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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning everyone. it's monday, january 23rd. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. rain will hang around longer. some spots getting soaked again this morning. as we look live outside, near the golden gate bridge. it's wet out there. now flooding is still a big problem up in the north bay. intersection of highways 121 and 12 in sonoma county completely under water. and in the south bay a high surf advisory still in effect. high waves and spinning sand make for dangerous conditions ipacifica. the swells could continue through tomorrow morning. kpix5 is live with complete coverage jackie ward near alameda creek where the search is on for a missing woman that
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will resume this morning and anne makovec is live where trees are causing a mess but let's begin with roberta. >> the live hi-def doppler radar picking up rain and abundance of snow in mount diablo and am i willton areas. light green is the light rain showers. the yellow is moderate and we have that happening right there in the eastern portion of the bay area. point richmond you know what i am talking about richmond is listening to the rainy drops on the roof tops outside kensington and you have the brought yellow sound making tracks towards arenda and plenty of rain showers the little gray area is snow off state highway 130 where we will have closed roads conditions due to the snow thatcontinues to fall in the mount hamilton area. rain as you head over to east palo alto and into palo alto wet across the san mateo bridge and we have another flash flood watch in effect with the bay
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area everywhere where you see the yellow highlighted area that is 9 counties and we have the flash flood watch in effect. today as you head to work or get the kids off to school or you head off to school you will encounter ponding and slippery sidewalks and saturated soil and a down tree at any point of the day today. and the possibility rock and mud slides. towards the bay bridge the air temperatures are uniformed 40 to 48 degrees. visibility is is a issue due to fog of a quarter of a mile. temperatures across the bay area with a scattered shower into the the 50s at the sea shore and 50s around the peninsula and mid-50s around morgan hills through the gilroy area same east of the bay to the north same story. the winds will blow twoaft about 15 miles per hour. we have the potential of a thunderstorm with the forecast. more snow we will talk about when the sun will shine coming up at 18 after the hour but let's go over to busy roqui.
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>> i can't wait for the the sun to shine it's 6:02 let's look at our roadways because we have a wet busy commute out there this morning. starting with the altamont pass moving at 16 miles per hour along way. -- along the way inching to a 22miles an hour. now 43 minutes if you headed out the door right now. it frees up through livermore but we have a closure due to the storms out here southbound 84 also known as isabel avenue this is closed between vineyard avenue and chp is diverting traffic off at vineyard avenue causing major slow downs. you can't see the sensors because it's -- it doesn't have arrows but there's slow downs if this is part of your commute give yourself extra time of the to avoid the jam take eastbound cannon boulevard to southbound holmes street avoid the jam an vineyard eastbound concanyon and southbound holmes street. to another problem on 84 but in
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the peninsula highway 84 between grandview drive and skywood way under one way traffic control. give yourself time through there or avoid it altogether. and expect 20 minute from the maze to downtown. now to you guys. >> thank you. authorities are looking for a teenage here went missing after her car crashed into alameda creek along niles canyon road. kpix5 jackie ward joins us live with more on the search and rescue efforts. jackie. >> reporter: the search for the woman and her car are expected to resume around 10 this morning. both of them have been in this water behind me since saturday morning. saturday around 10:45 an 18- year-old from tracy collided with another car on niles canyon road forcing her car to plunge into the rushing water it's called alameda creek but it look like a river. they are trying to figure out why the teen lost control.
