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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> kpix5 reporter anne makovec is live with the charges she face. >> reporter: after several months at looking at what kind of case they may be able to present the prosecution has made the decision and noor zalman will be in court this morning. she was arrested yesterday at this home in rodeo. f b i agents moved in. she has been living here with her mother and the #-year-old son she -- 4-year-old son she shared with the orland yes shooter mateen. she is expected to be charged with aiding and abet and obstruction of justice. prosecutors say she was with mateen when he bought ammunition used in the attack. and during surveillance trips to pulse nightclub where he ended up killing 49 people and trips to disney world which investigators believe mateen may have considered as a target. about 2 hours into the massacre last year law enforcement sources say mateen texted his wife where are you?
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she asked him do you see what's happening he replied no she said. finally he wrote, i love you babe. in an interview with "the new york times" in november she said he abused her and was unaware of everything about the night:assault. her attorney said in a statement noor zalman had no foreknowledgenor could she predict what omar mateen intenned to do that tragic night. we believe it's misguide and wrong to prosecute her. in the weeks leading up to shooting sources say that mateen added noor to his life insurance policy as a ben factor. live in oakland anne makovec. 5:01 as we look live at the bay bridge. nice conditions right now. bay bridge is a 10 out of 10 looking nice this morning. >> 10 out of 10. >> the rain is coming. >> yeah. the rain is coming. so brian says. appreciate what we have today. >> yes. you will hate tomorrow.
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>> well, i almost automatically said we need the rain but i can say the drought is mostly over for northern california. >> pretty much yeah. >> i don't know what else we have to do. we will get more rain today doesn't look bad. fair skies temperatures will be near 60 degrees. it's a heat wave in parts of the the bay area before temperatures plummet tomorrow. right now we are getting off to chilly start on this tuesday morning. concord at 39 degrees. it's oakland 41 livermore has 30 and a hill fog out there on the way to work and futurecast we is -- we can see the next system powering into the bay area. a few high clouds coming in today and by tomorrow night, we do get a pretty good system that will come in. and so to sum it up we have patchy fog and a few high clouds. increasing clouds and tonight leads to rain and wind returning from wednesday through sunday. we won't have a single dry day. not as much rain as the last series of storms that we had but it will be wet enough. temperatures today will be in the upper 50s with fair skies.
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and in the extended forecast that's what we look for the rain and wind to pick up on wednesday, thursday isolated showers friday more rain and one more system comes in on sunday before we clear it up on monday. that's weather here's traffic. >> okay thank you. i am waiting for the sunshine. let's start with the altamont pass slow moving conditions due to an earlier stalled big rig. that's cleared. right after northland road on westbound 580. you are crawling through here at 17 miles per hour. give yourself extra time if you are a headed this way. moving over to the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city across the span of the san mateo bridge smoothly 808 will take 14 minutes and in the peninsula woodside highway 48 between grandview drive and highway 35 is still under one way traffic control because of of last week's storms so we have pg&e work on replacing power poles that have fallen down due to the storm. so caltrans is saying this
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should be out there until january 23rd but could be done earlier. so we will keep an eye on this. stage manager drives through this way every morning and says there's one lane opened in both directions so make sure to give yourself extra time to get through there as well. moving over to the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions from 238 to the maze taking 16 minutes. and traveling into downtown san francisco acrews the span of the bay -- across the span of thebay bridge look gule. toll lights will be on at 5:30. cash lane you have a backup from carquinez bridge to the maze along the east shore freeway taking 18 minutes. and here we are in marin county headed on highway 37 it's now opened at after being closed from the earlier floods last week. that was closed for a while so you don't need extra time of the traffic is moving smoothly across 37. the golden gate into san
