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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 27, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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bay area fre live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. breaking news tonight, this fiery big rig crash brought traffic to a standstill on a bay area freeway. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. at this hour cars are moving at a crawl through the 580/680 interchange in dublin. a driver share this video on instagram after passing the smoky scene earlier this evening. just after 6:00 when the big rig was headed west, it got caught in a college reaction crash and burst into flames -- in a chain reaction crash and burst into flames. this is the scene about 90 minutes ago, the truck smoldering still as a single
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line of traffic snakes by. another driver broadcast the fireball on facebook live. amazingly no one was hurt, but right now just one lane of westbound 580 is open. so avoid the area if you can. traffic also a nightmare tonight in the santa cruz mountains, highway 17 shut down for hours during the man hunt for a bank robber. the highway finally back open and right now we're getting word that authorities could be closing in on this suspect. just a short time ago they got a 911 call about suspicious activity near a home. betty yu is in the santa cruz mountains tonight. triggered a >> reporter: i'm standing near redwood estates and tonight the santa clara county sheriff's offices that added more deputies to patrol this neighborhood. they are ready to respond to any sightings of this bank robber. tonight the quiet community of redwood estates turned into a lot zone for authorities who stood watch into the night hoping to zero in on this bank robber who set off a chase and
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triggered a nasty traffic jam. all lanes of the normally busy highway 17 were shut down for about nine hours both directions as heavily armed officers searched methodically house by house yard by yard in nearby redwood estates. chopper 5 captured the gridlock in the santa cruz mountains. the chp turned cars around. some drivers stuck it out on the side of the road. >> i had to turn my car off every time i stopped because it's overheating. i've been on this for two hours. >> it's kind of frustrating that this is going on especially after all the rain we've had and the road closures. >> my buddy warned me not to come this way and i did anyway and i'm paying the price. >> reporter: around 10 a.m. this man robbed the scotts valley bank and hopped into a white get-away car on northbound 17 reportedly hitting one car during his escape. scotts valley police officers chased him over the hill into santa clara county. one of them opened fire. the suspect's car failed him near redwood estates, so he ran into the wooded area.
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>> it's unknown at this time how many rounds were discharged. we have no reports of any injuries to the officers. the suspect is still at large and it's unknown whether the suspect is, in fact, injured. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office is prepared to ramp up their search once again in the morning, but they are hoping to capture this bank robber overnight. they are asking all residents in the redwood estates area to be aware of any suspicious activity and to call authorities if they see it. in the santa cruz mountains betty yu, kpix5. the homeowner who called 9-1-1 seeing someone in >> betty just spoke to the santa clara county sheriff's department. the homeowner who called 911 reported seeing someone in their house with a knife. the sheriff's department says the suspect changed clothes inside the home and is still on the run. here's a closer look at the backup today along highway 17. viewer michael belanos sent us this go pro video. this is him riding his
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motorcycle through the traffic there. you can see cars virtually bumper to bump early as he weaves through the congestion. -- bumper as he weaves through the congestion. >> reporter: tonight the trump white house talking about how to pay for the border wall for mexico. christin ayers reports as the price for everything from margaritas to avocados could go up. >> reporter: this restaurant is known for its marguerite always. >> we definitely rely -- margaritas. >> we definitely rely heavily on limes from mexico. >> reporter: during certain times of the year they rely on avocados from mexico, too. >> avocados, limes, all those things are supplemented from mexico when we can't produce them seasonally ourselves in the united states. >> reporter: both restaurant owners stunned toker that president trump floating a plan to pay for the wall along the u.s./mexico border. >> we're working on a tax reform bill that will reduce our trade deficits, increase
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american exports and will generate revenue for mexico that will pay for the wall if we decide to go that route. >> reporter: nothing is certain, but the idea his press secretary says is to levy a 20% tax on all mexican imports. >> by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. >> reporter: reince priebus later called the tariffs one of a buffet of options. a professor says an import tax would likely backfire. >> i think u.s. manufacturers and u.s. consumers end up paying for the wall, not mexico. >> reporter: restaurant owners say they would either have to stop serving some ingredients or worse, have their customers foot the bill. >> in all honesty, it's just going to increase prices as far as food goes. it's going to make dining out much less attainable for average people. >> reporter: in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. tomorrow british prime minister theresa may will become the first foreign leader
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to meet with president trump at the white house. the two are expected to hold a joint news conference. then on saturday the president is scheduled to speak with russian president vladimir putin on the phone. old has promised to -- he has promised to have better relations with russia than former president obama. also tonight there is word that president trump pressured the national park service to find more proof to back up his claims about his inauguration crowd being the biggest ever. according to the washington post, the president personally called the park service director asking the agency to produce new photos of the crowds on the national mall. the president was also apparently very angry after a park employee retweeted this. a side by side comparison that shows a much larger inauguration crowd for president obama in 2009. conversati the park service issued a short statement saying they do not comment on internal conversations among administration officials. back in the bay area people in another coastal community are living on the edge tonight.