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>> we don't know the exact reason that roadway is very slick and lined with trees that get puts things on the roadway. so we are not sure if it's that or something else. >> reporter: water levels are so abnormally high here right now that a state water resource agency actually has to lower the water levels to make it safe for divers to get back in. right now conditions are just too dangerous for divers to be out there so at 10chp will close niles canyon road here in fremont to set up a command post and allow the search to continue. from fremont jackie ward kpix5. >> thanks. today in lafayette crews are clearing out a massive tree that fell right onto several cars. kpix5 reporter anne makovec is live on the the repairs ahead and the party this tree nearly crushed. >> reporter: massive tree is right. you can see some of the branches here goes far back into the parking lot and here are some of the cars that are
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now buried in the eucalyptus branches and all of the leaves and back here at the end of the the parking lot, you can see the trunk of the tree and just how huge this thing was. so this is going to be a cleanup process that's going to last at least for today possibly tomorrow. it came down yesterday evening and this is just outside of the italian restaurant here in lafayette on lafayette circle. it hit 10 vehicles some partially crushed and others just trapped underneath all the branches. >> crash boom. >> and it went over and fortunately it went into the parking lot and not into the restaurant. >> reporter: it was wouldn't ladies attending a friend's 7 0th birthday party here at the restaurant. yet luckily no one was injured and it didn't damage the restaurant. but also, this is the parking lot for the lafayette chamber of commerce and several other
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businesses. so, moving this away you know chopping this up and moving it away is going to be quite a process. and i mentioned that is eucalyptus tree that is nonnative tree he and it has caused problems here in california in the past. we will talk about that coming up in the next half-hour right now live in lafayette anne makovec. >> tay with kpix5 for continuing coverage of the storm and the problems it is creating. track hi-def doppler radar on president donald trump begins the first full week in the white house meeting with congressional leaders and possibly signing more executive orders. the spotlight will be on press secretary sean spicer as he delivers the first formal briefing. craig boswell has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president donald trump capped the first weekend thank law enforcement officersincluding f b director james comey for service and swearing in senior white house staffers. >> we are going to do great
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things over the next 8 years. >> reporter: the president's first days got off to a rough start. on saturday, hundreds of thousands of people took part in demonstrations for equality across the nation. in a tweet sunday, president trump took aim at those who participated writing watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we had an election. why didn't these people vert celebs hurt cause bad lay hour later he backtracked saying peaceful protests are hallmark of the democracy. the tweets he came a day after white house press secretary sean spicer slammed the frees for what he called false -- press for what he called false reporting about the size of the crowd. >> this watts largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. >> reporter: on sunday white house senior adviser kellyanne conway came to his defense. >> you said it's falsehood and they are giving sean spieser gave alternative facts to that.
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>> look alternative facts are not facts. they are falsehoods. >> reporter: the president enters the first full week of his presidency hoping to tackle key issues on the legislative agenda but with only 2 cabinet members in place so far. >> so many of your cabinet appointees mr. president are quite different than what you campaigned on and even what your speech was about. >> reporter: despite the slow mitch mcconnell says he is confident the cabinet will be confirmed. craig boswell cbs news. washington. >> the president's pick to run the cia representative mike pompeo will have a confirmation vote in the senate today lawmakers will also vote on secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. a federal judge in san francisco is expected to sentence pg&e after a jury convicted the the company of violating pipeline safety laws before a deadly blast in san bruno. the utility says it is prepared to pay the 3 million dollar maximum fine for the convictions but it's asking the judge not to restruck tort
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bonus program for employees or require an ad campaign publicizing the convictions 8 people were killed and 38 homes about destroyed in the -- whereby -- were destroyed in the pipeline blast. investigators released the any report on a deadly crash involving a car equipped with tesla's auto pilot system. >> and why yahoo could face more trouble in connection with two massive data breaches. >> from the kpix weather center good morning just when you thought it was safe to leave home without the umbrella no we will talk about when the sun will shine. >> okay and here's live look at golden gate bridge pretty good across the span into san francisco but how is that novato vallejo commute look and at traffic alert looking and oakland. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad.
