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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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guess who's back? roberta is back roqui is back. >> you were gone too. >> no. no. we are just here. >> okay. since i was gone last week your hair has grown and it's gorgeous. >> thanks so much. it grows really fast. >> i need a haircut. >> i am. >> half a sent meeter. >> can you see that chia peek pet for the shark is so cool. >> you have a slap shot. >> i am getting you one for the birthday and playoff beard. morning everybody. roiz and shine another day and you need the umbrella but once we go ahead and forge forward and get through today, we have got nothing but sunshine the rest of the week. but right now we have scattered showers. look at that from hercules back into the richmond area. martinez is hearing the rain drops on the rooftops and rain spilling out of the 586-80 corridor making tracks towards
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discovery bay. look there it's snowing at top mount hamilton and i-30 willremain closed and that's state highway and roqui will have information about that later. we are under a flash flood watch in the bay area which means you have to be mindful as you step out the door or get the kids out for that school bus. we have saturated ground. we had the potential of a falling tree at any particular time. also mud slides are possible. live vision of the golden gate bridge this morning we have wet pavement. temperatures currently into the 40s. 47 degrees in redwood city. a cool cloudy day with a scattered shower into the 50s. full forecast is coming up but let's go over to roqui. >> thank you so good to have you back. it's 4:31. let's look at roadways. she mentioned we have got wet ones so first richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza know cars but water on the roads -- no cars but a lot of water on the roads. across the golden gate bridge from 580 to the toll plaza a
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quick 14 minutes. that's the normal commute and traveling across the bay bridge toll plaza looks good through the toll if you have that fast track on. otherwise cash lane backup but nothing to worry about. carquinez bridge to the maze that takes 18 minutes and expect no delays as you head into downtown san francisco. moving over to the altamont pass early morning starting off at 48 miles per hour out of tracy on 205 and 34 once you hit northland road. up to 23 minutes right now if you are headed out that way. that's the traffic. now back to you guys. >> thank you. there is a lot of damage from the storms this weekend. heavy rain and wind knocked down trees and power lines. kpix5 joe vas qez was live where a tree nearly crashed a party. >> it sound like thunder. >> reporter: the tree crashed the 70th birthday party with a monsterous noise. >> crash boom and it went over
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and it went into the parking lot and not into the restaurant. >> reporter: but it did get several cars. >> this is my jeep what's left of it. >> reporter: jill jones says that it could have been worse. >> there's ton of cars in the parking lot and no one was in the car andyone was fortunate. >> reporter: joe vasquez kpix5. >> officials say there's 10 cars trapped under the tree and it could take up to 2 days to get them out. search and rescue crews are looking for teen who went missing when the car crashed into alameda creek saturday morning along niles canyon road. official say she crashed into another car and lost control before her car went into the creek. police have been using drones and helicopters but have not been able to find the 18-year- old or the car. >> they are making every possible effort to get into the creek. it's just with the weather right now, we can't stop the flow of the water into the creek and all the run off right now. it's not safe to be in there. >> officials are working to bring down the water levels in
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the creek and they will be back out at the scene later today. this is a second time in a week stormy weather has caused problems for rescue efforts. last week a woman from bay point crashed her car into the sacramento river near alton official weren't able to recover her body until this weekend because of the rain and run off. and in santa cruz mountains heavy rain got rivers gushing but didn't spell good news for people's caps. locals are coping with the sour twist to all the showers. >> reporter: it's mother nature's cruel irony relentless rain and rising river has left way too much water outside homes in paradise park and no running water inside them. >> we have had a bit of water not a heavy stream. a light stream of water. and it just ran out. >> reporter: we found sandy collecting run off to use to flush his toilet until the water supply at the complex could be restored. >> a large tree fell and took
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out power on route 9. and also the water line. >> reporter: communities across santa cruz are grappling with the effects of a powerful storm that brought drenching rain downed trees and power lines and a cascade of saturated soil. and along the coast, heavy surf overturned part of the iconic cement ship at seacliff beach. >> it's crazy i haven't seen anything like this on this road. >> reporter: the road by stephanie's home completely washed-out of the storm. cutting off one half of the neighborhood from the other. >> it looks like a river. i feel bad for the people that live up the road you know for them to get out or not get out. >> reporter: but even though it's going to take sometime for the areas to dry out, and for residents to dig themselves out from the damage, most still imagined to see a silver lining in all, the wet weather. >> we are pretty fortunate here. most of the trees are standing and most of the park has power. i think we are fortunate.
