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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and i'm kenny choi. we' ll finally get a chance to dry out today -- after what seems like a good morning. it's tuesday, january 24. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we'll finally get a chance to dry out today after what seems like an endless stream of storms. but you may still encounter rain out there this morning. [ coughing ] >> excuse me. there's still damage to clean up. this is moonraker restaurant in pacifica on saturday morning. a huge wave broke through the window and flooded the banquet hole. no one was inside at the time. the damage will cost up to $15,000. the coastline has taken a
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beating over the last few weeks. take a look at these waves. seacliff state beach down in aptos. in just a few hours, crews will try to recover a car from alameda creek. authorities believe they will also find the body of the 18- year-old driver inside the car. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live near the creek with an update on the search and recovery efforts. jackie. >> reporter: the recovery process all depends on the water level of the alameda creek that looks like a river lately. when we were here yesterday, we couldn't even see these rocks towards the riverbank. so it has subsided significantly and that's good news for what local and county agencies want to get done today. yesterday with the help of the driver's family and friends, search crews think they found the car that went into the water over the weekend. an 18-year-old girl from tracy was on highway 84 saturday when she collided with a car traveling in the opposite direction sending her car into the water. with drones, authorities could see two tires sticking out of
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the swells. the water level was deemed too dangerous to send dive teams in yesterday but the alameda county water district thought it would lower to make the process of getting this car out of the water a little safer and a little easier. still, that process could take several hours. it's going to start at 10 a.m. chp is closing niles canyon road also highway 84 until further notice. yesterday, they opened it back up for the evening commute. but today, that may not be the case depending on where they are in this recovery process. so drivers are asked to avoid this area if possible later today. in fremont, jackie ward, kpix 5. all right, thank you. now, let's check weather with roberta. >> a little bit of a break there with jackie ward is in the fremont area. no rain this morning there. but our live hi-def doppler radar still picking up plenty of precipitation due west of san francisco. also across the northern portion of our bay area. just spilling out of the santa rosa area. now taking a nosedive into
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petaluma on 101. a little snow at mount st. helena. right around sycamore avenue, some rain showers in that particular region. lower mark west creek continues to overspill its banks. so we have the flood warning in effect until 7:30 this morning. then hopefully we'll be picking up the pieces. we'll be sweeping out the mud and we'll be taking care of business because some will be building into the bay area. right now, low clouds, fog, stacked up next to the seashore. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures 37 in redwood city. we have a lot of cooler air filtering in with the cold front. 37 degrees in livermore, as well. otherwise, it's in the high 30s in san jose. so the front, the cold front, sliced through the bay area on sunday leaving in its wake a lot of instability and that's why we're picking up a batch of energy off the coast that will continue to swing in during the morning hours. once this passes, sunny skies, temperatures however on the cool side and then you toss in a wind up to 15 it's going to
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feel raw so you need the scarf and overjacket and umbrella. east bay numbers low and mid- 50s again a bit of a breeze late day. to the north partly cloudy skies into the 50s, as well. far reaches of the north bay, 50 lakeport, 48 clearlake as an afternoon high. sunshine, but one more shot of rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that 18 after the hour but right now, here's a very busy roqui. >> you are right, roberta. thank you. okay, it's 6:04. good news mass transit is back on time. no bart delays to worry about. but the bad news is the altamont pass. so let's take a look at the traffic here. look at that. you're inching your way through across the entire way at just 4 miles per hour and then 6 miles per hour once you hit north flynn road and this is all because of some roadwork on westbound 580 after a pothole yesterday and there's still time to repair it. it may be repaired during this
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6:00 hour. otherwise avoid the altamont pass if you can or just wait this traffic out if you can. if you do have to go out that way, go ahead and take patterson pass road instead. there are other alternates but they are backed up, as well. that's the best one for you right now. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you over two hours so again plenty of extra time on your morning commute this way. it frees up through livermore on to the dublin interchange where you will expect some slow traffic there. here's the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, expect a normal commute of 15 minutes between 880 and 101. and if you are traveling through oakland, a little fyi here, eastbound 24 connector ramp to southbound 13 is closed after a pothole from yesterday. now, we named this pothole steve according to the chp [chuckling] so roberta is laughing -- steve is going to be out there until noon today so we'll keep you posted on that and if you are traveling into downtown san francisco expect 18 minutes between the maze and downtown. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. today in san francisco,