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forecast in just a few minutes. oakland's city council is holding a meeting tonight to talk relocation payments, wh good monday morning your time check is 6:13 on this january 23rd. a little history for you here. this is the alameda creek and it's a large perennial stream. once 45 miles from lake northeast at packard ridge to the eastern shore of our bay by way of niles canyon and you can see it is roaring this morning. it is swollen as many of our creeks are. so, we have a flash flood watch in effect and we will talk about how that effects you and how much more rain to come and it's traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. oakland city council is holding a meeting to talk relocation payments when tenants are displaced over code violations. council members will consider an ordinance backed by mayor shaft that would significantly increase the sum renters get when the building doesn't live up to codes. the measure follows the deadly ghost ship fire which killed 36 people in december. under the the ordinance relocation fees for a one
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bedroom would increase from 3500 dollars to 6500. u.s. authorities are investigating whether yahoo's two massive data breaches should have been reported sooner to investors according to the wall street journal the security and exchange commission issued request for the documents last month that's around the time yahoo said it recently discovered a 2013 hack that exposed a private information of more than a billion users. federal investigators have released the initial report on a deadly crash involving tesla's auto pilot system this is joshua brown who was killed while his tesla model s was op operating in commuter assist mode theprobe was launched to determine if the auto pilot worked as inten and brown was not paying attention and he should have had time to hit the brakes before his car slammed into a tractor trailer. the feds say the auto pilot system was never designed to recognize every possible hazard on the road. anyone flying united could
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run into some problems this morning. the airline is trying to get back on track as we look live atsfo after a computer glitch caused problems last night at the airport. the airline had to ground all of the flights in the u.s. until they got their system back online. officials with united say it was an i.t. issue and the glitch has been fixed but there could be some flight delays today. >> if you are flying united you call ahead. >> if you are flying anything my friends are like roberta said my friends were in town flying back to l.a. southwest and delta were delayed and didn't leave until 8. >> it was sfo. >> oakland. >> oh okay. >> i am pick up airline delays at sfo on some arriving flights. up to about 1 hour but we will keep posted on that because the ceiling has been lowering and we have had areas of fog developing and it is raining again. >> it's raining. >> again. we are so used to it. >> it's been how long. >> excuse me somebody forgot to tell us we got to move to
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seattle. >> right i know that's what it feels like right. >> we have a traffic alert. it feels like we are in the bay area because of the traffic. so let's look at the vallejo novato commute. this is closed again between 101 and atherton avenue. chp is diverting it off. so we are seeing some delays in the area so take your time out there and give your sea of couple extra minutes. moving over to the bay bridge toll plazzate metering lights are on downtown takes 23 minutes so that's a pretty slow commute and the roadways are very wet so keep both hands on the wheel and take it slow across the span into downtown san francisco. all right we have got a traffic alert in oakland southbound 13 before broadway terrorist a pothole causing trouble 5 cars have been damaged from the potholes so chp and crews are out there trying to clean this up for you but otherwise it's going take a while because it's traffic alert 30 minutes or more so to avoid the pothole get on southbound 13 after
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broadway and get moraga or take 234 24á to 5 -- 24 to 580 giving you a couple extra minutes but it's best to avoid the area altogether because the potholes can be very damaging for your car and your morning commute. moving over to the altamont pass coming off 205 inching at 12 miles per hour, that's not much better frees up through livermore on slow traffic along the dublin interchange and south bay slow downs on 87 northbound between highway 85 and highway 101. now to you. yesterday i was working on a story with our photographer here at kpix joseph and we were work on the aurora de a. laguna creek and he said betterra you messed -- b-erta you messed up on the el nino years i guess you had to be there but you are probably asking what happened to el nino last year compared to last year
