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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 25, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> in pitch black conditions tonight, an all-out search for a missing quickener -- kayaker in the san francisco bay. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. the missing man is 32-year-old kenneth maldonado of san jose. his kayak capsized near the bridge. firefighter called off the search tonight, but the coast guard continues their search
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this hour. andria borba is in fremont. >> reporter: tonight, rescue crews on the san francisco bay have recovered a kayak and a life vest but not the 32-year- old man they belonged to. the call came around 430 this afternoon when one of the men on the water texted his girlfriend that his buddy was missing. thus, the search in the cold waters of san francisco bay began. drones and the u.s. coast guard helicopter looked but have not found a heat signature. rescue crews have been searching in the water in a grid pattern looking for any sign of the man. >> making a box, then a smaller box and smaller box. the shallow water craft now are working close to the east side shores and the west side shores to see if we can find anybody there. >> reporter: the conditions are abysmal for searching and
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survival. black murky water hovering between 45 and 50 degrees. >> we have the flood tide. we have no moon, so no natural moonlight. >> reporter: the search went on nearly six hours out here. but on top of everything else, many of the crews searching for many than were the came crews out in niles canyon looking for a car and teenager in alameda creek. andria borba, kpix5. in alameda county, investigators recovered this car that plunged into the alameda creek. tonight, still no sign of the 18-year-old driver. they are expanding the search area. it includes the entire length of alameda creek all the way to the san francisco bay. the driver, jada jenkins, swerved off niles canyon road. >> until i find her, she is coming home. >> we have different marine
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patrol units out now including our own sheriff's patrol marine unit checking the bay areas and we will come upstreamened a. we are also working downstream. >> reporter: search crews did not find the teenager's body inside the car. they did discover the driver's seat unbuckled. crews pulled the car out of the alameda creek this afternoon. police closed niles canyon road during the search and reopened at 6:00 tonight. the tweet from president trump. big day planned on national security tomorrow. among other things, we will build the wall. kpix5's joe vasquez is in our news room tonight. joe, mr. trump is taking more executive action. >> reporter: he will make his announcement from the homeland security department. he is planning to lay out his immigration plan to target sanctuary cities. >> we will build the wall. >> reporter: that was the campaign promise, and now trump is expected to announce details of the wall he will build on
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the border with mexico. it is not clear if there is a plan for mexico to actually pay for it. he is expected to announce a plan restricting immigration from some muslim countries. earlier today, the president told auto executives he was going the streamline environmental regulations. >> i am to a large extent an environmentalist. i believe in it. but, it is out of control. and we are going to make a very short process. >> reporter: the president also signed an executive order today reviving two controversial pipeline projects that had been halted by the obama administration including the dakota access pipeline that sparked protests because it crossed sacred native american land. >> we will see if we can get the pipeline built. >> reporter: it is a possible conflict of interest as president trump announced he had stock in the company building the pipeline. the white house says he has sold the stock, but has not provided any evidence that is true. >> i don't think think is much more they can do to shock us. >> reporter: george is an
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indigenous activist from oakland. he was on the front line that endured attacks from security officers, fire hoses and dogs. >> they will be surprised. we have seen one of the largest marchs and gatherings in history. just this past weekend. and, i think theyly be shocked by the level of indigenous resistance meeting them. >> reporter: back to the immigration announcement. trump will specifically target sanctuary cities. that could mean oakland, san jose, san francisco, other bay area cities stand to lose a lot of federal money. san francisco alope could see a billion dollars taken away. in the news room, joe vasquez, kpix5. president trump is doubling down on his accusations of voter fraud. the white house is claiming trump lost the popular vote in the election because as many as 5 million people voted illegally. >> i think he stated his concerns of voter fraud and people voting illegally during