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francisco is looking good too. the man accused of carrying out a deadly new years eve attack is behind bars. authorities in turkey say they captured him yesterday after nearly two weeks on the run. they rate raided his home yesterday. 39 people died when the suspect stormed the ies tail tan peculiar nightclub. isis claimed responsibility. after three years of searching teams won't look anymore for malaysia flight 370. crews have finished examining a 46,000 square mile zone of the indian ocean west of australia. but they never managed to find the plane. the flight disappeared in march 2014 with 239 people on board. now a statement from australia china and malaysia makes it clear the search mission is suspended. today the accused fort lauderdale airport shooting suspect is expected to appear in federal court. esteban santiago is accused of killing 5 and injuring 6 others in the attack earlier this month. investigators say he took a
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handgun out of a checked gun box at baggage claim load it in the bathroom and emerged shooting. turning to politics now today senate confirmation hearings resume for more of president-elect donald trump's cabinet nominees. among them education secretary pick betsy devos and inhe tierior secretary nominee ryan zince. this comes as more than 30 members of congress now plan to skip trump's inauguration on friday. this amid an ongoing feud between the president-elect and democratic congressman john lewis. protests are planned in washington, d.c. and all across the country on friday. oakland demonstrators don't feel one day of protest does the job. jackie ward is live in the newsroom on their bold plan this week to speak out. jackie. >> reporter: that's right. day 2 of a five-day prohe test leading up to the presidential inauguration on friday. protesters say they are using this convenient as way to show oakland that the people have the power.
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protesters he at the 32nd and san pablo in oakland didn't come in quietly as they cut down a fence at the plaza and held a celebration and say they are he taking back public land. thousands of protesters shut down several streets in downtown oakland and worked their way from 14th street broadway to lake merritt it was organized by the oakland based group antipolice terror project. >> we want to get them the message to the new chief we are not going to the city council anymore. >> reporter: the new police chief he ann kirkpatrick will not officially come on the force until next month but this week could be the first chance to see an up close view of oakland protests. kpix5 insider phil matier says there's no way for the cops to win and believes they are too lienien and businesses will be upset and too harsh demonstrators sue. in the newsroom jackie ward kpix5. >> and to add to the politicalunrest politician said
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they are boycotting the inauguration. >> reporter: yes two democrats will not take part in celebrating the trump administration. congresswoman lee says she believes president-elect donald trump continues to be devisive. back to you. >> thank you so much. security is ramping up in washington, d.c. with major protects on inauguration day. >> donaldp will be sworn -- donald trump will be sworn in and for more insight we turn to mark so a number of law makers we talked about including several from the bay area are planning on boycotting the inauguration. how typical is this? >> reporter: it's uncommon. back during the vietnam war, there were about 80 protesters who didn't show up at richard nixon second inaugural but state of the union addresss inall rage -- inaugurals they show up and tend to applaud how do they stomach it if they are on the other side they say they are not cheering the man they are cheering the office.
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it's the presidency of the united states showing respect for which is why some of the no- shows are controversial. jackie mentioned mark and barbara. in addition congressman hoffman from marin county and the south bay are expected not to attend their view is no disrespect to the office of the presidency but they don't want to normalize this and make it seem as if donald trump is just some guy who disagrees with us and comes from the other party they say he is so far outside the mainstream with his insults of immigrants and women and muslims et cetera, that they think they cannot in good faith show up to the swearing in. >> leading up to the inauguration on friday anything else out of the ordinary expected. >> reporter: this is going to be interesting inauguration kenny in part because there's such emotion on both sides. so, the secret service are estimating about as many people