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where it's raining. hi-def doppler radar you see the light rain it's rain and yellow and orange that's pretty moderate to heavy downpours and that's what we anticipate throughout the day today. the hit and miss scattered showers sam are a fay -- san rafael you have the rain highway 101 making treks towards san francisco, the golden gate bridge and east bay 680 out of walnut towards san ramon valley into dublin and pleasanton make the trek towards the sunol grade. you have hayward castro valley using the secondary roads like redwood road as well you know they have been sloppy pretty muddy and keep that in mind that's not any different today. this is the national weather service has issued a flosh flood -- flash flood watch for 9 highlighted counties this is the bay area. that's because you will encounter ponding on the roadways and you will see some slippery sidewalks and you will have saturated toil and there -- soil and there could be a
6:20 am
down tree at any point of the day with the winds kicking up to 15 and 20 during afternoon hours. plus we have more rain in the afternoon and early evening hours and potential of an isolated thunderstorm that does contain brief and heavy downpours. in the 40s santa rosa has this visibility to half a mile due to areas of fog. this evening the rain and potential of a thunderstorm today a scattered shower and sunny days from tuesday afternoon through the weekend. this is the core of the center of the area of low pressure we have to deal with that. so the front has passed and we have scattered showers a lot of instability and this is how i am planning out your day afternoon most precipitation santa clara valley lifting into the eastern portion of the bay hit and missscattered showers throughout evening commute. tuesday morning the slow is spinning off the coast and high pressure builds in and sunny and dry conditions through midweek. that area of low pressure right there couldn't bank off the ridge of high pressure by thursday but we are talking about a quarter of an inch of rain across san jose area through the east bay. almost a half ionch of rain in
6:21 am
san francisco through san rafael into pet rula -- petaluma and novato that's lot of rainch a half in a sicka on top of what we experienced. winds up to 15 beginning to subside towards the evening commute. like to display that because of the saturated soil and the potential of the drought stricken trees coming down. 50 central valley. 24 in the high sierra currently 22 degrees. and additional up to 6 inches of snow expected today. even at lake level. sun up at 7:20. might see a hint of it here and there but that's about it. scattered showers throughout the day today. temperatures in to the 50s. those are pretty seasonal temperatures if not a couple degrees below average. but look, what happens what most of the bay area has been waiting for, a dry weather pattern sets up on tuesday afternoon. through our wednesday. when i am talking 60s i am talking about getting outside and enjoying your day and a dry weather pattern continues for the weekend. that's a look at your forecast. we have a lot coming up did you watch football yesterday?
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i am done okay we have sports coming up after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning is there any stopping the new england patriots? the dynasty in an era of parody led by a dynamic duo of coach and quarterback that is leading the franchise to the 9th super bowl. brady looking to advance to his 7th super bowl facing pittsburgh yesterday. first quarter new england leading 3-0. brady all the time in the world finds hogan. what is this man doing here. quick reference of hogan heroes of course. 10 seconds second quarter pull out the flee flicker brady to hogan again. hogan 9 catches 180 yards and
6:26 am
brady threw three touchdowns and new england 36-17 and will head to the 9th super bowl. and in the nfc matt ryean and falcons blew past the packers. he he had this 73 yard number to julio jones to give them a 31-0 head jones had 180 yards receiving and two scores and -- receiving and two scores. it will be new england and atlanta in super bowl 51. warrior fans showed up in orlando despite the game starting at 9 a.m. pacific time. third quarter golden state up 14. steph knocked down the corner 3 and very next possession curry drops in another one from downtown warriors outscored orlando 42- -- 40-24 in the third and they rolled. 118-98. imagine nick golden state in the third. now, the warriors the 49ers excuse me cannot hire a colth next head coach because the falcons went to the super bowl and we will have to wait until
6:27 am
after super bowl 51. so the beat goes on. dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. 6:26. legal experts and former white house ethics attorneys are joining forces to sue president trump over claims he see lathing the constitution. -- he is violating the constitution. >> reporter: and that water behind me is the reason search efforts for a woman and her car has to be stopped. water levels actually have to be lowered for them to resume. we will give you details coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the crflt bs bay area studios, this is k -- cbs bay area studios this is kxi -- kpix # news. >> i am kenny choi. >> i am michellegriego.