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andria borba shows us it's the downside of those nonstop storms. ever nats wav >> reporter: along the coastal bluffs here in san mateo county barricades like this one aren't just a winter storm problem anymore. they are an everyday reality. you can tear your eyes away from the churning pacific, you'll see red tape surrounding this home at 6 alcatraz avenue in half moon bay. beyond the ice plants and stunning sunsets, the foundation of the california owned house only has saltedy airline supporting -- salty airplane supporting it. this -- air supporting it. this home is likely a teardown, but the homes around it likely next. feet have been eaten from the coastline leaving more pipes leading to nowhere sticking out of the bluff, but this is not an anomaly. >> when you get a combination of high winds, full moon and king tide, the land loses.
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the ocean gains. >> reporter: exactly 53 weeks ago photojournalist marco vargas and i were standing in the same spot as a rip rap walled any out -- riffraff wall made out of volkswagen sized boulders was made to stabilize the bluff. the footbridge is in jeopardy that wassed any last year. >> two huge chunks -- that was made last year. >> two huge chunks of concrete were eroded away. >> reporter: another battles lost in the war with mother ocean. in half moon -- battle lost in the war with mother ocean. >> reporter: in half moon bay andria borba, kpix5. a troll is coming to campus students were warned referring to this man brietbart news editor milo yiannopoulos. some say he rose on a platform of hateful rhetoric.
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almost two weeks ago protests erupted at uc davis. yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak there, but it was canceled after demonstrations turned violent. this message was sent out by the chance lore. in our view mr.y -- chancellor. "in our view mr. yiannopoulos deflects any serious engagement with ideas." he said he's got the right to freedom of speech scheduled to visit the school wednesday. the cost of a uc education is about to go up. the board of regents approved the first tuition hike in seven years. in-state students will pay $12,630 a year, about a 2.5% increase. out of state tuition will rise 4% to just over 40,000. regent lieutenant governor gavin newsom was among the four no votes. he said, "we talk about how
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much we value the middle class, yet this decision doesn't demonstrate that commitment." 55 san diego people taking their landlord to court tonight over what they call horrendous living conditions in chinatown. veronica de la cruz shows us what they're dealing with. >> the residential hotel at 37 clay street as 68 rooms housing more than 90 people, most of them elderly. the building has undergone extensive renovations nearly two years now. tenants claim they've gone for months without reliable toilets, showers and sinks so the owners can force them out and move higher paying tenants in. >> you know, it's very clear by their actions and their conduct they're not interested in existing residents. they want to rent these units to tech workers. that's what the website says. >> most of the long time tenants pay about 400 to $500 a month for their rooms, but newer tenants are being charged about $1,100. trying to make improvements. veronica de ruz, kpix 5. the building manager denies trying to force out older
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tenants saying they're simply trying to make improvements. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. away with murder this bay area husband is a suspected serial killer and tonight police believe he got away with murder. ded down, for >> three hikers caught in an avalanche in california tonight, a play-by-play of their tricky rescue. >> sentence handed down for this deadly bay area explosion, the punishment to,,,,
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linked tonight to 5 other murders. bob evans died in a california prison in 20-10. a man convicted of killing his wife in richmond 14 years ago is linked tonight to five other murders. bob evans died in a california prison in 2010. investigators now say he may have started his killing spree 35 years ago in new hampshire. police say evans dated this woman before she disappeared in 1981. investigators say he killed her as well as this mother and three girls. police say he's the father of one of those girls.