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several female politicians are working to make sure that women's health services don't suffer under president trump's administration. anne makovec is here with the details on the message they have for mr. trump. >> they say they want to denounce president trump at this point. the other to commit to protecting women's healthcare against future cuts that might come from the administration. as we saw with this weekend's women's march, funding for reproductive healthcare is a major concern. participants say their message is unequivocal: they are just getting started! that's were san francisco supervisor hilary ronen and more than a dozen female elected leaders will introduce a new resolution today one that makes it clear that the federal government decides to cut the funding, san francisco will pay for it. >> these are not men's choices. these are women's choices and we need access to healthcare and contraception and abortion in order to be able to live the life that we wanted to live. >> reporter: more than a million people worldwide took
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to the streets the day after the inauguration in defense of women's rights. that's not including figures from the main march in washington, dc. supervisor ronen will announce it on the steps of city hall. >> why are they announcing this resolution before cuts are made? >> because the march was just mass therapy that it was more about emotions and expressions than accomplishments. today's resolution throws some of the discipline of normal party politics behind the movement. that being said, this is san francisco. nothing really applies. >> good point. thank you. president trump meets with the ceos of gm, ford and chrysler at the white house today. the meeting comes just a day after the president pulled the u.s. out of the trans-pacific partnership. the tpp is a free trade agreement with the u.s. and 11
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pacific rim countries. republican senator john mccain called it a mistake. bernie sanders praised the decision. some california farmers and ranchers are worried about the impact. >> much of our industry is export-based so opening up these partnerships around the world are so critically important for us to be able to take our products to other places. >> one group in particular that could suffer, almond farmers. california produces about 83% of the world's almonds. 80% of those are exported. senate committees are expected to vote on four more of president trump's cabinet picks today. last night mike pompeo was sworn in as the new cia direct after being confirmed. senator rand paul was the only republican to vote no. and there will not be a second confirmation hearing for education secretary nominee betsy devos. democrats requested another
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hearing after they were cut off before a second round of questioning last week. senator lamar alexander though leads the committee in charge of her confirmation rejected it says that she met with each committee member individually. the executives behind could face more charges. they are scheduled to appear in a sacramento courtroom today. prosecutors compared the website to an online brothel. the allegations are that some of the victims on the site are children. the men who run the website are already facing charges of money laundering and pimping. milpitas police are trying to track down these men seen entering a backyard on eagle ridge drive. the surveillance video from last wednesday shows one of the suspects holding what officers believe is a shotgun. police also believe the suspects are behind a prowling incident earlier the same day in san jose. ♪[ music ] new claims that the fire which killed dozens of party- goers in oakland didn't start in the ghost ship warehouse. >> and why some people will
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have to wait longer this year to get their tax refunds from the percent. -- from the irs. it is still raining! good morning from the kpix weather center. our live hi-def doppler radar will show you where you need that umbrella today, but i'll show you some sunshine. >> and the bay area's mostly off to a good start, but the altamont pass if you are heading that way, you are in trouble and i'll tell you why when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the severe weather that devestated communities in the good morning. 6:13 on this tuesday. welcome to january 24. this is the view from the transamerica pyramid. we're looking due east toward the estuary of oakland. the bright lights of the port of oakland,. no visibility issues although we have rain in the morning forecast. the weather is coming up. the severe weather that devastated communities in the
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south is pummeling the atlantic coast. some spots in new jersey and new england have already experienced significant flooding. road crews in new england spent the night preparing for the worst. utility workers are also on standby with widespread power outages anticipated and some areas could see hurricane force wind gusts topping 75 miles an hour. families across the southeast are in mourning after deadly tornadoes ripped through the region over the weekend. at least 41 twisters touched down in southern states. at least 20 people were killed. millions of people could have their tax refunds delayed this year. it's all because of a new law to try to cut down on fraud. the irs says it will give them more time to verify the returns. the delay will affect people who claim the earned income or additional child credits. the refunds will be held until after february 15. oakland city council just passed an ordinance that would significantly increase the sum renters get when their building
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doesn't live up to code. it received support from several community groups and mayor libby schaaf. the measure follows the deadly ghost ship fire which killed 36 people in early december. the defense team for the building's chief tenants has a new theory about the cause of the fire. the group representing derick ion almena says they have a reliable report that the fire started in an adjacent building. derick ion almena's attorney claims the fire marshal couldn't conclude where the fire originated and their report should clear their client of charges. no conclusions about the fire's origin has been reached, according to the fire marshal. let's check traffic and weather. we are going to go to traffic first. [ laughter ] >> i do have good news for you. well, sort of good news. i guess. the altamont pass is still extremely heavy conditions here. but the roadwork is done. they did complete it.