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looking live outside right now, sfo has a few delays so you might want to call ahead if you are heading out there. meanwhile, heavy rains have sparked a shortage of water for one santa cruz county town. in paradise park sheets of rain brought a tree toppling onto route 9 breaking a water line. some locals have been collecting run off so that the toilets can flush. and downed trees aring by a problem-- trees are big problem all over the bay area. several fell acrossroads. barricades were put up to stop drivers from trying to pass through. and the weather could be to blame for the a crash in alameda county officers say a woman lost control crashed into alameda creek and they are looking for her. kpix5 jackie ward joins us live near niles canyon road with more on the search and rescue efforts. jackie. >> reporter: well take a look behind me at what's called thealameda creek that looks like a river because of the rushing waters. so this case is being
6:32 am
considered a missing person's case and search crews will be back out here this morning to try to fine the 18-year-old woman from tracy. we are on niles canyon the street where a car accident happened saturday morning has sent the 18-year-old's car lunning -- lunning into the creek -- plunging into the creek she was in silver honda accord when the car crossed the double yellow line and collided with a white honda accord that was traveling east. that sent her silver car into the water. because of the recent rain the creek is high so as you can see behind me, this water is rushing at the a very strong pace. it's been so intense that divers had to stop their search efforts at one point over the weekend. so right now, there's a state water resource agency that has to lower the creek levels for the search to resume. so niles canyon road will be closed around 10 this morning chp will set up a command post so divers can get back in there and hopefully recover the woman and her car. roberta rain is picking up in
6:33 am
fremont. >> that's very good call i was queuing up the latest live hi- def doppler radar and it indicates this particular time we are picking up numerous scattered showers and thinks the scenario through the afternoon. sol cells will have downpours -- some of the cells will have downpours in the form of heavy rain and potential for thunderstorms. let's zero in on this right there. you have rain scattered from about marin through san rafael making your track on highway 101in the southerly direction and trying to connect up with the golden gate bridge. plenty of rain and numerous showers increase from the clayton concord walnut creek area around 680 making your way into the san ramon area heading into the sunol grade. zero in on this. numerous moderate cells now developing around bay point around highway 4 as you connect up with 680 and make the tracks towards the pleasant hill area. so aid wet morning commute.
6:34 am
scattered showers existing around the peninsula where we have some delays at sfo on some arriving flights plenty of rain pushing in the peninsula this yellow highlighted area 9 counties which means flash flood watch in effect for today through the evening hours. for the entire bay area which means as you head out it is heads up. ponding on the roadways sideways very slippery a down tree at any point of the day. our soil is beyond saturated. rock and mud slights exist especially with more showers in the afternoon forecast. and the potential of a isolated thunderstorm. out the door you netted umbrella temperatures into the 40s and visibility issues now in santa rosa due to areas of fog that visibility now down to about a quarter of a mile. this area of low pressure of course well-off shore. front sliced through the bay area and when you see the cotton ball effect that's instability. and that means a pop up shower throughout the day today at any point of the day. and again we could see some possibilities of heavy
6:35 am
downpours. here's the afternoon forecast heading into the evening. rain and snow today. we will tell you how much more to expect that's coming up at about 48 after the hour but let's go over as the news continues with kenny and michelle. >> thank you. in lafayette major repair work outside a restaurant where a tree crashed down on several cars. >> kpx i-5 anne makovec is live. >> reporter: the tree is massive. look at this base of the trunk where it lifted from the ground. right near the building which is an italian restaurant and chamber of commerce and it came crashing down this way. luckily on the parking lot instead of the building. but you can see it crushed several cars. some of these are not damaged some of them are just trappedunder the branches but it's hard to tell the state of all of the vehicles because you can see there are so many leaves and so many branches still in the parking lot right
6:36 am
now. so later today they are going to have to chop this tree up and haul it away. in the meantime, yesterday, whenthis went down yesterday evening, there was a big party in the italian restaurant and they were celebrating the friend's 7 0th birthday party. >> there was a ton of cars in the parking lot and no one was in the car so everyone was super fortunate. >> reporter: yes so everybody seemed to have a good attitude certainly no one being injured was huge when it comes to this. but, a lot of people are going to need to be dealing with insurance drama to get the cars repaired. now, this is a eucalyptus tree and these are nonnative to california. they are prone to falling in storms because the wood is dense and the wood soaks up a lot of water plus it has a lot of restin which is the eucalyptus oil that is used in many things. there's concerns about this kind of tree and obviously this
6:37 am
