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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news morning, happy monday, january 16 i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm brian hackney we are starting off with mostly clear skies on this monday morning not bad at all, we will be having rain moving by midweek and we will have all of the details on that when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. this is the holiday marking the birthday of dr. martin luther king jr. >> sandra osborne joining us live from downtown san jose where the annual celebration train will leave from later this morning. >> good morning, this is a 54 mile trek as a tribute to the late civil rights leader dark
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-- dr. martin luther king jr. participants will leave san jose this morning and make it to san francisco in time for the big march and the parade. as you mention you may remember this service used to be called to the freedom train it ran for 30 years it was started by martin kings widow. it has since changed to the caltrain mlk celebration train it leaves this station at 9:45 stopping in palo alto and san mateo. the big celebration the king day march is at 11:00 this morning going from the san francisco caltrain station to the yerba buena gardens. here's the deal, for anybody wanting to ride on the train, it is a free service and it includes a return ride home for free as well, but you need a
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ticket. every passenger must have a ticket, the train can hold 1500 passengers. i did check the website, no tickets are available right now they have been given out and they are sold out. sandra osborne, kpix 5 some will celebrate with a day of service. if you want to volunteer you can go to brooksville elementary school at 9:00 help plant trees and shrubs as well as bamboo. the goal is to improve air quality near the school. all right, brian hackney doing double duty. >> here is the weather forecast coming up rain midweek just in time for your birthday. it is going to rain on your parade. i'm just the messenger.
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here is how it looks, the numbers this morning beginning with mostly 30s and 40s, 36 concord, 41 oakland, livermore 40 degrees. this afternoon we will see temperatures topping out in the mid-50s with sunshine around but don't be fooled there is rain on the way right in time for wednesday. high-pressure breaking down opening the door to the low in the pacific so, now through tomorrow dry weather and chilly temperatures, later on wednesday rain developing in the afternoon, gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour in the upper elevations so it will be blustery and cold. friday another system, sunday another system and in between we get a lingering showers but there's not as much rain or wind as we had during that cataclysmic week from last week. but we will get wet, overnight
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we will be in the 40s. today is looking nice, temperatures mostly in the mid- 50s in the extended forecast, a nice day today and tomorrow and then wednesday here comes the rain. lingering showers wednesday, a few showers saturday and more rain sunday. it is going to get wet. >> it sounds like i need to celebrate on saturday. okay, let's take a quick look at the bridge moving into san francisco across the golden gate bridge here is a live look. and if you are traveling along the bay bridge toll plaza the meter lights won't turn on until 5:30. you are looking good into downtown san francisco, 80 westbound from the bridge to the maze that will take 18 to 20 minutes, traveling into the peninsula a look at the san
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mateo bridge looking good and across the south bay here is a look at 101, 280 and 287 shows everything moving smoothly, in the south bay the winnipeg jets versus the san jose sharks today , expect some traffic in the area. developing news in concord, an investigation is underway to determine who opened fire on a freeway. lisa chan is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> the freeway is back open after a shooting injured a man at 506 on highway 242 n. of solona way in concord. this area was shut down during the investigation, two person in a black sedan said they were shot at, the shooters then drove away. the victims drove to a gas station to get help, one man was hit and suffered non-life-
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threatening injuries. this shooting happened as a new set of surveillance cameras is about to go live along i-80 over the past few years there have been dozens of shootings along that freeway stretch along with gun related gunfire. several east bay mayors want the state to find more highly cameras. it is unknown if this is related to the rash of other shootings on east bay freeways, lisa chan kpix 5 at least 37 people were killed after a turkish cargo jet crashed, investigators say the boeing 747 crashed because of poor visibility near an airport north of the capital. you can see some of the people who are mourning lost loved ones, rescuers are still on the scene. the plane that was supposed to make a stop in kurdistan on its way from hong kong to istanbul.