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it was in the 6 a.m. hour. so that monte, pothole is fixed but your at 7 miles an hour so north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass is still almost 2.5 hours now. so still expect delays avoid the area and take patterson pass if you have to go that route as an alternate. rom hayward to foster city, 880 to 101, on the san mateo bridge you have a slow commute of about 20 minutes between 880 and 101 into the peninsula. and it's looking good on the nimitz from 238 in san leandro to the maze, normal commute of 15. eastbound 24 connector to southbound 13 still closed from steve the sinkhole from yesterday as chp named it. we're naming sinkholes now apparently here so this should open by noon today but no guarantees so we'll keep an eye on that for you and if you are heading into downtown san francisco here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. they did turn on early this
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morning because we had an earlier crash that caused some delays but the maze to downtown is now 20 minutes. that's traffic. roberta, how's it looking over there? >> we still have rain showers in the north bay this morning so you do need that umbrella. good morning, everyone. our live hi-def doppler radar is up and running. it's accurate. we're picking up precipitation primarily around novato now. it's streaming east towards el sobrante, hercules no rain there. but did you a little bit earlier this morning. marinwood will start to hear the raindrops on the rooftops within the next 10 minutes. we also have a new batch of energy pushing in from the pacific towards the golden gate bridge so we'll keep an eye on that. flood warning in effect for the next couple of hours still for the mark west creek in central sonoma county where the river there -- it used to be a creek, it's a river now -- has overspilled its banks. this is our january rainfall. if you feel like it's rained about every day, you are right. over 300% of where we should be
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in the north bay and inland. san francisco approaching 300%. we're doing fantastic but continue to conserve. mostly cloudy skies. we even have some areas of low clouds and fog drifting next to the seashore. otherwise, you need the umbrella out the door this morning. most places will not see the rain primarily north bay is the target. this is lingering activity. a lot of cooler air mass is in place with the passage of the front that slices through the bay area on sunday and in its wake, we have a lot of instability. temperatures into the 30s and 40s. so the lingering showers will persist and then we'll have high pressure nestle in, sunny skies this afternoon. you will need your sunglasses. but still, it's raw today. here's the core off the coast. it will continue to take a nosedive south. as it does, the skies will gradually clear. here's your futurecast. by lunchtime, good-looking afternoon. a bit breezy late day but nonetheless it won't be raining and then wednesday we'll be dry from the top to the bottom from the morning commute to the evening commute.
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increasing clouds during the late evening hours on thursday with that chance of a north bay shower. otherwise,it's going to be dry friday through the weekend. getaway weather today 50s in the central valley. 55 monterey bay. 30 degrees a few leftover flurries in the high sierra. bluebird sky for wednesday. if you get to tahoe for the weekend, it's just epic, can't remember the last time we have ever seen so much snow. 7:19 official sunrise. 5:25 sunset. good-looking day after the rain peter out in the north bay. temperatures into the 50s. here's your extended forecast. we do call for sunshine wednesday, clouding up thursday, briefly. sunny skies return on friday through monday. so it's a slight interruption in our dry weather pattern on thursday. make it a great day. kenny and michelle? >> thank you. well, a young man in boston is facing multiple charges after police say he pulled a hotel fire alarm to wake up an nfl football team. >> yeah. dennis harrison is accused of
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messing with the sweep cycle of the pittsburgh steelers. crowds gathered in front of the logan hilton at 3 a.m. after the alarm went blaring. harrison a patriots fan told state police he was drunk and acting on a dare just to rile up the competition. now many on social media are calling harrison a legend and a local hero. i'm dennis o'donnell. if three goals is a hat trick, what do you call four goals? a san jose shark wants know this morning. and the warriors go down to the final shot in south beach. the finish coming up. ,,