one lived up to that hype. live in lafayette anne makovec. the same system brought more heavy snow to the sierra. last night whiteout conditions forced the closure of part of interstate 80 in placer county. it is back opened this morning. >> time is 6:37. to have you are going to head out -- if you are going head out the door let's check the mont morning commute with roqui. let's head over to highway 4 the normal hot spot of the morning and it's moving slowly but not as bad as it could be. you are moving at 23 miles per hour across highway 4 between antioch and pittsburgh commute. hillcrest 242 takes about 20 to 25 minutes or so not that bad. but once you go to the altamont pass that's where it gets worse. you're inching through at 15 miles per hour and we have reports of a pothole at the northland road causing major delays as well. so north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass up to 50 minutes so give yourself extra minutes. it frees up through livermore where we have a new closure to
6:38 am
tell you about due to the storms. we have flooding out there and crews are out there trying to clear it up for you. southbound 84 also known as isabel avenue closed between vineyard avenue and vallecitos road there are major slows down you can't see them because we don't have sensors but listen up avoid the jam on vineyard take eastbound concanyon boulevard to southbound holmes street to get to the area smoothly. moving over to another problem on 84 this one along the peninsula between grandview drive and skywood way it's under one way traffic control from the weeks of storms we have been having and headed into oakland a traffic alert southbound 13 before broadway terrace that is large pothole causing major trouble here. we have 5 cars that have been damaged so far so traffic is getting by in the right lane otherwise that left lane is blocked. now to you. >> thanks. a bay area lawmaker wants california schools to teach students about russia's attempts to influence the
6:39 am
november election. a a semmablyman levine has introduced a bill to require schools to include the topic in the curriculum. he says that he wants to make sure that "all california stewed will learn how they conspired to influence the presidential election to elect donald trump." as president trump begins his first full week in the oval office a group of legal scholars and former white house ethics attorneys are suing the new chief executive. earlier this month, president trump announced he plans to put his holdings into a trust controlled by his sons but will maintain an ownership stake the lawsuit being filed claims mr. trump is violating the constitution when his hotels and other businesses accept money from foreign governments. the suit is asking a federal court to order the president to stop taking such payments. over the weekend adviser kellyanne conway confirmed president trump will not release tax returns two california senators have proposed a new bill that would
6:40 am
require future prez presidential candidates to make their tax returns public before appearing on the ballot. two of president donald trump's most controversial cabinet mom knees are expected to get the green light. senate will likely vote to confirm kansas congressman mike pompeo as head of the cia and some democrats des agree with him on sur veil -- disagree with him on surveillance and other issues and they will vote on exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson's nomination for secretary of state. lawmakers he can pressed concerns about his past dealings with russia. 2 of president trump' cabinet picks have been confirmed defense secretary james mattis and homeland security secretary john kelly. in few hours the city of san francisco will officially have new police chief. bill scott is set to be sworn in this afternoon. last month the mayor announced that he had chosen scott to lead the police force. scott served as deputy chief of the los angeles police department and he replaces interim chief tony chaplain and
6:41 am
chief greg sur who resigned last may. 6:40. parts of southern california getting record setting rain sparking flash floods and trapping families inside their cars. and a good samaritan killed when he steps into stop an armed robbery at a jewelry store inside a packed mall. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:42 am
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6:44 am
rising. this morning the number of people killed in a destructive storm in georgia is still rising. at least 19 people are dead and after a string of tornadoes are a raff and the state in albany rescue crewser is rpd for -- searched for survivors late into the night and another tornado ripped through the mobile home park the severe weather system will move up the east coast bringing soaking rain and strong winds through tomorrow. flash flooding in southern california trapped a family inside the truck as it was
6:45 am
overtaken by rising waters. rescue crews tossed over life jackets before firefighters swam through the current to reach them. first out is the 2-year-old. crews then pulled out the other family members one by one. yahoo could be in trouble for how the company happenedeled data breaches. >> and apple could be building amultibillion dollar factory in the u.s. jason brooks has stories and much more in your cbs money watch report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the wall street journal is reporting that the securities and exchange commission is investigating the data breaches from yahoo and whether or not yahoo took too long in disclosing the data breaches to indevelopmentors. the one -- investors. the one in particular they are look at is the one in 2014 that affected a half billion accounts. yahoo didn't disclose that until last september. it later in december disclosed another even bigger breach that affected a billion users back
6:46 am
in 2013. now this could also impact verizon's 4.8 billion dollar takeover of yeah she web business. yahoo has to prove to verizon that the breachs have not impacteded its user numbers that could result in a big price cut for verizon on the deal. and verizon could just kill the deal out right. apple iphone manufacturer fox con is interested in building a big factory in the united states. fox con parent chairman told reporters that amel may be willing to invest in a dig police play factory in the united states employing between 30 and 50,000 workers that cost upwards of 7 billion dollars. there are no display manufacturers in the u.s. and apple can benefit from having that supply closer at hand. stock market opening flat this morning big board and see how we are doing in the early going. dow moving lower by 10 points and the nasdaq right now is currently moving up by 4 and s&p is down by 1 point.