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president-elect donald trump is promising swift change for healthcare laws. trump told the times of london he is taking executive action on border security is first day in office and offered few details for his replacement plan for obamacare. but the notion of repeal sparked protest, trump's running mate and a formal rival commented. >> you take away health insurance from 30 million people, how many of them will die? >> donald trump won in landslide election.>> for today's holiday, trump has canceled his plans to visit the smithsonian museum of african american history in the dc, he will visit after inauguration day. more than 20 house democrats are skipping the nomination among them, representative barbara lee,
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jared huffman and the biggest demonstration could happen the day after the inauguration the women's march of washington. tens of thousands expected to travel to dc from across the country. >> if this march can make a difference in the elections to come then i want to be a part of that.>> we are not going to give this next president that much focus. we want him to see us in focus. >> marches are planned in the bay area as well, one in san francisco and oakland. be sure to watch kpix 5 all week for the latest on the inauguration, melissa caen will be headed to dc bringing us live reports starting thursday. president barack obama spoke on 60 minutes last night in his last presidential interview he reflected on his legacy and touched on what inspired him while he was in the oval office.
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>> i will always remember the love of dr. king having an american here that represented that civic spirit that got me into this office was useful. >> the president spoke about the countries relationship with israel as well as donald trump. >> don't underestimate the guy. >> the president couldn't help but reflect on his young family growing up in the white house and the swingset that his daughters used. the swingset will be donated to a shelter in washington. the obama's will take place in a ceremony at the shelter today. the owner of the lefty ogles bar will hold a news conference to launch a new bar in a new location. he will address legal issues he is facing with his current landlord the landlord claims
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his business name and memorabilia belongs to him. the time 5:09, coming up how you can go skydiving without leaving your couch. a california man wants to make dating great again, the man that created a dating website for trump supporters. rain on the way and when it gets here it's going to stay for a while. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge, we do have an update on a closure stay tuned we will be right back. ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad.
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kansas. severe weather forcing a lockdown at at&t stadium following the packers and cowboys game. >> we got stuck in traffic when the emergency alarm came on and said to turn around. >> at least one tornado was confirmed to have touched down in texas. skiers and snowboarders in california are celebrating the holiday weekend with a lot of snow in the tahoe truckee area, forecasters predict more snow later this week. traditionally this holiday weekend is busy for ski resorts hotels and restaurants. some folks say they could break records. >> conditions are killer, we have gotten over 200 inches and there is a lot more coming. >> this is the most snow i have seen ? >> utility workers are
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scrambling to restore power. more snow forecasts arriving late wednesday. you can take a virtual tour above new zealand through google. google teaming up with skydivers to put together the first skydive on google street view the tour starts 15,000 feet in the sky, watch the divers jump out of the plane and land safely below. we have you covered for traffic. >> 5:15 your good if you're headed on the bay area roads unless you are headed westbound 37 that is closed again. this was closed last week because of sliding but eastbound 37 is open, so if you're trying to get to 101 from 37 go ahead and exit and get back through atherton.
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moving to the marin county commute looking good into san francisco, same story across the bay bridge toll plaza. cockiness bridge taking about 19 minutes expect no delays across the bay bridge into downtown. let's talk about the mass transit, it is a holiday so there are a lot of changes. starting with bart modified saturday schedule starting at 6:00 am, ace train reduced and a string, three and five are running. four and six this afternoon, one, seven, eight and 10 not in service, caltrain on a regular schedule. moving to ac transit and bta regular, san francisco bay ferry regular schedule and the last one we have, golden gate transit regular schedule,
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sausalito regular. amtrak capitol corridor, that will be on a regular schedule so check your website if you are headed out, but i want to share something with you. it is martin luther king day i have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear. >> there you go. have you ever taken the sausalito ferry cracks -- it is one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world. we have clear skies today and sunshine, numbers will be in the 50s today not exactly sweltering, concord 36 degrees a little bit of fog, oakland at 41, san francisco 43 and santa rosa, 39 degrees. this is high atop the pacific with high-pressure it is going to be carved out by low-pressure