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showed up for barack obama's second inauguration. that's not a huge crowd but maybe 3/4 of a million people. it's not a small crowd but on top of that the women's march so you have what could be another half a million women or people who protest donald trump out there the next day. that's likely to lead to confrontation hopefully not violent confrontation but i never seen a-- i never seen an event like this where you have so many hundreds of thousands of people talking about on polar opposite sides. >> it's extraordinary so how is the rest of the the world reacting to all of this? >> reporter: with the same big question marks all of us do michelle they don't know what to make of donald trump's policy and they don't know what to make of his candidacy the prime minister from canada is not coming and that is a bit of a slight to donald trump. my favorite editorial i am not sure if we have a picture
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there's not an editorial a listing from the scottish sunday morning herald over weekend the tv critic had listings and notice on british channel 1 he describes trump inaugural on bbc1 after a long absence the twilight zone returns with some of the most ambitious expensive and controversial production in broadcast history. twilight zone i don't think has been used to describe an american inauguration before. but that's what people are anticipating this week. >> yeah a first. mark, thanks so much for the insight marc sandalow. it's 5:11. still ahead a very close call when a semi nearly crashes into a state trooper. >> and a rescue on the side of mount baldy is caught on camera. we will show you how a woman managed to hang on until crews got to her. wow. >> nice day around the bay area today but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. rain on the way beginning on
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wednesday. a dry day in the house not until sunday. details coming up. you have to take advantage of the dry roads today that is live look at the san mateo bridge looking good but we have a new rollover crash and we will tell you where it is when we come back. i'll have your complete forecas,
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we are off to a mostly fair start at the bay area. a little fog. temperatures in the the mid to upper 50s today. but then there is rain on the way. we will have details with weather coming up. but first, here's the latest. new video shows a very close call for a kansas state trooper. dash cam video shows the moment the big rig lost control and slid across the highway nearly crashed into the patrol car. look how close it comes. thankfully the trooper was able to drive off the shoulder and no one was seriously hurt and authorities say icy conditions are to blame. big vote today on median park along one of san francisco busiest streets they will consider a proposed pilot program to allow median park on the lower street between 14th and 18th street. neighbors oppose it but it frees up space for drivers headed to church on sundays. all right. let's get a check on the roads. roqui yo you know who gets a lot of parking tickets in.
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>> this guy. >> what am i going do with you. >> i'm law-abiding citizen. >> sure kenny. 5:15. let's look at the roads starting in the south bay a live look in mill bring at highway 101 headlines going southbound to burlingame and traffic is moving smoothly in the area but also in the south bay let's head to san jose. we have a rollover crash. that's westbound 237 after the road and it's block three lanes out there a 3-car crash involving an overturned car there. we will let you know when it is back and the sensors are wrong by westbound side is all supposed to be red arrows because of heavy traffic in the air yant north -- and then eastbound side is just lookie- loo traffic so don't let sensors fool you heading to 237 westbound give yourself extra time to get through the rollover crash. moving to the the altamont pass heavy conditions across the way there. you are moving at 23 miles per hour once you hit northland road because of an earlier
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stalled big rig that's been cleared but you have the residual backup so north tracy to the altamont pass 40 minutes westbound 580. okay and the peninsula commute from hayward into foster city looking good and that's good news but in woodside highway 84 between grandview drive and highway 35 is under one way traffic control due to the storms from last week. we have pg&e replacing power poles and they say it will take to january 23rd to get this done. so we will keep-eye on this and see when it's ready to go. our stage director says you need to give yourself extra time because you have one lane opened in each direction. he drives through there every morning. now to you. you are helping out roqui. >> all clear. >> okay. he says it's all clear from lahonda. we have patchy fog out there in the east bay with some fog and
5:18 am