6:47 am
michelle and kenny back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio thank you. another check on the the roads with roqui how is it looking. >> we have got potholes and slow traffic so let's look here first contracosta county hot spots to tell you b highway 4 the usual hot spot moving at 15 miles per hour. and expect delays on 242 and 680 in walnut creek. down to the altamont pass moving slowly here off 205 in tracy. 13 miles per hour along the way and goes up to 23 at northland road where we have a pot shoal right after northland -- pothole right after northland road in the left lane. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass taking 50 minutes frees up through livermore but trouble on highway 84 in livermore. southbound side of 84 isabel avenue is closed between vineyard avenue and vallecitos road due to flooding and they are trying to recover storm damage there are major slow downs and you can't see the sensors but believe me there are major slow downs to avoid
6:48 am
the jam on vineyard take eastbound canyon boulevard to southbound holmes street instead. avoid the dam on vineyard take eastbound concanyon and southbound holmes street. keep in mind oakland we have a traffic alert on southbound 13 so avoid that area if you can as well. roberta now to you. don't go away i wanted to share this i was sent this morning from my cousin in the long beach area and said look at this. perhaps you know well it's 7:10 in the l.a. area which is a very busy -- 710 in the l.a. area which is a busy freeway totally under water. is this amazing. good morning live hi-def doppler radar pick up rain showers in the bay area. we do have the light to moderate downpours and the showers will come more numerous in the the past 15 to 20 minutes. and millvale you know what i am talking about as you take the stretch on in along highway 1 connecting with 101 towards golden gate bridge into the
6:49 am
city of san francisco. east bay you have been getting pounded by rain from antioch into bay point and all this activity drifts off in a eastern direction. bretwood tracy also discovery bay oakley will hear some rain drops on your roof tops. clayton with light to moderate precipitation. more rain moving in off the west coast. and into the a nines lamaking treks towards 92 to highland-- okay so your morning commute is wet. flash flood watch in effect today all the way through the early evening hours for all 9 highlighted counties the entire bay area you see the red that's sonoma county also santa clara valley because we have some flooding that has been taking place. the bottom line is when you head out you will experience ponding on the roadways. slippery sidewalks and there will be saturated soil with potential of a down tree at any point of the day. glimmer of hope right there can you see it mostly cloudy skies
6:50 am
could happen to transamerica pyramid and bright lights of the estuary. see that right there, that's a core of the center of the area of low pressure the front slices through the bay area and overnight early hours of let's say saturday night to sunday but we are in the backside of that. that's instability when you see the cotton ball effect. we will pick up a pop-up shower throughout the day. some showers could have downpours and there's the potential of an isolated thunderstorm. so wet all the way through the evening commute. and that's why we have that flood watch in effect until 6:00. look what happens. tuesday, wednesday, drying out here more rain offshore thursday but we will keep it there. up to a quarter of an inch of rain throughout p town threw the next 24 hours half ionch in san rafael -- an inch in san rafael. and more rain is coming. scattered showers throughout the day. you netted umbrella but check this out, extended forecast once we get rid of a few linger
6:51 am
showers early tomorrow morning, it is a drying out period from tuesday afternoon all the way through the weekend. make it a great day. thank you. in san antonio several people are recovering from gunshot wound after a mall robbery turned deadly. police say the trouble started when two men tried to rob a kay jewelers outlet at rolling oaks mall in san and toono acording to o-- san antonio according to officials a good samaritan was killed when he tried to interrupt the robbery when he opened fire at other bystanders. the witness fired at the second suspect who is expected -- expected to arrive the second suspect was arrested a short time after the shooting. we will be right back. ,,,,,,
6:52 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. expected to be filed today ac
6:55 am
five things to know at 5 a federal lawsuit will be filed aqueuing the president of violating the cobbs tuesday but taking payments -- constitution by take payments from foreign governments he says he plans to put holdings in trust controlled by his sons but will maintain his ownership stake. the outs senate is expected to vote on two of president trump's cabinet nominees today. senate likely confirm congressman mike pompeo as head of the cia and senators will vote on rex tillerson's nomination for secretary of state. and this afternoon a judge will hand down pg&e's punishment in connection with the pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in san bruno. the utility was convicted of violating safety regulations and misleading investigators after the 2010 blast. maximum fine is 3 million dollars. oakland city council is expected to vote tonight on a measure to increase payments to tenants forced out of the homes. the move would nearly double the fee landlords are required to pay renters being evicted due to code violations.