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good morning. pat mcmarleau has been in the sharks organization for almost two decades and last night did something in hockey that hadn't been done for almost two
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decades. only player older than patrick marleau, on that roster, joe thornton. tied at one against the avalanche, marleau the first goal on the redirect. three minutes later he wraps it around the pipe goal number 2. then right out of the penalty box, a natural hat trick. sharks take a 4-1 lead. his first hat trick since 2011. patrick wasn't done. he beat the rookie martin for number 4. the first player in the league to score four in a period since mario lemieux in 1997. that's called a haul. four goals is called a haul. sharks win and marleau was brimming with emotion. >> give us a little thought on tonight's third period. >> everything seemed to click there in the third and some really good plays by a lot of different players and able to finish 'em off. >> he is the most interesting man in the world! >> the miami heat, they are one of the worst teams in the nba right now. facing the warriors last night,
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heat up with 15 seconds to go, not anymore. kevin durant just tied the game. now, waders got a chance to send the fans home happy. klay thompson in his face, but not close enough. later buried the go-ahead shot. warriors'7-game win streak over in south beach. 105-102. i deal conditions down under for the australian open. venus williams in straight sets. she has yet to drop a set in the tournament and at 36, she becomes the oldest player since the reagan administration to reach the semi finals at the australian open. in fact, venus has only made the finals down under one time in 2003 and she was beaten by her sister serena, who by the way, is also still alive at the australian open. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. appears to be doubling down on an unsubstantiated claim made repeatedly on the campaign trail.
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reporter ad libs ♪[ music ] it is 6:25. president trump is doubling down on a claim made on the campaign trail. >> the water in the alameda creek here in fremont looks like it's lowered significantly overnight. and that's good news for search crews who need to recover a car that plunged into the water over the weekend. ,, welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by the centers for disease control and prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. diabetes is a growing epidemic in this country affecting more than 29 million people. the management of diabetes can be overwhelming to some. i am joined by dr. ann albright director of the cdc's division of diabetes translation who lives with diabetes every day and has to manage it. you know, what's the hardest part, ann, of managing diabetes? >> i lived with diabetes most
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of my life. it absolutely takes effort to live with diabetes. you have to pay attention to your food, being active, taking your medications. everything you do to manage it is worth it. >> you have to embrace the lifestyle, right? >> that's right. >> one in three americans may develop this at some point in their lives. there are things you can do to lessen your chance of getting type ii and to make living with diabetes easier. walk us through those. >> in taking care of diabetes, it is critical that you are establishing healthy lifestyle habits. eating healthy, getting less sugar and salt, being physically active, working closely with your healthcare provider, be sure to take medicines as prescribed. certainly check your blood sugar regularly. it is absolutely critical that you get diabetes self management education. that's really the key to learning to live well with diabetes. >> you say everyone needs to know their abcs. >> a1c is a blood test that
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let's you know how your blood sugar control has been. get your blood pressure checked. get your cholesterol checked. stop smoking and never start if you haven't. >> try to find the support of an educator and a group like the diabetes self management education program and involve your family as well, right? >> absolutely. you need to be sure your family is involved and that they also get the support they need. >> ann, thank you so much. it is a team effort and that does include family and friends. there are wonderful diabetes educators and online support groups to help you keep on track. i am joan lunden. thanks for joining us. >> sponsored by naccd with support from the centers people along with two cats are found dead inside a home...