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from the gulf of alaska. it will happen midweek, when that happens it opens the storm door so we have a succession of rain systems coming into the area beginning wednesday and looking at futurecast things start clear today but watch what happens to show you that things deteriorate by midweek, so today looks sunny and we roll this into tuesday and then watch what happens tuesday, conditions continue to pick up high clouds tuesday until midnight wednesday we are overcast. now watch, wednesday goes on and we get hit by this storm coming through around commute time and we have scattered showers thursday morning at 11:00 am, a good, but fast- moving storm coming wednesday, one of the reasons we flooded last week was because of these storms sitting and raining and raining. these systems coming in our
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fast-moving so when it rains it will pour, but it won't last long that is the big difference. dry whether through tuesday and then rainfall amounts look like up to two inches across the bay area. overnight lows tonight in the mid-40s and daytime highs mostly in the mid-50s, 57 san francisco, 58 san jose and 58 in oakland, for the rest of the area we are in the mid-50s, 56 sunnyvale, d6 santa clara and in the east bay mostly sunny skies today, 56 at fairfield and 55 at antioch, in fairfield patchy dense fog and then we will get sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid 50s, warm or at clear lake in the lower 60s, we do have sunshine today and more clouds
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on tuesday before wednesday rain starts coming down in time for the evening commute, a good system with wind and rain, lingering showers thursday more wind and rain friday lingering showers saturday and another system comes sunday so we have a couple of days to get things done after that we get wet. if you have ever drove into the online dating world there has been a huge void in courtship online, a southern california man is making sure people who fell hard for donald trump can now feel butterflies for each other, chris martinez shows us a man on a mission to make dating great again. >> you might call david and accidental cupid. >> i heard stories about things going bad because of politics. >> the longtime donald trump supporter took a cue and created the website trumps singles online. >> a place where people can
5:21 am
meet each other and they don't have to worry about going on that date and the talking about politics and the person gets upset. >> the dating site should appeal to a few dozen but he said thousands of supporters looking for love have signed up including amber williams. >> it is a safe space. >> she has already been on two dates. >> the first one, we went shooting at the local gun range. >> the response has been as controversial as trump himself. >> i have been told i am a racist and homophobic just for having a business. >> despite that the site is expanding and david is sticking to his mission. >> chris martinez cbs news santa clarita, california. >> every applicant is screened properly to make sure they are
5:22 am
pro-trump and not trying to cause trouble. good morning, we are down to just four nfl teams and not a single cinderella among the entire bunch. at least two of the four quarterbacks are future hall of famers including aaron rodgers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two men driving in a mercedes sedan good morning, we have the nfl of top the patriots the big dog and the falcons get one more home game as a result of dak prescott and the cowboys against the packers, dallas five point favorite had to come back to tie the game, prescott calling his own number this one is tied at 31 the greatness of error and rogers a frozen rope to jared cook cook with the presence of mind to drag the foot to get them into field- goal range to set up mason crosby, time running out from 51 yards and it is good, the packers 34-31 nfc championship game at atlanta, alex smith and the chiefs playing the steelers kansas city trying for two.
5:26 am
harris gets him but wait, the chiefs were called for holding, back him up, they tried it again. this time the pass is broken up and that is how the steelers win on six field goals 18-16. the steelers, six point underdogs at new england that is sports at this hour, the warriors and cleveland cavaliers later today at 5:00. highlights will be on the late show. remembering the late dr. martin luther king jr. i'm sandra osborne with a preview of some local attributes. two men driving in a mercedes sedan were shot at while driving on highway 242. we will tell you what happened coming up. ,,,,,,
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i mean, whoo. be happening this week.. with live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news new reports on the oakland raiders what could be happening with their possible move. storm damage across the area like this massive sinkhole. and we have rain coming midweek but today the palace of fine arts looks mighty nice, the forecast coming up. a live look at the freeway, looking good the same story across the bay area but we do have one culture and mass transit changes. >> good morning it is monday, january 16 i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm anne makovec. it is a holiday, a lot going on across the area to remember dr. martin luther king jr. sandra
5:31 am
osborne joining us live from downtown san jose. >> good morning to you. we have been talking about the celebration trained throughout the morning, you might remember this used to be called the freedom train it was very well known it has since changed its name to the celebration trained, the freedom train inspired years ago by the widow of the late dr. martin luther king jr. we do have video of this service taking place in the last couple of years it is a 55 moria -- mile trek commemorating the march led from dr. king in 1965. after diminishing participation in the service in the train ride which ran biannually for 30 years and the change in the organization this service is now called the celebration trained. it is a free program thanks to the northern california dr.