6:56 am
the latest storm to hit the bay area is causing big problems up in sonoma county. intersection of highways 1 # 1 and 12 got -- 121 and 12 got swamped and a number of trees are come down including this without it's -- outside a restaurant in lafayette. >> reporter: i am jackie ward in fremont where search efforts will resume for a woman and her car. they had to be stopped because of this brush rushing water behind me. this is what's typically the alameda creek but today it's more like a river with a strong current. a car accident around 10:45 saturday morning caused an 18- year-old woman's car to plunge into the waters. according to two witnesses. by the time chp arrived on scene the car was fully submerged. water has been so interns it is dangerous for search and rescue divers to recover the car. >> they are making every possible effort to get into the creek but it's just with the weather right now we can't stop the flow of the water into the creek plus all the run off right now. it's not safe to be in there.
6:57 am
>> reporter: the alameda county sheriff office and fremont police department are handling the case and chp sphoacts determine what caused the accident when search crews find something so water levels have to be lowered a bit before divers can get back in there. chp says they plan on closing part of niles canyon road around 10 this morning until after the morning commute. and set up a command post. jackie ward kpix5. thank you so much for being out there for us. it's 6:57 let's look at your bay area morning commute. starting in marin vallejo novato commute on highway 37 another closure between 101 and atherton due to the storms 234r50eding for the a while. -- storms flooding out there for a while and chp is diverting traffic to get you back on 101. that's good news and heading across the golden gate bridge from marin county into the san francisco area that's a normal commute of 14 minutes. and now looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on expect 24 minutes between maze and downtown and
6:58 am
in oakland we have a chp traffic alert southbound 13 if that is part of your commute listen up before broadway a large pothole causing damage out there. so to avoid it go ahead and get on southbound 13 after broadway terrace use moraga instead. good morning. rise and shine and don't forget the umbrella strutting out the door. pop up showers at any point in the day and they have been coming more numerous as the morning progress. richmond hercules has the rain heading out of san leandro along 880 into oakland light to moderate rain showers. in off the pacific plenty of moderate rain showers now through the highlands back into redwood city and into san mateo. flash flood watch in effect until early this evening. you will be experiencing some ponding on the roadways. also, small stream and localized flash flooding is possible all the streams are just downright swollen. we have temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s a little fog in the santa rosa area with
6:59 am
scattered showers today potential of a thunderstorm temperatures in the 50s. and early shower lingering tomorrow possible otherwise sunny skies tuesday afternoon through your sunday. thank you. we know the teams in the super bowl and we now know who will sing the national anthem. >> luke bryan has been given the honor and broke the news on twitter. the 40-year-old country star tweeted "excited to perform the national anthem on npb -- n- gl's biggest -- nfl's biggest sustaining lady gaga will perform at halftime show. one. [audio not understandable] he danced and danced that's bennett who busted the moves after beating the stearls and grappled the pom poms and jumped up and down. >> he was happy. >> this is bennett's first super bowl so he got reason to celebrate right. >> i mean you know. >> pom poms are okay. >> he is not bad but he should keep his day job. >> after a full game and he had
7:00 am
that cardiobut now he is is like i am done. >> have a good day. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 23rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning": a dangerous flooding in california forces dramatic rescues and drives people out of their homes. severe storms pound the southeast after tornadoes and extreme weather killed at least 19 people. president trump will begin his first week in office by signing executive orders and meeting with congressional and business leaders. his new administration spent the weekend lashing out over the size of his inauguration crowd. samsung says it finally knows why so many of its notes 7 smart phones caught on fire. we have the results of a month-long investigation. we begin with a look at


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