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police in one bay area city have a mystery on their hands after two people along with two cats are found dead inside a home. >> protecting women's healthcare, a resolution today inspired by the weekend marches. >> we are still monitoring rain in the bay area but i'm talking sunshine. i'll tell you when to expect it. >> and we have had miserable commutes across some parts of the bay area. more coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, january 4. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. a few lingering showers in the bay area this morning, but the worst seems to be over. taking a live look outside at a blurry golden gate bridge, this is from vista point. you can see some cars stacking up there. the rest of the bay area roads are pretty slow. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency to help with flood clean-up. federal aid could help with
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repairs on the roads and highways. along this two mile stretch in novato is closed officials hoping to open it by saturday. a little farther inland we saw some hail. this is what it look like in half moon bay. as you can see, hail was bouncing off someone's trampoline. >> hail in half moon bay! [ laughter ] >> don't see that very often. i was sharing that picture with you yesterday and then again this morning, remember? it looked like snow in half moon bay. we also had video out of redwood city from liza battalones and a picture from richard lewis an he had -- it look like snow at sfo. but it was hail. it had just accumulated there. i said, snow at sfo elevation 37 feet and 47 degrees? i don't think so. but it looked like. >> it looked like it in the sunshine. >> we do have some sunshine in the forecast later on this afternoon but first we still have some showers in the northern portion of our bay
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area according to our live hi- def doppler radar. there you have it. when you have green on the screen, we have our radar up and operating and there you have the precipitation. it continues to drift in a southerly direction. petaluma you know what i'm talking about, you had the rain it moved out. oh, look it just moved out of the christie area. we had rain there, too. central sonoma county it continues to flood due to the lower mark west creek. and that warning is up until 7:30 this morning. high pressure is trying to nestle it. if you look very carefully, you can see a break in the clouds out there. meanwhile, we have a deck of low clouds and fog stacked up next to the seashore. a lot of cool air in place. the end result is a cool morning. no reports of any local airport delays. again, we do have the center of the core of the center of the area of low pressure from that front that sliced through the bay area on sunday, it is now out of here. but the core continues to just rotate off the coast. that's why we have a lot of
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instability. that's why we have the morning showers. but that will move out. the sunshine will build in. temperatures today pretty uniform. low and mid-50s across the board from the coast to our inland areas. north bay stacking up at 50 in stinson beach. so even though we will have some sunshine, partly cloudy conditions this afternoon, it will feel downright raw at times when you toss in the wind up to 15 miles per hour. 48 degrees, that's a high in clearlake. so we have a string of sunshiny days to come except for one notable interruption. we'll have that seven-day forecast coming up. but right now, we are going to send it to the woman who names her own potholes. >> no, no, no, roberta. you named my pothole! [ laughter ] >> not me. and chp named the other one. but that's okay. so let's go ahead and start with the san leandro area. westbound 580 connector to northbound 238 a stalled car causing delays but otherwise looking good in the area. so that's good news here but if you are taking 880 to the san mateo bridge that's slow
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between hayward and foster city. 880 to 101 will take you about 25 minutes or so. moving over now to the major hot spot, miserable commute of the morning, all morning long, since yesterday there's a pothole out there. it's now repaired. which is the good news within the 6 a.m. hour but this residual backup is still here and you're moving at just 5 miles per hour along the way. once you hit north flynn road where the pothole was to about 25 miles per hour so expect about over 2.5 hours if you are heading to the altamont pass. you want to avoid it which i do suggest, go ahead and take patterson pass road instead or just wait it out if you can. okay. moving over now to the south bay how's it looking out there? 101 northbound is the only slowdown we have to worry about here. 280/680 split to highway 237 will take you about 14 minutes. otherwise, you're looking good on 280 and 87 northbound. mass transit another bright spot of the morning, all trains are on time. ace on time. muni and caltrain on time, as
6:34 am
well. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. later this morning, crews hope to recover a car from alameda creek. they also believe that the 18- year-old driver is still inside. kpix 5's jackie ward is live near niles canyon road with details on the search this morning. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, so the search and recovery teams who have been working along alameda creek for the past few days believe that part one is complete, finding the car in the water. now today is all about getting that car out of the water. high water level prevented dives teams from going in yesterday. but the drone with the help of the driver family and friends led crews to believe they found the car that went into the creek on saturday morning. from chopper 5 we can see people on the bridge who knew the driver doing anything they could to find the car. >> you see the determination on their faces to find their daughter. it's very moving. um, and that determination and
6:35 am
that love for her is what helped find that car today, absolutely, literally throwing a rock out there and -- and hitting what appeared to be a car and, um, that allowed to us focus our attentions. >> reporter: the sheriff's office presumes the woman is still in her car. so the goal today is to try to recover the car and hopefully bring the teen's family closure. the recovery process will take hours. chp will be closing niles canyon road or highway 84 after the morning commute at 10 a.m. they are asking drivers to avoid the area if possible. in fremont, jackie ward, kpix 5. are they saying anything about what may have caused the accident yet? >> they are trying to get the water out of the water but on highway 84 there have been a lot of mudslides, rockslides and, of course, rain. so that has made the roads