the numbers at airport it's starting out in the 40s this morning and san francisco 44. and in concord 39. oakland 41 livermore 30 and san jose 36 degrees. and here's how it looks. high pressure over the west coast gives way to a low. and that means rain on the way for the bay area for tomorrow. futurecast bears it all out. rolling ahead into the midday hours you can see plenty of sunshine around the bay area but as time marches on the clouds march in later in the day leading to a chance of rain. look that the by 7 tomorrow night, pretty good band of rain but the thing is it is fast moving. sure, this looks impressive but watch what happens it all moves out so rain returns tomorrow after a dry weather today. gusty winds too temperatures will be only in the low as -- 50s tomorrow. wind up to 30 to 60 miles per hour a blustery storm when it moves in time for the evening commute tomorrow and friday and sunday two more distinct storms move in. if you are heading out of sfo
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doesn't look bad. partly cloudy skies high of 57. light winds new york has rain and 43 degrees. chicago a little drizzle and 40. ahead to the bay area. 55 for the weekend a little rain today for mendocino cloudy skies beautiful mendocino central valley fog. for today the numbers will be mostly in the upper 50s that includes the south bay and east bay. there is fog out there but after that we will have sunshine later in the afternoon. up in the north bay the numbers will be in the mid-50s. and not bad almost balmy day for cloverdale and windsor where the numbers will nudge 60 degrees. in the extended forecast, the temperatures come down and so does the rain. numbers will only be in the the low to mid-50s tomorrow. and rain about half an inch in the lowlands to 2 inches up in the mountains for wednesday. and then it will be over with. a chance to dry out a little bit on thursday. isolated shower or two friday another system comes in. and saturday, looks a little wet and sunday it's going to
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rain again but next week looks dry. so we have a chance to dry out. it doesn't look like you have to stay tuned but it doesn't hook like it's going to be a big rainmaker like it was. >> i was going to have yo promise but i guess you can't. >> weather men don't -- weathermen don't promise anything. >> no gain tiers. >> thanks so much. a daring rescue is -- no gain tiers. >> thank you so much. daring rescue. >> after a woman slipped 50 feet down a trail on mount baldy and she managed to stab her ice ax into the snow and hung on for deer life. county fire department used a helicopter to rescue her yesterday afternoon. the conditions were dangerous making the rescue tricky for the team's pilot. >> if i allowed the helicopter to move and it pulls him off her and she is not secure it couldcause her to fall. >> the hiker was told to take her backpack off and to leave her ice pack that helped save her up to the point of the rescue. shortly after she was lifted off the mountain, and into the
5:21 am
chopper to safety. wow. straight ahead, you don't know about but the war yars played a game last night. some team from cleveland in town. we got highlights don't move. ,,,,,,
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in good morning we have the nba up top and here's the thing. cleveland got them on christmas day and last night, warriors certainly responded. but don't think anybody expected this. hard hitting look at that. green james a little collision green what triple double last night warriors ran the cavs out of the building. dubs dropped 78 in the first half. here's steph curry to enter the half. and they lead led by 29. curry scored 20 and 11 assists warriors physical and they were not going to lose a 5th straight time to the cavaliers. defending champs. thompson and one. he scored 26. doves what wire to wire demolition beat them inside and out. thompson a kill shot and that was that. warriors won by 35, 126-9 1. maybe they will see each other
5:25 am
in june. >> i fouled him to stop the break and he went down. and aftermath i don't know i told rj to get out my face. got a tech. i was you know in the heat of the moment of the game. having some fun. nothing major. >> we got wresteling in hockey sharks and jets yesterday. and a big hit leading to a goal from meyer. and that made it 2-0 sharks ended up winning final of 5-2. oh. what a rough, rough tough game. that does it for sports at this hour. the warriors ground breaking a little later on today. and the 49ers we keep track of their head coaching search. see you later. all right the play of the day back to nba action. pelicans and pacers check out
5:26 am