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>> reporter: in santa cruz debin fehely. we will monitor storm related problems throughout the bay throughout the morning and storm coverage every ten minutes on air and you can track highdef doppler for yourself. new information on the unemployment rate in the bay area. new data shows that all but one county had an unemployment rate under 5%. the state employment development department crunched the numbers for december and find that san mateo and marin counties have the low hest rates at 2.7 and 2.9 the respectively. the san francisco county was at 3% behindth highest unemployment rate was 5.1 in solano county. today in sacramento governor brown is delivering the state of the state address. earlier this month he asked for a 122.5 billion dollar budget for california. he says this year will be the tightest since 2012. he warns a looming budget cuts because there's a drop in
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revenue. president donald trump kicks off the first full week in the white house. as craig boswell reports all eyes will be on white house press secretary sean spieser as he delivers his d -- spieser as he delivers -- spicer as he delivers the first briefing. >> reporter: president donald trump capped the first weekend in office thanking law enforcement officers including f become i director james comey for service and swearing in senior white house staffers. >> we are going to do some great things over the next 8 years. >> reporter: the president's first days got off to a rough start. on saturday, hundreds of thousands of people took part in demonstrations for equality across the nation. in a tweet sunday, president trump took aim at those who participated writing watched protest yesterday but was under the impression that he we just had an election why didn't these people vote celebs hurt cause badly. about an hour later he backtracked saying in part, peaceful protests are a
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hallmark of or democracy. the tweets came a day after white house press secretary spicer slammed the press for what he called false reporting about the size of the crowd at the inauguration. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. >> reporter: on sunday, white house senior adviser kellyanne conway wail to his defense. >> you said it's a falsehood and they are giving -- he gave alternative facts to that. >> look alternative facts are not facts. they are falsehoods. >> reporter: the president enters the first full week of presidency hoping to tackle key issues on his legislative agenda but with only two cabinet members in place so far. >> so many of your cabinet owe appointees mr. president are different than what you campaigned on and even what your speech was about. >> reporter: despite the slow pace, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he is confident the entire cabinet will be confirmed. craig boswell cbs news. washington. and later today the senate is expected to vote on a
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confermation of the pick to runt cia. -- run the cia mike pompeo. it's 4:39 a one area community they have been dealing with flooding so often it's become a normal way of life. how much money it is costing local business owners next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tipping our storm -- continuing our storm watch coverage the rain is causing problems for drivers across the bay area. look at this intersection in sonoma county. looking more like a lake. this is not the first time the intersection has been completely flooded as kpix5 john ramos reports it's a major headache for locals. >> reporter: highway 121 and highway 12 intersection in sonoma county floods so often that locals tend to look at the road closed signs as more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. >> i get used to it shuts down and sometimes towards the end it's not too bad you can get through but usually you need to follow the signs.
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>> reporter: and that's what mike ended up doing. the water was running too deepand too fast. when sonoma creek is this swollen it can get creative in choosing its path to the sea. and often that turns the vineyards next to it into bath tubs. >> there's nothing we can do to stop the water you can't pour cement over the valley water has to go somewhere and this is where it ends up. >> reporter: at the larson family winery the grapevines will be fine not much affects them he when dormant but there's work cleaning up and repairing washed-out roads to the tune of about 20,000 dollars for each flooding. >> i seen a lot of water. this year tops them all. >> reporter: but perhaps no one is more directly affected when this intersection floods than matt. he owns the shellville grill which sits about 300 yards past the road closed signs. normally on a sunday this place is packed. but since no one can get here, tables are empty and the stove is cold. so far this january, he has only been opened 4 days. >> sometimes you get used to
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it. and sometimes like this year, you get sour you know italians say it's bitter sweet you know. so but you have to deal with it. >> reporter: and part of dealing with it is knowing that next time it rains, this will happen all over again. in sonoma county john ramos kpix5. >> and people who live nearby say king tides are making the problem worse because it's preventing run off from draining. this morning the chp is saying snow levels in the sierra are the highest they have seen in 20 years. and that has officials in the high country concerned. the of a lanp center is -- avalanche center is warning of the high avalanche danger and higher elevations. they are advising against travel but in truckee business owners are seeing quite a spike in sales thanks for the powerful storms and mountain hardware and sports store is struggling to match demand with supply. there is a waiting list for snow blowers and snow shovels