6:36 am
slick and chp will be taking all of that into consideration during the investigation. back to you. this just in. president trump will sign executive orders to move forward with a keystone and dakota access oil pipeline. both had stalled under president obama under pressure from environmentalists. he will sign the orders in an hour and a half. meanwhile, mr. trump is not backing away from his allegations that millions of people illegally voted against him. sources told cnn and the "associated press" that the president repeated his claim yesterday. mr. trump stated that the reason he lost the popular vote was due to as many as 5 million illegal votes. it happened during a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers. the president has not provided any evidence of his assertion. today in san francisco, several female politicians are calling out president trump over women's health services. anne makovec is here to spell out why they are taking this time to send him this message. >> reporter: well, for the
6:37 am
first time in 22 years, there is a female majority on the san francisco board of supervisors. so today, we are going to see some of them putting some teeth behind their concerns with the new resolution. as we saw with this weekend's women's march, funding for reproductive healthcare has been a real rallying cry. participants say they are just getting started. that's why san francisco supervisor hilary ronen and more than a dozen female elected leaders will introduce a resolution that makes it clear that the federal government decides to cut funding, san francisco will pay for it. >> and what we're saying with this resolution is we will do whatever it takes whether it's finding new revenue sources, whether it's using the general fund here in the city, to maintain our universal coverage for women's health services here in san francisco. >> reporter: more than a million people worldwide took to the streets the day after the inauguration in defense of women's rights and gender
6:38 am
equity and that's not including figures from the main march in washington, dc. supervisor ronen will announce the new resolution this morning on the steps of city hall. >> so anne, how are some of the participants trying to keep the momentum going from the weekend? >> several ways. a lot of them trying to contact their congressional representatives. others are getting involved with local causes they care about, volunteering or donating and there's a big push to get women involved in political office as those that already hold powerful positions try to do what they can to protect a progressive agenda like we're seeing in san francisco today. >> all right, anne, thank you. san francisco police are looking for the couple involved in a violent home invasion. it happened around 11 p.m. friday not far from golden gate avenue and webster. the 66-year-old victim says the man and woman forced their way inside her home. the men threatened her with a knife while the woman ransacked the place. so far no arrests have been made. and police in berkeley are trying to figure out how a couple and their cats died.
6:39 am
a friend discovered their bodies inside an apartment complex yesterday and police say there isn't any evidence of a struggle or suspicious activity. they have ruled out the possibility of a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. we all hear about how expensive it is to live in the bay area. and one city in our region just became the home to one of the most expensive housing markets on earth. it isn't san francisco. according to a survey san jose is the fifth most unaffordable major city in the world. it's behind hong kong, sydney, vancouver and auckland. by the way, median home prices in san jose are about $1.1 million. time now 6:39. san francisco's new police chief officially on the job. how he says they will handle the city's tricky political situation. ,,,,
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6:43 on this january 24. we are still picking up rain showers in the northern portion of our bay area. you need the umbrella out the door but you will need your sunglasses later today. we'll talk about the sunshine, we'll talk about rain, we'll talk about traffic and weather in less than four minutes. president trump is meeting with auto leader industries. >> and the deal between yahoo and verizon could take longer than expected. kcbs financial reporter jason brooks explains in our cbsmoneywatch report. >> reporter: good morning. yahoo did something unexpected. it topped earnings expectations for the 4th quarter. it made a profit the 4th quarter whereas a year earlier
6:44 am
yahoo was losing money. it's been a struggle for the company but most importantly for yahoo is its $4.8 billion takeover by verizon. yahoo says it now plans to close on that deal in the 2nd quarter. it originally thought it would do so in the current quarter. but yahoo has some extra work to do to prove to verizon thattists massive data breaches that it disclosed at the end of 2016 have not hurt its use your base. if so verizon could seek a discount on the deal or potentially kill it entirely. shares in yahoo are moving up in the early going today. president trump is meeting with the ceos of general motors, ford and fiat chrysler at the white house this morning. and he is pressing them to be the leaders in growing the u.s. manufacturing base. all three of those automakers have recently made announcements about expanding plants in the u.s. and growing their job bases here in the u.s., as well. stock market off to a pretty flat start this morning. let's go to the big board and
6:45 am
see hour we' doing so far. the dow started out positive and it's up by about a point. well off 20,000 at the moment. nasdaq is gaining 13. the s&p is up 3. all three automakers are also positive in the early going. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. later today, we could learn more about the future of california's carbon pollution tax. businesses that are trying to get rid of the tax are presenting their arguments in the state's appeals court. currently the state places a limit on emissions and reduces the cap over time. supporters of the tax say this is one of the country's biggest efforts to combat climate change. after being without a permanent leader for eight months, the san francisco police department now has a new top cop. chief william scott was sworn in yesterday. he had a chance to sit down with our phil matier. >> biggest challenge facing you coming in? >> earning the respect and trust of our officers. >> chief scott is wasting no time getting down to business.