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investigators fear there could be more victims. >> now we know who the killer is. we're hoping that leads us to the identity of the victims and location of other victims in this case. >> evans is convicted of killing his wife in richmond in 2002 after being married for less than a year. for the second time this week a driver swerved off niles canyon road and plunged into alameda creek. a 27-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel before his car veered into the creek this morning. chopper 5 located the vehicle halfway submerged in the rushing water and this time the driver was lucky, was able to escape through the broken windshield and was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. ing for the body of 18-year- old jayda ins. her car careened this latest incident follows another crash last saturday in the same area. crews are still looking for the bold of 18 -- body of 18-year- old jayda jenkins. her car careened into the creek during a rainstorm. pg&e has been ordered to publicly shame itself always part of its punishment for the
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san bruno pipeline disaster. on top of a $3 million fine the judge gave the utility 60 days to start running tv adds about the pipeline safety violations leading up to the deadly 2010 explosion. congresswoman jackie speier represents san bruno and she said tonight, " the financial punishment of $3 million may be viewed as a cost of doing business of pg&e, it will always be viewed as a shame of deliberately violating pipeline safety regulations." three hikers swept away in an avalanche in the mountains north of los angeles are thankfully now recovering. a f the mountain, veronica de la cruz takes us inside the tricky rescue operation to save them. >> a rescue crew races to an emergency call on mount baldy. a hiker slipped 50 feet down devil's backbone covered in snow. 's told to take her backpack off, it falls, better it than her.
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sot: give me a bear hug. let your ice axe d to leave her ice the crew spots the woman on a steep side of the mountain. during her fall she managed to stab her ice axe into the snow and now she's holding on for life. >> you're just focused on your mission and getting it done. >> captain paramedic eric spieth captured the rescue on a camera strapped to his chest. you can hear spieth moving fast to get the harness around her. >> the gusts, it was pretty hard to keep it steady. >> the conditions dangerous, the rescue tricky for the team's pilot. >> if i allow the helicopter to move and it pulls mihm off of her and she's not secure -- him off of her and she's not consumer, it could potentially cause her to fall -- and she's not consumer, it could potentially cause her to fall. >> fall a few hundred feet onto sharp rocks. >> i would consider her very lucky. >> she's told to take her backpack off. it falls, better it than her. >> give they a bear hug, okay? >> okay.
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>> let's go. >> she's also told to leave her ice axe that's saved her up to this point. >> you're going to hug held always diameter as you -- hug me as tight as you can. >> okay. >> here we go. >> strapped together they're lifted off the mountain into the chopper to safety. >> she was very thankful for what we were able to do for her. >> thankful indeed. lots of storm damage in the bay area. today a congresswoman got a firsthand look at the $15 million in damage in scotts valley and ben lomond in santa cruz county. she said she's doing everything she can to get federal aid to begin fixing the roads. >> this is extraordinary damage. it needs to be taken care of asap. it's jaw dropping, miraculous. angels must have been guarding people in the area. >> during her tour the congressman took out time to
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thank all the public works crews. some of them worked for three weeks straight for 14 hours a day when the rain started at the start of the new year. on the other side of the santa cruz mountains water falls are gushing now, pretty cool sighted, but devin fehely reports if you're thinking of chasing them, pick a number. but after all of the r anger doug allen >> reporter: it's mother nature at her finest. >> right now we're closed basically due to our weather conditions. there was just too much water for streams to handle. ranger he day before i >> reporter: but after all of the recent rain park ranger doug allen is bracing now for a different kind of flood, the human kind. >> we've got people driving hours and miles to get up here to see these water falls. >> reporter: the problem is uvas canyon county park simply doesn't have enough parking for everyone who might want to see the falls flowing freely after years of drought. the county has a plan to reserve parking ahead of time. you just show up, you can expect to be turned away.