5:32 am
martin luther king jr. community salvation and caltrain. those who have preregistered can leave this station at 9:45 this morning. there are stops at palo alto and san mateo. the king day march scheduled for 11:00 this morning going from the san francisco caltrain station to yerba buena gardens will be held at 11:45. as for the train ride it is the celebration trained leaving from san jose stopping in san francisco, you have to preregister to get free tickets. it is a free ticket including a ride back home but the website says no more tickets are available. the capacity for the train, 1500 passengers. we have seen diminishing participation in the past but they are hopeful to see high numbers today, live from san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. we have weather on the way.
5:33 am
every 10 minutes we are talking about the weather, rain specifically. by the way how were you on the flood coverage? >> it is uncomfortable out of there it looks like i will be sending in the rain again but it is always an adventure. in kernville we had a ton of flooding, but people are really nice and they welcome you in and share their stories. it is an adventure. >> we do have rain this week by numbers in the mid-30s and 40s with some fog, we do have high pressure today but not for long, the low pressure from the gulf of alaska is coming in by midweek so now through tuesday night it will be chilly but dry, later wednesday for the evening commute a good cold front moving through and friday and sunday two more storms will
5:34 am
come in. it should not be as bad as last week these are fast-moving systems moving heavy rain but then they will be out but it will be one after another. today is okay, details amounts and timing coming up but first, the birthday girl on wednesday here is roqui with traffic. let's take a look at morning traffic starting in marin county with the vallejo nevada commute across highway 37, west and 37 is closed at atherton avenue, he spent 37 is open. if you're trying to get to 101 chp is diverting traffic to give you a direct route to 101. moving to the golden gate bridge into san francisco from marin county looking good the same story across the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights will not turn on today, the east shore freeway to the maze
5:35 am
taking about 19 minutes and a quick drive across the way into downtown. a look at the altamont pass traffic out of tracy moving 60 miles per hour and let's talk about mass transit, we have some changes because it is a holiday, bart on a modified schedule, ace train on reduced schedule and for ace train three and five are in service, four and six are in service, one, seven, eight and 10 will not be in service, uni saturday schedule regular, caltrain regular. cleveland cavaliers versus golden state warriors, gametime 5:00 pm i will be at the game on wednesday as well. >> we do have developing news in concord. authorities trying to track down the suspect behind another east bay freeway shooting.
5:36 am
lisa chan live from the newsroom with the latest. >> authorities are searching for the suspect involved in this latest freeway shooting. it happened after 5:00 last night on south on highway 242 n. of solona way in concord, southbound lanes were shut down while officers investigated the shooting but the freeway is now back open. the victims were in a black mercedes sedan when they were shot at. one man was hit, the victims drove to a gas station to get help, the shooting happened as a new set of surveillance cameras is about to go live along i-80 where dozens have -- of shootings have happened in the past few years. several east bay mayors are calling for the state to fund more highly cameras. anyone with information about this latest shooting is asked to contact chp. lisa chan kpix 5 a young woman
5:37 am
opening up about surviving a nasty car wreck that killed her best friend, the students were on their way home when the accident happened last week, her friend jenna santos was driving in light rain on highway 101 when the car hydroplaned, flipped and landed in a flooded creek. santos was killed in the crash, natalie griffin was stranded in a flooded creek for 12 hours holding onto a tree. >> this happened in the car. i remember getting in the tree and my foot was covered in blood. and all of these scratches came from the bushes. >> natalie's family has set up a gofundme page for jenna's family to help pay for funeral expenses. a 40 foot sinkhole forcing a busy intersection to close and it could cause commute problems. the ground caved in on edge marr avenue by highway 1 after a recent round of storms, the whole is 15 feet deep located
5:38 am
near a fire station and church. another sinkhole opened at the same intersection a few months ago but this one is much bigger. storms have turned their favorite spots into distant memories. >> back in the late 70s you could still play frisbee at the pier. >> now the water is very high it looks like some mad max scenario. >> officials have not announced when they will begin work on the sinkhole. >> the oakland raiders are expected to file relocation papers a big step forward to moving the team to las vegas. this during the week that the chargers moved to los angeles. the filing is expected to take place well ahead of the february 15 deadline for nfl team owners to vote on it in march. team owner mark davis would need approval from 44 team