6:46 am
he is expected to lead the department through a reform process started under his predecessor which includes tracking officers' use of force. >> san francisco's probably the most political city you're ever going to be in. how are you going to handle it all? >> just like you always handled it. i -- i politics are part of this business. but i try to [ indiscernible ] sometimes that lands you in a good or d place. >> scott was appointeby mayor lee st month after former chief greg suhr resigned last year. new this morning, a person was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car in san jose. it happened a few hours ago on tully road. the victim is seriously injured and the driver stayed on scene to answer questions after the accident. 6:46. potholes have been creating a lot of problems for drivers this morning. >> thank you, kenny. let's take a look first at the
6:47 am
golden gate bridge. a quick trip and then get to the potholes. looking good on the marin county commute for those of you heading that way and across the span of the bay bridge, expect a 30-minute drive from the maze to downtown. this has been stacked up ever since an earlier crash on the incline. so we are recovering from that. so give yourself some extra time there to get into downtown san francisco. traveling in oakland eastbound 24 connector ramp to southbound 13, this is closed from a pothole yesterday. chp named this pothole steve. okay, roberta and kenny and michelle? this is steve the pothole, it should be out there until noon today. here's a look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, 880 to 101 will now take you about 26 minutes. so things are slowing down on the peninsula commute heading that way. here's a look at 4, you're moving at just 30 miles per hour between antioch and pittsburg. down to the altamont pass where our second pothole story is monte the pothole according to
6:48 am
roberta is here and it's now repaired so that's good but we have over 2.5-hour drive from north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass so really i suggest you just avoid the altamont pass altogether. just try to wait it out if you can. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. >> i just find it amazing i have never heard caltrans name a pothole before. maybe we have so many around the bay area right now that's how you kind of figure out which one is in which area? i have only heard of naming storms. we don't have any storms in the forecast just lingering showers. we'll take a bird's-eye view of this. live, wow, just stop what you're doing and take a look at this, isn't this beautiful? yes. it's our live weather camera look towards the skyline of san francisco. we are seeing a little glimmer of hope there. a little bit of clearing of the skies. but our live hi-def doppler radar still picking up some precipitation around novato dry in marinwood but you have seen some raindrops, as well. san rafael dry, larkspurs a little bit of light rain for sunol same. for the most part we have one warning in effect in addition to the high surf advisory.
6:49 am
and this is for the lower mark west creek. and that's because we do have overflooding of the banks. now, meanwhile rainfall totals, if you think it's been raining just about every day in january, you're spot on! take a look at where we are for this time of the year over 300% of average in the bayside and inland areas. this is our live weather camera looking towards the eastbay the estuary where currently it's 43. otherwise it's 37 degrees apiece in redwood city and in livermore. a lot of cooler air has filtered into the san jose area as well with the passage of sunday's cold front. we're on the back side of it now. a lingering morning shower or two and then stash the umbrella, sunshine returns later this afternoon partly cloudy. and then we'll have more sunny days in the horizon than rainy days except for one day. that seven-day forecast is coming up. the have of the core of the center of the area of low pressure is anchored offshore even though the front sliced through the bay area on sunday so a lot of instability, that's where we're picking up the hit- and-miss showers.