indiana bigman young. >> young takes it right-- take that. >> and throws it down. >> take that. >> oh that's-- jones has been getting it. >> down the lane young putting terrance jones on a poster. gets the hoop plus the foul and that's your play of the day. >> time is 5:26. got milk? coming up why you could get money back if you bought some in california. 510-925p those three digit combination means a lot to people in the bay area but another set of numbers may join the families soon. break. ,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. the wife of the accused orlando nightclub gunman is facing charges. why agents decided to arrest her months later. >> and we are tracking the wild winter weather slipping across the country. wait until you see what ended up inside someone's house. >> wait until you hear when's happening in our weather. today looks okay but changes are on the way. forecast is coming up. raqui. >> the holiday light is over. here's the metering lights turned on on the bay bridge and an update on the roll overcrash in san jose. >> good morning. it's tuesday, january 17th i am michelle growing ao. >> i am kenny choi. federal agents came knocking tonight door to arrest the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman. noor zalman makes her first appearance in court. anne makovec is live with the evidence that put her behind bars. >> reporter: this is where the
5:31 am
court process begins and it will end up in florida where this attack happened. and we are hearing a little more about the story behind the charges for noor zalman. the fbi arrested her at had home in rodeo yesterday morning. she had been living there with mer mother and 4-year-old son that she shared with the orlando shooter mateen noor zalman expected to be charged with aiding and abetting and prosecutors say she was with him when he bought the ammunition used in the attack and surveillance trips to pulse nightclub where he killed 49 people and other tropes trips to disney world which investigators believe mateen may have considered as a target. kpix5 security analyst and assistant special agent in charge jeff harp says the investigation into zalman's role could have included surveillance video and wiretapping. >> it's possible that they have in the bigger picture they see
5:32 am
there's more people involved,, that she is a threat or she has information that she is not shared and they feel she is a flight risk. >> reporter: salmon insisted mateen abused her and she was unaware of everything about his nightclub assault. her attorney said in a statement noor zalman had no foreknowledge and nor could she predict what he was going to do we believe it's misguided and wrong to prosecutor her -- prosecute her. her court hearing starts at 9 this morning. this home surveillance camera in texas shows the sheer force of a storm system that is now set to bring heavy rain and sheets of ice to the central u.s. powerful rain sent furniture flying and debris going down on the sidewalk by the harris county texas home. meanwhile an ice storm in kansas left thousands of people in dodge city without any
5:33 am
power. fallen trees and down power lines are major concerns for the area and while the weather is startling people say crews have rushed to help. >> sounded like a freight train and i was on top and all of a sudden i think the house is gone. >> something this bad widespread it's hard for them to get every where. i know they have been doing the best they can and every where you look people are out working trying to help out. >> drivers have been especially weary with the storm sparking hundreds of accidents. it's not unusual to be weary and elyria of oversize icicles outside but what happens when they are inside a woman had to deal with it what giant icicle fell through the seeling ceiling she heard a crash and later found it in the closet. >> i go in and something drips on me and i am like oh and i look up and here's a icicle hanging out of the closet. >> turns out that her furnace exhaust pipe came loose after having her roof repaired in the
5:34 am
summer. it was spraying steam and freezing just as fast as it was dripping from the trusses. the things you have to deal with as a homeowner now she has to patch it up. >> i like she is keeping it as a souvenir. >> yeah. >> no room for ice cream but here's an icicle. >> we have rain on way for the bay area not today but tomorrow looks like it had get wet in the bay area wet and windy. and looking out over the bay right now looks very tranquil a view from the transamerica mir mid shows tuesday morning is off to a start. chilly. santa rosa 37 degrees. and you see what's on the way out there in pacifica. series of storms stacking up ushered along by the low pressure off the pacific northwest leading to clouds and rain in the bay area tomorrow and wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour 50, 60 miles per hour
5:35 am
up to have. future-- the latter part of the commute tomorrow with will be wet by tomorrow. so today we are dry. late owner wednesday gusty winds develop and here comes the rain and two more storms are due in for friday and for sunday. if you are heading out of sfo light winds and partly cloudy skies and 57 but we could have rain in new york and in the forecast sunshine for los angeles. back in the bay area today, the numbers are in the upper 50s and extended forecast. look for it to get wet on wednesday. another significant storm comes in on friday a. then one less of a 1, 2, 3 punch on sunday. more details coming up here's roqui. we are getting ready for the rain but now the traffic. holiday light is over. and it's 5:35 and you've got major delays on westbound 237 in san jose. this is a 3-car crash involving a truck leaking gas.