5:39 am
owners before going ahead with the move, davis has lined up financing for the $1.9 billion stadium project in las vegas. oakland another step closer to losing its basketball team, the golden state warriors breaking ground on a new arena in san francisco. big trouble in south korea for a top executive with samsung, prosecutors called for the arrest of the vice president of samsung. accused of bribery, embezzlement and perjury in connection with a corruption and influence peddling scandal. the court will review the prosecutor requested mark extract check your pantry, some candy under recall. and airbnb is cashing in on donald trump's inauguration. those stories and more in your cbs ney watch. >> traders returned to wall street on tuesday after the holiday. still looking to push the dow past 20,000, a mixed day on
5:40 am
wall street friday the dow down five points, nasdaq closing up 26, the epa is planning to keep strict fuel economy standards in place during the top administration. cars will have to average over 51 miles per gallon by 2025 up from 33 miles per gallon now, critics say the requirements will make cars more expensive. hy-vee is recalling several kinds of candy because of possible salmonella. the company says a milk powder ingredient used in the chocolate coating could contain potentially deadly bacteria. customers with sell by date from late january to late february can call to see if their purchase is part of the recall. airbnb says inauguration day will be the biggest knife or business in washington dc. the home sharing service expects more than 13,000 people to stay in the area on january 20 bringing a total of $6
5:41 am
million. that is your cbs money watch report for more, log onto from new york back to you. >> mid-january you can stick a fork in the holiday season, the outdoor skating rinks are closing down, today is the last day of the holiday ice rink at san francisco union square. ice rinks in downtown san jose have already shut down. >> it will be back before we know it. the president giving a virtual tour of the white house. let's take a live look at 880 in oakland, traffic moving pretty slow this hour and presumably all day since it is a national holiday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
it opened november 12, 1936 and it has been doing beautifully ever since, the bay bridge nice today but more storms on the way beginning wednesday. details coming up but first, anne makovec president obama giving a virtual tour of his current home a look inside the white house. >> this is the place where i have spent a lot of time over the last eight years, i remember when i first walked in i looked around and i thought it wasn't as big as i imagined. it is a fairly intimate space. what also instruct me was the amazing light that comes from these windows that you don't always fully appreciate. >> the president gives a little
5:45 am
history on each room and shares some of his favorite memories. the white house will soon be home to donald trump as inauguration day approaches airbnb is cashing in the company says friday is its biggest night in business. for washington dc, the home sharing service expects more than 13,000 people will stay at listings in the dc area on january 20 bringing in about $6 million. i have stayed at one but i have not rented my house. >> i have not done that yet. >> when there are huge events in the area, you can make thousands of dollars it is tempting. i don't know if i could do it. but it is a great company. let's take a look at your commute traveling from marin county into the bay area less
5:46 am
than 37 is closed at atherton avenue, east and 37 is open at atherton avenue, this has been closed because of flooding last week so if you're traveling on west brown 37 you exit atherton and have the direct route. moving to the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza, no cars so everything looking smooth in that direction, if you're traveling along the golden gate bridge here is a live look at the commute from 582 the golden gate toll plaza that will take 14 minutes. i just watched him run over to the green screen i thought this won't be good. but that is okay. okay, if you are going across the bay bridge that will take 19 minutes expected no delays traveling through the toll plaza, the meter lights will
5:47 am
not turn on today because it is martin luther king jr. day. if you're headed to the peninsula here is a look at the san mateo bridge from hayward and the foster city, isn't that lovely. thank you so much. the altamont pass the same thing. traveling at 60 miles per hour this is definitely a gift for the holiday otherwise this would be very bad traffic. mass transit some updates because it is a holiday, bart on modified saturday, ace train on reduced schedule, three and five running , four and six running one, seven, eight and 10 will not be in service, caltrain on a regular schedule, okay i have another quote for you. faith is not taking the first step, faith is taking the first step when you don't see the whole staircase. we do need more green screens, we have mostly sunny