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are all sold out the manage are says replacing the projects requires research. >> out of shovels and snow blowers and generators. we have ice melt so we are pulling from everywhere and we just got a shipment of ice melt from massachusetts on friday. >> winter storm warning is expected to last through the morning. >> i am heading to truckee this weekend. >> you are? >> and i got snow chains. >> you did. >> i am prepared. >> good because often with -- consider if you are not prepared you pay -- if you are not prepared you pay 30 dollars to get them on and another 30 bucks to get them off. >> i won't wear slippers but i will tune into roberta's forecast. >> you know how continue to stall the chains. >> of course i am a do it yourselfer. >> i am a do it yourselfer and i troy and i am not good so i pay the 30 bucks and it's the best 30 bucks spent so i had a girlfriend send me pictures on friday saying look sacramento beautiful blue skies and as soon as we got to tahoe snow
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and i said are you on vacation until tuesday and wednesday and she said no and i said yeah you are you can't come back. what wonderful way to be stuck though right? good morning. rise and shine you need your umbrella out the door this morning at least one more day. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. we have moderate rainfall throughout portions of the north and east bay. flash flood watch is in effect for every where in the bay area. if you are heading out the door getting the kids off to school, you will encounter ponding on the roadways. we have saturated soil. there could be a down tree at any time because we have had enough and this is in effect throughout most of the day today with the rock and mudslide threats. live weather camera toward the golden gate bridge temperatures in the 40s. 40 in santa rosa and this is the deal. see the spiral activity underneath the area of low pressure the giant l that signifies the last in a soaries of storms barreling this way but you say what's that behind us? that's another system that's going to bring a few sprinkles
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to the bay area early tomorrow before the commute before the most part we are out of that. futurecast hit and miss scattered showers. lunch hour east bay south bay santa clara county santa cruz with light to moderate rainfall. throughout the evening commute, the same deal. look at the mostly cloudy skies throughout overnight hours. spiral effect with more scattered showers through tomorrow morning. very early and then high pressure blocking ridge builds in. a few clouds from time to time and that's an area of low pressure wanting to bring rain in our direction on thursday but right now, computer models suggest we will be dry. temperatures today, across the state into the 50s and throughout the central valley otherwise i am keying in on the high sierra. 28 degrees. boy the days are off. 28 today and 30 degrees tomorrow. three to six more additional inches of he snow in the fore-- of snow in the forecast for today in the high sierra. numbers between 51 in livermore to 55 in oakland alameda
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through berkeley and around 5 # across the bay andn redwood city. wind up to about 10p tonight's overnight lows 30s and 40s a cold night. here's extended forecast. again, rain today. a scattered shower early tomorrow. we do have dry conditions on thursday and boy do we need this drying pattern that is setting up all the way through sunday. when i am talking about 59 degrees in oakland by saturday, that's a warming trend. that's balmy. >> yeah. >> it sound good. -- sound good. >> let's -- sounds good. >> let's toss over to roqu. i will take a warming trend. 4:47. let's look at the roadways. starting with marin county a closure own highway -- closure on highway 37. so highway 37 is closed again between 101 anding attarton. -- and atherton avenue. so there's an oughter knit commute for you there.
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-- alternate commute for you there. no delays in marin couldn't imover the golden gate bridge into san francisco looking good. we got lane changing going on so 580 to the golden gate toll plaza takes about 14 minutes which is the normal morning commute for this area. and if you are traveling across the span of the bay bridge into downtown san francisco you are good to no toll plaza metering lights from carquinez to the maze taking 19 minutes and expect metering lights to slow down around 5:30 this morning. moving over to the altamont pass early morning traffic at 27 miles per hour. moving pretty slowly here across the way. it goes up just to 31 once you hit northland road. north trassy to the altamont pass will take up to 30 minutes out the door and if you want to avoid the roadways the road are wet and dangerous take mass transit. bart ace train muni and caltrans all on time now to you. walnut creek residents at a bar are on the search for a new hangout spot because they serve
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the last beers. >> we are a on -- on would the decades old business may have shut its doors. >> it's like the cheers of chicago this was the cheers of walnut creek. >> reporter: last call at the sports bar and grill after 39 years of opening the doors to pay the rones. >> crogan's was a place to go to sr star-- to forget about things going on. >> reporter: he used to work there for four years and where he met his wife kimberly. >> we saw each other and it was love at first sight. >> knew her for a year before we started to talk and worked up the gouts ask her out. make me sad i think it's good place. >> reporter: crogan's owners posted this unfortunately the city has made it clear that they have very specific ideas in mind for what walnut creek should be and crogan's no longer fits into the narrative you will metly we have been forced -- ultimately we have