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the campaign. he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him. >> the association that studies officials says it is not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by president trump. governor jerry brown is taking on president trump and his state of the state speech today in san francisco. he emphasized his pledge to protect immigrants. >> californians have come from mexico and other countries to make our state what it is. vibrant, turbulent, and a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. we will protect everyone. every man, woman, and child who has come here and contributed to the well being of our state. >> governor brown did give president trump praise for pledging a trillion dollars to public works across the country. more questions in the
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mysterious death of a berkeley couple in their home. their bodies were discovered yesterday in the apartment. both of their cats were dead as well. so far, investigators have ruled out foul play, but still have no clues as to what killed them. police say until they get the autopsy reports, cause of death will remain a mystery. a water polo player accused of sexual assault will not face charges. there is insufficient evidence. two students came forward last september to report they had been raped by a freshman water polo player. they claim it happened at an off campus house party over labor day weekend. the athlete could still face discipline and expulsion with the university. this comes after brock turner was released from jail after serving three months for sexual assault. the case drew outrage and inspired new legislation for sexual assault cases. a big blow to catholic
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schools in oakland. several are set to close their doors and parents and students say they were blind sided by the news. >> reporter: parents i spoke to told me they had heard rumbles of financial trouble from the oakland archdiocese, but they heard five of the schools will be closing with very little notice. >> there was no warning. no announcement. >> reporter: instead, maya williams had to find out her third grader's school was closing from television. >> i don't think parents should find out about this on tv or twitter. >> reporter: but that is how many parents here discovered that five schools in the oakland diocese are shutting down. there was very little communication before they sent out a press release announcing the school us including three in oakland would all shutter at the end of the school year.
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>> the schools all serve predominantly children of color. >> reporter: they blamed declining enrollment on a larger problem. a lack of transparency and failure of leadership. >> leadership has been lacking in a lot of areas here. >> reporter: taylor agrees. >> i honestly just want answers for everything. >> reporter: they hope to get answers at a town mall meeting held here tonight for the parents and the students. media was in the allowed inside, but the diocese said in the press release last week it had made major efforts to increase enrollment but cannot project a successful return to sufficient enrollment. the parents feel powerless. >> it is done. so, we are just trying to figure out what to do next. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> police say these prowlers are sneaking into bay area backyards armed with a shotgun. tonight, we will tell you where they have been spotted. and a tahoe resort is closed after a ski patroller died in an explosion.
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tonight, the new technology meant to prevent this kind of tragedy. >> a train tore this fedex truck in half. who is to blame for this crash? tonight, we learned what went wrong.
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they' >> tonight, milpitas police are looking for a pair of armed prowlers. they are hoping someone will recognize them from these surveillance photos. you can see them here. one has a shotgun following the other one carrying large items. there were at least two calls to police last week about the prowlers prowler lurking in backyards. one came from eagle ridge drive. police believe they hopped a fence and then a resident from lisbon court made a call about two people they believe may have been the same prowlers. anyone with information is asked to call the police. a woman who just moved to california disappeared after leaving her home to run an errand.
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tonight, reporter tom tells us they are picking up clues about her disappearance. >> somebody picked up her phone. >> reporter: that was the moment steve stacey and his wife feared their daughter 28- year-old laura stacey was in real danger. she has not been seen since sunday. her phone was picked up by a complete stranger. the woman who found it reached out to laura's family. >> they found the phone. we started calling the lapd. >> reporter: they made a beeline from their home in colorado and spent the day posting flyers and looking for clues. >> there's a lot of canyons. >> we started looking at where her credit card was being spent. >> reporter: laura's family says her credit card was used at an area wendy's but it is not clear if she was using the card. she was last seen by her roommate on sunday afternoon in la. some time monday, the phone was picked up in santa clarita.
