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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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night when the officer crashed into an innocent driver. looking at the patrol car it's hard to believe the deputy walk add way uninjured. this man, eddie newt, who led the deputy on the high speed chase is still on the run. it started at 9:40 last night in richmond. a sheriff spotted the wanted man. he drove off on westbound i-80 towards san francisco. he hit a van but kept going. as he got closer to the toll plaza he hit another car. this mercedes-benz causing it to lose control. the pursuing deputy ended up crashing into the mercedes. they found his car, abandoned, and he was long gone. he's got a 1 million dollars warrant for his arrest. he's connected to the oakland- based ghost town gang. last year a santa clara county
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grand jury indicted him on over 50 counts of burglary. on wednesday he broke into two cars at the pacific commons shopping center. he's hit up the city multiple times. th officers returned to the -- the officers returned to the same shopping center tonight for more reports of car burglaries. >> i feel violated. >> reporter: it's too early to tell if he's responsible for tonight's burglaries. we counted three different broken window, but police say there could be more victims. >> it's sad you know because we came to have a really good time, and then see that everything is broken into. >> reporter: even though it's too early to connect him to tonight's auto burglaries, he's hit up with spot quite a few time. police would really like him behind bars. da lin, kpix 5.
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>. a dramatic rescue on the bart tracks as a person fell onto the tracks. witnesses say the man fell into the trench just as a richmond train was arriving. the incident shut down the station for nearly an hour causing major delays well into the evening. >> he just fell. fell in. and then heard a big boom. it was scary. >> reporter: the victim was take -- >> the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. less than a mile from the bart station there, gun fire erupted near russell and acton streets. nobody was hurt, but several cars were shot. there were bullet holes in at least one house, and the man that lives there told us it was a close call. >> clearly an automatic weapon was being fired, and we had a bullet come in through the den window. plaster flew across the house, across two different room, and
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another neighbor two houses over got a bullet through their second story window, so you know, it was pretty horrific. >> but so far no arrests. well, just a day after protesters shut down his scheduled talk at uc davis, controversial editor milo yianopolis was back to have the last word. >> the consequences of trying to shut down free speech are worse than the consequences of trying to testimony -- of letting it happen. >> reporter: it's round two. he finally addressed students this afternoon after he was shut down last week. >> this is a university, a place where you're supposed to be able to hear anyone. i don't have opinions that are particularly outrageous, i just like to say them in outrageous ways because i like attention [ laughter ] >> on a daily basis students
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are denied conservative viewpoints, so we thought it was necessary to bring someone like milo to campus. >> reporter: his views are controversial calling birth control a mistake, and said women are happier in the kitchen, labeled islam a tyrannical religion and said black lives matter is a hate group. last week protesters interrupted it. >> i don't think you should be here. >> are you trying to get in here? >> in order for them to rant about protecting the freedom of speech, explain to me what you're trying to get across, not just hate messages. >> reporter: calling it a double standard for conservatives, he says he has the right to be heard. >> i want as many people to express themselves in as many ways as possible, but not violently. >> expect more fireworks in
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february when he's due to speak at uc berkeley. president-elect trump kicked off the weekend with a twitter attack on a civil rights legend. georgia congressman john lewis said he won't be attending the inauguration after he told meet the press he doesn't consider trump a legitimate president. trump says lewis should spend more time fissioning his crime -- fixing his crime-infected district. >> it's clear president-elect trump doesn't know much about atlanta, and i want to call him out on his promise to fix american cities. congressman should focus on fixing inner cities.. and that he can use all thep >> mr. trump softened his tone in a new tweet saying the congressman should focus on fixing inner cities. the latest bay area congress member to opt out of friday's inauguration, the representative from concord. >> as much i would like to go and a lot of my colleagues who
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are going feel they need to go to be present there, and i respect that, but for me personally i just personally couldn't bring myself to sit there and watch him take the same oath that washington and lincoln took and clearly, in my view, he doesn't respect the office and doesn't respect the constitution. >> other bay area congress members skipping the swearing in are from oakland, barbara lee. in san jose, trump protesters kicked off the final countdown in inauguration day with an immigrants rights rally. >> reporter: they marched through downtown san jose, even attracting city leaders like the police chief eddie garcia. >> we're here together to protect them and protect their rights. >> reporter: one of many protests planned as president- elect trump gets ready to take police. their message is fighting anti-
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immigration rhetoric by trump. >> my family is vulnerable. >> reporter: many of her family members she says live in fear. they came to the us from mexico. >> they helped build the nation. parents that helped build the bay bridge and worked on the railroads. >> reporter: and she's a teacher at a community college and heard the same fears from her students. >> that's why i'm here because i care about them. >> reporter: getting emotional? >> yeah. >> reporter: tell me what's going through your head? >> you know, i think we've never been in such a scary time in my lifetime. >> we know there's a lot of fear in our community, and the presence here really shows it. >> reporter: san jose city leaders including the mayor reassured the community since the election they won't get involved in federal deportation. a glimmer of hope as the country gets closer to say they they fear is an administration
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that will threaten people of certain religions. >> we are all americans, and this is what it means to be americans, come out and protest and defend our rights. >> and while some are protesting, others are preparing the party. we spoke with some trump supporters headed to washington to witness history. >> reporter: when you sit down with juan and kim you wouldn't know they've only known each other since last august. >> we'll be running, laughing, talking, we'll get so caught up, we already are, and it hasn't happened yet. >> we're not even on the plane yet. >> people will hate us on the plane [ laughter ] >> reporter: after months of campaigning they've bonded and are making the cross country trip together to celebrate. >> we were looking for tickets, and we found out we were