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been forced to close our doors a city council member said it was the owner's decision to shut the bar down. but customers say the city forced the owner's hands. >> the city has an image they want to put out there and that's not the image they want to portray. >> reporter: in the past crogan's been the backdrop for criminal activity keeping police busy. last august a man was shot and killed across the street from the bar. and just months after that, the city held a special hearing to consider a new requirement for the bar to stop liquor sales at midnight and change its hours. the wet weather didn't keep people from packing the bar patio it's been like this for hours. and there's been a constant stream of people in and out of the bar. when we went inside we saw a memory book that people were signing and it was nearly filled with best wishes for the owner. in walnut creek. this morning the red cross saying it's facing a se career blood shortage how you can help
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next. >> and what's cool about your school? e-mail nomination to us at cool schools at and we may come feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he batteries . this morning samsung is blaming batteries for the phones catching on firech company says the balance ris were poorly designed and manufactured. the results come from sam sng's investigation plus three i pent investigations into the incidents after the gallon asy note 7 phones were recalled last year the faa banned them on board u.s. flights after several reports of those phones catching on fire. sam songs says the problems were from batteries from two different suppliers and they
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are take full responsibility for fag to identified problems beforehand. united airlines will try to get back to normal after a computer glitch nationwide kept their flights grounded for a couple hours. we caught with up passengers at is sfo after united grounded all of the domestic flights in the afternoon. a spokesperson says the airline resolve was she called an it issue after a few hours. united waived fees for passengers to change their travel plans. a major blood shortage across the u.s. has red cross pleading for people to step up and donate. winter storms forced the organization to cancel some 300 blood drives since december 1st. demand is high every two seconds somebody in the u.s. needs a blood donation. the red cross says people get busy during holidays and donors say there's just no reason not to help. >> one of my daughters had surgery a number of surgical procedures when she was little and needed blood at that time. i know it's just a necessary
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thing. >> it's no real reason to come it just takes a hour out of my day. >> red cross is responsible for 40% of the nation's blood fly. a price of coffee could be going up even more than originally expected. a drought in brazil sent some coffee futures to a 6 year high. because of the dry conditions, crops are expected to be smaller than normal not only in brazil but vietnam and indonesia as well. brazil is responsible for about a third of all coffee sold around the world. so, many people in the morning are going to be paying a lot more. >> yeah. >> we don't drink too much coffee around here. >> but you feel for the coffee drinkers. >> you do. >> you need it. >> another expense. a new berkeley business is called a coffee shop with a cause. >> it's doing more than serving up drinks jessica flores has more on the empowerment. >> reporter: the customers at newest coffee shop get the afternoon pick me upand employees are getting a boost
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as well. 1951 coffee company trains and employs refugees. >> 1951 is the year that the u.n. first defined legally what a refugee is. >> reporter: cofounder doug hewitt worked for years at a refugee resetelment agency. >> they were struggling to be given a job for not having a reference in the united states. >> reporter: 1951 employs 8 refugees from countries including syria, uganda and afghanistan. meg is is a refugee from boutan and says they fled religious persecution but once arriving in the u.s., he says he couldn't find a job. >> because i didn't have any resume of experience. >> reporter: he celebrates his new job as a barista he says he is also worried about what will happen to other refugees now. >> president donald trump during the campaign proposed banning muslims immigrants. >> it's scary but hoping
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everything will be going smooth and nice for immigrants. >> reporter: doug hopes this space can help educate the public about refugees. >> it gives us an opportunity to fill that space with good solid information and positive information about refugees. >> reporter: in berkeley jessica flores kpix5. huge waves kicking up a dangerous serve all along the coast. the warning out of pacifica this morning. >> reporter: and we are live in alameda county this morning where search crews will be back out here to look for a woman whose car plunged into the alameda creek this weekend. ,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. there are problems all around the bay area after the latest storm. trees knocked down by strong winds and rain flooding highways and neighborhoods. and the run off causing mud
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slides. good morning everyone it's monday, january 23rd i am michelle griego. >> i am conditiony choi. let's look outside a live look at the bay bridge. wet conditions feels like groundhog day. you know last month you wake up and it's raining. >> right. >> it's raining. >> can't get away from it. >> that doesn't stop you from having a good weekend right. >> no absolutely not. >> no not at all. you know what he's amazing is i never had the opportunity to lay in bed and listen to the rain and enjoy because i am working and here comes the first wave and the front and the wind and i log it and enjoy it i enjoy the rain to a certain extent when it causes problems around the bayarea and it will continue to because the ground is so saturated out there we continue to have watches watches and warnings throughout the bay area. good morning everyone. time check 5:00. live hi-def doppler radar one more day of needing an umbrella. i zipped on the what lena area that pushed an


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