5:48 am
skies in the bay area with temperatures topping out in the mid-50s. all of this is looking good today, but it looks like things will deteriorate midweek. there is sfo things are looking good, no fog or delays, concord had fog this morning oakland is 41 and san francisco, 43 degrees here is how it looks, high- pressure keeping everything to the north. rain in seattle but the high breaks down beginning tonight and tomorrow and when it does more high clouds into the bay area. why don't i show you the futurecast, a picture is worth 1000 words, today looks pretty good tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon looking good but watch what happens, high clouds spread over the area and wednesday right in time for the evening commute, heavy cells
5:49 am
move to the north bay so this is wednesday, a fast-moving system rolling into thursday and it is out of the bay area quickly, good news heavy rain but it won't last long, scattered showers thursday, so today looks good some fog and clouds early and then sunshine, dry weather late tuesday and rain and wind return wednesday all the way through sunday, on- again and off-again. overnight lows tonight are pretty good, mid-40s and the sun comes up at 7:before am, that is best off the fog from san francisco to fresno a bad time to drive between 6:00 at night and 9:00 in the morning. sunshine elsewhere temperatures in the mid-50s today that is where we should be. in the south bay areas -- temperatures in the mid-50s.
5:50 am
northbay more of the same, dense fog and temperatures in the low to mid 50s so definitely chilly but sunny. the time of year when the sun comes up not doing much to warm things up. in the extended forecast we are looking okay with sunshine today and some clouds increase tuesday, then here comes the rain. afternoon wednesday into wednesday night thursday lingering showers, friday another system fast-moving gusty winds saturday lingering showers and sunday another system, the good news there should be enough time to drain at least a little bit before flooding problems. stay tuned. today, a barber from oakland gets to see the kids he has matured for years take their first field trip across the bridge but thieves almost ruined the experience, tyrone
5:51 am
owns pull up your pants barbershop in oakland, twice a month he gives students a stage to read books. last week he was attacked and robbed outside of the shop, two thieves stole the tickets you bought and the fundraising money. >> these kids will remember the barbershop took them to their first field trip. >> a lot of these kids have not been across the bridge so seeing the water it is going to open up a brand-new whole new world. >> he chose the exploratory and because reading is a big part of the activities. 5:51, the 90s are back we will take you inside the new video store that is full of vhs tapes. ,,,,,,,,,,,, per roll
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. trapezoid...isoceles...tetrahedr o n... you have to se s :15> a big holiday weekend at the box office. >>
5:55 am
second straight week. the film earned 20-point-five million dollars.. so far this holiday weekend. that is the drama hit in figures topping the box office for the second straight week the film earned $20.5 million so far. >> continuing this theme a blast from the past if you are a jerry maguire faneuil like this. >> a new video store opened in la. devoted to the movie from now until the end of the month, stop by the shop and see 14,000 vhs copies of the same movie. in 1996 classic jerry maguire. apparently a fundraiser developed an enormous jerry maguire pyramid in the desert. did you see this? i don't think i ever saw the movie. is this the movie you had me at hello?
5:56 am
you actually saw the movie. show me the money. >> absolutely, what do you think about cats? you never underestimate a cat. >> apparently there is one who went sledding and now the footage of the fearless ride. >> hang on by the. here we go. >> he is brave. >> going viral. the cat balanced on his shoulder but the photographer stresses their inventors -- adventures are completely safe. >> look at him. good for that cat. 5:56, in the next half hour another freeway shooting this time highway 242 in concord. one person was shot.
5:57 am
we will tell you what happened coming up. the celebration train honoring dr. martin luther king jr. leaves san jose at 9:45 this morning. a preview of the event coming up. ,, we live in a pick and choose world. ,, choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now save $600 on our best selling i8 mattress, plus 36 month special financing. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news good morning it is monday, january 16 i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm anne makovec, we have developing news in concord authorities are searching for the suspect behind a shooting on a freeway. lisa chan is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> the freeway is back open after a shooting that injured a man happened at 506 last night on the southbound side of highway 242 n. of solona way in concord, 242 was shut down while the


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