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getting them and it was unbelievable. >> reporter: they're two of only a hundred people from california that received complementary tickets to the celebration. the ball t swearing in ceremony, and the official party, they'll see it all. >> the hard work we did to get him elected, and we believe in him. >> reporter: coordinating the details has taken many months and hours. >> getting the hotel and flights, getting the best deals, then the food. i mean, there's a lot to it. >> researching and hours upon hours, 30, 40 hours just alone for the hotel. >> reporter: and while it will be one big party from the second they land, they know not everyone will be in a festive mood. >> you have to be on guard, there's a smart way to do it. >> reporter: but as they get ready for the once in a lifetime trip, that's not the main focus, they view this
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invitation to see history as. >> a thank you. a perfect thank you. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> and our political reporter will be live in washington starting thursday. president obama delivered his final weekly address today thankerring the nation for -- thanking the nation for making him a better president and better man. >> whether we've seen eye to eye or rarely agreed at all, my conversations with you, the american people in living rooms and schools, at farms and on factory floors, as diners and on distant military outposts, all these conversations with what have kept me honest, inspired, and kept me going. every day i learn from you. a small reception for th >> the president will also have a busy schedule on inauguration day. he and the first lady host a small reception for the incoming president and after the swearing in they'll bid a final farewell to the staff before leaving the white house for good. >. after nearly 150 years we learned tonight the greatest
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show on earth won't go on much longer. the named ringling brothers circus is shutting down. they removed elephants from their shows last year after a long legal battle with animal rights activists. the final show will happen some time in mayweather. >. a new push -- may. >> a new push tonight making it easier to by a gun violencer. >. plus a man goes on -- silencer. >> plus a man goes on attack with a machete, and tonight he's still on the run. >> and space x launches high- tech satellites into orbit. how it could make a difference for your cell phone service. ,,,,,,
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. after a successful "space-x" launch from vandenberg air e base. gh-tech better cell phone service is on the horizon tonight after a successful space x launch in southern california. carter evans on the high-tech cargo they're putting into orbit. >> reporter: the launch of a falcon 9 today was not just a succession for space x, which also safely landed the reusable rocket [ cheering ] >> reporter: it was the beginning of a delicate dance in orbit that could change communications back on earth. >> we need to get these satellites into space. >> reporter: matt is ceo of uridium. >> we operate the remote satellite locations.
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>> reporter: the rocket was carrying 10 of their satellites, each about the size of a small car. >> everyone focuses on the excitement of the rocket launch, but to me it's 60 minutes into the flight when my satellites start coming off the dispenser, then i can breathe easy. >> reporter: the plan went off without a hitch. here's the space x president. >> we have six more launches with ten satellites each, so we'll basically be putting the 70 satellites into orbit and form a network. >> reporter: overdue replacement satellites that will not only increase phone coverage around the world, but also track every airplane in real time, anywhere on the planet. technology they believe wouldn't be feasible without space x. >> they made it possible for satellite operators like us to be able to even consider not
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guilty place. it's really for the -- consider being in space. it's real gip party great. >> reporter: and space x has their sights set much further, with plans to put a human on mars some time in the next ten years. two republican congressmen have introduced legislation to make gun silencers easy to buy under what's being called the hearing production act. now the bill would remove a special $200 tax and a month long registration process. a background check will still be required. similar legislation failed in 2015, but supporters say it stands a much better chance under the new administration, including donald trump jr. >> we can get the hearing protection act to his desk, we believe he'll sign it. >> it's about safety. it's about hearing protection. it's a health issue frankly for me. >> opponents say easing the
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restrictions on silencers will allow mass shooters to kill more easily. and a boy was sitting in a mini van when his mother let martin take the van to a nearby store. when the pair never returned, an amber alert was issued. >> a good samaritan said that's similar to the vehicle you're describing, in fact it is the vehicle, cabbinged law enforce -- contacted law enforcement, and we stopped the vehicle safely without issues and recovered the child safety. >> police are still investigating the whole thing, and so far haven't arrested martin. behind his recognize this guy? he's accused of attacking a man at the civic center bart station with that machete behind his back. the victim i was slashed on the -- was slashed on the head and hasn't, but is recovering. it happened last friday night. police released these photos to
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try and track the suspect down. tonight we learned of a new levee break at the white slew statewide life area in lodi, and engineers are plugging up a levee breach caused by a beaver. more rain is on the way next week. and bay area waterways are flowing fast and full tonight. roberta gonzales sent this picture from the creek. meanwhile sierra ski resorts are packed on the holiday weekend after recent storms dumped a ton of fresh powder. sierra at tahoe got more than six and a half feet. >> super excited. we can't get to get up here and shred. it's been so many years we've been waiting for this snow. >> powder is what all skiers
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seek -- skiers seek. there's nothing like floating through it. it's like water skiing downhill. >> well, there's also plenty of traffic to go along with all the snow. the resorts say if you're headed up be sure and get an early start. >> good advice. and the rain is coming in around mid-week. we'll cover that, but first we head outside for a peek at the bay bridge, and chilly tonight. mostly clear skies, down to 41 at concord, livermore 38, and tomorrow afternoon not looking bad. sunny after patchy dense fog in the early going, and after that sun comes out and we look good. the view from high atop the west coast shows high pressure in the pacific, not for long though. the long out there slowly going to knock the breath out of that high, and by midweek the possibility of more rain in the bay area. wednesday, thursday, and friday at this point look wet.