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but how it got there is the bigamiesly. >> nothing seemed to be odd. >> reporter: laura moved to la two months ago from denver. she landed a job doing art and photography. up until now, she was living her dream. >> it is a nightmare. >> reporter: right now, the lapd is calling this a missing person's investigation. they haven't said if they found any signs of foul play. as for the staceys, they will be out searching for their daughter t tomorrow. i'm tom wait, kpix5. a ski worker died at squaw valley. he was an expert on the slopes. they believe a detonation device exploded and killed him. >> from what i understand, most of the hand chargers are
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relatively safe. they are used at the resortings all over the united states. it is unique to have something like this happen. >> an investigation is ongoing in cooperation with the placer county sheriff's office. generalmy mcgraw has more on the story from squaw valley. >> reporter: the mountain community is devastated at the loss of a good friend, an expert skier and avalanche patrolman. so much so, they closed down the mountain while investigators determine the cause. majestic mountain is normally bustling with skiers but instead, the lifts stalled and workers sent home to mourn the loss of a loved one. >> all i can tell you is it didn't feel right to operate the ski resort given the circumstance. >> reporter: he was patrolling the slopes. something went wrong and a hand charger detonated. >> it is unique to have something like this happen. >> reporter: from roadways to ski resorts, avalanche and technology are having to find ways to ensure safety. one of those systems is called
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gaziks. it explodes the snow without you having to be present. >> if we didn't do that, i would be digging people out of their cars. >> reporter: dyson says it allows them to trigger an avalanche with a remote control without putting someone in harm's way. but it may have not been an effective way in this circumstance. >> this year, we have so much snow. so many areas avalanches. >> reporter: one of the locations joe was monitoring this morning. investigators believe it was the very detonating device used to protect other skiers that ultimately led to his death. >> our patrollers are among the most professional, quite literally, in north america, if not the world. highly trained. and joe was considered one of the best of the best. >> reporter: joe also leaves behind a wife and infant son. you know, it is more of of a mountain of sadness than
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anything here in squaw valley. jennifer mcgraw for kpix5. a train collision caught on camera in utah. a commuter train plows right through a fedex truck. the crash split the truck right in half sending boxes everywhere. the arms on the crossing gates were up and the warning lites were not flashing. >> just pretty lucky how things have worked out for us. >> investigators believe the ice and snow may have had an effect on the gates. about 80 passengers were on board the train at the time. and there were no serious injuries. two weeks after this mess on crow canyon road in castro valley. public works is advising drivers to avoid the area. they say between tomorrow around thursday, they will be making road repairs. the giant logs washed into the bay. making the water hazardous for boats and ships moving through
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the water. boat captains are on high alert for the debris. one ferry boat hit a submerged log. >> we had to put two brand new propellers on it. >> the captain says they pulled a lot of unusual debris from the bay. some had food on them. we can use several days to desaturate the soil and we will get that. several dry days coming up over the nec week. 37 chilly degrees in liver more now. santa rosa, you are down to 38. concord, oakland, 33. san francisco, warm spot, 36. there is visual confirmation. nothing on the radar, but the sierra snow totals are crazy. 38 feet. 461 inches of snow. so far this winter in mount rose. boreal, 40 inches of snow.