5:36 am
emergency crews are blobbing the right lane causing traffic to inch through ardly move at 4 miles per hour backed onto 880 as well. otherwise give yourself extra time heading to 237 westbound. moving over to altamonte pas you are moving slowly that dropped down to 18 miles per hour and 25 northland road slow after the bigwig but expect a 47 minute drive from north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass into the dublin interchange and that commute you know. here's the san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city 13 minute drive. on the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on and you have a 21 minute drive on east shore freeway from carquinez to the maze and expect 15 minutes through the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. let's talk about mass transit.
5:37 am
san francisco station into the peninsula and into the east bay 10 minutes delayed. ace train on time and muni on time and san francisco bay ferry taking the 730 out of oakland or 740 out of alameda to south san francisco tho service this morning. now -- there is no service for that. >> thank you. developing in mexico, a manhunt is underway for a gunman who opened fire in a nightclub at a popular resort. we know one american was among the 5 killed in the shooting at playa del carmen. 15 others were injured. dramatic video inside the nightclub shows partiers ducking and running to get out early monday morning. one of the survivors is from california and during the chaos a security guard fell on top of her fracturing a disk in her back. >> everybody is running out. cure the guards are on the ground i knew there was a shoot are but my back had brokee and i knew there was nothing i could do. >> she says the man next to her
5:38 am
was shot and killed. general motors will make a big announcement in hotches saving jobs. company will announce a $1 billion investment in factories. it could create or keep about 1,000 jobs we are told gm had the plan in the works for months now. if you purchased milk in the last 14 years, you could get some money back. a class action lawsuit was filed against the national milk producers federation it says several mill probing duesers conspired to limit the production of milk and illegally raise prices. the producers settled the case outside of court for 52 million dollars. if you want to file a claim you have until january 31st. with so many people flocking to the bay area there's not enough phone numbers for all of us. >> the utilities commission is putting a new area code on the map. and jackie ward joins with us all the details. >> reporter: i think it will get a lot of people's attention because we feel strongly about
5:39 am
our area codes. i city have my massachusetts one. anyway for all of you who are attached to the 510 number don't worry the number will not change. the california public utilities commission is expecting the 510 to be exhaust by june 2019 and that means a new area code for western alameda and contracosta counties will be added this december. for anyone who needs a new phone number in the region they will get the new area code once it's in place and we still don't know what those digits are. oakland and berkeley will hold meetings to talk about how and when the change happens in oak lan it's at 1 at 1515 clay street and the berkeley meeting at a:-- 5:30 at the central library at 2090 and hayward a similar meeting on friday. >> you threw a lot of numbers out at us. >> reporter: i know. the numbers are so weird. >> we are journalism majors. >> reporter: exactly. >> what if someone can't make the meeting. >> reporter: write-in handwritten letter to the public utilities commission at
5:40 am
505 or of course send an e-mail it is 2017. >> very true. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. the long awaited ground breaking sear mowny for the war yars arena gets underway. chase senter in the mission bay neighborhood will have more than 18,000 seats. it's expected to be finished in late 2019. today ceremony starts at noon at third and 16th streets. top warriors brass will be there as well along with kevin durant and mayor ed lee. steph curry is known for his sneak line that's steph curry but it's the latest one of a kind kicks that has people talking. check them out. warriors star wore these red white and blue shoes during last night's game against the cavs to pay tribute to president obama. they even feature the prez presidential seal. curry tweeted president obama embodiesinspiration faith and hope dr. king stood for and we are forever grateful. with prices rising but inventory remaining low people
5:41 am
are deciding to stay in their homes and focus on upgrading what they have got. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to share how to get started on simple home improvement projects. so let's start with easy to do it yourself tasks. >> reporter: when i say easy they are easy enough i can do it and i am hope flees for home improvements. -- hopeless for home improvement. maybe furnace and fireplace going it's essential to have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. for about 40 bucks you can get a combine unit with both sensors and there's also an interconnected system that sets off alarms in the house when any unit detects a hazardous condition costing up to 80 bucks next change the furnace filter upgrade to a high efficiency one 20 bucks. one thing to hire a pro to do is vacuum out the drier and kitchen vents. this is really important it's where many home fires begin.