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the day before if you want to come up and visit and mike our trails, you have to call -- hike our trails, you have to call by 8 p.m. the day before to get a time slot to come up here. >> reporter: uvas canyon has roughly 70 parking spots that for $6 a pop can be reserved for four hours either in the morning or afternoon. rangers in the conservation corps are busy cleaning the park which will reopen february 4th. they hope the parking plan will tame the crowds that will come streaming in to see the unattempted nature of mother nature. devin fehely, kpix5. enjoying what the rain brought us, but we'll be happy for a little dry weather. >> it's perfect timing. the warmest weather will be right over the weekend, what improvement on the drought map for the state of california. only 2% of the state is now in a severe drought. that was 80% two years ago. all of the bay area is now out of the drought including contra
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costa, alameda county. drought improvement to our south and east. fresno improved dramatically the fast couple months, things looking better as the drought is over north of interstate 80 in northern california. it's great news. we're dry through the weekend into next week. hi-def doppler is dry. there's a high surf advisory the next couple hours, but after that expires at 3 a.m. breakers will be higher than average. if you go to the beach tomorrow, dangerous rip currents. never turn your back to the water this time of year. fremont 37 tonight, san rafael tomorrow morning, 38 degrees for the kids. they'll need a jacket or heavier coat. now that we're clear at night, we're getting chilly. the storm is coming. it's a general statement. it's not coming here because we now have a blocking ridge of high pressure. there's the storm heading to alaska. here's the ridge heading here. as the ridge gets closer and stronger, we will keep the
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sunshine and get mild over the weekend. some of you will hit 63 or 64 degrees. futurecast faints a beautiful picture over oakland stretching back to san francisco, not a -- paints a beautiful picture over oakland stretching back to san francisco, not a cloud in the sky. next week a weaker storm will get closer to us, so rain is likely by next wednesday but not likely the heavy flooding rainfall like we had most of january. highs for your friday, redwood city 57 degrees, fremont 56, napa 57 and san francisco 55, should be a pleasant day with temperatures right around average, getting warmer than average saturday and sunday, 60 near the bay, low 60s inland, upper 50s at the beach, warmest day monday, 64 degrees away from the water. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. tonight a prestigious
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national honor from ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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third gender option on birth certficates, drivers' licenses, and state i-ds. a new bill.. would add "non- binary" as a choic california could become the first state to add a third gender option to birth certificates, driver's licenses and state ids. a new bill would add nonbinary as a choice in addition to male and female. the bill would also make it easier for transgender people to change state documents. a bay area restaurant receiving high honors at the james beard foundation awards, aka, the oscars of food.
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san francisco's la taqueria is one of five recipients of the 2017 america's classic awards. an honor that's often given to family owned establishments known for their quality of food, character and appeal. the restaurant has been operating for 44 years, known for its mexican style burritos. la taqueria will receive the honor in may. >> that looks so good, midnight snack. >> go out and get me a couple, dennis. >> i'll get you more than that, kenny. the raiders told las vegas how much they want to pay in rent for their proposed new stadium. the number might surprise you. >> so might the number tiger woods posted after his return to ,,
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coming up next on kpix5. years later golden state h >> from 1997 to 2013 the warriors had zero all-stars, but today just four years later golden state has the most all- stars in the nba. >> the number of the day who
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could ask for more? the number of the day is four. eph curry and kevin nt on the we >> that's right. klay thompson, draymond green will join steph curry and kevin durant on the western conference all-star team becoming just the eighth team in nba history to have four all- stars in one year. st. mary's with their roster full of aussies celebrating australia tonight versus usf. this game tied 34-34. 2nd half and the dubs were outscored 34-16 in the 2nd half. also tonight santa clara beat b u 76-68. the raiders met with the las vegas stadium authority proposing a $1 per rent on their new digs. as yogi said it ain't over till it's over. tiger woods making his return to the pga tour. every, torre -- tour, torrey
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pines in san diego. he looked like he hadn't played on tour in 17 months. he missed the shot par putt. he's tied for 133rd in the 155 player field. justin rose is leading at 7- under far. the raiders jack del rio -- par. the raiders jack del rio seeing if the sharks can win their seventh in a row. edmonton snapped the sharks winning streak heading into the all-star break. how about this? american league hockey, watch the puck, oh. that is a goalie's worst nightmare. off the pipe on the back of his head and into the goal and that was the game winner for the toronto marleys over the rochester americans. we'll be right back.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is morning at 4-3 the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> the whole gang will have all the news you need to start your day. paul will be along a little later on to give you weather. >> yes. >> dennis with sports.
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