6:50 am
futurecast places our afternoon on the dry side all the way through wednesday. increasing clouds thursday, mostly cloudy thursday, a slight chance of a far north bay shower, that's about it. otherwise, for your "getaway tuesday" central valley 50s. 30 degrees in the high sierra, once we get rid of the flurries today bluebird skies for wednesday epic skiing for the weekend with the sunny skies. 50s today across the board, pretty uniform low and mid-50s. a breeze up to 15 making it feel raw. extended forecast calls for sunshine wednesday, cloudy thursday, it is a benign dry weather pattern friday through monday. enjoy your tuesday. roberta, thank you. and in the tahoe area, snowy conditions could have proved very dangerous for two drivers after their car was trapped by an avalanche. it happened along highway 89 between alpine meadows road and tahoe city. the two men dialed 911 but
6:51 am
instead of panicking the former boy scouts kept their cool and took selfies and discussed their awkward dilemma on facebook live. >> i guess it's a nice lesson to not have to pay for blood. >> first responders only took about 45 minutes to rescue the men. both survivors say their boy scout experience helped them keep calm. time now 6:51. president trump is sitting down with ceos of automakers. he is moving forward with two new oil pipelines. >> reporter: in a few hours, search and recovery teams will be back out here on alameda creek to see how the water levels are looking. they hope it receded so they can recover a car. ,, pbpbt mu
6:52 am
- [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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6:55 am
more of the president's cabinet picks will begin the confirmation process today... yesterday -- mike pompeo was sworn in as the new cia director ive things to know at the :55. more of the president's cabinet picks begin the confirmation process today. yesterday mike pompeo was sworn in as the cia. president trump meets with the ceos of gm, ford and chrysler at the white house as part of his push to keep jobs in the country. sources tell us president trump will sign orders to move forward with the keystone and dakota access oil pipelines later this morning. and today women across san francisco will stand up against president trump and commit to protecting women's healthcare.
6:56 am
more than a dozen female elected leaders will introduce a new resolution that says if the federal government cuts funding for women's health, the city will pay. police hope an autopsy will help them figure out how a couple and their two cats died inside a berkeley home. police say there isn't any evidence of a struggle or suspicious activity. they have also ruled out the possibility of a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. the atlantic coast now seeing some of the same severe weather that killed 20 people in the southeast over the weekend. some spots in new jersey and new england have already experienced significant flooding and there could be hurricane-force winds topping 75 miles per hour. i'm jackie ward live from niles canyon in fremont where search crews will soon return to hopefully retrieve what they believe is the car that careened into the alameda creek. that's when an 18-year-old
6:57 am
whose friends and family identified her as jada general electric quinoas on the way to visit family in menlo park. her car hit another car sending her into the alameda screen. with helps of people who know jayda jenkins, search crews located what they think is her car. they will determine whether the water is low enough for a safe recovery effort. this morning, water levels definitely seem to be down from yesterday. we can see rocks today that we weren't able to see yesterday. niles canyon road is closed today. chp wants to make room for emergency vehicles. and unlike yesterday, they may not re-open until the evening commute so avoid the area. in fremont, jackie ward, kpix
6:58 am
5. okay. it's 6:56. let's check the altamont pass. week struggling since yesterday. -- we have been struggling since yesterday because of a pothole that's been repaired but the residual backups remain and very slow drives. over 2.5 hours for the altamont pass. so avoid it. give yourself some extra time if you can. otherwise, livermore is looking good. if you are traveling into the peninsula, hayward into foss, that's up to 30 minutes. so expect slow commute for your peninsula drive as well along the san mateo bridge. and if you are traveling for mass transit we have a delay on the pittsburg-bay point line on bart 10 minutes late. ace, muni and caltrain on time. it's not, it is not safe to leave home without an umbrella! we still have our live hi-def doppler radar picking up precipitation across the north y, ao streaming across just about the golden gate bridge into lincoln boulevard. and we have had raindrops around the richmond district
6:59 am
into the western addition. this is our live weather camera looking towards the estuary of oakland and the port of oakland with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures 37 in redwood city, livermore. chilly start to the day. these showers will be pushing out during the morning hours leaving us with partly cloudy skies and our temperatures pretty much in the 50s from the coast all the way into our inland areas. north bay you, too will have the 50s, partly cloudy skies. roberta, thank you. the oscar nominations are officially out. >> the academy released them this morning. "la la land" got the most with 14 nominations. that ties the record previously set by titanic and all about eve. meryl streep gotter who 20th oscar nomination for her role in florence foster jenkins and some other nominees are denzel washington and others. a little bit of love for oakland native marshall ali,
7:00 am
saint mary's alum, best supporting actor nominee. >> very cool. >> ryan reynolds nominated for dead pool fun any. love that guy. it is tuesday, january 24, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. president trump meets with leaders of auto. a deadly storm, strong winds, heavy rains and ice knock out power and cause travel chaos. plus a satellite could help predict when dangerous storms will hit. we'll take a closer look. >> we begin with a look


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