5:42 am
it cost 100 to 150 bucks. >> if you are little more ambitious what about bigger projects jill. >> reporter: you know according to the folks at money magazine another very good reason to pay attention to your projects right now january and february are typically slow months for contractors and handymen you might be able to score a good deal. gather up projects and maybe it's the dripping faucets cracked plaster paint touchups hire someone to do it all at once. also, look into beefing up that insulation. this is one of the highest value home projects in terms of impact on your sales value. finally do consider using technology to save. programmable thermostat should pay for itself in two years and smart water meter can help conserve water and alert you to leaking or burst pipes. >> like my mother you wit until your son comes home during vacations and hand him a long list of to-dos and i still love
5:43 am
her. jill schlesinger thank you. you're very handy conditiony. >> i am. >> that's good to know. >> do it yourself. >>. i might hit you up. 5:43. coming up, the 7 wonders of the the instagram world turns out one is right in our backyard. >> my husband and i are calling it godzilla because that's what he looks like going across the path. >> it's not godzilla but a big alligator. hear more from the the woman who was just feet away from the massive alligator. the one you're about to ,,,,,,,,
5:44 am
5:45 am
nary. we know alligators are common in florida but the one you are about to see is anything but ordinary. >> this one is big. take a look this massive
5:46 am
alligator look at that. he was casually strolling across the florida path over the weekend. it's real. some hikers got close enough to shoot the video. >> i probably should have been more afraid than i was. i was so inspired by seeing this amazing creature come across the path. he had been there for decades. >> experts say he looks about 15 feet long and could weigh up to 800 pounds. locals have apparently seen him before. and nicknamed him mr. hullpback. who knew that alligators could have being a stows hgh and steroids. >> who knew. guess anyone can now. >> he eats well okay. >> i guess a good thing is that he doesn't move fast. >> yeah you can run. you can run. >> you can run from this one. >> can't hide. >> are we dove traffic or weather. >> weather. >> we are doing traffic. >> you win today. >> oh awesome. let's talk about this bart delay which is not so awesome.
5:47 am
san francisco stations have a major delay major delay means it's 20 minutes or more according to bart this is san francisco stations in both directions in the peninsula or east bay. so if this is a part of your commute give yourself extra time here and plan accordingly. ace train is on time muni on time and san francisco bay ferry update taking the 7:30 a.m. out of alimmediate. a or 7:40 out of oakland both headed to south san francisco those are canceled today. okay moving on now to the roadways starting here in san jose, westbound 237 after zanker road this involving two cars and one rollover truck having a gas leak is blocking the third lane there emergency crews are out there as well trying to clean up trying to clean up the gas leak so you are moving at 5 miles per hour if you are headed to westbound 237. give yourself plenty of time to get to the space but traffic is backed up on 880 as well in the south bay.