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in the meantime not too bad. unless you go to the beach, the breakers are big. that's a rip current threat through tomorrow and sneaker wave chances as well. that warning is along the entire bay area coastline, so be careful around the bay area. futurecast, this is tomorrow night at 11:00. no, wait, yes, 11:00 tomorrow night. clear skies but in the central valley the footprint of fog, if you're headed down 99 or 5, bad stuff to be driving in. so tomorrow clouds and fog on ther side, then sunshine. it will be dry right through early wednesday, and then rain again late wednesday through friday. not the best news, but at least we're getting a fairly decent break, and we'll see how much we get closer to wednesday. down to 34 santa rosa, 35 in san francisco, and sun up tomorrow at 7:25 a.m. daytime highs tomorrow all in
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the 50s just like our first sports caster vern glenn, temperature tomorrow in livermore 55, 55 in san francisco, and vern glenn turned 55, the double nickel! seven-day forecast, calling for sunshine, mostly sunny tomorrow and monday, tuesday partly cloudy skies. wednesday, late wednesday we get rain, and rain on and off on thursday, and another shot of rain friday. at this point it looks partly cloudy saturday, but as far as that goes stay tuned. especially for this guy, the birthday boy. >> hey, straight ahead, it's official. cal football has its man, and the nfl playoffs soldier on. two additional rounds to tell you about today. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke.
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i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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nfl up top, no. nfl playoffs up top! two moved on, two sent home and a look at vince not ready to go home. the texas big defender tried to take down his former team. but new england weren't having it. look at deon lewis. had himself a night, and he gone! 98 yards, scored three times
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running, receiving, special teams. but early in the second, play fake trick, texas within a point. but not for long. third quarter, look how well tom brady plays this ball. right on the receiving end. pats win and advance to the afc championship for the sixth consecutive season. to the afc. number two matt ryan, he was the man for the falcons. he and the defense tore seattle apart. three-point deficit, and then russell wilson tripped into the safety. the lead cut to 1, and then it unraveled. ryan tossed one of his three scores to coleman here. 19-10, atlanta wins 36-20. sea hawks couldn't run the football. college football note, justin
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wilcox will be the bears new head football coach. he was the defensive coordinator at wisconsin, and he's the son of former 49ers linebacker dave wilcox. he'll be introduced to the press on tuesday. hockey, special puck delivery. miller terry appreciation night in the shark tank. it's 3-0 in the second, and the sharks lose. they've lost five of the last seven games. i'm not done. a. ahead -- done. ahead, clay thompson on the bench? what's he doing? we will explain ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >. all right we've got at the time local college basketball game, roll it up with a kettle. yep, that's the crowd at gonzaga. fifthed rank in the nation hosting st. mary's, and off the steal, jonathan williams, excuse me, 12-0 run to take the lead. late second half, former cal bear jordan matthews, a three ball put the dogs up, and they won 79-56 to remain undefeated. and then we got a look at the guy that runs the program at
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pacific. former nba player, can he coach? we'll see. usf cruised 72-51 to snap a four-game losing streak. i got santa clara taking on pepperdine. give me a three! 75-61, they took care of business. they're 4 and 2 in conference play. and clay thompson on the bench. he's checking out his alma matter, washington state -- mater, washington state. bears win their third straight, 58-54. gton visiting from there to top-rated prospect foltz. cardinals trailed by 21.
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the bucket and one. stanford won76-69. >> we're going streaking! >> yeah, uconn women didn't even let smu think about an upset. how about a 40-point win? their 91st straight breaking their own record in ncaa history. that's what you call oned fashioned dynasty in college basketball. >> all right, thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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thirty. >. we want to wish vern a happy birthday, and matt our floor director as well. favorite kind of cake? >> red velvet with creamy frosting. >> i have to get in the kitchen! ,,,,,,
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