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tahoe, 330 inches of snowfall at the summit. tomorrow, no snow. cold enough for you in santa rosa. watch out for freezing fog. napa, 32. fremont, 37. san jose, dropping down to 30s as well. the pattern is changing. simply, by returning a ridge of high pressure blocking some of the moisture sending it into different spots. the last storm is over southern nevada. in colorado by tomorrow morning. we have a blocking ridge. the storms are still coming. there are still storms out there. but absolutely positively, they are not aimed toward us anymore. blocked by that ridge. so, tomorrow, you get the sunshine. a little bit of morning cloud cover. we were talking 24 hours ago about the chance of a couple of light showers. thursday morning. ened in the north bay. not going to happen. the ridge strong enough. the rain, the cloud cover stays offshore. so, prepare yourselves for a lot of sunshine. and eventually, by the weekend, milder weather. because the ridge is kind of bashful now. it is way down to the south and west. it will be directly over northern california and right
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over the bay area by the weekend. meaning sunshine, and we are dry. with highs in the 60s . a couple of things to remember. nights will be foggy away from the water. weekend weather making plans for the weekends, it will be great. sunshine. 50s to mid 60s . and, we just might be finished with rainfall in january. and we have had plenty of it. so, no rain until the middle of next week which is february. livermore, 53 tomorrow. napa, 53. san rafael, 53. mountain view, san francisco. 53 degrees. a little cloudier, rain free. look at the weekend. around 60 with sunshine. around, a glimmer of a little bit of rainfall toward next tuesday evening in the north bay. that's a long way away. we need a nice long dry spell. exactly what mother nature is providing. we are drying out and warming up. >> looks good. thank you. well tonight, the nominees for the 2017 academy awards are here. >> and, also here, tonight's
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guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,
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to thank the academy. the oscar nominations are in. and the words i will never say. >> reporter danielle nottingham. there's still time ken. danielle nottingham says it is the most diverse field in a decade. >> reporter: the musical romance la la land leads the oscar race with 14 nominations. a tie for the most nods ever.
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the film has been a hollywood favorite from the start. tapping into traditions of cinema's golden age. the other contenders for best motion picture show a diverse field including arrival, fences, and hacksaw ridge which also scored a director nomination for mel gibson ending his ten year exile for racist comments. >> it is interesting that hollywood has forgiven him. >> reporter: also nominated for best picture, hell or high water, lion, manchester by the sea, moonlight. about a black man who struggles with identity growing up in a poor miami neighborhood. nominees for best actress. amy adams was left off the list for arrival. though the film got eight
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nominations overall. the awarding will be handed out here in hollywood at the theater with jimmy kimmel as host. best actor nods went to casey affleck, ryan gosling. viggo morgenson. it is the most diverse field in a decade. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> what do you want to see this year? >> i have seen a lot of them. and i have to say, i'm not really impressed by any of them. isn't that terrible? >> tell us the truth. >> none of them says best picture. the sharks player, though, who deserves an oscar right about now. and one williams is already in the semifinals down under.
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paving the way for tomas hertl >> the sharks today traded tommy wingels to the ottawa senators paving the way for
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tomas hurdle to be activated. it's a good thing they did not trade patrick marleau. how would he follow out the four goal performance? third period, carlson scores on the penalty shot. tying the game. so under five minutes left. ryan carpenter finding marleau who scores his fifth goal. that was the game winner and the sharks win. san jose has now won six games in a row. could serena join sister venus? she advances to her tenth consecutive grand slam semifinals. on the man side, roger fedderrer defeated misha to advance to the semis. at 35 years old, he is the holdest grand slam fen finalist since the george h. w. bush
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administration. 49er fans, there is one benefit to a 2-14 team. the team announced today that they are freezing ticket prices for the next two seasons. san francisco is 15-33 since opening levi's. the warriors, and steph curry's hometown of charlotte, they will play tomorrow night. and tonight, curry was back in his old high school. charlotte christian. to have his number 20 jersey retired. but why wasn't the familiar number 30 raised to the rafters? >> we are 14 for a second. we switch to 20. because i wanted to wear 30. but the jersey was too big. and in high school, it goes by the size, the number goes by the size, so, i couldn't fit into that 30. i had to kind of bring it back down to something that looked good on the court. >> now, it looked good on the court all right. the number 30 does. you know what? he could wear any jersey he wants. >> how cool to go back to his high school. >> yeah. and have his number 20.
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lifted to the rafters. >> good stuff. >> awesome. >> awesome. we'll be r,,,,,,,,,, ,$8drw
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visit today. our next newscast is tomorrow >> well, the late show with steven colbert is up next. the next newscast is tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:30. >> that is bright and early. very bright and very early. they will have all the news you need to start your bright early day. two hours before sunrise though. [ laughter ] >> have a go,,,,,,,,
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