5:48 am
that's san jose westbound 237. moving over to the altamont pass heading from tracy and 2005 you are moving at 8 miles per hour. this is still slow from an earlier stalled big rig cleared off the roadway but residual backup remains. it will take an hour to get through. you can breeze through livermore and expect slow traffic on dublin interchange. to the bay bridge toll plazametering lights are back. you are driving about 22 minutes and expect 15 minute drive to the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. and look at san mateo bridge moving well. and then in the peninsula in woodside we have something happening from the storms from last week. highway 84 between grandview drive and highway 35 is still under one way traffic control. pg&e is replacing those power polls that -- poles that have fallen down but more rain is coming right. we do young lady we have
5:49 am
right on the way for tomorrow but for today, doesn't look too bad. we have got fair skies for much of the bay area and temperatures will top out in the upper 50s. all that looks good a chilly strt tuesday in concord 39 is a little slap in the face. and freezing in livermore. 32 san francisco 44 degrees and here's what's happening. high pressure finally erodes under the onslaught of low pressure on the way from the gulf. so today will be dry. and tomorrow we get rain in the bay area. today, dry and you need to get something done outside today is the day to do it. and patchy fog around. increasing clouds tonight. and rain tomorrow develops into the north bay and we have much of it centered over the the south bay by the evening commute tomorrow. so wednesday is wet and today a little rain up by eureka mostly cloudy skies in redding and that treacherous fog is back in the central valley. sacramento and fresno has fog
5:50 am
and for us a thin gauze of high clouds and temperatures at 58 at mountainview 57 for half- moon bay and over in the east bay numbers in the mid-50s. walnut screak at can be creek at 57. 59 livermore and 60 dublin the north bay beautiful day for mill valley and 53 degrees. 54 at kentfield san rafael 56 and 55 in petaluma and also balmy up for cloverdale. 60 for windsor and extended forecast after a dry day today here is the rain on wednesday with gusty winds break on thursday with isolated showers. another system comes in on friday and that's windy as well before a few showers here and there on saturday. and sunday that looks wet too by monday we have got mostly cloudy skies. and we have got michelle and conditiony ahead after we attend to generating revenue. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:53 am
♪ ♪ what's trending today! the seven wonders of the i was the fortunate one here comes the reiny day feel against a wednesday and thursday turns wet and saturday and sunday and get ready now.
5:54 am
rocky. roqui. >> we have lot going on san francisco stations had a major delay and it's a system wide delay for bart and that's due to an equipment problem. ace trains 1 and 3 on time muni on time and take san francisco bay ferry 7:30 a.m. to south san francisco and 7:30 out of oakland about san francisco are canceled more updates coming up. time to see what's treening today. the 7 wonders of the world according to instagram. >> yeah turns out that one of them is right in our backyard. golden gate bridge made the list of instagram 7 wonders of the world. company says they collected data from hashtags and geo tags last year there were more than 1 million posts about the golden gate bridge. >> it's a beauty. some of the others on the list the eiffel tower big ben. >> forget about the mannequin challenge. >> this is a new competition on the internet. take a look.
5:55 am
>> one goes on the left and one-- >> there you go. >> yeah. i guess he can crack a nut with your bicep that's what this utah star wants you to do this year. he posted it on youtube and we will try to get michelle to crack nuts. >> i don't have a bicep. >> you don't? >> no mustel in the arms. >> i think that video would go viral too. >> it would. because it's polish. from the knots eggs sorry. i choked up on that. there's a new tree to the u.s. a lot of people are excited. >> cad berry is launching a limited edition oreo cream egg and should come to the united states next month just in time for easter. and reviewers say the eggs taste better than the original eggs but they are very rich so
5:56 am
one is probably enough. it's 5:55 and in the next half-hour parking in san francisco on the weekend is next to impossible especially for those trying to get to church but today the city may approve something to hopefully help the situation despite what the neighbors want. >> reporter: and the wife of the the orlando shooter orlando nightclub shooter is set to be in court in loke and today. coming up, we will look at some of the federal charges she is facing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
rieive from the cbs bay area -- live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> good morning. it's tuesday, january 17th. i am michelle griego. >> i am conditiony choi. it's been 7 -- kenny choi. it's been 7 month since the deadlyist mat shooting. today the widow of the gunman is expected to appear in court. anne makovec is live in oakland
6:00 am
with the charges she faces anne. >> reporter: since the arrest she is held in the santa rita jail in dublin and set to make an appearance in oakland federal court at 9:30. noor zalman was arrested at her home living with her mother and 4-year-old son she shared with the orlando shooter she is expected to be charged with aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice and suspected of tampering with a witness. prosecutors say she was with mateen when he bought ammunition used in the attack. and during surveillance trips to pulse nightclub where he ended up killing 49 people. also trips to disney world which investigators believe matoon may have considered as a target. now neighbor heard commotion early yesterday morning. >>er that very private family all the blinds are closed all


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