one of those
6:50 am
passing cells, it can dump a heavy amount of precipitation. winter storm warning in effect for the high sierra. we have already seen up to 8 feet of snow, an additional 18 inches before it stops tomorrow. lots of powder in heavenly valley 144 inches of snow since last weekend. wow! temperatures today into the 40s and 50s. a cool day, sunny friday and saturday, partly cloudy sunday. increasing clouds monday and i'm banking on rain on wednesday. that's your storm watch report. a big sinkhole in the east bay that opened after this latest round of rain might not be repaired for weeks. this is in orinda. the hole is also spilling sewage into a nearby creek. the exact extent of the repairs still needs to be determined. but residents in the area can expect major problems on miner road. it will be closed for traffic for upwards of three weeks. santa cruz county has
6:51 am
declared a state of emergency to clean up the damage storms have done to its harbor. runoff from the rain has produced large amounts of sediment. at least half a dozen boats have had to be moved but others will be stuck until high tide kick in. santa cruz's port director estimates repairs will cost millions of dollars. ♪[ music ] time now 6:51. another nfl team is on the move as the raiders still await word on their future in oakland. >> wine country under water. the russian river still about 5 feet above flood stage. coming up, what we are expecting today and a look at some of the damage that's already happened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, as ceo of exxonmobile...
6:52 am
6:53 am
rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health.
6:54 am
tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
6:55 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. president-elect donald trump is keeping up his war of words with the media over unverified reports that russia has co ive things to know at the :55. president-elect donald trump is kinding his war of words with the media over unverified allegations that russia has compromising information on him. the outgoing director of the national intelligence agency spoke to the president-elect by phone yesterday assuring him that the intelligence community was not the source of the leak. russia's ties to trump's incoming administration became the focus of secretary of state nominee rex tillerson's confirmation hearing yesterday. hearings begin today for some other picks including secretary of defense nominee retired general james mattis. overnight republican
6:56 am
lawmakers took another step stored getting rid of obama care. the senate voted to approve a budget resolution to withdraw major portions of president obama's healthcare law. the republican-controlled house will vote tomorrow. by the end of the week, the san diego chargers will reportedly announce that the team is moving to l.a. the chargers would share a new stadium with the rams. as for the raiders, patriots owner robert kraft said yesterday that it's a good possibility a move to las vegas will be approved. san francisco's plan commission will meet today to resolve an ongoing dispute over plans for a new soup kitchen. a group of nuns was priced out of their last location. neighbors are asking the city to block the move in the new location. >> the russian river is still above flood stage.
6:57 am
you can see from this two-story building here. the pee wee golf course the first floor is submerged. the russian river is on its way back down will about stay at flood stage throughout the day with various degrees of damage of homes along the river. these people boat through their home in guerneville. the clean-up and damage assessment begins today. the national guard will remain on standby as they were yesterday performing water rescues of people stuck in their homes. at its peak yesterday, the river hit 37.8 feet. that's 6 feet above flood stage. as of about 2 a.m., the water levels had dropped about a half foot. but still enough to overwhelm homes and businesses. the floodwaters did go right up to highway 116 yesterday but never flooded that road. but there are still plenty portfolio smaller neighborhood roads that are blocked today. and again, we are expecting the flooding to last throughout the day. and then that huge clean-up
6:58 am
process will begin. live in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. thank you so much, anne. be careful out there, everyone. it's 6:57. let's take a look at your roads. if you are traveling from the carquinez bridge to the maze you're in trouble because of this earlier crash here on westbound 80 at carlson boulevard. it was a two-car crash. it's been cleared off the road but the backup remains. from carquinez bridge to the maze is an hour. when you get to the toll plaza the bay bridge if you are heading into san francisco, that's going to take you 27 minutes from the maze to downtown. so heavy conditions out there right now. and also the roads are very wet so make sure you're driving safely and slowly this morning. from 880 to 101 across the span of the san mateo bridge that's 30 minutes. and trouble in livermore. make sure you're giving yourself extra time along the altamont pass. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. it's live, it's kpix 5 high- def doppler radar. the front passed through the area. it's in stockton drifting all the way back to the santa cruz mountains. north bay you have had snow in
6:59 am
the highest elevations around mount st. helena, you had snow in the yountville hills. rain showers, as well. look at all that heavy rain in throughout the livermore area dublin as well backing through discovery bay, brentwood, tracy, oakley. we have a bit of a reprieve in the south bay. rain showers however around jared lane and also cypress way just outside the los gatos area. and outside of highway 17. currently temperatures are cooler than they have been all week into the 40s. now 42 degrees in santa rosa. winds will be gentle today about 10 to 15 then increasing late day 10 to 20. 50s daytime highs except tri- valley in the upper 40s. again there's your high temperatures for the day into the 50s. meanwhile, friday, sunshine returns after our lingering showers this afternoon. sunshine saturday partly cloudy sunday, we'll have increasing clouds for monday and then more rain returns wednesday. >> we do have some sun on the way. >> we also have big news. no more drought in the bay area.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, january 12th, 2017. welcome to cbs "this morning". the director of national intelligence tries to heal the rift with donald trump. but he denies he leaked damaging documents. donald trump plans to give his sons control of his company the government's top ethics official calls the president-elect's plan to avoid conflicts of interest wholly inadequate. >> severe flooding forces dozens of rescues in california and teenager's new smart gun promises to save lives. see why gun manufacturers are not sold on this idea. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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